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p3terparker · 2 days ago
i absolutely adored your last fic for tasm peter and i would love if you could write something about him wanting to do the spiderman kiss with you but with the roles reversed!!! thank you!!
Tumblr media
𝗮/𝗻: this is so cute i love the concept! ty for requesting :) this is also not proofread as usual so sorry if there's any typos!
𝘄/𝗰: 0.5k
Tumblr media
one thing about peter is that he’s extremely affectionate. he always has to be touching you, whether it’s holding your hand or having an arm wrapped around your waist. today, however, he was touchier than usual. you knew his love language is physical touch, so you decided not to comment on it, but that’s hard to do considering he’s laying right on top of you.
“peter” you mumble into his hair, not gaining his attention. you try capturing his attention again by repeating his name, and all you hear is a mumbled “yeah baby?” into your shoulder. 
“can you get off of me? you’re kinda crushing my lungs” you say while gently trying to push him off of you but miserably failing.
“i’m comfortable though” you hear, peters face still buried in your shoulder.
“i’m not”
“well get comfortable then” he said matter of factly.
“that’s kind of impossible to do when i can’t move underneath your body” you chuckle out.
“you’re just gonna have to suck it up then”
“you know what, i don’t have time for this” you said before using all of your strength to push him off of you and onto the floor.
“OW!” peter screamed from the floor causing you to laugh.
“i told you to get off but you didn’t listen!” 
“that doesn’t mean you had to slam me onto the floor like a freaking monster!” he retorted, still not getting up from the floor causing you to laugh even harder.
“also stop laughing, i wanna do something” he said, catching your attention.
“lay upside-down” 
kinda confused as to where this was going, you obliged anyways. he dragged you down gently so your head was hanging off the bed and had a goofy smile on his face.
“we’re not about to do what i’m thinking of, right?”
“no, we’re not gonna do that you creep. unless you want to of course” he said smirking, intrigued by the idea.
“look who’s the creep now. anyways why is my head hanging off the bed? are you trying to make the blood rush to my brain as payback for pushing you off?”
“you’re so dramatic, i’m not as evil as you”
“oh really? because as far as i remember you, left me trapped in the room with a spider once because you didn’t want to kill it since it’s your ‘family’ even though you knew i’m deeply afraid of them” you retorted, cringing at the memory.
“how can you be afraid of spiders but date spider-man? it makes no sense!” he fought back.
“stop talking now” he said seriously before cupping his face in your hands and kissing you deeply.
“you can sit back up now” he said smiling like a little kid who just got ice cream.
“that’s what you wanted to do?” you replied giggling.
“yup. i’ve always wanted to switch our roles with that kiss. my life is now complete” he said contently.
“you’re ridiculous” you laughed while also being pretty satisfied too.
“one more thing” you heard peter say.
“wha– OW!” you screamed as he dragged you onto the floor by your foot.
“i despise you”
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foreverrogers · 2 days ago
okay but what about,,,,aftercare with peter,,,and the way he gently cleans you off before pulling you to his chest and kissing you softly OKAY I NEED TO STOP MAKING MYSELF CRY
you're a few years deep into your relationship so peter is no stranger to having a hand towel ready at your bedside to clean you up. mostly because by the time he's done with you you're both too spent to get up, heavy breath and smiles pressed into lazy kisses as you both settle into your post-orgasmic haze.
you sigh when you feel the soft fabric between your legs, graces the inside of your thighs as peter brings his hand up to cup your cheek, lips brushing your jaw as he speaks. "there you go. took me so well, honey, wish you could see how beautiful you look right now." he brings his face up to yours, asks if you're okay before he tosses the cloth on the floor beside the bed.
you nod, wriggle a little beneath his weight, already missing the fullness of his cock inside you. "yeah, i'm perfect. thank you." your voice is whisper-quiet, breathed into the contours of your smile as you catch his lips in a short, sweet kiss.
"yeah, course you are." another kiss, all teeth and smiles and short giggles rising out of the back of your throat. "my pretty girl, perfect and all mine. c'mere."
his lips are still on yours even as he's rolling onto his back and pulling you onto his chest, feels all the love in his chest ready to burst, like it might start oozing out of his pores as your warm hand slips over his stomach to wrap your arm around his middle.
he wraps the covers around your shoulders, presses a kiss to your hair as you lay your cheek against his chest, feel the warmth and the steady rhythm of him against your skin and let it lull you into a gentle sleep.
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pierreparker · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Andrew Garfield as PETER PARKER / SPIDER-MAN SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME (2021) dir. Jon Watts
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mrmanbat · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
No. I won’t tell you. You’re my boy. As far as I’m concerned, you’re my boy, and I won’t hurt you.
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spideydreams00 · a day ago
Peter Parker Using a Fleshlight, (Headcanon)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Enjoy 🌙
First of all, Peter Parker is not afraid when it comes about using toys in bed, you have multiple vibratos and maybe a dildo
He loved it when you teased him with a vibrator, stroking his cock slowly while using the vibrator against his balls
He came really fast that time
And hard
Peter Parker is a busy boy I mean he’s Spider-Man
And you’re actually busy with college
That means that sadly he can’t always be with you
That’s why you bought him a flashlight.
He was mesmerized the first time he saw it, he was more than excited to use it on a phone call with you, when you’re both horny and afar from each other
Then that day came by
“Fuck y/n please!” He cried over the phone, that was one of your many powers, having him on edge even when you’re not around
“C’mon Pete be a good boy and keep stroking your cock for me, please?”
“Y-yes- mommy” he moaned
Then you remembered, how could you forget?
“Peter do you have your fleshlight?”
“Yes- it’s h-here”
“Did you already use it?”
“N-no mommy I was waiting for this”
“Naughty boy, always thinking about me ruining you?”
“You’re always on my mind y/n/n” he said in a small voice, his hand slowly stroking his cock
“Get your toy Peter”
He sprints towards his closet to take out the fleshlight
“I guess you already know what to do baby”
“Yeah” he moaned at the thought of you dirty talking to him, your hand between your legs pleasing yourself
He positioned himself back on his bed
He licks his hand and starts stroking his cock, collecting the precum over his tip making his cock wet
His cock is painfully hard, red and throbbing, he can’t take it anymore
“Can I use it now Y/N?”
“Of course baby”
He eagerly takes the object and pushed it down till his tip is inside the fleshlight
He moans and shuts his eyes
Head rolling back
“Im- I-m s-sensitive” he whimpers over the phone
“Are you baby?”
He nodded forgetting that you’re not there
“Yeah” he croaks out
“Is it all wrapped around your pretty cock?”
“N-no, just the tip”
“C’mon Pete, more…. Make yourself feel good honey”
“Ahh!” He cries when he drags the object all the way down to the base of his cock
“Fucking hell” you whisper to yourself mesmerized by the thought of how he must look right now, a thin layer of sweat over his body making his skin glow, his messy hair, legs squirming and back arching, you know him like the back of your palm, the way his eyes roll back and his mouth falls agape letting out all the pretty noises he makes
“Faster Peter, fuck yourself faster”
He starts dragging the fleshing up and down his cock faster, his hips rising thrusting himself in the object
“How does it feel honey?”
“So fucking good!” He cries and moans, choking on his own moans
“It’s not enough!” he cries again frantically dragging the object up and down
“Why’s that honey?”
“You’re tighter!” He’s fully sobbing, you chuckle at the thought of his getting himself all worked up
“Baby that’s kinda the point”
His hips chase the fleshlight while his toes curls, too lost in the feeling and the sound of your voice to fully register what you said
“W-what?” he croaks out
“A fleshlight will only make you miss me more Pete”
“I need you please!” He cried
“What do you need honey?”
“Make me cum make me cum make me cum please please make me cum please!”
“Baby you’ll have to do it yourself”
His peace was erratic, pretty fucked up boy.
“Do it lover”
“IM CUMMING!” He cried
He threw the fleshlight away and started to stroke his cock frantically
White ropes of cum painting his abs, some cum getting on his chest
The broken moan he lets out
The tears falling from his eyes
The squirming of his body
The aftershocks of his orgasm
Peter Parker is a beautiful boy
“Mommy” he panted
Struggling to breathe normally
“You did so good baby”
He needs the praise
There’s a mess all over him, too lost in sub space to move himself
“Y/n….. I-i love you”
“I love you too Peter, so much”
“My darling” he rambled
“I’ll be there in 5 okay honey?”
That was an experience
(Sorry for not posting in a long time, busy with school and getting life together but I hope you guys enjoyed this)
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chaoticparker · 2 days ago
Doin’ Time
Tumblr media
Peter parker x f!reader 
Summary: There is a new criminal on the loose called blackcat and Peter is now desperate to catch her. But he wasn’t expecting the criminal to be the ex he’s still not over. (blackcat fic and can be read w any pete!)
w: melodramatic tbh, tiny blood mention, talks of sex 
w/c: 4.5k
a/n: its been soooo long! but i finally finished my big exams and i got time to work on fics and i’ve got some other stuff coming soon too! (i’ve also realized my love for exs to lovers)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“For the past two weeks, there have been a string of robberies in New York city. One at the Metropolitan art museum where precious artifacts have been stolen, the next was one of the Federal Reserve banks, where over two million dollars were transferred to different bank accounts–all untraceable to federal agents. And the most recent was two nights ago, where the criminal committed a similar crime as the previous, where they drained bank accounts of wealthy stock owners. The only slight difference between the latest two was that the criminal was recorded by a bystander; showing an interaction with them and spider-man, who had no luck in capturing the new criminal dubbed as ‘Black Cat’, due to their agility and fast reflexes. In the video, spider-man was seen failing miserably–”
“Ned can you turn that off please?” Peter whined from his seat in the kitchen. He was currently looking at his little ‘psychopath’ board–as it was dubbed by Mj a couple hours ago–it had all the evidence from the crime scenes as well as a strand of hair pinned up. String was hung all around, connecting everything together with conspiracy theories. 
Ned groaned as he shut off the TV and got up to go over to his friend. He sighed once he saw Peter’s circles under his eyes and the additional random information splattered up on another board. “Dude, this is getting out of hand.”
“Thanks.” Peter mumbled, but he didn’t pay attention to what Ned just said. He needed to focus on what was in front of him, he needed to find out ‘Balckcat’s’ next plan of action. Where was she going to rob next? How would he capture her? Who is she? Could he even capture her? Is he good enough?
“Hey, man, you alright? You’re looking paler than usual.” Ned looked at his best friend and he looked faint. “Don’t listen to the news anchors. You didn’t fail miserably, it’s the police who failed–”
“I’m fine.” Peter whispered. “Just need to figure this out…” His voice trailed off and he started biting his nails and picking at the skin. 
Anytime there was a new villain in town Peter felt a new wave of pressure and heat from citizens, local law enforcement, and the ever draining voices of hatred like the people at the Daily Bugle. Peter was doing his job as Spider-man for free! He never asked for anything in return, never asked for some sort of compensation from the city. He was being Spider-man because he wanted too, not because he needed too. 
