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#and when i say buy i mean with someone else’s money 😁
lovelybluepanda · a year ago
Not so popular self-care things
So last week someone told me that i’m a terrible person for speaking up my mind and cutting off people when they are negative. This made me think a bit why i don’t feel guilty and thanks to that, now we have this post.
You’re not responsible for others’ mess, after you try to help someone and they still take bad decisions, that’s not on you. So, cutting someone off when they’re being a source of toxicity is self-care. You’re your first priority, you and your mental health, not taking care of someone else’s mess to the point of destroying yourself and your sanity in the process. 
Taking breaks is not always the best option. Sometimes self-care means to start working on that project you kept postponing or finishing that book you have to read for class. Media nowadays promotes taking breaks and that might work, but sometimes starting to do your chores is also self-care. You do now a project so later you don’t have to do 3 more to get the points you lost in this one.
Don’t buy those sweets you so much want and put money aside to buy that great (thing you really want). Sometimes self-care is not giving in your temptations and wants from now so you get something greater in the future. 
Time means nothing when someone belittles you. Speaking up for yourself is self-care, even if you have to deal with someone who has been in your life for years. Setting boundaries is self-care, in real life and on the internet. Respect yourself to know when to say stop because if you don’t know when, how should others know? They’ll keep pushing the limits. 
Facing your problems is self-care. That therapy you kept avoiding? That hospital checking you kept postponing in the last 5 years? That dentist appointment you meant to make 5 months ago but you’re too scared to go to? You got problems now, but these problems will be even bigger if you keep avoiding them. 
In conclusion, no, i don’t feel sorry for cutting people off when they become a source of negativity. My priority is me, my mental health, my body etc., not making sure the sources of negativity and toxicity are comfortable in my life to the point where it costs me my sanity.
Sometimes, self-care is doing what makes you uncomfortable.  
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silverskye13 · 4 months ago
Hey Gamers Welcome To My Lemonaide Stand Where I Only Sell One Thing And It’s Also Not Lemonaide
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What is this weird shit that I’m selling you? Specifically, it is a chipboard sculpture [think cardboard but extra thicc] about 8″ x 6″ x 6″. It’s pretty light as it’s mostly hollow, and it is searching desperately for a loving home! Someone to take it on long walks on the beach and feed it Premium Brand Grave Dirt! 
This piece also means something. It was created based on the experience a lot of trans folks have when coming out to cis family members, the “you’re taking my child/friend/loved one away from me!” mentality that a number of cisgender folks have when someone comes out to them. You can read a more in-depth explanation of what I’m talking about here! 
That being said, you don’t have to be trans to buy this, and you don’t have to sympathize with that experience to buy this. This might just be a cool grave sculpture to you, and that’s perfectly fine!
Why am I selling this? Well for one thing! The extra cash to buy art supplies would be nice, as I’m currently in art school in the year of our lord coronavirus. I’ve had a lot of hours at work cut, and getting a little money back from this will help me work through my final semester :’D And speaking of art school, that’s the other reason I’m selling this. I have to prove to my professor I can market my art. I have to make a powerpoint presentation. Nobody wants this. But here I am.
How am I selling this? This is going to be sold Auction style in the comments of this post. While I encourage you [and beg you really] to reblog this post so more people can see it, please do not submit any comments until the auction starts - that will keep the comments more clean for the actual auction.
Auction Rules: When it starts: The Auction will begin at 10AM EST on 3/20/2021 and will be hosted in the comments of this post. I will post “Auction Start!” in the comments, and then anyone who wants to participate is good to go. When it ends: The Auction will run until 10AM EST on 3/21/2021. After which it will close, and I will contact the highest bidder about payment and shipping.  Starting Price: $40 [this is to cover the cost of materials and help with shipping]
Additional Info: At the buyers request I will write your name or someone else’s on the headstone, just for that fun little personal flair. Also, if you are trans and have read up on the reason for the creation of this piece [linked above], and are struggling with family issues of your own, I will send you a written letter of my approval of your transness. It is exactly what it sounds like: a little rolled up piece of paper saying you’re valid, you’re awesome, and reminding you that this grave is in fact not for you. You’re gonna live and be something amazing.
If you live outside of the US and want to participate in the auction, please be forewarned that customs is both expensive and brutal. I will ask for your help in paying for international shipping, and while I will pack the object as best as I can, in past experiences with domestic international shipping, things tend to get mangled in some way regardless of how hard I try to make it so they don’t do that thing. So just be aware! Though I will probably double box it and put packing peanuts galore inside, it is ultimately at the mercy of international travel and may not arrive completely intact.
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taytei · 3 years ago
I'm gonna say it now. Your prices for commissions are ridiculous.
(A bit lengthy warning you, but it needs to be said)
If by ridiculous you mean completely reasonable (and could even be considered pretty cheap by some comparisons), as I’m selling my skills and artistic abilities to make artwork and pieces from someone else’s mind and bring them into physical form.
I pondered for a long time about how i was going to set up my prices, and as they are, I’m happy with them. Doing what I do, whether you like how my stuff looks or not, takes time and effort. And by saying that my prices are ridiculous, you’re basically saying that my work isn’t good enough for those prices.
If you’re worried about it being too expensive, I sometimes will do temporary deals depending on how short on money I am, or if a special occasion is coming up, so you could keep an eye out for those. But as it stands, my prices in my opinion are fair and reasonable and are only subject to change when I do deals, or maybe in the future when they might possibly go up.
I’m currently a full time art college student and don’t actually have time to get a job in between all of my projects and assignments, and commissions are the only way for me to make a little money to buy art supplies and food to sustain myself.
Sorry that this is a bit of a rant, but it’s important that you understand the implications of what you’re saying. If you don’t like my prices, then no one is forcing you to pay me to do it.
With that said
Commissions are open!
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sodoyouknowbts · 3 years ago
Jungkook x Reader - Game On! (Seven)
Summary: Jungkook was the boy you had always had a crush on but after an event that leaves you heartbroken and humiliated, you cut him from your life. However, years later your paths cross again and now an adult, you swear to not let him get the better of you.
