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#andre x reader
vrisrezis · 2 days ago
Since ur ask box is open can u do an Inside Job hc/post for Andre and Brett where a new member of the team joins Cognito Inc. n they’re like a total badass and Andre is immediately whipped? thx also I rly like ur other posts for Owl House lol 💖
Glad you like my owl house stuff ah <33
Andre just thinks you’re so cool? There is something about badass’s that really got him in a chokehold 😭 he would almost be too scared to flirt with you at first but he eventually is like “fuck it” and does it anyway. Don’t let this fool you though, the way he feels for you is more than a fling to him and it’s obvious from the way he acts. He doesn’t just make attempts to have sex with you, he also does nice things for you, gets you things he’d know you’d like! He’s also really helpful with any questions you may have about cognito inc.
Brett is such welcoming guy in general, he knows what it felt like to be new at cognito and how nervous he felt about impressing everyone so he tries to make you feel welcomed. He ends up fumbling over his words at first, cause wow you’re really pretty. And it’s like the gang immediately knows what’s going on and interrogate you right away. So much for being welcoming and making you feel comfortable. But, you were a major badass about it and that’s how he knew he was over the moon for you.
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cognitosclowns · 15 days ago
okay but hear me out
face sitting with Andre/Brett
brett would probably cream his pants at you even asking to do it and andre would be over the moon dude.
bretts probably one to moan whine while doing it, pulling you close to his face by your hips (FORCE HIM TO MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH YOU 💥💥).
andre would be like way too enthusiastic about it?? like this boy is EAGER. he'd encourage you to start grinding on his tongue sighs dreamily. definitely likes to be suffocated by your thighs
SIT on his face, if he catches you trying to hover he will actively ynak you down until you're seated. Weight doesn't matter, his mom didn't raise a coward. He wants to Positively Drown. If his jaw and neck aren't killing him at the end
Similarly, he's definitely gonna urge you to grind/bounce your hips on his mouth <333 he
The sloppiest, wettest noises in the UNIVERSE. Smth about the combination of scent, taste, and overall excitement has this man drooling like a fountain. It's gonna be dripping.
Also? clawing at your thighs - he has no nails so there won't be any marks, but,,,,,,, he just gets vv into it <3
SMTH I CAN SEE BOTH OF THEM DOING??? Thrusting into the air. Andre does it bc,, The Taste (tm) works him stupid, and,, he gets a bit too excited. Also he craves Stimulation of any kind smdnsd.
If you decide to lean back and wrap your hand around his cock??? He's gonna fuck your fist like he needs it to survive.
AND YOU KNOW HE'S ALL ABOUT THOSE CONTRASTING SENSATIONSSSS <3333 Tug his hair?? Pet his stomach and thighs?? Run your thumbs along his face?? <3 you're gonna see those feet twisting
He can't really talk when you cum but,, you'll definitely hear some adoring, eager, "mm-hm <3333" coaxing you to cum on his tongue
Where andre is,,,, vv chaoting with face sitting, Brett is a lot more slow
He treats this shit like a meal - his lips + tongue are so wet it just kinda,, melds into one sensation??
He's very,, purposeful and loving with every movement <33 it really is just,, Body Worship Plus. Extremely,, passionate <3333 He pays close attention to the stuff that makes you moan or gasp so,, expect some very nice orgasms.
plural, bc he'll genuinely go as long as you want without a single complaint smdnsd. Doesn't matter if it takes you a while to cum, he's got plenty of time for you <3
Oh this man is cumming in his pants <3 possibly a few times. Sorry but feeling you gush on his tongue when he does smth right?? He literally doesn't stand a chance
You hear him getting all Gasping and for a sec you think he's struggling to breathe, but when you try to raise up he instinctively yanks you back down???
It's only when you notice him,, yknow,, grinding against the air that it kinda hits <3
he's gonna cream his jeans no matter what, but if you want him moaning against you, give him smth to grind against!!! Esp like,, very gently caressing his bulge with your hand?? <333 goddd he pops so fast w/ gentle, loving caresses <333
He's gonna try to continue while he cums but,, it's mostly gonna be very shaky moans and some sporadic licks. He picks up right after his peak tho!!
<333 he might start begging against you when you're close. HE DOESN'T EVEN REALIZE HE'S DOING IT TBH smdnsd he just,,,, seeing your eyes go all hazy while you look down at him???
You stg he's dying when you cum bc,, his whole body siezes up for a second?? <333 he's a mess
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froggy-frogz · 7 days ago
omg angst nsfw where y/n gives brett/andre a blowjob and/or eating out Raegan but starts crying, says safe word??????? maybe i feel very angst 24/7
A/N: You trying to break me anon :,) ajfdkhsf- I'm messing, but this is my first ever angst nsfw so pls pardon if it's not the best!! I'm still working on writing angst and nsfw so good practice!!
NSFW Below! Read at your own risk <3
You're in the middle of sucking him off, and suddenly you feel overwhelmed. Like, too much was happening at once. You weren't sure where it was coming from, but you start crying and crying hard.
You feel so bad for Brett, who's looking at you with a strange expression, which doesn't help your tears. It kinda makes you feel even more pathetic.
Stopping what you're doing, you pull off of Brett and say the safeword, before covering your face in shame.
Brett, kinda, as usual, is very clueless. He's not really used to this happening, but that isn't going to stop him from getting concerned and helping!
He first makes sure that you're not physically hurt, but once you explain to him that you're simply overwhelmed, he gets it.
