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yurimother · a year ago
WLW Visual Novel ‘A Summer’s End’ Coming Fall 2019
Tumblr media
Oracle & Bone Studio pays homage to Asian cinema in their upcoming yuri visual novel, A Summer’s End - Hong Kong, 1986. The interactive story game will be released later this Fall.
A Summer’s End - Hong Kong, 1986 follows the story of Michelle, a young woman living in Hong Kong in the 1980s. She meets the free-spirited Sam, and the two begin a relationship. As the women grow closer, Michelle is forced to choose between her feelings and tradition.
Tumblr media
Oracle & Bone describe the visual novel as a “story about seeking identity and meaning in a rapidly changing world where conflicting worldviews and cultures collide.” The studio hopes to pay homage to classic Asian films such as Kiki’s Delivery Service, Early Summer, and Rouge.
Tumblr media
The visual novel boasts over 300 unique art assets, including 30 CG cutscenes, divergent paths with two endings, and adult-orientated scenes. According to the studio, A Summer’s End will have an average playtime of four hours.
A Summer’s End will be released in Fall 2019 on PC and Mac via Steam in English. Future versions of the game will be available on Andriod and IOS devices as well as the Playstation and Nintendo Switch. The game will be translated into Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Korean after release.
To find out more about A Summer’s End - Hong Kong, 1986, follow the studio on social media @oracleandbone and stayed tuned for more updates from YuriMother. 
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dimensionwriter · a year ago
Dimension Writer’s Masterlist
Tumblr media
-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
So, I wanted to redo my Masterlist since it’s a hot mess. Hopefully, this one doesn’t have any problems. (Knowing my luck, it will.)
Last Update: 12/30/20
-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*/-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
Orc x Reader
Awkward Shades of Green (Zerx)
Part One 
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
My Little Buddy (Vyzer)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Hammer Away (Andy)
Alien x Reader
Quiet Space (Kozzy)
My Mad Scientist (Professor)
100 Days (Shark)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Light in the Form of Darkness (Noir)
Part One
Part Two
Robot/ Android x Reader
Robot Roommate (Elliot)
Part One
Mechanical Heart (Axel)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Fight for the Heart (Willow)
Part One
Naga x Reader
Wrapped Around Your Finger (Corel)
Part One
Part Two: Valentine Edition
Part Three: Valentine Edition Continued
Sweet Venom (Nohi)
Part One
Part Two
Fight for the Heart (Willow)
Part One
Demon x Reader
Gamer Boy (Karon)
Love Hidden Within Sorrows (Anglizera, aka Angel)
Sea Creature x Reader
Sea Lover (Kai)
Part One
Part Two
Stick To Me (Loire)
Part One
Part Two
Earth Creature x Reader
Midnight Mask 
Part One
Part Two
Tangled within her Vines (Azalea)
Minotaur x Reader
Colour of my Heart (Arion)
Unrequited Love ( Oliver)
Dragon x Reader
Wings of Love (Kaos)
Part One
Tiefling x Reader
Hidden in Plain Sight (Cosmo)
Part One
Other Monsters
Deadliest Friend (Death)
Part One
Part Two
Not Quite Dead Roommate (Taoi)
Day One (Werewolf)
Day Two (Orc)
Day Three (Naga)
 Day Four (Android/ Robot) 
Faerie/ Butterfly Man x Reader
Strong Orc Lady x Reader 
Group Ask: After dating headcanons
Group Ask: Personal Information
Playing Among Us
Halloween Costume 
Pet Friendly 
One: @deerlegged​
Two: @didaskale-katejon​
Three: @lord-boopsie​
Four: @screaming-solzear​
Five: @screaming-solzear​
Six: @dandylion-puff​
Seven: @dandylion-puff​
Eight: @deerlegged​
Nine: @screaming-solzear​
Ten: @lil-foothills-heaven​
Eleven: @lil-foothills-heaven​
 One: @the-resident-demon​
One: @dyingrealslowinside​
One: @asrasmysoulmate​
*-*-*-*-*-*-*- *-*-*-*-*-*-*- *-*-*-*-*-*-*- *-*-*-*-*-*-*- *-*-*-*-*-*-*- *-*-*-*-*-*-*- *-*-*-*-*-
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agirlwithadiary · 3 years ago
This dude has no idea how many lives he made in this particular moment. ❤🙌
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dimensionwriter · 2 years ago
My Little Buddy
Part 2
Part 1
Tumblr media
Male orc x Female Reader
Warning: (Future) PTSD, mention of depression, lots of fluff
Description: As you're closing up shop, the get a surprise visit from the orc from across the street. And he brought cookies.
Closing time. The holiest of moments for any business owner, especially after a busy day. You were so ready to flip that sign around and go home.
