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#and to your notifs too
humansdni · 24 days ago
any post which crosses 1k notes isn't just a hit post anymore it's a curse to humanity
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toiletwipes · 19 days ago
My love language is gift giving and acts of service, which I honestly don't think comes as a surprise to literally anyone that has known me for more than a couple of days.
- @struggling-with-time
Huh, I wasn't expecting that but I'm not surprised, like you said akdjdjd
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simplepotatofarmer · a month ago
i just want to say that every time y'all leave tags on my post like 'i love when you talk about [xyz]' or compliment me, it genuinely makes me happy. i'd love to respond to each one but it's not possible so just know that i notice each one and i'm grateful <3 <3 <3
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coffeeshib · 5 months ago
Hi, Nic! :)
I just saw your tweet about the comment(s) on your fic (i’m doing this on tumblr bc my twitter account is a “private” one and you wouldn’t have read what i posted if i did) and damn people are so rude and un-empathetic it’s just embarrassing, i’m really sorry you have to read that…
Speaking for myself, i was waiting for your fic and asking you about updates of the wip on anonymous asks bc i was really interested on it and your writing, given the fact i’ve recently re-discovered the fandom and your works on ao3! I even read the entire fic on one take so you can imagine and i can truly tell you that it became one of the best fics i’ve read (i even put it on my lists of favs in my phone’s notes so you can imagine).
Anyway, what i am trying to say is that even tho there is people who just want things their way and don’t fucking thank the creators and their incredible work, there is a huge amount of people that do and seriously appreciate what you do (and i know you normally feel sceptic about this kind of things and comments but it is true!)
And let me reiterate the fact that THAT PERSON COULD HAVE JUST DOWNLOADED THE FIC AND READ IT JUST HOW THEY WANTED IT giving backhanded “compliments” or “criticism” like that it’s just plain rude.
(Sorry if there are sentences that don’t make sense, English is my second language but it’s been ages since i wrote something this long)
omg i’m definitely not crying in the club right now!!!!!!
Tumblr media
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vive-la-revolution · 17 days ago
this is random but in my mind 3-4 pm india time is lee wake up time because as soon as it’s around three thirty i open tumblr like “AIGHT WHERES ASHER” and every time without fail you’re awake lmao and yeah-
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monikapologist · 3 days ago
HI,,, so ur watching amphibia right? first off, HOORAY WHDJSNSM BUT ALSO. U SHOULD PROBABLY FILTER THE AMPHIBIA SPOILERS + AMPHIBIA SEASON 3 TAG BC. SPOILERS. i had amphibia itself blocked the whole time watching it too WHDHWJ <3 HOPE UR HAVING FUN
HSFDGSGS YEA I WATCHED THE FIRST FEW EPS A FEW DAYS AGO AND HAVEN'T WATCHED ANY SINCE </3 so rn it's a definite maybe!! and UM yeah you might be right i. did not think to do that JSHDSJJSJS OMG THANK YOU
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just-a-creep-babe · 22 days ago
The fact that you reblogged my post-
😭😭😭crying! I literally love u-
I’ve been reading ur blog for so long akfoajdjsus before I started writing! So it means so much!!
I’m so excited to submit the kinktober thing heheheh
So much love! ♥️♥️ muah muah!!
Ahhhhhhhh tytytytytyty!!!!!
It was super good luvs 🥺🥺 Am hyped to read more of your stuff 🥰❤️🥰❤️
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icewindandboringhorror · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 a snow boy!!