He's not upset, like at all, he gets it, and knows what to do.
He's going to clean you and himself up, and if you're not in comfy clothes, he'll either help you change or if you don't want his help, he'll let you do it.
If you want him to, he'll get some junk food and carry you over to the couch. Yes, he insists on it.
The entire day is now devoted to cheering you up. He calls out of work if he has it, and won't leave your side, unless, of course, you need some space.
If that's the case he'll clean the house/apartment up for you, like a good little housewife :)
Andre's pretty into the blowy he's getting from you to even notice what's going on. It takes him pretty long to see that somethings up.
Like above, you don't know why you're getting upset, is it because of the stress from work? Regular life stress? You're not sure. You try to hold it together and help him finish so that you can be done, but it's so overbearing.
Your chest feels so heavy, and before you know it, you're crying, and you pull away, not even bothering with a safeword, figuring he'll figure it out.
Again, que Andre not getting it. But once he sees your tears, he knows what's up.
The first thing he'll do is to clean you up. He doesn't worry about himself, he'll just re-clothed.
He'll then talk to you, not like a big conversation, just what you need from him. Do you need space? Got it. Do you need him to stay with you? He's also got that.
If you need space then Andre will probably shower and then go make dinner. [I see him as once he's in a domestic relationship, he starts to learn how to cook :3]
If you need him, he's going to hold you. Like, Andre becomes glue because he's not going to abandon you.
She can tell somethings up, but she's not one for bringing this kinda stuff up, so she won't bring it up for both of your sakes.
Once you reach your cap, and start crying, she's going to pull you away and pull you next to her. You don't even need to stop. You don't need to apologize or anything because Reagan's already fussing over you.
She'll make sure you're okay, and if you are, she's going to start a shower for you, help you clear your head. If you want her to help you wash up, she'll join you, nothing saucy, she just wants to help. If not, she'll clean up the area, and wash your clothes.
She's not going to let you leave the apartment, if you need something, you let her know.
She gets it. Out of the three, she understands the overwhelmingness and how if you let it overflow, how maddening that can be.
If you need someone to listen to and have to rant to, she's not going anywhere.
You're going to be ordering takeout, and if you'd like her company, she'll stay and cuddle you. She's not the best at it, but she'll try for you.
If you try to apologize after you're feeling better, she'll be very calm but like, sweet as she tells you that it's okay and that it's not your fault.
She tries, she really does.
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that1weirdkiddo · 7 days ago
Andre (inside job) with a professional personal chef as a s/o hc!!!
You got it!
CW// drugs
- let me tell you, all that man knows is cheap take out, a shit ton of snacks, and edibles. So it’s safe to assume he literally cannot cook for shit.
- when you came into his life, it was like some sort of gift. [he was surprised that you had even decided to cook for him the first time, though]
- Andre absolutely adores watching you cook, whether he be absolutely zooted or sober [it’s one of the few moments where he can actually calm down and not have to worry about his OCD with all of the movement and calculations that happen in the kitchen]
- he likes to joke that you and him are on opposite sides of the spectrum [“cooking and drugs? What a pair.”] he says that like edibles don’t exist. Smh
- if you ever make a childhood dish that he probably doesn’t even remember? This man is on his knees, ready to propose with a ring pop
- please get this man a healthy diet. Consuming drugs on a regular basis while also constantly having subpar fast food on the daily is bound to have consequences, so just treat him right.
- genuinely, he’s so grateful for you. He loves coming home from work to see a beautiful display of food that you had somehow whipped up while he was gone [he could’ve sworn it took longer to make that]
- you once made him something after a really stressful work day and he couldn’t stop crying [in the /pos way, I swear]
- okay but hear me out: him trying to cook with you
- he’s like an excited kid who wants to help. He offers to do small tasks, gets excited about opening a can with a can opened- he asks if he can lick anything off of a spoon, out of the bowl, etc.
- he’s a menace to chef culture [™️], but you love him, and he loves you
- he also once tried to cook something but ended up nearly burning half the kitchen down, but we don’t talk about that.
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insideh4ndj0b · 15 days ago
andre footjob as promised. contains feet (obv), established andrexreader, gn reader, consensual somno, no penetration
You're sharing the bed with Andre, your absolute perv of a boyfriend. You're fast asleep and, while you gave him consent to "do whatever" while you were sleeping quite some time ago, he's never taken you up on that offer. You're starting to wonder if he's forgotten. Your wondering ceases when you're woken up one night.
You're asleep, laying on your side with your feet poking out of the covers when you wake up. You're awoken by the soft sound of fabric shuffling and, squinting, you realize that Andre's no longer in the bed with you.
Then you feel something press against your foot.
Now that wasn't something you were expecting, exactly, but you can work with it.
You stay still for a little while, wanting him to think you were still asleep. Your eyes adjust to the dark and at the foot of the bed you spot your boyfriend, cock pulled out of his pajama pants and pressed against the soft sole of your upturned foot.
Andre's got a hand firmly pressed to his mouth to smother any sounds he might make. This was a secret he was keeping from you, he doesn't quite want you to know. But it was just something he was too drawn by, he couldn't put off at least trying it any longer.
He starts to roll his hips, choking down groans. His other hand is lightly rubbing your other foot, over your heel, the sole, and the ball of your food, committing it to memory.
Andre swears under his breath and he keeps rutting. He's usually out of timing with his thrusts but this is a level higher than you've seen before. The motions of his hips are completely rhythm-less and jagged. Desperate.