Until a little deer centaur came bursting through your doors, you were expecting the night to go a little more smoothly. Luckily, you recognized her as bakery owner two shops down.
She was quite short, barely reaching 5 feet. Her skin was a beautiful soft tan that was emphasized by white short hair. The pitch black eyes were gleaming with excitement as she trotted towards you behind the counter.
"I saw you went to the new shop across the street," she whispered to you, even though the two of you were alone. You grabbed the binder with new fabric order for the week. "Did you meet the owner?"
Quickly, you walked to the back of the store in order to put the binder in your office. It's weird that she brought up the owner. The only time she brings up a shop owner this early in a conversation is unless she wants to gossip. Oh gosh.
"Yeah, I met him," you yelled from your office as you file the binder away. You look to your left to see all the animals you brought a couple of days ago sitting on top of a free table. "He's really nice."
You walked of your office and looked down the hall. You were met with a shocked expression from the deer centaur.
"Are we thinking of the same guy? The big buff orc! The man looks like he could break me in half with his pinkie alone. And not to mention all those scars-"
You cut her off with a harsh glare. She closed her mouth and took a step back from you. Her light brown ears flopped down and folded into her bouncy hair.
"Are you really judging based on looks, because you can look pretty freakish from a human's view point," you said calmly. You tore your eyes away from her and begin to check the register. "Seriously, don't judge him. Have you even tried to talk to him?"
Her head dropped down in embarrassment. She didn't have to say no, but her actions spoke clearly. You felt bad for Vyzer for having to deal with such judgement, especially with that type of personality.
"I know you're a nice person, but please don't go around trying to convince people that he's a bad person just because of his looks. I'm nice to anyone, no matter the gender or species, and I know you're grateful for that. You had your own experiences of being discriminated against because of what you are, so how do you think he feels knowing that he looks scarier?" you extolled holding her pitch black eyes in a meaningful gaze. A sigh came out of her as she ran her hands through her hair.
"Ugh, now I feel bad. First thing in the morning, I'll run over to his shop and actually talk to him. Then, I'll come over to gossip," she said back in that excited voice. You playfully rolled at how quickly she was able to jump back to being happy, but it was because of her naturally happy personality.
"Don't forget you have to open your shop on time too. Don't think anyone didn't notice you opening up late yesterday," you teased as you grabbed the broom. You slowly begin to sweep behind the counter and made a note of getting the hall. You can do the main store tomorrow before you open up.
"I was still asleep. And I was only late like 2 hours," she whined leaning her human half onto your counter. You scoff at the statement and gave her a look over your shoulder. "Speaking of sleep, I better go now if I plan on visiting that shop in the morning."
She began trotting towards the door with a giant smile on her face. You wave goodbye to her before you grab the broom to continue sweeping.
When Vyzer mention people not coming into his shop, you never expected it to be other shop owners on this street. Almost everyone on this street was pretty welcoming of any species.
But now that you think about it, there hasn't been any huge creatures to come in. And almost everyone appears harmless at first glance. No wonder he's standing out, in a bad way. Well, you can help him with that.
You weren't phase when you heard a ting of a bell alerting you of someone's presence. You continue to sweep the hall with your back turned. "Sorry, I am close for the night. If you can come bright in the morning, I will be sure to help you."
"Ah, um. Sorry," the voice said softly. You froze up in recognition of that deep, but soft voice. That unique voice only belongs to one unique person
Quick to fix your hair and outfit, you turned around with your most flattering smile. Your gaze met those beautiful brown and white eyes. The long black hair was styled in a way that went across his face in a way that almost covered the major scar going from his right temple to his left cheek.
"Vyzer," you said walking towards the counter with a bounce in your step. He was wearing his bright pink work shirt with a pair of black jeans. In his giant hands sat a container with unknown content.
"You know my name? I -um- I forgot to introduce myself last time we met. I apologize," he mumbled looking down. His hair slide over his nose causing his scar to be revealed.
"Yeah, it's on your shirt," you joked playfully. His head bopped up with a small blue blush coming onto his cheeks. His hand reached up and moved the piece of hair back across his face. He was putting it there himself?
"Oh, forgot about that. Anyway, I had some free time today, so I-I baked some cookies. And, you know, I was like, 'Hey my neighboring shop may want some.' So, here I am," he rambled turning more blue with each stumble of words. It was so adorable. The way his thumbs played with the end of the container. Or the way his eyes drifted away from you before slowly moving back and then snapping away.
"Well," you leaned across the counter and brushed that strand of hair from his face into the back curve of his right cut ear," I would love to have some cookies from my cute neighbor orc.