Genre: Romance, drama,
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Author: Moxie
Chapter 7
As it turned out a lot can happen in a week. Your one week stay with Jungkook has turned into a five week extended stay, courtesy of your mother, who thought that since the house was already getting work done, now would be the perfect opportunity to renovate and extend the lounge room as she had always dreamed.
“It’s fine, I’m sure Jungkook won’t mind. He’s such a lovely boy”. Your mother gushes over the phone. “Maybe you can use this chance to sharpen your domestic skills. No man wants to marry a woman who can’t even iron clothes”.
“And no woman wants to marry a man who can’t iron clothes”. You retort. “Mum this is the twenty first century, gender roles no longer count”.
Your mother scoffs on the other end of the line. “Then find me a son-in-law with your twenty first century skill of- what is it again? Watching mindless TV? At this rate you’re going to be single forever”.
“If it means I don’t have to do someone else’s washing and ironing then yes, I’m happy to remain single”.
“How many times have I told you that sarcasm is not an attractive quality in a woman? I hope you don’t talk like this to Jungkook. Men don’t like women who talk back. Which reminds me your aunt called today and said that your cousin is pregnant. That’s her third child now”.
“Poor thing” You console. You pick up your spoon and swirl it around your soup, aimlessly.
Your mother ignores your comment and continues talking. “I went to get your fortune read with your grandmother the other day and the fortune teller told me that this year you will meet someone who will have a great impact on your life. I think it might be a man!”.
You sit up straight at that snippet of information. “Did it say if he was going to be rich?”
“Sweetie, money isn’t everything you know”.
You press on. “...So is he?”
Your mother sighs on the other end and you have a mental image of her shaking her head. “Your grandmother asked, apparently this person would be heavily endowed”.
You laugh softly at the description. “Endowed, that sounds sexual”.
“Don’t you have to go back to work?”. Your mother changes the subject.
You look at your watch and check the time. “I do actually. My lunch break is almost over”.
“Okay I’ll let you go now. Tell Jungkook I said hi and make sure to clean up after yourself. Men don’t like women who are slobs. Also it wouldn’t hurt for you to wash his clothes as well-”
“Love you, bye”. You swiftly hang up the phone and place it back onto the table. You shake your head at your mother. If she thought you were going anywhere near Jungkook’s dirty laundry then she was crazy.
Your bowl of soup had cooled down as you were chatting to your mother, much to your disappointment. Cold soup isn’t that appealing to eat so you throw the rest of it in the bin, deciding to buy a sandwich later if you got hungry.
On the way back up to your office you try to come up with the best way to tell Jungkook the news. The last few days had gone by relatively smoothly and that was because you made it a point to not get in his way, which seemed to work well and suited him fine.  
The only time it had gotten awkward was when you had forgotten to bring a change of clothes with you whilst you showered one night. You had walked out in nothing but a towel, thinking that the house was still empty but what you didn’t know was that Jungkook had come home from work at that exact time. You had walked straight into him as he had turned the corner. Jungkook had glanced down at the wet patch you had left on his shirt and simply sighed in annoyance.
That seemed to be his go-to thing. Whenever he saw you or you did something that he didn’t approve of, he would simply stare at you and then let out a deep sigh. That was all. He wouldn’t say anything, he would just sigh, as though the mere thought of you drained his energy. 
On days like those, your friend’s couch looked a lot more appealing. 
“A few of us are having drinks after work tonight. You should come”. Your work friend swivels around his chair as you sit back down at your desk. You turn on your monitor and place your wallet back into your bag, which you store next to your desk.
“Mmmmm I don’t know”. You bring up your email and check your inbox. Two new emails. “I was going to stay in and have a quiet one tonight”. You had stumbled across a new show on Netflix and it had gotten quite interesting.
“Come on grandma, it’s Friday night! Live a little. Most of the department is going, hell even Manager Won is coming!”.
Now you definitely weren’t going. You shrug your shoulders and lie. “I’ll think about it”. 
Ever the persistent one, your friend writes down the name of a bar and the address on a post-it note and hands it to you. “If you change your mind, this is where we’ll be. It’s in central so we’re planning on carpooling and taking a taxi from here after work”.
You take the post-it note and read the name of the bar. Laneway Lounge. You’ve never heard of it before. You scan the address and note that it’s fairly close to Jungkook’s apartment, probably a ten or fifteen minute drive. You slip the post-it note into your pocket and thank him.
“Seriously, it’ll be fun!”.
“I’ll take your word for it” You reply and open up the first email.
You type in the access code to Jungkook’s apartment and the door opens with a soft beep. You step inside and close it behind you. As you slide off your heels, you freeze when you see an unfamiliar pair of bright red heels in the doorway.  You search around for Jungkook’s shoes but don’t find them, meaning that he still wasn’t home yet. You examine the red heels. They’re a deep shade of red and they look extremely pricey. They definitely didn’t belong to you.
Maybe Jungkook was expecting a friend? 
You pull out your phone and quickly bring up Jungkook’s contact. As the tone dials, you turn down the volume of your phone and keep a watchful eye on the hallway. 
The phone rings three times before Jungkook picks up. “Yeah?”
Hello to you too, you think to yourself. “Are you expecting anyone to come over today?”.
“No. Why?”.
Warning bells go off in your head as you look down and examine the red heels once again.
“Are you sure you’re not expecting someone? A girlfriend or something? Does anyone else know the code to your apartment?”.
“…Why are you asking me this?” He asks suspiciously. 
“Because…” You stare down the hallway. “I think someone’s in the apartment ”.
His tone of voice picks up and becomes more alert. “What do you mean?”. You can almost hear him straightening up in his seat.
“There’s a pair of red heels in the doorway. I don’t own any red heels and I’m not expecting anyone”.
“…Are you sure they’re not yours?” His question ticks you off as he’s using his parental tone of voice that he loves to use on you. 
“I just said they weren’t mine! I’d know if I owned red heels Jungkook. You know what, I’m going to go take a look”. You start to tip toe slowly down the hallway, making sure to not make any sound as you walk.
