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I imagine that it went very well! I actually considered having the ending be a scene with cousland waiting for him to get back which doesnt happen because anders would be staying over at hawke’s for the night but I was. too lazy to write anything more

so overall I think their date went very well

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Err, Thursday. Thanks to @noire-pandora and @fandomn00blr for the tags. Tagging @hawkeish @mars-colony @barbex @wardenari and @the-gay-wardens to wip whenever if you want!

Trying to get back into writing The Merrill Sessions after spending the last little while in christmasfic town. Have some seriously unhappy Hawke:

Isabella tilts to knock out one hip, a hand nudging the robe to expose just a touch more thigh as she does, and winks at her. A little bit more energy floats up to her through the air with it. Then Bella struts up the stairs, exaggerated sway and a whole lot of springy hair-bounce, even if it’s uneven, and plants a kiss on Hawke’s cheek as she passes her by. The sensation spreads slowly through her cheek, the warmth very almost getting in. She should tell her, but she’s too numb and slow to react in time, and then Isabella disappears into the bedroom, and Rusty is still complaining that someone is at the door. 

“That’ll be Blondie,” Varric says. Hawke thinks, great, and grits her teeth, “I’d better go help Merrill,” Varric adds in a hurry, and then he shuffles away too, the traitor. But he’s right to, this is a conversation she should probably have with Anders alone, if only for safety reasons. She’s too tired for shouting though, she thinks. Assuming the worst will happen, she decides that if he says anything uppity she’ll just force-smash him back out the door again. Nail, coffin. She winces at her own thought. Bad metaphor. 

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Falling Deeply (In Love) - bloodykiss147 - Dragon Age - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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right now remembering these halo wars shitposts i once saw where douglas was gay for jerome and was constantly trolled by anders about it

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<div> —  Friedrich Nietzsche <br> </div><span>And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.</span>
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I only let myself feel anger on behalf of fictional character I think are being treated unfairly by the fandom or by the fictional media itself and I think that’s both very sexy and very mentally ill of me

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dumb headcanons idk

  • fenris is always a little bit cold in the south, but especially at night. ergo, he’s a massive blanket hog. if he’s sharing a bed with someone, it doesn’t matter if he falls asleep on the opposite side, he’ll wake up curled against them (after stealing all their covers, of course).
  • anders is too tall for normal single beds, and after years of sleeping in bunks and cots he’s taken up the habit of sleeping in a fetal position so his feet don’t hang off the side of the bed. when he gets access to a bed that can actually fit him, he sprawls out across the whole thing.
  • anders is also a clingy sleeper. even if he’s a little spoon, he insists on holding his big spoon’s hands. you can’t share a bed with him without him subconsciously moving to hold or be held.
  • isabela hums sea shanties to herself absent-mindedly when she’s cooking, looting or doing her hair and makeup.
  • speaking of cooking - given time and the right ingredients, isabela can make incredibly delicious food. some of it’s traditional rivaini dishes she learned as a kid, but a lot of it is just dishes she learned from a bunch of places as she travelled. she doesn’t skimp on the spice though, which initially leaves everyone except fenris going “oh fuck” after the first bite.
  • merrill is also a great cook, and fenris eventually learns to be a pretty good one. aveline makes pretty simple food, but it’s tasty enough. anders’ food is passable. varric’s food is questionable, but edible while they’re out on adventures. hawke is not allowed to cook. everything hawke manages to produce is borderline toxic. they could be making scrambled eggs and somehow fuck it up. bodahn and orana have both banned hawke from going near the stove in the mansion.
  • varric always smells nice. it’s never an overly perfumed smell, either - he uses a herbal shampoo and soap that leaves a subtle smell all over him for hours.
  • merrill’s got a bit of a thing for gorgeous handmade teapots, though living by herself in the alienage means she can’t really afford them. if she moves in with hawke, she picks up a couple of really special ones that she makes tea out of every morning for breakfast.
  • merrill also loves embroidered shawls and patchwork quilts. her bed is covered in them.
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“All I want is a pretty girl, a decent meal, and the right to shoot lightning at fools.”

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Confession: I can’t tell you how happy I am that in the Year of Our Lord 2021 I can finally declare my undying love/thirst for Anders without random people crawling out of the woodwork and acting like I just called Hermann Goering dummy thicc or something.

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