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legend-of-a-savior-if · 4 minutes ago
Back with the angel spice 👀
How often would they like to have some one on one time with the mc?
Oooh... getting back on that spice train i see tonight 😏
It again depends on the stage of relationship!
Early in the relationship? Only a couple nights a week. Mostly due to the conflicting feelings over the situation and you.
Deep in the relationship? As many times as the MC wants! If the MC requests they go somewhere private, they'll follow without question. Half the time, they would be the one to initiate it. It'll be multiple times throughout the days too 👀
Thank you!!
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b4-sacrifice · 5 minutes ago
Eddie: thoughts on being gay? Carl: recommended
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eternalsatan · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
“The Angel of Death” Horace Vernet, 1851
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bstarotspot · 6 minutes ago
Triple Combo! Judgement... #angel #angelmessages #judgement #vengeance #mercy #oracle #spiritualawakening #tarot #psychic #spiritual #1111 #222 #333 #369 #555 #777 #888 #tarot #tarotreading #oracle #spiritualawakening #spiritualgrowth #spirituality #meditation #healing #power #divination #higherself #higherconsciousness #selflove #selfcare #psychic #manifestation #energy
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scottcyclopssummers · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Warren: You're right, Hank! Why, did you know I *went to the bathroom* this morning...
Hank: Not without SCOTT!
Warren: YES!
Scott: *Frowns because Warren left him alone in bed.*
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2dthebabyangel · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
2-D is sure a cute baby angel! :3
Traced from: Game Of Death
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awkwardgaymess · 12 minutes ago
I forgot you had to have surgery on your hand. I hope you feel better bby!
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levisnormie · 17 minutes ago
If you’re between 12-14 then you’re still in middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL A LITERAL BABY. I don’t think that’s okay at all. If you’re that young you really shouldn’t be interacting with games like this. If you want a game without ANY sexual themes then play A3 or something. I think Azuma mentioned like sex once and I’m pretty sure it was censored. Just name alone implies a lot. Obey Me! One Master To Rule Them All. There’s a lot of older fans out there too, like in their 30s. Just go be a kid for goodness sake. I just don’t understand. A lot has changed since I was that age that’s for sure. I still watched Disney Channel back then.
VERY SUS INDEED!! I wonder if she has something planned. 👀👀👀
Honestly kids these days cause way too much trouble. Actually just don't play these kind of games, they're not for you kids to play >:(
We shall move on from that subject as I am still in a good mood shnxjdbd
Anyways YEAH very sus! She probably does tbh and I'm excited👀
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awkwardgaymess · 18 minutes ago
You had to have surgery on your hand?!?! Ah that sucks.
Tumblr media
To cheer you up! hope you feel better!
Thank you sweetie💕
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awkwardgaymess · 21 minutes ago
How are you today?
A little better, I had surgery on my hand and it feels much better with the temporary compression glove. Using voice to text is still weird, but it’s better than nothing.
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sol-god-of-the-sun · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Haikyuu: Fukunaga
Angels of Death: Zac/Isaac Foster
Mha: Shoji
Danganronpa: Ibuki Mioda
Death Parade: Nona
Yuri on Ice: JJ
Ouran Highschool Host Club: Mori-Senpai
Free: Sousuke
Nanbaka: Uno
Assassination Classroom: Chiba
Fairy Tail: Cana Alberona
Touken Ranbu Hanamaru: Imanotsurugi
Demon Slayer: Inosuke
The Promised Neverland: Ray
Jujutsu Kaisen: Inumaki
Attack on Titan: Jean
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madeofsaltiness · 23 minutes ago
I’ve actually never heard of Ultra Maniac. Mine was Ash Ketchum 😂
Tumblr media
omg i grew up with pokémon too !! i haven’t played the recent games cuz i don’t have a switch 😭 you have to tell me your fav pokémon tho
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sigmadolos · 23 minutes ago
🕊👼🏼 types of angels 👼🏼🕊
seraph: stays up too late every night, stubborn & strong minded, playfully sarcastic, pretty voices, every piece of clothing they own is either black white or grey, succeeds at anything they try, reads a lot, makes others envious without trying, often told they’re intimidating, ink stained hands, gets asked what’s wrong when nothing’s wrong, listens to music on high volume, over sized t-shirts
cherub: small but powerful, slightly short temper, loud laughter, hates confrontation, defends anyone who needs it no matter what, underestimated at times, lover of anything pink, doesn’t like to be alone, gets excited when they see dogs, always seems optimistic but struggles to smile sometimes, loves spring and watching flowers grow, short attention span, hates arguments and loud voices
throne: can seem awkward but is just quiet and shy, blushes easily, has a soft smile, nostalgia, hangs polaroids on their walls, listens to classical music, morning person, enjoys nature walks, collects little memorable things, a comforting aura hangs around them, listens to records instead of cds, charm bracelets, reads & writes poetry, calls everyone angel, smiles at random strangers on the street when they pass, doesn’t open up easily
dominion: old souls, enjoys their alone time, mom friends but tries to hide it, worries too much, very neat, nice handwriting, likes to stay on schedule and routine, the one everyone comes to for advice, can seem serious but is actually very funny, passes classes without studying, gets happy when they see babies & children, nervous before things but when they happen they do perfectly, gardens and knits, treats their friends like family
virtue: disappears from time to time and no one knows where they go, messy but can always find things, would die for any animal, wants to be reborn as a star, forgets things constantly, knows every constellation, always gives others compliments no matter if it’s a stranger or not, loves rainy days, deep thoughts @ 3 am, lives chaotically but still eats healthy, does assignments the day before, asks a lot of questions but they’re just curious about everything, wants to know the meaning of life
power: red lipstick & leather, likes night more than day, strongly independent, can get quite fearsome when angry, quiet voices, blunt and always tells it like it is, forgives but never forgets, loyal to people they love until they die, can’t stand seeing others hurt, teaches self love to others, deserves the world
principality: loves being outside more than inside, has a knack for gardening and growing things, picks fresh fruit, always bare footed, plays in the puddles when it rains, stops to feed stray cats & dogs, visits art museums any time they can, wiser than they look, great at philosophy and teaching things to others, naturally creative and brilliant, extremely inspirational even if they don’t know it
archangel: can look intimidating and hard to approach but is actually kindhearted and friendly, fierce and relentless when it comes to something they care about, complex and difficult personalities, leaders, good with their words and always know what to say, incredibly loyal, understanding and empathetic of anything others are going through, can be unpredictable at times
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wargcds · 26 minutes ago
angel   had   become   quite   the   usual   face   around   the   art   gallery.   it   was   a   tight   balance   to   find,   coming   around   long   enough   to   get   familiar   with   the   security   of   the   place   without   standing   out   too   much---   being   remembered   after   the   paintings   had   gone   missing   was   always   a   bad   sign.   ❛   this   one’s   just   plain   ugly.   ❜   they   said,   a   small   smile   as   they   stood   next   to   robyn,   staring   at   one   of   the   pieces   angel   had   been   wanting   to   steal.   ❛   look   at   the   colors...   who’d   think   about   putting   them   together   like   that   ?   i   don’t   know   about   you,   but   this   certainly   isn’t   the   type   of   thing   i’d   want   hanging   in   my   living   room.❜   //   closed   starter   for   @exposurc​
Tumblr media
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