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#and will be continuing to think about it!
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Tessa to Maryse
Dear Maryse,
As one mother to another, I’m writing to you for advice. It’s been many many years since I was raising children, and when I say many years, I mean more than a century. And now I find myself in that position again. Although we have not talked frequently, I have often thought what a wonderful mother you must have been and continue to be. After all, your children have turned out so wonderfully. Isabelle is so brave, Alec such a leader, and Jace, well, I can only tell you that I know what an excellent example of a Herondale is, and he is one.
I also know that you have experienced profound loss and grief, and that you understand it.
I am writing to you about Kit. He too is a Herondale, and I believe that he will be an excellent example of one as well. But like all Herondale men (and the girls, too, believe me I know!) he is very private and secretive. On the whole Jem and I wish nothing but to respect his privacy. But when comes the time when worry requires one, as a parent, to intervene?
A few nights ago after dinner I stopped by Kit’s room to give him his phone (he is forever losing it and leaving it somewhere!), and I found that he was not there. Glancing out the window, I could see him outside, standing in our front garden. He had his back to me and appeared to be staring off into the distance, but I could tell by the way he was standing and the movements of his shoulders that he was agitated. Concerned, I followed him outside. I came up behind him quietly, not wanting to startle him. Perhaps I came too quietly. I realized immediately that he was talking to a ghost—I’ve had experiences of such things before. As is always the case in this kind of situation, I could hear only his side of the conversation.
Kit said, “If you keep trying to talk to me about this, I’m not going to be able to see you anymore.” Then he said, “Of course I believe in forgiveness. But some things are so terrible that you never want to revisit them.” There was a long pause. I thought maybe it was over. And then he said, “Don’t you understand? Everytime you bring him up, it tears another piece out of my heart.” Then he turned around, and of course saw me, standing on the path outside the house. He didn’t say anything, just gave me a sort of betrayed look and ran inside.
The next day of course he just pretended that nothing had happened. I just don’t know what to do. Should I leave him alone to work through this on his own? I always figured there must be ghosts at Cirenworth—Kit has informed me that there is a ghost dog that he plays with sometimes, a retriever I think —but I can’t imagine any of them as malicious or hurtful. And indeed it didn't sound as though he were afraid of the ghost, but as though the ghost brought back dark memories of his past. Perhaps of his father? I just don’t know what to do. Jem thinks we should let him work it out on his own, as he is a teenager, but then I remember my first two children, when they were teenagers, how there were times when they did need my help. (I am very much hoping that Kit is not having a tempestuous affair with a ghost, as I’m not sure I could go through that again.)
It’s keeping me up nights worrying. If there’s any advice that you have, I’d love to hear it.
I’m enclosing a picture of Jace and Clary with Kit and Mina, last time they visited. They look so happy!
Tumblr media
All best,
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headspace-hotel · 2 days ago
Do you actually understand what radfems believe? I don't think you do (and no, vague callout posts don't count)
*record scratch*
This is the point where you benevolently instruct me on what radical feminism "really" is, invoking a no-true-scotsman fallacy for the vast majority of radical feminists I have encountered, educating me into a benevolent version of radical feminism that is "just" about recognizing women as an oppressed class, "just" acknowledging biology, "just" about protecting the lesbians that are under imminent threat of being raped by men that use trans inclusive legislation to "access women's spaces."
At which point I am supposed to go, "Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, and I guess the whole TERF thing is piggybacking on a long trend of people hating feminism for no reason!"
Unfortunately for you, you're not the first person to try this, nor am I unfamiliar with the so called Radical Feminists, and I know that what probably appears and feels like innocent and important critical thought is the mouth of a deep pit with hateful bigotry, batshit assumptions, and oppressive, restrictive bio-essentialism at the bottom of it.
You possess only benevolent concern for trans men, until you start calling recipients of mastectomies and hysterectomies "ruined" and "mutilated." You just want to stop abuse, until a woman is alleged to be an abuser, and this doesn't seem possible to you. You just want to acknowledge the reality of biology, until a person born with two X chromosomes and a vagina and labia who also has facial hair and a deep voice wants to use the bathroom, and it feels to you like she shouldn't.
The radfem understanding of "biology" and its importance is wrong. There is no need to "affirm" or "deny" biology. It just is. No matter what your opinion on the nature of intersex conditions, a strict biological sex binary in human bodies objectively does not exist. We are talking about science. There is no "should."
To consider the conditions necessary for reproduction, or anything that is evolutionarily advantageous, as a moral imperative is bonkers. It is not "better" to conform more to a sex binary. God is not watching. My uterus does not "make" me a woman because it's not "for" anything. I potentially CAN become pregnant but biology does not "want" me to, evolution has not made me "for" being a woman, evolution does not think or want or intend ANYTHING. Categorizing people based on which size gametes they could produce under ideal circumstances is 100% a choice.
To judge human reproductive biology as a moral ideal is survivorship bias; yes, we "have to" have "biological sexes" (which really doesnt mean anything outside of having differentiated gametes) to cOnTiNuE aS a SpEcIeS. No, this does not mean that everyone does fall into one of two categories, or that everyone should, or that we should care about the consequences if we don't. "Humans have two sexes except for disorders" is not the objective statement you think it is. On a cosmological scale, life itself is an anomalous disruption of equilibrium. We are disorder.
Y'all are like 4% away from being far-right evangelicals in MANY of your ideas. When you assert that trans men only "identify" as men because they're unhappy and you're only benevolently concerned about them, you're repeating something that homophobic fundamentalists very much do say about lesbians (and the most threatening thing about lesbians to these fundamentalists is their gender non-conformity!) The same group of people cites human reproductive biology as evidence that no one is "really" gay.
And of course, if you take producing eggs as both the fundamental defining quality of a woman and as more sacred or defining than anything else, and you feel entitled to the bodies of trans men to the extent that you think you have any say at all in what medical procedures they do or don't have, you fundamentally don't support reproductive rights. You don't support the rights of women to their own bodies, you don't support the rights of men to their own bodies, and there are indeed many self-identifying "pro-life radfems," who have taken this idea to its logical conclusion.
Do not do this. Stop. Your ideas about trans people are repugnant, don't get me wrong, but fundamentally this stuff hurts everyone. I would not be a "radfem" even if it wasn't for the bigotry toward trans people. The whole ideology is ass backwards. And it is stuffed to the brim with people who are willing to hurt anyone, even those they are supposedly defending, in order to hurt the people they hate.
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aliteralchicken · 2 days ago
Au where tim is batgirl and steph is robin. Yes, he knows it says batgirl. No, he doesn't care what you think.
While we’re on this, batgirl Tim from bombshells and Robin Steph from world without young justice my beloved:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bruce: there is no more robin
13 year old Tim: okay, I won’t be Robin
Alfred already seeing where this is about to go:
Bruce: I’ve already agreed to train you Tim, you can be robin if you want
Tim, already doodling a batgirl suit: I‘m good
Bruce: you can’t continue to be spoiler
Steph: I’m noticing a free space though
Kon: so you’re…batgirl?
Tim: you got a problem with that?
Kon, who’s not sure if he’s experiencing a gender crisis or a sexuality crisis:…no?
Steph: robin and batgirl :)
Tim: the dynamic duo :)
Bruce: that’s not-
Babs: hell yeah they are!
Tim: I heard one of my classmates described Robin and Batgirl as ‘a spectrum of gender envy’
Steph: that’s all I’ve ever wanted to be
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theeretblr · 4 hours ago
Would you consider elaborating on c!Eret and c!Quackity’s relationship? I know the characters were engaged at some point, but I still see a lot of people talking about them and was wondering what’s up with them
I honestly forgot about this, but I've been seeing a lot of people bring it up, especially recently. I'm pretty sure it was honestly just a passing funny bit and not intended as anything much more than that (sorry to those who were invested in it though).
From the clip I saw from over a year ago, I had put pink wool in every chest on the DSMP that was named "You Matter - Eret ♥︎". I think Quackity found one, assumed it was the only one and meant for him like a love letter. I was very confused about all of that lol
Separately, I don't remember exactly as it was over a year ago now, but I think Karl, Quackity, myself and maybe someone else (sapnap? Schlatt?) once did a bit in Karl's Harry Potter house where we were all getting married and breaking up and stuff. Wasn't intended as canon, but some parts were pretty funny, so I think some of them ran with the bit for a while after (I think Karl, Quackity, and Sapnap had their whole thing for a while before that too, I was just there and got involved in the bit)
In early SMP days, it was like 90% improv, so I understand the want to read into things, but a lot of it was just stuff we came up with on the spot with little intention of continuing after the bit was done.
I know this might be sad to hear for those that were invested in this particular "arc" (if you can even call it that) but I doubt that it will being picked up again any time in the near future, if at all.
I really appreciate the enthusiasm though and AU-wise it's an interesting concept, but I would not say it's 100% canon in the SMP. It happened, but is not likely to impact character decisions in the future if that's what your concern is. <3
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matt-murdok · a day ago
thinking again how brennan lee mulligan continually says that religion is beautiful when it's about the meaning each individual finds in their beliefs, when it's a celebration of faith and doubt and love and finding peace with who you are but also keeps saying that religion is damaging and to be left behind when it's used as a tool to control and break and judge and he says these things through silly fantasy characters including a lesbian werewolf and a broccoli pope
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kingkatsuki · 2 days ago
I’ve got sugar daddy Bakugou on my mind. Just him trying to convince you to let him take care of you. All you have to do is be at his beck and call. He’ll pay for whatever you want. He’s got that big hero money. Get you a nice apartment, pay for school or help your small business. Wanna go have a girls weekend at the beach? Sure just send him pics of you in that cute swimsuit he bought you. All you have to do is let him dress you up for every stupid hero event and scream as loud as possible when he fucks you in one of the empty rooms. If he’s had a long day maybe rub his scalp with those nails he paid for while you warm his cock.
