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ezrul-00 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
andrew + things in his bag
EDIT: hello just 2 things to clarify 1) this is not my character he belongs to nora sakavic, so while the design and art is mine, the intellectual property rights lie with nora! no need to tag it as #oc. 2) you can find this post on my alt explaining what each item is and what the small text says :)
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306saint · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
details from my recent post / stuff in andrew's bag
list of objects below the cut and my headcanons abt them :)
packet of cracker dust he meant to throw away
packet of cracker dust he meant to throw away
pens n pencils (not that he ever really needs to write anything down), paperclip (for picking locks), lose change, buttons, safety pin
money clip for cash
carabiner with a braided leather keyring and a palmetto foxes keyring
spare jewellery, studs, nose rings etc
phone with one unread message from neil and a phone charm allison traded him for letting her borrow a tshirt
a flower, sugar packet, paper crane, all from renee
a flip knife lol
eyedrops for days when he doesnt get a lot of sleep to help him feel less tired
key to the maserati
iron and vitamin d supplements (would be important for someone coming off anti-depressants. vitamin d deficiency is actually very common so if you feel like you have low energy, sore muscles and joints, even some feelings of depression, go ask your doctor for a blood test to get your iron/vitamin d levels checked. ANYWAY)
palmetto state university ID with the numbers 0310 (andrew and neils jersey numbers), 803 (columbia area code) and 54321 referencing the countdown on neils phone. idk they were the best numbers i could think of
sticks of gum and candy
omamori from kevin which offers protection from evil spirits/wards off bad experiences. i also like to think he had a traffic safety ward hanging from the rear view mirror of his car, and that kevin always likes to keep a ward on the bench during games for good luck.
four-leaf clover stuck between a piece of folded-over tape (neil saw it on a run) ((andrew is confused why do people keep giving him bits of plants and good luck charms.))
cigarettes and a lighter (i dont smoke so i just went with the most generic sort i could think of)
athletic tape
black nail polish (he only paints his nails when he wants to get out of something. eg "andrew come wash the dishes" "cant im painting my nails" "your insolence will catch up to you one of these days")
spare soy sauce fish
phone charger
torn off part of a note from neil that says "wish i was with you all the time". clingy mfs
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butallmystars · 2 days ago
andrew and neil during winter hc’s
they have matching hats, gloves and scarves in neon orange, much to andrew’s disgust
the colour clashes horribly with neil’s hair and andrew tells him as much
“you are a walking traffic hazard” “thanks!”
that being said andrew wears them every single time he leaves the house
because he despises the cold!!!
at any point during winter he can be found wearing long-sleeve shirts over his armbands and under his hoodies, multiple pairs of woolly socks, bundled up under several thick blankets and yet still! shivering!
neil though, he naturally runs hot and he’ll parade around in a t-shirt and running shorts like the snow isn’t coming down in sheets outside
“you are an anomaly, it is minus zero out there” “russia was substantially colder”
when all else fails andrew just uses neil’s abnormal body heat in place of a heater
he will wrap his arms around neil’s waist in the kitchen and tuck his feet under neil’s legs on the couch and bury his face into neil’s neck at night
sometimes neil will find him in a blanket cocoon on the couch and andrew will poke one hand free and beckon him over
it’s only ever for warmth purposes. obviously.
ice skating!!!!
neil spots an advertisement for the rink at the grocery store
and andrew notices him double back to read it with something curious in his eyes but neil doesn’t bring it up again
so andrew takes matters into his own hands
because if neil wants to go ice skating then they will go ice skating god damn it!!!
andrew is… pretty terrible
he just keeps falling. he has surprisingly terrible balance on skates
and he can’t even be grumpy about it, because there’s neil, watching him in that way he does, fond smile pulling at frost bitten cheeks, all warm eyed and dimpled and andrew is mentally raising the percentage by the second
in the end neil just hauls him up off the ice and tangles their hands together
and, well. andrew doesn’t hate ice skating so much after that.