"Andre~" You hum, pressing your foot further into his hand. He immediately gasps and freezes, looking at you with wide eyes as you smile softly at where he is at the foot of the bed.
"I'm uh, actually I'm sleep walking. I'm not actually awake. Uh. Good- good night!" He starts moving back to his side of the bed to try and lay down next to you, but you stop him with a foot to his chest.
"Nuh-uh." You keep him right where he is. "You have to show me what you were doing."
His hands squeeze into fists a few times before he moves back to where he was. His erection hasn't flagged in the slightest, and he's grateful that the room is dark enough that it hides his bright red face. With unsteady, trembling fingers, he caresses your foot and repositions it. Wanting to help, you keep your foot wherever he puts it.
Andre swallows hard before he takes his dick in one hand and pushes it against the sole of your foot once more, softly rocking.
"Ah, it kind of tickles," You giggle and, surprisingly, he moans at that. "You want me to help?"
"You- heh- you already are," He groans, "Fuck, you're so soft here." He whimpers.
"Let me try, let me try," You flip over onto your back and prop yourself up on your elbows. Carefully, making sure not to put too much pressure, you sandwich his dick between your two feet. He gasps and doubles over, hands holding onto your legs as he starts to fuck into the space that you've made for him.
"Fuck, babe, fuck, thank you, thank you," He grunts out, murmuring with every uneven thrust.
"Yeah? You like this?" You purr. Andre whimpers, unable to stop himself from moving. "You gonna make a sticky mess all over my feet? I want you to. I wanna see what your cum looks like dripping from my feet."
He's speeding towards his climax, and he doesn't think that he could stop even if he wanted to. He's so desperate for this, he's wanted this for so long, he's so, so close.
Then you say something that puts the final nail in the coffin.
"Maybe you could lick it off afterwards."
He cries out, pressing his forehead to your legs and squeezing his eyes shut as his orgasm hits him like a freight train. He's spilling cum between the soles of your feet, cock throbbing and twitching with each heavy pump. White stickiness drips down, trailing down his length and dripping onto the bed.
"So messy," You tease as he pants, pulling is dick out from between your feet. Calmly, you extend one foot out to his face, "Now, I think you know what comes next."
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insidethejob · 18 days ago
*Squad reactions to being told ‘I love you’* MYC: Thanks human, I guess. Andre: Oh no Brett: *cries* I love you too. I can finally show you my Shrine, baby. (Y/n: Excuse me what-) Reagan: Sounds fake but okay Gigi: *A flustered mess* Y/n: Umm... Can I get a refund
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itevilhag · a year ago
(update. even tho no one needs it) the snowpiercer fic that i’m working (the edited) on is currently on 1.9k and i still have so much to stuff in it, so i guess it’s gon’ be pretty long. I’m still a little bit backlogged from school but i’ll manage.
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brettsshrimp · 11 days ago
so I've been having many thoughts about like a sweet yet kinda oblivious reader with the group. These are just general ideas but if anyone wants me to elaborate on any let me know:o
cw // drug mentions
• bringing everyone their favorite coffee in the morning and always having little snacks
• when Brett starts working there, you ask what his fav coffee is, and he doesn't think much of it, thinking it's just an ice breaker or smth, but the next day you come in with his fav drink along with the others and he's just,, stunned. like,,, he didn't think anyone would do that since he's knew,, he's just like?????hmsnxj,,
• also having bandaids and wipes along with the snacks in a little backpack or purse
• Brett comes to you a lot with a papercut or some other minor injury and a pout on his face asking for a bandaid. he loves the care that you give, wiping the cut then carefully putting the bandaid on,,, he's soft,, especially after the smile you give him, telling him to be careful,,
• helping Glenn with his divorce therapy if he really wanted to work on his personality after the body switching thing. like helping with listening/ trying not to yell ect.
• when a session goes really well you take him out to dinner, or something he's been talking about wanting lately. even if a session doesn't go as well you remind him that's okay!! progress isn't linear and you're still proud of him!!!
