#and what makes me so insane is that he watches all his friends die and he can process every death except riku
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Hey Baby (I Think I Wanna Marry You)
Keith/Lance (Voltron), Hunk & Lance (Voltron), Fluff and Humour, 893 Words
Summary: Keith and Lance are impulsive and ridiculous. Hunk is Tired of them.
Sometimes Keith just… says things. Just whatever half-formed thought is on his mind. Which is why Hunk doesn’t bat an eye when Keith straightens abruptly from his position on the couch (where he has been glaring thoughtfully at the ceiling for forty straight minutes), knocking Lance’s legs from his lap. He squints at the man in question, and says: “Hey. Lance. Marry me.”
See? Sometimes Keith just says whatever. They aren’t even dating. Hunk knows this because Lance complains about it regularly (Hunk pretends to hate it, but, y’know. Drama is drama and he eats it up every time).
Lance doesn’t even glance up from his book, snorting. “Do you have a ring with you?”
“A location? A date?”
“Get those details figured out, and get back to me.”
And just like that, the bit is over. Lance and Keith, being their weird, incomprehensible selves. They’re so caught up in each other that occasionally they just speak in one-word references; it drives everyone else insane. Have you ever watched two people so on the same wavelength that they just hum at each other in different tones and they have a whole-ass, real conversation? It’s beyond infuriating. It might even make you, during a meal where they are having said annoying conversation, lift your fork in front of the duo in question, pretending they’re in jail. For your own damn peace of mind.
But anyway. Keith and Lance tend to be in their own world, and Keith especially loves to just Say Things that make sense to Lance and Lance only. Ergo Hunk dismissed the actual, literal proposal as some weird inside joke between the two of them. So you can imagine Hunk’s surprise when, a week later, he’s minding his business, eating his dinner, when he notices something shiny on Lance’s fourth finger. His eyes widen, and he glances over to Keith, and — yep. Matching golden rings.
“Ahh??” he yells, pointing at their hands. His yell draws the attention of the rest of the team, who notice the rings and gasp.
“What the fuck are those,” Pidge demands.
Keith glances down at his hands, looking back up at them with his brow furrowed. “Wedding… rings…?”
Shiro pinches the bridge of his nose, giving Keith a Look. “She knows what they are, Keith. She’s asking why you and Lance are wearing them. We are all asking, actually. What the fuck.”
“Cause we got married,” Lance supplies, looking at them like they’re dumb. “Obviously.”
“I didn’t know you were courting,” Allura says.
“We weren’t.”
“So… why are you wed?”
Now Keith is the one looking at them weird. “Y’all were there when I proposed,” he says slowly.
“I thought you were doing a bit!” Hunk cries.
Keith blinks. “I’d never joke about marrying Lance. I’m in love with him.” Lance presses a kiss to his cheek, making a cheesy ‘mwah!’ sound.
“Love you too, babe!” he chirps.
“I thought humans tended to have a ‘dating’ period before marriage,” Allura asks again, still confused.
“They usually do,” Pidge mutters.
Keith shrugs. “No point. I love him, I know him, I’m gonna love him until I die. Why bother waiting?”
“Mhm,” Lance agrees. “Plus, he asked nicely. And we went and got me a ring when I asked.”
“Okay,” Shiro sighs tiredly. “I guess.”
Hunk can’t quite get over it so quickly. “Lance,” he says, staring at his friends with wide eyes, “your mamá is gonna kill you.”
That, finally, seems to make a difference. Lance freezes, sending a panicked look to his — his fucking husband, Jesus Christ.
“Maybe she’ll be so happy to see me that she’ll forgive me immediately?” Lance tries.
Hunk snorts, feeling vindicated. “Unlikely. That’ll teach you to run off and get eloped just because your impulsive-ass husband decided to marry you one random Wednesday.”
“It wasn’t impulsive!” Keith defends. “I’ve been thinking about Lance forever! Once I decided to go for it, I asked!”
“It was definitely a little impulsive. You didn’t even have a ring or anything,” Pidge points out.
Keith falters, and Lance smiles into his cup.
“Okay, true, but that’s what I have Lance for! He reminded me and we got them and boom. Problem solved.”
Hunk opens his mouth to argue further, but stops himself. Yes, it was sudden. No, it doesn’t really make much sense. Yes, these two idiots are codependent to the enth degree. But…
They are happy.
“I’m not playing marriage therapist,” Hunk says instead of you two are batshit insane and perfect for each other because of it. “Also, if I hear even one decibel of honeymoon sex, I will set your room on fire with you in it.”
Everyone makes a face at the insinuation, except for the newlyweds, who wear identical smirks. Because of course they do.
“I mean it,” Hunk warns, but he can’t quite keep the glare on his face.
After all — his best friends just got married. Sudden or not — he’s happy for them.
(He hears the fucking honeymoon sex. Because of course he does. But he and Pidge mess with their bed so that it folds in half and traps them in it if they get past a certain noise level, and Shiro laughs so hard he forgets to lecture them about it, so. He feels like maybe he wins that round.)
part two
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cant stop thinking of brenner stranger things’s quote abt the nina opera in relation to sora kingdom hearts forgetting riku’s sacrifice/death I am fr mentally ill
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OK I've babbled about this in a few tags already BUT u know we all love episode 7 it's great it's awesome this is happening BUT something that struck me from the first time I watched it was how...weird Ed was acting. He was grumpy, dismissive toward stede, resistant to doing fun activities, just wanting to wallow, talking for the first time about LEAVING the revenge. It was weird!! He seemed a little off!!
Tumblr media
(gif via @joeal-kaysani ty)
So what happened between e6 and e7 that could have made him start to doubt his place on the revenge? That would make him feel conflicted and despondent? That would make him want to distance himself from stede when all he's been wanting is to get closer??
Izzy left.
Like we all know Izzy is an unpleasant fuck and not the best influence on Ed’s mental health. But I’ve never doubted that Ed, in whatever way, CARES about Izzy a lot. Their relationship is so weird and codependent and we don't know quite enough about it but! What we do know is they have been together (as captain and the hand) for a long, long time. We know Izzy is unfailingly loyal. We know Ed trusts Izzy to protect his reputation, kill for him, and run things when he can’t be bothered, and Izzy has privileges with Ed that no one else has (or had, before stede).
And in the last episode Izzy and stede fought to blows against the right to be at his side. And Izzy LOST. and Ed let him leave. LOOK AT THIS:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(gifs courtesy of @sambridges ty)
For a moment…Izzy looks over at Ed. Expecting, maybe, for him to step in. To say No, Izzy, you can stay. To touch his back and say I need you here. To leave with him. To Choose Him. But Ed just shrugs.
Tumblr media
And in the very next episode, Ed is without Izzy for the first time in who KNOWS how long. He never thought Izzy would EVER leave him; Izzy was probably one of the only stable things in his life before now. He feels BAD. He feels LOST. He doesn't know where he fits anymore. Maybe he should go back to his ship. Maybe he was wrong not to tell Izzy he could stay. Maybe he should go back to before, where at least, even if he was unhappy, things were familiar. He never wanted to choose between Izzy and Stede (between one life and the other) and now the choice has been made for him.
So he's being a grumpy fuck all day, trying to convince himself he has to leave, feeling like shit for abandoning his friend(?). Unknowing what his next steps should be and how and when. Stede awkwardly tries to cheer him up. Lucius points out that if he keeps acting like this he will lose stede too (and die alone in his piss). So he has his "oh" moment and seems to settle into the path he has ended up on: he chooses to stay. He accepts the role of co-captain. The washing/revealing of the orange.
Like there’s so much here I’m gonna stop before I get off track but!! Izzy and Ed. Sooooo much there so many layers! They’re a big fat codependent onion and it makes me insane to think about.
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Your playboy best friend who likes you secretly
Tumblr media
Paring : Jung Wooyoung x Reader
Genre : Fluff, Angst
Song to listen : Here Always (Seungmin)
A summer afternoon
Outing with Wooyoung is the best but tolerating his annoying ass is on another level. You are slurping the watermelon juice from the watermelon piece in your hand, bitting it, sucking it in your mouth closing your eyes feeling the coldness of its because you are feeling too hot right now that even your palm is burning. You're too focused on the watermelon that you've forgotten about your best friend sitting in front of you for 10 minutes in silence,( that is his longest silence though) not screaming at you while wanting your attention, neither laughing out talking about how stupid you look, you cheeks full of watermelon juice. He is just silently staring at you, thinking nothing but about you.
But his silence was too much to take so you finally pay heed to him, "Are you alright, twit? You look like you are about to kill someone, why so serious?" You ask him again giving your watermelon a bite.
"I broke up with Alley," he says, his voice quite, soft but seems raspy for some reason. You look at his eyes trying to read his experience as you always do not understanding why is he sad about leaving his 53th girlfriend.
"Did you fall for her actually that your face looks this much fucked breaking up with her? Or did she hurt you?" You ask him being protective and hypocrite. It's not you do like him being a jerk with girls but if anyone would hurt your best friend, you are ready to drown her at that moment. So, you wanted to get where he was hurt.
"I liked her for real," he says crossing his hands. You knew it, he fucking liked that girl who bullied you with her friends in uni twice. He didn't know, neither you wanted to tell him. But what hurt more was, you were fucking insane for him, not only as a best friend but more. "Did she dump you?" You ask him, clenching your hand on the watermelon, swear to God if it had life, it would die by now.
"No, I did. I was..." He sighs dropping his forehead on the table, "with her yesterday night and she fucked up so bad that I ended up dumping her. God, I wanted to break her so bad but I thought I would have killed her."
"Why the fuck are you talking like a jerk? Why would you want to break h-" you drop the watermelon when he suddenly grabs your hands, "Why didn't you tell me she hit you? Almost killed you."
You were so surprised that you stop breathing by his sudden rage. God, he was never like this, what's wrong with him?
Maybe once, he was furious because of you. Some boy was saying nasty things to you which he heard from a little far and ended up punching him so hard that the boy was in hospital for a week. Wooyoung was always so protective, possessive, maybe that's why you end up losing in his words whenever he wanted you to listen to him. Either it was about his girlfriends, his shitty drunk stories, his unwanted motivations.
When you would have sleepover in his house, he would cuddle with you like you are a guy, called you his brother introducing you to his friends. It hurt you sometimes how he never realized how much love you have for him, how much you wanted him to look at you as a woman, his woman. You never even tried telling him because you didn't wanna lose someone like him from your life. You didn't wanna cry missing his bickering, his hugs, sudden cheek kisses, fake crying, punches in your stomach, pushing you in the pool in winter, driving too fast to make you afraid, sudden screaming watching movie, throwing pop corns at you. No it would feel unfair, life would feel like a burden without these.
"Y/n, answer me!" He asks you again tightening the grip. After how long he has called you by your name? How many years? Why is he behaving unlike himself, it has started to ache your heart.
"I'm sorry," this is all you could say to him and his eyes were filled with tears, "You are such an idiot, y/n. Such a fucking idiot," he says getting up, forgetting his cap on the table. You get up following him, "Woo, wait. Twit! Wait, oi," you keep calling him, "Wooyoung!" But he is walking to fast to avoid you, trying to hide his tears. And when a car passes by in front of you, you lost him in the crowd. You keep looking for him here and there, but couldn't find him because he was hiding himself intensionally from you, crying hiding behind the parked cars, whimpering in pain.
He remembered those weeks you avoided him, left for a trip alone so that he wouldn't see your injuries from the bullied time and interrogate you. You knew his devastated he would become, how much negative energy it will suppress him, so you just stayed away. But which is making him mad is how he couldn't understand those days about your sufferings. He is hurt his you lied on his face to protect him where he wanted to protect you from everything. Only could bother you, only it was fare when he would bully you childishly, make you laugh, see your red face in embarrassment. But this? How could someone else touch you like that when you are his best friend, more appropriately his everything.
He never understood why he didn't like other man dating you, hugging you, taking care of you. Neither he realized why his heart fluttered so fast whenever you would cuddle with him, hug him, stare at him. Most importantly, he didn't realize now how much you've loved him until....
"Why do I feel like y/n has a secret love? Have you noticed her Instagram stories? She looks like she is in love. Man, I'm hyper for not knowing about it," Wooyoung says pouting because he thought you told him everything but there was something you were hiding that he didn't know. "Are you an idiot or something, Wooyoung?" Yunho asks him sipping his Americano. Wooyoung blinks his eyes twice, "Why? Is she your girlfriend?" Wooyoung asks being so excited which makes Yunho hit his hand, "You are such an asshole, she was right. She loves you, damn it. Are you blind or something?" "I know she loves me, you are j-" he stops realizing what Yunho meant,his eyes get bigger, "No way," he says but his minds get carried away in thoughts about you. You protective self, that one time you were drunk, cryingand told Wooyoung to break up with his 27th girlfriend, your making diy gifts for him on every occasion, choosing his clothes, staring at him for a long time. Did you really do all these because you are in love with him?
That made him think a lot and maybe that's why it hurt more when Alley was shit talking about you.
"Why don't you leave that low class bitch? You're so much better than her," Alley says while she is underneath Wooyoung. Wooyoung's mood changes in a second hearing her, "What do you mean? Whom are you talking about?" "Y/n, she is so poor and always cries. God, she annoyed me so much that I had to show her where she belongs but you are so naive, you know? You sh-" Alley gets cut off when Wooyoung sits back leaving her, "What did you do to her?" He asks trying to control his rage so that Alley doesn't lie. "Nothing much, why do you need to worry? You should do wh-" "Leave," That's it, he can't tolerate her anymore. "What?" Alley asks sitting up, not understanding what he meant. "I said, leave my house and never come back. I don't wanna see your filthy face. If I see, I swear I will kill you," his face was too scary for Alley to tolerate that she takes her things and runs away from the house leaving Wooyoung frustrated. Later he got to know from your classmates how Alley hurt you. And haven't been able to feel ease in his heart till now.
