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#and those gold buttons!
jomiddlemarch · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I found Nina Zenik’s boots! Wonder if Matthias helps her with the buttons...
@fericita-s @orlissa @montmartre-parapluie @vesperass-anuna @theburnbarreljester
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jupiternames · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Y’all, these ladies are both wearing clothes with snaps! Please ignore the smaller lady in the background who is still waiting for a proper closure on her skirt.
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jamestaylorswift · 7 months ago
y’all I think I’ve cracked the eagle noise conspiracy! tldr fearless/1989 taylor’s version streaming on the 9th
#taylor’s 15th cat insta story highlight thingy is benji being a bird#as we know benji is obviously william bowery#there are bird noises on exile and evermore#evermore is track 15 so we pick that one#evermore parallels gold rush with water metaphors#whatmustitbeliketogrowupthatbeautifulwithurhairfallinintoplacelikedominoesIseemepaddincrossurwoodenfloorswithmyeaglestshirthanginfromthedoor#just screams really fluffy and adorable kitten don’t you think#anyways evermore track 15 gold rush track 3 parallel means // which is / which means division#15/3 = 5#coincidentally wildest dreams is on album 5#the 1989 cover has seagulls which also connects to the bird noises hmmm#so you’ve got the eagles (like the philly nfl team) and the seagulls (which implies the seattle nfl team)#hold on to your animated horses folks#both nfl teams are in the nfc (philly in the nfc east and seattle in the nfc west)#so n is the 14th letter of the alphabet and then you have a cardinal direction thing going on#benjamin button also has 14 letters hmmm and a cardinal is a bird hmmmm#isn’t this wild so if you subtract 5 from 14 you get 9 which is the wildest dreams track number#if you add 9 to 14 you get 23 which if you add those digits you get 5 which is 1989#and 19+89 = 108 and if you add those digits you also get 9#as we know fearless taylor’s version comes out on the 9th#fearless tv#t is the 20th letter of the alphabet and v is the 22nd subtract them and you get 2#fearless tv duh#this means she’s doing a second nfl commercial#announcing the release date for 1989 (taylor’s version)#also russell wilson and carson wentz both want trades and their jersey numbers add up to 14#so you know who’s gonna be drafted#that’s right it’s benjamin william bowery button#(a talented king wbk he has helped write some great songs)#anyways clearly the eagle noises are incontrovertible evidence that benji is william bowery
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griever-bit-my-finger · a year ago
Tumblr media
This is the cosplay I'm gonna be trying to make this month! I'm really excited to be choosing the fabrics I use for it, even if I'm having to compromise a bit because of my expensive taste. If I do it right, it'll probably be the nicest (and most expensive... 😭) cosplay I have!
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fxcking-anon · a year ago
I’ve cracked the code! SO I saw this TikTok (@wisdm8 posted this) where he’s talking about how the Harry Styles look, aka the Saint Laurent silhouette, is the most attractive look a man can wear andddddd
Tumblr media
thank you for coming to my TED talk :)
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sol-flo · 3 months ago
finally finished my satin poet shirt and it’s so prettyyy if any vampire wants to transform me... well im all neck
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stevie-baby · 8 months ago
Why do I want to put knock off Chanel buttons on the cardigan I’m knitting??? Why is this a thing I’m heavily considering??
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thread-theocracy · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Satan Demon Form Redesign 💚🔥
[More Info Below / Demon Form Redesigns ]
Preliminary Thoughts / Word Salad
DISCLAIMER: NO CHARACTER DESIGN IS PERFECT! I designed these with my tastes in mind (these are purely subjective). I did not make these to insult the developers and their hard work. I also didn’t make these to fight with other people in the fandom (let me be a freak in peace)!
While I’m a fan of Satan, I personally dislike his demon form. A lot. His canon form seems… rushed? An afterthought? There are parts that I like (the weird rib cage ribbon is interesting to me), but most of it is… eh??? Anyways I think he deserved better, at least in some aspects of visual design. While most of Beel’s redesign were additions to his existing form, most of Satan’s are changes.
Satan’s visual design centers around opposing Lucifer in every possible way. Be it bright color palettes or asymmetry, he dresses in a way to visually solidify a unique identity for himself. Also, asymmetry, at least in my perspective, plays a lot into concepts of ‘imperfection’ and ‘incompletion’ and I think it works in showing his perception of self / forming an identity outside of Lucifer (later lessons hint that Satan feels like an inadequate copy of him). Anyway, those are the main focuses of this design. I’m grasping at straws and I feel like I’m going insane. <3
[ I’m monologuing too much. Onto the actual redesign.]
Redesign Info
With this redesign, there are two components.
Tumblr media
The first form is a dormant one, with black gradients covering the limbs of the body (soot-like) and smoke coming out of arms and hooves legs.
Summary Info / HCs
Smoke erupting from limbs (can also emerge from eyes and mouth)
Black gradients on arms + legs
Detached / Suspended hooves feet (Wanted to make him seem ‘incomplete’)
Black sclera + Greener eyes
Cracks in horns
The second form is an ignited version of the first, with flames replacing the smoke.
He usually reaches this form when he’s pushed to a certain edge. The first form is a warning and the second form is the final outcome to most scenarios / gags.
Summary Info / HCs
Fire erupting from limbs (can also emerge from eyes and mouth)
Glowing veins + Transparent skin (parts of the bone can be also seen underneath)
Glowing Eyes + Mouth
Flames crack through the skin like molten lava on dark rock (Shows in cracks in horns as well)
The stronger / longer he burns, the more parts of his body turn to ash / detach. If it’s too much, all that’s left is a crooked black skeleton on fire :D
He’ll slowly recover overtime if he goes over the line
Will his outfit burn off when he ignites??? (only when I want it to)
Portions are mostly mish-mashed from his different canon outfits: Outfit cropping like his butler outfit, Satan (™) coat draping like his casual / human world, button-up from his TSL, etc.
Lots of the implementations of the outfit take inspiration directly from his canon demon form. Gold patterning is taken from his belt, metal harness? taken from his ribcage bow concept, etc
Tried to implement the boa / fluff / feathers into the coat. I could never form an outfit and keep the boa. It drives me nuts
Additional Undrawn Concepts
More detached / suspended portions of his body
The smoke that comes out of his body can materialize into weapons? Hazardous objects?
If he blows himself up too much he just turns to ashes. Slowly reforms over time.
