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#andrew minyard
fighto-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
I was able to squeeze this old andreil request in between commissions and color it 💕💕I hope enjoy ✨✨
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one-black-coffeee · 2 days ago
Andrew Minyard being so taken by surprise the first time Neil gives him a direct compliment that he raises the percentage and leave the room entirely.
Andrew Minyard faltering when Neil grins and says his performance in the goal was amazing, stumbling slightly over the locker room floor.
Andrew Minyard brushing past and ignoring all the slurred comments of his attractiveness at Eden’s but holding onto his glass even tighter at Neil’s passing remark, “you’re good at picking your outfits, Drew.”
Andrew Minyard, up too late into the night, staring at blurring words on the screen of his computer until Neil helps himself to the essay at hand. he hates the heat flooding his skin when Neil kisses his cheek and says, “you’re smart, Andrew.”
Andrew Minyard covering his cheeks with his hands and willing away Neil’s words because he was never fond of compliments before but suddenly Neil’s looks coupled with the soft adoration make his heart race.
Andrew Minyard knowing Neil knows and hating that he doesn’t mind so much. because Neil grins and whispers and kisses the red that stains his cheeks and ears.
Andrew Minyard dropping essays in front of Neil to proofread and staring at him until Neil picks up the work and reads it over and promises Andrew “it’s good. you’re good at this, love.”
Andrew Minyard, tired, letting Neil hold him and whisper his lovely words and promises and compliments over and over, tracing freckles and warm skin. Andrew falling into Neil’s chest and closing his eyes, wanting to believe the beautiful things Neil says, wanting to let them exist for a time between them when Neil runs his fingers through Andrew’s hair and kisses him softly and brushes the tips of his fingers over the tops of Andrew’s ears and cheeks.
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jensen57 · 2 days ago
daily aftg hc: neil secretly hates the color orange. it was too bright when he was on the run, so he always avoided it and eventually grew to dislike it but didn't have an option when he joined the foxes. he doesn't tell anyone but andrew, and it's when they're trading a truth for truth and andrew says something about a rare good memory from when he was younger and neils just like yeah i fucking hate this color
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andrewsleftknee · a day ago
Neil loved lazy mornings.
he loved waiting for Andrew to wake up and press himself into Neil's back.
on mornings like that Andrew would kiss his neck until Neil rolled over to face him. he’d look at him and see his blond hair a mess and his eyes still partially closed from just waking up. they’d lazily kiss like that for a while, taking in the warmth of being so close under the blankets.
sometimes on good days Andrew would position Neil with his back on the bed so that he could straddle Neil’s hips. he’d lean down and gently kiss Neil, eventually deepening the kiss into something more heavy.
when they break apart to regain their breath, Andrew slides down and rests his head on Neil’s chest right above his heart. he’d listen to Neil’s heartbeat slow down to a normal rate, lightly trailing his fingers down Neil’s sides. Andrew would move up slightly so his head could sit in the crook of Neil’s neck. Neil would scratch his scalp while Andrew’s body relaxed.
sometimes Andrew would fall back asleep. Neil would feel his breathing even out and the hand on his side stop moving. he’d press a soft kiss to his hair and whisper a soft goodnight. he let him sleep on him, happy that Andrew trusted him enough to do this with him.
when Andrew would wake back up a little while later he’d continue his soft kisses with Neil. they would stay in bed until the afternoon, only getting up so they could get something to eat, or to take a warm shower together.
these types of mornings didn’t happen too often, but when they did, Neil cherished them.
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The Foxes scale of Straight to Gay energy they radiate
1. Aaron: he's trying very hard to emanate Straight Energy
2. Dan: straight energy, but not trying
3. Allison: this is a bisexual. somehow no one noticed
4. Renee: this is a lesbian. somehow no one noticed. they're dating.
5. Neil: unknowable, true neutral. no energies to either side. demi king.
6. Seth: this man is bisexual and trying very hard to hide it. he somewhat succeeds.
7. Kevin: this man is bisexual and trying very hard to hide it. he doesn't succeed at all.
8. Matt: this man is bisexual and not trying to hide it
9. Andrew: a gay disaster when you know what to look for
10. Nicky: Nicky
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neil-jortsen · a day ago
renee: what is love?
andrew, deadpanning: baby don’t hurt me
neil: i would never hurt you
andrew: no, it’s just a song-
neil, in fight mode: i would never let anyone hurt you
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justrandomstuf · 2 days ago
Andrew, when Neil is cuddling him: I hate you. I am going to physically fight you. You idiot. You junkie. Stop before I stab you.
Andrew, when Neil is busy and can't be with him at that exact moment: Where are my kisses?? The light of my life??? The snuggles and cuddles that I crave so dearly??? You're being cruel and I am going to Scream.
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midgart · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
THE GANGS ALL HERE!!! Andreil and Snowbaz pins have arrived!! I'll be shipping out preorders this week, and in the meantime, these are all still available for sale in my online store and etsy -- links are in my description or SHOPMIDGART.COM
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drewneil · 2 days ago
Baltimore scene.
It's been approximately one year since i read aftg for the first time, and still can't get over this book.
