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winged-folk · a day ago
regular everyday annoyances with wings
Thought this would be fun to make as i often see having wings through rose tinted glasses, but damn would they be annoying as heck to have in a word designed for flightless people
🐔 Shoving open a door, walking through absentmindedly and it slaMS SHUT ON YOUR WINGS
🐧 Lying on your back weirdly, getting up to fly and you just fuckin trip and fall cause your wings fell asleep
🐦 Getting embarrased/flustered and trying to hide it but your wings puff up on their own, betraying you
🐤 Going to bed and having a restless sleep, waking up to your feathers matted and sticking out in weird places
🐔 Having to sit in a chair with a backing that goes around the sides, leaving absolutely no way to put your wings comfortably (you end up holding them awkwardly above your head like an angry vulture)
🐧 In class/at work, letting your wings droop to the floor while you're tired and being pleasantly awoken by someone stepping. on your feathers. (in their defense you shouldn't have been sleeping but still)
🐦 cARS. need i say more. WHERE DO YOU PUT THEM
🐤 Wanting to wear a certain outfit but it clashes terribly with your wings ):
🐔 Having to tailor all your shirts/tops/hoodies etc. grr.
🐧 Going for a swim and having what feels like sopping wet sacks of bricks attached to your back for the next hour, unable to fly
🐦 People touching your wings without your permission. stop it ))):<
🐤 Flying for ages, noticing your wings are starting to ache, and seeing absolutely nowhere to safely land for miles
🐔 Having about 10-15kgs extra to lug around while traveling on foot
🐧 Since we aren't shaped like birds, we can't really tuck our wings close to our body like our sharp beaked brethren, meaning two things: uncomfy x1000, and if its windy you're gonna be laughed at by your dumbass friends when you fall over from being the equivalent of a human sail
🐦 Being in an elevator with someone else wouldn't be fun, as you'd take up about 60% of the space instead of 10%, yeesh- awkward
🐤 Speaking of awkward, the where the heck do I put my hands??? dilemma is increased tenfold thanks to the ginormous, feathered, attention grabbing appendages you now possess
all things considered, being flightless sucks ass but whos to say having wings wouldn't suck too? I know being earthbound isn't fun, but at least we don't have to deal with the above 😭😭😭
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liesminelli · 7 months ago
There is nothing that brings me more genuine joy than a person who has been deeply hurt by people and actively chose to continue to be soft and caring.
There is nothing more powerful in my eyes than someone who has looked cycles of abuse and bitterness in the face and chose to continue smiling back.
It takes so much strength to allow yourself to be soft and recklessly kind. It takes so much strength to use the hands that once blocked hits to give flowers to strangers.
I am so proud of you and your efforts do not go unnoticed.
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reachartwork · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Selected Curios #36 "Angel Nightclub"
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la-petitesophie · 3 months ago
angelic self-care tips ✨
♡ when the day begins, stretch your body and breathe as deeply as you can. you've spent many hours afloat in dreamland, which can be quite tiresome on the wings! inhale slowly, filling your lungs with the energy of the day, and exhale any negativity out of your being.
♡ fix yourself a cup of tea, hot or iced, to bring some love into your system. try matcha for its immunity benefits, lavender or chamomile for deep relaxation, white for its antioxidant properties, or chai for digestion aide. adding a boost to your soul through the healing power of tea is true magic!
♡ show your skin and hair some love: cleanse your body of any tired energies, washing away their influence from your being, use gentle shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair, and apply a gentle cleanser to your face. remember to moisturizer your softened skin, brush your teeth, and allow yourself to glow.
♡ dedicate one (or as many days as you’d like!) day a week to embracing all that is you, taking some time for self-care practices: hydrate and moisturize with a dreamy face mask, add some strengthening serum to your hair, practice yoga stretches, and  - if the weather permits - apply protective sunscreen to your body before basking out in the warming glow of the sun, being inspired by her own radiance. admire your natural beauty, thanking yourself and the universe for keeping you afloat whilst on this journey.
♡ always practice kindness in all areas of life. volunteer for or donate to a cause that's close to your heart, surprise a loved one with a gift, write in a gratitude journal, share in sweetness with an animal, and bestow compliments upon strangers! treating other living creatures with love and respect is the mark of a true angel, and this authentic care will always come back around, allowing your wings to lift you even higher. ~  😌
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ojibwa · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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