Transparent skin goes a bit farther and you can maybe see his rib cage / organs? Maybe take it a step further and instead of the ribcage ribbon it’s an open top with a distorted rib cage popping out?
R02-obey-me: Satan tail brush. Used as base -> rendered over / cleaned.
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anoras · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
i couldn’t stop thinking abt the idea of imperial dress uniforms so idk miranna in dress whites feat. sword
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angrythingstarlight · 6 months ago
Can someone explain why the simplest thing of Bucky wearing a watch on his right arm is incredibly hot????
Tumblr media
Then again everything he does is 🥵
Title: Pick A Hand, Any Hand
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Smut, 18+ Minors dni. My hand.kink is showing 🤭
A/N unbetad and written on my phone.
Bucky knows you’re fascinated by his vibranium arm. And partially- all- his fault that you get turned on every time you see it. He’s choked you with it, spanked you with it, and fingered you until your eyes rolled so far back in your head, you swear they should have gotten stuck. 
He snaps those thick black and gold fingers and you come running, eager for whatever he plans on giving you.
And Bucky is, above all things, a giver. And you're happy to accept every inch, touch and kiss he has to offer.
You didn’t believe he got off on seeing you cum until that night on the jet.
But now he wants your attention on his other hand. Bucky wants you addicted to every part of him. You already get lost in his eyes, he knows what his lips do to you and you smack his ass more than he jiggles yours.
And he doesn’t need to mention his cock, the things you’ll do for a taste of it has his ego so inflated, it’s a miracle he can fit inside the house. 
 He started by wearing a ring on his pinky. It sparked your attention for a second and then the sun reflected off his metal arm and you were back to drooling over it. 
So he began a sneaky campaign to get you focused on his other hand by using it  more and more. Holding your hand while you grocery shop, using it to cradle your head when he kissed you, pinning your wrists to the wall while he fucked you. Brushing your cheek with his knuckles when he said goodbye in the morning, grabbing your throat to bring you in for a goodnight kiss. His warm, soft hand rubbing your back after a rough session. 
You would shiver, tremble, slick gushing out of your cunt when his large fingers swept down the side of your neck. HIs cool vibranium digits locking around your wrist. “Which one do you want inside you today doll,?” he whispered, vulgar and heavy, in your ear.
Before you could answer, his warm, calloused fingers were so deep in your cunt, you saw stars as he curled them inside you. Not stopping until you could only whimper and gasp.
The next morning, you bought him the watch, and it was instant regret. Because now you can’t take your eyes off either hand. The way the jewelry laced his wrist was sexy, sometimes you swore he deliberately pushed up his sleeves, taunting you with his hands and wrists.
Today your gaze was ping-ponging between his large metal fingers and his equally skilled right hand.
The same hand that had you pinned to his desk moments ago, knuckle deep in you while he ate a sandwich with the other. It was his way of thanking you for bringing him lunch. Not that you heard him say that over your moans.
Bucky continued to use his right hand on you until he was satisfied he had you craving, needing, thinking about it whenever you saw it.
And then. 
He used both of them on you, switching between warm fingers to rile you up and cold, firm, vibrating metal to send you soaring into an abyss of pleasure and unending orgasms.
Only granting you mercy when he knew you couldn’t handle anymore, and even then he gave you one more, one more, to ruin you completely. 
He looks at you with such pride afterwards, your body limp and quivering beside him, your stomach tensing when he traced his name around your belly button. 
“So, doll, which hand is your favorite?”
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cherrycheridarling · 5 months ago
tic-tac-toe | mcu
marvel cast x actress!reader
warnings: one swear, fluff, no plot
summary: you play aphrodite in the MCU and it's time for the press conference for infinity war. based off of this press conference
wc: 2.7k
Tumblr media
"Tom Hiddleston!" Jeff Goldblum introduced the man who was sitting on your right.
Everyone applauded before Jeff moved onto you, "Y/N Y/L/N!" more applause rang through the room.
"Sebastian Stan!" you looked to your left where Sebastian waved to the crowd as you clapped with everyone else.
"Anthony Mackie!"
After Jeff finished with the introductions, he explained how the panel would work. He would pull a ping pong ball out of a container and it would either have a name or category. The audience would be able to ask a question to that person or a person in that category after Jeff called on them.
As he pulled RDJ's name out of the container, Tom leaned over towards you.
"Does your water taste funny, too?" he whispered making you stifle a laugh.
You nodded, "Kind of like lemon, right?"
He shook his head, "Mine tastes like mint. Can I taste yours?" he held his hand out as you passed him your water bottle. He took a sip and spent a moment analyzing the taste, "Yours does taste like lemon! Why does mine taste different? Here." he passed you his water.
You took a sip and were hit with a strong mint flavour, "Woah. I think they're trying to drug you." you joked making him laugh.
"As I am answering this question, Tom Hiddleston and Y/N Y/L/N are discussing the flavours of the water behind me." Robert exposed you and Tom to the audience making the room burst out into laughter.
"They have fancy water. Mint and lemon." Tom spoke into a mic drawing more laughs. "Sorry. Carry on!"
As Jeff pulled the next name, you adjusted your dress. A white, long sleeve, blazer dress with gold buttons down the middle, the dress ended mid-thigh. The v-neck cut showcased your subtle gold necklace. Black stiletto heels covered your feet.
You unconsciously began bouncing your leg up and down in a fast motion. Sebastian placed a hand on your thigh, stopping your movements, "You're gonna drill a hole through the floor, Y/L/N." he chuckled.
"Sorry." you laughed quietly.
Sebastian pulled out a notepad and pen, "You need a distraction. Tic-tac-toe?" he offered.
You smiled with a nod before making your move.
"You absolutely suck at this." you chuckled as you won the third game in a row.
Sebastian scoffed, "You can't suck at tic-tac-toe."
"And yet, you do." you smirked.
He rolled his eyes playfully before you continued playing.
After two more rounds, your attention was back on Jeff as he pulled a new ping pong ball. "Ooh! You can ask a God or Goddess." Jeff announced, "So, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth or Y/N Y/L/N." he reminded the crowd, "Okay, yes, you!" he picked a woman in the front row.
"Hi, I'm Alexis with Forbes. My question is for Y/N." the room applauded as Jeff tossed the ping pong ball at you and you caught it with one hand.