• being shopping buddies with Gigi, and getting your nails done together. Also trying to help with like making media trends, whether it's like memes or fashion, she likes hearing any ideas you have
• Myc and Andre have tried to make dirty jokes and innuendos but they always fly over your head. it used to drive Andre crazy but Myc was always amused seeing your confused face, trying to understand the joke. At first Andre thought you were just messing with him but Myc confirmed that you really just didn't get it
• I like to imagine that one day while you were still relatively new to the job, Andre came up to you and was like what the hell are you on?? since you've always seemed so happy, patient and just? over all bubbly. and you're just like "??? on what??" Andre just kinda laughs until he realizes your serious
• he kinda wonders if you even know more than 5 drugs. I also like to think that at some point he takes the time to teach you how to tell when someone spiked your drink, even if you don't go out much. he just wants to make sure your safe and having a good time<3
• he's also like hey, if you ever decide you wanna try drugs, hit me up! he'll make sure you have a good and safe time,,
• going off the dirty joke point, one time you were trying to learn more about Myc's species and Myc found out, and he was like hey, if you come over to my place tonight, I can show you a thing or two. rather than being flustered or smth along those lines like he was expecting, you just kinda got excited in an innocent way, wondering what he could show you
• he even put a tentacle on your shoulder and there just,, wasn't a single dirty thought in there. it was just you wondering what he could show you, and what snacks he might like hnfhfj
• hanging out with Reagan, listening to her talk about a new invention or something her dad did. or if she's not in the mood to talk/ focusing on her work you're happy to talk about random things
• also bringing her drinks and food, making sure she isn't overworking herself too much
• Reagan tries really hard to keep you away from her dad, even if it's impossible. she doesn't want him hurting you in any way or trying to manipulate you into doing something for him,, she wants to keep you safe from him,,
• doing their nails and hair on (somehow) less busy days. even though Myc doesn't have either, you still decorate him with little accessories so he isn't left out,,
• I like to think Myc and Glenn call you kiddo. Myc uses it more to just tease you while Glenn does it more out of seeing you as a kid he never had(though he won't admit it just yet)
• you and Brett totally get together and plan little surprise parties. like nothing extreme just a little thing for everyone to calm down. like there's everyone's fav food and drinks. even if it isn't a birthday party or Christmas, you get little gifts for everyone, even Brett who didn't see it coming:(<3 (he might tear up a little hnmsdjd,, I love him)
• Myc probably read your mind once while you and Brett were planning a surprise party and totally spoiled it for everyone. he got the cold shoulder from you for a day or two after,, was it a little overdramatic? yeah
• also!! being excited to go to the 80's town too! even if you weren't born in the 80's, or really understand the hype of it like Reagan, seeing Brett be excited about it has you getting a little excited too. you totally dressed up with Brett which made him so happy
• lord have mercy on anyone that makes you upset. if any of them finds out someone hurt you in any way, that info spreads like a wildfire to the rest of the team, and you have to stop them and reassure them you'll be okay before they completely ruin the person's life jsnshk
• they just really appreciate you being there for them and wanna be there for you too:(<3
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vrisrezis · 17 days ago
Until I get actual rqs for inside job I did some Andre relationship hcs because he’s my fav and I am whipped ;D
Tumblr media
- okay so for starters andre is experienced with sex but not relationships in itself honestly lol. Like I hc he uses sex to cope (just like with drugs). It gives him the excitement and distraction he needs at times, so while you can potentially provide that for him (there’s also the possibility you don’t want sex in your relationship so) dating him is a bit messy at first. Mainly because he freaks out and doesn’t know how he should deal with this at first.
- as a result he brings up sex a lot to like myc, gigi, etc and they’re like Jesus Christ just like masturbate or something and hes like … ohhhh..
- but anyways all this aside he’s very inexperienced in a relationship so please forgive him.
- he’s so sweet though, and he really tries to be a good boyfriend! He tries buying you stuff, but at first he’s just like.. wtf do I buy them? It starts out small, with just a coffee, to like a full meal, (big fucking contrast lmao) but then it goes to cute shit he thinks you’d like, yknow like a cute teddy bear or something lame, and then to like nice flowers he knows you’d really like, to just something actually meaningful to you, like a video game you’ve been talking about wanting or something.
- speaking of video games, he has plenty you two can play he’s a gamer ok guys and he really loves any kind of games so you two can bond over pretty much any game and talk about it forever and plus side if he doesn’t know it he’s happy to learn more about it. But beware of multiplayer games, he’s competitive as fuck and gets kinda angry lol.
- anyways if you’re lucky to be dating the man scared of commitment, you definitely work at Cognito Inc. it’s just easier that way! You two can see eachother like all the time and you both don’t have to keep any secrets from eachother it is the best <3
- ps since you’re dating you probably do drugs . Probably smoke pot at the very least .
- he’s a clingy guy alright so yknow these factors make it easier to see you, more excuses for him to have like he’s totally helping you with work or he’s just seeing you to hook you up with more drugs LMAO
- anyways clingy guy, I mean it. Loves having an arm around your shoulder or waist, holding your hand, anything. He needs to touch you in some way shape or form okay.
- big cuddler as you’d expect, admittedly likes being the small spoon, it’s just comforting and makes him feel small in the best way.
- if your strong enough he likes being picked up bridal style, he’s pretty light too so it’s not like it’s hard to carry him .. he’s just very tall and lean
- makeouts happen often with him, which usually lead to sex unless you’re not comfortable, ready, etc.
- but even if you don’t want sex it’s fine he loves making out with you
- he likes just sitting and watching tv with you with his chin on the top of your head
- probably just gets high with you a lot and just relaxes
- anyways, he’s very domestic and loves domestic shit
- like he is so in love with you, he never thought he’d ever be okay with commitment, the though terrified him and so does the idea of being domestic with somebody it opens up so many doors he’s not sure he’s ready to open yet
- but then he sees you cooking with your fucking apron and he’s like.. yeah… I am in love with this mf
- like he never really cooked for himself honestly like he would just order takeout or something but then you make him food and he like dies
- brags about you a lot to his coworkers when you’re not around, kinda his way of coping when he can’t be around you and shit
- also he’s so comfortable around you, he opens up to you so easily and he’s just so okay with being himself and being vulnerable
- he will just stare at you with this dumb smile and you roll your eyes because he’s such a fucking loser and you love him
- he’s just very honest with you about things and he tries really hard to be a good boyfriend because he knows he’s not the BEST at everything but he’s really trying here.
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insidemalewife · 9 days ago
Imagine just Andre holding you. Like your both just laying in bed and the sun hasn't come up yet and you feel his breath on your shoulder and the weight of his arms around you. Am I making sense?
i hear you loud and clear jjsjjssjsjdkfmfmm
no because early morning sleepy cuddles are SO FUCKINF GOOD 💥💥💥💥
i feel like he's the type of person that just groans and mumbles while waking up?