andrew is very fond of scented candles
he likes to use them year round, but there’s just something about a scented candle during winter
the sky is grey and dull outside, but in the apartment there’s neil and andrew on the couch, under a blanket, the cats at their feet. some pointless comedy is playing on the TV but they’re more interested in each other, limbs tangled in a way that should be impossible, shroud in darkness minus the low glow from the cinnamon candles andrew lit earlier.
neil just fucking loves tinsel
the two of them have never really done christmas—for andrew christmas brought everybody home and for neil there was no home in the first place.
then there was easthaven, and evermore
but now, andrew and neil are safe. and they are together. so like with most things, they do christmas their own way.
and because neil is a chaos demon that means an offensive amount of tinsel covering every square inch of their apartment
there’s never a colour scheme or an order to it and during the holiday season neil cannot leave the house without coming home with at least one pack
he smuggles it in under his sweaters or in bags and hangs up it when andrew isn’t looking
andrew, walking in to a sheepish looking neil on a stepladder in the kitchen: what are you doing?
neil, panicking: watching porn.
for all andrew grumbles and complains, he is an easy accomplice
he finds orange tinsel whilst out buying cat food at the store and it is quite literally the ugliest thing he has ever seen
he buys two packs.
and the way neil’s face lights up when he finds it hanging above the fireplace makes it all worth it.
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jensen57 · 2 days ago
daily aftg hc: andrew absolutely shows neil all the stupid shit he missed out on as a kid. i don't mean movies or experiences, i mean like putting glue on the back of his hand, waiting for it to dry, then peeling it off
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rainbowd00dles · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
shower scene redraw time! 
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24-0z · a day ago
Completely out of context , my mind has not been able to form a single though aside of a Police x Criminal Andreil Au inspired on the song "The villain I appear to be" in which Andrew is the chief of police that never seems to catch the worldwide known jewelry thieve Neil Josten.
And they just have type of relationship in which Neil will get out of getting caught by flirting with Andrew in the middle of a famous museum literally with a picasso under his arm or about to jump of a window in the top floor of a skyscraper with parachute on his back and 5 million dollars worth of jewelry in a duffle bag. Sometimes he uses his actual skills, but mainly he is just filtring with Andrew as he escapes.
The thing, is that Neil is so interesting to Andrew that everytime he sees those cold blue eyes and that sliver of red hair above a mask, he can't do anything but feel something warm uncurl in his stomach and stare as the other gives him a two finger salute and leaves once again, unable to move or do anything competent. This happens everytime they see each other and Andrew is pissed about it, but when they see each other again on another museum surrounded by at least fifty officers with their guns out and Neil just looks for Andrew and smiles under his mask when they make eye contact, Andrew damns the day he crossed paths with this man when he hears an amused "Officer Andrew Minyard, I was wondering when you would get here, I was starting to miss you" and Andrew knows he is a goner.
Andrew knows this whole thing is stupid and that he could lose his job because of it but he can't help but feel interested everytime Neil manages to get out of his grasp even when he will never admit that he looks forward to see the thieve again.
Obviously something has to go wrong at some point and it just so happens that when Neil thinks he will be able to get away of his newest hit, he steps out of the floor to ceiling security safe and hears something click around his wrist sounding alarmingly like handcuffs . He turns sharply and manages to see none other than Officer Andrew Minyard with the other end of the handcuff on his wrist. Neil hasn't activated any of the alarms, he is sure of this and it looks like Andrew is alone most likely with reinforcement on the way so when Andrew just returns the stare with blank boredom he can't help but smile .
"You finally caught me Andrew so I guess the best congratulations are in order " he says teasingly. Andrew just scoffs, but Neil can see the smallest lift of his mouth, he smirks at that " Anyhow , I should leaving if I don't want to catch traffic you know how it is, but hey we should totally meet again , this time maybe you should invite me to dinner or something instead of the handcuffs"
Andrew looks at him with something dark in his eyes that is the farthest thing from anger. " Would you actually go to dinner with me? " Andrew asks taking a step forward into Neil's space , he usually never responds to Neil's flirting so he is surprised, but he still doesn't move an inch so that he and Andrew are practically touching.