"See, Robert! It's not that hard!" Jeff exclaimed making everyone laugh.
"Screw off, Goldblum! You chucked that shit at my head." Robert joked back. "Sorry, Alexis, go ahead."
"Um, I wanted to ask about Aphrodite's powers. We all know that she is the Goddess of Love and can seduce anyone with her beauty. We see in the trailer a small clip of her seducing men. How many people did you seduce in the film and were there any funny moments filming those scenes that you can share?"
Her question drew a mix of reactions from the cast. Some laughed, some furrowed their eyebrows and others were just confused. You took in the question before opening your mouth to reply, until you remembered that you weren't wearing a body mic. The cast laughed again before Sebastian passed you a mic.
"Sorry. Um, how many people did I seduce in the film? None." you stated drawing more laughs, "How many people did Aphrodite seduce? All of them." you chuckled, "I'm kidding. Although, I'm not sure what I can share because I don't know what's in the trailer." you confessed, "Kevin, Joe, Anthony, what's in the trailer?" you asked them making everyone laugh again.
Kevin picked up a mic, "I believe it's you seducing Spider-Man, Starlord, Drax and Iron Man."
You nodded, "I do have a funny moment that I'm sure Mister Holland will kill me for sharing, but it's too good to not tell." you smiled thinking of the memory.
Tom immediately grabbed a mic, "You wouldn't!" he exclaimed making the audience and cast laugh.
"I would," you retorted, "We were shooting that scene and, as you know, they have to act like they are falling in love with me. Like I'm putting them in a trance. Well, Tom took that a bit too seriously." you paused at the laughter that your sentence caused, "They're all on their knees in front of me, looking at me as if I'm their queen, because I am." you joked, "And then Anthony calls 'cut' and Dave, Chris and RDJ all get up and start chatting, but as I'm turning away, Tom doesn't move. Still on his knees, looking at me as if I hold the world in my hands." the room filled with amused laughs and chuckles as Tom covered his face with his hands.
"No, it was so bad because I just looked like a creep that couldn't stop staring at her!" Tom laughed at himself.
Robert grabbed a mic, "Very true. I was watching and it honestly had me convinced that Y/N had real powers."
"I have to say, I understand the kid's reaction. Y/N's costume for Aphrodite and the way they transform her only enhances how gorgeous she already is." Anthony Mackie spoke up causing the crowd to gush and clap, "I'm pretty sure we all had the same reaction when we first saw her while filming Civil War." he looked around as the cast nodded.
Scarlett picked up a mic, "Yeah. I remember her walking on set in this stunning white dress which made me extremely jealous," she confessed, "Because, one, it's so gorgeous and she looks absolutely amazing in it," the crowd and cast applauded again, "And two, it's made of the softest silk while my suit is leather and spandex!" everyone laughed at her comment.
Benedict picked up his mic, "Although, it wasn't Tom's first time seeing Y/N as Aphrodite. He was in Civil War and still could not contain himself." he teased making the audience and cast laugh again.
Robert spoke again, "Yeah, he did that during the filming of Civil War, too." the room hollered with laughs.
Tom's face was bright red, "I'm just a very committed actor. I really give all of myself to my work." his comment drew more laughs.
"That's why Sebastian despises Tom. It all started when Tom couldn't take his eyes off of Y/N." Chris Hemsworth added making everyone double over in laughter.
"I feel so loved," you held a hand to your heart as the room chuckled, "These are genuinely the best people in the world and I guess you could say I seduced one person during filming." you joked as the crowd continued to laugh, "Sorry, Tom. I'll buy you some juice, don't be mad." Anthony and Benedict laughed loudly. "Thank you for your question!" you thanked the lady as the cast clapped before Jeff picked out the next ping pong ball.
Next was Scarlett. You sat back and silently judged the man who asked about fashion. Scoffing with Sebastian at his question and laughing at Scarlett's sarcastic and witty responses.
Sebastian leaned over again, "I have to piss."
You stifled a laugh at his abrupt confession, "Go to the washroom, then." you nodded your head towards the exit.
"We're not allowed to leave." he frowned.
You chuckled and reached over, patting his thigh with your hand, "Don't piss yourself."
He rolled his eyes playfully before Jeff called out the next name.
"Anthony Mackie!"
"Hi, I'm Tiffany with Times Magazine. With such a star studded cast, do you find it difficult or any obstacles in developing your character with all theses amazing stories being told and struggling for screen time? Like, are there any obstacles or special difficulties or is it all just amazing?"
Before Anthony could answer, Joe Russo picked up his mic, "Are you asking Anthony Mackie if he has a hard time getting attention?" his comment caused the whole room to erupt in laughs.
Anthony nodded slowly as the laughter died down, "Touché, touché. Uh, well, Tiffany, a wise man once said that some men need an hour to make their presence felt and some need thirty seconds." there was an uproar of laughter and hollering at his comment as he dramatically dropped the mic on the table.
"Who are we asking next?" Jeff squinted at the ping pong ball, "Ooh! Back to the Goddess of Love herself, Y/N Y/L/N!" the room applauded for you as Jeff threw the ball to you.
Sebastian intercepted the toss and caught the ball himself with a smug smirk. You rolled your eyes, but smiled as Jeff picked a lady out of the dozens who had raised their hand.
"Hi, I'm Amy with Esquire and I wanted to ask about the relationship between Bucky and Aphrodite. We see in the previous films their awkward tension from their past history. They have a very special romance and their love story is a fan favourite in the Marvel fandom. What was it like building that bond and relationship on screen? And what do you think of the choice to match the two characters together, how did you react when you found out? Did the pairing of the two help build your bond off screen?"
Jeff spoke again, "I said 'one question', that was at least twenty." he teased the lady drawing laughs from the room.
You chuckled and nodded slowly as the laughter died down, "Excellent questions. Umm, I honestly really like the pairing of the two. I think it gives a great dynamic to both characters and reveals sides of them that we never would've seen without their relationship. It's a very 'good girl falling for the bad guy' trope. And if I'm being honest, I've always wanted that." you confessed causing the room to chuckle, "Their relationship is, without a doubt, one of the most complicated ones in the MCU, but I think that's what makes it so loved by the fans since there's not a dull moment between the two. It's nice to see Bucky have a sentimental side, in his own awkward way of course. And you get to see Aphrodite fall for someone who's not a God or a Titan." you turned to Sebastian, "What do you think?"