"baby get up we gotta go to work" *various groans and mumbles*
probably sleeps in just boxers so you can feel the warmth radiating off of him </3
gives ur back and neck kisses SOBS
god i just wanna cuddle him I can't
he'll pull u in close and hold you tight grumbling out a sleepy "good morning" 🤩🤩
hes absolutely not a morning person. definitely more of a night owl, so your always stuck with making him get up.
but what if HES waking you up??
maybe you just wanna stay in bed and cuddle all day but have shit to get done? he'll try his hardest to get you up with kisses and little nudges.
you'll just furrow ur eyebrows and roll over on top of him. you'll straddle him and wrap your arms around his neck while digging your face into his neck.
how is he supposed to get you up when you're being so cuddly with him!! whatever plans you had he's already canceled and is content with cuddling you and feeling the weight of you on him.
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cognitosclowns · a month ago
what about Dr. Andre and Brett getting a bj from their inexperienced s/o ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
Idk why but I specifically envisioned these happening at a desk?? it changes nothing but im setting ambience shh
He probably doesn't even notice they're inexperienced, and if he does? he doesn't care
That's quite literally his last priority right now because his cock is halfway down their throat
Listen every brain cell left in his head is focused on not cumming early s,mdnsd
One hand is just,, flailing between petting their hair, gripping his own to keep himself focused, and gripping the armrest for dear life.
The other hand is pressed over his mouth in an attempt to not completely embarrass himself smsmdnsd.
he’s failing, because they can hear him whining in the back of his throat, but he’s trying!
The most his S/O can really make out is his eyes? Just big, wide eyes staring at them in a mixture of adoration and shame.
He nods enthusiastically if they swirl circles around the tip <3 that shit gets him like nothing else tbh
When he’s close he grabs onto the fabric at their shoulders and lurches forward until they can feel his stomach press against their forehead.
Probably also gently cradles the back of their head while they swallow? less forcing, and moreso begging them to let him stay inside msdnsd
so many kisses after <3 come sit with him and cuddle, that was so sweet of them to do for him!! and the moment his legs stop shaking he’ll repay the favor <3
Just,, absolute relief.
His entire body slumps into it and his head rolllllllllls back to thump against the back of his chair. This massive, bone-aching sigh.
Blowjobs at the end of a long day? Just sitting back while someone else does the work? a beautiful view? <3 perfect way to relax
Just,, giggling happily to himself, staring up at the ceiling all blissed out with a lazy smile <3 this man is in heaven.
He doesn’t mind if they can’t take much - he’ll gladly stroke the base while they focus on the tip/balls. His free hand will be on their shoulder, or cheek to give some guidance! 
He’ll tap his thumb on their teeth if they need to loosen their mouth, wiggle his tongue at them if he wants a bit more of that - very playful with everything <3
Shamelessly rolling his hips into their mouth. Not enough to gag them - just enough to rub his frenulum on their tongue? A bit of friction never hurts, esp when they can’t take much without gagging!
‘aw, getting ‘choked up’?’  and similar teasing. Hes a brat but its ok
The only time he’s not grinning is when he’s close tbh - his eyes get intense. This perfectly adoring, demanding look? Forcing eye contact?? <3
He also starts muttering something under his breath?? but fuck if his S/O has any idea what he’s saying lmao.
He’ll want to see the mess on their tongue after - no problem if they can’t swallow, he knows it tastes like shit lmao smdsd.
(protip : lavish him after. Plenty of kisses down the shaft while he works through the aftershocks <3 he twitches like he’s been hooked up to a car battery)
Right after he’s back to his usual, eccentric self <3 he definitely needed that
(if they want smth for themself, they may have to bring his attention back bc,, he’s easily distracted msnds)
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froggy-frogz · 24 days ago
Inside Job requests ? Awsome !
Best budd reader (gn) taking care of Andre while he’s sober, either for a work related mission or family dinner/event (reader considered Andre’s plus one)
A/N: I'm so excited to write this ahhhhhhh- Congrats on being my first Inside Job request ahfskhs. Andre's probably one of my top 3, though you can probably guess my other 2 favorites. I wanted to write this during the wedding ep [ep 6? I think] but I might do that as an alternative fic if yall want! [In the middle of this I got a really cool idea for like, a family dinner thing with his s/o type deal]
The gang had an interesting mission for this week. JR was sending the seven of you to a fancy gala to spy on some rich dude. You weren't honestly listening, you were more concerned with the more important mission you were given with your favorite coworker and friend, Andre. Well, the more, personal mission came more from Reagan pleading with you to make sure Andre was sober the entire time. She might as well have asked you to steal the Queen of England's jewels. That would be easier than making sure Andre was sober for an entire night.
"Can't I have just a bit?" Andre shifts in his seat, and you groan. It would have been fine if this was the first time he asked, but once the number had grown above like, 15, you had stopped keeping track and it was getting more frustrating.
"No, Andre. This is important. Trust me, I rather you be hyped on drugs. I don't like when you're a nervous wreck, it stresses me out too."
The car stops, and you gulp, it's one giant ass manor that you were currently parked in front of. You were sure it was bigger than the building you were at when at Yale-
"C'mon. The others are probably here." You open the door and offer Andre your hand, which he takes and squeezes. "Hey dude, you'll be good. I'm not going to leave your side."
You can tell that makes him feel better, as all tension leaves his shoulders and he pulls himself next to you, "Ok, let's go in before I want to get back in the car."