Maybe it is a little late for him to understand how much he loves you, has loved you always but now he feels a like a hypocrite for loving you. What if he is feeling like this because he got to know about your love for him. Isn't it too selfish of him to ask love from you when you only loved him, but he was being ignorant. He didn't want to use you, maybe he won't be able to treat you right, he doesn't even deserve someone like you who understands him so well. Why is it so hard? Being with you?
And when the sun sets, he finally sneaks in your house at midnight to see you in secret when you're asleep. Maybe this is his most favorite thing to do with you, gazing at you when you are the most vulnerable, innocent, sweet. But you look most beautiful when you smile, your giggle that brings tears in your eyes. Oh damn, those lips having strawberry lipstick. Why didn't he ever care about all these feelings? Why?
Seeing you sleeping in the same position again cuddling with your pillow while the moonlight is covering your face, what a lovely view for him to watch. He sits in front of you coming from the window, stares at the picture you've with him beside your bed, him kicking you while you've a smile on your face. Two weirdo best friends in one frame.
He smiles remembering about the time when this picture was clicked by his mother. She adores you two but only he didn't care about all of the things.
"Why are you crying?" You sudden question takes him by surprise. He didn't even realize he was crying and falls on the ground not being able to balance. He is too stunned to speak right now while you look at him being so awake because you were just pretending to be asleep.
You sit on your bed, "What, twit? Why a-" but he suddenly gets up hugging you. His hug feels so longed to you, so warm in your chest that it makes you calm like always. But this hug feels a little different from the other times, maybe because he is crying, or you are worried about him, "What happened, Woo? Why are you crying? This is so unlike you, you're making me worried."
"STOP WORRYING ABOUT ME, BITCH," he scolds you tightening the hug, "Stop caring about me or I won't be able to stop feeling like this for you."
Feeling like what? For me? Why? So many questions in your head overwhelms you.
He releases the hug and presses his forehead with yours, "I want to be with you forever and always from now. Please don't leave me anymore, please y/n. This is the most selfish thing I've ever told you but...but I-I love you, y/n. I love you so much that it hurts knowing how hurt you were but still so considerate. But fuck your consideration, don't you ever leave my sight again. I can't, I can't n-" a sudden press on his lips is enough to tell him how much love you've for him, how you have waited for this day, dreamt about a day like this.
And you have understood how you were always his favorite poem to read no matter how many he saw, you were always his everything. His to care, his to hug, his to protect, his to love.
Didn't revise it so forgive my mistakes
If you want me to add you in my taglist, you can tell me🤠
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Look at us, all we do is a fight - Stephen Strange
Tumblr media
Stephen Strange x Reader
warning: nope, just a bit cursing words and mentioned/spoiled to mom, Tony Stark, she-hulk (Jenifer Walters), and Bruce Banner
genre: angst with comfort (that is me hehe)
words: 2.2k
summary: after you risked your life to save America Chavez from Scarlet Witch, your fight with Stephen became increasingly bitter, eventually pushing both of you to the edge of a dead-end relationship.
Tumblr media
Wong, the other sorcerers, and some of the Avengers have always wondered how you two met. Yes, you both were always intelligent and attractive, but also sort of headstrong, stubborn, and reckless.
Dealing with Stephen in any aspect of his life was difficult enough, and that's not to say you were on his level, but your close person made sure to avoid you when you became enraged.
You two are polar opposites. Stephen Strange could be described as terse, strict, and seemed to dislike social interaction with strangers, whereas you were easygoing, always cracking jokes about trivial matters, and eager to help anyone, even if it meant going out of your way.
That's why, many years later, when your friends and family found out about your relationship with Stephen, they were shocked. When they did, however, something simply click. The reason Stephen began to smile more, is why he became more lenient toward the stranger and his trainees. And why do you choose to work, train, eat, and even join on dangerous missions with The Sorcerer Supreme, when the truth is that you were only Stark's niece, a human with no superpowers.
They wish they could say they were surprised when anything went wrong. But when you were together, they could feel the blossom growing around them, even when you rebuked him or he ordered his Cloak to keep you from leaving the Sanctum when you both fought.
They weren't surprised, but neither of you had their endorsement. After all, Stephen Strange was brilliant but utterly arrogant.
"What the hell were you thinking? You could die!" You had been ignoring him since dinner, intending to go right past him and into your shared bedroom, but his grip on your wrist had tightened to stop your run away from the heated argument. "You can't keep putting yourself in danger in this way, Y/N."
You murmur before rubbing your exhausted temples, "you know, I can't just stand still, watching you unconscious and do nothing while Wanda tries to murder that kid!"
"Listen, that doesn't mean you can run around and save her without me or Wong."
You struggle to free yourself from his grip as you notice his rage and sweat on his brow. This urges you to respond, "What? So everything I've done was my fault?"
However, his grip grew stronger and firmer, drawing you towards him. "Whatever you just did, it was sooner or later up to me to fix it!"
The corridor went silent and you flinch at his cruel words. You're struggling to breathe, your sadness deepening. Well, is this what he's been thinking all along? You only need his help; no, you don't need a single damn spell.
When he acted like this, you couldn't help but become irritated, and the fury began to rise, your jaw clenched painfully. You loved him, but he had a habit of driving you insane from time to time. "But that kid needs help! Don't you see?!"
"Oh, yeah?" Stephen appears upright and chuckles at you, but his tone betrays this. This makes you realize that the situation between you two has taken a horrible edge this time. "So, how about me? What if you die and what about me!? Are my feelings meaningless to you, right? Y/N?"
Your heartbeat freezes for a split second after hearing his wrecked voice. You were staring at his upper abdomen as his arms got progressively lax on yours, then he lets you free. "Oh, please. You were wrong 'bout me, Stephen Strange." You added with tilting head, "don't you dare reprimand me, you did the same damn thing for your stone!"    He growls over your level, "well, is this my problem now?"
"It does if it means saving America's life— and if I would die," you hissed in a deep rough, "I might actually add!"
It was supposed to be another random brawl. That is exactly how it is meant to be. Misunderstanding load up to fight, then give each other the silent treatment before ultimately forgiving, kissing, making up, and moving on. This is how it is meant to happen.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
"Would you have done differently, Steph? Would you?" You knew he wouldn't, and he knew it as well.
The frantic breath of the Sorcerer paints against your face. His arms flew out and punched a hole into the wall inches from your face, remaining there as though to protect you from the remainder of this place. Stephen towered over you, his eyes filled with wordless wrath, but you refused to back down.
When you open your lips to speak, he stops you in low voice.
"It's over."
You're taken aback by his bitter statement, as if your back has sunk into the crumbling wall he's just smashing. "What?"
"Look at us, all we do is a fight."
No, this was not supposed to end up like this.
Both of your eyes connect for a brief while, and you attempt to avert it, but his gaze never leaves yours. What does killing you much more is you need to admit that he probably won't gaze at you and be with your side like this ever again.
"That's it?"
Stephen's rough hands cup around your face. His warm breathing and kisses leave marks on your cheek, which dry as your tear ducts slip down with a soft gasp, he simply says.
"That's it."
You just stand there and do nothing, though your heart pleading with him not to leave like a prayer, there's nothing came out of your mouth one bit.
All you do is piercing cry wildly in silence.
The last thing you saw as you realized you were losing your words was his figure moving away from you before it evaporated.
You couldn't have imagined how quickly your relationship with him would devolve into a dead end. However, the smashed pit on the wall and bloodstain on the floor of the Sanctum proved it unequivocally.
Between you and him, it's all over.
Tumblr media
Everyone else had no idea what you had said that night, but they did know that after a month of itchy and sarcastic remarks between you and Stephen while waiting for America to fully recover from her past, you had cheerfully brought back to your usual; leaving the Avengers team and going return to usual living as a lawyer and litigation associate somewhere in Los Angeles.
There hasn't been enough hearing from you, but some of them just know you're working with Walters, Banner's cousin.
In the half-year you were gone, Stephen always has a nightmare. It wasn't the same nightmare he'd had throughout the battle with Scarlet Witch and his variants. But he was pursued by the desire to the longing, to reclaim you.
His rage was directed toward Wong and the sorcerers. Stephen was more irresponsible and difficult to settle down without you around.
On the day you departed the Sanctum, he accidentally hurt himself in the shoulder while seeing you happily leave his place. The soreness in his shoulder reminded him of his mistake.
He studied, practiced, and learned to cast all of the new spells, heading to Karmar-Taj and went back to New York's Sanctum every day, and worked on his meditation in the morning while the only thing he swallowed was wine and beer, day after day, night after night.
His fury for you has already vanished. He needs you more than anything else right now. He is always thinking about you. But, in the meanwhile, he did what he feared would happen; his arrogant ego pushed you away.
Another meaningless tumbler of wine was poured down his throat.
Tumblr media
You wish you could tell or show off how great you did after separating from Stephen while face time with America or Wong.
The fact is, you were at first. You completed your job with enjoyment while you were away from him. But as time passed, when you look up once more, it's been a year now.
You began to crave to miss his warm and attractive grin, his hidden sense of humor that gave rise to you smile when you least expected it, his random kisses throughout the day, his ways of making you feel special and how you mattered to him, his embrace, his scent, his touch, his admiring Cloak, his-
Everything about him.
Nightly, rainfall season. So much of a heartsick atmosphere all around you this night in the city, it full filed your room as well.
Fall into the mattress and start weeping along with the thunderstorms, you forlorn desire for Stephen to cast the portal travel to flash you a smug smile, or possibly surprise you with his Goddamn astral projection when you working, anything, anything as he had done once to tease you.
Except for some news on the internet, you didn't see him at all during your time of loneliness.
His cocky habit makes you laugh despite it was the past and always heartache to recall, you must confess to yourself that you miss him all the time.
You needed to go back. You know, you needed to go back and make things right. You sank, drowning on the seas too much way of heartbreak.
You have to return to your love.
Tumblr media
You planned to attend this hearing before your and Stephen's anniversary, according to your calendar.
With good fortune, you can become able to conduct a case at the New York Judiciary. You've only just finished your client reports by 11:50 p.m., and you're tearing down Bleecker Street in the downpour.
You're still dressed in your finalized court hearing outfit, a dark navy blue dress with a pencil skirt, blazer, and heels. It was extremely uncomfortable to run, but you couldn't go another second with everything drastically wrong.
Even when your legs hurt, you keep running.
And now you're standing at his Sanctum door, unsure whether you should be there. What if he'd already moved on? What if he was better off splitting up? What if…
No way, no fucking no
He has to be as tortured as you are right now. A quick glance at your watch shows it's 11:58 p.m.
You could actually walk into the building. Even if something prompts you to knock, you still have Stephen's sling ring to create dimension paths through inside.
The time is 11:59 p.m., and you can hear the door opening.
Midnight has arrived, and the door is open to a bloodshot-eyed man, his t-shirt inside out, who is most highly probable alone here shirtless. And now you don't even give him a chance to recognize you before charging forward and crushing him into an embrace. He does not move or react for a brief moment.
Something has gone wrong, as evidenced by the thriving dread inside you.
A second later, Stephen wraps his arms around you tightly, rocking you back and forth. You close your eyes and welcome back to the significance of belonging, of home. You are overjoyed to be able to return to your heartland.
Stephen notices you're sobbing, he moves back slightly so he can read your features. "What is it, darling? Hey, don't cry," his delicate baritone voice and the pet name he used to call you evokes even more emotions in your eyes, which you fight to suppress. He approaches you, cupping your face with his hands and wiping away tears with his thumbs. "Tell me what's wrong."
He did the same thing the day you both ended your relationship.
His glassy blue gaze shivers and seek the answers in yours. Finally, you muster the courage to say what you need to say, albeit with a hiccup and a crack in your voice. "Are we— we're not over, right?"
As he recalls the words he said a year ago, his face begins to drop. You shook your head, struggling with your streaming tears, "not that's, right? We not-"
Stehepn cuts you off by enfolding you in safe warmth while stroking your wet hair and murmuring in the soothing, comforting voice you'd craved far too extensively. "Never." He exhales slightly while strengthening his hold on you. "Y/N, between us; it was never over."
The rain keeps falling behind you, and you shudder from the coolness. All you do are nod like a crazier onto his shoulder and whispered a chant of you're sorry.
The door is still half open, sensing the cozy air blow against your heart since you're both clinging to each other on the floor of the doorstep.
When the stormy wind carries his hum around you, you feel his Cloak reach out and encircle you and Stephen.
The word sorry repeats between the two of you, punctuated by soft kisses on the top of your head and his promise to never let you go again, telling you that the moment in front of you right now was real, and you truly reclaim the love of your life back.
Like enchantment, you both became engrossed and lost in this dearest moment. Your lips brush against his jaw as you join him, echoing the treasured whispers of desire and craving that were absent for a while.
Throughout over the cloudburst, street lamps, the moonlight, or the stars, there is one thing you could hear for now.
"Never. We never over, I promise."
Tumblr media
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Bestieeee, writer's block sucks so bad 😭
Soo to help you with it, i might spam you.
Can I request, "yelling 'because I love you' in the middle of an argument with my dearest Megumi???
(also tell me if I can spam or not, i don't want to trouble you.) Oh and if you want, you can make it short as well, whatever you are comfortable with.
Love yaaaaaaaa
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❥ yelling “because I love you!” with megumi
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᴀ/ɴ: WIFE WIFE I MISSED YOU MWUAH and you are not troubling me, actually PLEASE SPAM ME WITH JJK REQUESTS GORGEOUS THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME; take care of yourself baby <3💕💕 i am back biches
Tumblr media
“you should stop taking missions that are too much for you.”
you direct your gaze to your friend who has been sitting in silence for a while. what does he mean “too much”? did he think that you couldn’t handle yourself? you huff out in annoyance and look away “it wasn’t that bad; i just let down my guard for a second.”
“and that second could’ve gotten you killed.”
“but it didn’t.”
“but it could’ve.”
“why does it matter so much to you anyways” you snap while he just stares at you in silence. you’ve known megumi for years now and it’s always like this. “,i get it that we are friends, but can you stop doing that?”
you are met with no reply and it only fuels you to say more “it’s not the first time i got hurt and won’t be the last,” he sighs “i am aware—“ “no, you are not,” you and him lock eyes, the only thing happening is your tears of frustration threatening to slip out. megumi hesitantly reaches out to wipe them for you only to get his hand held by you and moved away.