You would pay 100 dollars to see his reaction over and over again. First, his eyes widen at your proximity then at your action. Next, the blush intensified so much that the green parts of his skin was a dark blue and his white sections turned into a light blue. And finally, he reached his hands up to cover his face as he turned away from you. He pretended to be interested in your fabric.
"How about I run to the back to get the designs I have for the animals? I can finally show you," you said excitedly while tilting your head to look at his blushing face more. His blunt teeth sank into his plush lips as he gave you a quick slide look. He nodded his head as he continued to 'gaze' over your fabric.
"I love them," he spoke flipping through your sketch book for the fifth time. You could say the same thing for his baking skills. Taking a bite out of his cookies felt like a blessing to your taste buds.
A man that is this adorable and knows how to bake. This really isn't helping your crush on him at all. In fact, it feels like it has tripled in size.
"It amazes me how someone's mind can be so creative that you can envision something and bring it to life. You truly are something…amazing," he said with this dazed look on his face. His eyes came up and you were able to see all the stars held within his eyes.
Make that quadrupled in size.
"Says you," you said trying to quickly turn this around before the blush settles in. "You work with different textured fabrics and sew them to look like an animal. Not to include you make them seem so unique, like they are their own singular being. Now that is truly amazing."
His giant palms slowly rubbed themselves into his knees as he looked down. "Yeah, but my sewing skills aren't the best. And I would like to make them outfits that I feel would match their personalities, but I don't know how," he mumbled sadly. Those stars seem to be dwindling out as he sulked more into himself.
"I can teach you," you said so quickly that you made the same face Vyzer did when his head snapped up. But you liked the idea. "When I close up shop, you can come over to get some lessons on sewing. Or if you aren't busy during the day and are comfortable with it, some days I hold workshops on clothes designing that you are welcome to come to, free of charge."
You felt like you were indirectly begging him to come see you, but it was a nice disguise. Maybe if you kept seeing him and getting the right signals, you can gain enough guts to ask him on a date.
"I-I-I," he stuttered harshly before ending with a cough. "I'm going to need to bake a lot to pay you back."
You started to laugh as he gave this giant goofy smile that make his face seem a lot softer, even with all those scars. His tusk bucked out with the smile making the golden cap on his left tusk gleam under the fluorescent lights
"The offer goes both ways. If you want, I can teach you about making stuff animals. Even though I feel you might pick it up quickly and I might have to deal with some competitions," he teased raising his left eyebrow at you. You let out a slightly unattractive laugh that made you scared for a second for his reaction. But from the stars burning brighter in his eyes made your worries melt away.
"I can say the same about you. I feel like your talent may be endless," you flirted back. The laugh that came out of him made you feel like you were on Cloud 9. The way his head tilted back slightly, allowing his hair to dangle more freely, made his face light up in a new way. Oh you were falling hard, and your parachute wasn't looking like it was going to be opening soon.
"I guess we will see," he said softly looking at you with a dazzling smile. His atmosphere seem to be a lot more relaxed than when he walked in.
You tried to hide your smile by looking down, but you knew he saw. He didn't comment it on it as he excused himself out.
You were a nice host and walked him to the door with a smile on your face. You were so tempted to pull out anything to make him stay, but the two of you had a business to run.
However, it seems like he plans on seeing you a lot in the future, hopefully very soon.
Part 3
I'm trying my best to hold back from writing 6k words per fic, so I can get more out. So, yeah, this fic is small, but it has some good content. Anyway, please LIKE and REBLOG, so I can see that you guys actually enjoy this series. You can COMMENT on this story on your favorite part of this story or what else you want to see from this series or just anything in general. My asks are open if you want to ask about a character or have any questions for me. I will try my best to answer them as fast as possible. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed.
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stinkypandabear · 3 years ago
Finished Detroit: Become Human.
The sadest part was when the menu lady told me she had to go.
I miss you already.
Please come back.
Tumblr media
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dimensionwriter · 2 years ago
Mechanical Heart
Mechanical Heart
Part 3
M! Andriod x F! Reader
It's been so long since I've uploaded. Gonna let you get to the story, so enjoy. Also, please read the bottom section.
Tumblr media
You swiftly glanced over to see Axel was stiff and looking straight forward. He looked so odd in your human size car. The tip of his metal head brushed against the roof of your car, but he looked as if everything was normal.
"I can't believe Screw and Daniel funded this. I think they just wanted to get rid of me," you joked trying to lighten the mood. Earlier, you busted into Screw and Daniel's office to explain how you needed funds in order to redecorate your office. Daniel said no before you even finish talking.
You talked about how redecorating your office would help Axel and you work better together. You even happily pointed out how greatly decorate their office was and how expensive everything was. And how their bosses must have given them more money to do it. They kicked you out with a credit card in your hand, telling you to just hurry up.