I love that so much, Pro-Hero Bakugou doesn’t have the time to commit to a full time relationship so this kind of arrangement suits him perfectly. It’s just enough to keep his PR team off his back and it quenches the medias thirst for a story about why he’s been single for so long and the rumours that fly around about secret relationships. All it takes is a few interviews (paid of course) to the biggest magazines and it’s enough to keep them off his back until the next social engagement. The few interviews where he talks about you have the internet in a flurry about how they can tell how much he loves you with the look in his eyes when he talks about you, and how perfect you both look together. The mean comments dull in comparison, with bitter fans calling you a gold digger, or saying you’re too young for him.
Of course, Bakugou acts like you don’t see these interviews or comments, that you don’t know about them- but you do. You can’t help the ridiculous smile that graces your features whenever you read them or watch him talk about you. Neither of you had ever said the proper “I love yous” outside of the quick “love you” you’d send him whenever he’d buy you a cute new necklace or pay for your morning coffee. The importance you put in it being him that picked what colour your nails would be for this session because they would be wrapped around his cock. Showing him the shortlist of colours for him to pick from, sometimes he’d request his own shade, wanting to see you in his hero colours. That silent show of possession over you, he knew other men were looking at you- who wouldn’t? But you were his, at least for now. Smirking when you’d send him the finished product and see his hero colours staring back at him. His cock throbbing between his thighs at the thought of them wrapped around him.
It was something Bakugou didn’t realise he was missing in his life until he sought you out. Getting those texts from you first thing in the morning or late at night that showed you were thinking about him, texts throughout the day with selfies or pictures of you in cute outfits that had him smiling as he sat behind his desk at work, or even funny memes you found that you thought he would appreciate. It was never supposed to be anything serious, but soon the thought of losing you hurt more than anything else. It was something that continued to keep him up at night, even when you slept so soundly beside him. Your head against his muscular pec, even though his body had rounded out in his older years, the skin marred with scars of war and messy blond hairs, he was still in pretty good shape. Bakugou didn’t ever want to think of not having you in his life anymore.
What if you finally got bored of the money and no longer had to pay your bills/tuition? What if you wanted to find a proper relationship and you gave all of this up? What if he’d never see you again? These thoughts were on a constant circle in his mind— thoughts that a few years ago wouldn’t have even phased him? But now they did. And it was all because of you.
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gayarsonist · a day ago
ok but the stuff you wrote about revenge.....holy shit
thank you! i have a lot of beef with the often very black and white, moralizing portrayals of revenge as a concept in fiction, but not because i think seeking revenge is necessarily a good thing. i think that wanting revenge can be a massive obstacle to growth and healing, actually. but so often (not always!) it's very much shown as a thing that Bad or Morally Compromised people want and do, and not... yknow, a human response to suffering (which is a reason why i like hamlet, which is a very human, realistic portrayal of what seeking revenge does to you in my opinion). so it was important to me to develop a curse that specifically affects people who, when they find themselves dissatisfied by the act of seeking revenge (whether along the way or after the act), continue to pursue further acts of violence and anger for the wrong reasons - because they believe that their pain justifies it and that what matters is the act itself, but not the reasons for doing it. if someone seeks revenge and fails to achieve what they wanted out of it and then accepts this, and looks for other ways to move on, they'll be in no danger of suffering from the curse! it's also very much a curse that affects people who receive no help from others who care. it's what happens to people who either had nobody to support them, or ignored those who tried.
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erodasfishtacos · 2 days ago
yn calls harry just because and he misses the call and he calls her like freaking out and they just talk and it ends in harry getting emotional. or something along the lines of that you are better than me hahahah
also yn calling harry bunny because it makes my heart melt
Harry was normally the one to call, just because of the mere fact that he would get to it before her and the calls were still sometimes hourly depending on how busy he was.
YN couldn’t lie and say she wasn’t a bit anxious when it’d been hours and she hadn’t heard anything from him - nasty thoughts swirling in.
Did he forget about me?
Is he having a better time without me?
She finds herself pressing his contact and holding the phone to her ear for it to ring and ring and ring until it hits a robotic voicemail.
YN scrubs a hand over her face, she is just being dramatic but it’s scary, she’s used to being with him nearly 24/7 so she always knows where he’s at and what he’s doing because she was normally there with him.
Her anxiety gets the best of her and she calls one more time but to the same result and she tosses her phone on the bed next to her with an annoyed huff.
It’s nearly two hours later when her phone is buzzing with an incoming call - Bunny 🐰.
She lets of ring for a moment before answering, taking a deep inhale and saying, “Hello?”
YN hears background noise, like he’s at a friends house - not loud enough to be a party or a bar but something was going on.
“Hi baby, I’m so sorry I missed your call,” Harry replies quickly, obediently like he still owes her anything when she broke his heart.
She laughs a bit bitterly, “It’s not like you even have to answer. I was just-“
I was just calling to make sure you didn’t forget about me.
“What do you mean? I’ll always answer for you, love of my lif-“ Harry cuts off like he realizing he shouldn’t say that because someone is around - Tara, because he has no problem still confessing his love when he’s alone.
“Enjoy your party. Call me later, okay?” YN regrets calling because now she feels her throat tightening with tears.
“Wait, I -“
But she hangs up, it wasn’t kind and Harry hadn’t done anything wrong but god, she missed him so much.
Her heart drops further into her stomach when he doesn’t call back like he normally would - it’s not like she can blame him though.
It’s about forty-five minutes later when another phone call comes in from him and relief floods through her body.
“Hello?” She’s a bit sheepish because of how childish she had been not even an hour prior but an apology was edged in her throat.
“Don’t hang up on me,” His tone is terse, a bit irritated as he adds, “I don’t know why you’re being sour w’me.”
“I’m not,” YN replies stubbornly, didn’t want to admit she was in the wrong.
Harry didn’t seem in the mood to play games, gruff as he replies, “Tell me why you did that.”
“I don’t-“
“Tell me,” He insists, knowing she about to give a half-ass excuse that isn’t truthful.
“You we’re going to call me the love of your life,” YN mutters quietly, “And then you stopped because Tara was there.”
YN hears Harry inhale through his nose, trying to contain his anger and channel his calmer side, “Tara wasn’t even there. Jeff was trying to get my attention.”
“You think I wouldn’t say that in front of her? S’not a fucking secret. Been with you since I was sixteen,” Harry grits out, “God, she asked me the other day if I still had feelings for you.”
It’s quite.
He continues, speaking precisely and clearly, “I told her to not ask me questions she didn’t want the honest answer to because my feelings have only gotten stronger.”
“I’m sorry. I just miss you, Bunny,” YN sniffles, unable to hold back the tears.
“Oh darling, don’t cry. Please don’t. I just want you back with me. We aren’t meant to be apart like this,” Harry croaks out.
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jeontaeil · 2 days ago
pairing: bff!jay x fem!reader
genre: smut, blowjob, face fucking, unprotected sex
words: 2.5k+
warnings: 18+ content, read at your own discretion
summary: after finding out that your best friend has a huge cock you can't help but want a taste
"hey jay, is it weird if i ask you how big your dick is?"
you were only asking out of general curiosity. knowing how big (or small) his penis was wasn't going to change the way you thought about him (or so you thought).
he slowly turned around to face you, giving you the most judgmental look ever. "why the fuck do you want to know that?" he asked, sounding slightly offended. you shrugged nonchalantly. "i don't really have a reason. i just wanna know."
he continued staring at you incredulously, shaking his head in disappointment. "you don't have to tell me if you're not comfortable with that. i'll just speculate," you added, but only to seem less eager. "speculate all you want, the only hint i'll give is that it's not small," he said before returning back to his computer games.
the fact that he wasn't ready to tell you made you feel like he was on the smaller side. but after considering what he said about not being small, you figured he was probably a little above average. a little while later you realized that mere speculation wasn't going to satisfy your curiosity. you needed confirmation.
"i bet you're five inches at least," you announced triumphantly. this time he turned around abruptly, looking even more offended than before. "bitch please, i'm not that pathetic," he said, scoffing in disbelief. "are you insinuating that people with small dicks are pathetic?" you countered, just to be cheeky, a devilish grin plastered on your face. "what? no!” he stammered defensively, “i'm just saying, five inches is barely half my size."
you were the one to scoff this time. "there's no fucking way you've got a foot long cock." jay paused for a moment, rethinking his words. "okay maybe it's not a foot long, but it's definitely big." you furrowed your brows. "big as in 'fat' or big as in 'long'."
"both," he confirmed without hesitation. you didn't believe him. if he had a big dick he would have said so when you first asked. after all, guys with big dicks were never shy when it came to boasting about them.
sensing that something was off, jay held a hand up, halting your chain of thought. "i'm not bullshitting you by the way." narrowing your eyes, you stared directly at his crotch. "stop looking at my dick." he said, covering himself with his hands.
"it doesn't even look that big." you observed. "i'm a grower," he rebutted. "i won't believe it till i see it."
"but i can't show you!"
"well i mean, you totally can. it's not like i've never flashed you on accident before."
jay groaned and rubbed his face in despair. he couldn’t believe he was having this conversation with you. "yes,” he agreed, “but you did that on accident. i can't just purposely show you my dick so you can see how big it is. that's kinda fucked up y/n."
"it's only fucked up if you make it fucked up. besides, i'm not obligating you to give me proof. i'm just saying that i won't believe you've got a big dick if i haven't seen it.” jay was baffled. he didn't want to show you how big his dick was but he also didn't want you thinking it was small because for some reason, he felt like it impacted his dignity. "fine. i'll let you see. but only a peek and you can't tell anyone about this." he was partially giving in to your demands out of defeat but he also wanted to show you that he wasn't a liar. you nodded indifferently and gestured to his crotch. "release the schlong."
jay stood up and took a deep breath before hooking his thumbs into his pants and pulling them down along with his underwear. what you saw was a good six or seven inches. "holy motherfucking shit, are you telling me that grows?" he nodded, looking down at his cock. "i told you i'm packing." you snickered and sat up on his bed, unable to take your eyes off of him. "wait jay, that's actually so amazing. why do i feel so proud?” jay shrugged and pulled his pants back up, making you frown. "next time, just believe me when i tell you something."
both of you were in disbelief, him because he'd just shown his best friend his dick and you because your best friend had an incredibly massive cock. jay's penis was so ridiculously big you were having a difficult time processing it. not that you needed to or anything, but it was just really fucking with your brain. "hey jay," you called out to him, eyes still dramatically blown wide. "what is it now?" he asked, uninterested. "umm, do you know how to use that thing?"