One hour in and you were sure Andre was going to snap. You were all in what you assumed was the dining hall, standing right next to him. He was sweating and you swear you could feel it. You weren't even that close to him.
"[Y/n]. I need something. Please- Let's just run over by Myc or something-" He stops when you shush him when the smartly dressed man at the front of the room clears his throat and steps up to a microphone.
"Let's not." I ignore everyone else for a second, grabbing an extra napkin from my pocket before dabbing the sweat droplets on Andre's face. "We're almost done. Then I swear we can both go get shitface drunk, but I need you to stay here with me."
He was quiet, like, eerily quiet for even sober Andre, and then after like a minute, he lets out a soft groan, "Sure. Okay, I'm sorry. It's just that my head is swarming and it feels like I'm going to explode."
"I'm sure we're almost done, Andre," You whisper, looking up at the front of the room.
"Oh shit it's getting worse." Andre rubs his eyes, and you wince, he wasn't doing it in a gentle way either, "Oh Jesus fucking Christ. [Y/n] I cannot stay sober, they all know this."
You take one of his hands again and squeeze it, and he squeezes it back, and you wince. He wasn't kidding. He really need something and needed it fast.
This seemed a bit worse than the accident on the boat... but he was holding himself together better, despite the sniffling, coughing, and tiny movements you could feel next to you.
"Fuc... Fuck, [Y/N] I can't breath."
Well shit. It'd probably be a good idea to get him out of here.
Your eyes shift around the room until you find Reagan, and make a gesture that you're going to leave the room, and she nods. There. Getting him out of the room for a moment should help.
You grab Andre's hand again and drag him out of the highly populated room until you find your way outside again, and thankfully, it was just the two of you.
"If I'm being honest, I was going to sneak you a blunt." You snort, once you were sure you two were alone.
Andre coughs and slumps against the wall, "I wish you would of. This fucking sucks."
Sitting next to him, you bonk your head into his, "I have a couple of ideas of what we can do to help calm you down. It's a couple of things my old therapists would tell me to do. Hell, one might work for you."
There was that silence again, and then you could feel him watching you.
"Alright [Y/n], let's try them, not like we can do anything else."
Tonight sure had been interesting, but at least he was calming down some.
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scottybrock · 3 months ago
The Show - Beck/Jade/Reader
“Move,” Jade ordered, slamming her lunch tray on the table. Tori glared at her, but Jade was unfazed. “You kissed Beck during your first week here,” Jade reminded the thin brunette. Beck scrunched his nose at the reminder, subconsciously lifting a hand to wipe at his lips. “That was because you poured coffee on my head!” Tori whined. 
You glanced at Jade, who smirked. “Be glad it was iced coffee,” Jade responded, roughly shoving her way between you and Tori. “If you ever try to put your dry lips near my girlfriend, you’ll have to worry about more than a cup of coffee.” Tori yelped as Jade slammed her hip against hers, but you welcomed the contact, leaning closer to your girlfriend. A small smile pulled at the corners of her lips. “Hey,” You grinned. Jade’s bright blue eyes lit up, and her expression softened. “Yeah, hey,” She grumbled. Beck shifted closer to you, wrapping an arm around your waist. “Hey babe,” He greeted. Jade rolled her eyes at him, but a soft smile spread across her face. “Whatever.” She grumbled.
Tori tilted her head, her brows furrowing. “How is it that Jade has not one, but two significant others, and I’m single?!” She whined. You exchanged a look with Beck, then rolled your eyes. Jade glared at Tori. “What’re you trying to say, Vega? That I’m hideous, so therefore I deserve to die alone?” She snapped. You nuzzled your face into the crook of her neck, pressing a light kiss to her neck. 
Her glare softened as she turned to you. “Excuse me, I’m trying to scare the wazz out of Vega,” She murmured, trying to stop the giggles that were building up in her chest. You pressed another soft kiss to her neck, and she sighed, her tense posture relaxing, leaning against you. Beck leaned over and brushed his lips over Jade’s. “Yeah, but there are more… pleasant things that we can be doing with that time,” He smirked. You lifted your head from its comfy place to turn around and kiss him, your tongue pressing against the seam of his lips. 
His response was immediate; he gripped your hips with bruising force, pulling you onto his lap. Jade leaned over to scatter rough kisses along your neck, biting lightly at your soft skin. “Guys,” Tori cleared her throat. You ignored the waifish brunette, running your hands along Beck’s back, pulling him impossibly closer. Jade’s kisses and Beck’s tongue were doing things to you that weren’t entirely appropriate in a school setting.
With great reluctance, you slid off of Beck’s lap. His hands gripped your hips as if to hold you there, but seeing the determined expression on your face, he relented and gave your hips a final squeeze. Jade’s kisses tapered off, and you finally looked at the table. While you’d been occupied with your boyfriend and girlfriend, Andre, Robbie (plus Rex, but you couldn’t stand the puppet), and Cat had all found their way to the table. “Whoa,” Rex said. If he could, he’d be grinning like the little leper he was. “That was hot, babe.” 
Jade’s brows furrowed, a thunderstorm of emotions flickering over her flawless face. “Call my girlfriend babe again and you’ll lose an arm,” She snarled. Robbie shielded Rex protectively as Andre snickered. Tori looked on with an amused expression, a subtle smile curving her lips. Cat let out a high pitched giggle. “One time, my brother…” She started, then adopted an offended expression when your friends all groaned, nearly at the same time. “What’s that supposed to mean?!” She exclaimed. Jade ignored her, turning to Beck. “Get me coffee,” She demanded. You perked up, giving your boyfriend a hopeful look. Beck caved almost instantly. “What’s the magic word?” He asked playfully. 