You saw something appear onto Axel's screen causing you to glance over. "You blackmailed them." The font was a lot smaller than usual. You guess that was him mumbling.
"I wouldn't say blackmailing. More like saying I reveal to them that I have information that they would hate to have brought to light," you said throwing a wink his way. You pulled up into a parking spot that was quite close to the enterance.
"We are not suppose to threaten superiors," he stated in a bolder font. You rolled your eyes at him while waving your hands dismissively. They really do make the androids more obedient.
"Well, it's a thing of the past. Come on," you said jumping out of the car. You slammed the door shut and looked across the car for Axel. When you didn't see him, you bent over to look through your window for him. He was still sitting in the seat looking straight forward.
"Axel?" You asked lightly knocking on the window. He slowly turned towards you with his screen still black. You raised your eyebrows trying to hint at him to get out.
His screen continued to stay pitch black. It felt the equilivant of a blank stare. Did he not know how to get out of a car? No, of course not. He knew how to get in a car and even how to put on his seatbelt.
"Axel, are you coming?" You asked tilting your head. A question mark appeared quickly on his screen before disappearing.
"I am not required for this mission. So I should reside in this transportation until you finish," he wrote slolwly on the screen in that boring grey times new roman font. Can he not type in any other font?
"Well, it's not required, but I would like for you to come," you said giving him a smile. His screen stayed towards you for a while before his hand moved to unbuckle the seat belt.
You stood up straight as you waited on him to exit. He moved quite slow getting out of the car, but at least he was finally exiting.
"Well, Axel. Welcome to Office Depot," you said splaying your arms out to the giant sign. This was going to be the place where your office went from ordinary to extraordinary.
"We are getting this," you yelled throwing another random object in the basket. Okay, so maybe you were getting unecessary stuff, but it would be nice to make the office more lively.
"I do not believe that a penguin tape dispenser is required to complete a task," he wrote with a red gradient at the end of his words. You glanced at the two full baskets.
"I guess I could get rid of a few things," you said tapping your chin. You took out the peguin dispenser, the 24 highlighter packet, the diamond skull that served as a pencil holder and few other items.
"If I may insert the idea that this desk and chairs are uneccesaary," he pointed to the bottom of the carts which held those items. You shook your head at him and put on a stern face.
"This is the most comfortable desk and chair here, how could you not want it? Plus this desk is big enough to fit the both of us and also have a shelf attached to the sides with plenty of draws for the paper work," you excitedly explain running your hand against the cardboard boxes. This desk is going to make this job so much easier, you know it will.
"I do not required the need to sit. So I will put this chair back," he said swiftly grabbing the box and holding it with one arm. That is surely heavy, but he's picking it up as if it weighed nothing.
"Wait, no," you said running up and wrapping your arms around his biceps. Wow, they feel so firm and are huge. The way it's stretching his leather jacket out is absolutely beautiful.
You shook your head trying to get those thoughts out of your head. Stop thinking about your partner like that. Plus he's an robot, it's so wrong to think of them like that.
"You may not be required to sit, but you can still sit," you pleaded pulling on his arms. A few shoppers turned your way. You felt childish, but this chair would great with your desk.
"I do not require to sit. Also, please let go of my arm," he said turning his screen down at you. The gradients on the words were turning them more red than grey. Is he getting mad?
"I will let go once you promise to keep the chair," you said tighting your grip. His free hand went and grabbed the back of your work jacket. You didn't have time to ask him what he was doing before he yanked upwards.
Your grip slipped off of his arm and you just dangled there. He pulled you close to his screen causing you to hear his engine's fans wheering.
"I. DONT. NEED. THE. CHAIR." He wrote in blood red writing with the times new roman font bolded. "WE. ARE. NOT. GETTING IT. NOW STOP ACTING CHILDISH."
This is the first time he shows emotions and it's because he's angry that you want to get a simple chair. Someone got their wires tangled.
You crossed you arms, with a little hardship due to most of your jacket being pulled up. "Then can we get the bean bag then," you asked pouting your lips and fluttering your eyes at him.
A bunch of dots appeared on his skin as you heard some of his cooling systen being activated. I guess he's not a shopping robot. He has low patience for this. Even though he's suppose to be the best of the best, but you guess that it's in jobs that require no feeling.
"Fine," he wrote in the smallest font. You had to lean towards the screen to see the words. As soon as you read them, they disappeared.
"Seriously," you exclaimed grabbing his screen to make sure he wasn't doing some type of joke. Even though you're sure he can't even do that.
He released his grip on your jacket, allowing you to gently land back on your feet. He crossed his arms as he leaned threatingly forward. "Go before I change my mind."