"use what thing?"
"your dick."
this was the third time he was turning around and he looked furious. "what the fuck kind of question is that? do i need to use it on you just to prove it?" your jaw dropped at his words. "what did you just say?" jay covered his mouth, equally surprised. "i- uh," he was trying to come up with an excuse but nothing came to him. scratching your head, you looked around awkwardly. "i mean you always could. i'd definitely love to give it a taste." jay cringed. "are you kidding me? you cannot be serious." when you didn't indicate otherwise, jay tensed up. "oh."
"let me just clarify, it's not cause i'm into you or anything like that. i've just never seen such a big dick, let alone been fucked with one. we've done some pretty questionable stuff before- for friends at least. considering that, would this really be that weird?" the fact that you were trying to convince him to give in was just proof of how down bad you were. the sight had made your mouth water and while that wasn't sitting right with you, it also wasn't too concerning since you weren't thinking differently of jay.
"and you promise it won't make things weird for us?" he asked, seeming to consider it. trying not to act surprised, you nodded eagerly. jay huffed and switched off his computer. "fine, but i'm only doing this out of pity for you." getting out of his chair, he walked up to you and cupped your jaw. he then paused for a moment, unsure of what to do. “i’m not gonna kiss you. that would be weird,” he said, more to himself than to you. you dropped your legs over the edge of the bed and looked up at him. “how ‘bout i just suck your dick and then you can fuck me until you cum?”
jay was amazed at how casual you were being. that could not be him. he didn’t have a better suggestion so he nodded and handed the reins over to you. you hooked your fingers in his pants and tugged them down along with his boxers. not wanting to waste time beating around the bush and acknowledging the lack of sexual tension in the room (despite the fact that you were about to have sex), you grabbed his cock (which was a fistful for you) and slowly stroked it. jay didn’t react at first, but when you released a ball of spit onto his tip and spread it around his girth, he let out a long breath. as you continued to drag your palm over his cock, you lowered your mouth to his tip and experimentally licked it. glancing up at him, you noticed he was looking away. jay was really enjoying what he was feeling. but the fact that it was all stemming from you was enough to distract him from the pleasure.
after circling your tongue around his tip a few times, you opened your mouth and took about an inch of him in. it was barely anything but you knew that with a little more, there’d be no more space left in your mouth. carefully bobbing your head up and down, you made sure to run your tongue over him. jay groaned and did something unexpected. holding the back of your head with one hand and the base of his cock with the other, he pushed your head down even further along his cock until his tip hit the back of your throat. your mouth was stretched open so wide that your jaw began straining. giving you some time to adjust, he slowly began pushing his hips in and out of your mouth. i didn’t take you too long to figure out that he was gonna fuck your face. needing to catch your breath, you held his thighs and pulled away. “do you always do this?” you asked through heavy breaths. “well, when someone’s barely trying, sometimes i have to step in and do it for them,” he said, pushing your mouth back down on his cock before you could reprimand him.
even with him maneuvering you over his cock, you still couldn’t take him in all the way. jay let go of his base, allowing you to grip onto it so you could continue pumping it while he used your mouth to suck himself off. everytime his tip brushed against the back of your throat you had to suppress the urge to gag. he gradually began going faster. the insides of your lips started feeling numb. your saliva was slipping out of your mouth and dribbling down your chin. it was so messy and it seemed like jay liked it that way. you still felt short of breath and your eyes were starting to tear up because of it. jay held your head down for a few seconds, forcing you to helplessly run your tongue this way and that. he groaned, this time in satisfaction and returned to bucking his hips into your jaw. he accidentally thrust a little too deep and the back of your throat convulsed around his tip. you panicked and squeezed his base, thinking you were going to regurgitate on the spot. luckily you didn’t. jay hissed and kept going, making the mistake a few more times- intentionally or unintentionally, you would never know.
a little while later, the one silent jay began letting out deep grunts as he rut his hips into your mouth. you could tell he was close and a part of you was relieved because you felt like your jaw was going to fall off if you kept it open any longer. at this point your cheeks were stained with tears. jay was holding both sides of your head for maximum control. with a final snap of his hips, you felt his cock twitch against your tongue and a few seconds later, his seed spurted out into your mouth.
it was kind of salty, a little unpleasant but undeniably rewarding. once he’d completely emptied himself, he pulled his cock out of your mouth, staring at your lips intently. “swallow all of it,” he said, noticing the way you were just holding his cum in your mouth. he didn’t look like he’d be fond of repeating himself so you gulped it all down, wiping your damp cheeks and chin once you were done.
“are we going all the way?” you asked, noticing how raspy your voice had become. jay shrugged. “you could barely fit me in your mouth. are you sure you’ll be able to take me?”
“well, i guess we won’t know until we find out.”
without a warning, jay pushed you down on the mattress and slipped your leggings off. he raised a brow after noticing your lack of panties and quickly spread your legs. of course you were completely drenched. he was pleased to see it. “you’re on the pill right?” he confirmed as he held his tip to your walls. you nodded and he steadily pushed his cock into you. if you weren’t able to tell before, you surely were able to now. jay’s cock was humongous. the way it stretched you out stole your breath away. “looks like i’ve been proved wrong,” he said, completely bottoming out. his tip was already brushing against your g-spot. you had no idea how you were gonna get through this in one piece. after placing his large palms on either side of your head, jay started thrusting into you at a steady pace. he was going slow enough for you to be able to feel his each and every movement, and fast enough to leave you a moaning mess. for a moment you forgot this was your best friend fucking you. jay was so good at doing what he was. you couldn’t recall a time when you’d had such good sex before. feeling his hot breaths against your ear made you crane your neck to the side. jay’s thrusts were long and full, so very satisfying. you shut your eyes and lost yourself in the pleasure. the sound of skin slapping against skin mixed with your moans filled the room. there really was no mercy for your throat or jaw.
jay threw one of your legs over his shoulder so that he could pound deeper into you. you couldn’t contain the sharp scream that left your mouth at that moment. he was literally abusing your walls at this point. the fact that he was still going strong despite having cummed a few minutes ago was freaking you out. his stamina was unreal. after a little while, jay started going even faster. he pushed himself up, hovering over you. you glanced down between your legs, watching his cock disappear in and out of you. gripping the sheets on either side of you, you threw your head back, mind reeling in ecstasy. you could feel a familiar knot building in the pit of your stomach. it had been so long since someone else had made you feel that way. now you were desperate to cum. a part of you felt like jay could somehow sense that you were close, because started fucking you harder.
what happened after that was just complete sorcery. it felt like he was pounding into you for hours and mere seconds at the same time. by the time you finally came it really felt like it was far too soon, even though he’d been working up to it for quite a while. the orgasm he sent you into was so strong it had you seeing white. you arched your back as arousal gushed down your walls. jay kept going, maintaining his fiery pace, now chasing his own high. with another snap of his hips, he speedily pulled out of you and jerked himself off atop your abdomen, soon enough painting it white.
“i hope you’re satisfied now,” he said, passing you a tissue from his bedside table. you were still in awe of everything that had happened. “does this change our relationship now?” you asked, not understanding how things would not be awkward after an occurrence such as this one. jay raised his brows. “you said so yourself that it wouldn’t.” staring off into the distance, you shrugged unsurely. “yeah, i’m not so sure about that now.”
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florashing · a day ago
pillow princess | dreamwastaken.
You're used to your boyfriend making lighthearted jokes about you, but one of the things Dream has never joked about before is your performance in bed – let alone in front of thousands of people. The comment got stuck in your head even though you weren't offended by it, and your petty side was just begging to prove your boyfriend wrong.
Dream, female reader.
WARNINGS: smut, use of Dream’s real name, dirty talk, very little spanking, unprotected sex.
Author’s note: everyone has been so lovely to me in this commuinty, thank you so much for all the love you've been showing my work! hope you enjoy <3
If you weren't this infatuated with Dream you would punch him in the face for wheezing so fucking loud right next to your ear. You were sitting between his thighs on his gaming chair, playing Geoguessr to entertain his audience on Discord Podcast. This was fairly new to both of you – you've been dating for a little over a year but he hasn't started mentioning you on stream until a couple months ago. This was only the third time you were having direct contact with his audience besides other two streams he played Bedwars with you and a couple of his friends. Casually hanging out with his audience like this felt very weirdly intimate for some reason – just the two of you and his thousands of fans. It made you feel like this was his way of showing you this is going to last, he's not letting go of you anytime soon. This is him showing the world you're his.
“Oh, come on. I hate when this happens.” Your camera spawned in the middle of what seemed to be a art gallery, an exhibition of some sort. “How are we supposed to figure out where the hell this is?”
“We gotta figure out what language they speak. Let's look around for a sign or something.” You press your back further into his chest as he replies, relishing on his warmth and the sound of his voice surrounding you. Dream's lap was your favourite seat.
He clicked away through the gallery, giggling when the camera panned quickly past an interesting part of the exhibition.
“Dream, turn around! This stuff is R-rated!” He keeps giggling behind you, not really worrying about TOS since he's streaming on Discord.
The boy scans through most stuff quickly, but zooms in the plaque of a piece that you can't quite understand by the name “Pillow Princess”.
“That's you.” He says, then moves the piece out of the camera view – as if running away from it. You support your palms on his thighs, immediately turning around to his face, finding his cheeks red from how much he's laughing. Your mouth is hanging open, corners of your lips curving against your will. “I'm kidding, I'm just joking!” He laughs again.
“What the hell is wrong with you?!” You laugh. “Why would you say that on stream?! You're such a fucking asshole, oh my God.” You scoff as you shake your head, turning your gaze back to the computer screen and clicking away, going back to the area where you spawned. Your boyfriend hugged you tightly, hiding his face on your neck. You could feel the vibration of his giggles on your back, his breath tickling your neck.
“It's just a joke! Come on, we're running out of time.” His huge hand comes on top of yours on the mouse, taking over your movements.