If he wanted, Peter could be one of the new villains popping up every five seconds. With his strength, senses, and intelligence he could definitely be a huge threat. But he would never become a villain–his morals just don't align that way; and Ben would never want him to use his powers to do anything other than help others. 
And he has sacrificed so much for helping others. The amount of classes he has missed, those crucial high school moments he has missed out on like prom, never being able to hold onto a job; hell, being Spider-man has caused his love life to go down the drain. He had to break up with his high school sweetheart because he didn’t want to put anyone in danger. The fear of someone finding out about Spider-man's relationship sent him in a downhill spiral. To the point where it had to end. 
Of course he couldn’t do it in person, he wasn’t brave enough, so he sent a text.
[Peter]: I’m sorry but I want to break up
[Peter]: I’m really sorry
He threw his phone across his bed and put his hands in his face. He didn’t want to do it and regretted pushing send the second it went. Moments like these he wished he wasn’t spider-man. Wishing he could just go out with his girlfriend, celebrate that one-year anniversary, be that cringey couple that is just so in love, go out to parties and make out then later sneak out to be more…intimate. He just wanted to be a kid, not have all of this responsibility. 
A few minutes later he felt his cellphone vibrate. He told himself he wouldn’t look at any text you sent, he knew what it would do to him, but he still did it anyway. 
[You]: ???
[You]: Peter what’s going on??
Before he knew it his thumbs started moving, writing words of apologies and trying to explain. But then he remembered why he’s doing this. He deleted all of the messages. 
[You]: I saw you texting 
[You]: Explain
A minute passed.
[You]: Fuck you
“You’re putting too much pressure on yourself, man.” Ned patted his back right when the front door opened and Harry came in, holding bags that were definitely filled with beer and an array of alcoholic drinks. 
“Hey!” Harry cheered, sliding his sunglasses off and setting the bags down. “Woah, what happened here?”
“Peter’s in a mood.” Ned summarized. “A spider-man mood.”
“Ohh is this to deal with the blackcat chick? Heard she broke into at least five different places–”
“Harry.” Ned scolded, but Peter lifted his head up from looking at the board and onto his friend. 
“Five different places?” He asked. His eyes got wide and he internally ground at himself. How could he have missed this? “Thought it was only three.”
“Heard she hit up Tiffany’s and then some other bank.” Harry shrugged. “But you shouldn't put too much thought into it Peter. You’ll get her soon–you always do.” Peter mumbled something incoherent as he pulled out his laptop to look into the two new crimes. He groaned when he read some of the reports, while it wasn’t confirmed to be Blackcat, it was the same M.O. so it was likely it was. 
“Hey, cheer up Parker! We could go out tonight. Maybe swing by a new bar, find someone…” Peter just sighed again, putting his head on the table and his arms around his head. 
“You can’t just be a hermit for the rest of your life.” Harry went over and pulled Peter off from his seat and made him stand up. “You look like you haven't showered in a month and your clothes look like they were picked out from someone who hates you.”
“Shouldn’t you be making me feel better? You’re just bullying me now.” Peter complained, looking over to Ned for some sort of support. 
“He’s right, you know.” Ned agreed. Harry had a smirk on his face that turned serious when he saw Peter’s annoyed face. 
“We’re just trying to tell you what's good for you; and obsessing is not healthy.” Harry told Peter and he knew it was true, but this is his job! Being spider-man is a full commitment and he was glad to do it. It's just become his life now. “We should go out. Find someone to distract you from your spider-duties, ow-”
Ned elbowed Harry and when he looked up, Ned was shaking his head as if to say, ‘don’t go there’. 
“What about something simple? Have you called May recently?” Ned offered. Peter shook his head. “Well why don't you do that? I’m sure she’d love to talk to you.”
Peter nodded and headed to his room to call his aunt. As he shut the door though, he could make out the conversation taking place between his two roommates. 
“Why can’t he date someone? It’ll do him good to fuck! It’s what I do!”
“Because he literally broke up with his ex because of the fact he’s spider-man! It also doesn’t help that I think he's still not over her.”
“Damn. How bad was it?”
“The breakup? Dude didn’t shower for a week and was out as Spider-man distracting himself. Like, they would always do that gross couple stuff together–”
“Like you and Betty?”
“No! We’re cute–”
Peter decided not to listen anymore. He didn’t see the point when he knows what they’re saying, they all gave him the same sort of talk about how he should get back out there and find someone to make him happy. 
He snapped his head out from his thoughts and took out his phone, finding May’s number in his favorites and pressing the call button. 
“Peter! It’s so good to hear from you!” May answered almost immediately and Peter could hear the joy coming out from her voice; it made him feel bad, he normally tries to call, but whenever his work gets hectic he always seems to forget. But in his defense he does forget about a lot of other very important stuff, like showering, laundry, getting groceries...
“Hi May! I’m sorry I haven’t called, I’ve just been busy with the new criminal.” He tried to put on a peppy voice but like always, May saw right through it.
“Peter, you haven’t been stressing yourself too much have you?” May asked. Peter sighed and was about to answer no when May answered the question for him. “And before you say anything I want you to know I have conversations with Ned and Harry and they’ve been telling me you haven’t been doing too good.”
“I’m not sure how comfortable I am with you having Harry’s number, May.” Peter joked, hoping to avoid the lecture that was bound to be coming. 
“The only reason I haven’t blocked him is because he is your roommate and sends me good recipes. But back onto you, young man.” Peter sighed and accepted his fate. “You need to separate Spider-man from Peter Parker. I don’t like you becoming spider-man twenty-four seven, I miss my nephew. You don’t have a life outside of patrolling.”
“I have a life outside of patrolling!”
“Okay, what do you do then?” May asked and Peter went dead silent. “My point exactly. You're not experiencing a normal life and it concerns me, honey.”
“But my life can’t be normal, May! It’s impossible to get a good balance.” Peter reasoned. “I’m a living comic book hero, I got bit by a radioactive spider and got powers from it and now I stop crime in a leotard. Nothing is normal!”
“Honey, have you been reading Jamesens blog? You know your suit isn’t a leotard–”
“That’s not the point, May.” Peter sighed, collapsing on his bed. “I want to be good for the city, and to do that I need to put my energy into Spider-man.”
“But I want you to be good to yourself. That means experiencing life!” May told him. She was ready to go over to Peter’s apartment at this point if he couldn't get that message into his head. “When was the last time you were in love, mh? Maybe it’s worth connecting with that Y/n girl again, ohh you were so enamored with her–”
“I can’t May.” Peter solemnly said. His voice was low and miserable. “I broke up with her because she would get hurt from dating spider–” Peter felt something, something all too familiar all around him. “I gotta go May, love you.”
“Remember what I said–” Peter hung up on his aunt and quickly changed into his spider suit and opened his door to his bedroom to find Ned and Harry suspiciously close to his door. But he would yell at them later, he had very little time now.
“What’s wrong?” Ned asked, going over to Peter who put on his mask and was looking at the evidence board. 
“KAREN get a scan of this.” Peter told the robot and she quickly did. He also grabbed some special cuffs to arrest her with .“Got a sense she’s out, and tonight I'm going to get her.” He told the other boys before jumping out of the window and into the cold night. Harry and Ned couldn’t get a word in before he left. 
“I’ll text May, she probably is wondering why he hung up on her.” Harry sighed, pulling out his phone. “Think May likes younger men?”
Meanwhile, Peter was being guided throughout the city by just his senses. It was a little weird when he first did it, but over time he grew to trust his senses. He was heading south, near the docks of the city. Before he knew it he landed gracefully on the roof of what looked like an abandoned building, but Peter knew better than to assume that it wasn’t important; in his life of taking down criminals he has been in an uncomfortable amount of terrifying and suspicious buildings that truly had Peter creeped, but all contained something illegal. 
He crawled through a broken glass window to get inside. Nothing that weird, but he crept into a shadow in the corner. “KAREN scan the warehouse.”
Peter looked around and just as he got to the door, he saw a glowing red figure just now entering. He zoomed his goggles in and almost gasped when he saw that it was Blackcat, and while he didn’t gasp, he must've made some sort of noise because she looked right where Peter was, but eventually moved on to her main reason why she was here.
Peter noticed she had an assortment of keys in her hand. She must be here for one of the locked shipment containers, so he figured he let her get what she came here for and then attack. 
There was a click and then screeching of the container door opening, Blackcat entered and Peter couldn’t see what was going on but soon he saw her with a black case in her hand. And just as she was about to start for the door, Peter pounced. 
He swung and landed on her, making her fall and the case go flying out in front. “What the fuck?!” The scream shocked Peter, as he wasn’t expecting to hear that voice and he never heard it from their last confrontation–but to be fair it's not like there was much talking going on during a fight.
Taking advantage of Spider-man's shocked state, the criminal rolled them over and proceeded to push her hand on his face to get and hit his crotch with her foot and scratched him. “Fuck!”
Peter pushed through the pain, Peter reached out and grabbed her hand then used a pair of rarely-used cuffs, getting one around her wrist then one around his. “You’re not getting away from me again.”
Peter saw her look back at him with wide eyes, then he remembered what he heard right before he got hit in the dick. “Peter Parker?”
Peter cleared his throat and terribly lowered his voice. “I think the rhyme is actually Peter Piper–hey!”
Peter’s mask got ripped off his face with her free hand, showing his brown hair, that's grown out since last time, his hair got curlier too. “Peter…”
“Please stop saying my name like that, Y/n.” Peter whined, the name slipping off his tongue a little too easily for his liking. “You’re going to make this very hard for me.” And even though he knew what it would do to him, he took off your mask, seeing the rest of your face.
There was a fire in your eyes that truly could only be feared or admired, and of course, Peter couldn’t help but admire. 
“Then you could do us both a favor and take off these cuffs and let me go on my way.” You said with no emotion whatsoever. 
“You know I can’t do that.” Peter responded. “Even if I wanted to, I can’t break these, they're made from vibranium.” 
“Really? Because I thought you could do anything.” Your voice was filled with sarcasm. “Because apparently... you’re Spider-man now.”
Peter sighed and just nodded his head, he didn’t even know why he was doing that–maybe it was the guilt. He literally broke up with you so you wouldn’t get involved in criminal affairs because of him, but it looks like you’ve found yourself in them anyway. 
He decided to just ignore the comment and walked over to the briefcase, pulling you along. “What's in here?” He asked and picked it up and looked at the small keypad. “What’s the code?”
You didn’t respond. 
“Alright I’ll just do this the old fashioned way.” He raised his free hand but was stopped by yours.
“If any damage is found then it will explode.” You told him and handed back his mask. “Scan it with your freaky goggles.”
“They’re not freaky.” He mumbled but still asked KAREN to give them a quick scan, and what you said was true, he saw the outline of what looked like a mini explosive wired; sadly though, he couldn’t make out the contents of the case.
