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#anger and fighting and genuinely pushing people away and not thinking abt them
dogin86 months ago
Hello dogin! With the red banquet being today, what has been your favorite dsmp event so far?
So I've got 3 things to talk about here because I'm not actually sure if 2 of them count as "events", so I added 1 definite event at the end just in case. So:
The Community House (Or to make it more of an event, The day before doomsday): THE EMOTIONS HERE WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, Tommy and Techno turning up to hear Dream framing Tommy for the destruction of the community house, then when he appears and starts trying to convince everyone that he didn't and the murmurs of anger and disbelief from everyone until Techno appears to back him up and their anger suddenly changes, they're outraged at Tommy for teaming up with Techno. There were so many emotions and the emotions were LOUD, I loved it, Tommy was shouting, Dream was shouting, Techno was shouting, the crowd was shouting and most importantly: Tubbo was shouting, something that doesn't happen very often but when it DOES, it's amazing, Tubbo is insanely good at acting and he really shines when it comes to anger (due to the generally calm lighthearted nature of his character, the contrast certainly helps) This was also shown later when Tubbo confronted Quackity about wanting to execute Ranboo, absolutely amazing. ALSO: The line "THE DISCS WERE WORTH MORE THAN YOU EVER WERE!" and everyone going totally silent, The delivery was perfect the reactions from the other characters were perfect, EVERYTHING AHH!!
The 2nd "Event" that's more of a scene (The event being Nov 16th) Is Schlatt's death: WOW it hurt, Like I just wanna talk about how by reducing the Malevolent Powerful Dictator to a grovelling alcoholic mess, they stripped the characters and the audience of any of the satisfaction of victory, nobody got to kill Schlatt except for his own bad habits, unless 馃憖 (HC that Quackity poisoned Schlatt my beloved) Also it was a really good writing decision making the "victory" of beating Schlatt not feel like a victory at all, it not only left us wanting/expecting more out of the stream but also foreshadowed how there would be no victory after all "If I die this country is going down with me" and it did (Also I don't think I say this enough but regardless what you think of the cc, Schlatts acting is fucking insane (when he tries)). AND on top of that, it hit us with the emotional PUNCH of seeing that Schlatt, The asshole, the dictator, the evil tyrant, HAD EMOTIONS. This for me really was the first time when I saw them use the intricacies of their platform to the fullest in the writing, I'll explain this a bit further: Schlatt and Dream are the two biggest "POV-less" characters, and as such, we don't get nearly as much insight into their heads as we would with say Tommy, AND THEY USED THAT FACT TO IT'S EXTREME WITH SCHLATT. Schlatt is the asshole, he does malicious things on purpose and laughs about it, he doesn't show care for anyone around him and he is never vulnerable or open about his emotions, that is... he wasn't, not until the very end when it all came out at once, this terrifying transformation from the cold person we knew we could hate to... something afraid, something vulnerable, something... pitiful, and altogether human. "Don't kill me I'm scared of that/death"(can't remember which word), There's an amazing animatic of it (here). Also just how it highlighted that... he was alone, he pushed people away and then when it came down to it? he was entirely alone, Fundy who had stucked by his side the longest was the final straw, the amount of pain in his voice just saying "Fundy?" AHHH. "In my time of need everybody left" IS LITERALLY A LINE, Clear as day he is aknowledging that he had a "time of need" he needed people around him but his own actions pushed them away. Okay I could talk about this scene for hours and hours but I'll cut it short just for the answer (might make a standalone post abt it later tho)
Lastly the only actual Event, and a genuindly hot take, The event on the dream smp that I would consider my favourite so far: Doomsday
A lot of people have brought up incredibly valid reasons why they dislike Doomsday, but I can't help but love how it turned out. Two of the people on the server who spend the most time preparing for war (Dream and Techno) + the person who probably plays more minecraft than 90% of players and has never died on the server so has never lost his equipment (Phil) fighting agaainst a ragtag bunch of broken people, it was the epitome of An Unstoppable force, except in this analogy there was no immovable object. Not to mention the Tommy & Sapnap reconciliation (chaos twins supremacy) and how Sapnap actually got so insanely close to killing Techno right in the middle of doomsday, the man might be a himbo but he's also insanely good at PVP and I love him. ALSO MORE SHOUTING!!! Genuinely we got so many banger emotionally charged lines from multiple characters during doomsday and it was... amazing. "People, PEOPLE are above the government" "I AM A PERSON" "You are and so are WE!!!"