The next hour passes by smoothly as you both continue playing, but that joke's still insistent in the back of your head. You weren't really a pillow princess, right? You're pretty sure you're good in bed – Dream definitely never complained about your performance. It's not that you were offended by the joke, it just got you thinking. Flashbacks of all the times you and Dream had sex flooded your brain, waking goosebumps all over your skin. And, funnily enough, you realize you really weren't doing much. He was always the one making the move, suddenly feeling you out, maybe whispering something in your ear, maybe kissing you a bit more eagerly than what the situation called for – it's clear Dream gladly did most of the job most of the time and you couldn't help but feel a little disappointed in yourself. Of course he loved taking the lead, and you loved it when your boyfriend used your body however he pleased, but maybe it would be a pleasant surprise for him if you were a bit more initiative.
His podcast comes to an end, Dream settles on his bed and you go to the bathroom with a little plan in mind. Your boyfriend was laying on his back, one arm under his head and the other one holding his phone, scrolling away. You close the door behind you when you get to the bathroom and discard your underwear and bra, spraying a little perfume before undoing the first couple buttons of your – his – oversized dress shirt.
Happiness seems to find it's way to your heart when he smiles up at you from the bed. You excitedly lay on top of your boyfriend, who's waiting for you with open arms, and nuzzles your head onto his chest.
You enjoy the soft touch of his fingertips running through your hair for a brief moment, until you decide to slowly make your move on him. You bring a hand to his face, thumb stroking his cheek lightly as your lips find his neck, nibbling.
The boy doesn't think much of it at first as he's used to you being cuddly, wanting to feel him close. Slowly, with each kiss, your tongue starts tasting his skin, your hands start roaming his sides. You move your legs – which were laying atop his – to now bend on the knee, straddling his hips. The hums of approval your lips felt against your boyfriend's neck was fuel to the fire – suddenly eager to listen to all of his pretty noises, curious of how much neediness you could get out of the big, confident man laying under you.
You sit up straight with newfound hunger and roll your body above your boyfriend, sharply grinding your crotch against his. Dream's hands find your hips, his eyebrows were furrowed and you couldn't comprehend if it was out of confusion or concentration. His hooded eyes were clearly fighting to stay open.
You smirk down at him, one hand finding it's way under his shirt, hiking the cloth up his body. Dream tries sitting up but you place your palm flat on his ribs, stopping him. You would've missed the small whine that escaped his lips if you weren't so hyper focused on every single reaction you get out of him. “Let me kiss you.”
You chuckle and flick your hair behind your shoulders. “Be patient, baby. We'll kiss eventually. I wanna stay like this for now.” Your hips start circling on top of his, both hands coming to his stomach, nails ghosting over his skin as a threat.
Dream's hands leave your hips and tug at the bottom of your shirt. “At least take this off for me.”
Unable to resist the pout on your boyfriend's lips, you maintain your gaze fixated on his as you slowly unbutton your shirt, the lazy movement of your hips hypnotizing him, locking him in a tunnel vision where you're the only thing in the world he can focus on, mind and body completely devoted to you.
His eyes follow your digits, every single movement planting a small seed of anxiety on his chest that blooms when your small fingers finally let the button come undone, only for the tension to start building again when you reach for the next button. Your boyfriend's hands soothe the skin on your thighs, settling on your hips once again to drag your naked core over the growing bulge in his pants.
You let out small moans as the friction of his jeans against your clit makes heat start pooling on your pussy, the pleasure building up making you more sensitive with each grind. The last two buttons of your shirt were long forgotten for you, but not your boyfriend. Dream pulled the cloth apart in one swift, inpatient motion as he watched your body roll on top of him, his neglected cock twitching with every roll of your hips and every faint moan that escaped your open mouth.
Your body starts moving on it's own, hips picking up pace as every other stroke of the harsh fabric made you shudder. Dream was fully hard under you, his hips starting to move against yours. You place both hands to support your weight on his shoulder’s when your body falters so you're able to sit upright. A loud moan rips out of you, head thrown back and back arching, grinding on him with purpose.
Dream's hands grab at your waist as he tries turning his hips to the side to turn both your bodies over and lay you down under him, but your hands shot up to his wrists, pining them both down on either side of his head as your knees forced his hips back to flat on the bed, the friction causing a specially sharp pang to your clit, making you moan loudly. “No- fuck- Clay, stay still.”
Your movements are a desperate mess – hectic grinds dragging your pussy against your boyfriend's crotch trying to reach your orgasm that was just so fucking close, pawing at his shirt, silently begging him to just get you there, you just needed one perfect grind that touched your clit just right, and when your boyfriend brought his hips up to match your movements you finally came undone above him.
Clay easily frees his wrists from your weak hold and laces an arm around your waist to bring your body down on his. He gently holds the back of your head, guiding you into a passionate kiss. His hungry, neglected lips cling onto yours as he forces your limp hips against him, helping you ride down your high. He lays you on your side as you make out, hand caressing your hips and waist as you let him take advantage of your open mouth, tongue insistent on intertwining with yours, your mind to slow from the aftershock of your orgasm to fight for dominance again.
Slowly but surely your pettiness fights it's way through your fucked out state, almost getting caught up in how nice Clay's lips and hands feel on you – but still, you wanted to take the lead. You didn't want to just lay there until your boyfriend came for you – you wanted to make him cum.
You shift your weight so you're laying him flat on the bed again, sneaking a hand down his pants and underwear, immediately jerking him off.
Clay's breathing becomes heavier with each stroke, head thrown on the pillow when you pull down his pants and hover your cunt over his cock, lining up.
Gravity does it's heavenly work of weighing you down on him – Clay always hit so deep inside of you, but this position always made it feel like he was way too big. You loved the overwhelming feeling of being completely stuffed by your boyfriend.
You support your weight on your knees and forefeet and start bouncing, racing both your and Clay's heartbeat – this feeling being completely foreign to both of you. Every time you were on top you'd take things nice and slow, careful not to get tired too soon and have Clay switch positions with you, which would end up happening anyway. But now it was almost like you had something to prove. You wanted to knock the air out of your boyfriend's lungs, and the way he's struggling to keep his eyes open to watch you and his body unable to obey to his commands and throwing his head back, told you you were succeeding.
His breathing was extremely ragged, completely thrown off by your pace and sudden behaviour. Clay had the most perfect view when you reached an arm to support you weight by his head – your bouncing breasts hovering over his face due to the amount of force your hips gained with the new position.
You're both being loud and you hope to God his roommate is distracted with headphones on, because otherwise it'd be impossible not to hear the brutal slap of skin, and the obscene moans coming from both of you. Clay gropes your hips, seemingly trying to help you bounce but clearly couldn't focus enough to actually help. You try to chuckle above him, voice coming out shaky.
“God, Clay. If I knew you'd be this useless I would've just used a dildo.”
You watch your boyfriend slowly catch up to your words, lips turning into a smirk. “You're so fucking arrogant. Ah, fuck, fuck-” He pauses, taking deep, steadying breaths to find his voice again. You laugh above him. “I'll make you cry the next time I get you under me. You're gonna wish you were nicer.”
The way his green eyes lock on yours as he grunts out those words bring goosebumps to your skin – you know your boyfriend. That's a challenge, a promise. Your confidence cracks for a moment, but you're able to get it back with a couple more of his moans. You don't know how your legs have not given out yet – you completely lost track of time of how long you've been keeping this brutal pace, the burning ache in your legs unparalleled to the burning pleasure in your cunt, making every other uncomfortable feeling a mere afterthought.
“But I'm being nice, baby.” You pout, letting your moans become whiny. “I even kissed you at some point.”
“You even kissed me?”
“Yeah. I'm not sure you deserved it.” A millisecond after you're done talking, a huge, heavy hand comes down on your ass, making you yelp. You're so surprised it halts your movements, but Clay gropes your ass with both hands, forcefully moving your hips.
“Yeah? What about this? Think you deserved it?” Your boyfriend speaks through gritted teeth, trying his best to not let his voice crack, breathing heavily. He delivers a second spank to the same spot on your ass, making you moan even louder. Your body shudders above him, the goosebumps rising all over your skin had you to stunned to move again just yet – but he's not showing any signs of mercy.
“Move.” He demands lowly, voice stone cold. You have no time to react as he slaps you on the same spot for the third time. Your skin was starting to burn, heat going straight to your pulsing core.
The fourth slap made the engines in your brain turn again, hips’ movements so rhythmic it was almost robotic. Clay's hands were now grabbing your ass so harshly you think his nails might leave marks, his hips thrusting up to match yours – every single bounce hitting even deeper than before. Your legs start shaking and your moans get breathier – your hands were squeezing the sheets so tight your knuckles hurt. Clay tries to laugh through his moans under you.
“All that talk and you're still gonna cum first.” You whined out of embarrassment, turning your head to the side to avoid the smirk plastered on your boyfriend's face. “Fucking pathetic.”
You try your best to ignore your desperate need to cum, set on getting him to finish first. Clay can clearly notice you're struggling due to your high constant moans, hands pawing at his chest, pretty teary eyes squeezing shut. Your thighs were spasming around him and still, you bounced your hips like you were on autopilot. Clay really wish you had been nicer.
“I can tell you need to cum. Stop being a fucking brat and let it go.” His voice is stern but you know that's his way of letting you know you've done enough. Still, you shake your head no as it falls forward, eyes closed tightly in concentration, unable to mutter a vocal response.
“Come on, love. You've been so good, you can cum for-” You don't let your boyfriend finish and bring a hand to his mouth, holding it shut. You know he knows the effect his voice has on you, and you know he was doing it on purpose. His muffled chuckle lets you know your suspicions were right.
“With me. Want you to cum with me.” You say through ragged breaths, tiredness starting to catch up on you. He nods, moving his hips once again.
Clay's thrusts become sloppier, you could feel his fast breathing on your hand still holding his mouth shut, green eyes fixated on your body. He always looked so pretty, always so effortlessly handsome. It always blew your mind how Clay never had to try to fascinate you, he just always seemed to say and do the right thing at the right time. So fucking perfect for you. You were glad you didn't turn off the lights, otherwise you wouldn't see your boyfriend's sculpted features scrunched in concentration, trying so hard not to cum, waiting for your command. That along with your hand muffling his noises gave you such a power high it almost made you climax as soon as you opened your eyes and looked at him, taking in the sight. Always so perfect for you.