Peter needed to think. He couldn't give you over to the cops, they would definitely damage the case and then boom, no more evidence and your whole case could be thrown out. And a small part of him wasn’t sure if he wanted to hand you over to the cops.
“Put this back on and don’t scream.” He gave you his mask, and brought you closer to his chest. He awkwardly held his cuffed hand around you and held the briefcase then shot a web and pulled you up before you could even answer him properly.
He swung you out and then into the city. You didn’t have time to even process what was going on, you just held on tight to Peter. Before you knew it, you heard a rushed “Don’t move!” and hugged Peter even closer. 
You felt as though you were thrusted and then landed with a loud thud. You opened your eyes, and was met with a small kitchen then as you looked to your left saw a couch with one very familiar face and one that you wished you didn’t recognize, on top of each other, staring right back at you and Peter.
“OH MY GOD GUYS NOT ON THE COUCH!” Peter yelled, yanking off his mask as well as yanking you with him. “Harry there better not be any bodily fluids on there.”
Your mouth was open and Harry and Mj’s were the same looking back at you. “You two are together?!” You shrieked. Mj let her blanket fall that was covering her chest as she heard your voice.
“You’re yelling at me for having sex when you fucking brought in one of the most wanted criminals in the city here! A place where I co-signed the lease.” Harry got up, showing everything that quite literally made you gag. 
“Dude put some pants on.” Peter exclaimed, dropping the briefcase which made you jump and back away from it; Peter close behind you once he realized what he did. The flat was quiet for a second, until Harry broke it.
“What the fuck are you guys doing?” Harry asked as he finally put on some boxers and passed Mj her sweatshirt. “Why do you–”
“Calm down, it’s just y/n.” He took his free hand and used it to take your mask off. You swatted his hand away and grabbed your mask away from him.
“Y/n!” Mj ran to give you a hug, almost tripping on some other discarded clothes. 
“Should you really be hugging a criminal–”
“I’ve missed you!” You were surprised by how much emotion Mj was admitting, and from Peter’s face it was the same for him. “Are you really a criminal?”
“Are you really have sex with someone from the one percent?”
“I caught her stealing this–” Peter interrupted, picking up the case and gently placed it on the counter. “So yes, she is a criminal. That's also why we’re cuffed.” He lifted up his wrist with the cuffs, your wrist lifting slightly too. “And to answer your question Harry, I don’t trust cops so I don’t want her or this bag to get away from me.”
Mj was still looking at you with a smile on her face, Harry was looking at you too, just not with the same smile; he looked almost constipated which you guessed means he was thinking. And before you knew it, you heard the front door open.
“You better not be fuck–” Ned’s voice stopped when he entered the room and started taking everything in. When he saw you, he smiled. “YOOO, Y/n!” He dropped his bag and gave you a tight hug. He was soon pushed off by Peter though. 
“Ned, she’s blackcat–”
“For real?” Ned’s eyes were wide. “Congrats girl, you’re now the reason Peter went insane three times!”
“Ned–” Peter groaned.
“What am I supposed to say? Girlboss or some shit?” You rolled your eyes at his joke, which made Ned almost squeal. “I have missed that annoyed face, oh my god, Y/n I’m so glad you’re back!”
“Can we all focus please?” Peter yelled, gathering everyone's attention. “Thank you, now. I need someone–preferably everyone here–to go find the key for these cuffs–”
“You don't have the key?!” You yelled. “You locked us in cuffs in which you cannot break or have the keys for?”
“I have them, they just aren’t where I thought they would be–”
“You lost them?” You fuemed. 
“Let me finish please.” Peter sighed. “I was working on these cuffs in my old room so maybe they’re there at May’s. Can you guys get them?”
Everyone seemed to nod their heads, except for Harry who still looked at you with hesitance. He shimmied off to Peter's side and tried to pull him away from you, but he obviously forgot about the cuffs.
“What the fuck–”
“Sorry, just turn around.” Harry said to you, coughing to clear his throat. Then he whispered, only so Peter could hear. “Are you sure you wanna stay here with blackcat?”
“I’m fine, I can handle my ex–”
“Wait this is the y/n as in high school love y/n?” Harry’s voice raised a little, but enough so everyone could hear. 
“Yes.” You mumbled, making him jump a little. 
“Can you guys go? Now?” Peter pleaded, now speaking full volume. “Please?”
“Yeah, I gotchu man.” Ned gave you one last hug, followed by Mj–which Peter and Harry were shocked for. They all eventually left, leaving you alone with your ex, who just so happened to be spider-man. 
“Fuck.” Peter mumbled. You followed his eyes and saw he had a cut on his wrist. You doubted it was from the cuffs, as you didn’t have one, but you guessed it was from your little fight from before.
“Sorry.” You mumbled. “But if you get any blood on me you’re paying for my dry-cleaning.”
“You think I can afford to dry-clean my own suit?” Peter joked. It was weird hearing the sound of his voice, after that year of not seeing or hearing from each other. Dare you say, nice even.
“Guess I never thought about it. Since, y’know, you never told me you’re spider-man.” You said sarcastically but couldn’t help the little bit of venom that sneaked out. 
Peter sighed, lifting his uncuffed hand to the side of his face. “I’m sorry I never told you.” He admitted. “I was being an idiot.” 
“Wow, what a shocking revelation. You truly are a genius.” Again, your voice was on edge and ridged, but you always had that special talent of making any insult sound like an endearment. Your voice was music to Peter’s ears.
“You were always smarter than me.”
“I know.”
It was silent again, too long in Peter’s opinion. He never liked the quietness.
“I thought I would never see you again.” He confessed.
“You won’t get rid of me this easily.” You joked. “You’ll always run into your ex’s, even in the city. I know I do.”
“You run into your ex’s?” Peter emphasized the plurality of that word. You’ve moved on? Dated other people?
“Yeah, I saw him last week on a roof and we started fighting.” You could still see Peter’s confused brow, he clearly wasn’t getting it. “It’s you dumbass, don’t tell me I hit you so hard you can’t remember last weekend?”
“Oh.” Is all he said.
You sighed and figured you’re going to be here for a while. If Peter’s room was anything like how you remembered, it would take years to find something as small as a key, his room was a mess.
“So, Superhero.” You gestured to his suit. “Why?”
“Why do you want to save a world that does not care about you?” You stated bluntly.
Peter let out a heavy sigh. “You always liked philosophical questions like that.”
“I like the answers.” You corrected. “I mean, what’s the point of having superpowers if you can't have fun with them?”
“I do have fun. I just feel like I should use them for good. Like what Ben said.” He told you. “What about you? Why the villainous path?”
“Student loan crisis.” You shrugged your shoulders. “And it’s easier than becoming a stripper.”
“Fun.” Peter smiled, causing you to smile back at him. Peter’s hand wandered to yours and right as his hand interlocked with yours, he pulled back, realizing what he did.
“Physical touch was always your love language.” You joked. Peter groaned and his face was starting to go red. “Being touch-starved and needy must really mess with your reputation as a tough guy, spider-man.”
“Our hands were just close, ‘tis all.” He failed miserably playing it off cool. Saved by the bell–or buzz, Peter got a text from Harry saying that they couldn’t find the key, and were on their way back.
“Couldn’t find it.”
“Seriously.” You groaned. You looked over to the table and saw a board laying flat down; you pulled Peter behind you to take a look. “What’s this?”
“My psychopath board.” He calmly answered.
“I’m guessing this is one of the times I made you go insane.” You joked, thinking back to what Ned said as you admired the string and photos of yourself, then saw something that catched your eye. Peter just nodded. “What were the two other times?”
“When I was planning to ask you out and then when I had to break up with you.” 
“You’re missing one of my robberies.” You said.
Peter’s eyes furrowed. “What do you mean? I have everything that you did on here–”
Peter felt something off but it was too late, in one swift motion, you uncuffed your wrist then cuffed Peter’s other hand. You quickly moved to the opposite side of the table, near the open window holding a small silver key and the briefcase. 
“Tell Harry to check his Oscorp inventory.” Is all you said. 
“Y/n don’t do this…”
“Don’t worry, we’ll see each other again.” You smiled, opening the window and just slowly starting to climb out. “But next time, I’m going to break your body just like you broke my heart.”
You were always one for the dramatics and showed you never changed with that exit of yours. But with all of the agony and annoyance in how you got away, Peter couldn’t help but be excited to see you again, and this time he knew he would. 
Besides, you were trouble he always wanted to get into.
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im-just-as-sane-as-you · 2 days ago
What's a person gotta do to get Andrew Garfield and Ben Barnes starring in something together?
And they both have to play villains.
That's like my only demand.
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blooming-violets · a day ago
congrats to you! I would like to choose the smut card with phone sex😊 have peter be dark in this one. I love it when hes takes control 😉
Play TASM Writing Bingo [here] (If you just stumbled upon this post and this is your first time seeing this, read the rules and check to see if something has already been requested before you ask. I have a list. Please and thank you!)
Tumblr media
Phone Sex
[tasm!peter x fem!reader]
A/N: Woooo finally answering our first smut bingo prompt. I meant to keep these all small, little blurbs but so far I've been writing full on one shots for each one. That's why it's taking a long time. Not sorry about it.
TW: 18+ SMUT, masturbating in a public place, corruption kink, innocence kink, our couple here likes to play around with the school girl fantasy of professor/student rp, a lot of pet names for reader (like baby girl, princess, good girl, little girl, sweetheart, etc), and names for Peter (like sir and Mr. Parker)
Tumblr media
“I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for the past two hours. I thought you were dead.”
Your voice floated through the pay phone and settled his nerves. Peter knew you were going to be pissed at him. He’d left for the weekend to attend a science seminar being held at Princeton University. He planned to take the bus back to the city this afternoon when a heavy snow storm rolled through. He was stranded overnight at the bus station with a dead cell phone and a charger he forgot to remove from the plug at his last hotel. 
“I know, sweetheart. I’m sorry. You told me last night to remember my charger and I still forgot. This is why you need to come with me places. I’m surprised I’m still alive after having to fend for myself for two days.” 
He could practically hear your smile as you spoke and knew your annoyance with him was quickly fading.
“Where are you? I saw the weather report. You’re getting the worst of the snow in the next few hours. By tomorrow morning, it should let up, and they should be able to clear the roads.”
Peter leaned against the metal frame of the box surrounding the phone, “I made it to the bus station just in time for them to announce that none of the buses were going to be leaving tonight and that, unless we wanted to walk five miles in the dark and snow to the nearest hotel, we’d all be hunkering down here for the night. I’m going to have a sleepover with some strangers. I’ve already claimed two chairs for my own to curl up in. At least they have payphones so I could call you.”
“I didn’t know those still existed.”
He chuckled, “Yeah. Turns out they do. Wasn’t sure if it would even work but here we are.” He sighed. “I miss you. I’m really disappointed I couldn’t be home tonight.” 
He could hear you shifting around and the faint sound of the box spring mattress as you laid down. 