You offered him the mic, but he didn't take it, letting you hold it up for him, "Yeah, I agree. I never thought Bucky would have a love interest, if I'm being honest. But I'm glad he does because Aphrodite brings out the soft side in him and he brings out the fighter in her. They really balance each other out and Y/N portrays the character in such a unique way, it really brings a whole new fresh persona to Aphrodite and it's amazing having her as a partner on screen." the audience applauded at his words, "When I first found out about Bucky having her as his love interest—"
"—He called me screaming about how hyped he was." Anthony Mackie cut him off making the room laugh. "Anthony! Anthony! Bucky is gonna be with Aphrodite! That's gonna be sick!" Anthony mocked his voice as you were hunched over with laughter.
Sebastian nodded with a smile, "I did. Won't lie, I did. It's a really refreshing relationship and I'm glad that the fans love it as much as I love playing it. Back to you, you haven't talked about the development and our bond." he gave you a lopsided grin.
You chuckled, "I feel like I'm rambling, but yeah. Their development is definitely," you paused, trying to find the right words, "A development?" you settled on drawing more laughter. "Well, as I said, it's very complicated, but awkwardly adorable at times. Since Seb complimented me, I feel obligated to say something nice about him," you joked making them laugh again, "Kidding. He really does play Bucky with such passion and commitment, it's truly inspiring. And working with someone who loves what they do as much as Seb, it definitely motivates you tremendously and yeah. Um, I won't lie, I honestly was dreading working with Seb," you confessed drawing laughs and a gasp from Sebastian.
"Why?!" he exclaimed making you laugh.
You sighed, "Not because I think you're a bad person or anything, but you come off as very intimidating to people who don't know you very well. And I knew nothing about you before filming other than the films you'd already done, so you scared me." your confession caused everyone to laugh loudly.
Sebastian smirked jokingly, "I am extremely frightening. I understand." he shrugged.
You scoffed with a laugh, "I caught you sleeping with a stuffed turtle and whale noises playing." the room roared with laughter again, "That's when I knew you were a big softy."
Sebastian rolled his eyes playfully, "She's joking. I am the toughest man alive." he deepened his voice.
You shook your head with a chuckle, "Sure. Thank you for your questions." the room clapped for you as you set the mic down and relaxed back into your seat.
"Nailed it." Sebastian held a hand out for a high five and you chuckled before hitting your hand against his.
For the rest of the press conference, you sat back and listened to your friends answer questions. Laughed at jokes made and clapped when appropriate. Small tic-tac-toe games went on between you and Sebastian. Your attention was fully on your nails when Tom Hiddleston got called on.
"Hi, I'm Samantha with Daily Mail and I was wondering, since Loki is a very closed off and mysterious character, we never explore the aspect of him having a love interest. So, if you could choose anyone from the MCU for Loki to end up with, who would it be and why?"
You turned to look at Tom as he pondered on the question, crossing his arms and rubbing his chin, "Very good question. Umm, who would I choose for Loki? Let's see," he paused again and looked around the room until his eyes landed on you, "Ah, I'd steal Aphrodite from Bucky." he answered making the room laugh and Sebastian chuckled with a nod.
"Why Aphrodite?" Jeff asked.
Tom chuckled again, "Well, it's Aphrodite." he simply answered drawing more laughs, "They are so different yet similar in so many ways. Loki is never fully evil nor fully good, but I think Aphrodite has the best chance of turning him good. And who wouldn't want to end up with the Goddess of Love?"
The cast nodded understandingly before Chris Pratt grabbed a mic, "If you were to ask any person on this stage that same question, I guarantee the answer would be Aphrodite." the whole cast nodded.
"They're all trying to steal Sebastian's woman." Jeff teased.
Sebastian scoffed jokingly, "They're all jealous." he wrapped an arm around your shoulder.
You chuckled with a shake of your head before Robert spoke up, "Adding onto the conversation. Miss Y/L/N, who would you want Aphrodite to end up with?" his question drew excited reactions from the crowd.
You let out a bark of laughter before looking from Tom to Sebastian, "Hmm, excellent question, Mister Downey." you rubbed your chin, "Stop doing that, Holland." you chuckled as you saw Tom point at himself in the corner of your eye.
He raised his hands in surrender before Anthony Mackie spoke up, "Spidey is five years old, kid." everyone laughed at that.
"I'd have to stick with Bucky. He is her true love." you shrugged as the crowd cheered.
Sebastian smirked from beside you as the men of the cast faked disappointment.
As the panel came to a close, you looked around at the family you were surrounded by. Friends you love more than anything. Hundreds of memories with the most amazing people you'd ever met. Your home.
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greyduckgreygoose · 7 months ago
“Jaskier.” Geralt looked uncharacteristically uncomfortable. 
“Yes, Geralt?” Jaskier asked, glancing up from his lute. 
“I want to ask you something.” Now Geralt looked really uncomfortable. Interesting. 
“Have you got another rash in a hard-to-reach place, dear heart?” Jaskier teased, trying to hide the hopefulness in his tone. Oh the lovely buttocks of Geralt of Rivia. The fodder for many a dirty ode, and quite a few sonnets as well. 
“No,” Geralt muttered. “It’s not that, it’s ...” he pressed his lips together. 
“Well spit it out,” Jaskier said, now practically writhing with curiosity. “I promise I won’t laugh.” Probably. Maybe. 
Geralt took in a short breath, clasping his hands behind his back. “I’m not good with ... wooing. With fine words, and flowers ... and the like.” His expression turned rueful. “Unlike you.” 
“I don’t understand,” Jaskier said blankly. Then, “oh.” Of course. Yennefer. He laughed lightly through the sudden twist of jealousy in his chest. “You wish me to teach you?” 
Geralt scowled, evidently misunderstanding the reason for Jaskier’s laughter. “Forget it.” 
“No!” Jaskier said, sobering quickly. “I wasn’t ... I mean of course. I would be happy to instruct you in all I know.” 
Geralt opened his mouth, then closed it, looking aggrieved. “Yes,” he said haltingly. “If I could become better ... I want to.” 
Jaskier summoned a brave smile. “Of course, my dear friend. We will make a gentle lover of you yet, a prince among men who none could refuse.”
When Jaskier was done with Geralt, Yennefer would all but swoon into his arms. And Jaskier would ... be happy for him.
So, so happy for him.