“megumi, you can’t keep doing this,” you shakily say, “i am not as weak as you think, stop stressing over it and stop treating me like i am fragile piece of glass.” you continue trying to breathe through your now suffocating shirt and lump in your throat.
“you think i do it because you are weak?” he stands up, “you think I don’t have the right to worry?” and with every step “is the only reason I can do it is because you are weak?” his voice gets louder “y/n are you hearing yourself?! i worry, tend to you and stay by your side at all times because I love you!”
“do you expect me to just watch from the sidelines and see you die in front of my eyes?!” he calms down a little before running a hand through his messy hair “dying can be done slowly, you know…inside or outside,” you nod your head slowly, calming down a bit before gathering the power to speak again “what did you say?”
he looks at you in shock and clearly offended “did you seriously not hear what i said?” you start to let a smile slowly creep up your face as you remember “no, I did, but there was something that caught my attention.” megumi can’t help but stare at you like you’re insane, he was just screaming his heart out and you are just smiling here? you were also crying just a moment ago.
“i worry, tend to you and stay by your side at all times because I love you!”
as he slowly realizes what he says, a red hue paints his cheeks. “megumi, did you mean it?” you inquire only pressuring the boy who’s on the verge of dying from embarrassment. “megumi—“ he turns, giving you his back, and quickly walks away, but to no avail as you run after him, “tell me you meant it, you blue pineapple!”
he steps come to a halt, and he looks at you and nods “yeah, i did, but can you try to look at things from my perspective?” you catch up to him , hand slowly inching towards his “i am trying, but you need to also look at mine.” “how would you feel i always made you feel like you are weak?—“ his eyes lashes flutter gently, but not his heart “how would you feel if someone told you i was on death’s door?”
Tumblr media
taglist: @magenta-cat-drawingss @pompompurin1028 @scul-pted @dazaisdeathwish @requiem626k @nameless-shrimp @shinys-bsd-world-2 @sonder-paradise @ravenina14 @jessbeinme15s-notebook @todorokichills @ginneko @missrown @shrynkk @simplyxsinned @beautiful-is-boring @bakugossanity @izukus-gf @irethepotato @thekaylahub @fiona782
Tumblr media
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smindibindi · 2 months ago
hii i think your requests are open? (ignore this if not!) can i request aaron t and aaron z (separate) with a gn! reader who gets hurt in the pandocolypse? thank you!! (feel free to delete this if youre uncomfortable or anything!!) love ur fics :)
I did all the 4*town members if thats okay
Requests still open
4⭐️town Headcanon: You get hurt during Pandapocalypse
You were enjoying your time at the 4*town concert. You were in the general admission area. 4*town started to ‘fly’ with their angel wings. You were in front of Robaire. You saw a red hair girl reaching for Robaire’s hand. You wished that was you. Until a giant red panda yelled for someone’s name. 
Suddenly everything turned to chaos. People running out of the stadium, people taking photos or just staying and watching.
I took cover in front of the stage. I tried my best to avoid anything that could hurt me. 
Until the giant red panda started to fall. I tried to run away but I ended up getting my foot stuck in something. Luckily, I made it from being squashed alive by the giant red panda. 
I sat there in pain through the red panda ritual, 4*town singing ‘Nobody like you’. 
Once it was over, everyone was sent home. 4*town members were taking photos, signing fans merch etc. They were also checking on their fans to see if they were hurt. 
I tried my best to get the rumble off my foot so I could go home. But it was no use. Until I say Robaire making his way towards me. I tried not to pay attention to him. 
“Are you alright?” he asked. You shook your head. 
“I’m stuck.” I said.
“Let me help you.” Robaire said, beginning to push/move the rumble off my foot. He couldn’t do it by himself so he had some help from Jesse and Aaron Z. 
After 10 minutes of removing the rumble, you were free. You couldn’t walk, so Robaire helped you to the nearest ambulance. 
You spent the night in the hospital because you had fractured your ankle. The crazy thing was that Robaire himself, came to see you. He told you he was going to pay for your treatment.
You were enjoying your time at the concert until the red panda began to fight. 
You ran to the side to protect yourself with the stadium seats. You notice a few middle schoolers freaking out and crying. You told them it was going to be okay and that’ll be over soon. 
As the fight was going on, you protected the middle schoolers from any rumble that came to you. You ended up getting a few cuts and bruises on your arms and face. Nothing to bad. 
Once the ritual was over, you and the middle schoolers you protected made your way to the 4*town members. 4*town was okay with it each their weren’t a lot of people. 
It was your and the middle schoolers to turn to meet 4*town. It was insane. They asked if you guys were okay. They asked a few questions. 
“I see you came with your siblings and their friends.” Jesse said. You looked at him all confused. 
“That’s not my siblings. I don’t know them.” you said
“Nice joke.” Jesse laughed. 
“It’s not a joke.” “We don’t know them.” “They protected us when the panda right was going on.” The middle schoolers said to Jesse. You gave Jesse a small chuckle. 
“You protected them?” Jesse asked. 
“Yup.” you said, shyly.
“Impressive and oh my goodness. Your arms and face! WHAT HAPPENED?!” 
“Just a few scratches from the rumble when I was protecting them. I’m fine.”
“You are staying here until we’ve met all our fans. After that, I’m taking you to my dressing room to help you clean up your scratches.” Jesse said. 
You blushed red from his comment. You stayed until they were done. Jesse took you backstage to clean up your scratches. It was a dream come true for you. 
🕊Tae Young🕊
You were enjoying your time at the concert until the red panda began to fight.
If you got hurt, you would be grounded until the day you die. 
Everything was fine until the giant red panda fell to the ground. Causing small bits of rumble to go flying. You ducked behind the seats. But the shock wave made the seats in front of you landed on top of you. 
During the panda ritual, you crawled out from underneath the seats. You sat on the aisle seats in pain, watching the ritual and 4*town. You made eye-contact with Tae during the performance which made your heart flutter. 
After the ritual, 4*town took pictures with the red panda girl and her friends and family. After that, Tae rushed towards you. You were confused on why he did that.
“I saw you nearly get squashed by the row of seats. Are you okay?” Tae asked, kneeling in front of you. You shook your head. 
“Where does it hurt?” he asked. 
“Back, head and legs.” You pointed out. 
“Okay. Once everyone has left. I’ll help you get out of here.” he said. You nodded your head in agreement. 
You sat on the steps, watching the 4*town members take photos, sign merch and talk to fans. Once everyone left and it was just you and 4*town. Tae and Robaire helped you to the ambulance. 
You spent two nights in the hospital recovering. Nothing bad happened to your back, head or legs. During that time, Tae came to visit you while your parents were visiting you. He bought you flowers and a letter. Your parents left your room so you guys could have some privacy. 
Tae told you he was going to help pay for your hospital bills. Once he left, your parents had a ton of questions. Asking if he was your boyfriend, who was he etc. They also asked you to read the letter which read. ‘Hello there. It’s Tae Young from 4*town. I hope you recover very soon. Also, here’s my number. XXXXX. I just wanted to give it to you because you seem like a cool person. Love, Tae’
You were screaming
😆Aaron T😆
You were enjoying your time at the concert until the red panda began to fight. 
You and your younger sibling duck for cover. Both of you watched the whole panda fight. Bits of rumble were flying everywhere. You did your best to protect your younger sibling. 
The giant red panda dropped the 4*town sign causing a giant shock wave to lift you and your sibling off the ground. Both of you fell back to the ground. Your siblings landed on the flat surface but you were unlucky because you had fallen onto the stairs. You ended up hurting your left elbow and left wrist. Your sibling wasn’t as hurt as you were. They only had a small bit of pain go through their whole body from the ground shock. 
During the whole ritual and 4*town meeting fans, you sat on the steps while your sibling met 4*town. You held onto your left arm while sitting because it was hurting like hell. 
It wasn’t until you saw T walking towards you with your sibling. You began to freak out. 
“Hello there. Are you alright?” T asks.
“Hey, I hurt my left arm and I don’t know what to do.” you said, trying your best not to freak out. 
“Stay here. I’ll find someone to help you.” T said, running off. 
You and your sibling stayed in the same place which seemed to be forever. Most fans started to leave already after meeting 4*town. 
After 20 minutes had pasted, T comes back with Z. 
“It’s okay. No need to yell.” You said. 
T lifted your right arm over his shoulder and Z tried it with your left but no use. Your left still continued to hurt. T took you to a near by ambulance. Your sibling and Z followed you guys. 
The medical person looked at your arm saying it’ll be fine. You’ll just need to wear a sling for a few days to weeks. 
After you got your sling, T immediately hugged you from the side.
“You’re not going to die.” T said. You were all confused.
“Of course. I’m not going to die. Why would you think that?” You asked. 
“T hates it when one of his well our fans get hurt or you know die.” Z explained. 
“Fair enough.” you said. 
You got a picture of you and T and his number for what T calls ‘research purposes’. Which you already knew was a load of crap. 
🏀Aaron Z🏀
You were enjoying your time at the concert until the red panda began to fight.
You were in protecting a bunch of preteens from the danger. None of them got hurt which was good. 
As you were pushing some rumble out of the way for kids to get to safety the shock wave of the red panda felling made you fall over. Causing your right hand to get stuck in the rumble. It was hurting or broken it was just stuck. You tried your best to free yourself. Some preteens helped but no use. 
After the ritual, 4*town was going around meeting fans and seeing if everyone was okay. Until Z spotted you trying to free yourself. 
“What’s stuck?” Z asked catching you off guard. You stared at him completely shocked.
“My hand.” you said. 
Z began to push the rumble out of the way so you could free your hand. As he was pushing the rumble out of the way, you saw his arm muscles causing you to blush. He was quite strong. 
After a few minutes, you were finally free. You hugged Z for freeing you. Your hand did hurt a little but it wasn’t bad. Z did point out a few scratches on your arms. 
You asked Z for an autograph and a photo which he accepted. 
You hugged Z one last time before leaving.
As you were leaving the stadium, you realised Z had also written something on the (item of your choice) he signed. 
It read: Aaron Z. P.S. Next time you get hurt, ring me up. Here’s my number XXX-XXX.
You were left in complete shock. 
Requests still open!
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rukunas · a year ago
Love Hate Me (part 1)
Tumblr media
levi ackerman x f!reader
enemies to lovers. reader hates levi, levi hates reader
18+ content: smut, somnophilia (??), fingering, touching, choking, degrading
SPOILER WARNING: i wrote this scene to take place during season 3 part 1 (im not particularly certain about what episode). there isn’t anything big, but if you haven’t watched up until then, i would steer clear.
part 2? click here.
anyways enjoy :)
Tumblr media
“Oi, brat! Your form is too wide.”
You grit your teeth, suppressing your instinct to snap back at him. Armin swings a punch and you duck, grabbing the moving arm and hurling it further in its projection, simultaneously extending your right leg and sweeping it under his. He topples over at the unbalance and you quickly take advantage, grabbing his arms to pin behind his back, using your legs to keep his down.
You hear Jean and Connie cheering in the back. Looking up, you even see Mikasa with a small smile- surprising since she’s usually so protective of her friend. “Y/N, can you teach me that?” she asks.
“Of course! Just af-“
“After the brat does her share of the housework,” Levi interrupts.
You reluctantly turn to look at him, his arms crossed and lazy stare clinging to you. Your molars grind against each other once more.
Ever since you became a Scout, Levi has despised you, and you are sure of it. When you bring it up at dinner to your friends, they just say that Captain is like that with everyone. But you notice how Levi always tells you to swing your blades faster, to pay attention, to throw your punches harder. You are one of the best, placing second only to Mikasa in the 104th South Division on Cadet Corps. And yet, here was the Captain, telling you to fix your already perfect form, calling you a brat.
And he only calls you a brat, so often that he probably doesn’t even know your real name.
You don’t understand why exactly the two of you have such a strange relationship. There was just something about the first time you met him, during his cocky little performance when he beat the life out of Eren. He acts like he is better than everyone around him- and although he is (you have to swallow down your own vomit when you admit it), he keeps that dull and bored expression. That everyone around him is not worth his time. Especially you.
He must have caught on to your glare that day, as he kicked your friend until he coughed blood. His eyebrow lifted the slightest bit, acknowledging you, before looking down and kicking Eren twice as hard.
There is only one thing in life that you are sure about: you hate Levi Ackerman just as much as he hates you.
But perfect little you can manage to keep your temper at your rival. “Yes, Captain.”
He somehow catches the subtle anger, his eyebrow raising a hair as you get off of Armin, apologizing to him under your breath for being too rough during practice. You walk past Levi without looking at him, resisting the urge to shove him and his short little body as you head towards the hideout.
You work the rest of the afternoon and evening, forced to wipe every surface in the house. Levi is not only an ass but he is also a neat-freak, telling you to wipe the dust off the entire house, scolding you when you didn’t wipe under the tables. It’s midnight when you finish and he’s content enough with your mediocre work.
“Who the hell wants the underside of tables to be dusted?” you grumble as you make your way to bed, pulling off your pants and stumbling at the motion. Luckily, the lodge has enough rooms for everyone to sleep by themselves. After years of having to share beds and rooms with your teammates, you have forgotten the luxury of sleeping with your bare legs under the covers. The second your head touches the mattress, you are out, falling into deep sleep while cursing out your captain from the soreness in your arms.
There’s a knocking on your door just a few minutes later, not urgent. “Brat. Open up.”
You cannot stand this man. Just the sound of his voice makes you want to let a titan bite off your head so that you can finally find some peace in this godforsaken world. Absolutely no way in hell are you waking up to Levi telling you that “if you can’t even properly clean a house, how do you expect to be a member in my squad?”
You keep your eyes shut, feigning sleep as Levi knocks on the door once again. Fuck him. When you don’t move, you hear the door creak open. Your heart pounds in your ears. What is he doing?