You laid your body on top of his, head landing on his shoulders, whispering right against his ear. “Cum for me, let it go.”
And he did, and so did you. You could feel Clay's cum warming up your cunt as you legs shook beside him, back arching with the intensity of your climax. God, you really hope his roommate had headphones on, because Clay's moans were loud. His hands clung to you for dear life as he squeezed his eyes shut, head thrown back on the pillow as his mouth hung open, a constant stream of moans and curse words leaving his mouth. Your boyfriend hugged your hips, grinding, to help you both down your highs. His breathing was extremely laboured – you've never seen him this fucked out before. Both of you were still moaning as you laid on each other's embrace, a giggle escaping his lips every now and then. You speak when you finally gather enough strength, nuzzling your head on his neck.
“What's so funny?”
“Nothing.” You can hear the smile on his voice. “I'm just happy, that's all.”
Always saying the right thing at the right time. Your perfect boy – he really made your heart melt. You lift your face to look at him, gently running your fingers through his hair.
“Aw, baby. I'm happy too.” You melt when his lips finally meet yours, making you realize how much you've missed them. His hands roam through your back, soothing your skin.
“I love you so much.” You whisper against his lips and he hums, deepening the kiss when your lips meet again.
Even after a couple hours, after you and Clay showered and are heading to bed, he's still randomly chuckling. You stare at him shaking your head, laughing along.
“What the hell have you been laughing at this entire time?”
He smiles for a couple seconds as he looks back at you, unable to contain the laughter anymore as he wheezes when you finally ask.
“I knew calling you pillow princess would annoy the fuck out of you!”
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bexbaxx · 2 days ago
Hi! I absolutely love your work! Could I request reader helping Silco to apply concealer to his scar and drawing his eyebrow? (Cause the other day I’ve learned that Silco does this and I can’t stop thinking about it 😳)
(This was such a fun request to write out, I love it!!)
Tumblr media
• You'd be sitting in his lap, concentrating on drawing on his eyebrow correctly. You've messed up before and made him look like an idiot with a wonky brow, so you're on high alert
• "Don't poke me in the eye."
• He says he started applying concealer to his scar to look "presentable"
• Also he might be a tiny bit self conscious about his face
• He could definitely do it himself but he likes to watch you do it, mostly so he can make you nervous while you try to concentrate
• He'll also be very touchy during, which might be a bit too distracting
• You gently hold his face while you apply the makeup, and his hand holds your waist
• People have barged in while you're doing this, but he insists for you to continue while he talks business
• Call him handsome and pepper his face with kisses, he'll feel pure bliss
• He'll also ask (mostly tell) you to wipe it off at the end of the day, which is an equally intimate experience
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sweet-nevy · 2 days ago
Flirty Camilo Hcs
Tumblr media
Fandom : Encanto
Characters Included : Camilo Madrigal
Type : X reader, Pure tooth rotting fluff
Warning(s) : None, Short
Prompt :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You knew before getting into a relationship with Camilo he could be quite the flirt
But dear god not to this extent
Every single time he sees you, you leave the conversation with a flushed face
It's either super cringy, or sickeningly sweet, no in between.
You'd been in a relationship with him for a year when it finally occured to you
You've never seen him ever close to how flustered he got you
And so you decided it was time for some revenge
And oh boy, Camilo was in for a RIDE
You'd gone to Casita to spend the day with him, the routine going on as usual.
Aka he'd flirt with you
Though there wasn't much of a reaction this time.
When you actually flirted back poor boy didn't know what to do with himself.
He'd attempt to hide his face in his poncho
Pls he'd go from super confident and flirty to a stuttering blushing mess
He'd be the one to do those really long dragged out "stooooop"s while hiding his face in the crook your neck.
He's super adorable more at 11
Once you've left he'd just continue thinking about it and flustering himself.
Ps : You've doomed him to a life of pure hell, he's being teased by Dolores and Isabela as we speak.
Tumblr media
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pepa-madrigal · a day ago
Thinking about Delores’ ceremony, and how after she realized she had gotten her power, everyone probably started to cheer. How all of a sudden she probably went from so excited to so upset because of how much all this new loud noise hurt. And she begins to cry, and of course Pepa and Felix notice instantly and are immediately by their daughters side, while yelling at everyone to stop. They hold their daughter and bring her into her new room just to get her away from everything, and she calms down pretty quickly after that. They realize the whole room is soundproof, a place she can go to escape the chaos of all the loud noise.
When Delores seems to be okay, Pepa steps out and someone asks if they’re alright to continue this ceremony. Pepa wants to get mad that she would even ask. Dark clouds are forming and it begins to rain. “Oh no, it’s raining, maybe everyone should go home.” Abuela says it’s unnecessary, they always take the party inside after the ceremony, so Pepa finally relents a little, tells her they can take it to her own room but not Delores’. She’s told that’s it’s tradition to host it in the new room.
So she gets Delores, and as the people start to file into her daughter’s room, her daughter’s new safe space, she brings her daughter to her own room. It’s not soundproof but it’s away from all the major chaos and noise. Felix stays behind to do damage control if anyone actually tries to go looking for Delores. Pepa’s room is clear skies, bright and sunny, it’s calm, it always needed to be to help the woman with her own anxiety issues. The weather is always nice here and will never change with her mood unless she wants it to.
She holds her daughter and makes beautiful clouds or sunsets and stars so they can just stare at them. She quietly sings so Delores can focus on that alone until she finally falls asleep in her mother’s arms. Pepa is furious about what happened, but she doesn’t know what to do, she can’t argue with her mother. Felix eventually has to step aside and come check on them both, because even though the weather in Pepa’s room is perfect for the moment, the rain outside escalates into a nasty thunderstorm.
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druigswhores · 2 days ago
gold rush | 1
Tumblr media
pairing: druig x eternal!reader
summary: in which druig found himself falling for the gentle soul who was also known as the goddess of human love and flowers.
warnings: this series will include major spoilers for eternals.
word count: 1.3k
a/n: first chapter!! so excited for you guys to read this, apologises if there’s any mistakes I haven’t proofread it and it’s almost 2am </3
masterlist - series masterlist
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
In the beginning…
A team of eleven Eternals were sent from Olympia to Planet C-53 to protect the inhabitants from the deviants, unnatural creatures who preyed on the vulnerable. They were given the mission to protect those who cannot protect themselves from these creatures.
In the thousands of years after the Eternals blessed the earth, the humans would assume things about them. Whether they were real, whether they did good for humanity or whether they were just normal people whose names became twisted due to the years that had passed. But there was no denying one thing, there was nothing that Druig cares for more than humanity itself.
Well, except for her.
Years later they couldn’t even find the letters he wrote to her, addressing her as ‘My Theia’, or how the two were rarely found without the other trailing closely behind. Not only would the public be surprised at the dynamic the two had but their fellow eternals who mistook yearning and admiration for simple friendship, however their relationship was discovered to be much more complicated than that.
Stood against the cold walls of the Domo she allowed the golden beams to wrap around her like a comforting blanket, in one glance her clothes were changed into bronzed armour, long skirt flowing with every step she took, hair cascading down as a delicate golden flower crown circled the crown of her head.
‘She’s glowing’ Druig thought, the first time his gaze ever fell upon her.
As the ship neared Earth she couldn’t help but peer out of the window in awe. The dark blue oceans in contrast to the greenery. All she wanted was to stare at the planet as it spun on its axis.
“We have one mission.” Ajax called out, causing the Eternals to band together. “Protect the humans and defeat these deviants, Arishem himself will be keeping a close eye on us.” She continued.
“Their fate is now in your hands.”
The group nodded in response before splitting up to get time alone before the mission began. Looking around the Domo she watched two figures stand beside the window glancing back and forth from the view of Earth to the other person whilst whispering amongst one another, smiling as she noticed the man’s gaze not once leaving the woman he stood beside.
She was told to stay back on the Domo by Ajax, left with other eternals to watch the mission be completed without their help. Unable to pull her eyes away from the ground below her, she watched the speedster take the humans out of the deviants path. Admiring each and every one of the heroes' powers as the eternal, she discovered to be called Sprite explained each and every one of their abilities.
“That’s Ikaris, he can fire energy blasts from his eyes and can fly.” She explained giddily, watching as the man took down a deviant.
“I don’t think that’s scientifically accurate.” Phastos cut in, causing the smaller one out of the group to roll her eyes.
“And what ‘special’ abilities do you have?” A voice spoke out suddenly, she turned to the direction in which the voice was heard from, eyes meeting his own as she took him in for the first time. His dark hair was meticulously swept across his forehead, a starking contrast to his cerulean eyes that stared at her own curiously. He sat cross legged beside the window, distant from the group.
“Who?” Sprite asked the brunette who tilted his head in the woman’s direction, she felt the nerves bubble up in the pit of her stomach as all eyes went on her, she stood up before clearing her throat. Taking a couple steps forward towards the Eternal before stopping in front of him, signalling for him to hold out the palm of his hand, he did as he was told to do so, hesitantly. Gently placing her hand above his, she placed her left hand below his, cupping his hand in between her own while glancing every so often at the group of Eternals that watched her every movement.
“Pick a colour.” She instructed him as his gaze was still fixated on her face, unable to look anywhere else but at her. Too mesmerised. His eyes flickered to the pink tinge on the apples of her cheeks before answering her.
“Pink.” He answered simply, watching as she acknowledged his response, eyes fluttering shut while directing all her attention to the palm of his hand. He barely felt the stem press against his skin, petals embracing one another. The rest of the Eternals were mesmerized by the golden aura surrounding the two whilst Druig was too distracted by the warmth of her palm against his own.
Seconds later she pulled her hands back, opting to fiddle with her fingers as she watched him admire the singular rose in the palm of his hand, the petals matching the colour he thought of in his head perfectly. He gently twirled the stem between his thumb and index finger, admiring the way the giardina moved as if it was still one with nature, attached to the bush with its roots trapped in the soil.