Neil looks down at his duffle bag with about 9.000.000 dollars in antique diamond rings and looks up at Andrew's shiny police badge, he slowly stretches an arm to grab the badge and when Andrew doesn't stop him he just takes it and puts it in Andrew's pocket.
"I would, but I think anything other than this horrendous uniform would fit you better " He says looking Andrew up and down
"As if you can tell me anything with the things you wear." Andrew says looking at his worn out black hoodie and his beat up sneakers . Just as Neil is going to respond he continues " How can I trust that your going to be there? "
"How can I trust you're not going to arrive with the entire police department on your tail? " Neil counters, and sees something change in Andrew's demeanour, he hesitates as he slowly goes for the handcuff that was bounding them together and opens it with a little key.
Neil could start running towards the door any minute now and he should start running but there's something in the hazel eyes in front of him that makes him shiver. " How can I trust you? " Andrew asks again and Neil knows what to do, it's a stupid thing to do but fuck it, he is a stupid guy . So he reaches for his mask and gets it off like a band aid , suddenly realizing it's the first time Neil and Andrew face each other, really face each other.
Andrew has somehow gotten close enough that they're sharing a breath, hazel eyes blending with blue ones as he quietly says " I want to kiss you, yes or no? "
The yes is out of Neil's mouth before he can register it and as soon he says it Andrew's mouth is on his and Neil is pushed into the wide metal door of the safe .
The world stops and Neil feels dizzy with the strong contact of Andrew's lips on his. Andrew is fierce and kisses him like his world starts and ends on Neil's mouth, but the hands that grab his face are anything if not gentle and the way he guides Neil's hands to his own hair are nothing but trusting. Neil knows his hands are trembling as Andrew slides his tongue into his mouth and he knows Andrew is smirking because of it , so he takes a leap and moves his mouth down to Andrew's jaw and down again to Andrew's neck to leave kisses there and smiles when he hears Andrew's breath hitch.
Andrew grabs him by the back of his neck to reach for his mouth once more ,grabbing Neil's waist in the process with enough force to hold him but making a point that Neil could leave if he wanted to. He doesn't. So instead Neil gets even closer to Andrew and kisses him again with the same need and desperation as before.
Suddenly the alarms go off and the world blends again into focus so they can also hear the police sirens out of the building. They must have set off the alarm by pushing the wrong code into the safe door accidentally when Andrew pushed him into said door.
They stare at each other for a second freezed in the spot before separating from each other quickly. Neil puts his mask on again and looks at Andrew . He sees a blanck face and red ears that give away Andrew's surprise at the alarm and Neil feels relieved that he wasn't the only only one completely caught up in the kiss. Neil looks down to his bag and up again at Andrew, he knows this could get him killed but regardless of anything close to self preservation he says " You should go to Palmetto state and look for The Foxhole bar, ask for Allison and tell her you are looking for Neil Josten ." He says and grabs the strap of his duffle shyly "I think dinner would be nice "
Andrew looks at him with shining eyes and asks "Does this Friday at eight sound good for you or do you have another antique jewelry to steal "
"Oh Andrew don't worry, you know I'll make time in my busy criminal life just for you "
" Lucky me " Andrew says as he puts his badge back on " You should leave now before they get here" he muses.
But Neil is already running towards a window, he turns to give Andrew a final look and says " I'm looking forward to Friday Officer Andrew Minyard " and jumps.
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jeanmoreauslefttit · 2 days ago
actor au for aftg!
neil, in character: you know, i get it being raised as a [bites tongue]
andrew's actor: ??? wtf does, you're a pipedream mean, why can't i just say "i wanna kiss u and have ur babies neilypoo" OH? THAT'S NOT REALISTIC? WELL NEITHER IS ME GIVING US MATCHING RINGTONES
matt's actor, passionately gesturing: -and that's why me and neil should kiss at least ONCE
kevin's actor, rolling his eyes: what about ME, i didn't go through all that sexual tension just for us to be exybros
neil's actor, for the third take: you know... shit fuck, i don't know what the fuck was the line again
jean's actor, trying to do a faux french actor: hon hon hon oh alex-
director: CUT!