Wait. Are you imagining this? Maybe you are so tired and sleep deprived from the mission to save Eren that you are going insane, hearing things that aren’t even there. Your eyes peak open the slightest. No one was there. Was it all just your-
There’s a sharp tug on your ankle and you are being dragged to the end of your bed. You shriek at the sudden movement but it is muffled with a hand slapping down over your mouth. You flail before looking up into grey eyes, dull and bored. Recognizing that it’s him, you struggle in his grip even more.
“Calm down, Y/N”, he whispers, and you cannot help the shiver that crawls up your spine and freezes the rest of your body. So he does know my name. Your name rolled off of his lips with so much elegance that you think maybe it was good that he had never said it before. Huh?
Before you can question your thoughts, his hand slips off your mouth and to your throat.
Your eyes widen as he squeezes. Once, twice. Panic shoots through your veins as the lack of air makes a haze in your brain. He’s going to kill me. So this is it. That glare you made way back when was going to end your life. You knew you would die by a monster, expecting your last memory to be of teeth pushing down on your skull and looking into the mouth of a titan. And yet, you think still think your prediction is true as you gaze into soulless eyes, your vision blurring at the edges.
But his hand leaves your neck as quick as it had gotten there. You let out a squeak of relief before he rips off your blanket and flips you over on your stomach.
With your cheek pressed up against the mattress, Levi lets his hands trail up your bare legs. Your brain must still be foggy.
“Ca- Captain Levi?” you whisper, trembling when his fingers brush under your shirt and rest at your waist. You feel his weight press against you, him heavy against your ass. He rotates his hips and it takes you a moment to realize he is grinding on you, that Levi is getting off to you.
“Captain!” This is not happening. What is happening?
You feel his breath on your neck, his mouth coming down on your ear to nip your lobe. “Not Captain,” he groans. “Just Levi.”
His hands skip over your hips to drag up the sides of your torso, leaving burning trails in their paths. It takes everything in you to not let out a moan, but when he tweaks your nipples, you can’t hold back.
“Levi!” you gasp, and he does it again, softly scoffing at how your legs quiver. You hate him, but your body cannot stop, no matter how much you beg your consciousness to find some sense.
He finally seems to notice how you are rubbing your bare thighs together. “Well, Y/N, what do we have here?” His knee separates your legs with ease, pushing up to your core.
“Wait!” you feel your face burn in embarrassment. It will be the end of you if he discovers how turned on you are by his groping and squeezing. You try to get up on your elbows, but his hand is pushing your head back down and holds you firmly in place. A sob releases from the back of your throat in defeat. You can’t fight him, not the Captain, not humanity’s strongest soldier.
“What is it?” his voice fills with mocking concern. “Are you afraid, Y/N?”
You realize you hate that sympathizing tone more than when he lectures you. You hate yourself for wanting to squirm on his knee when he speaks like that, so condescending to you. What is wrong with me? You want to scream.
But you bite down on your tongue as his hand replaces his knee, just letting out a slight “Levi!” when he palms your panties.
“Ah,” he croons.
You hear it, the smile on his face. You want to turn around and see it, if he actually is doing one of his rare grins, but his hand still pins you down and you whine at the restraint.
“Look at you, getting all wet.”
He sounds so cocky, you want to punch him. You are getting whiplash at how much you hate him and love the way he says your name but hate the way he teases you but love the way his hand caresses your body like you are the most beautiful thing in the world. You let out a frustrated growl into your pillow.
“Who would have thought... ” he pushes aside the panties and roughly thrusts two fingers into you, reveling in the way your anger turns into pleasure. He works his way quickly to that spot inside you, the spot that makes you see stars when he hits it with complete precision. Sparks crackle up your spine when his thumb starts rubbing at your clit.
“Who would have thought,” he says again, leaning down to your ear once more. “That my brat is such a little slut.”
Everything rips away from you with a loud crash from outside, your head banging against the headboard at the sudden motion. You are gasping, cold sweat seeping from your forehead. There’s still that heavy feeling between your legs, hot traces of where Levi had touched you...
... or so you thought. Your door slams open and you jerk your blanket up your naked legs. Le- Captain Levi stares at you tiredly.
The gears in your brain click in place. It was a dream.
“Oi, brat. Get up. We’re leaving.” He slams the door as he exits. 
You blink, unsure whether your palms are clenching because of him calling you a brat or in suppression of your impending orgasm.
Tumblr media
He had a hunch in the middle of the night. Something was wrong. Slipping out of his bed, he walks down the hall, stilling to take in the silence.
Closing his eyes in annoyance at his body for waking him up, he makes his way to the kitchen, grabbing a metal cup and pouring water in it from the ladle in the jug.
Taking a sip, he walks back to his room.
He freezes, just letting his head turn towards your door. Who the hell are you talking to right now?
He doesn’t trust you, why should he? Maybe you’re working with the military police. Makes sense with all of those little glares you give him, knowing he is your superior. His hand is on the knob, ready to twist it when he hears it.
His eyes widen when moans follow his name. He presses his ear against the door, wanting to hear your voice say his name again. You said his name with so much pleasure that his hand trembles. He hears your little gasps, your bed creaking the slightest. He wonders how you look right now, whether your eyebrows are furrowed in ecstasy like they are when you are mad at him.
This is not happening. What is happening?
But he is so, so desperate, reaching down to fumble with his belt. So deep in his want, he forgets about the cup in his hand. It clatters to the floor with a bang, spilling water on the floor. The moans hush, and Levi almost bangs his head against the door in annoyance. You had heard him.
He forces himself to take control, grabbing the door handle once again and pushing through. He eyes your bare legs first, disappointed when you go to cover them. He wants nothing more but to rip that blanket off of you and see the wetness lingering between your legs. Huh?
“Oi, brat. Get up. We’re leaving.” Not the original plan, but Levi is fine with the modification, if it means he can stop feeling the tightness in his lower stomach from hearing your sweet sighs.
He turns to leave, slamming the door shut and resting his head on it. His palms clench, wondering if he hates you or if he hates the feeling of his hard cock left untouched.
Tumblr media
edit: AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT !! it would mean the world to me if you could also support this story on ao3 right here <3
click here for part 2!
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messers-moony · 11 months ago
Secrets | R.L
Paring: Remus Lupin X Wife!Reader
Summary: Y/n withholds her past from the Order of the Phoenix but it all comes loose after one eavesdropped conversation with Sirius.
Standing in the kitchen of Grimmauld Twelve after cleaning up dinner was always a fun experience. The Aurors finally allowed themselves to relax, even if it was just for a moment. Everyone could feel the amount of ease in the room, including the children. Harry Potter always remained grateful for these moments to relax. But he was never far from the woman who raised him, Y/n Lupin.
Remus was having an animated conversation with Sirius, Nymphadora, and Mad-Eye. Meanwhile, Molly, Arthur, Y/n, and the kids all spoke together, just joking around. Y/n couldn’t believe that Harry was fifteen. It felt like yesterday when he had gotten spit up all over her shirt while she tried to feed him. It was astonishing to watch Harry grow into the man Lily and James always wanted.
“ Professor Lupin! “ The Weasley twins called in symphony making both Lupins turn their way, “ The female Professor Lupin. “ Fred specified, and Remus chuckled.
The twins pulled her away into a secluded corner, “ Did you get them? “ George queried, and Y/n scoffed, “ Of course, I did. What do you take me for? A liar? “
“ Absolutely not! “ Fred replied, “ They’re all in your room. Make good work of those fireworks. “ Y/n whispered, and both boys were jumping with joy.
They bowed, “ Only for you, Professor. “
Both boys ran off to presumably go and check their new items. Y/n chuckled at their antics when arms wrapped around her waist. A chin was rested on her right shoulder, and the scratch of scruff tickled her jaw. Caramel-brown hair fading and flecked with grey obscured part of her vision. Two hands were rested on her waist—the left hand adoring a very familiar ring.
“ What have you given those mischievous boys? “ Remus asked, “ Nothing. I’m not quite sure what you’re on about? “ Y/n answered, turning to face her husband.
His eyebrow quirked, “ Okay, I made a trip to a particular store. I got them some fireworks. “ Y/n informed, “ Fireworks? “ Remus questioned.
“ They’re magical fireworks. “ Y/n stated, “ The boys like to experiment, so I let them have their fun. “
“ And that’s why you refuse to give them detention. “ Remus rolled his eyes, “ I do give them detention! “ Y/n exclaimed, pouting slightly.
“ I lecture them about all the things they did wrong. “ Y/n added before Remus could speak, “ And then I tell them how to do it better. “ She mumbled.
Her husband laughed, “ Oh, there's the marauder in you, my dear. “
There was a prominent silence between them before Remus spoke up again, “ Have you told Harry about your former last name? “
“ No, I haven’t. “ Y/n swallowed, “ He doesn’t need to know. “
“ I think he’d like to know. “ Remus replied as he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, “ I think he’d like to hear all the stories about your twin brother. “
She shook her head, “ Sirius can tell him. “
“ Sirius can’t tell him everything, love. “ Remus informed sweetly, “ Only you knew James Potter since he was born. “
“ I know, I just- it’s hard. “ Y/n bit her lower lip, “ I know, darling. “ Remus responded as he pulled her lower lip from her teeth with his thumb, gently.
They stared at each other for a moment before someone interrupted, “ Y/n, I think you should talk to Sirius. “ Molly informed, and she furrowed her eyebrows, “ He showed Harry the Black Family tree. “
Molly left, and Y/n kissed her husband on the cheek, “ Talk about this later. “ Y/n whispered, leaving him.
She walked around the house. Sirius was standing in the doorway, about to close the black wooden door. Y/n only stood a couple of feet away, but he was hesitant. He didn’t want to shut the door just yet. So much history laid on the wallpaper of the room. So many awful memories. Y/n laid a hand on his shoulder gently.
“ Come on. “ Y/n beckoned as she pulled him into the room, and he shut the door behind them, “ Colloportus. “ She muttered, locking the door.
Sirius stood in front of Regulus’s name, “ Go on, speak. “ Y/n said, and Sirius sighed.
“ It was hard. Losing him, I mean. Even though we didn’t have the greatest relationship, it still felt like I should’ve been there. I should’ve protected him. He was my little brother, for Merlin’s sake. “ Sirius ranted, “ Maybe if I stayed. Maybe if I took him with me that night, this would’ve never happened.
“ Losing a brother is hard. “ Y/n began, “ It’s a pain I wouldn’t wish upon anyone, but people die. People come and go. Truth be told, there isn’t much you can do about it. “
“ My brother wouldn’t have wanted me to live my life suffering. That’s why I married Remus even if he wasn’t by my side. Even if he wasn’t the one walking me down the aisle like he promised. “ Y/n continued, and tears streamed down Sirius’ face, “ Harry still doesn’t know. “
Sirius turned faster than a threatened spider, “ What? Haven’t you told him? “
“ No. He doesn’t know. I’m Y/n Lupin to him and everyone else aside from the adults. “ She shook her head, “ To be fair, it feels nice. “
“ Call me daft, but it feels nice not to be Pity Potter anymore. It feels nice to be Professor Lupin. “ Y/n shrugged, “ You raised him, and you lied to him. “ Sirius retorted.
“ I’m not lying to him; I’m just not telling him the entire truth. “ Y/n corrected, and Sirius turned back to the family tree, “ You were never Pity Potter. “ Sirius muttered.
Y/n chuckled, “ Everyone pitied me after they died. Poor Y/n Potter. She lost her parents at seventeen, lost her brother at twenty-one, became an unexpected parent at twenty-one with her brother's son. People didn’t have to say ‘I’m sorry for your loss’ for me to see the pity in their eyes. “
“ When Regulus died, nobody even said I’m sorry. “ Sirius whispered, “ Nobody knew Regulus like you did. “ Y/n replied.
“ Regulus wasn’t meant to die. He shouldn’t have died. But he did, Sirius. “ Y/n stated, and Sirius turned to her with tear-filled eyes, “ And if your brother was anything like mine, he wouldn’t want you to sulk your entire life. He wouldn’t want you to ask yourself ‘what if’; he’d want you to live your life. “
She took steps in front of the crying man, her hands placed on his shoulders, “ Regulus Black and James Potter didn’t die because they wanted us to suffer. They died because they wanted us to live. “
“ So please. Live for them. Don’t let their death be in vain. “ Y/n said, taking Sirius in for a hug which he returned gratefully, “ Harry loves you. He likes having his godfather in his life. Live for Harry. “
Sirius nodded, and they pulled apart, “ Remus got really lucky. “
Y/n laughed, “ James used to say the same thing. “
When they left the room, it felt like time stopped. Everyone stared at them. Sirius and Y/n were given glares aside from the adults. The children looked betrayed. Harry looked almost in tears. The Weasley twins looked guilty. It seemed to freeze, and Remus looked stressed. Molly and Arthur looked disappointed in their children. Mad-Eye looked unimpressed. Nymphadora looked intrigued. Remus and Y/n exchanged looks, his saying everything– he found out.
Y/n coughed, “ Why- Why is everyone staring? “
“ You lied! “ Harry’s voice sounded heartbroken, betrayed, “ I never lied to you, Harry. I just- you never asked, and there was never a suitable time. “ Y/n tried to explain.