Jade’s glare sharpened. “Now!” She snapped at the same time that you shouted “Please!” and offered your boyfriend a charming smile. Beck rolled his eyes at Jade, but bent down to press a firm kiss to her lips. Her expression softened, and she looked up at him with those beautiful blue eyes and uttered in a soft, sweet tone that she reserved only for you and Beck. “Please?” She requested. 
Beck’s handsome face lit up, a toothy grin settling on his lips. “Be back in a minute.” He acquiesced. As he walked away, Jade shouted after him, “Two sugars!” He turned back and gave her a thumbs up. Jade turned to her salad and began violently stabbing it as hard as the plastic fork would allow. You didn’t bother reminding Beck of your coffee order; after all, he’d been your boyfriend for almost three years. He knew what to do. 
You were broken out of your reverie by Tori asking Jade if she could have a cucumber from her salad. Jade glared at her frenemy. “No,” She snapped. Tori pouted, sticking her lower lip out. “C’mon, I just want an itty-bitty piece of cucumber,” Tori whined. Jade rolled her eyes, then picked up her entire salad, aiming it at Tori. Tori shrieked, ducking for cover. Andre immediately grabbed his backpack, ready to make a run for it. Cat was oblivious, eating her pizza without a care in the world. Robbie let out a whimper. You just watched, waiting to see what your beautiful girlfriend was going to do. 
Much to your amusement, she didn’t throw the salad at Tori. She chucked her half-eaten salad directly at Rex, and by extension, Robbie. The salad hit the two of them, landing with soggy splat. Robbie’s jaw hung open, his eyes wide. Jade glared at him. “That’s for calling my girlfriend babe,” She snarled. Robbie glared back at her, then immediately cowered away from her when he realized what he’d done. Without another word, he grabbed his backpack and his puppet and hightailed it away from the table. 
Andre and Tori laughed. You snickered, which brought a small smile to Jade’s flawless face. Jade raised an eyebrow at them. “I think you should leave,” She said, her tone matter of fact. Andre was well aware that when Jade used that tone, she wasn’t asking- she was telling. “Alright,” He acquiesced. “See you guys in Sikowitz’s class,” He stood, but Tori stopped him, furrowing her brows once more. “Why do we have to leave?” The songstress complained. Jade’s smirk sharpened. “Because,” She drawled. “While I no longer have a salad to throw at you, I have these,” With that statement, she whipped a pair of scissors out of one of her boots. 
Tori had a look of absolute horror on her face as she fled the table, with Andre following close behind her shouting, “Why’d you hafta ask why?!” Cat followed behind them, gleefully proclaiming, “Weee! I love running!” You giggled, pressing a soft kiss to Jade’s lips. “Wanna tell me the real reason you scared everyone away?” You asked, your voice teasing. Jade’s perfect lips curled into a soft smirk. “Maybe I just want to spend time alone with my boyfriend and girlfriend,” She replied, shifting so that you could pull her closer, your legs brushing against hers, then finally entwining. You pressed a hand to your chest, your voice playfully mocking. “Jade West, whatever do you plan on doing with me?”
Jade’s gorgeous face lit up, her smile roguish. “Oh, I plan on doing a lot with you,” She murmured. Your cheeks flushed, and you nudged her. “Oh yeah? Like what?” You teased, your lips brushing gently over the shell of her ear. She shivered. “Maybe when Beck gets back… We can go to the janitor's closet and ditch fifth period,” You suggested. Jade’s cheeks flushed, the redness contrasting quite lovely with the paleness of her skin. Her smile was uncharacteristically shy. “I’d like that,” She replied softly. 
Beck returned, balancing three coffee cups. “Where’d everyone go?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow at the blush on Jade’s cheeks. You reached for your coffee, taking a quick sip. “That’s not of importance right now,” You replied, a devilish smirk appearing on your face. Beck’s other eyebrow rose; he knew when you had that look on your face, trouble wasn’t far behind. “Oh yeah?” He asked, handing Jade, who looked rather flustered, her coffee. “Then what is of importance right now?” 
Your smirk grew and you glanced over at Jade, who was squirming in her seat. “The important thing right now is that our girl has some needs that need to be taken care of.” You replied. A matching smirk flashed over Beck’s face. He turned to Jade. “Is that so?” He looked unbelievably smug. How could he not be, when he knew that he was about to fuck two of the most gorgeous girls? “Well, babe. How about we move this somewhere else? Wouldn’t wanna give anyone a show, would we?” 
You shrugged, your eyes glinting playfully. “What if I would?” You teased. Beck’s eyes darkened, and Jade whimpered in the background. Beck set his cup of coffee down and pulled you to him, his hands gripping your hips tightly once more. “Fuck the janitor’s closet,” Beck’s voice was low and gravelly. “We’re ditching for the rest of the day. I’ll give you and Jade a show you won’t soon forget.” 
Jade stood on shaky legs, and you and Beck pulled her in close, so that you formed a small circle. Jade’s fingers ran up and down your leg, causing you to shiver. “I don’t doubt that,” Jade smirked. “Never had a reason to complain before.” You nodded in agreement. Beck growled lowly, moving one of his hands to grip one of Jade’s hips as well. “I’ve got no complaints on my end either,” Beck remarked, his dark brown eyes practically pitch black with lust. “Now get your sweet asses to the truck so we can get to the RV, and I can fuck you both into the mattress until the sun comes up.”