All lines that I absolutely love, regardless of whether or not they are even slightly true, Brilliant brilliant, BRILLIANT,
now I'm just gonna post this quickly without looking back over it too much because I've already accidentally deleted this answer once and I don't want to do it again
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cisphobicfives10 months ago
鈻 鈽狅笍 for cloth, quirrel, and lurien!!!!
鈻 - childhood headcanon
鈽 - angry/violent headcanon
鈻: i hc that she grew up around/in a Huge Tree. just cicada things bhvmds
but!!! on a real note, i do like the hc cloth was in a very tight-knit community. like, she thought of most people there as her family and was generally endeared by them too. when she was younger, she wasn鈥檛 really one to initiate conversations, but once you got her going she really loved talking (or even infodumping if they were close to her) abt whatever current hyperfix she鈥檚 found! it was usually wrt folk tales, knitting, and she also found weapon forms Neat (even if she never ended up using it w her own fighting style; this is how she got into talking w nola too!!! they shared that interest)
鈽 : i feel like, when pushed to anger, cloth ends up closing off. she knows, rationally, it鈥檇 be better to talk things out as soon as possible rather than just bottling it up and ignoring it, but she鈥檚 also Terrified abt what she鈥檒l say if she gets caught up in it, that she鈥檒l worsen the situation. it鈥檚 really the other one who has to acknowledge her anger and let her know, 鈥渉ey, it鈥檚 okay to tell me why聽you鈥檙e angry. i鈥檒l listen and we鈥檒l work it out from there.鈥 and she鈥檒l still be reluctant but. it鈥檚 the best you鈥檙e gonna get.
鈻: he grew up in the crossroads!!! his family was. fairly small due to Issues. his parents were pretty supportive of what he wanted to do (which was: stop dealing w excessive pain both from physical training as a guard/warrior and then. chronic pain. fuck chronic pain), tho i will say they were those types that get really nervous that their kid/s will begin to distance themselves if they stray too far from home.聽it was an understandable fear here tho, because quirrel easily gets caught up in his own projects and the archive Encourages this, so his visits became rarer and, transparent as he is, they don鈥檛. Feel like they鈥檙e talking w him anymore. they鈥檙e proud! but like. they鈥檙e left with only an image of a kid that doesn鈥檛 match up w who quirrel鈥檚 become.
鈽 : hmm it depends, really?
(for hallownest) - he prefers to take it calmly, so if he senses he鈥檚 getting 鈥渢oo emotional鈥 abt this sort of stuff, he鈥檒l probably step away temporarily and let the person he鈥檚 upset with that he just needs a break, gathering his thoughts, and figuring out what point聽he means to get across so he doesn鈥檛 start adding unnecessary stuff.聽
(for post-hallownest) - i feel that, with people he鈥檚 unfamiliar with (which is Most People, you don鈥檛 really get attached. you have pieces of them, but you aren鈥檛 attached), he鈥檒l have a聽鈥渟peak your issues now or forever hold your silence" because he doesn鈥檛 plan on staying around them all that long. he鈥檒l snap at them for whatever they鈥檝e done if he deems it an issue worthy enough to be brought to light. however, if he鈥檚 friends / acquaintances with them, he knows he鈥檚 got to maintain this, he鈥檒l default to how he was while in hallownest.