#he kept meowing to be let outside and then just as a joke (supervising him closely of course) I let him out.. he immediately realized how#how cold it was and wanted to go back in ... A Confused boye....#also literally every month I'm like 'okay! I'll be more active on social media!!!' *posts one thing then forgets for 3 more weeks*#I can't even deal with instragram especially sicne they don't show your notifications anymore once they get too old#I know I've missed so many comments and stuff just because they get pushed out of the notifications for being too old#and I'm never aware of them considering I check it MAYBE once every 6-8 months#which I guess is better than twitter - which I don't think I've checked in a year#but I also never post there so there's nothing on my end to check. I could check for things other people are posting but like.. who cares hg#I think that's another reason I'm bad at social media since I'm very one sided about it lol#like I follow people and stuff but... in a very passive background way?#like 'oh dont you want to check twitter daily to see what your favorite creators are up to?? :o' lmao#if I like them enough then I'll go manually google them at some point and check up on them eventually when I feel like it#knowing what they ate for breakfast can be fun I guess but unnecessary#which like nothing against people who are into that stuff - it's just my brain doesn't work that way lol#ANYWAY... really I'm trying to work out my own personal schedule#due to functioning issues it's hard for me to even wake up and go to bed and eat and etc. at the same time every day#so that's my sole focus right now honestly since I'm so easily thrown off schedules by minor changes (it is hard to function in an#ever changing unpredictable world with a brain that operates best exclusively under complete routine consistency hghg)#*literally just gets sick one single day* my brain: well guess we're going to bed at 4am for the next two weeks!#*misses the pre-designated time window for eating lunch* Well! guess we wont eat! also we're going to bed at 5am!#ANYWAY... as I hope to.. after years and years of trying.. perhaps... get some semblance of a consistent schedule#maybe once I have the foundations down I can actually schedule things to do them more routinely#like 'wednesday is the day I must post things online to pretend I am a normal human person' gjhgj#which is admittedly kind of embarassing to think that I've been trying for 2 years to do basic things consistently like .. wake up and go to#sleep around the same time and eat three meals a day but.. It's The Severe Mentow Iwness Luv#I am still chugging along however.... primary projects right now are.. my game.. videos.. music.. TRYING TO DO ANOTHER#COSTUME AT some point.. maybe some art and sculptures.. Like I'm always DOING things. I just may not be doing WHAT i want WHEN i want#ex: today I was supposed to write my game. instead - edited videos for 4hrs and walked in snow for 2hrs.. productive? technically yes.. but#is it what I needed to do? no! .. this is why all of my projects end up being like 4 months worth of work but dragged out over 5 years lmao
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melliehedge · a year ago
what if leo accidentally burned up frank's stick and frank died during the end battle, so then all that tension between them would've finally exploded into something meaningful, because that would completely turn everyone against each other. i can see it now: Jason and Piper defending Leo, saying it's an accident, Percy and Hazel losing their minds. One of the first few GreekvsRoman casualties and it just gets progressively worse and worse, and BOY if you thought Leo was ostracized then imagine what'll happen now, it just gets worse and worse-
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blisterinballista · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
spam liking people got me feelin like /hj
#🔥~ooc#this has been a Warning#and ion MIND! the positive attention or anything but its. just. hhhhghgjgjhdhagahdhfhhagjahghjga#i woke up today yeah? so i opened tumblr and lo and behold i was greeted by 36 NOTIFICATIONS. 30 FUCKING 6#so i went to check what they are yeah? only to discover. they are SPAM LIKES. ON. MY. MAIN???#RRRGRGRGRGRUUAAGHH????????¿¿¿¿¿#i fucking couldnt even take it anymore i just#fucking HELL#EVERYTHING WAS SO FUN HERE WHAT HAPPENED??#YES I AM LOOKING 👁️ @ YOU. PERSON WITH THAT CUTESY COTTAGECORE DUCKY PFP#im done being nice dammit#some of you have been driving me up the WALL for MONTHS NOW (lucifer and rest of the graveyard +some others do not fall under that)#some of you are genuinely great! you try your best and i admire a lot of you#some of you barely know i exist#some of you are holding onto dear sanity by the fingernails and i know what that feels like and youre okay too#and maybe im getting upset at nothing but i still do feel upset#i feel like an annoying fucking brat throwing a fit on the floor and i want to scream and cry and flail and kick and break shit#im just this ugly fragile shitty looking overpriced figurine you find in a forgotten thrift store and take photos of but never bring home#because neither you nor anyone knows how to take care of me.#and thats okay#ill keep gathering dust on the shelf and looking at you with my big round scary baby eyes#and crying when the doors close and the lights go out.#just like porcelain.#ooook this got a tad bit too philosophical ill log off now#hope i didn't scare anyone (or atleast not way too badly lol)#my moots i still love yall im just trapped in a funk and no its not the funny funkin friday type /p /gen#maybe ill just spend my day on youtube while crying over clips of that funny birdie tiddy show (and all the lives i could've had) again /hj#ill see if i can lighten my mood and this blog's content with a genuinely positive shitpost l8r /gen /pos#might stick to discord rp for now doe#ookay byee 🏃 /j /pos
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gogogy · 2 months ago
with all the love going around i really wanted to shout out the handful of people that always take the time to go back and like my posts including my dumb rambles because you guys have been my silent cheerleaders this whole time and i can't express how much that's meant to me
whether we're mutuals or not, you guys have helped me feel more confident in this little blog and my place in the community by always making me feel heard and i just wanted to say that i see you & i love you & you're all so very wonderful <3
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