You didn't know you could move that fast without bullets flying your way. Even though the words were in red, he was actually quite, dare you say, being nice. Or maybe it was the excitement of getting a bean bag in your office. Who knows?
A couple of hours later, you stood in front of your new decorated office with an overwhelming array of glee. It looked like the dream office they put in commercials to convince people to join their businesses. But here you are, with your own one.
There was only one thing that stood out, Axel. He was standing in the corner of the room, away from the lively decorations and furinture. He looked stiff, even more than usual.
"Are you okay, Axel?" You asked with your eyebrows dropping in concern. Was it too much? Maybe he had a reason for getting angry because your were ignoring his opinions. This won't look good in your bosses' eyes/ screen. Maybe Screw was correct in assuming you were speciest.
"I'm not use to this room being… this colourful," he said tilting his head slightly. He looked adorable doing that. Like, he was struggling to put his finger on the correct word to use.
"Well, compared to the old office that was entirely grey, this would appear more colourful," you said turning around and backing up until you were next to Axel. You could see where he was coming from. It can be a shock. "You can get rid of some stuff if you would like."
You looked up to try to see his answer, but his screen was already facing down at you. A bunch of dots formed a line on his screen as he tilted his head around. "You're willing to do that for me. But you seemed excited to obtain these object," he finally typed while extending his hand to show the room.
"This is your office too. You have a say in what should be in here and how it should look," you stated looking back at the room. It seemed perfect to you, but it won't seem right if Axel is uncomfortable the entire time.
A warm hand touched your shoulder causing you to jump. You looked up to see an entire paragraph on the screen. You blinked and readied your eyes to read it, but it disappeared it.
You open your mouth to voice your concern before something else filled his screen. "Thanks, but it's fine. I can get use to it." The writing was different than his usual time new roman grey, but looked kind of similar.
"Are you sure? Because if I find out that you're lying, I have a tazer close by," you jokingly threaten poking his chest. Why was his chest so firm? It didn't have the hardness of metal, but felt nice. You wondered what it would feel like to hug it.
"Electricity doesn't do that type of damage effect on us," he wrote in the same weird font, but there was a slight colour to it now. Was it pink? Why does his words have a pink hue to it? These are questions you never thought you would be asking, but here you are.
"Then how about a gun?" You asked taking a power stance. You had a smile on your face as you stared at his black reflective screen. You felt a lot more easy around him, since the two of you have warmed up a bit.
He didn't respond and was back stiff. You dropped your stance and stared at him in confusion. Maybe he was trying to process what you said. Hopefully, he took it as a joke instead of a threat.
"Our bosses has assigned us a mission that we need to complete before going to your residental space," he wrote standing up straight. He started walking forward and went straight past you without any type of instructions.
You are not an andriod; you can't just have the information shot through your head. You could take the elevator to your bosses' office, but you had a strong hunch that Axel wouldn't wait that long for you.
He is the best agent that have here, so he's probably use to working fast. This might be a strugggle.
Writer's block is a b*tch to fight. I feel a little rusty at writing, but I did want to get something out. Anyway, as usual, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT. I love to read you guys messages and it helps me understand my audience a little more. A new thing I'm interested in doing is writing a HC for any of my character. Ask any question you have for my characters and I'll do a little hc for them or answer it (to an extent. NSFW is an absolute no, this is a blog for everyone. Sorry). Now if you excuse me, I will begin working on the next stoy for my blog. Love you guys, peace.
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neonwinters · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ve learned a lot since I met you, Connor. Maybe there’s something to this… maybe you really are alive. 
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dontgetaboner · 5 years ago
Tumblr media
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dimensionwriter · a year ago
Mechanical Heart
Part Seven
Tumblr media
Male Android x F! Reader
Warning: None
Word Count: 1852
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
You gripped the handles on your office chair as Axel stood in front of you with his arms folded. You didn’t know if you were supposed to talk first or him, but whatever was supposed to happen hasn't yet, only leaving you in this insufferable silence.
“I’m sorry for earlier,” you whispered, staring down. Axel still stood there and didn’t move a muscle. “I know you were trying to help me and I was being over emotional again. I’ll try to improve myself.”
Axel finally moved. He uncross his arm and walked forward. Squatting down, he rested his arms on the desk while leaning towards you. Your head was still down, afraid of what he was going to type.
He leaned forward a little more until his upper half was on the desk. You shrunk into the seat as his screen was right there in front of your face. You flickered your eyes up to see words flooding his screen.
“You aren’t over emotional, you’re perfectly fine. Emotions are perfectly normal for humans. It’s just me who needs to adapt to it,” he wrote in the same normal font, but had some curve to it. You scooted up in your chair as you shook your head at him.
“No, you’re fine too. I need to understand your morals too,” you spoke with a reassuring smile. He dropped his screen onto his folded arms. “I guess we both got to just get used to working with someone of the other species.”