It did cross Jaskier’s mind, of course, petty thoughts of sabotage. But he wouldn’t do that to Geralt, couldn’t humiliate him like that, even though Jaskier maintained his staunch doubts over Geralt’s choice in romantic parters. 
More importantly, Jaskier had his professional pride. 
“The first thing we must do,” Jaskier said primly, “is to see to those clothes.” 
“What’s wrong with my clothes?” Geralt asked, looking down at his black tunic and leather trousers, both liberally covered with dust from their travels. 
“I’m amazed that sackcloth lasts as long as it does, is all,” Jaskier said, striding purposefully into the tailor’s shop. It was a high-end business, and there were some murmurings of disapproval to see a Witcher in their midst, but invoking Jaskier’s family name changed their tune for the sweeter, as well as the coin he flashed around. 
Geralt was still clearly uncomfortable, and Jaskier just managed to temper his basest impulse to wheedle him into trying on a rainbow of silk and velvet. The man had the frame, was all, and it was a dreadful thing to waste.
“I feel ridiculous,” Geralt muttered at the first suit Jaskier called for him to model - a royal blue number which was too basic for Jaskier’s taste. This, he thought, meant that it would fit Geralt’s perfectly. Unfortunately, that was not the case as Geralt complained of feeling like a peacock - emphasis on cock. 
The second didn’t even button over Geralt’s chest, and there was much squawking from the tailor about how expensive the material was and dear Melitele don’t raise your arms!
Finally, finally, Jaskier struck gold combing through a rack of older pieces shoved in the back.
“Hmm,” Geralt said, when Jaskier held the suit to the span of his shoulders. “It’s ... plain,” he said, flicking his eyes up to Jaskier’s.
“I have come to accept that my tastes are not your own,” Jaskier said ruefully. “While I think you would look quite magnificent in the ochre ruffles, you’d probably be more comfortable in something ... a little less obtrusive.” 
Geralt snorted with amusement before grabbing the suit. “Thank gods for that,” he said, disappearing behind the curtain. 
Jaskier had turned to fiddling with the samples of collar embroideries as he waited for Geralt’s return. The moment Geralt stepped from the curtain, Jaskier nearly dropped the tray in surprise.
The forest green gave him a severe figure, regal but approachable. Dark yellow braiding brought forth the startling hue of his eyes. The suit was cut in a minimalistic style, against the grain of current fashions, but with a timeless fit that suited Geralt’s broad shoulders and well-toned arms. 
Dressed like this, Jaskier could imagine him commanding the attention of all just by stepping into the room. With Yennefer at his side, they would be ... unforgettable. 
“What?” Geralt asked, embarrassed, when Jaskier remained silent. “Is it that terrible?” 
“No,” Jaskier said quietly, then looked away, clearing his throat. “Not at all. Do you like it?”
Geralt rolled his shoulders experimentally, then did a few knee bends, to the tittering of the staff. “It’s not as uncomfortable as the others,” he conceded. “You think it looks ... good?” 
“Very.” Jaskier smiled reassuringly, waving the tailor over. “We’ll take it.” 
“How much?” Geralt asked, frowning as he rubbed the fine material between his fingers. 
“Don’t worry about it,” Jaskier smiled, flashing his signet ring at the tailor. The man bowed, and brought a parchment for Jaskier to sign after he haggled to have the suit fitted to Geralt’s figure, and for a pair of matching boots (which Geralt admitted, grudgingly, were sturdy enough to be of use on the Path). 
“I’ll pay you back for this,” Geralt said, and Jaskier waved his hand dismissively. He didn’t answer that the suit was worth more than Geralt could scrape together in several years. 
They continued over drinks, after Jaskier finished his nightly performance in the small, grimy tavern. It was just as well that Jaskier had a few ales under belt before he moved onto the next stage of his instruction. 
“While some women may be partial to certain ... sternness, your grumpy puss is just off-putting. Try a more friendly expression,” Jaskier demonstrated, leaning close to Geralt and flashing him an expression of open interest, with just an edge of lasciviousness. 
They were sitting side-by-side on the bench, and Jaskier’s knee brushed warmly against Geralt’s. 
“You’re close,” Geralt said quietly. 
“Yes,” Jaskier replied patiently. “I’m demonstrating my intention. Not so openly as to frighten, mind you.” He brushed his hand against Geralt’s firm arm, feeling the heat linger on his palm. 
Melitele help him survive this. 
“Just a bit of a tease,” Jaskier glanced at Geralt through his eyelashes. “Flirtation is a delicate thing. We don’t wish to force it. Simply a matter of push,” he placed his fingertips on Geralt’s chest, just grazing the hard, warm muscle underneath the ‘v’ of his tunic, “and pull.” Jaskier leaned back and smiled, trying to maintain his steady breath through the pounding of his heart. 
“Maybe women are partial to these games,” Geralt said stiffly. “what of ... men?” 
So Geralt had noticed Jaskier’s more discreet trysts. Though he had little shame these days, Jaskier felt his face heating, wondering if Geralt had also noticed that the men Jaskier chose were often fair, with long hair and low voices. 
“It depends on your intentions, I suppose,” Jaskier said, deciding to satisfy Geralt’s curiosity. “A quick tumble? A slow seduction? A clever little flirt to pass the time? Men aren’t so different, when it comes to it. You might seek to be more blunt. We are not the most perceptive of creatures.” 
Geralt was quiet for a beat. “I just want to be understood,” he said, prying each word painfully from his throat. “I want ... I want this person to stay with me.” 
Oh. Jaskier looked away, taking a deep drink of ale as an excuse. He thought he could handle this. He would. He would help Geralt give his heart to Yennefer, even if it shredded his own in the process. 
“What about flattery?” Geralt asked, his eyes intent on Jaskier, his fingers tapping against the wood of the table. “You’re always ...” he made an empty gesture. “Saying words.” 
“That I am,” Jaskier responded, amused. “Sometimes even the right ones.” 
Geralt smiled. “They seem to work well enough for you ... most of the time.” 
Jaskier pulled a face, remembering some of his more humiliating rejections. How would Geralt reject him, Jaskier wondered suddenly, if he knew? If he could read Jaskier’s tortured, covetous glances, the twitch of his fingers on the bench between them, still stinging with the feeling of Geralt’s skin ... just the thought of discomfort on Geralt’s face, perhaps disgust, made something painful twist in Jaskier’s gut. 
