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@fgfluidity I definitely have a bank of random information about the 20s lol. The urge to be correct just randomly hits me. Most of the time I’m like “I’ll say what I say and oh well if it’s wrong” and then other times it’s “Wait I can’t write this scene until I know the date grilled cheese came into existence”

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i do feel like theres a lot of sub plots that gotta tie in together in SOME way for them to not feel completely out of place so im happy, actually, that wilbur is going the villain route and dream is funding it bc it makes eret’s redemption and tubbo and fundy’s dreamon hunter bit feel less like theyre floating around in their own bubble (assuming fundy and tubbo bring the dreamon thing into the “main story”. mb pushing that dream has quote unquote corrupted/possessed wilbur)

theyve formed this new habit of idk.. picking up new stories and roleplays after the sad-ist war animatic came out. like theres a noticeable difference in how some of them deliver lines and the music they play and the general way they act (like theres more effort to make it classically interesting) its fascinating to me but not surprising. i personally dont care for bits or the plot so i spend a lot of time a little annoyed like “oh theyve added another sub plot? okay sure 🙄” but like.. a lot of the bits are cool! i just think sometimes theyre doin a little much and it starts becoming overwhelming to ppl who dont keep up with it constantly

anyway.. evil wilbur is great

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i literally just realized how many wips/story concepts i have. it’s 9. NINE. some have only plans and some have only concepts, but some have literally thousands of words behind them. i am making a post to try to hold myself accountable and also get my head on straight, since i haven’t managed to publish anything since the very start of august. (which is to say, unless you are dying to know what’s sitting in my unfinished scrivener drafts, you can keep scrolling!)

oldest to newest:

nowhere to go: sequel to all cooped up, and basically was going to be yenskier pwp until i realized i have no idea how to write an explicit sex scene, much less one that’s pwp. benched indefinitely.

these restless feet: aka “oxenfurt tryst” aka “monster of the week” aka “julian is about to hit the road to become jaskier when tragedy strikes and he stays in academia instead, while having anxiety and regrets, but he and geralt find each other anyway–just a little later than they would have otherwise” aka “this was supposed to be a character study and it grew plot”. the original draft of this has 20k words, but i thought it had too many ocs so i reworked it and got 6k words in, then i still didn’t feel right about it so i tried AGAIN and got like 4k words in. this has seen so many lives idek what’s going on with it anymore but i care deeply about a lot of the scenes and would love to get my shit together and finish it.

omnia mutantur: jaskier has the djinn wishes and accidentally wishes geralt human. didn’t make it far into this one but what i have is kinda cute.

deja reve: has one line in the file: “jaskier gets visions from destiny.” that’s it. that’s all i had but i made a file for it and titled it. ????

passerine: PLOT CITY. this one is about jaskier having to go undercover with the nilfgaardian army post-s1 because i WANTED IT and for no other logical reason. i OUTLINED this shit. god, there’s so much plot. no one wants to read this. i wrote 6700 words before i lost steam.

zombie au: no working title, weirdly enough. this fucking beast is sitting around 26k words and is not yet ¾ done. in which there’s been a zombie apocalypse, geralt’s life got torn apart, his relationship with yen is complicated at best and fraught at worst, ciri has been missing for five years, and he’s just suffered another major loss. when he gets a lead on where ciri might be, he sets out to find her, and comes across a very obnoxious man in the woods who won’t leave him alone. what comes next will not surprise you in the slightest. (i am most likely to finish this. at least i hope i am. i am DETERMINED.) (WHY DO I KEEP WRITING THINGS WITH PLOT THAT’S WHY I NEVER FINISH ANYTHING)

wishing well: jaskier character study. he makes a wish at lettenhove in a funny looking pool and then he spends his life both chasing and running from his deepest desires. sitting at around 3k, will probably be 5kish when done (i’m actually sort of working on this rn!! low pressure!)

vassar au: aka i subject my liberal arts education experiences on the cast of the witcher. would be serialized, probably. i did nothing but come up with a list of stupid shit that happened while i was in undergrad that i could turn into dumb fic scenes. DO want to write this.

then there is one untitled file at the end that just says “jaskier falls for his friend ciri’s dad.” i made this because i came across a fic with this concept and read it and it was good but ended up not being what my brain Wanted when i read the concept. so i made a file to hold the concept in case i ever write it.

anyway there’s my pile of shame. good day to you all. WISH ME LUCK.

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i hate how almost every like… popular lesbian romance is buried three seasons into a boring ass show. and honestly i would prefer it if we could have like… female main characters who have tense relationships with their female friends or just close relationships and that main female character doesn’t date any men. which is like,,,, not something that happens. like a male main character can not date (or at least not have any serious or long lasting relationships) and it’s fine. a female main character ultmately HAS to have a male love interest so you don’t get the opportunities for f/f pairings/ships that you do for like like m/m ships. like i can’t help but be jealous of all the dumb m/m pairings that are all over the internet and wish that i could have something like that but the reality is that female characters don’t get to exist independently of men Ever. and honestly this is less of a lesbian representation thing and more of a How Woman Are Portrayed in Media thing because im not even wanting for explicit representation im wanting for like…. a woman who doesn’t have a clear love interest and instead her friendships and contention with other characters was what people care about the most

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