Axel's head dropped down slightly as his finger balled into a fist. He seemed to be battling to say something. Quietly shaking his head, he lifted his screen proudly up and began to type. “Yeah, it’s just that I think I’m starting to feel-”
The door slid open and you both jumped. Axel almost fell off the desk before standing straight up. You leaned back into the chair to seem normal.
Spinning the chair nonchalantly towards the door, you were met with Screw standing at the door. A neutral face emoticon came onto their screen as they rotated their head between Axel and you.
“I hate to ruin your moment, but we need to do a drug bust and you two were the ones chosen,” he wrote slowly while tilting his screen from Axel and you. You hoped he wasn't getting the wrong idea right now.
"Of course, give us the address we will be right there," you said in what you thought was a normal voice, but it was pitched up and spoken too fast. You jumped out of your chair and walked towards Screw.
"I sent it to Axel," he wrote in a big font while looking at Axel. Axel gave a swift nod in understanding. He turned around and walked over to a cabinet in the corner that held all your weapons and supplies.
Tapping your shoulder, you turned around to see Screw writing extremely fast on his screen. "I see you two loose screws finally talked it out. And about what you asked for earlier, I changed my mind. I think it would be a lot more fun if you didn't have it. I prefer for the tension to keep rising."
Tension? What tension was he talking about? You know what, this is Screw you're talking about.
"I actually didn't want it anymore, anyways. And I don't know what you mean by tension, but I'm sure it will go away," you whispered with your head held high. A laughing emoticon appeared on his face followed by a gif of a lady smirking.
"Oh trust me, this tension will grow even more. I shall enjoy watching every moment of it," he said with an exaggeration in his use of cursive. Lifting a hand, you boldly flicked his screen. He may be your boss, but he sure doesn't act like it.
A hand grabbed your shoulder and spun you around. Axel was standing there with a bunch of equipment in his hand. He placed a majority of it on the table before leaving only what looked to be a bulletproof tank top.
"Lift your arms," he wrote slowly raising up the vest. Was he about to dress you? You are not a little child, plus you don't need one of those.
"Axel, I'm not putting that on," you said nicely while gently pushing it away. An opposing force went against you causing the tank top to be pushed towards you.
"They might have guns and you can be damaged if struck with a bullet," he wrote slowly pushing it towards you. You shook your head and pushed it harder.
A bullet proof tank top is a lot better than the old vest they used to use. However, it was still uncomfortable to wear and restricted a lot of your upper movement. You wanted to be at the top of your game for Axel. You didn't need anything holding you back.
"Please, put on the protective gear," he wrote with that sharper font with a slight red gradient at the bottom of his word. It's the chair situation all over again. However, this time you won't be a brat about.
"Fine, I'll put on the vest. But there's no way in hell I'm putting on the pants," you growled out pointing to the familiar fabric on the table. It was the equivalent of cement formed like pants.
Axel glanced at the pants then back at the tank top. Numbers began flowing across his face as he stared down at the tank top in his hands. His head spun 90 degrees to the pants on the table.
"After calculating all the possibilities, it would be safest for you to put on this item due to most of your internal organs being there. Although, I will bring the pants along in case of an emergency." He scrolled down a little to allow you to see the words. You narrowed your eyes at him and crossed your arms.
"I'm not wearing the pants," you said firmly. Axel froze as he looked around the room. His eyes landed on something causing you to look over too. He seemed to be focusing on the bean bag in the corner.
"If you wear the pants, I will get the second chair," he proposed with the word 'chair' bolded. How lowly does Axel view your will power? You were not some weak minded human. It's not like he would even use the chair like you intended, so why would you cave in?
You stood in front of Screw with the bullet proof tank top and pants on. Your old black police jacket was thrown on top black.
"Hey, Screw. When are we getting our new department jackets?" You asked pointing with your thumb to the back of your jacket. It's kind of weird that you guys made a big deal about the combining, but the public still sees you in your old uniform.
"We're working on a design," they wrote in an italicized font that wasn't as dramatically cursive like their usual one. Their screen turned behind you before turning back to you. Why were they acting so weird?
A pair of arms wrapped around your waist before you were slightly tugged back into a firm chest. You stood there in shock as Axel leaned closer to you. His screen had a slight pink hue to it that was barely noticeable; his screen appeared to be black, but there was a light pink colour reflecting off his jacket.
"Um, Axel?" You asked tilting your head forward to look at his face. Axel seems hesitant to turn his screen towards you.
"I was putting on the utility belt for you. Or would you prefer only the gun holster?" His words were written in that same old grey times new roman font making his intention feel innocent, but the arms around your waist and feeling of his body around yours said otherwise.