“I miss you, too. I had a whole thing planned with a path of roses and candles leading down the hall to the bedroom. You were going to open the door and find me naked and sprawled out on the bed waiting for you.”
Peter smiled and closed his eyes at the image, knowing you were lying but enjoying the mental picture you painted for him anyway, “Knowing you, I would have come home to the place in flames from those candles and you having an allergy attack thanks to the roses.”
You giggled and his heart swelled with love. He glanced around the station. The row of payphones were in the back corner. He highly doubted anyone would be coming over here to make a call. No one gave him a second glance and he turned back to the phone box. 
His voice lowered, “Tell me what you’re wearing right now. I want to picture you here with me.”
Your voice switched from its chipper tones to lace with a sultry sweetness, “It’s a shame you didn’t charge that phone of yours, Pete. Otherwise I’d send you a photo.” You gave a deep sigh and he could imagine you stretching out on the bed. “I just finished a very relaxing bath and I’m now laying in bed in my fluffy, white bath robe.” 
A smirk grew on his lips as he pictured it, “And what’s going on under that robe?” 
“Take a guess,” you whispered. He heard a rustle of fabric followed by a soft moan and he knew you were fully naked underneath. 
Peter closed his eyes and swallowed. He hunched his back around the box containing the phone so he could have the illusion of privacy. 
“I’m sorry I couldn’t be there tonight. Let me make it up to you. Please,” he was on the verge of begging, knowing exactly what he wanted from you. “I want to make you feel so good. Let my voice take control of those hands. Please, baby. Say yes.”
He could hear the slight shake in your breath and knew he had hooked you. You tried to play it off like you weren’t already excited, “Peter, you’re on a payphone in the middle of a bus station. I don’t think now is the time. What if someone hears you?”
“Let them listen. I want them to know how well I can make my girlfriend cum from miles away.”
You gave a soft laugh, “What’s gotten into you, Peter? It’s only been two days since you last saw me. Are you really that horny that you can’t wait another 12 hours?” 
He steadied his voice, “Say yes right now or else I’m hanging up this phone.”
“Yes,” you didn’t even hesitate. He knew you were just as horny as he was. There was no denying it. Even over the phone, he could pick up on it. He knew every influx of your voice and every hitch of your breath. You couldn’t fool him. 
“That’s my good, little princess.” He only ever called you that when he was feeling extra dominant. Peter loved his pet names for you when he wanted to feel a certain way. He loved playing the corruptor of your “innocent” mind. You gave a soft inhale and bit your lip to wait for his further instructions. “Remember, sweet girl, I’m in control of everything you do. Your hands are now my hands. You’re not allowed to touch any part of that beautiful body unless I tell you. Understood?” 
“Yes, sir.” You whispered down the phone. This was the role you were most fond of playing. He’d be your tired, overworked college professor in need of a release and you’d be his innocent student begging for a redo on your failed exam. As long as you did whatever he said, he’d give you any grade you wanted. The price was only to hand him over complete control and domination of your innocent, virgin body. 
“Good. Put me on speaker phone and put your cell on your bedside table. You’re going to need both hands for this. The first thing I need you to do is remove that robe for me. I want you stark naked. That shouldn’t be too hard for a sweet, little thing like you to manage.” He waited and listened carefully. 
You stood up from the bed and placed the phone where he told you. Your robe was already untied and hung loosely around your body. All you had to do was let it fall from your shoulders. You tossed it off to the side to stand naked and alone in your shared bedroom. “Done,” you replied. 
“Kneel down on the floor facing the phone. I want it to sound like I’m standing in front of you. Spread your legs wide apart as you kneel and hold your pussy just above the ground. I want you spread open and waiting.” Peter gave you a few seconds to complete the task. He closed his eyes and could perfectly imagine your every move. It wasn’t as good as the real thing but it was close enough for now. “Do you like having your legs spread for me like that, baby? You know if I was there that I wouldn’t be able to help myself. I’d have to bend down in front of you and run my finger along that tight, little slit of yours. I know you’d be dripping wet for me because you’re such a good girl.” 
You closed your eyes and imagined him in front of you as he spoke. If you tried hard enough, it was almost like he was in the room with you. You imagined him pacing back and forth in front of you. He’d be wearing one of the outfits he liked to wear while interning under a science professor at his university. His black slacks with a crisp, white button down shirt neatly tucked in and secured with a black, leather belt. He’d of uncuffed his sleeves and rolled them up to his elbows to expose his deliciously toned forearms. The first two buttons of his shirt would be undone and his collar popped as he loosened the tie around his neck as he prepared to take it off. He’d pace back and forth in front of your naked body while he stood fully clothed. His eyes would admire your curves and drink up the softness of your skin. You’d be able to see the hunger in his needy expression as you played the part of his failing student. 
“Take those fingers and, ever so softly, trail them up your thighs. I want you to lightly ghost them up your hips and across your stomach. Circle your breasts but don’t touch them. Lead those fingers up your neck.” 
You did as you were told, eyes closed, as you felt over your body. It wasn’t something you usually did. You rarely took the time these days to just feel yourself and enjoy the tickle of your fingers on your skin. 
“Trace your fingers over your lips. Those full, plump lips. Perfect for sucking dick. Do you even know how many times I’ve stared across the room at them and imagined slipping my cock between them?” Peter was getting hard now as he thought about your lips. He was playing a character, sure, but it was true. He’d spent many evenings staring at you and daydreaming about all the awful acts he wanted to put you through. He shifted the phone to his other ear and subtly ran his palm over the bulge in his pants, thankful the payphones were far away from the main seating. He was getting so lost in the moment, he had almost forgotten he was still in a bus stop and not standing beside you. He remembered to keep his voice down before continuing. “Feel how your lips tingle as you trace over them. Think of all the things they want to part for and let in. Tell me, precious. As you feel your lips, what is it you're thinking of? What are they telling you that they want?” 
You licked your drying lips and kept your fingers running over them. You gave a quiet breath and whispered, “They want your cock, Mr. Parker. They want to feel you push between them and slide down my throat.”
Peter gave a dark chuckle, “Good girl. Soon enough, baby. Soon enough I’ll be there to give them what they want. Do you still have that purple rabbit vibrator hidden away in your bedside drawer?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Crawl over and get it out for me.” 
You crawled on your hands and knees over to the drawer and opened it up. Wrapped up in its protective bag was your favorite sleek vibrator. Peter had never used toys during sex until he met you. The first time he found your vibrator, his eyes lit up with all the possibilities. It was like you unlocked a whole new world of opportunities for him. You held it in your hand and shuffled back to your original spot. 
“I’ve got it, Mr. Parker. I’m not really sure what it is though. What exactly would you like me to do with it?” You put on your best feigned innocence voice for him, knowing it would get him to crack a smile at the thought of you not knowing what a vibrator was. 
Peter bit his lip to hide his smile and closed his eyes, leaning his head against the metal box. He was so head over heels in love with you. He desperately wished he could be there right now to see all this person. He pushed his love for you down a little bit and shook back into his role. 
“Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’ll teach you exactly how to use it. It’s going to make you feel really good, baby.” He took a quick breath and settled back into the mindset he wanted to be in. “Get down on your hands and knees, doggy style, and turn around. I want your ass to be facing me. Arch that back for me like a good princess so I can have a perfect view of that glistening pussy. I don’t have to see to know that you’re soaking wet. Do you want me to touch you, baby girl?” 
You let out a soft whimper and rubbed your thighs together, very subtly humping the air in an attempt to get some kind of friction going down there. 
Peter caught that whimper and gave a wicked smile, hiding his face in the darkness of the phone box, “That’s it, sweetie. Whimper for me. Beg for me to touch you like the little puppy you are. Look at you down there on all fours. Such a needy little girl, aren’t you?”
You let out a louder whimper and shook your hips at him, as if he was really standing behind you, forgetting that he couldn’t actually see you through the phone. He was just so good at knowing your every move that it was easy to fall into the illusion he was helping you create. 
“I want you to touch me, Mr. Parker.” You whined into the empty room. “I need you. Please. Touch me.” 
“I know, baby, I know. Soon enough. Spread your legs further apart for me. Take that toy in your hand and reach underneath that beautiful stomach of yours. Don’t you dare turn it on until I tell you to. If I hear any buzzing sounds I’m hanging up this phone immediately.” He threatened and you didn’t doubt him. You knew he would.  “I want you to take the tip of that toy and gently run it over your pussy. Gently. A feather of a touch. Slide it up and down your wet slit. Let it bump over your little clit. Don’t press down too hard, princess. I don’t want you to spoil the fun yet. I want to build you up nice and slowly.” 
You followed his words. The silky, smooth touch of the cool vibrator ran over your core. You refrained from grinding your clit against it despite feeling the urge. Keeping it at nothing more than a light touch. Even if he couldn’t see you, you didn’t want to disobey him. He was right, there was no fun in that. You wiggled your hips and grazed the toy back and forth. You could feel it starting to coat in your slick as it slid through the wetness pooling at your entrance. 
“Tell me exactly what you’re doing right now,” he breathed. You had gotten quiet and he needed your help to picture what was going on. 
Your voice was thick with desire as you forced the words out, “I’m…I’m rocking my hips back and forth over the toy. It’s getting slick with wetness and becoming easier to slide over me. Every time it passes over my clit, it feels like a jolt of electricity is shocking my body. I’m riding it so slowly and gently just like you said, sir. I can’t keep my eyes open. It feels so good. I didn’t know something could feel like this. You’re teaching me so much, Mr. Parker.” 
Peter took a shuddered breath and glanced behind him. No one was the wiser. This side of the station was practically barren. It was dark out and not a single person looked in his direction. He quietly unzipped his pants and fished his cock out from inside. He got a shiver of excitement as he held it in his hand, knowing that what he was doing was so not okay, but not being able to stop himself. It made him feel extra naughty and fit in perfectly with the fantasy he was trying to create with his girlfriend. He turned his back to block himself from anyone’s passing view and softly began to run his hand over his stiff member. 
“You’re such a good little girl for me, baby. I want to make you feel even better. Roll onto your back. Grab a pillow off the bed if you need to. I want you to be comfortable when I make you cum. Settle down and spread those thighs nice and wide.” 
You reached on top of the bed and grabbed down one of your pillows to perch behind your head as you laid on your back. You spread your legs facing the phone, pretending it was Peter, and gave a quiet moan, “Do you want me to spread my pussy lips open for you, Mr. Parker? I know you like to take a good look at how tight I am for you.”
Peter closed his eyes, jerking his cock a little harder, “Am I that predictable, baby girl? You know me so well. I bet you're nice and wet for me. All ready for my cock to slide right on in. Is that right?”
You whined and let out a needy whimper for him, “Yes, sir. I’m so ready for you. Look at how wet I am. All for you.” 
His voice was barely a whisper coming out of the speakers, “Take that toy and rub it over your clit. Small, slow circles. Describe to me everything you’re feeling.”