He dragged his thoughts back to Yennefer. She seemed to be a ... direct woman. The type who knew well enough that she was beautiful, and would have little patience for dithering. 
“Sweet words are never remiss,” Jaskier said carefully, “but there’s no need to overdo it. Sincerity is of paramount importance when you are ... serious.” He smiled with false brightness. “Simply speak from the heart.”
“Hmm,” Geralt said, considering Jaskier seriously. Then he glanced away, as if deep in thought. 
The room was emptying as the night dragged on, the raucous banter thinning into sleepy murmurings. The young barmaid was sweeping in the corner, the back and forth of her broom hypnotic in the quiet. 
“Jaskier,” Geralt said, startling him. Jaskier turned to see Geralt had put aside his tankard and was leaning into his space. His expression was intent, like Jaskier was tinder he was attempting to set aflame with just his gaze. 
Jaskier felt an answering, flickering heat crawl up his neck, his eyes falling to Geralt’s mouth as he wet his lips with his tongue. Geralt seemed to be wrestling with what he wanted to say, and it wasn’t until Jaskier’s thighs began aching that he realized that he was perched quite literally on the edge of the bench. 
“... I enjoyed your singing tonight,” Geralt said finally.
“Oh,” Jaskier said, his mouth falling open softly. 
Geralt looked away, frustrated, carding his hand through his hair. “Sorry,” he muttered, “I knew I would be bad at this.” 
“No, no,” Jaskier said hurriedly. “You’re ... fine. You simply need practice.” He added, affecting a teasing tone. “I volunteer myself, of course. Melitele knows I’m ever weak for praise.” 
Geralt nodded seriously and Jaskier spared a prayer for his heart, which was already beating painfully with Geralt’s proximity, threatening to betray his hopeless yearning. 
Geralt was called away for a hunt outside the city, which gave Jaskier a few precious days to rebalance himself, so that by the time Geralt returned, he was ready to wrap up their foolish little lessons.
The sooner he sent Geralt off to Yennefer’s bed, Jaskier told himself sternly, the sooner he could begin to recover from this endeavor. 
Dear Melitele he hoped he could recover from this endeavor.
Geralt’s suit was delivered soon after his return, with a fit which attested that the tailor had earned his high price tag. After a trim and a shave (which Jaskier took upon himself to handle, with furtive enjoyment), Geralt was already turning heads as they wound through the bustling streets on Market Day. 
“To show that you treasure someone for more than their body,” Jaskier said, as they paused at the center of town square, “you cannot carry them straight to bed. You should seek to spend some quality time with them first.” 
To their left, was the town market, where merchants hawked food, second-hand weapons, and mysterious baubles collected across the Northern Kingdoms. To their right, the pier, where tall ships bobbed on the water and a pleasant sea breeze blew. And scattered around them were restaurants, shops and taverns cheerful with the songs of lesser bards. 
Jaskier turned to Geralt expectantly. 
Geralt frowned, looking in all directions carefully as if he were afraid of failing a test. “Where would you like to go?” he asked. 
“I’m glad you asked!” Jaskier said happily. “Showing consideration for your partner is always a good move. Though you shouldn’t always depend on them to choose, otherwise you come off as indecisive. Best to learn what your partner likes, and plan your excursions accordingly.” 
Geralt nodded solemnly, and Jaskier felt bold enough to slide his arm through Geralt’s, placing his hand lightly on Geralt’s bicep. 
“A little public display of affection is never amiss,” Jaskier said breathlessly, feeling Geralt’s muscle jerk under his touch. Ah fuck. He was entitled to some fun, right?
They strolled through the market square first, and Geralt was remarkably patient with Jaskier lingering over the second-hand bookseller stand, just as Jaskier was with Geralt’s haggling with the armorer over (possibly counterfeit) drakeskin gauntlets. 
They purchased meat pies and consumed them by the fountain, the flaky pastry and steaming broth making for a messy, though filling lunch. Around them, dirty-faced children chased each other through the plaza, flocks of small, brown birds pecked at the crumbs at their feet, and clouds streaked like carded wool across the vivid blue sky above. 
“You have a copper?” Jaskier asked, and Geralt rummaged in his pockets until he produced one.
“Why?” he asked, as Jaskier held it up to his face. 
“Kiss it,” Jaskier instructed, “and make a wish.” 
“That’s idiotic,” Geralt said, and Jaskier shook his head, smiling.
“You cannot call your beloved idiotic. That’s against the rules-” Jaskier froze as Geralt grabbed his wrist and brought the coin Jaskier was holding up to his lips, flicking a look up at Jaskier as he pressed a kiss that landed half on Jaskier’s fingers. 
“Now what?” Geralt’s voice was low. 
Jaskier cleared his throat, turning and tossing the coin behind them, where it made a quiet splash in the fountain. 
“That’s it?” Geralt asked, “seems like a waste of coin.” 
“Small price for a wish,” Jaskier smiled ruefully. “And less dangerous than a djinn.” 
“Hmm,” Geralt said, but he returned Jaskier’s smile. 
They found a covered beer stall to drink the afternoon away and play a few hands of gwent. Then, with the sun falling in bleeding violet across the water, they ambled through the empty docks in a haze of warm drunkenness. 
Jaskier, perhaps, played at being deeper in his cups than he actually was, just to have an excuse to bump into Geralt, and feel his strong arms around his shoulders.
“Is this really different?” Geralt asked, and Jaskier did not comprehend the question at first, too preoccupied with catching the glint of Geralt’s gold eyes in the setting sunlight, his heart aching in his chest from the beauty of it.
“Is what different?” Jaskier asked, licking his dry lips as he dropped his gaze.
“This,” Geralt said. “From what we ... usually do.” 
Well, you’d be doing this with Yennefer, Jaskier didn’t say. “I suppose if you were here with someone you desired,” Jaskier said, holding his voice level through sheer force of will. “You would ... try to kiss them.” 
They were standing at the end of the pier, the water hissing under their feet, beating in rhythm to Jaskier’s heart. 
In the growing dark, Geralt was considering Jaskier again with that serious expression. The one he had worn throughout the entirety of Jaskier’s instruction. It was so intent, so different from Geralt’s usual begrudging attitude where Jaskier was concerned, that it made him weak at the knees. 
Jaskier did not know how he appeared to Geralt at that moment, but surely the naked longing was plain on his face, his defenses worn down from drink and the soft, shining moments they had shared this day, which felt like stolen things. 