“What?! NO! Do not go inside. Do you hear me? Do.not.go.inside!” Jungkook warns you. “Call the police”.
“Too late” You tell him as you creep further down the hallway. “I just want to take a look. If it’s a girl I’m pretty sure I can take her…unless it’s a six foot male body builder who likes to wear red stilettos. If that’s the case and I die, please tell my parents and my grandma that I love them". You ramble on, talking over Jungkook.
“Goddamit, get out of there you idiot! Are you even listening to me!?”. 
You ignore him and your grip on your phone tightens in anticipation as you turn into the kitchen, your palms suddenly sweaty. The adrenaline pumps through your veins as you prepare yourself to use your phone as a weapon in case something happens.
You’re not sure what you were expecting to find but there’s a woman standing in Jungkook’s kitchen, with an apron tied around her waist. She has her back turned to you, her attention turned to the large pot on the stove in front of her. She’s humming softly to herself as she stirs the contents, swaying her hips softly. You scan the counter top and find that it’s littered with grocery bags that have only been half unpacked. A chopping board sits on the marble counter with some diced vegetables on it. A large kitchen knife lays on the edge of the board beside a wine glass that’s half filled with white wine. The bottle sitting precariously close to the edge of the counter.
In the time that you have been here, Jungkook has made no mention on whether or not he had a girlfriend or if he was casually seeing someone.
You scan the woman’s back profile and take in her shoulder length brown hair, white cashmere jumper and light washed denim jeans.  
You must have made a noise because suddenly the mysterious woman jumps slightly and turns around to face you, holding the wooden spoon in front of her as a weapon. You imagine that her expression of shock reflects yours. As you take in her face, it takes only a second for you to recognise who she is and your mouth drops even further. It’s Areum.
What the hell is Areum doing in Jungkook’s apartment? 
Areum quickly shakes off her initial surprise and she thrusts the spoon at you, sending droplets of, what looks to be spaghetti sauce, to splatter on the floor and barely miss you.“Who the hell are you?” She demands firmly. “And why are you in my oppa’s apartment?” Her voice takes on a hostile tone and she narrows her eyes at you.
You open your mouth to reply but pause when you hear Jungkook’s voice coming from over the phone. You glance down at your phone and realise that he was still on the line.
You bring the phone back up to your ear and catch the tail end of his sentence. “…I swear to god if you don’t get out of there-”. 
“Jungkook” You interrupt him mid-rant. “I think you better come home now”.
Jungkook rushes home and makes it back in record time. From the moment you had told him that you thought someone was in the house he had left the office and jumped straight into his car. When you told him that you were going to see who it was, he could’ve strangled you. He was so annoyed at you for not listening to him that during the entire drive back, he had thought of all the ways to discipline you. 
He rushes through the front door and finds you sitting at the kitchen counter-top. He marches towards you with the intention to yell at you but stops when he notices who is standing by the stove.
The moment Areum sees him she drops the spoon and starts running towards him. She quickly closes the distance and launches herself at him, throwing her arms around his neck. “Oppa!” She exclaims excitedly. A wide smile in greeting, which brightens up her entire face and makes her look ten times younger.
Jungkook puts his weight into his back leg as Areum throws herself at him, steadying himself. He holds out his arms and catches her, placing them securely on her slim waist. “Areum? What are you doing here?”.  Surprise lines his voice and he glances between you and Areum, trying to make sense of the situation. You shrug your shoulders.
Jungkook peers down at Areum who has snuggled closely into him, burying her face into his chest. He and Areum have had a complicated relationship ever since they were young. He had grown up with her and her sister, just as he had with you. Growing up they had a short fling but it hadn’t lasted long, for him anyway. Areum seemed to still cling to the fantasy of them being together. The current situation with their families didn’t help the matter any less.
Jungkook gently untangles Areum’s arms from around his neck. She pulls back reluctantly and peers up at him with her large doe-eyes. “I come back this week. Did you forget?” She pouts. “But more importantly, how come you gave another woman the code to your apartment? I thought only me and Mina got the code?”.
Before Jungkook had come you had quickly explained to Areum that you were a family friend of Jungkook’s. It took a lot of convincing and insisting that you were just friends to settle her down and at one point you had the considered putting away the large kitchen knife. You had quickly found out that the Areum portrayed in magazines was vastly different to the Areum in real life. 
Feeling incredibly out of place and slightly awkward you begin to slide off the stool. “I’m just…gonna give you two a moment here. Don’t mind me”.
Jungkook turns from Areum and pins his eyes on you. “Wait for me in your room. I need to talk to you". The moment the words are out, the tension in the room increases by a hundred. 
You close your eyes and send a silent message to the heavens for help. Why me? You can feel the death glare Areum is giving you and you try your best to ignore it. You glance at Jungkook from the corner of your eye, who seems to have noticed Areum’s dark expression. You had purposefully left out the part of you living with Jungkook when you were explaining to Areum who you were. You had lied, knowing that she probably wouldn't take the knowledge too well.
Judging by her death glare you were right. God! This entire situation is so awkward. The last thing you wanted was to be in the middle of a lovers spat.
Areum’s eyes narrow and she grits her teeth. “Wait a minute…She’s living here??! With You?! In your house? Together!!?“. Her voice grows louder with each word, to the point that she’s almost screaming and she points her finger at you. Her eyes darting furiously back and forth, between you and Jungkook.
Jungkook pinches the bridge of his nose and exhales. “Areum stop screaming. I’ll explain everything later”. 
You’re glad to know that you’re not the only one he uses the parental tone on.
Areum crosses her arms, looking unappeased and continues to pout, her eyebrows drawn together creating a furrow. She makes a “hmmph” sound and whips off her apron, slapping it onto the counter. She turns dramatically and flipping her hair, she stomps past you and Jungkook, heading towards his bedroom. Shortly after the sound of a door shutting reverberates throughout the house.