His fingers traced the edge of the petals causing the edges to turn a shade of gold. Fingers retreating back in shock, Druig watched as the flower fades back into the soft pink shade.
“Your turn?” She questioned, gazing at the man in curiosity. He opened his mouth to begin to speak only to be distracted by the sudden movements of the Domo making its way closer to the ground, the rest of the Eternals began making their way to the designated spot as the Domo appeared out of thin air to the humans below.
“I guess you’ll be able to find out soon.” Druig responded, she swore she saw a smirk forming on his face but as she blinked it disappeared, his back facing towards her as he made his way towards the other Eternals.
They were brought down to the earth’s surface by Phastos and his inventions. All stood in a line, facing the fearful crowd. She stood the closest towards the crowd, hesitantly making her way forward, freezing as the crowd began to raise their weapons towards her and the rest of the Eternals.
In a split second their weapons were dropped. Eyes now golden as they stood up from their defensive stance, a wave of calmness overtaking the humans. She watched in confusion, glancing over at the rest of the eternals before her eyes fell upon Druig who stood palm stretched out in front of him, his eyes which were once a beautiful shade of blue, similarly to the skies above, were now a bright golden. As he lowered his palm his eyes flickered back to the blue, his gaze met her own with an unreadable expression. She knew from then on that it would be difficult to know what the telepath was thinking about unless you had his own powers.
As the Eternals stood in front of the humans they noticed them visibly relaxing, understanding that their only aim was to protect them, not to be feared by them. A little child made their way towards the group, Sersi glanced at Ajax for approval before making her way towards the child. Holding the worn out dagger in which they were previously using. A string of gold wrapped around the dagger as Sersi used her powers to transform the dull brown into an elegant gold with an ink blue handle.
She wasn’t aware of the young girl making her way towards her until Kingo cleared his throat, nudging her with his elbow. She bent down to be levelled with the girl’s height before reaching her palm out to take the girl’s hand into her own. Using her powers to create a similar crown to the one placed on her head, placing it gently on the little girl’s head, letting out a noise of surprise when the girl wraps her arms around the eternal in an embrace.
Ajax’s words echoed in her mind as she pulled away from the younger girl.
“Their fate is now in your hands.”
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aztro444 · 2 days ago
do you often think these things to yourself . . . ? :
“ wahh! manifesting is so hard 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。”
“ i suck at everything life is so hard”
“ nothing ever works for me manifesting doesn’t work”
“ i’m never gonna manifest that guy/girl this isn’t real !”
STOP! DOING THAT! IMMEDIATELY! you will not get anywhere filling your head with unnecessary thoughts and reaffirming the same old story about how hard your life is or how much that person is ignoring you or whatever is going on that you can EASILY CHANGE! (doesn’t apply to abuse or any issues you genuinely cannot control)
i want y’all who are genuinely in a victim mindset slump to get back on your feet and remember who the fuck you are! stop letting your subconscious bully the hell out of you and start telling it what you want and making it materialize in the 3D. you are the operant power and messaging system! you are the one with full control of what happens to you at this moment.
so are you gonna continue letting your bad thoughts dictate your life or are you gonna start setting intentions of what you really want and start bossing the fuck up and getting what you want!? PERSIST AND DONT GIVE UP NOTHING IS HARD W MANIFESTATION! STOP LOOKING FOR REASSURANCE AND START APPLYING!
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ultroncanpegme · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ wanda maximoff x f!reader
genre: smut and some fluff
wc: 2.8k+
summary: wanda helps you sneak out of detention.
warnings: MINORS DNI 18+, nipple play, oral (reader receiving), scissoring, cursing, squirting, hickies.
note: this is my first smut so i really hope y’all like it 😭 also ps: you and wanda are 18 years old in this story (or maybe 19 if you got held back a year in school)
please do not translate or repost my work anywhere. likes, comments, and re-blogs are always appreciated tho <33
Tumblr media
Wanda, Pietro, Peter, and you were the youngest avengers, the four of you currently attending senior year in high school. Pietro and you, being the irresponsible duo, were always complaining to Steve and Tony about why you couldn’t just drop out and work full time, but they would always say no.
It was a very hot day, and the fact that you were sitting in the middle of a math discussion instead of by the side of a pool with a cold drink in hand should be illegal, or so you thought. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, your teacher sent you to detention — at lunch — for not knowing the answer to a question, not only that, but he embarrassed you in front of the entire class since the reason why you weren’t paying attention was that you were staring at the brunette sitting next to you. But how couldn’t you? Her soft and shiny hair falling smoothly over her shoulders, her long eye-lashes, her plump lips that had the perfect amount of cherry-flavored lip gloss on them, her-
“So... you got detention. You screwed up. You know what you did was wrong. The question is, how are you gonna make things right? Maybe you were trying to be cool. But take it from a guy who's been frozen for 65 years... the only way to really be cool is to follow the rules.” Captain America’s detention speech interrupted your train of thought. Looking to your right, you saw Pietro — who obviously got detention too, I mean, are you even surprised? — taking a video of Steve’s speech and sending it to the Avenger’s group chat, ready to make fun of him. You stifled back a laugh, trying not to wake up Mr. Howlett, who fell asleep on his chair as he always does.
You were about to start bothering Pietro when you heard a sharp noise coming from the window to your left. By the time you turned around to look at it, you saw a small rock hitting the window again. Curiously, you stood up and walked to the edge of it to see who the mystery person was, thinking it was just a random student being annoying. A big grin spread across your face when you noticed Wanda, holding two big slushies with her left arm, looking right at you and motioning you to sneak out of the classroom. Your hands subconsciously gripped the window frame and your breath hitched when you noticed that she was wearing the shortest skirt she owned, “thank god for this weather,” you murmured with a smirk.
“She’s helping you escape this hellhole and didn’t even bother bringing her favorite person a slushy too?” Pietro said with a fake hurt expression, “tell Wanda I’ll remember this.”
You chuckled and slapped him in the arm, “shut up and go make sure Mr. Howlett doesn’t wake up.” You ordered quietly.
“You owe me big time,” he said with narrowed eyes, clearly messing with you while walking back to his seat.
You jokingly rolled your eyes at him and continued on with your escape mission. After grabbing your belongings, you slowly and carefully opened up the window, stood on the edge of it, closed your eyes, and dramatically jumped off the classroom, which was on the second floor. Shortly after, you felt buzzing red wisps of energy enveloping your body and lowering it down slowly until your feet hit the floor.
“Hi, detka.”
The moment you opened your eyes you were met with the lovely smile of your beautiful girlfriend. She walked towards you and handed you your slushy, “blueberry for you, cherry for me.” She said, followed by a quick kiss on your cheek. “Thank you,” you responded with a smile.
You entwined your fingers together and started to walk towards your secret spot. It was a small storage shed that sat at the back of the building you were currently in, it was previously used by the janitors for storing cleaning supplies but you two noticed that no one had used it in months. Fortunately, none of the other students had found about it yet or didn’t bother to check it out, so now you and your girlfriend would often go there whenever you two skipped a class or simply wanted to be alone.
“I can’t believe you like me so much that you got detention because of it,” Wanda teased while biting back a smile, squeezing your hand softly.
“Oh, shut up Maximoff.” You grunted back giving her a little push with your shoulder.
You two giggled and continued walking towards the shed, taking sips of your drinks.
When you arrived, you had to maneuver a bit as the wooden door always got stuck whenever you tried opening it, however, with a flick of her wrist, Wanda managed to open it easily.
“Are you kidding me?! You’re telling me that all these months I’ve been taking up to five minutes to open up that door when you could’ve just done that?” you asked offended.
“I’m sorry! I thought you were cute,” she argued, “being chivalrous and all,” she said letting out a soft giggle.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” you mumbled trying to ignore the slight blush on your cheeks.
“Oh, c’mon, don’t be like that, milaya.” Stepping closer, she rested her arms around your neck and pressed a short but tender kiss on your lips. A smirk formed on her face when she saw you chasing her lips asking for more, she didn’t tease and gave you what you wanted. Her cold lips felt heavenly on yours, and you couldn’t help letting out a whimper, which the witch returned with one of her own. The kiss kept getting hotter and hotter, you slid your available hand down her body and squeezed her ass tightly, receiving a gasp from her followed by a moan. “Let’s get inside,” she said in a husky voice, and with one last squeeze, you pulled away to grab her hand and entered the small shed, locking the door behind you.
With her powers, she quickly made a small fort with some blankets and pillows you had previously brought in. Drinks now forgotten on the floor, you looked up and saw the short distance between you and your girlfriend. Giving you slow and open-mouthed kisses on your neck, she ran her hands underneath your shirt, and you squirmed at the coldness of her hands, which felt delicious in contrast to the heat that engulfed you two. You quickly broke the kiss to take off your shirt and threw it somewhere on the floor, and she quickly put her lips against your neck again making marks all over it. She reached for your back with one of her hands to push you impossibly closer to her body and placed her other hand under your bra, massaging and squeezing the soft flesh now against her palm. You grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her hair just enough to make her look at you, and gave her an eager kiss that she returned with the same intensity. A moan escaped your throat the moment you felt your nipple being harshly squished between two of her fingers, causing you to subconsciously rock your hips against her. This didn’t go unnoticed by her. She suddenly pulled away from you — making you groan in disappointment — to grab your thighs and push your legs up to her waist, carrying you towards the fort. She then proceeded to gently lay your back against the soft blankets, with her on top of you. Not even a second after, her lips were devouring yours and her slender fingers were back under your bra, shamelessly playing with your erect nipples, twisting them and pulling them, making you gasp against her lips at the feeling, “so good, fuck.”
“Take this off,” you whined, pulling against the fabric of her shirt. She quickly took it off, and you took the opportunity to take off your bra.
“You’re so beautiful,” she choked out, admiring the upper part of your body in disbelief, as if for the first time.