Abruptly, Jaskier stepped back before he could do something he would really regret, like swooning into Geralt. 
“And that is it,” Jaskier said weakly. “That is all I can teach you.” 
Without waiting for a response from Geralt, he turned on his heel and fled back towards the inn. 
They returned to their shared room in silence. Jaskier had the strongest impulse to pick up a stranger for a forgettable tumble, just to have somewhere else to spend the night, but it felt like a distasteful manner to end the sweet day he had just spent with Geralt. 
At least their lessons were over and Jaskier could finally be left to stuff his battered heart back into his chest. 
“How was it?” Jaskier asked as he watched Geralt start the fire in their room. “Not as bad as you thought?” 
“I expected more poetry,” Geralt said dryly.
“Poetry is for the depths of seduction,” Jaskier said loftily, pulling his tunic over his head. When he looked up, Geralt’s eyes were glowing with heat. 
“Teach me,” Geralt said softly, standing abruptly and stepping forward into Jaskier’s space. Startled, Jaskier stumbled backwards, feeling the bed pressing against the back of his knees. 
“Poetry?” Jaskier asked, his voice strained, “or seduction?” He gave into the weakness of his knees, sitting heavily in the bed and looking up. 
The firelight played across Geralt’s face, and there was that serious expression again, this time accompanied by a tilt of his head. 
“Whichever you prefer,” Geralt said softly, and Jaskier was mesmerized by the gold of his eyes in the firelight as Geralt lowered his mouth slowly, deliberately to press against Jaskier’s own. 
Jaskier’s eyes fluttered closed as he felt the softness of Geralt’s lips, much more delicate, much sweeter than he ever dared to fantasize. Geralt cradled Jaskier’s face gently, his thumbs tracing the shell of his ear, and Jaskier had never thought his ear was an erogenous zone, but it made him shudder. 
“Okay, that’s enough,” Jaskier pushed away suddenly, pressing the back of his hand against his mouth. His lips felt swollen. Tender. His eyes burned. “Please don’t ... I can’t take it.” 
Geralt stepped back abruptly, his expression shuttered. “Jaskier,” he said. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-” 
“I know,” Jaskier said, rubbing at his chest, where the sharp pain felt like it was spreading - to his arms and shoulders and stomach, every part of his body turning cold, aching for Geralt’s touch. “You don’t mean to make me want, but ... I do. I can’t help it.” He looked up, expecting Geralt’s disgust, but instead, he looked ... surprised. Happy?
“Jaskier,” Geralt said, putting his hands on Jaskier’s shoulders, forcing him to look at him. “Do you ... want me?” 
“Isn’t it pathetically obvious?” Jaskier asked heatedly, choosing anger to cover his shame and despair. “I’ve been in love with you for years, Geralt, and still you choose to torture me by ... by asking me to help you chase after Yen-” his words were lost as Geralt pulled him forward into a kiss, this one deep and slick, turning Jaskier utterly to putty. 
“You’re an idiot,” Geralt growled into his mouth.
“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean,” Jaskier said weakly, “What do you mean?” 
Geralt groaned, hanging his head between his arms. “Dammit, Jaskier! I didn’t want ... when I first came to you. I wasn’t asking for lessons. I was ... I am trying to seduce you, Jaskier!” 
“Seduce me? But ... Yennefer?” Jaskier squeaked. Then it dawned on him. “Oh,” he said, “oh.” 
“Yes,” Geralt said patiently.
“I am an idiot,” Jaskier said mournfully, throwing his arms around Geralt’s shoulders. “But you’re not supposed to call me that.” 
“I remember,” Geralt said fondly, and kissed him again. 
(now on AO3!)
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fanimesenseiwrites · 9 months ago
Things the MC would bring back to their demon bois from the mortal realm:
MC goes to second hand stores and vintage shops always on the look out for vinyl records that they think Lucifer would like.
Most of the time they try and bring back stuff he'd actually like, such as Tchaikovsky or Vivaldi
Once, they brought back Stravinsky's Firebird Suite and Lucifer wouldn't stop kissing them (once they were in the privacy of his room of course)
Sometimes the MC will bring back more modern music just because it makes them think of him
"I dunno, I just listen to Hozier and think of you"
Lucifer doesn't like all the modern music they bring back but he appreciates the sentiment just the same
Then there's the gag gifts...
Any kind of music that has a reference to the devil or Satan or hell is fair game
These gifts usually elicit an eye roll from the eldest brother but he keeps them all the same
This is why Lucifer owns a copy of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia"
So when MC brings back a copy of Giuseppe Tartini's Violin Sonata in G minor, they're a little surprised at Lucifer's delighted reaction
"You know, I was the one who visited Tartini in his dreams."
MC's mind = blown.
"Also, this copy is cursed. I know you know how much I enjoy cursed vinyls."
"I- wait... What?!"
MC is very upset that they had a cursed vinyl in their possession this whole time
This boy loves stuff, and he loves MC, so he's gonna love any gift really
But MC knows he loves treasure and jewels and as much as they'd love to just bring him back nice watches and jewelery...
So MC settles for semi-precious stones instead
They always find fun and beautiful stones at museums and those metaphysical stores and they always pick out one that reminds them of Mammon
They're really nervous when they give him his first gift
"Hey, I got this for you and I know it's not fancy or expensive but I saw it and thought of you and I just wanted you to have it."
Mammon will love them until they die. He is really just so touched that MC thought of him. He'll try and play it cool though
He totally fails. MC won't tell him that though
MC brings him Lapis Lazuli and tells him it reminded them of his eyes and Mammon is now a puddle of lovesick goo on the floor
Mammon puts more shelves in his room dedicated to all the gifts MC gives him
One time MC brings him back some fool's gold in a teeny little jar on a chain, so that he can wear it
"Fool's gold? Why cuz I'm a fool?" Mammon asks with a roll of his eyes.
"What? No, cuz I'm a fool for you."
Mammon only love MC until they die? WRONG.
He's gonna love them forever now
He was gonna do that anyways
C'mon, this boy is easy. Anime/manga stuff and TSL. Need I say more?
At first he'll be suspicious of MC wanting to give him gifts, but once they've convinced him that they're doing it out of the kindness of their heart he's really touched
The first thing the MC brings him is a pen with a little Ruri-Chan on the end of it
"I know it's not much, but I just happened to see it and I knew you'd like it"
Like it??????
