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#and yeah

I have no motivation today even though its a Saturday that im sus of how the red lady will come next week or next next week.

I have stayed in bed since this morning and just went up cause I checked my messages to find that I did not yet made my class assignment for a video and honestly with how low my energy is toda I didn’t give that much effort and just winged it like how ive been doing it for the past assignments.

And now Im just procrastinating on how Im supposed to write the short story for my English sub. Like I cant do a short story. I tried writing last night and I had to stop myself cause I would have made a whole fanfic about a fanfic.

Like I was thinking of how a police officer man who has a feminine side that no one knows of in the force comes to a cafe across from his apartment in which the owner was a beautiful woman he was totally in love with. They knew each other and are close with each other but they don’t really know each other that much other than him being writing webnovels of heroes and her being the owner of this cafe.

But then the chief invites him to the station thoigj it was a break cause he wanted to introduce someone so dadan the lady was chiefs daughter and now everyone gonna know that secret he had been keeping.

Something along those lines i dont know manzzz…

I have finished ranting and yeah…

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Dreamcember day 3: Star sanses

Yes, I know today is 4, sorry for being late, but I had technical problems (I had some ideas to make this drawing, but then I can’t make the drawing with those ideas. I started this drawing on day 2 (the day before yesterday), but yesterday I was doing the drawing and then I hated how it went so I started from 0 again.)

So I made this drawing in about an hour and a half (I think it’s the fastest I can make a drawing since I draw with the touch panel of my netbook, so yes, it is quite difficult to draw like that) So here it are! :D (i hated to do the heads, i can’t draw circles well >:T)

well, i don’t gonna explain nothing more since i had nothing to explain, just that xd

dream belong to @jokublog

Ink belong to @comyet

And Blueberry/Swap belong to AU community

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whoops i just realized i misread that one ask but shh its fine heres the actual thing that anon suggested. 

but yeah this isnt canon in any way shape or form, unless you want it to be i dunno its up to you

Hey heres the actual TRW masterpost if you wanna read that i dunno - Part 2


Tubbo was at his breaking point. He could feel it. The stress of the presidency had been building up for months, and he was finally on the verge of snapping. And so as he looked over at the boy across from him, he found himself seething with anger. 

“Tubbo I-” 

“Shut up!” He shouted. “Just shut the fuck up for a second!” He could see his friend flinch at the words, but he couldn’t find it in himself to care. He was tired. “You have no idea what you just did! This isn’t… This isn’t a fucking game anymore, Tommy. Lives are at stake! You can’t just go around doing whatever the fuck you want like you could back in your world.” 

“I just-” 

“No! You had your chance to talk. You had your chance to defend yourself, and you ruined it. Now we’re all in danger because of you and your stupid fucking choices.” All of the emotion that had been building up inside of him for years was finally spilling over. He couldn’t stop himself, even as hot tears streaked down his face. “Maybe it would have been better if you hadn’t destroyed that bow. Maybe the real Tommy would have actually understood the consequences of his actions.” 

Tubbo could see the moment that his words sunk in. It was like watching a piece of glass shatter. He watched as his best friends face rapidly switched between hurt and anger and betrayal, before finally settling on raw pain. He watched as tears began to trail down his friends face. 

“you don’t mean that…” he whispered softly.

“No, I think I do.” He ran a hand through his hair, trying to ignore the guilt that built up in his chest. “… you’re being selfish, Tommy. t’s time you realized that your actions have lasting consequences here.” 

The pain in Tommy’s eyes was quickly replaced with hot anger. “Excuse me?! I’m being selfish?! Do you not remember what I did for you? Do you not remember how I gave up everything to try and keep you safe?! I destroyed my one hope of returning home just so I could try and bring a little peace to this world! You have no fucking right to call me selfish!” 

Tubbo stepped backwards, the weight of his friends words crashing down on him. But he couldn’t back down now. And so he stood up straight, and looked his friend directly in the eyes. “You need to go. Now.”

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bitches be like “I’m not gonna make a big deal about it” and then write a whole rant in the tags about why farenheit is - as a matter of fact - not a superior measurement system

I’m bitches

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