“So are you.” You gave her a soft smile and grabbed her by the nape of her neck, bringing her down towards you and giving her a passionate kiss. It was slower than the last one but just as intense and full of need. She gave you wet kisses all the way from your lips to your breasts and started sucking on your hard nub, which was already a bit swollen due to your girlfriend’s previous abuse, “fuck, Wanda.” You lifted her skirt a bit and put your hands on the swell of her ass, squeezing harshly, making her moan. You easily slid your thigh in between her legs and used your hands to thrust her down into it, “Mmm, fuck y/n.” You felt a knot in your stomach the moment you felt the wet patch in her underwear flush against your bare thigh. She released your nipple with a pop and licked her lips, going to your unattended nub and sucking on it just as intensely, leaving marks all over your breasts. “Baby, please…” you pleaded.
“Please what?” she asked, playing coy at your obvious request. She let go of your now reddened nipple and started to give you open-mouth kisses on the stomach while gently caressing the sides of your waist. Letting out a soft whiny groan, you rested your hands on her wrists and squeezed them softly, making her look at your flushed face, “Please fuck me, please,” you begged.
“With pleasure, milaya.” She said, giving you one last kiss on the belly. She managed to get you completely naked in a second with the help of her powers and proceeded to move down your body, giving you small kisses here and there. Spreading your trembling legs apart, she took a moment to admire your damp and puffy cunt while giving soft caresses to your inner thighs. “You’re so fucking wet,” she started, “you should be happy I’m here to clean up your mess baby,” she said with a smirk. Without a second thought, her mouth started to devour your dripping pussy like it was her last meal, hungrily sucking and pulling at your folds, licking every inch she could reach, her senses were being numbed by the sweet taste of your drenched core, putting her into a trance. Your cheeks were flushed crimson, and your head spun, unable to fathom the intensity of the moment, your only response was a series of stuttering groans and gasps. Her tongue swinged expertly around your bundle of nerves, flicking it back and forth and nipping at it softly with her teeth, making your vision hazy and your back-arc in pleasure. You put your hands on her hair and pulled her impossibly closer, she let out a moan that vibrated against your clit, making you see stars. “S-so good, don’t stop,” you begged, feeling yourself near the edge. She squeezed your thighs tightly and sucked faster and harder. She moved her tongue down to your hole and teased your entrance while rubbing her nose against your swollen clit. “Holy fuck, Wanda.” You panted, eyes rolling back as you tighten your hands around her head. She put her entire length inside your needy hole and started thrusting into it at an inhumane pace, and just when you thought it couldn't get any better, she used her red wisps of magic to play with your neglected nipples, buzzing around them deliciously. You released a few more loud moans before you came all over her mouth, drenching it and her chin with your cum.
“You liked that, baby?” She teased with her gaze fixed on your flushed face. You nodded, unable to utter a single word. With one last little kiss on your nub, she climbed up your body and captured your lips into a bruising kiss, tasting yourself on her tongue. A few seconds after coming down from your climax, you decided it was time to return the favor.
“My turn.” You flipped her around suddenly, pushing her against the soft blanket. Shredding off the rest of her clothes, you got ready to fuck her like you’ve been wanting to since you saw her this morning, wearing the breathtaking skirt you just pulled off her legs. As your fingers roamed her body and you gazed affectionately at her, you put your swollen and puffy cunt against her dripping core without warning, causing her to let out a loud cry. Moving your hips in unison, both of you moaned at the mouth-watering friction. “I- fuck!” She choked out. You ran your nails down her stomach until you reached her needy clit and pushed against it with your thumb, drawing circles around it while you moved your cunt against hers shamelessly. She choked on her moans as cum dripped down her thighs, you gathered it on your fingers and put two of them inside her mouth. You closed your eyes, feeling your core burning hot as you felt her tongue swirling around your fingers, swallowing the cum off them. You opened your eyes and holy fuck, what a sight it was to have her underneath you, all hot and bothered. “You’re so fucking sexy,” you muttered, unable to contain yourself. At your words, her cunt tightened around nothing, tears of pleasure accumulating in her eyes. Both of you started to move faster, the friction getting harder to obtain due to your leaking cores. “Y/n, I’m really close… fuck,” she said, feeling her orgasm approach. “Cum with me, baby.” You choked out.
Both of you lost your rhythm as spams filled your bodies and you came harder than you ever have before, squirting all over each other’s pussies. You laid down next to her, panting as sweat dripped down your bodies.
“That was definitely the best sex we’ve ever had,” you assured, snuggling into her and burying your head in her neck.
“Without a doubt,” she sighed and gave you a tender kiss on the temple.
The both of you were so exhausted that within a few minutes you fell into a deep sleep.
Tumblr media
The sound of birds chirping and the wind rattling the shed’s roof woke you up. “Fuck,” you muttered while checking your phone, last period had already started. Quickly, you turned around and gently shook your girlfriend’s body, trying to wake her up.
“Five more minutes…” she begged.
“Baby, we fell asleep, we missed like two classes already.”
With that, Wanda jolted awake, “oh my god y/n, Steve’s gonna kill us,” she complained, putting her hands on her face dramatically.
“Don’t worry baby, we’ll tell him the truth. We had the most amazing sex of our entire lives and we couldn’t help falling asleep. I think he’ll forgive us.” You joked, letting out a loud chuckle.
You received a smack on the back on your head followed by a giggle, “you wouldn’t dare.”
“We’ll see,” you said with a smirk, giving her a short but loving kiss on the lips.
Both of you stood up and took some wipes from the corner of the room to clean yourselves. After that, you put your clothes back on, tidying up your hair trying to look as presentable as possible. You glided behind your girlfriend and wrapped your hands around her waist, “can we stay a bit longer? It’s already the middle of the last period, maybe we could stay here until it ends and then meet Pietro and Peter in the parking lot to go home,” you proposed with a pout. She turned around in your arms and slid her arms around your shoulders. “Mmm, if you give me a kiss I’ll think about it,” she said, making you chuckle. You kissed her slowly, pouring all your love for her into the kiss, and she returned it with the same adoration. After a few minutes, the two of you stopped to catch your breaths. “I’m sold,” she responded, giving you a peck on the lips. You giggled.
You stayed there for the next thirty minutes, talking about everything and nothing, laughing, and finishing up your drinks — that had already melted by the time you picked them up from the ground —. After making sure no one was looking, you sneaked out of the shed. With an arm around your girlfriend’s shoulders, you walked towards the parking lot, waving at Peter who was already there waiting for you.
“Hi guys,” he said with a smile.
“Sup spidey,” you returned, “where’s Pietro?” you asked.
“He’s coming, he’s at a track meeting, it ends in about 10 minutes,” he answered.
While the three of you waited, the topic of the weather came up, to which you added that Wanda was an amazing girlfriend and got you a blueberry slushy while you were in detention.
“Hold on a second,” said Peter, “if your slushie was blue, and Wanda’s was red, then why are both of your tongues purple?” he asked innocently.
The both of you looked at each other and after a second of silence, you bursted out laughing, receiving a confused giggle from Peter.
Tumblr media
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waspswidows · a day ago
If you find the muse I think that the new Adele song 'Oh my god' fits perfect for a Druig story 😍 I love that song atm and think about him a lot when I listen to it.
"Oh my God, I can't believe it
Out of all the people in the world
What is the likelihood of jumping
Out of my life and into your arms?"
Out of My Life and Into Your Arms
Pairing: Druig x Mortal!Reader
Summary: Druig has spent centuries alone, never fully connecting with anyone, until you. Druig counts himself lucky that of all his lifetimes spent on this planet, he finally managed to find you.
Warnings: this is the fluffiest little thing I have ever written🥺 kinda angsty, also very brief depiction of smut so minors DNI please
A/N: my requests were technically closed when this request came in but I’m allowing this bc I really love your account @redroomproperty 🙈🥰😂🖤 I’ve actually never really listened to Adele outside of her singles so this was an interesting change for me. I had the song on repeat as I wrote this but I still mostly focused on the chorus lyrics you provided here as my main source of inspiration. I hope you like it!🖤✨
Tumblr media
“What?” You crinkle your nose at Druig. “Why are you staring at me like that?” You question him.
You’re currently snuggled in bed together; you sat up against the headboard, him lying down with his head in your lap. You’re stroking his hair softly as he traces shapes up your bare thighs with his fingers. You’d both been sat in blissful silence, the only sounds coming from the city surrounding your shared apartment. You’d been completely lost in your own train of thoughts when you’d noticed Druig staring at you so intently you thought his gaze might burn through your skin.
Druig shrugs lightly in response to your question. “I just like looking at you” he answers eventually, continuing to scan your face, the most serene smile gracing his face.
“Hmph” you scoff gently, not believing his answer. “I think there’s more to it than that” you tease lightly, booping him on the nose with your finger. He just shrugs again, chuckling to himself softly.
“Whaaat?” You whine, also half laughing. “What is it?” you plead.
“I’m just thinking about us” he says almost nonchalantly. Your eyebrows crease worriedly.
“What about us?” You ask, a small panic suddenly settling over you.
“No, it’s nothing bad my love” he reassures you quickly. He sits up, twisting around so he can face you.
“I’m just thinking about how lucky I am to have found you” he says earnestly. You crinkle your nose again, almost uncomfortable by the sudden sincerity and intensity of his words.
“I’m serious, my love” he carries on. He gently places his hands on your face, caressing your cheeks. You grip his wrists with your hands gently, stroking the back of his hands with your thumbs.
“Out of all the lifetimes I’ve lived,” he continues, "out of all the people in the world, what was the likelihood of jumping out of my life and into your arms?” he breathes. The beauty of his words almost takes your breath away.
“I have lived on this planet for so many years. I have lived in so many different places, met an infinite amount of people, and yet I always felt somehow alone in this world. I always felt like an outsider, unable to really settle amongst these people. I have spent literal centuries alone” he carries on, whispering earnestly. You stare at him, tears threatening your eyes at his heartbreaking revelation.
"Until you” he states finally. “The best decision I ever made was leaving my life in the Amazonian and moving here to be with you.” You can’t help the smile that spreads across your face at his words.
Druig goes quiet again, a slight crease appearing between his eyebrows, as if he was searching for the right words.