You grinned slyly at him, then glanced at Jade. “Can I fuck Jade into the mattress, too? You can watch.” Jade shifted slightly, letting out a soft whine. She loved that idea, and it was obvious Beck did too, as he pulled you into a bruising kiss. You nipped at his lower lip, eliciting a low moan from him. “Get to the truck now,” Beck growled. “I’m gonna call us in sick. I want both of you in the truck and ready to go by the time I get back.”
“I’m already ready to go,” Jade grinned. Beck let out a soft groan. “Let me go call us in sick, stop tempting me.” Jade’s grin sharpened, and she collected the abandoned coffee cups. “We’re most certainly going to need energy to go until the sun rises,” Jade shrugged innocently. Beck grinned, then hurried back to the school. The lunch period was long over, but the fun was just about to begin. 
“Don’t take too long, or we’ll start without you!” You called after him. Jade laced her fingers with yours, and the two of you began walking to the truck. Her smirk would have made the devil proud. “I like the way you think.” 
You grinned at her. “And I like the way you taste.” Jade’s cheeks flushed once more. “Ditto. I like the way you taste. Now stop talking, or we’re really going to have to start without Beck.” She grunted, opening the door for you. You pressed a soft kiss to her lips in thanks, then slid into the car. Jade joined you seconds later, resting her head on your shoulder. You wrapped an arm around her to pull her closer. She inhaled deeply, then snuggled closer. 
The driver’s side door opened, and Beck slid in. “We’re all set,” He told you and Jade. His dark eyes glinted with the promise of pleasure and love. “Are you ready?” Jade made a soft noise of affirmation. You grinned back at him, your eyes twinkling. “Always.” You replied. 
Beck’s smile widened. “Then let’s get this show on the road.”
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Reagan: I'm gonna kick your ass!
Y/n: I'll like to see you try!
Reagan: Saturday. Noon. The usual place.
Y/n: You're on. Loser pays for dinner and the movie.
Andre: Can you just ask each other out NORMALLY!!
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cognitoinc · a month ago
⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ . masterlist . ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
Tumblr media
୨୧ — brett.
nothing yet.
୨୧ — reagan.
nothing yet.
୨୧ — gigi.
nothing yet.
Tumblr media
hc reqs are open ! [ request here ]
rules & guidelines.
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brettsshrimp · 10 days ago
since I can't sleep I've been thinking of Christmas headcanons since it's almost that month ww
• you and Brett go all out with decorating the office!! and at first everyone's like???? it's not even December wtf but soon enough they get dragged in by puppy eyes and pout from you two. they'll all eventually get into the spirit and enjoy decorating
• ngl the office will probably look like a disaster to people outside of the group nshmsjk like, everyone has their own personal touch that they wanna add, whether it's for jokes or not. it's v chaotic but you wouldn't have it any other way<33
• the tree is huge btw, and it's absolutely covered in ornaments and tinsel
• Also!! going down to where Robotus is and decorating the basement!! at first both Reagan and Robotus are like?? what's the point???? but Robotus does appreciate it even if he doesn't admit it,, makes him feel included even if he isn't actually there
• like setting up fairy lights that change color, giving him his own tree, asking if there's anything he wants on the tree or what topper he wants
• convincing Reagan to give him Christmas movies to watch too!!
• omg you know that story where someone played what's new pussycat on a jukebox over and over with a different song in the middle??? Myc would do that and play all I want for Christmas is you on the speakers on repeat with one other Christmas song that plays after like 8 times. he's enjoying watching everyone go insane
• imagine walking by the office and just hearing "I don't want a lot for Christmas" and then everyone just collectively losing their shit hnshdkbd
• Glenn probably ends up breaking the speakers smnsksb everyone just sits there like,,, it's so quiet now,
• baking sugar cookies cut into Christmas shapes for the gang and bringing frosting and sprinkles so they can decorate them!!
• it either turns into a frosting war or a competition of who can decorate the best cookie ever. either way, wherever the decorating is happening, it won't stay clean
• also, the thought crossed my mind 'oh! what if they all baked together!!' and it seemed cute at first but then I realized that's a horrible idea shsnkdhk not just the kitchen, but the whole place would be a complete mess
• Brett comes in one day with a bunch of ugly sweaters that he picked for the group. at first everyone's like,, I don't wanna wear that, but he convinces them to, and they won't deny, he did a good job picking out sweaters for them
• getting presents for them is gonna be hard because Myc will absolutely try to read your mind and find out what you're getting everyone. everytime you're near him you have to distract yourself or actively think about other things
• he's teasing you like come onnn you know you wanna think about it~ it must be tiring thinking of all these other things~ just oneee little thought? I promise I won't tell<3
• I'm sure he doesn't care too much about Christmas, but he does appreciates the dedication you have to make sure what you got him stays a surprise. probably not a lot of people have done that
• spoiling everyone with presents!! they probably aren't used to it, or really done this with eachother (sure they've decorated the place a bit but not to this extent) so when they see presents under the tree they're like oh,,? we're supposed to get presents? and they start to! when Christmas arrives there's just a huge stack of presents for everyone
• always making sure everyone feels included and as happy as they can be
• like, I'm thinking,, I'm not sure about the others, but Brett and Reagan probably never really had a proper Christmas so like,,, I just wanna let them have a good, proper Christmas hmmgehrh,,,,,
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