The tip of the vibrator brushed over your clit and you shivered in excitement, “It feels amazing. My skin feels like it’s alive. I’m trying to pretend that it’s your hand. I love it when your thumb circles around my clit. I like the way you tease it over its hood and coax it to come out. Or when you lean down so I can feel your breath against my most private places. No one’s ever touched me there before and I’m so nervous but you make me feel so good. And your tongue pokes out to gently swirl around my clit. Those little flicking motions you do that make it so I can’t stay still. All I want is to grind my pussy against your mouth but you hold my hips down so tightly. You can make me cum from just that tongue like no one ever had before.” 
Peter’s eyes were squeezed close as she detailed how much she loved when he ate her out. He desperately wished he was there right now. He could phantom taste her on his tongue. He pumped his cock through his tight fist and could see the perfect picture of her sprawled out behind his eyes. He had burned that image of her into his retinas the very first time he ever undressed her and held it there as a precious memory for all of time. 
“P-press” he gave a breathy, quiet chuckle to himself at his own stuttering. She knew how to cast her spell over him. “Press that toy further down your slit. Tease it against your tight, little hole. Give little pushes to part your lips but don’t sink it inside yet. Just slowly tease yourself. Pressing it in and out. No more than a centimeter of the tip sneaking inside of you.” 
Your hips rolled against the toy as it pressed into your core. The teasing was almost too much but you stayed strong. This was the exact thing he liked to do with his cock before he fucked you. He knew it made you anxious, needy, and squirming for him. Never knowing if the next thrust was going to be another tease or the real thing. He got off on keeping you in the dark. 
“Now very slowly I want you to push it all the way inside. Keep a steady pace, not stopping for anything, until it’s gone as far as it can go.”
You pressed it into you, letting your body enjoy the sensation of the perfectly smooth, stiff object. You gave a little whine for Peter’s sake, “It’s so big, Mr. Parker. I don’t know if it will fit. Is it going to hurt?”
“No, baby, it’s not going to hurt. You’ll be okay. You’re so brave and you’ve done such a good job. Your body is made for this. I know it’s really tight but let your pussy handle it. It will feel so good once it’s in. I promise.”
You let out a mewl and pushed it all the way inside. The rabbit ear part bumped against your clit and you hoped he would let you turn it on soon. You had no idea how long payphones allowed people to call for and you dreaded suddenly hearing him disconnect while you were close to getting what you wanted. 
“It’s all the way inside of me now, Mr. Parker. It’s so big. My body is starting to feel really funny. My skin is all tingly and I feel so hot.” 
Peter knew he better wrap this up soon. He’d stay on the phone with you all night but knew that wasn’t an option. Especially as his cock was fully exposed in public. “Alright, baby girl. I’m going to start to build up that orgasm now. Do exactly as I say. Switch on the vibrator to the very first setting.” He heard the telltale sign of the buzz even as it was buried inside of her and he smiled at the thought. “Good girl, princess. Such a good job. I’m going to count to ten. Only when I get to ten are you allowed to cum. Understand?” 
You rocked your hips against the vibrations and nodded, momentarily forgetting he couldn’t see, and quickly clearing your throat, “Yes. I understand, sir.” 
Peter took a deep breath and focused his attention on working his cock to match with what he was telling you to do, 
“One…slowly pull the toy back out then gently plunge it back in.
Two…again. Slowly pull out and then sink it back in. So deep. Hold it there. Roll your hips against it. Pretend it’s my cock you’re riding.
Three…keep it in place. Let the vibrations flow through your body as it massages your clit.”
He took a long pause to listen to your heavy breaths and whimpers. Enjoying the sounds you were making and forcing himself not to make any of his own. 
“Four…look at you, you dirty, little whore. You’re not so innocent anymore, are you? 
Five…turn it up two speeds.”
He heard your loud moan followed by a sharp gasp as the toy sped up inside of you. He knew you preferred the third setting the best so he’d let you keep it on that one. His own pleasure was building inside of him. He had no idea what he was planning on doing when it actually came to his release but he was too far gone to think that far ahead. 
“Six…pump it in and out of you. A little faster now. Make those thrusts a little harder. Speed it up. Really start to fall into that rhythm. Feel that burning sensation start to grow deep inside of you. 
Seven…imagine me as you get ready to cum. I’m right there with you, baby. I’m kissing your neck and holding you close as you inch closer to the edge. Fuck yourself however you want now. It’s all you, princess. Take it however you need. Make yourself feel good for me. 
Eight…you’re almost there. Hold out a little longer for me. Let me hear you. I want to hear your desperate moans, baby girl. Nice and loud for me.”
You didn’t have to be told to be loud. You were already so close. Your deep moans filled the room as you grind your hips against the vibrations. It was building quickly now. Your body was on fire with need. Peter better hurry up and count faster. You weren’t going to hold out much longer. 
“Nine…be the good girl I know you are and beg me to let you cum.” 
You gave a loud whine, your head thrashing to the side in frustration, “Please, Peter, please!” You were too far in the throws of passion to keep up the act of an innocent school girl. “Peter, please, let me cum! I need to cum.” There were tears in your eyes as you begged him. He could hear the desperation in your voice. “Please, please, I’ll do anything. Please, baby. I need it.”
Peter smiled, “Ten. Cum for me, princess. Let it out. Don’t hold back.”
He listened to the sounds of her throaty screams, always so vocal when she orgamsed, and bathed in the beautiful picture he was creating in his mind. His own hips jerked as a shudder ran through his body. Peter had to tuck the phone between his ear and shoulder so he could bite down on the side of his hand to stifle any noises as he silently came. In a blind panic, he did his best to catch the ropes semen shooting out of him into his hand. 
“Fuck,” he muttered under his breath. He now had a handful of his cum as the reality of what he was doing settled in around him. The high of the moment started to disappear and was replaced with a mortified embarrassment. “Uh, babe?” 
You had pulled the vibrator out from your aching pussy once it got to be too much and were laying in a crumbled ball on the floor, breathing heavily with a lazy smile on your face. 
“Yeah, Pete?”
“I, uhm, I gotta go…clean up…”
You sat up and pulled the phone off the dresser, turning it off speaker phone, and holding it to your ear, “Wait, hold on, did you cum in your pants?” 
He could hear the amusement in your voice and felt his cheeks heat up, “Not exactly in my pants.” 
It took you a second to realize what he was saying. Your eyes widened and your mouth hung open in a gleeful shock, you whispered as if someone could hear you in your empty apartment, “Peter Parker, did you just jerk off in public?”
“I gotta go! I love you! I’ll see you tomorrow!”
“You are such a perv! I’m calling the police on you! You’re going to go to jai-” 
He slammed the phone down onto the receiver before she could tease him any further and glanced over his shoulder. He was still alone and undisturbed in the darkness of his little corner but he felt like all eyes were on him. He quickly one handedly shoved his dick back into his pants and tried to hide his handful of mess as best he could as he shuffled his way to the bathroom. 
Peter knew you would never let him live this down and he quietly laughed to himself in the empty toilets while he washed his hands off in the sink. This night was going to be filed into one of his favorite categories: "things he instantly regretted but enjoyed at the time".
Tumblr media
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kenstaroyco · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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wanda-apologist · a day ago
they broke their promise.
one for the worse, one for the better. </3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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spidey-loving-starkid · 2 days ago
People who complained in 2012 that Andrew Garfield was too attractive to play Peter Parker probably didn’t read many Spidey comics before then coz Peter Parker’s canonically hot shit. Famous actress and supermodel MJ Watson?? Gwendolyn Stacy?? FELICIA HARDY A.K.A. BLACK CAT?? Literally characters who had no idea that Peter’s Spider-Man wanted to date him AS WELL AS characters who didn’t care much about the Peter Parker side of him. From practically every direction there’s somebody being like “yeah I used to have a crush on him.” like honestly. Yes Peter Parker’s a super intelligent person with a good heart who would literally die to help people, but he also literally married a supermodel.
Tumblr media
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the-amazing-simp · 15 hours ago
The Love Language of Cuddles | UDDUP Collection
Tumblr media
📝 Title: The Love Language of Cuddles
📚 Requested: Yes/No
✍ Summary: Peter always likes to hold on to you like you're his lifeline, and you're basically the same. | 1.1k
📖 prompt: being intimate with each other
💌 A continuation of this drabble.
Series Masterlist
Every person has a special way of showcasing their affection for their significant other.
The moment you and Peter had started dating, the two of you can’t keep your hands off each other - literally.
Neither of you minded anyway, this was just how the both of you showed that you loved each other.
And if anyone even asked who was more “touch starved” between you and Peter, the two of you would just look at each other before bursting out laughing.
There was always a moment wherein Peter’s arm would be secured around your waist, your hands would be intertwined together, the two of you cuddled up in each other’s arms while having a movie marathon on a Friday night.
You were currently walking to your locker with Gwen, having just finished your last class of the week.
“Anyway.” She said once you had reached your locker which was just next to hers, “when should we start on our partner project? It is due in two weeks.”
You thought about it for a moment, “We could start on Monday if you want.”
Gwen smiled as she nodded, “Sounds great.”
Closing your locker, you immediately felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist as you breathed in the familiar scent of lemon shampoo along with a hint of lab disinfectant.
“Seriously, Parker?” Gwen playfully glared at the boy attached to your waist, “You can’t give me at least 5 minutes with my best friend?”
“Hey, that wasn’t just five minutes.” Peter complained, jutting his bottom lip out in a small pout, “Your class was an hour and a half.”
You turned around in his embrace, pressing a brief kiss to his lips, “Well, it is Friday so we can watch a movie later after doing that English reaction paper on Pride and Prejudice.”
Your best friend rolled her eyes, despite not being able to hide her smile at how adorable you and Peter were, “You do know that he basically clings to you like a koala right?”
“So?” You laughed, leaning into Peter’s embrace, “One, I don’t mind - I’m basically the same. Two, koalas are cute.”
Gwen laughed, fondly shaking her head, “Now I can’t decide which one of you is more whipped.”
“Do you want to get some ice cream or coffee?” Peter asked, swinging your hand in his as the two of you walked the streets of New York.
“Hmm,” you mused, “how about some ice cream but I’ll get the coffee crumble flavor so it’s basically two in one.”
He chuckled as he pressed a kiss to your temple, “You do have a point there love.”
You scrunched up your nose, “See? I’m a genius, just like my boyfriend.”
“Hey, if there’s any genius between us, then it’d be you.” Peter said, kissing your cheek.
You playfully pushed his hand away from yours, “If you don’t stop I might already get my fill of sweets before we even get the ice cream.”
Peter made a face at you before capturing your hand back in his, “Why? Because you can’t help but melt under my gaze?”
“That was cheesy.” You deadpanned, “But kinda cute. How on earth do you make everything so adorable? Did you get that from the radioactive spider too?”
“Now that’s just offensive.”
“Peter,” you called from your spot on the living room couch, scrolling through Netflix while Peter went to get some popcorn, “what genre are you feeling tonight?”
“Are you okay with a rom-com?” He asked.