Jungkook’s eyes follow Aruem as she storms away and when the door shuts he lets out a deep sigh. Wearily, he rubs his face with his hands and unbuttons his blazer, loosening his tie. Areum had been overseas for a job for the past five months and in that time he had forgotten her annoying habit of popping over unannounced. 
Feeling the need to break the silence you let out a small sound under your breath. “Woahhhhh”.
Jungkook glances away from the hall and turns his attention to you. “Don’t even think about leaving. I need to talk to you after I deal with Areum”. He warns you before going after her.
Once you hear his bedroom door close you quickly scoot off the stool and head for the door. You slip on your black sneakers, forgoing your heels and shut the door quietly behind you. You hadn’t missed Jungkook’s expression when he had stormed into the apartment and you knew that he was probably pissed at you and that the “words” he had for you weren’t going to be praises, so that was one conversation you were going to try and avoid. Especially because Jungkook was scary when he was angry.
You check your watch and glance back at the notice board displaying movie session times. You sigh in disappointment. You had decided to go watch a movie in order to kill time but you had just missed the last session for the day.
Now what am I meant to do for a few hours?
You try to think of other things you could do but nothing seems to come to mind. It’s at this moment that you recall your friend’s invite to the work drinks. You reach into your pocket and pull out the slip of paper. You stare down at the address and weigh your options. It was either this or go back to Jungkook an Areum and who knows what they were doing.
Sighing in defeat you type the address into your phone and bring up the directions. It’s a fifteen minute car ride away so you decide to catch an Uber. As you wait for the car you send a message to friend, asking him if they were still at the bar.
His reply comes a few minutes later and puts a smile on your face:
Yes! COME!!!!!!!!!!! 
By the amount of exclamation points he’s used you can safely assume that he’s. already a little bit drunk.
You laugh hysterically at your friend, who is standing at the front of the room, microphone in one hand and a beer in the other and proceeds to give everyone a terrible rendition of Black Eyed Peas “My Humps”, hip thrusts and chest popping included. Everyone, along with you, cheers wildly. 
About two hours after you had arrived to the bar, someone had the great idea to go to a karaoke room. They knew of a good place not to far from the bar and because they knew the owner they could get a room at a discounted price. At this point mostly everyone was either tipsy or drunk so they had all jumped at the idea of karaoke.
The cheering and hollering grow louder as someone else jumps up to join your friend. You weren’t a huge drinker so you slowly sipped at your beer. Happy to sit back and enjoy the show. Mostly everyone was drunk and it was interesting to see people who were usually so reserved at work be so open and loud. You had seen Manager Won when you had arrived at the bar and made it a point to avoid him. He was quite intoxicated and you could sense his eyes lingering on you throughout the night. It was off-putting but you refused to let it get to you and spoil your night.
Suddenly you feel your phone begin to vibrate in your pocket and you pull it out. You check the caller ID and see that it’s Jungkook calling you. It was the second call from him. You didn’t feel like being lectured so you hit ignore.
Thirty minutes later you get another call from Jungkook. You decide to answer it this time. You excuse yourself and head outside. Once you’re outside you accept the call.
“…Hello?”. You say wearily into the phone and immediately brace at Jungkook’s annoyed voice. “Why have you been ignoring my calls?!”
.“I didn’t hear my phone ring”. You lie.
“Why did you leave? I told you I wanted to talk“
“I thought I’d give you and Areum some space to reconnect. It looked like you hadn’t seen each other in a while”.
Jungkook lets out a sigh and you can picture him running his hands through his hair. “I told you, she isn’t my fiance”. He sounds exasperated.
Could’ve fooled me you think to yourself.
“Where are you anyway? Why is it so loud?”
You move away from the room and head downstairs. “I’m at a karaoke bar with some people from work”.
“Oh yeah? I thought they were having drinks at a bar?”
“They were but then they decided to go to karaoke”. You move aside as a group of five drunk teenagers stumble up the stairs. They’re voices are slurred and almost incoherent as they laugh about something.“Is Areum gone already? How was your talk?” You ask Jungkook curiously.
“It was fine” he mumbles and changes the topic. “What’s this place called? I’ll come pick you up now”.
You shake your head. “No, it’s fine I’ll just catch an Uber or get a lift from someone”.
“I’ll come and get you. What’s the name of the place?”. 
“No, really it’s fine-”.
“I’m offering you a free ride here. Now what’s the name of the place?”
You sigh at his persistence and give in.
“Fine, it’s called The Galaxy. It’s in central-”.
“I know where it is. I’ll be there in ten. Stay put this time”. He hangs up before you can reply.
You pull your phone away and roll your eyes at it. Typical Jungkook. No wonder the man was a successful CEO. Being bossy was his expertise.
You slip your phone into your pocket and turn around. Your footsteps falter as you notice that one of the boys from the group of drunk teenagers has come back downstairs. A sense of apprehension settles over you as he lingers by the bottom of the stairs. You look around the room to see if maybe he’s waiting for someone but there’s no one else downstairs other than you.
Upon closer examination you guess that he’s in their early twenties. Not that much younger than you, maybe even the same age. He’s dressed in the latest trends, from the sneakers to the sports jacket. You decide to give him the benefit of the doubt. You almost make it past him before he stops you, stretching out a tracksuit clad leg and effectively blocking your path.
Your heartbeat begins to race and you straighten your shoulders. You put on a fake display of confidence and tilt your chin up. “Excuse me” You say. “Can I please get past?”. You make your voice as polite and placid as possible, knowing that drunk people were often unpredictable and anything, even the smallest thing, could tip them over the edge. You send a silent prayer and hope he’s a happy drunk tonight.
He disregards your words and runs his eyes down your body, scanning you up and down. His eyes leave a trail of goosebumps along your flesh, leaving behind a sickening feeling in the pits of your stomach. You are still in your work clothes, which consist of a navy blue blouse, which you had unbuttoned a bit at the top to make it more casual and your black, slim-fit trousers which stopped mid ankle. You had taken off your black belt and slipped it into your bag earlier throughout the night.
