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#and...there’s no kissing!!!

always love to think abt right after 2x12 came out and i saw the couch scene and i was literally FLOORED by how gay it was & i showed it to my mom and was like “what do you think of this” and she was like idk lena seems bad to me like she’s being too nice and i said “no. don’t you think they’re flirting” and i literally saw my mom go through the five stages of grief on the spot right then as she realized i was probably gay and then she said, upset “why do you always think things are gay” which made ME realize that i had shown my cards too much. anyway 2x12 supercorp scene is the reason my mom thinks i’m gay fun fact.

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it still feels weird to me that things are filming rn like idk how that works . …?

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i have to do this with everything i do bc i never got over the “playing with dolls and making up elaborate stories” phase of my life even tho i no longer have dolls, but if i’m playing any open world-type game, just know i’m ALWAYS making up a story for the protagonist.

like, since i upgraded to a desktop computer, i was like “oh hey, now i can add shaders and texture packs to minecraft!” and i made a new world and built a little house into a hill just outside a village, surrounded by flowers and trees, and there’s a little tunnel in the house to get through to the other side of the hill.

and now my mc character has a whole story where she’s a witch and she goes out foraging for new ingredients during the day but can’t raise suspicion to the village nearby and has a secret exit behind the bookshelves in her home so she can go out and not be seen by the villagers

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about to become real insufferable while watching one piece with my bf. anytime luffy says he’s a rubber man I’m gonna say “rubber? I hardly know her!” every time. this is my solemn vow.

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watching true crime documentary series freak me out so much and kinda make me nauseous but i always binge them hhh i need kita to hold me

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