“Am I okay with breathing?” you jokingly retorted before scrolling through the romance section.
“Okay, do you want one that’ll make you use up all the tissues we have or the one that makes you feel like you want to kiss me?”
“I always feel like I want to kiss you.” Peter said, coming into the room with the bowl of popcorn in hand.
Rolling your eyes at him, you took the bowl from him, “You know what I mean.”
He chuckled, pecking a kiss to your cheek before pulling you into his chest, “Whatever you feel like watching - I’m not that picky.”
“Really?” You asked, giving him a sly smile, “I remember that speech you gave when you asked me out and one of the lines said, ‘I take time with the ones I choose because I don’t want a smile if it’s not from you’.”
Peter made a face at you, muttering a small “shut up.” as the movie started to play in the background.
“What? It’s true.” You laughed, throwing some popcorn in his face.
Just as Peter pulled you even closer to his chest, the piercing ringtone of your phone cut through the air.
Your boyfriend groaned, picking up your phone from the coffee table next to the couch as he looked at the caller id.
“It’s Gwen.”
Before you could say anything, Peter answered the call and put it on speaker.
“You do know that you’re interrupting a very important moment right?” Your boyfriend frowned.
“Ew!” Gwen’s voice rang from the device, “If you two are seriously having sex right now, first of all - that’s disgusting of you to answer my call and once the call has ended, I will be washing my phone and my ears out. Second, please drop this call before I get an image in my mind that I don’t want in the first place.”
“Relax.” You laughed, “Peter was talking about us cuddling while watching a movie. So, you’re fine.”
“I swear, that boy clings to you like you’re his only lifeline.” Gwen muttered as she breathed a sigh of relief.
“So, why did you call?” You asked.
“Oh, I just wanted to ask if you’re doing the presentation or will I do it since we’re splitting the research anyway.”
You shrugged, “Well, I’ll be fine doing the presentation.”
“Great!” Gwen said before Peter piped up, “Are you done now?”
“Yes.” Gwen scoffed, the eyeroll could be practically heard in her voice, “You may go back to hoarding my best friend.”
“Technically, it’s no hoarding.”
“Cuddling then.”
With that, Peter pressed the red button and threw your phone back on the table.
He just shrugged when you gave him a look, “What? She did say that it was fine.”
You couldn’t help the smile that reached your lips as you snuggled further into your boyfriend’s embrace before turning back to the movie.
Peter was just quietly running his hands through your hair while you were busy drawing random patterns on his arms, film long forgotten in the background.
No words needed to be exchanged for the two of you to say how much you loved each other, how much you cherished each other.
A single touch was more than enough.
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foreverrogers · a day ago
Hey!! May I request a one night stand between two exes (reader and Peter/Andrew) who still love each other, but the reader gets out of his grip to leave early in the morning whilst he's still sleeping because she feels awkward and embarrassed?
Andrew calls her multiple times when he wakes up but there's no answer.
The reader left a necklace or something at Andrews which is really important to her so it is inevitable that they'd have to meet again, and Andrew would do anything to get her back
a bird in your teeth
Pairing: tasm!peter parker x f!reader 
Summary: ^^
Warnings: 18+!!! brief smut, one night stand, talk of break ups, angsty with a happy ending
Words: 1.9k
A/N: thank you so much for this request!!! i love love love the idea and it was so much fun to write - i did change it up a tiny bit, so i hope that's okay!!
this did absolutely get away from me a little, so i present 1.9k of mostly angsty, a little smutty, and a little fluffy goodness. title courtesy of miss phoebe bridgers 😎
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It wasn't your fault.
It had just been bright and loud and dizzying, and you couldn't find your friends, and you had maybe had a little too much to drink, and seeing peter there across the room had been like seeing a lighthouse through the fog, had pulled you towards something familiar you could anchor to, if only for the night, even if you would drift away again in the morning.
He hadn't meant to kiss you. But it had felt so right in the moment. You had gravitated towards each other, searched for each other's faces in the bustle of the room like you used to, even if it was an unconscious scanning of your eyes. It had felt like it had before you left, like a resuscitation, a blooming warmth that spread between you as your hearts started to beat again.
The kiss was just as much your fault as it was his. You hadn't looked away, even when he gave you those eyes you remembered all too well, the ones just as tender as they were hungry. It had only been 3 months. You could still read him clear as day, could still search the faded notes you had left in his margins.
You hadn't pulled away, either. When he had brought his hand to your check and parted your lips with his thumb. You had let him open you up, and you had given in to the easy movement of his lips against yours. It was the ease of it, more than anything, that lulled you away, folded you into him with the all-consuming comfort of a warm embrace. It was easy to say yes when he suggested going back to his place, easy to say yes when he invited you into bed, easy to say yes when he was finally filling you up.
"This doesn't mean that we're-" a sharp jerk of his hips cuts you off, pushes the air out of your lungs with the jolt of pleasure that spreads throughout your body.
He knows what you're going to say, knows that he doesn't want to hear you say it regardless, thinks you speaking it into the world might actually cement it into reality. He shushes you, kisses you hard as his hand slips between your bodies. Thumb making quick circles around your clit, Peter pulls away to watch you, head tilted back against the pillow, traces the contortion of your features like this might be the last time. He knows it will be, more likely than not, that he's lucky to even get this fleeting night alone with you again.
"Don't have to talk about that right now." His own hips are stuttering, matches the fluttering of your walls that tell him you're close. "That's for the morning. Right now if about making you cum. That's what you want, right? Want me to make you cum?"
"Yes," you breathe, nails digging into his back, chase any outlet for the tension growing in the pit of your stomach. "jesus, fuck, yes."
Peter dips his head then, nips at the soft skin at the curve of your jaw before soothing the spot with a sloppy kiss. "you've forgotten your manners, sweetheart."
"Please, Peter," you whine, and it's that, the way you say his name, the way that you beg for him that his memory has never been able to do justice when it's just him at night. After months of remembering you in black and white, experiencing it now paints everything in violent technicolour, and if it wasn't enough to push him over the edge alone the sudden pulse of you around his cock certainly is, the moan of his name as you cum pressed right against his ear.
You're gone in the morning. He knows you well enough to expect it, to tell himself he shouldn't be so disappointed when he wakes up to a cold bed. What he doesn't expect is the ring that sits on his bedside table, the silver coil of spider legs curling into a band.
it had been a silly gift when he bought it, cheap and a little bit tacky but a reminder of the secret only the two of you shared nonetheless. he never told you how much it meant to him that you wore it every day, can't believe that he hadn't noticed you wearing it the night before.
The ring sits there across from him, in his empty apartment, miles away from where you've crept away to, and in a split second it melts into the final nail in the coffin. You had left it there, left behind this last symbol of the brief life you had shared, cut the tether and let him fall without looking back. It's worse this time, for some reason. After last night it feels like being buried alive.
Peter doesn't text, or call, or try to track you down on campus with the class timetable he still has memorized. He knows you well enough not to try.
The sun has just started to set when there's a knock at his door, orange light filtering in through his windows. It juxtaposes the state that he's in, freshly awake and still groggy with sleep as he pulls himself out of his room.
His hair is a mess when he opens the door, and the light of the hallway is so bright he has to squint through it. It's almost endearing. "You look like shit."
You're standing there, like an angel emerging out of the blear of his adjusting eyes. It takes him a moment to realise he's not dreaming. "y/n?"
Your eyebrows are pinched together, concern laced in your features as you look at him. "Did you just wake up? Have you been sleeping okay? Are those melatonin pills still working?"
"I, um-" Peter swallows, voice thick and throat tight. he still hasn't really registered that you're standing in front of him, can't even begin to question why you're here. "I ran out, couldn't find the same brand you bought last time."
"The drug store down the road from the science building," you say simply, almost like this had been your intention for showing up, a house call to check up on his sleeping patterns a week after having his heart re-broken. "they do discounts with student IDs."
Peter can't find a way to respond, lets his confusion fuel the silence that stretches between you. "Do you… need something?"
"Oh, I, um." Peter watches you swallow, watches you consciously straighten your posture and try to compose yourself. "I left my ring here. The other night. I was hoping to, uh… get it back."
Peter widens his eyes, surprised, finds himself jolted into complete lucidity. "you want it back?"
"I mean, yeah. unless you've thrown it away already which i-"
"No! No, of course, I haven't I just…" Peter sighs. If he knew you were coming he would have rehearsed this. And maybe cleaned up a little. And definitely changed out of his pyjamas. "Yeah, come in, I'll go get it."
Your falter a little, when he turns towards his bedroom and disappears, hesitate stepping over the boundary back into the small apartment. You look around when you finally do, take in the surroundings that had dissolved around you in the heat of that night, that you had been hasty to ignore when you left under the same shrouded darkness. It looks empty, incomplete, like he had yet to fill the gaps you left on the shelves. Bits of you still linger, though, in the dying house plants hanging by the window and the books on the coffee table and the smell of your perfume that had seemingly seeped into the walls.
Peter reappears in no time, small piece of gleaming silver in hand. You hold out your hand for it, give him a small smile when he makes eye contact, a polite smile, not one that conveys the years of shared history behind you.
He places it in your hand, but once he makes contact he can't seem to pull away again, can't seem to let you go so easily.
The ring is trapped there, between fingers that neither of you move to separate. Peter looks at the joining of your suspended hands, finds you staring at him when he raises his eyes again. "Just tell me what I need to do."
You frown at him, ask the question even though you know the answer. "For what, Pete?"
"For you to give me another chance."
You pull away, hold the ring between your fingers like something delicate as you look down at it. You're silent for a long moment, fidgeting with the small band. "Can I tell you a secret?"
You must be able to hear him swallow, because it's his only answer, and you go on anyway.
"I left it here on purpose, when I woke up that morning. I told myself that if I could just leave it here then I could let myself move on, and if I came back for it it meant..." You trail off, lift your head to meet his eyes again. "I know I should. But I can't seem to let it go."
I can't seem to let you go.
It's what you mean, you both know it, both know you don't need to say it for it to hang in the air between you. "Me leaving. Me staying away. It's what's best for the both of us, Pete. You don't need a second chance because you never blew the first one."
"You can't just say that it's the best for both of us, y/n. It's been tearing me apart, eating me from the inside out trying to figure out how I could have lost you without even realising you were slipping away. I thought you- I thought you loved me."
"I do," You start, almost breathless as you step forward and take his face in your hands. Bleary eyes meet bleary eyes, downturned and stinging with the threat of impending tears. "God, I love you so much. I love you too much. Can't you see that's the whole problem? You don't need someone who loves you so selfishly, who never wants to let you go, who's only ever going to hold you back from-"
Peter cuts you off, breaks free from your hold on his face to kiss you. It's salty, stained with tears neither of you realised had begun spilling. It's messy, more than anything, filled with messy movements and messy touches and messy, messy love. "All I need is you, y/n. I need you to hold me back, to ground me, to be the person I always have to come home for. I don't care how selfish you think you are. We can be selfish together."
