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#andrea swift

I’m FINALLY to the point where I don’t completely sob when listening to Soon You’ll Get Better, but I still skip it most of the time. As beautiful of a track as it is, it is soul crushing and I just think about losing my own mother and how horrid that would be when the time comes. She is my favorite person. Who am I supposed to talk to?

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I really believe a mother support is the first thing to make a child go out of their shells. So i am gonna thank Andrea Swift for obvi not making my parents better but making me better. Showing me the way how you should support your kids. If you’re somebody’s parent and reading this pls support them. If you can’t do in economically physiologically. That would be really nice 💘 @taylorswift

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Sooo I got sort of similar vibes from these two, but the second one is from the five holed fence era and I’m getting concerned that we’re about to start clowning again 😶

@taylorswift @taylornation

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