Stop it. He's an android. He doesn't know any better. Don't even begin to think that this is supposed to be intimate. It's normal.
"Oh, yeah I think the holster would be fine," you wheezed out with a forced smile. His arms departed from you and you let out a small breath you didn't know you were holding.
"So… are you going to keep denying this tension?" As soon as you read the words, they made them disappear. "Yeah, this mission shouldn't be that bad. Lots of reports about this building that we believe could be a hideout of some drug dealers."
It felt like you got whiplash from how fast they changed that attitude. You did need that information because Axel didn't seem like the type to give you everything and just shorten it. However, how can they go from talking about this random tension to the mission?
Axel's arms slowly slithered around your waist and once again, you were slightly tucked into his chest. You pretended he wasn't there as Screw continued to give information.
We were to first scoop around the area and see if there's truly anything suspicious. There is already confirmation, but we just need to be sure.
Wow, Axel is taking a while to put this thing on.
With confirmation, we will try to break it up and arrest everyone. Scan their faces to put it into the program. If we need backup-
Axel's body was definitely closer and his screen was laying against your shoulder. He's an android. He's an android. He doesn't do emotions like that.
There are polices stationed around just in case things get out of hand. So we just have to tap the backup button on my holster or Axel just send it out. It should go smoothly, just in case.
Axel finally slid away and you felt like you just ran a marathon. Your heart felt like it was trying to fight your rib cage right now. Not to include sweat pouring out of every pore.
"Officer, are you okay?" Screw wrote in bold letter and that bright gold colour. The cursive was so exaggerated that you could tell it was written in a teasing tone. As to push their teasing, they released a slight whirring sound that sounded too similar to cackling. "The tension getting to you?"
A gentle hand was placed on your shoulder and now it was your turn to hesitantly turn towards it. Axel screen was completely black except for the words written: "What's wrong? Are you catching a human sickness?"
"No, nothing. We should be heading out," he said with a tight smile. His posture tensed up and he looked about ready to type something. Taking that window of opportunity, you grabbed his arm and headed towards the door.
Screw gave you a mocking two finger salute that you returned with a glare. You were quick to pass by them before they could type anything else.
You had a feeling on what they meant by that tension. Although, they were mistaken to think that it was between you two. It was more one sided and it was all from your end.
Here's another one. I didn't realize I was already on part seven. It don't know if this series is getting too long. It might be getting around time.
Anyway, as usual, please leve a COMMENT and a LIKE. I'm working on setting up a commission post, so if you're interested you can message me with any questions.
Thank you so much for reading. Love you guys💜💜💜💜
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dimensionwriter · a year ago
Mechanical Heart
Chapter 6
Tumblr media
M! Andriod x F! reader
Warning: Low Self Esteem reader
Previous Chapters
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5
Walking out of the bakery, two donuts and a cup of coffee swung in your hand. Maybe you looked a little stereotypical with being a cop and having some donuts in your hand. But it wasn’t your fault that the owners of the bakery used to work in your department, so they give a free donut to police officers. Free food is free food, so you don’t care.
You reached out your pinkie finger and hooked it under the handle of the door. It slide open barely and you had to shimmy your way into the car. You put the coffee in the cup holder and put the bag of food on the arm rest.
“Sorry for the hold up, Jakoby was there and started asking about the station. He was curious how working with androids are,” you explained sliding on your seat belt. You may have gushed a little bit about how awesome they were. I mean, Axel may be a little bit weird, but he’s the perfect partner. Sometimes you wonder if he thinks the same of you.
“We are 25 minutes late to our patrol. Never before have I been late before and it’s discouraging to know that you still aren’t punctual even on Day 2.” You blinked at the screen as you reread it. Danny talked to the entire department before conjoining and told everyone that you should be at the top of you game. Androids expect perfection, so you should give them nothing less than that. But here you are showing them every imperfection there is to a human.
You have been late to work. You weren’t professional with your superiors and argued with their orders. You got too emotional over a case. You even went behind Axel back too instead of talking to him about your questions. No wonder he seems upset with you. You really are a failure.
You barely remember doing the morning patrol. Your breakfast stayed untouched throughout the drive. The music was off and you barely processed the stuff coming through the radio. Luckily nothing happen, so you didn’t have to worry.
You glanced at the clock to see it was near noon and that lunch was about to start. You pulled into the station and just planned to skip lunch. Reaching for the handle, you prepared yourself to bolt out of the stuffy car. However, a loud whirring noise startled you out of your daze.
You looked to the passenger seat to see Axel’s face turned towards the window, but his left hand was rapidly opening and closing around nothing. You tried to look at in the reflection of the window to see his face and all you saw was numbers flying around.
