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✨Start Small✨

when going to Starbucks, get a green tea instead of high-calorie frappes

when eating meals, cut everything up into smaller pieces

don’t accept second helpings

chew. your. food. up. before. swallowing.

keep your old clothes. months from now, try them on. see how much you’ve changed

do easy workouts at least every other day if you know you won’t be doing hardcore exercise

when you’re hungry and ready to eat anything that comes in sight, think “what would help my body better? that apple or those Doritos?”

when hanging with friends, avoid going out for lunch

don’t eat unless you’re hungry

don’t eat after 8 pm and before 7 am

when prepping eggs, if you use butter, use as little as possible (or consider poached)

I eat almost everything with chopsticks. it helps with consumption

don’t binge as soon as you get home. eat a little throughout the day. you’ll be less hungry later.

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Angel :D I missed you ^3^ You’re sweeter, though :3

I hope you’re happy and safe…….but that isn’t likely when Minho’s thighs are on a fucking rampage uGH. (I’m currently dying over Jeongin in chains and a harness and a thigh strap all at once, but….hnghhhhhh)

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Having scraped illusion to the rind,
There remains a desert death, a dry
Oxidation of blood with sand to sate
The lizard’s scaly tongue. For one shall find
The Lizard King here, a creeping monarch
Who gloats among the thorns. Strange that I
Should venture from my custard cup and skate
Towards heaven’s bright perspective, and with the sun,
Sickening of sorrows, skid across the sky
To drop silently. It is dark
And truth is cold with emptiness. But when
The stone has blossomed in a tender rose
The sun and I shall rise and live again.


The Lizard King Here

Donald Stanford  1913-1998


Graphic - Fatima Ronquillo  (B.1976)

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