Tumblr media
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archiveofourfoxes · a day ago
Heyo ~ What's something you've always wanted to rec but haven't yet?
thank you for the perfect fic rec ask!! here's all my favorite fics that i get very very excited about rec'ing cause i never get to, also giving tagging the authors a try! figured this was a good ask to start on since it's just me basically gushing about how much i wish i could talk about these fics
this got a little out of hand so it's going below the cut
I'm not broken (I'm made for a mosaic) by pawnofkings
Disbelieve Me by pawnofkings
Home by @fullyvisible
climb a mountain (hold his hand) by Bookdancer (@bookdancerfics)
Me and You by LFMH021
the harder you fall by petalloso
will you catch me if i fall? by @bazerella
i think i know you by jemwrites (@j3mwrites)
The Time Travel AU(drabble)s by fire_starter
Lately I been, I been losing sheep by @jojen-hewitt, Lover_of_Fairy_Tails (@blogaboutyafavbirdboys)
Flowers by Marmeladeskies (@marmelade-sky)
forgetmenot by moonix (this is my favorite moonix fic it's so so good)
Honey Golden Light by Winterlynne_Norvic
polarize by Stjosten
The Pain of Knowing by solangelosunangel
just like that day by ephemeralsky (@nakasomethingkun)
A song of truths and flowers by ScriptaManent
world gone up in flames by palmetto
don't leave me to bleed by @sporadichearttcollector
don’t leave me to bleed (the i know i'm older, but there are still monsters in all of my closets remix) by priorwalter (@carterchilcott)
and you're shining like the brightest stars (like a transmission on the midnight radio) by priorwalter
i like your face by @justadreamfox
Honey, we should run away by allysavedtheday (@littlespooneven)
More Than This by puddlejumper99 (@writingpuddle) (happy ending can be found in Right Next to You by leahelisabeth (fortheloveofcamelot) (@leahlisabeth) also linked at the bottom of the fic)
Rough All Over by @bri-ghtly
All for the Falls by wesleysjeanjacket
Follow You Down by @fairietailed
if we must start again by @justadreamfox
changing tides by orphan_account
Lost in Translation by augustskies (@paphns)
I've been waiting for so long (to feel like I'm home) by @thecompletebookworm
don't rock the boat, dear by @poikas
Those That Broke Us by WriteThoughTheNight (@andrewjos10)
So Let The Stars Fall by @fuzzballsheltiepants
When the frost is in bloom by Silveriss
Point Nemo by moonix
Disparity by @jeni182
curiosity killed the cat. by @idnis
Dearly Detested by @darkblueboxs
Dough-Filled Hearts by @5a5b5p5
Second Star To The Right by @bazerella
An Assassin's Guide to Romance by @gluupor, @llheji
the prettiest blue by @bazookajo94
long journey home by bazookajo94
here and where you are by pentagrammed
crossed out by flybbfly (@wilsherejack)
honey don't feed me (i will come back) by Talls
tokyo drifting by skullcaid (@skullcaidd)
we were together by bazookajo94
Delayed Reaction by @sunrise-and-death
Dragons are Disasters by @willowbird
When You Assume... by gluupor
It's a Home by milliewrites
The Martyr Card by seaaweedbrain
Colours by jemwrites
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jensen57 · a day ago
daily aftg hc: whenever neil gets home late, whether it be practice, a team meeting, or a late flight, he always makes sure andrew is in bed before he falls asleep. sometimes andrews passed out on the couch, a book gripped in his hand and the other buried into one of the cats' fur. neil hurries through his own routine before grabbing pajama pants for andrew and throwing them onto the bed. he cleans up the book and gets him a glass of water for the nightstand. andrews usually pissy about it, but neil wakes him up carefully and pulls him toward the bedroom so he can change (carries him occasionally, if he's being particularly stubborn). he tucks andrew in (with a forehead kiss of course), plugs in his phone, and turns off the lights. andrews usually only half awake for most of it, but if he happens to be more cuddly in the morning then that's his business
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andrewsleftknee · 2 days ago
the Foxes make a multi-player minecraft world
she makes a big community house for everyone. they all have their own rooms, and she gives them spare materials so they can survive. she gets a dog that her and Matt name together, and it has their own bed in their room.
spends the entire time underground. he spends the first day gathering wood and food, and then explores for caves and ravines. he ends up thousands of blocks away from everyone and significantly more rich when he decides to make his house.
he just fucks around honestly. he’d be the first to find a village and just massacre them all and steal the cats. he shares materials with Neil, and he helps Neil build their own house in a flower forest (per Neil’s request). he teaches Neil how to tame animals so Neil can have his own pets.
he helps Dan build the community house. when it’s done he mines for materials for them. the first diamond he finds he gives to Dan as a minecraft proposal.
he runs away from everyone. he wants to find cool blocks and biomes, living as a nomad of sorts. a while after they start the world, he makes a mansion inside of a giant mountain. he’s also really good at redstone.
she doesn’t really know what she’s doing. she probably has a texture pack that makes all of the blocks very pretty, and she builds a house out of her favorites. it looks very ugly in the default texture pack.
he’s a minecraft veteran that’s so bad at the game that it’s sad. he is terrible at fighting mobs, so he opts to strip mine until he can get diamond armor. he’s terrified of the nether, and has only beaten the ender dragon in creative.
she makes a huge wheat farm and eats primarily bread. she has pens of cows and colored sheep by her house by the lake. she has a dock built where she likes to fish for treasure. she donates all of her fish to Dan and Matt at the community house.
he also doesn’t know what’s going on. he follows Andrew around mostly, joining him in his chaos. when he starts to understand the game better, he enjoys upgrading his materials and getting enchantments on his gear to have the best stuff. he often builds little gifts for Andrew too.
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biblophilic-psycho · a day ago
Drunk Neil: Drew, the floor is lava, carry me *proceeds to try and climb on Andrew's back*
Andrew: Get off me you shithead. You didnt even have a lot to drink, lightweight
Also Andrew:Fucking adorable *gives him a piggyback ride to their room*
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kazzyboy · 19 hours ago
Just another reminder that Andriel is not a one-sided “I love you despite that you’re broken” it’s a mutual “I love you. You’re broken like me.”
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