You open your mouth to ask him if he was okay, but his head spun around 180 degrees, scaring the crap out of you again. Words instantly started flooding his face.
“You haven’t spoken in 4 hours, 38 minutes, and 15 seconds. Not even any non words communication passed your vocal box, which is concerning me.” You shrunk down in your seat and turned your head towards the steering wheel. Here you go again being so emotional.
“I’m sorry, Axel. I will fix myself so that I’m better.” Guess that wasn’t the answer Axel wanted to hear, because a high pitched screech came from him. You jumped again, but didn’t look at him.
Matte fingers pressed into you cheeks softly as he turned your face towards his screen. “That is not what I am saying,” he typed with a grey to red gradient on his words. He shook his screens before the red edge disappeared. “I am trying to ask if you are okay. And if you are not...well I want to help with fixing it.”
“I-I...I’m okay. Look at me wasting your lunch break. Sorry about that. Now if you will excuse me.” You wrapped your hands around his and pushed it off your face. Grabbing the handle, you were quick to jump out of the car and run to the building.
“Can you explain to me why you are hiding underneath my desk?” Screw typed tilting their screen towards you. You pulled yourself more into a ball and scooted farther under the desk.
“I don’t want Axel to find me, so I know this will be the last place he will look,” you grumbled out embarrassed. After calming yourself down for 20 minutes, you replayed the scene in the car again. Axel was trying to comfort you and you pushed him away because you were being too dang emotional again. It’s embarrassing how flawed you must look in his eyes.
“Should have expected that. I ran into him on my way here and he asked me if I have seen you. Before I could get the word no out, he had turned and walked away to ask another person.” You put your hand over your face as you kicked your feet. He really is searching for you. What if he is trying to see if you can stop being his partner?
“Hey,” they poked you with their surprisingly clean shoe,” you really should just talk to Axel. I know us androids are big and scary and supposedly all knowing, but we can’t understand something if you don’t give us the information. I mean, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you talking to you considering the information I found out looking at his coding.”
You perked up at the information and went to ask them, but they bent over and slapped a hand over your mouth. “Axel, what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you again?”
Your eyes widen at the words typed. They weren't pranking you, were they? No, Screw doesn’t seem like the type to. So Axel really came here.
“Oh, why am I bent over? I wanted to try out the human thing called yoga. Apparently it helps with relaxation and stress,” they typed with a smiley face at the end. You gripped their hand and slowly moved it off your face. Their screen tilted down at you before going back up. “I know I can’t feel stress or relaxation, but I can get overheat if I overwork myself. So maybe yoga can help with that.”
You know you weren’t supposed to move because Axel would definitely sense something like movement, but now that you are telling yourself not to move, you feel like you need to.
“Oh, you have a question for me. Fire,” they wrote in a larger font. They leaned back and tilted their screen down a little, so you could still read it. “A… human manual. I don’t think humans have a manual.”
Why was Axel asking for a manual over humans?
“Oh, you’re trying to understand your partner, but is struggling. Well, maybe if you talk to her and she talks to you than either of you won’t be having this problem.” Their foot poked at your ribs again indicating that they was talking to you.
“Oh, what did I mean by ‘neither of you having this problem’? Nothing, just an old android rambling, ignore it. Anyway, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing that I could do that would solve that problem. But I will recommend just talking with each other. In the past, humans have stated that communication is important.”
Another jab in your ribs.
“What?” they wrote jumping up a bit. They leaned forward a bit making it hard to read their words. “I’m not repeating your question. You are acting odd.”
They sat up straighter and tried to scoot forward in the chair, but something stopped them. A black matte hand gripped the top of the desk and another held the back of their chair. You wouldn't say that Screw’s screen showed panic, but with the way they were insanely gripping their chair, you could sense it.
One moment, you was hidden under a desk and the next, nothing was around you. You looked up to see Axel holding the desk above his head as his screen stared down at you. A flash of pink filter over his screen before disappearing.
“We need to talk,” he wrote with a small sharp edge to the words.
Part 7
I promise I didn't forget about this series. I just wanted to slow down uploading series, but I am back. I miss my little Axel. Anyway, like always, I would love if you guys leave a Comment because it helps me know what you guys like. Thank you so much for reading and have a Happy Holidays.
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Hi why isn't anyone taking about Connor singing???? LiKE all androids are superior at everything, right?
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radioactive-raptor · 2 years ago
If humans had L.E.Ds like andriods mine would be constantly swirling red as im anxious whenever i step outside
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theredalice · 3 years ago
D:BH has me so fucked rn Conner is best andriod Hank is best partner Kara is best mom Luther is best dad Alice deserves all the happiness in the world Markus is the second coming of Christ and Carl is best art grandpa I love them all this has been a PSA
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