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#andromeda black
kaithewallflower · 2 days ago
remus's first meet with sirius's family
(the ones he still talks to)
andromeda: would you like to stay for dinner?
regulus, happy to finally meet someone with braincells: WOULD YOU LIKE TO STAY FOREVER?
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12 year old Sirius: *to Ted Tonks* and if you ever EVER hurt Andromeda I have a plan to destroy you. And it will be painful-
Andromeda: *walking in the room* What are you two talking about? Ted why are you so pale? Are you alright?
Ted: Andy. He’s threatening me-
Sirius: *gasping dramatically* I did not! He just wants me to leave! Don’t believe him Andy *cue fake tears*
Ted: *sighing* Andromeda-
Andromeda: Dont worry, Sirius. I know you wouldn’t do anything like that. *hugging him* Come on now, would you like a cookie?
Sirius: I just don’t want you to forget about me now that you have a boyfriend *cue dramatics*
Andromeda: ohh so sweet *ruffling his hair*
Ted: 😒
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fuckboyregulus · 2 days ago
“Get out of the house. Get out of the house! GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!” Andy yelled to herself as she sprinted down the burgundy carpeted hallway to the closest door. She slashed her wand through the air causing the door to fly off its hinges as she dashed toward it and leaped out onto the lawn before darting toward the street. She just made it to the asphalt as the stone house behind her shuddered before imploding with a deafening ‘BOOM’.
chapter 47
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sapphic-belldame · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
I wasn't gonna do a creature so instead we are going for straight up greek mythology!
The goddesses Andrera, Narcidite and Belleris. All of whom are trying to seduce the same mortal, Hermione of Greece! 🤣
Tumblr media
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bentejam · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This family tree is probably one of the most interesting on in Wizarding World.
Slytherin Pureblood in a family of pureblood supremist married to a Hufflepuff Muggleborn? Ted Tonks & Andromeda Black
A Werewolf, struggling adult married to a Metamorphmagus that’s an Auror? Remus Lupin & Nymphadora Tonks
Half werewolf + Metamorphmagus with Quarter-Veela and a Weasley? Teddy Lupin & Victoire Weasley
I love them! Ted and Andromeda deserves more tho!
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bellatrixscurls · a month ago
marauders era — girls edition. includes : bellatrix & narcissa & andromeda black, lily evans & marlene mckinnon. mostly sub reader <3.
Tumblr media
Bellatrix Black
bella teaches innocent little y/n how to use her pretty pink toy
not allowing you to cum after she found you breaking one of her rules
she’ll buy you new tights...😁
shower head
Narcissa Black
letting you ride her tongue in between clases
mommy cissy fucking your sweet little cunt after you get an O in potions
soft dom cissy letting you make her feel good instead of punishing you because you didn’t mean to be bad
cissy showing you that her strap is better than any real dick
Andromeda Black
andy’s sweet punishments
when you both are needy little whores
when she’s gone
using her strap on you
Lily Evans
when you wear a tight little dress so she makes sure you know who you belong to before everyone gets to see you in that
pov : you’re a desperate slut for your mommy
lils will always be there to help her dumb little puppy out <3
post date riding
Marlene Mckinnon
empty common room fun
overstimulating you after you decided that flirting with sirius was a good idea
overstim + facesitting
post date sex
Tumblr media
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lady-random · 27 days ago
Sirius, at a family dinner: I poisoned someone's drink, but I forgot which one.
Andromeda: You did WHAT?
Regulus: The way this dinner is going, I hope it's mine.
Sirius: *knocks back drink*
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mischief-marauders · a year ago
Why do y’all talk so much about Snape and Draco ? There are more interesting Slytherin’s in the wizarding world that can be talked about. Let’s talk about Regulus Black who defied Voldemort for his house elf and died by himself to stop Voldemort. Especially when the entire world looks down on house elves. Let’s talk about Andromeda Tonks who defied her family and married a muggle born. Then lost her husband, daughter, and son in law in the same year and still found the strength to take care of her grandson. Let’s talk about Narcissa Malfoy, who was the only death eater to not have the dark mark. The woman who hides her cunning and manipulation beneath beauty. She lied to Voldemort, the most powerful legilemens to exist, to save her son and Harry. Let’s talk about Leta Lestrange. A powerful black woman who was bullied at Hogwarts yet didnt become evil. A powerful witch that sacrificed herself to Grindelwald to save Newt and redeemed herself. Slytherin is THE house. They have the high class and elegance. Silver with dark green. Slytherin is cunning and ambition. There are so many layered and deep characters but all I hear is “Snape this” and “Draco that”. Slytherin is way too interesting for people to talk solely about Snape and Draco.
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comfortablynumb · 3 months ago
Hot Take: Yes, Lily Evans was plus-sized, but no, she didn’t hate James simply because she was “insecure” about her weight because lord knows the story of a “fat girl” who’s entire arch is her learning to not hate herself because she’s fat is tired, overused, and, frankly, kind of offensive. Before Lily started being head-cannoned as plus-sized, the fandom portrayed her as a confident, badass, independent woman who refused to be treated like a disposable object by the men around her. So why should the new, curvy Lily be any different?
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Ted describing Andromeda: Shes a badass bossass independent woman who absolutely does not need me. She scares me sometimes but also she’s extremely hot
Sirius describing Andromeda: innocent baBY BUNNY that I protec
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fuckboyregulus · 2 days ago
hi mel! just wondering when the next chapter of idca will be out and if we could please have a sneak peek?
tonight between 6&8 CST :)
“Well, it looks like one of them sold you out, Flint, because here I stand. So, since you can no longer trust them, maybe you’ll be more interested in giving me what I want.”
“Go to hell, Andromeda,” He grunted, his face turning steadily redder the longer he hung there.
“Oh, I’ve already been there. My family’s home is really beautiful until you have to live in it.”
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kember-writes · a month ago
Andromeda: Sorry we're late
Sirius: We didn't want to come
Andromeda: But we felt it would be rude to deprive you of our presence
*both strike a pose*
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