Despite your demure attire his gaze makes you feel naked and exposed. You fold your arms across your chest and this movement draws his gaze to your breasts. You quickly uncross your arms. “Sorry, my friends are waiting for me”.
He drags his eyes lazily back up to your face. He pokes out his tongue and draws it across his bottom lip slowly. The move is intended to be seductive but given how drunk he is and how sleazy his attention is, it misses the mark completely. “Why don’t you ditch your friends and come party with me?”. His voice is husky. “I can show you a better time, sweet cheeks”.
You shake your head. “Thanks but no thanks".
The man is unrelenting in his endeavour and doesn’t take no for answer. He leers drunkenly at you and his breath, laced with the strong stench of alcohol and marijuana, invade your senses. You discreetly block your nose and breathe from your mouth. He steps closer to you and you move back until you find your back against the wall. Your heartbeat thumps loudly in your ear, drowning out all sound except for your heavy breathing. 
His thin, dry, cracked lips spread into a knowing smile. He knows he’s got you right where he wants you, trapped. You try to swerve to the left but he blocks your movement, placing one of his hands on the wall, by your head.  Adrenaline and fear grips you in a tight vice as your body prepares itself for fight or flight. You clench and un-clench your hands into fists.
With his other hand he brings it up and traces your right cheek.
You slap his hand away in disgust and shrink further back into the wall. “Please don’t touch me”. You try to remain civil, hoping that your lack of response will make him lose interest in you. It doesn’t work. If anything it does the opposite and eggs him on. 
“Feisty. I like the feisty ones. Makes it more of a challenge”. He draws a hand towards you and you watch in stunned horror as he runs his index finger down the line of buttons holding your shirt together. His finger makes a slow descent towards the last button, which rests dangerously close the waistband of your trousers. As his finger creeps nearer, your body jumps into action and before you even know what you’re doing, your right knee is ramming straight in between his legs. He doubles over in pain, clutching himself and swearing in agony.
“Fuck! Shit, fuck! You fucking stupid bitch!” He roars. The sound makes you jump in fright. He lifts his head and glares at you with pure hatred in his eyes. In the next second he reaches for you with his meaty palm. He grasps your forearm tightly and as you try to pry it off, you see his other hand pull back into a fist. You close your eyes and brace for the impact but it never comes.
You open your eyes and find yourself staring at a familiar back. It’s Jungkook’s. Jungkook has a hold of the man’s fist in his hand, stopping it from landing its intended blow. You stare in shock, wondering when Jungkook had arrived and thank him perfect timing. If he had been any later... who knows what would have happened.
The man’s eyes widen in surprise for a split second before he sends his other fist flying towards Jungkook’s head. Jungkook easily ducks down and dodges the second blow. He sweeps out a leg and knocks the man off his feet. The man tumbles to the ground unceremoniously with a loud thump. 
Jungkook looks down at the man in detest. He had messaged you when he had arrived five minutes ago and when you didn’t reply he decided to come inside and it was a good thing he did. When he had seen you pinned against the wall with the thug touching you, he had seen red. 
 Jungkook turns his back to the man and gently takes your hand in his. “Let’s go” he says as he leads you towards the door.
You glance behind you just in time to see the man howl with rage and climb to his feet. You notice his face turns red and his eyes narrow with deadly intent. Clearly he didn’t appreciate Jungook making a fool out of him. He glances to his left and picks up a nearby chair. The next few seconds unfold in slow motion before your very eyes. You watch as he raises the chair above his head and charges straight for Jungkook in a fit of absolute rage.
Fear overwhelms you as you glance from the man to Jungkook, who is unaware of what is transpiring. Your body reacts immediately before you even know it. You shove Jungkook away a split second before the chair comes crashing down. There’s a cracking sound and the last thing you remember is feeling a hot blaze of pain erupt from your back and then nothing.
Jungkook steadies himself and looks behind him just as the man slams a chair into your back. He watches in horror as you drop to the floor. Your eyes closed and your body immobile.
His heart stops and that’s when all hell breaks loose. Blind rage explodes from within him and Jungkook launches himself towards the man, who is till reeling from the attack. He grabs him by the collar of his shirt and slams him against the wall. Jungkook slams his fist into the man’s face over and over again. He doesn’t stop even when he feels the man’s nose break and blood coats his knuckles. All he can see is the man hitting you with the chair. He pulls his fist back for another punch when someone grabs him by the armpits and pull him back.
“CEO Jungkook, stop! Please sir! Stop! That’s enough or you’ll kill him”.
Jungkook looks over his shoulder to one of his employees. His breathing ragged. He recognises him as your team member, the one you’re always going to lunch with. Your work friend takes in the scene before him. From the young man with the battered space, slumped on the ground to Jungkook and to you. 
Your work friend calls out to the owner who had returned to the reception desk, among with a few others who had heard the commotion and come out to see what the cause was. “Call the police and an ambulance”.
“Are you okay sir?” Jungkook nods his head, feeling himself settle down and the adrenaline leave his system. His knuckles feel raw and ache like a bitch but other than that he was fine. Your work friend releases him and Jungkook quickly rushes over to you. As gently as possible he lifts you up and cradles you in his arms. He checks you over for any signs of bleeding and is relieved when there isn’t any.
He gently strokes your cheek and tries to pull you back to consciousness. He whispers your name and you slowly come to. 
The first thing you notice is that you feel incredibly warm and the second thing is that the pair of arms wrapped around you were incredibly muscly. The third thing is that whatever you were pressed against smelt incredible. You hear your name being whispered and you slowly open your eyes, one at a time. You gaze into Jungkook’s brown eyes as relief washes over his face. 
“Oh thank god!” He exhales. He pulls you close and buries his head in the crook of your neck. “Thank god you’re okay”. 
You remain still as his warmth envelopes you, wrapping you in a cocoon of protectiveness. You close your eyes and allow yourself to momentarily bask in his embrace, not wanting the moment to end but knowing that it will.
The moment comes sooner rather than later in the form of your work friend. “Sir, the police are here and they would like a word with you. The owner says he caught everything on his camera but they just want to clear up some details. I’ll take care of her” Your work friend interrupts.