The extendable ear in Fred’s hand told her everything, and she took a breath, “ Harry, can we talk about this in private, please? “
Remus walked forward and took Harry from the shoulders, guiding him to their shared bedroom; once Harry was out of earshot, the Weasley twins stared at their Professor, “ I’m- I’m so sorry, Professor. We didn't- “
“ I’m not mad at you. “ Y/n interrupt, “ I’m not mad at any of you. To clear the rumors, yes, James Potter was my twin brother- “
Before Y/n could continue, Sirius interjected, “ And Y/n Lupin is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. “
“ She has suffered a more remarkable feat than any other witch I know. Y/n was the one who found Marlene McKinnon’s family dead. She watched her best friend bleed out right in front of her eyes. “ Sirius continued, and Y/n swallowed, looking at the ground, “ She watched Frank, and Alice Longbottom get tortured to insanity. “
“ And finally Y/n suffered losing her other half, James Potter and her sister in law, Lily Evans or Lily Potter. “ Sirius put two hands on her shoulders as he stood behind her, “ So before you glare at her, understand what she’s been through. Understand that she’s been tortured, hurt, and killed in more ways than one. “
Sirius still wasn’t finished, “ Her husband is a werewolf. Her husband has hurt her before, and she bears the scars. Her brother was killed. Her brother by choice- “ Sirius chuckled before he continued, “ Was sent to Azkaban for twelve years, and someone she trusted betrayed us all. “
“ Y/n Euphemia Potter-Lupin has endured more pain than everyone in this room combined. But Y/n Euphemia Potter-Lupin is always the one holding us together, the glue to this horrid new world we live in. So please, before you glare. “ Sirius repeated, “ Understand that she’s been tortured, hurt, and killed in more ways than one. “
Hesitantly, Y/n raised her head to see everyone almost in tears. The children weren’t meant to know; they weren’t meant to hear all the suffering she’s endured. It wasn’t their time yet. But as she looked up, she saw Harry and Remus. They hadn’t entirely made it to the bedroom before Sirius began talking. Tears trailed down her husband's cheek, remembering that faithful night he had broken his vows and attacked her. She didn’t blame him.
Hermione was fully sobbing. The Weasley boys had light tears falling down their cheeks. Molly cried in Arthur’s arms while he tried withholding his tears. Nymphadora and Mad-Eye looked astonished. Ron was brought into a hug by Hermione but remained shocked. Y/n didn’t quite know what to do from here. They had just heard her entire life story.
“ I’m sorry you all had to hear that. “ Y/n chuckled, “ I didn’t know Sirius was going to give you a biography on how the first wizarding war went for me. “
She swallowed, “ I’m sorry for keeping this secret from you guys. And Harry, because I know you’re only a floor above me right now in the comfort of Remus’ arms. You need to know that I love you from the bottom of my heart. I just- I just didn’t want you to find out and get too excited. “
“ But I’m your biological Aunt. I fought Dumbledore tooth and nail to take care of you. I remember sobbing and wailing in Remus’ arms because you were right there, right in front of my face, yet I couldn’t have you. “ Y/n explained, “ Vernon and Petunia are awful people. You deserved love, and you wouldn’t have gotten it there. You would’ve been an outsider your entire life. “
Y/n was sobbing as Sirius rubbed her back, her words choked up, “ B- But, I love you, Harry James Potter. “
Harry left Remus’s arms and ran down the flight of stairs. His arms took around his Aunt. The fifteen-year-old held onto his aunt closer than he could ever imagine. Remus walked down the steps slowly to take his place beside Sirius. Harry pulled away slightly, and Y/n wiped her face. Harry’s eyes had that glint of mischief James always had, and it made her want to sob all over again, but Harry spoke before she could.
“ What was your marauder name? “
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somnianyx · a month ago
Tumblr media
Gender Neutral Reader || Soulmate Au || Angst
Sealed with a kiss: Your soulmate's name appears on your wrist after you admitted you fell in love with them. You'll die after a year if you failed to secure a kiss with them. - Riddle
Tumblr media
Warning: Death.
A/N: Idk even know if this can be called a Riddle x reader cuz...Trey got more screen time but eh. Also not a cheating fic. Riddle is not cheating.
Tumblr media
Once upon a time...
What hurts worse than falling in love with your soulmate who already shared that special bond with someone else?
There was a pair of soulmates
Nothing. Knowing that you'll die after a year is just rubbing salt into the wound. Can you believe that? Just because I finally admitted to myself that I'm in love with that rose red tyrant, who's dating my sister.
Who realized they loved each other too late.
I should've just deny my feelings till the very end. I shouldn't even fell in love with him in the first place. This is my punishment, for the sake of their happiness. Still...
Until death do them part
I'll continue loving you until my last breath, Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media
You surprised Trey by knocking on his apartment door at 3 am. Before he could scold you, he was already trapped in your embrace.
Trey comforted you as you cried in his chest, rubbing circles behind your back. It had been a couple of hours since you've admitted your feelings, the dreadful hours you spent looking at his name that was etched onto your wrist until you die. Visible only to you.
When your sobbing had died down a little, he guided you to his kitchen and sat you down. He prepared your favorite snacks and drink and watched as you munch them sadly.
You explained everything to him. When he didn't respond, you looked up to find a surprising sight. His mouth agape, eyes wide, he looked like he was about to cry.
And he did.
The usual calm and collected big brother Trey, was crying. You panicked a little, as it was your first time seeing him like this, you didn't know what to do.
Afraid of making things worse, you opted to hug him and let him cry it out. Like he always did for you. He wrapped his arm around your waist, burying his face into your chest.
You proceeded to pet his hair, also what he always do to you, his sobbing dying down into sniffles. Even when he calmed down, you didn't stop.
He hesitantly let go of you, wanting to wipe his glasses that's covered in tears.
"We should go to Rosalie's house," he stood up, grabbed your wrist and headed straight to the door.
"What? Why?" You tried to stop and pull your hand away, it only made his grip on you tighten.
"We have to tell them everyth-"
"Wait! Hold on! Are you insane?! No fucking way!"
"Yes fucking way! Do you think I'm gonna sit here and watch you slowly wither for a year?!"
"T-Trey please! It's hurts!" You cried in pain.
He stopped in his track, finally realizing what he's doing and you immediately pulled away. Rubbing your wrist, you just hope its wouldn't cause any bruising.
He looked down with guilt and shame written on his face. Though he was panicking, he shouldn't have hurt you. "I- I'm so sorry (Y/N). I-"
"Trey. It's fine. Thank you for apologizing." You cut him off, knowing that he's just gonna go on an apology rampage.
You spunned him around, cupping both of his cheeks, "Listen, Rosalie is planning on proposing to him soon. I don't wanna mess this up for them. You'll do it for me won't you?"
Looking into your pleading eyes, he hesitantly agrees. You smiled at him, "Let's keep this a secret between us and make this the best year ever!"
Tumblr media
Nothing had changed much from that day, well except for the fact that you had gone on more adventurous trips with your best friends. You're eating expensive meals, going scuba diving etc. Trying out all the fun stuff! You felt so happy to be able to spend more time with them.
Half a year passed by before your health started to slowly deteriorate. You became weak, lethargic and clumsier than usual. You would doze off, daydream more often and even wander around aimlessly until your legs couldn't support you anymore by the 9th month.
Your parents had been trying to figure out ways to help you. They hired the best doctors, psychiatrists, anything! None of them could find out the source of your illness.
Whenever a new one came every week, Trey would bite his lip and avoid any sort of contact with them. He feared that if he even look at them, he would break down and confess everything. Breaking his promise to you.
Riddle had been trying his best to seem calm but anyone could tell that he was growing irritated and anxious day by day. You feared that one day he might just snap and collar an innocent doctor for not being able to cure you.
Riddle had been staying by your side and tending to whatever you needed. He would hold your hand, fix your hair and talk to you even with the lack of response. He never once left your side unless he had to. He even moved in with you.
You loved his affection of course but you couldn't help and wonder if Rosalie was fine with this. If she was unhappy, boy she's doing a hell of a fine job masking it. Or maybe because your mind is growing fuzzy that you couldn't tell people's emotions as well as you used to.
"My rose, it's almost lunch. I'll go prepare your meals" Riddle says as he tried to stand up before you caught his wrist, gripping it tight.
You mumbled something in a soft voice, one that's almost impossible to catch if he weren't listening.
"I...I love you Riddle"
You confessed, grip slipping as you took your last breath.
Riddle was stunned, he stood there for a few good minutes. Trying to process your confession before realizing what's happening.
"(Y/N)?" He called out, gently nudging you for any sort of reaction. Nothing.
He began furiously shaking you, "M-my rose! T-this isn't funny! Wake up!" Still nothing.
He knelt beside you and held your hand tightly, "My r-rose...p-please wake up. I love you too so please-"
His pleading was cut short as a golden glow emitted on his wrist, leaving only your name behind. The truth dawned on him but it was too late to regret it now.
"This must be my punishment.."
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queerstudiesnatural · 5 months ago
that post that asked which other show would we put cas in had me come up with a whole friends au with cas as phoebe's roommate, and i can't stop thinking about it so y'all will have to indulge me for a minute while i get it out
#cas turns out to be phoebe's mystery roommate #and she fully knows he's a literal angel she just. doesn't think to mention it #and the first time they meet him both rachel and monica flirt with him #but monica is with chandler so she only kinda flirts until chandler reminds her that he is right here #but rachel actually develops a crush #and she keeps trying to flirt with him and he keeps completely ignoring her #like “oh hey castiel look i was just showing monica this dress i just got! she thinks it's too short what do you think? is it too short?”#and cas just replies very honestly with like a completely flat voice "i think the colour brings out your eyes. it doesn't look very #practical. it is quite short but if you feel good in it then that's okay.” #and then he turns his attention to the fresh cookies on the kitchen table #and rachel is like sighhhhh does he not find me attractive? does he not understand i'm trying to flirt? #is he interested in someone else? oh he's in love with phoebe isn't he?? #meanwhile joey walks in saying some dumb shit and cas just stares #around a mouthful of cookie like, he is so hot and stupid. i wish he were mine. #also at one point phoebe mentions something about castiel not being here at the moment because he's in heaven and everyone is like????? #cas is dead???? #and phoebe is like no he's just visiting!!!! #and they all stare like what. are you talking about #and phoebe goes oh did i not tell you guys castiel in an angel. he's away on angel business rn #and they fully believe she's gone insane but still they start watching castiel's weird behaviour more closely #and at some point (after seeing him conjure up objects and straight up disappear like i swear he was JUST here) #they have no choice but to go damn. he's an angel huh #joey is the only one who believed phoebe from the get go and never doubted castiel was an angel #and he asks cas all sorts of weird questions about what it's like to be an angel #not the normal stuff like can you fly where are your wings is there a god etc #more like. so like do they have pizza in heaven. can you talk to ducks. who's faster god or a plane. could you fit into this box. #can you make this coin disappear. if i stab you with this letter opener will you die. have you ever met jesus. #and cas patiently answers all of his questions and at one point monica walks in on them while joey is #stabbing cas repeatedly and she's like wtf are you doing??? and cas is like no it's fine we're just testing a theory (i'm in love with him)
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yunikso · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Streamer AU!
streaming now live!! with . . . tartaglia, kazuha, kokomi and itto
please do not rewrite, redistribute, or repost in any shape or form. thank you! check out the archives! masterlist and info/dni here
- feel free to come talk to me on asks! -
❱ now streaming… kazuha!
Tumblr media
he does study streams!
he started just by showing his notes and his hands but after a while he finally showed a picture of his face (which was followed by an INSANE amount of people panicking)
now he does streams where he shows himself studying rather than just his hands (as a treat <3) but only on occasion.
stop im so in love with him 😭 i feel very strongly on the kazuha study aesthetic agenda
if it’s a full body stream he probably wears a big hoodie and you can see his organized set up. his room is full of plants and soft warm lighting, and he has an essential diffuser on his desk.
at the beginning of each stream the audience gets to decide what scent he puts in the diffuser for the day. somebody typically tips to get their favorite and he always smiles very fondly as he puts in the oil.
nobody ever complains in his streams or gets upset. it’s just safe. viewers might ask questions and somebody else will answer. or they talk about how pretty and calm kazuha is and hope he doesn’t notice since he’s busy working. (he does. but he thinks it’s funny)
he still doesn’t fully see the point of it all and finds it kind of amusing that so many watch but definitely is very peaceful and enjoys helping people relax. it’s why he keeps doing it.
sometimes people don’t even come to study they just come to see him and enjoy how calm the chat is.
okay the difference between the chaos of childe’s chat that goes at light speed of people freaking out and kazuhas gentle chat where everybody helps each other and talks about how soothing it all is is so funny
in terms of popularity he and kokomi are pretty close, she’s a bit ahead but they’re def friends who talk every time he’s in town.
i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m done but just 🥰🥰 he makes me all soft.
❱ now streaming… childe!
Tumblr media
childe is 100% a popular streamer who plays COD and games of the sort i think we can all agree on that.
except sometimes he plays stardew valley. only stardew valley. nobody knows why but when asked he’s only ever responded with “i like fishing” which is true. he only ever spends time fishing in stardew. viewers either love it or hate it. (usually love it because it’s him)
i don’t know why i just feel like he gets frustrated and squeezes his controller really tightly and furrows his brows when he’s trying to focus and not die in game.
instead of hitting things since he’s not destructive he just throws his head back or rubs his face. sometimes he very dramatically takes off his headphones and takes a breath.
he’s always a good sport saying something along the lines of “i’ll get them next time.. i just missed it” and proceeds to figure out what he did wrong to fix for next time.
the absolute sweetest when people send him tips. he’ll always stop to say how appreciative he is and gives this big genuine smile the second he sees the notification. that’s probably the reason he gets tipped so often.
overall just a huge softie, going on his streams is addicting because he’s honestly just so fun to watch with how expressive he is and how amazing his laugh is.
simps. plenty of simps. but in a cute way sort of?? i don’t know how to explain it. everybody loves him so much.
there is this streamer from inazuma though called thoma… they get compared a lot. childe is secretly jealous. thoma is unfazed. might talk about his channel in a part two 🤔
❱ now streaming… kokomi!
