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fistraid · a month ago
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theyre doing brain surgery on me so i can draw inside job fanart 
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stotchsupporter · 22 days ago
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best episode best scene
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valvalentintin · 2 months ago
What are the odds that Mr Cuddly was a gift from Zoe? Chloe just has trouble remembering due to fuzzy childhood memories.
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njr654 · 22 days ago
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Soona is a mother now
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insidemalewife · 10 days ago
Imagine just Andre holding you. Like your both just laying in bed and the sun hasn't come up yet and you feel his breath on your shoulder and the weight of his arms around you. Am I making sense?
i hear you loud and clear jjsjjssjsjdkfmfmm
no because early morning sleepy cuddles are SO FUCKINF GOOD 💥💥💥💥
i feel like he's the type of person that just groans and mumbles while waking up?
"baby get up we gotta go to work" *various groans and mumbles*
probably sleeps in just boxers so you can feel the warmth radiating off of him </3
gives ur back and neck kisses SOBS
god i just wanna cuddle him I can't
he'll pull u in close and hold you tight grumbling out a sleepy "good morning" 🤩🤩
hes absolutely not a morning person. definitely more of a night owl, so your always stuck with making him get up.
but what if HES waking you up??
maybe you just wanna stay in bed and cuddle all day but have shit to get done? he'll try his hardest to get you up with kisses and little nudges.
you'll just furrow ur eyebrows and roll over on top of him. you'll straddle him and wrap your arms around his neck while digging your face into his neck.
how is he supposed to get you up when you're being so cuddly with him!! whatever plans you had he's already canceled and is content with cuddling you and feeling the weight of you on him.
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insidethejob · 18 days ago
Y/n: Time for plan G Reagan: Don’t you mean plan B? Y/n: No, we tried plan B a long time ago. I had to skip over plan C due to technical difficulties. Brett: honey, what about plan D? Y/n: Plan D was that desperate disguise attempt half an hour ago. MYC: What about plan E? Y/n: I’m hoping not to use it. You die in plan E. Reagan: I like plan E
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channydraws · 2 months ago
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I made some of Marigold's uni students and lots of gays were discovered here. Lots of it.
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cognitosclowns · 24 days ago
andre & brett getting a blowjob from their,,, "experienced" partner? 😏
he's been around the block. his trysts could make a list that would circle the entire DC area. he knows what experience feels like.
When you suck him down, right to the back of your throat with,, a frankly unwavering amount of confidence? He knows he's in for a ride.
His shoulders just,, sink <3 the dopeyest grin
it’s the kind of giddiness that comes with anticipation? Half-way between terrified what you’re gonna pull out of your pocket, and simultaneously begging for you to show your cards.
Considering he doesn’t have to guide you, his hands occupy themselves elsewhere!! Mostly rubbing at your shoulders and neck, 
If you give him the A-Ok, he’ll absolutely fuck your mouth!!
He’ll fumble his way to his feet and everything smndsd
Extremely sporadic movements - rhythm is dead, Andre Lee killed it himself
He isn’t really thrusting so much as grinding?? LIke he’ll rarely (if ever) pull out all the way - he’d rather stay as deep as you can take, and just,, vaguely grind!!
Short, hard gasps?? like right at the back of his throat?? 
His eyes are completely closed <3 he will absolutely hold your hand though - two squeezes if you need a pause!!
‘closeclosecloseclose’ is about as much as you’re gonna get to a coherent warning that he’s gonna cum
Usually he expect ppl to spit bc,, His Cum Probably Tastes Like Battery Acid?? So if you swallow,, expect his legs to go Fucking Gooey lmao
His recovery time is usually Stupid Fast but he,, might need a few minutes (and a cigarette) before he’s able to return the favor <3 he’ll definitely stumble you two over to the couch to rest for a bit <3
You thought he was a mess with an inexperienced partner?
Dear God this man is practically praying smdsnd. He keeps both hands plastered,, directly against his mouth. 
It does nothing, but,, he’s trying his best!! He feels shy about making too much noise - he doesn’t wanna make you uncomfortable, or be Too Much, yk?
Every movement you make is met with just,, the most excited reverence. This,, nearly shocked admiration? He feels like the luckiest man alive to <3 be getting a treat like this
His eyes are,, big the whole time, over the brightest red cheeks <3
Language is iffy - you’re definitely not gonna get full sentences out of him while you’re sucking his soul out. Moreso,, A Few Words scrambled in between sobs and gasps!!
(the good kind!! he’s a bit of a crier in bed <3 lots of feelings!!)
His legs shake like jackhammers - you’re definitely gonna need to keep a hand on his knee to keep him form accidentally bonking you
He doesn’t so much thrust into your mouth as he,, writhes?? like his hips will stay Virtually Still (he would hate to accidentally hurt you by thrusting <3) but his top half?? allllll Arching, curling <3
He cums,, extremely fast. Something about the combination of
and Unwavering Eye Contact
Is going to send him to an early grave <3 he barely manages to warn you before he’s cumming down your throat
If you swallow his head’s just gonna <3 dip backwards like he’s been punched smdnsd
Afterwards?? <3 kisses and cuddles. He’s gonna be flustered out of his mind so,, he’ll appreciate a bit of comfort <3
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andreandkarl · 9 months ago
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njr654 · 18 days ago
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im probably not gonna upload anything this month im too busy with stuff but here’s a wip im workin on for russian disco elysium zine! 
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colourful-prideflags · 15 days ago
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Tumblr media
Trans flag but it’s colour picked from Dr Andre from Inside Job
Requested by Anonymous
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