Jungkook reluctantly pulls away. “I won’t be too long” He says to you before he gets ups and approaches the waiting police officers, who have already taken the man into custody. Your eyes follow him, noticing the blood drying on his knuckles. 
Your work friend slowly helps you into a sitting position and you fight back a wince. Your back felt incredibly sore and bruised. “Try not to move so much.” Your work friend advises you. “The ambulance is coming soon”.
“I don’t need an ambulance” You insist stubbornly “I’m fine. Just a bit sore”.
“Still, they’ll want to look you over and I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who would feel better knowing that you’ve had medical attention”. At his insinuation you both glance back over to Jungkook, who is giving the police some details, which they are taking down in their notepad. 
A paramedic arrives a few moments later and after an initial examination they conclude that you don’t have any broken bones, thank god. They insist that you follow up with a doctor’s appointment the following day to check for any internal bleeding but other than that, a prescription for pain medication and some advice  to refrain from any strenuous activities that involve the use of your back muscles, you were given the all clear to go home.
By the time you’re done with the paramedic and thank her for her help, Jungkook is finished with the police. "How’d everything go?” You ask him as he approaches you, his hands tucked into his pockets.
“Fine” He shrugs. You raise your eyebrows an he elaborates. “The owner has a camera set up in the reception and in all of the rooms so they’ve agreed to hand over the footage to the police. I explained what happened with you and they’re understanding”.
“So you just got a slap on the wrist?”
“Yeah, luckily. How are you?”
“I’m fine, they just said I need to take it easy for a while and not over do it”. You share with him. 
Jungkook bends down and in front of everyone there, including your work friend and other work colleagues, he scoops you into his arms, careful of the placement of his arm on your back so that it doesn’t hurt you and stands up, taking you with him. You gasp in surprise when he lifts you up and immediately circle your arms around his neck to steady yourself.
“Jungkook, what the hell-”
“Stop talking, the paramedic said not to over do it right?” He raises an eyebrow at you and proceeds to walk. You duck your head down and hide your flushed cheeks against his chest.
“They meant with other activities. I can walk fine on my own”. You mumble embarrassingly under your breath. You can’t believe Jungkook is actually carrying you princess-style. I’m probably really heavy. You suck in your stomach in a futile attempt.
“Stop moving around or I’m going to drop you” Jungkook scolds you as he re-positions you slightly. “Just be silent for once and let me help you. It’s okay to ask for help once in a while”.
He carries you outside the karaoke bar and down the sidewalk, not giving a single care as to what your work friend must be thinking. Your cheeks redden further as some people on the street stare and a few even holler at you both, telling you to “Get a room” or “Yass, queen!”. You lower your face even more, letting your hair fall over your face.
Jungkook stops at his car, which is parallel parked on the side of the street and opens the door with one hand. He slowly lowers you into the seat gently and fastens your seat-belt into place. The entire time his eyes are focused on anywhere but your face. Once he’s buckled you in, he closes the passenger door and walks around to the driver’s side, sliding in and starting the engine.
Jungkook is silent, which you are grateful for. 
To Be Continued
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Natasha x reader (romantic) and r spending lots of money to buy gifts for nat just because they miss her for 1000 followers celebration plz
A/n: I wasn’t sure if you meant after a break up where r is trying to get her back or they were dating but not in the same place but I decided to go the less angsty route because I’m in the mood for fluff. And I accidentally wrote too much oops.
Three days of you being on a mission and Natasha is officially bored. She didn’t realize how much of her day was taken up by you until you left and she had nothing to do and nothing to look forward to. It should scare her, how much she’s come to rely on you, but right now the only emotion she can feel is loneliness and worry. She doesn’t know much about the mission other than it’s classified and you would be gone for a month. Before you left she tried to pry information out of you but apparently Fury had caught on to the fact that you tell her everything because you were getting briefed for the mission on the plane. 
Tony’s teasing voice brings her out of her thoughts. “Missing Y/n already?”
“No,” she denies despite the fact that she was just thinking about you, “I was just thinking ahead to the dinner with government officials next weekend.”
“So you wouldn’t be interested to know that a package arrived at the compound today addressed to ‘My Tasha’ from Y/n?” he asks, obviously pleased with your use of a nickname.
She scowls at him. “Give it here.”
“I don’t think I-” Tony’s eyes widen in fear when she starts stalking towards him. “What I was trying to say is that I don’t think I have any more time to waste talking to you so here is your package, goodbye.”
He places a small package on the table and leaves the room quickly which Natasha cannot help but be satisfied with. She takes her time opening it, smiling at the wrapping that isn’t quite perfect. Inside she finds a folded piece of paper and a jewelry box. She opens the letter first.
Dear Tasha,
I’m writing this before I leave on the mission so that I can send it but you’re reading this after I’m already gone. I don’t know the exact day that this will arrive but what I do know is that I will already be missing you when you read this. I love you so much and I can’t imagine how hard it will be to stay away from you for a whole month but I know we’ll get through it together.
Love always,
P.S. I hope you like the necklace, I bought myself a matching one (sort of, you’ll get what I mean when you see it).
She smiles at the letter and holds it close to her chest before she realizes she’s acting dangerously close to how the girls in romcoms usually are. Moving onto the necklace she opens the box to find a silver chain with a charm that says your name in delicate cursive. The cheekiness of the gift makes her shake her head, still smiling. Your matching version must be her name. It’s cheesy and possessive and everything she would have hated in the past but it’s you and maybe it’s strange but she likes that she can wear your name and you can wear hers. If the others notice when she starts wearing it around the compound they wisely decide not to comment.
A week later she receives another small gift and letter. You tell her about how the mission is going well so far and you thought of her when you saw the book of Russian jokes so you just had to buy it for her. It’s nice to know that you think of her when you’re in the field because god knows she can’t stop thinking of you.