Tumblr media
i feel like her and kazuha would get along or collab at some point! people probably begged for it and she casually went “oh yeah! kazuha, i know him.” and people were so excited.
she has a pretty big audience honestly, she’s probably the most popular here overall and her community has remained calm and kind.
she has a lot of stationary and writes letters, sometimes she decorates those little photo cards. do you know what i’m talking about??? i think she makes custom ones for her viewers who tip nicely.
her audience is less a devoted same people every time type thing. she encourages this, and for people to come when they want to see her and not because they feel like they have to.
although she does have regulars who will drop by to say hello once in a while, and she never forgets a single person. talking to her on stream is very personal but also not invasive. nothing deep, just reassuring. if it’s been a bad day you can come to her streams and de stress and talk about happy things (happy things?? how do i phrase that??)
her upload schedule can be kind of sporadic, she’s busy and people are always happy to catch her. it’s kind of a i’ll see you when i see you type deal.
she plays animal crossing sometimes! her favorite villagers are merengue, lolly, and merri! she does not like raymond. no i won’t elaborate on that. she has a cluttered cottagecore theme for her island
she has a lot of sponsorships lined up (companies just reach out to her a lot. she’s very unproblematic) but it’s only for things she’d actually use and tells her fans her honest opinions. she does a bit of everything so most of the time it’s makeup or pens or something like that. she likes when she’s sent those little food subscription boxes.
she always has her nails done in pretty colors or acrylics, i don’t know why this is important in the slightest but i just feel like she does. it’s always some sort of creative nail art
she likes supporting small artists! like a lot!! if she buys stickers she’ll always link the shops and tell her viewers where any materials are from. she doesn’t gatekeep her little hobby at all.
people still like to buy from her regardless of if they know how to make them or not, she just is really good at it and makes super pretty layouts. you can tell when she’s the one who made it. plus she sends them in super pretty packaging with a note and extras!
❱ now streaming… itto! (the one and oni!)
Tumblr media
itto streaming onikabuto fighting- just kidding betting on that is illegal and against the tos! he learned that last time…no more field trip streams
there is a stream clip out there of itto running from kujou sara after filming an illegal onikabuto match…. but let’s not talk about that!
he actually streams video games a lot like childe, but he’s extremely enthusiastic. extremely.
he calls his fans the arittaki gang. yes he does.
his audience is die hard for him. everybody acknowledges he’s a genius (sarcastic) and it’s like a “hey bro” dynamic. everybody is referred to as ‘bro’ or ‘man’ when itto addresses them. it’s just in his vocabulary.
somehow it gets very deep very fast. itto picks up on if a regular isn’t acting like they usually do and asks what’s wrong. it’s become a space of safety where the entire audience helps with the person.
“oh man i’m sorry you’re dealing with that- yknow i felt like that last week. it’s a hard place to be. yeah chat thinks so too! see? we’re all here. you’re always welcome on the stream we’ve all got your back! always!” the whole chat relating and sharing their personal stories.
if ANYBODY. i mean anybody. says something remotely negative everybody in the chat takes them down almost immediately. it’s so intimidating. like your best friends booing somebody off a stage. it’s great. ittos fairly sensitive to insults deep down anyway even if he brushes them off so it’s probably for the best it’s shut down fast.
not too much else to say here but ittos streams are just hilarious. he sometimes brings the stream places just to show his audience him having lunch or doing something exciting.
he is SHOCKED at his first time being sponsored but gets sponsored quite a few times.
his sponsors sponsor him very cautiously. very. cautiously. because he frequently nearly accidentally violates TOS but they do it because he’s so good at it man can sell anything. his viewers would buy anything to support him.
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bangtangalicious · a year ago
fuck me forever | jjk
pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: smut fuckboy!jungkook bestfriend!jungkook fwb!au college!au
summary: You’re busy studying but kookie wants to play. Really bad. 
warnings: sexual coercion, whiny jungkook...like really whiny. he is OBSESSED with reader’s tits, toxic behavior, manipulation, begging, body worship. a lot of body worship, praise kink, dirty talk, potentially dubcon(?) idk jungkook is being super problematic in this but its subtle, unprotected sex, lots of cursing 
word count: 2k
It had been a busy weekend, filled with late night study sessions, numerous coffee runs, and barely any time to breathe. You reclined on the living room couch of your apartment, typing away busily on your laptop, back against the armrest and legs out in front of you. Your feet rested comfortably in the lap of your best friend, Jeon Jungkook, who absentmindedly was caressing up and down your calves. You didn’t mind. Jungkook and you were quite touchy with one another when it was just the two of you. He was like that though. The campus fuckboy. You knew that neither of you were in a place to be in a proper relationship, and that was perfectly okay with you.  
Jungkook sighed, placing his own computer away. “Let’s take a break” He whined. You ignored him, too engrossed in finishing your assignment. If you had looked up you would have seen him pouting like a baby. He slowly slid under your arms so that he was laying on top of you as you continued to work, his head fitting perfectly in the crook of your neck. His arms wrapped around you tightly as he nuzzled his face into you and then turned to see what you were working on.
“Take a break y/n”
You chuckled.
“I’m on a roll right now Kook. Don’t interrupt me” Jungkook sighed. He knew there was no convincing you. He continued to remain cuddled up against you as more time passed. He began getting impatient, eager for your attention to fall on him.
“You’ve been working so hard” He mumbled into you softly. “I’m really proud of you” This made you smile. It wasn’t something you heard often, so you couldn’t help but feel elated at his words. You stopped typing so that your hand could gently run through Jungkook’s hair as you stared at the screen in front of you.
“Thanks Kook” You took a deep breath before returning to your grind.
Jungkook pressed his lips ever so slightly against your collar, barely leaving a kiss. It tickled, sending almost a shock through your body. His lips were soft and wet, and felt scorching against your exposed skin.
“I know you’re busy, but can I play with your tits?”
You weren’t sure you had heard him right.
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me” You felt him smirk against you. “Please, I won’t do anything I just wanna squeeze them”
You sighed. You reasoned that it wouldn’t pose as too much of a distraction for you, and if it would keep him occupied until you finished, you were willing to indulge him.
“Okay” Not a second was waisted before Jungkook’s hand left your waist and harshly groped your breast, the fabric of your shirt crumpling with his touch. He moans softly, so softly that he didn’t think you heard him. But you did. You definitely did.
He props himself up so that he can use both his hands to massage your breasts, laying across you. You peer over his shoulder, attempting to continue focusing. He drags the collar of your shirt down the center of your neck with his finger, watching as the fabric reveals your cleavage slowly, before allowing him access to your bra. He keeps your shirt pulled down as he traces the lacey detail. His hands become softer now, as he uses his thumbs to rub circles on your nipples. He wants nothing more than to suck them. He wants you to suffocate him with them. He wants to feel them squashed around his dick as he pounds into you.
He instead slips his hands under the bra to feel the hot plump skin beneath them. He lets out much louder moan, not even caring that you heard it. He began playing with them roughly again, squeezing them tight, allowing his fingers to stretch and really get a handful of you. He moved them around, wanting to feel something more. His movements were almost painful, but you tried not to pay attention. What broke you was when you glanced down to see his big doe eyes peering up at you from between them, hands tight around your chest like he was holding on for his life, his eyes blasted with lust and yearning.
“Having fun?” You choked slightly as you spoke as his ministrations continued, trying to appear unaffected. He chuckled.
“I love them so much, fuck you have the best tits y/n. I think about them all the time”
“I always took you for more of an ass guy”
Jungkook finally stopped, getting up to put your laptop away. You didn’t try to stop him. You knew you weren’t going to be able to work now. He then dove back into you, this time his hands finding their way behind you and harshly kneading your ass, pushing you up into him slightly. You felt his hardening length press into your stomach ever so slightly, making your heart race. He began licking the top of your chest.
“I love them both.” He groaned, the vibration of his voice in your chest making your legs twitch.  “You’re so perfect. You’re so fucking perfect oh my god” He latched his mouth onto your breast over the fabric of your bra, using his teeth and tongue to get around the fabric so he could suckle you directly.
Now it was your turn to moan, heat pooling between your legs as you unconsciously bucked your hips. His tongue was running rampant against you, the hot sensation driving you insane. He opened his mouth even wider, pulling more of you into his mouth and sucking harshly. His other hand snaked down your body to find your shorts, beginning to pull them down.
With a pop, he left your breast, making you whine at the sudden hit of cold air on your nipples. He helped you undress quickly, then sat upright for a moment, just staring down at you, his eyes moving over your naked body like a vulture. He licked his lips.
“I wanna fuck you” He exhaled.
“Really, I couldn’t tell” Your sarcasm wasn’t cute to him. Not right now. And that only made you want to tease him more. Still fully clothed, he lowers himself back onto you and looks you straight in the eye, face hovering barely inches fro yours.
“Please y/n. Please. Fuck. This is all I want. I don’t want to do anything else. Fuck studying, fuck everything, I just wanna fuck you. Over and over and over again until I can’t anymore. I want to die buried in your sweet sweet pussy. I want you to ride my cock forever” He was panting almost feverishly. His words, while turning you on, were somewhat concerning, but you knew he was probably just really horny.
“Jungkook…not now…I really need to finish my paper. You said you would just play with my tits” You did want to fuck him. But the logical part of your brain was telling you to save rewards for when you deserved them, and right now, you had other things you needed to take care of that were more important than Jungkook’s raging hormones.
Jungkook looked like he was either about to start crying or punch something. His jaw clenched at your refusal, knowing that he had to listen but wanting you so incredibly bad.
“Okay” He exhaled backing away. “Yeah, um” His chest was heaving and you could see sweat forming at his forehead. He tried to look anywhere but at you. He swallowed, trying to get his heart rate to calm down.
But he just couldn’t do it. He pulled his shirt off and wrapped his arms around you again. “Please. Can I just…I’ll be super fast, can I just…a little?” His sentences were incoherent. It was turning you on how bad he wanted you. “Five minutes? Pleaseeee” He whined. You sighed, looking at the boy in front of you. His toned muscles not helping your decision making.
“Y/n I might actually die. Like I will explode if I don’t get to shove myself inside of you right now. Please please please”
You say nothing, moaning slightly as Jungkook kicks off his sweats so you can feel the direct contact of his tip against your wet folds.
“Baby…fuck…you’re so wet baby, I know you want to. I…I’ll be quick okay. Just let me get off this one time”
“Jungkook” You moan again as his hand guides his tip to make circles in your clit.
Something in him snaps, and the next thing you know his hand is around your neck and his dick is entering you.
“Jungkook! What the fuck!”
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry” Jungkook was panting. He filled you up completely until he was flush against you. He stilled for a moment, fearfully looking in your eyes for a reaction.
“I’m not a fucking toy you can’t just put your dick inside me because you’re feeling horny” You snapped at him.
“I know. I know. I’m sorry…I just…” He really didn’t have anything to say. You realized then that you were wrong. To him, you were like a toy. Someone there to pound into when he felt the need.
And somehow.
You kinda liked that.
You pushed his hair behind his ear and cupped his cheek softly. His eyes widened as you kissed him softly.
“It’s okay. Take your time. Fuck me as long as you want to”
“A…are you sure?”
You nodded, and to make sure he believed you, you pulled his face down in between your breasts. He groaned, gripping your ass again and starting to move in and out of you slowly. He made sure to savor every second he was in your dripping cunt.
“Do you know” He exhales, “do you even know how fucking HOT you are? Do you know what you do to me?” The obscene sounds of his slow grinding filled the room, harmonizing with both of your soft moans. Your nails scratched against his back as you tilted your head back, basking in the feeling of the way his cock goes in and out and in and out. Jungkook reaches back up to cover your  mouth with his. Kissing you tenderly, like he had all the time in the world.
He breaks away just to gaze at you, stilling his movements. You furrow your brows in confusion. His thumb traces the side of your face as his eyes gleam with adoration.
“I love seeing you like this y/n” He carefully slides out to sit up, kneeling above your body, gazing at your every crevice. “How did I get so lucky” He whispered more to himself than anything.
He stokes himself with one hand while the other finds your clit, driving you to your edge. “I’m gonna cum on your tits. I’m gonna cum all over you because you’re mine. Fucking goddess, you’re the hottest girl in the world. I could just” He lets out an aggressive moan, his hands moving faster, “So fucking pretty. So fucking hot holy shit” He’s going as fast as he can now, words falling apart as he whines towards his release, “So fuck pretty fuck all mine” Just when you think he’s about to cum all over you he shoves himself back into you thrusting furiously.
“Jungkook!” You scream. You weren’t on the pill, and he very much did not have a condom on. “Stop”
“No…no…fuck…you’re so hot. You’re so hot y/n please please. I…I love you…please I need you so bad. Let me please…say it…tell me its okay. tell me you want my cum”
You were so shocked and confused, but his thrusting was preventing you from thinking clearly.
Just give in You think to yourself. You’ll like it more if you stop fucking thinking so much
As if he hears your thoughts, he slows down to a stop and looks at you. “If you really want me to pull out I will” His eyes looked so sincere that you couldn’t possibly deny him. You shook your head.
“You’re right…it’s okay…it’s probably fine”
Jungkook paused, as if a realization just hit him and his demeanor shifted entirely.
“Are you sure?”
You nod.
“Do you like it? Do you feel good?”
You nod. He strokes your face again, tracing your lips before biting him with his own. “Mmm” He moans into your mouth loudly as he hands push your legs up around his waist. “So fucking sweet. I can’t get enough of you” He starts making small thrusts, but forceful ones. It hurt but it felt so good at the same time. He doesn’t leave your lips for a second, as he continued to moan dirty things straight into you.
“You feel so good. So damn good. You don’t even know how many guys would kill for this. Best.” His thrusts get harsher with every word, “Pussy. I’ve. Ever. Fucked. My. Sexy. Little. Whore. All. Mine. Could. Fuck you. Forever.” His words speed up hectically, his body losing control as both of you arrive at your peaks, “FUCK, baby baby baby” He kisses your lips with a smack, “Say it’s mine baby. Say it’s only for me. Only I can fuck you like this.” He cries out in ecstasy. Seeing him so fucked out and gone turns you on and you feel your orgasm wash over you, pussy clenching down tightly, causing him to yelp. “Oh my godddd” You finally notice the way your bead is creaking loudly under Jungkook’s loud moans. His cum shoots inside you, filling you up in a way you had never experienced before. He drops down onto you, his arms on either side of your head and his face in your neck, softly nibbling.
“That was so good” He can barely even get his words out through his heavy breaths. His cock is still inside you, “You’re incredible” He kisses you again, softly, adoringly.
“Mmhm” He answers between kisses.