wymack, in millport: i bought plane tickets for t-
kevin's actor coming in way too early: true but irrelevant
kevin's actor: OH sorry can you talk louder i cannot hear you behind these lockers
neil's actor: hello... [looks at writing on hand] aaron
andrew's actor: nope. try again.
neil's actor: F UC K
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sadblueberry · 2 days ago
Aaron: welcome to the first meeting of the Fuck Neil Josten Club, let’s go around the room and say why we hate Neil Josten and want him out of our lives
Andrew: I may have misunderstood the meaning of the name of the club
Aaron: get out of my sight
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fishybucket · a day ago
No because the way they love each other is so desirable. I want someone who can read my body language like it’s their favourite book. Who can make quick eye contact with me and know what I’m thinking. I wanna be known like that. But I also wanna know someone like that. I wanna be able to help them and know when holding them is the right thing to do and when it isn’t. I wanna bick and banter and argue with someone like that. I wanna care about someone like that. I want someone to care about me like that.
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neil and andrew play the marble game
“in this game, using your ten marbles … you will compete with your partner. the player who takes all ten marbles from your partner wins.”
neil and andrew stood side by side. two boys who spent their every waking moment on the knifes edge of danger.
“well this will be interesting,” andrew commented, his face devoid of emotion; any hint as to what he might be feeling in that moment was hidden behind his usual wall of apathy.
neil hummed quietly in reply as he turned to watch the other players begin their games. one winner, one loser.
a smirk as sharp as a blade painted his face, teeth bared; he was the perfect picture of trouble.
“let’s play catch,” he said as andrew swivelled round to watch his eyes light up in barely concealed glee. andrews brows furrowed slightly and an almost imperceptible frown tugged at his mouth.
“what are you playing at josten?”
“have a little faith in a man won’t you?” neils smile contorted into a deadly grin. “on the count of three we toss our bags to each other. all you have to do is catch mine”
he watched as andrew began to understand.
“ok,” was all he said
at the same time the pair tossed their bags towards each other and caught their partners marbles.
neil turned to the masked guard staring at them,
“are we done now?” he asked, eyes wide and eyebrows raised, impatience and sarcasm melting together in his tone.
the guard stood frozen for only a split second longer, before turning and leading them through a door, the sounds of gunshots ringing out behind them.
neil had spent his whole life learning the loopholes. he had been taught by the best after all; mary had been vicious in her attempts at survival and neil wasn’t about to let one sick game get the better of him. fuck the rules. he was smart enough to know his way around them.
the game stated you had to take all ten marbles from your partner. they never said anything about winning with all twenty marbles.
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whomst-the-hell · 2 days ago
Allison,complaining: im trying to set up my friend neil but its, like, impossible! he’s practically the human equivalent of a knife, who’d want to date a knife???
Nicky, having a lightbulb moment:
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purpleshadow-star · 2 days ago
Casual reminder that the first time andreil made out Kevin was in the next room
Tumblr media
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butallmystars · 5 hours ago
neil finds flavoured chapstick in the grocery store and he decides to have fun with it. he wears a new flavoured chapstick every day and andrew will either approve or disapprove of its taste. he is a big fan of vanilla honey and he likes cherry cola, but he refuses to kiss neil until key-lime pie is wiped off. sugar cookie is a huge hit, neil wears it for two weeks straight. during holiday season he wears sweet cinnamon. grape is neil’s personal favourite but he uses it only once before kevin finds it on the couch and takes it for himself. andrew is fond enough of all the chapsticks, he does love sweet things, but his favourite flavour is and always will be just neil. neil as is, untouched in the mornings, not yet put together, all chapped lips and messy hair and bleary eyes and neil, neil, neil.
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levi-ackerham · 2 days ago
When Neil looks at Andrew like 🥺💕 and Andrew gets embarrassed and gently pushes Neil's face away with his hand
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jeanmoreauslefttit · a day ago
spooky season for the foxes!
neil, dressed up as a ghost: am i your... boo?
andrew, dressed up as a criminal: you're my final victim, that's what you are.
neil, blushes suddenly: oh-
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