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flutterbyfairy2 months ago
reminder that anger isn't a bad emotion!! in fact, no emotions are inherently bad. your anger is usually trying to protect you. it's a part of you that wants you to be treated right. of course you should always consider your actions, and you may feel angry at someone that hasn't actually done anything wrong in which case you shouldn't lash out at them, but you're still allowed to feel angry. listen to your anger, sit with it, hear it out. maybe it's not always reasonable but that's not it's job. you're allowed to be angry.
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recoversuggestions2 years ago
you鈥檙e allowed to have emotions that aren鈥檛 positive!!! you鈥檙e allowed to feel angry or jealous or sad or frustrated or annoyed. emotions are normal and healthy, but it鈥檚 up to you to decide what to do with them.
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imbecilic-memesa year ago
Tumblr media
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deeplifequotes2 years ago
Pay attention to what people say out of anger, they鈥檝e been dying to tell you that.
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aesthetic-depression02 years ago
"What if after all this fighting it turns out this world isn't for me? What if i don't belong here?"
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st-a-ya year ago
I don't think most people understand the urge to kill yourself every time you do something wrong
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secondclassvines2 years ago
鈥淲hen you鈥檙e in a bad mood and an object pisses you off鈥
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aesthetic-ravenclaw2 years ago
playlists for different moods
staring at the ceiling long after everyone has gone to sleep, thinking about how things seem less real at night, listening to the rain falling gently outside your window
feeling a little enraged? neat, me too! fuel your anger for the low-low cost of $0.00
it's ten pm and you're on a bus to faraway places; change is happening and you can't wait to see what it brings
you know sometimes you just gotta let yourself feel some existential dread and that's what this playlist is all about
folk music to remind you of the little things you see every day. perhaps it's the faerie circle you found last week or the coins that mysteriously appeared in your pocket a few days ago, but there's clearly magic in the air
songs that are either from or remind me of the 80s because i am both gay and predictable
just some sexy bops ;)
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