The gifts keep coming, accompanied with short letters. Each one of them makes her smile, the only disappointment being she can’t respond. The packages increase in frequency when your mission gets extended to two months instead of just one. They’re completely random, some cheap and some expensive and all different types but she appreciates all of them. She doesn’t understand how every single one of them can make her feel so special and she relishes the feeling, unused to being the priority in someone else’s life.
Nothing compares to having you next to her though so when the day finally comes that you’ll return from your mission she is practically vibrating with excitement the entire morning. She keeps it cool in front of the team but as soon as you step off the jet she can’t help herself and runs to wrap her arms around you, pulling you in for a kiss.
“That is quite a welcome.” you say once you pull away.
“I missed you.”
“I missed you too,” you tell her, “although I’m sure you could tell.”
You notice the necklace you gave her as your first gift on her neck and pull back the collar of your shirt so she can see you’re wearing the one with her name. She reaches her hand out to fiddle with it for a second before leaning in to kiss you again. The gifts were nice but having you here is much nicer.
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tenspencerriedplease · 2 years ago
Have a fun high school ABO AU in which Bucky is a tired omega who’s kind of tired of people hitting on him and Tony happens to be the only one who gives him good courting gifts!
Bucky stares into his locker as some random alpha prattles on next to him about shit he doesn’t care about. He sighs and turns to her, “want to know how to lose about fifteen pounds instantly?” he asks and she frowns.
“Uh, sure?” she asks more than states.
“Get into a car accident and lose an arm,” he tells her. It has the desired result of making her give him a confused and also slightly grossed out look as she walks away.
Beside him he hears a snort and he turns to find some other god damn alpha beside him and honestly how many really feel the need to try their luck today? Can’t they take a hint? “Nice. Should have told her to lose her head though. I mean, you’d have to sacrifice the fact that you lost an arm in a car accident once but it’d still be funny. I could make you a new arm though,” the guy says and Bucky laughs.
“I can do without some weird straw arm, thanks.” Its more polite than he feels like being but he’s pretty sure laughing at the guy’s suggestion is harsh enough. Doesn’t seem to fluster him any and Bucky can’t tell if that’s good or bad at the moment.
“It wouldn’t be straw, but that’s cute. Or disturbing, depends on if someone has handed you a straw arm before.” Bucky doesn’t answer and the guy winces. “Fuck, people around here have no idea how to give courting gifts,” he mumbles and he walks off. Bucky frowns because that’s the first time someone else’s weird behavior managed to get someone to leave him be. He doesn’t think too long on it though, content to go to class instead of worrying himself with it.
Tony’s had the design half made for awhile and he figured the gift was original enough to make him not look like a fucking idiot but apparently some other tool bag went and made poor Bucky a straw arm so he automatically looks better in comparison. Still kind of a weird gift but Tony figures if nothing else its practical and he think practicality is a useful thing to consider when gift giving. Also, without knowing Bucky all that well its kind of all he has to go on.
Bucky looks baffled though, but not the same kind of baffled he is when he gets jewelry, which Tony doesn’t get because he’s never seen Bucky wear any jewelry. Rhodey’s always annoyed that no one gets him any jewelry but mostly because he’d pawn it for money so he can buy stuff he actually wants. Probably another model plane not that Tony would ever tell anyone sniffing around for that information that.
“You made me an arm,” he says, sounding more confused than he looks.
Tony has no idea if this is a good or bad reaction. “Um, yeah. Said I would. And its not straw,” he adds, attempting to make a joke but it falls flat.
“Its metal,” Bucky says, ever the astute one.
Yeah, this has gone terribly. Tony shrugs a little, “um. Better building material? I’ll uh, leave you to it,” he tells Bucky before scurrying off.
Rhodey’s face tells him everything he needs to know when he gets back to his own locker space. He settles a hand on Tony’s shoulder, “I mean, you tried man.”
“Guess the good news is that he didn’t quote Charles Manson?” Tony asks more than states but Rhodey looks like he feels even more sorry for him at that.
“Tones, that should probably be a given.”
Okay, maybe that’s a point but Bucky does manage to pull the weirdest quotes from the even more fucked up sources just to get people to give him a break and maybe not getting a weird line from a cult leader is a good thing. But maybe given Rhodey’s pitying look it isn’t an improvement at all.
Bucky has no idea how the arm is doing any of that but holy shit it works mostly like a normal arm. Grasping stuff is a little difficult because he doesn’t know how to control strength given that his flesh arm has limits this one doesn’t but still he didn’t think it was more than a stunt. He only tried it on for shits and giggles.
“Hey,” he says, finding Tony in the back of the library with, of all things, college math texts around him. Bucky frowns, “what’s with the higher curriculum?” he asks.
Tony sighs, shooting a copy of Macbeth an offended look. “Technically I could have graduated high school years ago but English continues to fuck me over. And I need a couple other credits. But I’m good at math so,” he says, gesturing to his math texts.
Bucky mostly sees letters and his last brain cell checks out because fuck that shit. “Uh huh. How’d you get this arm to do these things? Its like its reading my mind,” he says, lifting his hand and looking at it. Freaks him out still when he lifts it because he hasn’t had a left arm in a year and when it shows up in his field of vision he jumps out of surprise.
“It kind of is-” Tony starts but Bucky cuts him off.
“My arm is psychic?” he asks and why did he have to go say that? The one time he manages to not get a shitty gift from someone who wasn’t at all pushy about it and he had to go say something weird.
Tony laughs though, “I... well no, that’s not technically how it works but I’ll spare you the long winded scientific explanation because a psychic arm is more fun.”
Fuck, Bucky doesn’t know what to do here now. He used to be kind of good at this but that car accident fucked him up pretty good and now his best bet is to get people do go away because he doesn’t want to date anyone. Sometimes he missed the dates and courting were fun because now its a hassle for him because of the newfound anxiety.
“Thanks for the arm, it freaks me out when I see it because I forget that I used to have an arm but this is neat,” he says and immediately flees because that is by far the worst reaction he could have spit out.