You're quiet for a long time, looking at him, studying his eyes like you can see right through them, right into the rawness of his soul. "Okay."
"You'll stay?" He asks, eyes wide, all pretty and hopeful. "Forever? And never leave me all alone in this sad apartment ever again?"
You laugh, the warmth of that smile he had missed spreading an ache throughout his chest, the feeling of the pieces of his heart being sewn back together with pure gold. His thumb is on your cheek, brushing away the dampness there, and you lean into the touch. "Yeah. Yes. For as long as you'll have me."
"Forever, then."
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pierreparker · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Andrew Garfield as JEB PYRE UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN (2022) dir. David Mackenzie
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kenobion · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man
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iwishiwasselfless · 10 hours ago
the way Stephen is a total girl dad, like the way he treated America compared to how he treated Peter 😭
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velvetcloxds · 2 days ago
pinterest showed me this beautiful andrew garfield pic i feel obligated to share
Tumblr media
pinterest always knows what we need to see
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arachnidfellow · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ANDREW GARFIELD as Jeb Pyre in Under the Banner of Heaven (2022)
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blooming-violets · 2 days ago
OMG congrats on 1k followers! love the bingo writing game you came up with.
I would like to request the angstiest angst with the car accident prompt from the hurt/comfort card 🥳
Play TASM Writing Bingo [here]
Tumblr media
Car Accident
[tasm!peter x reader]
A/N: I am not a paramedic or a doctor. Don’t take anything I write in here about spinal injuries/car accident trauma seriously lol idk what I’m talking about i’m making shit up as i go 
TW: it’s a car accident so there’s serious injuries and mentions of blood and death 
Tumblr media
“Hey, Pete, there’s some chaos going on in the subway station outside my work. I’m watching from my window. Do you know what’s going on?”
Peter swung through the city with one hand while his other held his phone clutched to his ear, “I’m on my way there now. Heard about it on the scanner. A train derailed. No clue how bad it is or if anyone is hurt but I’m going to find out.”
It was pouring rain and he was having trouble focusing with his soaking wet mask glued to his face. Twice he had almost slammed face first into the side of a building because he wasn’t paying attention. “Baby, I gotta go. I need both hands for this. You’re distracting me. Take a taxi home today. Too wet to walk that far.” 
He hung up the phone without saying goodbye or letting her get in another word. It wasn’t his intention to be that blunt or brush her off but he was in a hurry. There was too much rain and his mind was already in fifty different places at once. He knew she was just curious and worried something was wrong but he didn’t need her as an added distraction. Peter turned his focus to the task at hand and swung himself in the direction of the derailed train. 
He could see a handful of ambulances outside of the station. The crowd of people were being backed up and placed behind police barriers. As he swung overhead, he could sense her down there. He could always sense her in a crowd. She was the first person his eyes were always drawn to. She was standing on the edge of the street, a little ways from the crowd, in her bright yellow rain jacket. It was the one he bought her for birthday this year. Every time she wore it, she would joke that all she needed was a red balloon and a paper boat to finish the look. The hood was pulled over her head to keep the rain off her and she was about to step into a taxi. It was like she could sense him too because she turned her head just as she was getting inside and her eyes lifted to the sky to lock onto him. 
Peter felt his heart lurch with love when she looked his way. Even after all these years, he still got butterflies when he caught her looking at him. He raised his hand to give her a quick wave as he swung overhead. He didn’t have any time to wait for a reply before he turned his attention back to the crowd. By the time he dropped down into the police barrier, she had already gone. 
The derailment wasn’t as bad as it could have been. It could have been devastating but, luckily for everyone involved, the worst case of injury was a dislocated shoulder. There were minor cuts and bruises from people falling over but nothing too serious. The train was already slowing to a stop when it went off the tracks. The biggest challenge was getting everyone out and doing crowd control. Peter chose to spend around a half hour helping out before he decided to bail. He only caused more excitement when people saw Spider-Man walking by and would get the crowds all riled up again. He was more of a hindrance than a help at this point. It wasn’t like they needed him to move any train cars out of the way or break open any doors.
He waved goodbye to the cops helping out and jogged up the stairs. The rain was still coming down hard and the sky was dark and overcast. He was already planning on swinging by to pick up some flowers and dinner for his girlfriend. He got the impression he might have offended her earlier on the phone and he wanted to make it right. His mind was elsewhere when he picked up passing chatter from one of the ambulances still waiting at the scene. 
“Base to Unit 8. You’re responding to a two vehicle accident. Three victims involved. One confirmed fatal, 73 year old male. Two incapacitating injuries, a 52 year old male, conscious but not alert, and a 27 year old female, unresponsive. Female currently trapped inside car. Need all available units to the scene.” 
Peter’s ears perked up at the unresponsive 27 year old female. His stomach dropped and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. It was her. He didn’t need to be told. He knew. Just like he knew when there was danger around the corner, he knew they were talking about his girlfriend. 
As the ambulance roared to life, lights flashing and sirens wailing, Peter jumped onto the roof. He crouched down low and stuck on while the car carried him straight to the scene of the accident. His mind was reeling. He tuned his hearing to selectively block out the sounds of the vehicle and listen to the paramedics talking inside. 
A male and a female were speaking. The man was driving and the woman was reading something from the computer installed to the dash to get more information as it was coming in.  
“Alright, it looks like we have a collision between a white van and a taxi. Taxi driver was doa. Unresponsive female was his passenger in the back. The 52 year old male was driving the van. Heavy smell of alcohol on him. He’s just been picked up and is being brought in as we speak.” She read off the text she was receiving to the driver and then paused. “Oh, shit. The van is currently on top of the taxi. That’s why they can’t get her out. They’re calling in the fire department to bring the jaws of life to pry her out now.”
The man driving the ambulance let out a low whistle, “Damn. Terrible timing too. Everyone’s attention is at the derailment. We’re going to be lacking people.” 
“Yeah, you better step on it.” 
As the car attempted to weave in and out of the city traffic, Peter’s heart started beating faster. She was trapped. They were going too slow. Despite wailing on the horn, cars hardly inched out of the way for them. It was one of the curses of living in the city during rush hour. Add the pouring rain, terrible visibility, and a subway derailment and suddenly no one remembers how to drive. This wasn’t going to work. They weren’t going to make it in time. He had to do something.
Peter leaned over the roof to the passenger window and knocked on the glass. The woman looked over, let out a scream of surprise, but quickly collected herself and rolled down the window. 
“Spider-Man, what are yo-”
“Unbuckle your seatbelt, I’m going to pull you out, and bring you to the scene. I can get you there faster. Your friend can keep bringing the ambulance but I need you there now!” His words were panicked and came out slightly slurred from talking too fast. 
She tried to shake her head, to reason with him, but there was no reasoning with him now. His girlfriend needed his help and he wasn’t going to show up empty handed. He would bring the paramedic straight to her. He didn’t have time to argue. Peter crawled halfway in the window and unbuckled her seatbelt for her. 
“Hey, wait!” The driver kept his eyes on the road, still weaving through traffic, and tried to reach for his partner but Peter swatted his hand away. 
“Just drive the fucking ambulance to her! That’s your job! We’ll meet you there. I’m not going to hurt her. I need her. She’ll be safe.” He grabbed the woman by the front of the shirt and pulled her out the open window. 
She clung to his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist as he shot them both into the air. 
“What’s your name?” He called out to her while he flew as fast as he could towards the accident. He didn’t even need to be told where it was. His body just led him in that direction. 
“Uhm,” She tried to catch her breath. He could imagine this was a bit of a shock to her but he didn’t have much time to mull over his decisions. Her hair became soaked to her scalp and she hid her face away from the pelting rain into his neck. “Tiana! Was this really necessary?”
“Listen, Tiana, I’m going to cut to the chase. That 27 year old female trapped in the taxi is the love of my life. I’m going to get her out of that car and you’re going to make sure she lives. Hopefully your partner shows up in time to bring her to the hospital. If not, I’m bringing her there myself, got it? Your job is to make sure she stays stable until I can get her there.” He saw the accident below them and his heart dropped. “Jesus christ,” he whispered under his breath and dropped down. 
 He landed directly next to the two cars, placing Tiana on her feet. The white van was entirely on the roof of the taxi. The front of the roof had been crushed down completely and Peter could see blood splatters in the broken windshield. An older man with half his head caved in was slumped against the steering wheel. The back part of the roof was crushed as well but not as badly. There was a perfect pocket where she had chosen to sit that held just enough room for a body to be saved from being completely mangled. Already on scene were two cops and a firetruck. The firemen were just getting out of the truck as Peter landed. They all looked surprised to see Tiana show up being carried by Spider-Man but there were more pressing issues to deal with than to ask questions. 
Peter ran around to the edge of the taxi and knelt down. Under the collapsed side window, through the shattered glass, he could see a glimpse of his girlfriend. He could only see a part of her but he knew. There was no doubt it was her. The yellow raincoat stuck out against the dark interior. Her hand was covered in blood and lay limp against the seat. He couldn’t see anything above her shoulders from this angle. 
He called out her name and watched as her fingers gave a little twitch in response. That was all he needed. She was alive. Peter started to force himself through the small hole in the broken glass window to crawl in to get her when the van above them shifted. The sound of grinding metal on the roof filled his ears. 
“Stop! It’s not stable!” One of the officers shouted. “We have to get the van off first before we can extract her. If you move the taxi too much, it might shift the weight, and completely crush her. We have people on their way right now who will help.” 
Peter slid back out and shook his head, “I’m not waiting for anyone.” 
He climbed up the side of the taxi and, in a grand feat of strength, threw the van off like it weighed nothing. The van flew through the air and came to a rolling stop against the side of a building. Peter didn’t care what it hit. He didn’t even check if there was anyone still inside. He just needed to eliminate all the threats around her. 
He ignored the commotion of people behind him. One of the firefighters was trying to say something to him but Peter didn't hear a word of it. They were trying to stop him. They had protocols to follow, ways they had to do stuff, but he didn’t give a shit. He was stronger than all of these men combined into one. He could rip their tools in half with his bare hands. They were nothing compared to him. He would rip this car apart himself if it meant getting her out safely.
And he did. 
Not waiting for the jaws of life or the help of anyone, Peter pulled chunks of metal from the taxi and haphazardly tossed them over his shoulder out of the way. He tore off half the roof until there was a big enough hole for him to lower into. Every time someone came close to him to try and restrain him, he would slam his fist into their chest and shove them away. This was his job. He wouldn’t stop until she was in his arms. His eyes focused in on that yellow raincoat until it was all he could see. He just needed to get to it. Once he got to her everything would be okay. Nobody would get in his way. 
Peter jumped down through the hole in the roof onto the back seat and crouched down. It was a tight fit but he was in. She was breathing. Soft, quiet breaths. Her eyes were closed. A deep laceration ran into her skull along her hairline and jutted off in a jagged line down beside her left eye. She was covered in blood. He could tell her arm was broken from the way it hung at an unnatural angle. Her hood was still on her head and his eyes filled with tears. She looked so much smaller in here than he remembered. He forced himself to get his shit together. He couldn’t lose it now. He had a job to do. 