“Do you like me?”
“Of course I do baby” He murmurs, clearly not taking much mind to your questions.
“No like, you kept saying I’m yours and things like that” He pauses to look at you.
“You are mine” He kisses your forehead, “I care about you. You know that. But I’m not proud of who I am. And I can’t drag you down with me. God, I would fuck you forever and ever if I could y/n. I would love you, I...I do...but I can’t. I’m pathetic. You deserve better” He sighed. Your heart wrenched. Looking at the boy in front of you now, those comforting eyes who were always there. Your heart swelled with emotion as you realized that maybe there was something more here.
“Do it” You barely whispered, causing Jungkook to tremble at the tone of your voice.
“Fuck me again. And again. Until we can’t stand”
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the-final-sif · 5 months ago
Going back to my "c!Dream is possessed by a dreamon but neither of them know what they're doing AU" I wanted to clarify some things.
First and foremost, is that both Dream and the Dreamon are in a state of "I didn't think I'd get this far".
The Dreamon has never had someone try to combat it by severing ties before, and frankly, it doesn't know what to do. As mentioned previously it really doesn't want to be exposed as Dream has managed to convince it that his friends are capable of trapping it in Limbo. But it also isn't actually great at social interaction so it doesn't know how to mend Dream's relationships.
Meanwhile, Dream is over here making up bullshit on the fly with 10% of the information and no impluse control. He is astounding at the amount of lying he has managed to get away with.
Now it's worth noting here that as an Admin, Dream is fucking weird. He's very powerful and skilled, but he uses all of that power and skill to run a backwater near vanilla server for like 20 people.
Although when I say skilled, I mean Skilled in the way of a self-taught programer whose never had to do code review even once. Does it work? Yes. Exceptionally well. Could any other human being understand it? No. Not for a second.
He can create stuff on the fly though, even complicated ideas.
Like, for example, a god.
Or a weird, vague death system.
Or another dimension inaccessible without that weird death system.
Yeah, so basically c!Dream totally made up the idea of canon deaths and limbo, and then used DreamXD to implement them.
Oh, yeah, right, DreamXD!
So what's up with this guy?
Well, the long and the short of it is Dream created him.
XD was a server process (visualized as little dream blobs), specifically the server process that prevented End portals from activating. "XD" was just his designation.
Early on in his possession, Dream managed to wrench back enough control to have a few minutes in the meat suit. He used this time to collect a buclet of milk and call XD to him.
The he did something that any reasonable admin would call "batshit insane" and "utterly irresponsible".
Going off what he knew (the end poem and basically nothing else), he turned XD into a player of sorts. He used the milk as raw material to give XD a body, and then he fractured off a part of his own "soul" to give XD proper life.
Specifically, he gave XD a large part of all of his memories of loving & caring for the members of the server. How he became friends with them, and that desire to protect them. He gave XD a concept of love, and then he gave him three more things.
Admin abilities came next, transfering near full control of the server to XD and blocking c!Dream out of almost everything.
Second, he gave XD his mission. "Keep them free. Keep them safe. Try not to get hurt, if you can. After I change back, you'll need to stay away from me."
Finally, he was able to give XD a rough breakdown of how the death system needed to work (a quarantined dimension with time flowing differently to disrupt the infection capability of the Dreamon), but by then the Dreamon had finally managed to get some control back.
XD left with his new mission, a barely stable mess of code with plenty of internal conflict between his initial status as a pure program and now his new status as a player.
For quite awhile, XD sits back and watches. He takes the time to learn more, about what it even means to be free. About what it means to love others, what it means to be safe.
Finally, he starts interacting when Wilbur and Schlatt "die" (in reality, both were very susceptible to the Dreamon's infections due to their compromised mental states and required time away to recovery before they hit the critical point.)
XD starts out rather shy but gets steadily bolder as time wears on and he gets more comfortable with human interaction and begins to develop his own personality.
Also he still protects the end, even if the portals wouldn't work anyways. Because!! That's his first job!! It's in his nature!!! Go away Technoblade!!!
XD is an absolute mess, but he's trying his very best! He has very complicated jobs, with no easy answers, but he's working at it!
c!Dream is very proud of him. The Dreamon fucking hates him.
Oh speaking of c!Dream, he retains two admin abilities, both of which the Dreamon cannot access due to the complexity of them
First, resurrection. (This is actually just a teleportation command, shhhh)
Second, for various reasons he needed to retain the ability to alter player code. Mostly to enable resurrection, but he figures out it can also be used to alter/block memories to some extent.
The Dreamon really wants access to these abilties, unfortunately, despite it's best efforts it's unable to understand c!Dream's weird spaghetti code.
I feel like I should probably explain Ranboo's role in this AU soon, because he is a central figure, but like, I'm not sure if people are emotionally ready for that mess so I'll leave it for now.
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writingonesdreams · 22 days ago
AU tag game
Rules: I dare you to make an AU of a WIP on the spot and fill in the following intro categories
AU title: Demon Deal AU
Setting: A country with a dimensional rift that allowed magic in also divided it into four parts: magical, demonic, post-apocalyptic and modern.
The main cast of Tears of Iron made a deal with a demon god for a special power in exchange for a supernatural price that can't cost them their life. They all made the contract to get out of the demonic dimension. Now they are in the magical dimension, but as brainwashed slaves of an organisation that wanted to use those powers for themselves (god powered magicians are a jackpot).
Zephyr erased everyone's memories to make them work for the organisation willingly (less risky resistance), so they would forget their contracts and couldn't use their powers (and therefore wouldn't have to pay the price).
If you don't remember the contract, you can't be paying for it.
Zephyr is the only one who remembers and uses his power to the max to spare the others, since he doesn't consider his price to be as high (he pays in internal bleeding and pain in equal time he uses his magic. He can't die from it, so it's cool, right?)
Aesthetics: white sandy beach by a steel grey sea, a giant rusty red bridge leading nowhere, a great forest with neon green luminescent spots on the bark, dark blue smog over a city cast in eternal twilight, the invisible pillars of shimmering power at the boarders
Tiny scene/line:
Leander looked at Zephyr's pristine black suit and stony face and leaned on the wall as far away as possible.
"You know, Skye keeps telling us you aren't a traitor. That you did all of this to protect us. In your own sick way, but still."
Zephyr leaned against the wall opposite him, burying his hands in his pockets. Not very stylish, but he was so tired of pretending and keeping strong. His friends has always been his source of comfort, their joyful expressions, their carefree laughts, sparkling eyes.
The beautiful painfree lives he had provided them in the best world possible.
But since they found out the truth, they have become endlessly tiring to be around.
"I'm trying to understand it, I really am," Leander continued, "but it's freaking insane. The more I think about it, the more I hate it."
Zephyr sighted and looked at his wrist watch. How long still? How many of these lectures is he going to suffer through?
Suddenly he was yanked by the collar. Leander's eyes were dangrously close, flashing like lighting before the storm starts.
"Excuse me, for not being thankful, that my best friend has erased and filled me with aritifical memories of his own choosing and regularly bleeds himself dry in his own twisted version of justice. In what hellish universe is this okay?"
"I really don't know what bothers you so much."
"The control! The pain! The pain you choose for yourself, for us, without us having a say! That you made this deal about us, without us and you are even freaking damn proud of it!"
Leander's voice broke at the end and he leaned into him, hands shaking, forehead against Zephyr's shoulder.
"What's my part of the deal? Why won't you let me find out?"
The raven just pressed his lips together and looked to the side.
"What if there is a way to find out? If I had chosen a deal,... wouldn't I have chosen to spare you from this?"
Zephyr winced.
A mistake.
Leander was still holding on to him, watching him from under his eyelashes like a hawk. He felt it.
"I would, wouldn't I." The blond rised his head. "That's it. That's what I would choose now, and that's what I would have chosen back then. And that's why you can't let me find out. It would counterattack your wish, your deal."
Zephyr didn't manage to stop himself from shaking his head in horrified denial, pushing Leander away from him. But the blond held on tight, clawing his fists in his clothes.
"And if the deal is countered by the means not of your doing,...you will be free."
Tagging if you want to play: @thewalkingnerdx @sleepyowlwrites @bloodlessheirbyjacques @catharticallysarcastic @myhusbandsasemni @avrablake @circa-specturgia @muddshadow @sharraus
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jjunnieslut · 4 months ago
tropes i identify txt with (nsfw)
Tumblr media
(thoughts are always being thunk 😵‍💫)
yeonjun: bad boy/bad influence on innocent s/o
there’s a few reasons for this trope:
- he definitely has a corruption kink (idc idc) and would love to taint his s/o with his rebellious nature (sexually and non sexually)
- like he’d take your virginity (he’s into that too), teach you how to do things like suck his dick or ride him; and would praise you saying “you were made just for me angel, such a good slut hmm? all for me”
- he would be the type to almost manipulate (?) you into sneaking out and doing naughty shit; but only for him
- he is really defiant and knows who he is so he’d love to take someone shy and mess with them with his outgoing and confident nature (yin & yang dynamic)
- he’s insanely possessive and wants control over his s/o but not in a toxic way
soobin: nerdy boy falls for outgoing s/o
this one i feel is VERY self explanatory but i will elaborate:
- wants someone who’s completely opposite of him but in a complimenting way (similar to yeonjun)
- loves the way you voice what you want and he’d do anything for you; let’s you use him however you want
- you wanna sit on his face? boom, he’s laying down while you ride his face and call him a good boy
- LIVES for praise and would be shy when you show him off to everyone; loves how loud and confident you are in your relationship and in the bed
- the biggest pervert and titty lover !! i said what i said !!
beomgyu: enemies to lovers !!!
idc what NOBODY says he’s definitely enemies to lovers and here’s why:
- he’s so playful and teasing so pushing your buttons is a daily occurance
- lives for the thrill of you going off on him and your reactions are cute; which translates over in the bed room
- loves the sight of you squirming and begging contrasting to your tough act in public; “not so big and bad now hmm? you fucking cockslut, look at how much of a whore you’re being for me, all for my cock baby?”
- he’s so kinky and playful in the bedroom and is insanely cocky about it outside of the bedroom
- tells ALL his friends about how you really act; “god you should’ve seen how needy and pathetic they were, and we’d only been making out”
taehyun: brother’s best friend !!!
god i love taehyun for these ideas:
- he already gives off mature and insightful vibes like he fits this trope TOO well
- imagine sitting on the couch watching tv, when BOOM the door opens and taehyun pops up, alongside your brother, as they ascend up the stairs to your brother’s room
- he greets you and your heart flutters at his toned body wrapped in his uniform with his blazer thrown over his shoulder and his tie loose (WHEWWW)
- taehyun would like to be address by sir (!!) and loves the way you’re obident to him and his wishes; “such a good slut, you’ve been waiting to be touched, so eager for me?”
y’all i’m literally giggling and kicking my feet while making this…
hueningkai: childhood friends to lovers !!!
huening makes my heart swoon and swell :( too cute </3:
- you’d be his superior and he’d have no problem with it; haven’t seen you since grade school, you’d only kept up with him through messages and his content on social media
- finally he comes home and the sparks just fly as he makes eye contact with you; you were always the one
- he always had a crush on you but was too shy to admit it, and you teased him for it; y’all watch a movie in your apartment and one thing leads to another
- kai has a nurturing/mommy kink, poor baby had been missing the love and protection you gave him when he was younger :(
- he’s so sensual and full of love and admiration for you, no one makes him feel the way you make him feel
- saved his virginity for you and is happy to lose it to you; you’ve always been more experienced than him
- he would worship you and your body in every way </3
- would die happily as long as he’s between your thighs or balls deep in you; breeding kink as well
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foolhearts · 5 months ago
☕ Seb and Lewis before Baku 2017?
WOW what an incredibly loaded ask!! you're right we don't talk about pre baku seb/lewis enough even though they have 10+ years of history before baku even happened... i wish i had a detailed timeline. we could dedicate an entire museum to their relationship.
i previously answered an ask about baku being the turning point on their relationship so i won't focus on that except to say the fact that seb says "we were not best friends" makes me crazy. ofc maybe he really means in that immediate post crash moment and it is very evident they're even closer now, but i would like to know how he defines their pre baku relationship bc let's consider the evidence shall we?
so they've been racing against each other since they were teenagers. which is not unusual in f1! but does everyone look at their rival like this? look at their smiles!! the way they look in each other's eyes like nobody else matters! they've been looking at each other this way for years. they have their way of walking together :)
should we talk about how lewis always says he has a terrible memory yet can remember all his battles his podiums his memories with seb no matter how long ago it was? like when they were babies in f3 at zandvoort in 2005?
in formula 1, their first shared podium was suzuka 2009. since then, they've shared a podium SO MANY TIMES and they always look so happy as they flirt and spray champagne. it's all about the delight on their faces at these dumb intricate rituals. and some of their celebrations... obscene. how much champagne have they poured on each other? how many times have their hands touched? can we even count the amount of times they've congratulated each other, celebrated with each other, shared in each other's important moments? thinking about it makes me insane. they should just kiss already.
speaking of podiums, i laugh everytime i think about the time they excluded nico from their photo. it kinda looks like lewis is the one who makes seb take the photo!!! and way nico walks off dejectedly... it's so good. i love all the b*tchy lewis and seb moments. like them mocking the hat throwing incident right in front of nico!!
and then there's the flirting... this exchange about seb's hands when they're doing the hand imprints for the 2014 japanese gp. excuse me seb??? "you know what they say about men with small hands"??? seems like seb is offering to show lewis the answer...
they have such a long history of making everyone feel like a third wheel during press conferences!!! like when they teased valtteri about the finnish word for excited but it was really just an excuse to flirt!! also how many selfies does lewis have? i'd die to see his seb album.
ok i need to wrap it up with a few key moments:
remember malaysia 2015? i honestly could cry thinking about it. them just sitting on the podium together, touching shoulders and feet. seb is overwhelmed with tears of joy after getting his first win with ferrari. and lewis stays there by his side. this whole gifset is so much but the bottom right kills me. lewis's content smile as he watches seb... sharing this huge moment TOGETHER!
then canada 2016... there is SO MUCH in this race. it's the flirting in the cooldown room and saying "i enjoyed chasing you down" and seb asking if lewis noticed his start. i cannot. they both have it SO BAD. and seb's praise kink is showing. and as noted this is the seagulls incident!! seb just leaves his own interview to come and tease lewis about not braking for seagulls. with a lot of touching.
inspector seb apparently touching lewis's car and then they joke about it!! again the flirting and the touching... truly deranged behavior
lastly let us not forget lewis defending seb's honor against jack whitehall. you tell him lewis!!! seb IS very funny!!!
ok i hope you enjoyed my thesis about seb and lewis pre baku 2017. in conclusion, they have SO MUCH HISTORY and evidence points to them being in love way before the baku incident even happened.