Sure social media has its drawbacks but Tony did manage to glean a bunch of information from Bucky’s Facebook so there’s that even if he hates Zuckerberg. Still, every troll has its use so when he shows up beside Bucky’s locker he feels relatively confident in himself at least until he gets a fucking death glare. He stops for a moment, glancing behind himself for some stupid reason before making peace with the fact that Bucky was, in fact, glaring at him in particular. “I can go,” he says, waving a hand around.
Thankfully Bucky relaxes and sighs. “Sorry, I’ve had a bad morning,” he says, picking up the fucking ugliest brooch Tony has ever seen with his thumb and forefinger in disgust and holding it up like a totem of annoyance. Which Tony supposes it is.
“Good news Buck, that’s expensive. Faberge. From the looks of it you could probably get a couple grand for that,” he says and Bucky stares at it him like he’s nuts.
“For tis ugly as fuck beetle looking thing?” he asks and Tony shrugs.
“Rich people like ugly shit.” As a rich person he feels he’s qualified to talk on the subject and frankly he doesn’t get the obsession people have with the tackiest stuff. Even his mom has a weird attachment to ugly things.
Bucky looks back to the ugly beetle brooch. “I think you telling me this isn’t a worthless hideous trinket is better than the actual gift,” he says before he tosses it back in his locker. “I assume you come bearing gifts too?” he asks more than states. He looks tired of it and frankly Tony doesn’t blame him, omegas seem to constantly be drown in attention that betas are jealous of and alphas who suck whine about because why do they have to buy all the gifts? Tony might think that has merit if it wasn’t for the fact that alphas started that trend and continue to enforce it with much more attention than any omega does. Actually omegas seem to avoid the attention but the pretty ones don’t get a choice. Hence Bucky.
He moves a little closer and hands Bucky his next gift. Bucky takes the tickets and his eyebrows go up in surprise, “Rocky Horror tickets,” he says, shocked.
“Yeah, uh. The second one is for whoever. Steve I assume. Musicals aren’t my thing,” Tony says. He watched it for reference and honestly Bucky has some... weird taste. Online research tells him its a classic but its definitely not Tony’s taste.
Bucky frowns, “you gave me tickets to a show you don’t even expect me to take you to?” he asks and Tony frowns.
“Is that not normal? I watched the movie but like... I don’t get the appeal. Why would I go to something that doesn’t really interest me when you have friends that you'd probably rather take?” If he got tickets to something he liked he’d take Rhodey over anyone else unless whatever it was interested Pepper more, then he’d take her.
“I... wow okay. Thanks,” Bucky says, smiling down at the tickets.
Rhodey stares across the parking lot and Tony follows his gaze, frowning. “She’s a lesbian, Rhodey,” he tells him. Rhodey turns to give him a dirty look.
“What do you know, Stark?” he asks and Pepper snorts from the other side of the car.
“More than you because he’s right, Carol is clearly gay as hell and in love with Maria. I don’t know if they know it yet though. What do you think?” she asks him and Tony doesn’t know why. He sucks at this stuff.
“I think Carol knows, but Maria is clueless.”
Pepper nods, looking back over to them talking together. Carol has her head thrown back, laughing at something Maria has said. “You guys are wrong,” he tells them but he has no confidence in his voice so Tony knows Rhodey knows that he and Pepper are right. “So how’s the Bucky thing going?” he asks instead, changing the subject. Pepper looks interested too and Tony shrugs.
“I assume okay. I haven’t found any of my stuff in the garbage so that’s nice.” Pretty sure that brooch would have ended up in the trash if Tony hadn’t told him  it was worth money.
“You gave him an arm, how’s he supposed to throw that out?” Rhodey asks and Tony squints.
“Trash cans can hold arms, Rhodey. Serial killers occasionally leave them in there.” Rhodey rolls his eyes at him and that’s fucking rude, Tony’s right and they all know it.
“Well that’s good news! The not throwing out your gifts thing, not the serial killer arm thing obviously” Pepper adds when she realizes how that sounds. “Maybe if he agrees to a date you’ll shut up about him.”
Tony gives her a dirty look because he doesn't even talk about Bucky that much. “Yeah, you’re always on about him,” Rhodey says, happy to latch on to anyone but him being made fun of. Tony gives him a dirty look too. “Don’t look at us like that, its not our fault you never stop talking about him.”
“I don’t talk about him that much,” Tony mumbles.
Bucky starts looking forward to Tony’s gifts because they’re always something that Bucky would like, not something shiny, or something his suitor would like but he doesn’t care about. The gifts show that Tony pays attention to what he says given that he mentioned liking Harley Quinn once and Tony got him a bunch of comics about her. Better than any of the other stuff he got anyway and even if he spends a lot, and Bucky is sure he does, he’s not showy about it. Or pushy and Bucky is especially fond of that.
Some alphas, they go out of their way to give people who didn’t ask for them gifts and then get mad when omegas don’t respond the way they like. Tony clearly wants his affections, but he never really pushes it. So when Tony hands him a gift card to a book store Bucky calls him back. “How do you know I read?” he asks and Tony snorts.
“There’s at least three new books in your locker every week. Usually on cults or serial killers and you have weird interests. Was gunna grab a book on something you read about, but then I realized I have no idea what you’ve already read and you obviously have that information so I figured a gift card might be more useful to you than my stab in the dark.”
A gift card would be more useful to him. Tony isn’t exactly wrong about that, but the fact that he knows anything at all about Bucky’s interests is surprising in its own right. “Do you have any plans tonight?” he asks and Tony smiles brightly for a moment before ehe pulls back a little.
“Not really. I mean I was probably going to watch Star Wars for the millionth time but other than that, no.”
“I’ve never seen Star Wars,” Bucky admits and he laughs when Tony appears to short circuit. “What? I have better things to do. I watch a lot of documentaries,” he says in his own defense.
“Okay but like. Star Wars,” Tony says meaningfully.
Bucky shakes his head, smiling. “Fine, since you’ve taken such an interest in what I like I’ll watch Star Wars with you but be warned that I don’t trust people who give me bad movie recommendations.”
“Star Wars is great, you’ll love it if for no other reason than weird looking aliens and totally cheesy graphics compared to what people can do now.”
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