“It’s okay, baby. I’m here. I’m going to get you out. You’re alright. You’ll be okay. I’ve got you.” 
He ripped through her seatbelt and she slumped against his chest. He ran a shaky, gloved hand across her face and wrapped his arms around her in a hug to hold her tightly to him. He wasn’t even sure he was breathing anymore. His brain felt fuzzy and his limbs felt numb. All he wanted was to get her out of this car. 
“Be careful of her head!” Tiana called from directly outside. She was trying to watch everything through the shattered glass. “Don’t move her around too much. If she’s broken her spine or has a neck injury, you could paralyze her. I don’t think it’s safe to bring her back out through the roof. Can you kick out the door from where you are? If you can get the door open, I’ll help walk you through on how to get her out.”
She seemed to be the only one willing to actually help him right now so he listened. Peter looked over his shoulder, careful not to jostle his girlfriend, and called out, “Move away from the door!” 
He shuffled his body around so he could aim his foot directly at the door and gave a hard kick. The chunk of twisted metal flew off the hinges fifty feet into the air and landed with a crash. 
Tiana reappeared in the freshly made gap, “Good. I would feel a lot more comfortable taking her out on a spinal board but something tells me you aren’t going to wait for my partner to arrive.” 
Peter shook his head, he was starting to panic, he could feel it rising and closing off his throat, “I can’t. I have to get her out. I have to-”
“I know,” she interrupted. Her voice softened so only he could hear, “I know. I understand. It’s okay. We’re going to get her out. Trust me. Can you tell me what your name is?” 
Peter took a deep breath to steady his nerves and whispered back, “Peter.”  
“Okay, Peter. You’re doing really good so far. Is there enough room to lay her down on the back seat?” 
He looked around. The roof had entirely crushed in the other half of the seat. He thanked the fates she had chosen to sit on this side and not the other. “No. We can’t really move very much. It’s too tight in here.” 
“That’s okay. I need you to hold her head up in a straight line so her spine is aligned. Don’t let her flop around. Then very, very slowly I want you to back out of the car. If this was anyone else, I would make them wait, but I just watched you throw a van like it was nothing. I trust that you’re strong enough to maneuver the two of you out of the car while keeping her head perfectly steady. Are you ready, Peter? I’m going to keep my hand on your back and help guide you out.”
“Yeah…yeah. I’m ready.” He felt her place her hand on the small of his back and one around his hips for support while he scooted backwards. 
Slowly, he pulled the two of them back out of the car. Tiana helped guide him to place his girlfriend on the ground. She ordered him to stay at her head, keeping his hands on either side, and to keep her still while she worked. He watched her while she pulled the stethoscope from around her neck and got to work looking her over. 
“What are you doing now?” He asked her. 
“A rapid trauma assessment for any life threatening injuries. Was she conscious or say anything while you were in there?” 
Peter chewed on his bottom lip. He wished he could take his mask so he could see better. The wet fabric wasn’t helping him breathe any easier. “No. She was passed out. Her fingers moved when I called her name though. That was it.” In the distance he could finally hear the sound of the ambulance as it neared closer. “Is she going to be okay?” 
Tiana kept her focus on her patient while she answered, “I don’t see any initial signs of internal bleeding. Besides her arm, no bones seem obviously out of place. The worst visible injury is the one to her head. That’s going to need surgery. She’ll need testing to see if her spine has been injured. In the meantime, we air on the side of caution, and treat her as if it is. The doctor’s at the hospital will be able better assess the damage to her head. Serious head trauma is no joke and, from the looks of things, she got hit hard. They’ll run tests on her brain to see if there’s any damage. Right now, her pulse is weak but steady and she’s in stable enough condition to move her into the ambulance once my partner arrives.” She stood up to look around for any other victims of the crash. “Keep your hands on either side of her head. Don’t move her until I say. You’re doing really good, Peter. Keep it up. I’ll be back in a second. I have to make sure no one else needs my help.” 
He watched her jog over to the officers to ask a few questions. Peter turned his attention back to his girlfriend. The rain was pooling on her face and washing away the blood. He leaned his body over her face the best he could, without moving his hands from her head, to keep the water off of her. Her lips were parted and bruised. She took tiny, little breaths and he could hear a slight wheeze with each one. He tried not to focus on the fact that he could see a part of her skull where her skin was deeply torn open. As the ambulance finally pulled up, Peter steadied himself. He needed to be strong right now. He couldn’t fall apart. 
Aunt May was working tonight. She would be in the trauma center. She would be there when they arrived. She would immediately recognize his girlfriend but not him. Spider-Man was a stranger to her. Peter’s lip trembled. He wanted someone to tell him everything was going to be okay. He pushed away the memories of Gwen. Years ago he had been in such a similar circumstance. He’d already done this once before. He’d already held his girlfriend while she died in his arms. He couldn’t do that again. He couldn’t stand at another dead lover's grave. 
“Don’t you die on me,” he whispered down to her. “Don’t you dare die. You fight and you stay alive. You hear me? Stay alive.” 
Tiana placed her hand on his shoulders and bent down beside him, “This is my partner, Steve. We’re going to place her onto the spinal board and bring her to the hospital. You’re welcome to ride with us, Spidey.” It wasn’t lost on him that she switched his name now that there were other people present. “Let’s do this quickly to get out of the rain and get her inside.” 
Steve placed the board on the ground beside her body. With the help of a few officers, they managed to carefully roll her onto the board and into the car. He got back in the front and started up the sirens. Tiana began hooking her up to machines as they started moving. Peter took a seat off on the side and finally pulled off his mask. He held it tenderly in his hands while he watched on in hollow silence. 
Tiana chose not to mention his lack of mask when she glanced back at him, “She’s a strong girl. We got to her in time. I have faith that she’ll be okay. She’s lucky to have someone like you. Not many people would be able to rip apart a car to get to someone they love, no matter how badly they wished they could.” 
Peter gave a deep sigh. It was hard to make any words come out. Everything felt numb. He just wanted to get to the hospital. He wanted to see May. He wanted his girlfriend to be okay. He wanted to start over the day and do it differently. Why had he been so rude to her on the phone? She was just worried about what was going on outside her work. All she had wanted was to be reassured that things were okay. She wanted to be told she was safe.
He told her to get in the taxi. He should have told her to wait a little longer at work and they could go home together. Now she was fighting for her life and all he could do was stare silently at her. Incapable of giving her what she needed.
A flurry of beeping erupted in the back of the ambulance. Peter’s head shot up and he stood up in a panic. 
Tiana ran to her side, her voice was filled with worry, “She’s crashing! Drive a little faster, Steve!” 
The car lurched forward as they sped up. He was forced to helplessly watch while she started doing chest compressions. His eyes scanned over the monitors. He had on idea what they were saying but the noises they were making didn’t sound good. 
“What’s happening?” He shouted to her. 
She didn’t reply. She was counting her compressions under her breath while she performed CPR. 
“How much further to the hospital?” He shouted up to Steve. 
“Two minutes!” He shouted back. “I just radioed them. They have a team on standby ready to grab us the second we pull up.”
It was the longest two minutes of his life. He had half a brain cell left to remember to tug his mask back over his head as the doors burst open. He was shoved out of the way as a team of people rushed to lower her out of the back. Peter followed behind them helplessly. There was nothing for him to do. No one for him to save. She was in their hands now. He was useless. 
He trailed into the hospital behind them and watched as they took her away from him. He felt his heart disappear with her. 
“Oh, poor thing.” 
He heard May’s voice from across the room. She had caught sight of the group rushing past. There were too many people surrounding the bed for her to get a good look at who was on it. She wasn’t a part of the team assigned to her. She was in her green scrubs and standing by a desk with a file in her hands. Her eyes followed the group of people as they wheeled his girlfriend away and she placed a hand over her heart. 
“I hope they’re alright. I hate when we get car crash victims. Breaks my heart every time.” She smiled at the woman behind the desk and handed her the file. 
It took everything in him not to run over to her and beg for her comfort. She didn’t know him. Not like this. But just seeing her here was enough to bring him to his knees and break him down. She was his safe person and the sound of her voice alone could tear down his walls. Peter sank to the floor as the quiet sobs started and he gripped at his head like he was trying to pull at his hair through the wet mask. He couldn’t do this. If she didn’t make it…
He wasn’t strong enough. 
May took notice of the suited up hero hiding to the side of the room. She quietly walked over, not wanting to draw attention to him, and bent down in front of him. She placed her hand on his shoulder. 
“Hey,” she whispered. “Did you know the person who just came in?”
Fresh sobs bubbled out of him but he shook his head no. She couldn’t know. Lying to her about not knowing his own girlfriend only twisted the knife already plunged into his heart. 
“Were you there on the scene?” She asked. “Did you help bring them in?”
He silently nodded and she gave him a soft smile. 
“I don’t know what you saw out there, or how bad it was, but I know it’s always traumatic anytime someone’s life is put in your hands.” May rubbed her hands up his arms. “I’m going on my break now. Why don’t we go sit out of the way for a minute? I know a quiet place.” 
Peter let her help him off the ground and lead him to a darker corner behind a curtain. He collapsed into a seat and held his face in his hands as he cried. May wrapped her arm around his shoulder and pulled him against her side. She had comforted him like this so many times before in the past. He wanted to pull off his mask. He wanted to tell her that it was his girlfriend they brought in. That she was in trouble. That he was hurting so badly for her. He wanted her to know everything.
But he couldn’t. 
He let her hold him, humming sweet and soothing melodies in his ear, while he broke down. He couldn’t speak because she’d know his voice. He was almost certain she’d recognize the sound of his sobs too. It wasn't like she was unfamiliar with the sounds of his breakdowns. But he held onto the hope that it was too outlandish of an idea for her to even put two and two together.
“I can’t even imagine how hard it is to be a hero like you,” she whispered to him. “You must hold so much weight on your shoulders. No one is meant to do that alone, sweetie. It’s okay to lose it from time to time. I won’t tell anyone. Your secret is safe with me.” She pressed a quick, motherly kiss to the side of his mask. “Would you like me to go check on the person they brought in? I’ll let you know how they’re doing.”
Peter nodded. He knew the second she went to find out, she would see who it was in the accident. She’d start to panic that Peter had been in the accident too. The very first thing she would do would be to try and call his cell. He couldn’t be here for that. He had to change. He had to get out of this stupid suit. He didn’t want to be Spider-Man. He just wanted to be Peter Parker and be by his girlfriend’s side. 
May stood up, “I’ll be right back. You hang in there, honey. I’m sure you did great today. I’m so proud of you.”
Peter put his fingers to his chin and signed “thank you” with his hand. It was the most he could give her for her kindness without speaking. 
By the time she turned her back on him to collect the information, he had already slipped out the door and was running back out into the rainy evening.
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