He's never seen anything like this in the Devildom and he doesn't think about the small stuff usually because he's too busy trying to get the big collectors edition items. So he actually really loves this.
MC continues to bring him cute small stuff like buttons and keychains and Levi loves them all.
His favorite item(s) that MC brought him is a pair of Lord of Shadows and Henry BFF enamel pins
He definitely tackle hugged MC when he got them
He gives the Lord of Shadows pin back to MC so they can each have one and show off their BFF status with them
MC loves going to second-hand bookstores to shop for Satan.
Satan also appreciates new books, but there's something special about how his face lights up when he finds something old or rare. Anything with a little bit of history to it.
Of course, finding rare books for not a lot of money is a rare event in itself
So a safe bet is to bring Satan non-fiction, the boy loves to learn
But he really loves it when MC puts thought into finding fiction books that he would like
"I just really feel like you'd like Dean Koontz so I brought you one of my favorites by him."
Satan loves those gifts the most because he can talk to MC about the books afterwards
Satan's absolute favourite gift is a leather bound copy of Arabian Nights though
"I was thinking we could read this one together"
"Like you read it to me and pretend to be Scheherazade?" Satan suggests.
MC is flustered at the connotation of the suggestion but agrees anyways
The time they spend together reading that story will forever be one of Satan's favorite memories
He's a little harder to shop for than the MC had originally imagined
They tried bringing him make-up and skin care, which Asmo always graciously accepted, but he never seemed super excited about the gifts
But what else is to be expected from the guy who already uses only the best products?
MC suddenly gets an idea when they send Asmo a selfie of them at the park
- OMG! You're so cute! And the background is pretty too!-
MC starts dressing up and going to nice and beautiful places just with the intention of taking pictures
Botanical Gardens, museums, downtown skylines, anything that would make for a good picture
MC goes full on aesthetic art hoe just for Asmo
Only the best pictures get sent to Asmo
Asmo is LIVING for the looks their MC is serving up
- You are absolutely STUNNING! I'm in awe at these AMAZING pictures-
MC makes a scrapbook of the best pictures to give to Asmo the next time they see him
Asmo loves it and keeps it on display in his room always
Also, Asmo definitely makes MC their personal photographer after seeing the wonderful shots they took
Obviously, the boy loves food. He's always down to try new snacks from the mortal realm.
But MC wonders if there's something better that they could bring him
One day MC is at GNC for supplements for themself when they notice the workout supplements and get an idea
They grab some fun flavored protein powder and some BCAAs and a really nice shaker bottle just for Beel
Beel is actually really excited to get these gifts!
The Devildom doesn't have fun flavors of protein powder and the shaker bottle is such a great idea!
MC always brings new flavors of protein back for Beel, doing their best to find the weirdest flavors for him to try
Beel's favorite is definitely Birthday Cake.
MC starts bringing him new stuff to try too, protein bars, recovery supplements, collagen, and superfoods shakes
Beel tries everything and tells MC what their favorites are
"I love the BCAAs, I just wish the Devildom had them..." *sad Beel noises*
MC may or may not talk to Diavolo about researching BCAAs and getting them produced and sold in the Devildom
The supplements MC brings actually help Beel with his workouts and to control his hunger (a little)
Beel actually gets hotter??? Who knew that was possible???
MC definitely takes advantage of Beel's new 8-pack 😏😏😏
What do you get the boy who only wants to sleep?
MC has gotten him stuffed animals and blankets and even a couple of nice pillows, but nothing seems to excite him
... but maybe that's just his personality??
It's not until MC accidentally leaves a sweater in the Devildom, that they figure it out
- You left your sweater down here- Belphie texts MC.
- Oh no, I'll just get when I come to visit y'all again-
- That's fine. I like having something that smells like you-
And the light bulb went off in MC's head.
Every time MC goes to visit they leave a shirt or sweater behind for Belphie, so that he can have something that smells like them.
Belphie loves how MC smells, its like a sweet dream all the time. It helps him sleep better when they're gone.
Belphie starts to complain when MC is gone longer than the item they left smells like them
(Which is every time)
So MC will start leaving Belphie more than one item, packing them in airtight bags so he can use them one after another until they return
Belphie can and will fight anyone who tries to take MC's clothing
"Mammon, you have two seconds to put that sweater back or I will kill you."
And Lucifer probably won't stop him
He's honestly the easiest to please.
He's so fascinated with any thing that humans do that he'll enjoy any gift from the human world.
MC's first gift to him is a rubber duck.
"The duck is wearing a crown so it made me think of you and I just thought it was cute."
"I love it! What's its purpose?"
"Uh... to float around in the bathtub with you and look cute?"
"Isn't that what you're for?"
Diavolo loves the rubber duck so much it gets his own silk pillow to rest on when it's not taking a bath with Diavolo.
MC brings him cute pens, and keychains sometimes bottles of wine if the bottle is cute.
"The bottle is shaped like a cat! Isn't that delightful?!"
MC's proudest moment was when they found a full and intact tea set at the thrift store
Diavolo immediately fell in love with it.
He insists on only using that set when having tea with MC
But his favorite gift will always be the rubber duck.
He'll insist that he doesn't need any gifts but that won't stop the MC.
MC is with him in the kitchen in the Demon Lord's Palace when they get an idea.
Barbatos works so hard, he deserves some things to make his life easier and liven up the bland kitchen
MC's first gift is a vegetable spiralizer.
"You use it to turn zucchini and squash and the like into noodles so that you can do fun stuff with vegetables!"
Barbatos accepts it graciously, but he'll probably never use it.
MC brings him spices from the mortal realm and Barbatos actually really loves those.
When MC brings him a food processor, he offers to cook for them right then and there
Despite all the weird gadgets MC ends up bringing him, and there are plenty out there, Barbatos's favorite is a ladle that looks like a stegosaurus.
It's far more whimsical than anything he would've ever picked out, and he'll never use it, but only because he's afraid of ruining it, not because he doesn't love it.
At some point, Barbatos does ask MC to stop bringing him kitchen gadgets
"Why? Do you not like them?" MC asks with a pout.
"I appreciate all of them, but I have everything I need when you're in the kitchen with me."
If MC wasn't already in love with him they are now
Smooth bastard just doesn't want anymore shit in his kitchen
4K notes · View notes