“I think perhaps it’s easier if I just show you” he whispers finally. Now a crease takes place in your forehead as you raise an eyebrow slightly at him in question.
“Do you trust me?” He asks, a sudden serious edge taking over his voice.
“With my life” you answer instinctively. A small but somehow sad smile takes over his face.
“I am not asking you to trust me with your life. I am asking you trust me with your mind” he says as he traces a finger over your forehead, down your nose, gently brushing over your lips before he returns his hand to palm your cheek again. You push your head forward against his hands.
“I trust you Druig” you assure him. His smile grows ever so slightly at your confirmation.
He then leans forward, placing his forehead against yours, your noses brushing lightly. You see his eyes begin to glow gold as your head suddenly empties of thoughts. You close your eyes, allowing your mind to be taken over.
You’re suddenly seeing yourself.
You’re in a bar in Camden, you can see Sersi and Dane next to you at the table you’re sharing. You see yourself look up and meet the eyes you were currently looking through. You see yourself smile bashfully.
It doesn’t take you long to realise this was the first night you and Druig met. The night when Sersi had finally convinced her grumpy ‘cousin’ to visit her in London and meet her boyfriend and her best friend.
You were seeing yourself through Druig’s eyes. All the memories you share, suddenly seen through his perspective.
The image swims, moving on to later that night when Dane is drunkenly singing karaoke in the bar as Sersi claps in the front row. You’re sat back at the bar with Druig, enjoying the scene from a distance. You remember this moment vividly yourself. You and Druig had talked almost all night. You’d been so enwrapped in your conversation it was like the entire bar had disappeared around you, as if all that existed in that moment was you and Druig. From his perspective now it seemed as if the situation read the same to him as well. This memory showing nothing but a blurred background surrounding the vivid image of you smiling and laughing at whatever Druig had said at the time.
The picture swims again.
Another night in Camden. This time it was your first date, the first time Druig had taken you out without Sersi and Dane as company. You had spent the entire day showing him around Camden. The markets, the stables, all of the hidden alleys you’d discovered over the years. Your date had lasted all day and went well into the night, the two of you not wanting the moment to end. Of course it had eventually though.
The image jumps to the end of that night, Druig walking you to the door of your apartment. You can see yourself standing outside your apartment door, looking at the floor awkwardly. You see Druig’s gaze dip from your eyes to your lips, flitting between the two. You can see yourself continuing to ramble awkwardly. Finally you see Druig’s arms reach out to grab your arms, pulling you against him, the picture going to black as you feel lips brush against yours. You feel your lips brushing against Druig’s.
The images start to swim again. More memories of Druig’s, more moments with you.
The first argument you had. You yelling with tears in your eyes.
The moment when you made up, you looking at him contentedly as he placed a kiss to your forehead.
You feel a pain in your chest. Looking at your tearful self you realised it the moment Druig had to return to his Amazonian compound.
You’re suddenly in an unfamiliar environment, a wooden cabin you’d never seen before. It was Druig’s back in the Amazonian forest. You suddenly feel the freedom and exhilaration in the moment he made the decision to pack up his life in the Amazonian to move to London and be with you.
You see your new empty apartment. You see yourself in Druig’s arms as he spins you around happily.
You see yourself cooking your first meal in the apartment, the gaze peeking over your shoulder as Druig had wrapped himself around you from behind.
You then see yourself laying on your bed. Your legs spread wide. You’re looking up at yourself, the gaze situated down between your thighs. You see your body arching, you breasts pushed up into the air. You can feel your own hand twisting in Druig’s hair tightly as his tongue buries itself inside you.
Now you see yourself writhing in the bed beneath Druig’s gaze. Your eyes are closed, your face in a state of complete bliss. You see the perspective jolt as Druig thrusted in and out of you. You watch yourself fall apart under his touch, your mouth hanging open, your eyebrows knitted together. You can feel your nails dig into Druig’s back.
A thousand moments flash in your mind until at last you’re looking up at yourself again. You can feel hands playing with your hair.
You realise suddenly that this was from just minutes ago. It was your hands playing with Druig’s hair that you were feeling. You were seeing your content face from where Druig was resting in your lap. You see your nose crinkle the moment you had noticed the way he was staring at you.
The image suddenly fades, an inky black taking over the picture.
You feel yourself spilling back into your own mind. Your eyes flutter open just in time to see the gold fading from Druig’s. He looks at you moment longer before speaking again.
“My beautiful, beautiful y/n. Can you see how much I love you? Can you feel it?” He whispers. A tear escapes you as you nod your head against his.
“Yes” you whisper, your voice almost breaking. “And I love you equally in return you know” you breathe before gently placing your lips on his.
A/N: okay so I actually really like this song now, thank you Lea for giving me this request and making me listen to it!!🖤✨ Also apologies it took a little while for me to get it done, but I really hope you liked it!🥺🥰 Also no I will never stop with the ‘my beautiful beautiful’ line, idc
Taglist: @salirophilia @alice-madness-decends @tompetersebbuckyhazleo @artaxerxesthegreat @moon-beam95 @lacontroller1991 @ratcatcher2world @ppk1pinch @luminaaz @strawberriebabbles @rosie-posie08 @dreamcatcher121 @justifymyfeelings @redroomproperty @your--sweetest--downfall @dontbedumb3 @bookfrog242 @hybrid-in-progress @mothdruid @druigss @captainrexstan @krswrites
Please do not repost, copy, or translate any of my work without my permission, thank you.
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toastybuggy · 2 days ago
You Read My Mind
Tumblr media
i made the decision to watch Mammal and oh my dear god, may i say, “im gonna save this for when i get weird in the bathroom, but let’s not talk about that.”
warnings: SMUT OH YES, Druig hot man very yes mmmmm, consensual power usage, unprotected uh “flex”
summary for today: Druigs dying to know what you’re dreaming about, so he decides to take matters into his own hands.
Slap, spit, choke, bite, thrust. The endless cycle continues, leaving me feeling drunk off of pleasure. He smirks and lifts my face to look into his eyes. The warm glow of his powers begin to consume me, making every slight touch feel 1000 times better. I feel myself reach the peak, as he’s going, going,
Gone. I jolt awake to find Druig standing in my doorway, his eyes holding that very same glow. “Oh, my love, you must have had a great dream, yeah? Why don’t you try screaming my name instead of whispering it?” I look away from him, “You are invading my privacy, you asshole. Let me have my fun in peace.”
“Oh yeah, and why should I do that while I can help you?” The look he gives me sends shivers down my spine. He walks towards me slowly, making the dull ache between my thighs grow more intense. “You are so precious, baby. So desperate.”
“No I am not, I have never been, for your information.” He sits on the edge of my bed and chuckles, “Well then would you like to explain why you were dreaming about me tearing you apart, piece by piece? Or how you begged me to touch you?”
“I’d rather not.” He comes in closer, “Now now Y/N, I know what you want,” his eyes dully glow, “but I will not lay a finger on you until you ask me to.” I lay back and nod, “Please Druig.”
“Please what?” He’s amused by his own answer. “Please ruin me.” He brings himself on top of me, bringing our lips close. He nips at my bottom lip and whispers, “That’s my good girl.”
The kiss starts slow, the desperation apparent in each movement. He speeds up and lightly wraps his hand around my throat. “Oh god yes, Druig. Please don’t stop.” The look he gives me is feral, almost animalistic.
“I’m not planning on it, princess.” He moves down my body, kissing every inch as he goes. He slowly takes off my panties and chuckles lowly, “Is this all for me? Every little drop?” I whimper and nod my head, not trusting my voice. “Oh darling, I'm going to ruin you.”
He starts by kissing around my clit and grabbing my thighs. The sounds that come out of my mouth match his own, full of need and desperation. His tongue meets my clit and he softly licks it. My hips buck up, wanted more pleasure.
“Please don't tease me, Druig. I can't take it.” He looks up and his eyes meet mine, “Keep moving like this, and I might have to invade that pretty little mind of yours.” I willingly buck my hips back up, my clit just barely brushing his lips.
“That's it, I warned you.” His eyes begin to glow that beautiful gold, and I suddenly feel consumed by warmth. Every urge I had to move my hips is replaced by laying still, wanting to take it. He wraps his lips around my clit and lightly sucks. My hands shoot down into his hair, an action which he surprisingly allows. He takes his fingers and teases my entrance before slowly inserting 2 fingers.
“Druig, please don't stop. You're gonna make me cum.” I beg. He sucks harder at my words and pumps his fingers slightly faster. I feel that same peak from my dreams as I'm going, going, gone. My eyes clench shut and my body jerks, his name falling off my lips like a mantra.
He brings his head back up, his nose and chin covered in my slick. “Darling, you taste even better than I remember. Do you think you could take one more? Just for me?” I nod slowly with a bright smile on my face. The pleasure took over my body even quicker than his powers could.
He throws our clothes off, taking in every inch of my body. I whimper at the sight of his body, feeling like I’m in presence of a god. He aligns himself with me. “Are you ready, my star?” I nod, “Yes, god, please.”
He chuckles and slowly moves his hips forward. I adjust to his size bit by bit. He fills me with himself, smiling at the pleasure twisting my face. “You feel so good, princess. Almost like you’re built for me.” His thrusts begin slow, but he soon quickens his pace. The pleasure feels blinding, replicating my dream perfectly. He groans and pants at the feeling of me tightening around him. His face begins to contort in pleasure. “My princess, you’re gonna make me cum.”
He leans down and buries his face in my neck. His pace becomes sloppy, a sure-fire way of knowing he's close. I feel the familiar knot in my stomach again. “Druig, please let me cum, oh god.” He nods frantically.
“Yes, my dear. Please let me cum inside of you.” I nod and as if on cue, he releases inside of me. The feeling pushes me over the edge, making me tighten around him and release. He lays on me for a minute. “My dear, you're crushing me just a little.” He gasps and lifts himself and removes himself from me, watching the of ourselves leak out of my body.
“That was amazing. You should read my mind more often.” He chuckles and nods, “I should, my love.” He lays next to me and wraps his arms around my body, pulling me closer to him. I tuck my head into his neck and drift back to sleep, dreaming about our future.
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