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anxiouspotatorants · 10 months ago
It is time. It is finally time for the new Suicide Squad rant (and spoilers will be plentiful):
As someone who was into DC Comics and comics in the mid to late 2010s and had so much hype for the first Suicide Squad movie only to be let down, I was so nervous for this one. I knew it was going to be a roller coaster, but whether I would come out happy or disappointed was up in the air. Having just seen it I will say this: I have no idea if this was a good movie-movie. It was insane. The comedy. The violence. The high emotion. I’m still trying to take it all in. But one thing I do know is that this is an amazing Suicide Squad movie. Gunn and co took the best parts of the comic concept and went batshit with it and that is how this property should be handled (in my opinion). Screw edgelordisms, we need full on insanity free of aiming for shock-value or sexy brutality we want chaos baby.
Starting the whole movie as they did, with Savant as the POV for a mission (or part of the mission) that just goes to hell immediately and kills off so many before the title arrives is the perfect way to start this movie. Like the second I realized this was how they were doing it I was just smiling from ear to ear, this is the spirit of the property.
Part of me wishes we got more Amanda Waller, but what we had was impeccable. Then again, this is Viola Davis we’re talking about, and if she was born to play any character in a superhero story, it is Amanda Waller.
And points to her tech team, introducing them with the death bets was just a lovely way to show how regular this is and how awful everyone is in this movie.
I’m not going to pretend like Deadshot and Bloodsport didn’t have the exact same character- and plot premises… but I will say that Bloodsport felt better executed.
I love that they kept some of the past members and not just Harley. Rick Flag got to have a full personality and interactions with his team members and to be a true leader and it made me so happy for someone who initially did not give a single shit about his character. The Harley friendship? The Dubois friendship? The friendship with that guerilla leader? Amazing. The one American soldier in fictional media I genuinely like. You go Mr Flag.
The new members were… they were insane in the best way. Gone are the shitty stereotypes and present are some of the wackiest creations to ever grace the mainstream movie-sphere (aka the slightly less normal comic creations): A man who has to shoot out polka dots two times a day so as not to die from a space virus. A giant child murdering weasel. A guy who detaches his limbs and slaps people with said detached limbs. King Shark. The second person to command rats with a fancy gadget. They are all crazy and all weird and all more or less morally repulsive people and I love them.
The amount of times I did a double take over the soundtrack I swear. Jessie Reyez? The Pixies? It was so much fun to pick up on once I did.
Was the depiction of a vague Latin American country stereotypical? Yes. Was the secret American involvement predictable and felt mildly patronizing from a non-American, part Latina point of view? Yep. But damn it if I didn’t have a good time with those stereotypes and laugh my ass off at how well executed some were. I don’t know if it was meant as parody, but that one secretary has me thinking so — and if so I am pleased.
Speaking of Latino dictators Harley’s one day romance with one of the villains was something I never knew I needed. Like it was so perfect for Harley that when it happened I almost hit myself for not realizing that this kind of plot should be a normal thing for Harley. And the end of it? Perfect not only in this standalone movie, but also in conjunction with the first and with BoP.
The Taika Waititi cameo??? Oh my god??? I did not expect that and I love it?? Sir, What We Do in the Shadows is impeccable.
Rick Flag’s death actually surprised me. It shouldn’t as this is Suicide Squad, but I kind of expected him to be on Harley’s level of unkillable (because let’s face it, no one kills Harley). What I will say is that his death was good and his final words and actions made me love him all the more. I hope this spawns more Rick Flag content, or at least inspires me to look at what already exists, if he already is as this movie made him (it’s been ages since I read one of the Suicide Squad reboot comics okay).
Starro. How can a villain be so wacky and so terrifying at the same time? I did not expect a literal alien starfish to have more terrifying powers and a more tragic plot execution than Enchantress. But here we are. And that damn star just wanted to be floating in space, and instead it was stuck getting revenge by killing and puppeteering human corpses. Wow that thing was creepier the more you think about it.
I don’t know what I think about Polka Dot Man. I loved watching him on screen but also damn those mommy-issues were on a new level. Not just in his backstory but how he literally sees her in every person around him that was insane. Very funny but like also the kind that makes you laugh just because you’re uncomfortable and don’t know how else to releive the tension.
When Waller got knocked out by a staff member I immediately thought «oh my god Amanda Waller is going to kill half the staff for this», so I’m mildly surprised and disappointed that I didn’t get to see that happen. But also I should maybe expect something like this in a potential future Suicide Squad movie. We can’t have everything in a movie as packed as this.
Peacemaker was very horrible and worked really well. Don’t really have much to say about him, not because I didn’t enjoy him but because I already feel like the film itself has said it for me. But the planting and payoff for his death? Chef’s. Kiss.
Harley’s wardrobe was beautiful. Ratcatcher 2’s combat outfit felt like a steampunk plague dream. Bloodsport’s mask was supercool. Rick Flag’s t-shirt was amazing. But the best little outfit was the Mafalda-keychain and her red dress, hands down. Oh and King Shark’s fake moustache finger moment.
King Shark is shaped like a friend I don’t care how many people he ate alive on screen he looks so huggable. It feels like wanting to pet a bear. You know it will kill you but damn it look at those paws and those cute eyes!
I really need to give it to not just James Gunn but the entire production team for this movie. The aesthetic was perfect. The story was the right blend of whimsical and violent. The finished product was a literal rollercoaster and I mean that in a good way. If superhero movies have to be like amusement parks, I hope they’re more like this one and BoP.
I’ll finish on the note that while I think this movie was great and hopefully a step in the right direction for the DCU/DCEU (as in stop trying to play Marvel’s game and just do your own thing/ let your creative teams run wild and free), it is not the first step. Cathy Yan, Birds of Prey and the production team for it took a step first, and they deserve due credit and attention. If you loved this Suicide Squad movie and haven’t watched BoP yet, do so. Because they really are in the same ballpark while doing things in slightly different ways. And any good DCEU movie deserves more attention so the studios know that creativity and risks should be rewarded. I want more DC movies like this, not necessarily in genre but in creative risks. I want a Black Canary rock movie. I want Alfred in a reverse heist movie alone in the batcave against Gotham villains. I want Gotham Academy on screen play by play from the comics. I want a fully animated psychedelic-like Khalid Nassour as Dr. Fate movie. I want elevated horror movie Constantine. I want weird ass Lois Lane journalist movies with a heavy side of Superman. And I want DC movies I didn’t even know I wanted.
Support creativity in mainstream comic movies. Help me become a DC fan and happy about it again.
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comicaurora · 14 days ago
I did a whole entire research project on love and distinguishing between types hitting it from a whole bunch of scientific angles, several psychological schools of thought, reading multiple dense studies, with like over 10 pages of notes for the presentation SCRIPT and all I could determine is that. literally love is love and feelings are feelings and while I understand romantic love is real and strong and connection and legitimately do like exploring dynamics if pushed to that kind of level no I do not.
Romantic love is fueled by different hormones with different emotional drive because of biology. My friend asked me at lunch once to pick out a dude for her to crush on. Another one is so deeply head over heels and it's so cute. Everyone sounds insane. Relationships are fluid and just what we decide on, we live in a society that encourages and idealizes romance. We NEED eachother. Seahorses mate for life. I'm greyroace. I don't know what the difference between the loves are. I got two girlfriends. Donking is just a thing people do and I'd do it if it made another person happy bc it makes me happy. I curl up and die everytime someone describes their ooeygooey behaviors. I can't understand and occasionally get annoyed when people wear the shipping goggles on interactions. You released the page of Erin seeing Kendal chained up in his mindspace and it drove me crazy not because I ship anything but just because it read so wildly to me fellas. is it gay.
We are run by electrified cheeseballs filled with hormones, and our only good trait is pattern recognition. This relationship dynamic is extremely meaningful as a soulfriends friendship. This relationship has so much juicy narrative loaded feelings if contextualized as romance because of seeing self through the other and reevaluating selfhatred. This guy is so devoted to the paragon bc he got shown kindness and now might have a little big crush. This dude is battlehorny and confused about it. I'm looking at these characters under a microscope and watching them interact in a gay little petri dish.
Love is so extremely real and important that sometimes it breaks a world. It can be trivializing of people feelings to counterpoint something you personally don't understand and say they're just confused. No one knows what anyone else is talking about. Does this help
humans invented language a hundred thousand years ago and have been paying for it ever since
fellas is it gay to externalize your guilty conscience by envisioning your bro chained up in your mindscape
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meicob · a month ago
let me taste you please!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tbz jacob bae , fem reader — smut ; use of foul language, minors dni pls.
content: masturbation (m), facial, voyeurism (??), reader is under the influence (everything con!) — not proofread obvi <33
Tumblr media
giggle, that’s all you do as your boyfriend carries you in bridal style to your shared bedroom, high heels in hand and lipstick gone, your eyes feel heavy but at the same time you feel energetic, euphoric.
you are in a drunk state, but, after so many drinks, who wouldn’t be?
you are usually the happy type of drunk, today wasn’t an exception, you had lots of fun with your (small) group of friends, but, at some point of the night you just couldn’t ignore the feeling between your thighs anymore, your body felt like burning with every touch, your eyes not leaving the attractive figure of your handsome boyfriend, such basic black suit looking oh so good on him, your hands touching his chest seductively, staring up at him, batting your eyelashes, tugging on the collar of his shirt, basically, begging him to fuck you.
jacob couldn’t help but feel shy, tip of his ear turning red every time you would leave pecks on his neck or cheeks, he has never see you acting like this before, he thinks is funny, cute even, and he's not going to lie, all the attention you’re giving him feels good, too good, but you are too intoxicated for him to do anything, so as the responsible person that he is, once you get home he just helps you change, chuckling and shaking his head at the gasp you let out when he unzips your dress, your nipples hardening at the lack of cloth covering them, watching your face light up only to see it fall the next second when he firmly says, “I already told you”, giving you a warning look, then he proceeded to hand you one of his t-shirts and tucked you into bed, kissing your forehead when you grumpily pouted, bopping under your chin as he smiled a bit.
as soon as your head hit the pillow your eyes closed, soft snores coming through your parted lips, jacob takes two seconds to stay still and watch your sleeping figure, then decides that is time to go take his clothes off, doing what’s in his power to ignore the not-so-little problem in his lower body.
you see, even if he rotundly refused your bold proposals all night long, he couldn’t help the dirty thoughts plaguing his mind, you were too much, hell, he thought he’d go insane when he saw you wearing that satin dress you talked about it so much, the shiny fabric hugging your body so perfectly, your lips he loves kissing tinted in a color that made your smile look brighter and the way your eyes sparkled every time you looked at him? ugh, to die.
the boner he hid during all the event was beginning to ache — and the image of you seems not to want to leave his mind which is just making things worse for him — sighing defeated he heads to the bathroom and gets into the shower.
as the hot water hits his muscular torso, he stretches his neck a little, sighing again as his hand cups his ball, then he slowly starts to stroke his cock, throwing his head back, eyes closed, lips parted, letting out moans muffled by the sound of the shower, his movements quicken, his mouth repeating fuck over and over, like a prayer. it low-key feels morally wrong to be doing this, to be touching his cock at the thought of your every curve, at the thought of those pretty sounds you make when he’s so deep inside you it almost hurts, but especially, to imagine that it’s you, that the hand stroking him is yours instead of his.
he is so into it, so lost in his thoughts and memories he doesn’t even notices when you open the door, sneaking into the shower with him, your sightly cold hands touching his chest, starling him a bit — the warm water ruining the makeup you didn’t remove, mascara running down your cheeks, thanks heaven your lashes are still in place.
he looks at you out of the corner of his eye, “let me help you,” you seductively whisper in his ear, leaving a chaste kiss in his jaw, and then one in his shoulder, the sound of his heavy breaths mixing with the sound of the running water, his heart rapidly beating, shaking his head as a smile starts to grow in his face, finding amazing that you think he will suddenly change his mind.
“I don’t want your help,” your hands stop dead, so close to reaching their goal, and before you could protest, say something to get green light he spokes again, “but, you can watch until I’m done.”
the memory of that one morning pops in your head, the first time you ever sucked him off he accidentally ended up cumming on your face, but god just with saying that now it’s something that happens often is enough.
and this time you don’t want it to be different, so without being asked for it, you kneel down, your hands sliding down his legs, taken aback by the act, jacob turns around, meeting your eyes as you are looking up, hands resting on your thighs, he can’t help but smile at the oh so familiar scene.
“you’re sick.” he says, the playful tone in his voice filling your stomach with butterflies, raised eyebrows as he say the words, once again shaking his head when you shrug and giggle with a little embarrassment.
“let me taste you” you ask, “please”, sighing he comes closer, starting to move his hand again — only this time under your expectant gaze.
I mean, who would say no to such pretty thing, so ready to take everything you have to give?
you stayed still, just as he instructed, eyes traveling from his hand pumping his cock to his beautiful face, taking in your memory every detail of it, from his furrowed brows, to his parted lips.
your thighs rubbing together as he comes on your pretty messed-up face, pathetically moaning at the feeling of his cum dripping, your cunt aching and getting wetter at his airy-full-of-pleasure voice praising you.
once cleaned up and dressed, you went to sleep with the promise of being taken care of in the morning ♡
Tumblr media
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