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sweatermuppet2 days ago
Tumblr media
the outcast angel reports back to the defunct android by silas denver melvin
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[Text ID: angel tells android about the words they've learned this week. every beautiful human thing their god-mouth has tamed into holding: cerulean. crustacean. testicle. boombox. transsexual. override. android rewinds, smiles with their titanium jaw. they've got bad joints, can't go out in the world like they once did; both unable & deemed a machine too ugly. doesn't fool humans like it used to. angel plays reporter. ties their wings back. in the privacy of their shared room, angel grows eyes & android gets soft. that feedback loop that got them canned. android says we're not so different, are we, doll? god got bored & birthed you. man got cocky & built me. i was outcast from earth & you from heaven. oh, we must be bad. ain't that a thrill? angel smiles with all their eyes & mimics another human action: cups android's face & kisses their synthetic mouth. ain't that a thrill? they repeat. ain't that a thrill? /End ID]
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godenteredmybody2 days ago
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sonasi2 days ago
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鈾 hygiene tips for the ladies !! 鈾
.*锝ワ健锞焗air .*锝ワ健锞
~ use protein hair masks
~ focus conditioner on the tips of your hair, and avoid the scalp
~ get trims often!
~ try hair vitamins
~ wash hair with cold/lukewarm water
~ sleep on clean pillowcases! dirty cases can cause breakouts and oily skin & hair :(
~ avoid running your hands through your hair often
.*锝ワ健锞焥kin .*锝ワ健锞
~ use a consistent skincare routine specifically for your skin type (day & night)
~ use cleanser first, then toner, serum, anything else such as spot treatment, or eyecream, and then moisturizer :3
~ eat lots of fruits and veggies!! 馃崜馃
~ try to avoid touching your face often
~ don鈥檛 sleep in makeup! always wash your face after using makeup wipes
~ when washing your hair, rinse it away from the skin. the water rinsed from your hair after washing it can cause breakouts on the shoulders and back! ^_^
.*锝ワ健锞燄煇别煂 .*锝ワ健锞
~ wear cotton undies <3
~ eat right & stay very hydrated !
~ research any products before using them
~ wash daily-every other day! avoid using perfumed products, use plain soap and apply gently! always read labels and instructions 馃グ
~ do not wash inside your 馃尭
~ ALWAYS follow the front to back rule
~ dont use scented pads & tampons!
~ you dont have to, but sleeping commando can do wonders for reproductive health!
~ when touching your 馃尭, always have clean hands <3
hope this helps !! <3
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swanisc2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lana del rey - cherry
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ojibwa2 days ago
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sonasia day ago
self care after a stressful day 路藲 嗉樷櫋
~ lay down on your back & stretch
~ brush your hair & teeth, wash your face & do a mask
~ take a break from social media
~ watch an entertaining tv show!
~ go for a walk
~ pet your cat/dog/etc. or just something soft!
~ make yourself a warm drink in your favorite cup
~ cuddle with your softest stuffed animal! my favorite is my soft scented bunny (鈼峖 岽 ^鈼)鈾 鉁*銆
~ eat your favorite food, you deserve it <3
~ take time to yourself
~ cry if you need to 鈾
~ wear soft pj pants!
~ meditate, affirm, and stretch
its gonna be okay lovelies, this day will pass ( 藰蛨 岬 藰蛨鈾)
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