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#angel dust

Comfort headcanons are sweet and all, but what about Alastor directly or not jeopardizing Angel so it leads to Valentino finding out about his little affair with Husker as well as the Hotel plan and that’s how Charlie loses her first (and only) patron/the possible support of Hell’s social media since Vox is Val’s little pet?

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i am newly obsessed with this demon deer boi and his gentlemanly, terrifying charm DX The artists had no right to make him this attractive. He’s scary as hell, but i have a thing for the old fashioned 20s mannerisms, charismatic humor, and also the Midatlantic to Southern accent in general. It’s too bad he could also kill me effortlessly (but maybe i have a thing for that too bahaha) Is this normal? Am I allowed to be attracted to a terrifying, sadistic, cannibalistic serial killer demon?? Help me pls=I

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