鈻: oh this is fun. so Basically i fucking destroyed canon because i鈥檓 an Idiot and now i鈥檓 too stubborn to change it to make more sense.
lurien grew up around the area that was once the white lady鈥檚 Area and, ever since she deserted her attempt at building a community to rule, became a sort of 鈥榳asteland鈥. most people either delved further into what was to become hallownest or left the area altogether, but some occasionally feel the call to return here. lurien鈥檚 born In this area of the failed kingdom,聽the place is already dealing with the whateverthefuck tpk did when he transferred from the wyrm form to his 鈥榖ug鈥 form. most buildings have since been destroyed, but lurien鈥檚 family (there r a Lot of people.) helped rebuild a few to have places to live. things were going good! he would鈥檝e been perfectly fine w/o hallownest but ah... he was too close to the radiance鈥檚 influence. this isn鈥檛 necessarily 鈥榗hildhood鈥 anymore but.聽his family caught the beta infection and lurien, in his attempt to go off and kill the聽鈥榮ource鈥 (he thought it was the rulers of hallownest, wl sees the descendant of her mistake and is like :v: and sends him off to see tpk) before he was affected too, tpk went to see what the fuck this was, long story short lurien ended up as the only survivor.
but hey at least he got a new, stronger mask w tpk鈥檚 blessing that now prevents the radiance from being able to access his mind. if he had a childhood no he did not <3 it鈥檚 all been hallownest <3 ignore your flashbacks <3 self-care <3
鈽 : lurien鈥檚 generally not one to voice his anger (usually it鈥檚 frustration)? if he鈥檚 annoyed he鈥檒l be like聽鈥渉ey, stop鈥 (like if he鈥檚 talking to soul master bvhsdgm) and if you don鈥檛 listen he鈥檒l straight-up just walk away bc he鈥檚 too tired to deal w this. one of the only ways to really get him to BE angry is thru genuinely triggering him, which monomon has. accidentally done, prodding too much in an attempt to find his past even tho he doesn鈥檛 want to and doesn鈥檛 need聽to. the facts r: he鈥檚 in hallownest now, his family is absent, he鈥檚 here for this kingdom. nothing else matters, and as much as he loves her, he hates that she tries to find more. he鈥檚 not a walking artifact from a rule long gone. all he wants is to preserve the only 鈥榟ome鈥 he鈥檚 got left, the only thing left he knows聽he has.
when he gets angry he. gets impulsive. he keeps his聽鈥榝ormal tone鈥 which throws people off, but that鈥檚 because that鈥檚 the only way he learned to speak hallownest鈥檚 language! the only people who really understood him before he began to speak the trade language was wl (who didn鈥檛 acknowledge it) and tpk (who only knew of it through wl). he tends to think things he doesn鈥檛 really believe (like in one of my recent fics, where he mentions something along the lines of hating monomon. he doesn鈥檛! he loves her a lot. but in these moments he clings to emotions.) and tends to say things without regard for how they will take it or how either will need to deal with it later. sometimes he鈥檒l end up being able to force himself to walk away rather than just snapping at them, but he usually doesn鈥檛 have that sort of control, not until the worst of it is through.
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crowsenta year ago
Can you explain the color switch technique for theater more clearly? I'm going to audition for our high school play and I want a reliable way to act without having to relive my worst memories.
dunno when exactly you sent this anon, but i hope i havent responded too late.
SO. the colour switch technique. dunno if its an official name or whatever BUT its essentially used in theatre or really in any other scenario where you have to lie or assume an emotion that you鈥檙e not currently feeling. essentially, you have to play a role. but since you said youre auditioning for a play, we focusin on the theatre aspect of it.
the most common thing i see or hear people do when they need to play an emotion that they just aren鈥檛 feeling at that moment, is to think of a personal event in their lives that elicits that specific emotion. it WILL work, or at the very least, elicit a strong emotion that pushes you to make your scene more believable and more alive. now thats great if the memory or event is a happy one. thinking of the first time you ever held your baby sibling, or that time you had your first kiss, or that day your parents surprised you with a new car. genuine happiness, or the memory of genuine happiness can work wonders to make a scene look and feel organic.
but if the emotion is negative, its going to absolutely DECIMATE your mental health.
no matter how much you think that聽鈥榠ts just for a scene鈥 or that it wont actually affect you when youre off the stage, using the聽鈥渞elive memory to recreate emotion鈥 method can and will fuck your mental health sideways with a chainsaw. its BAD for you to constantly think of painful or sad memories. there鈥檚 rehearsals, the actual performance, and worse, memories of the play itself. associating the memory of a tragic accident or a bad fight to a scene of a play youre participating in IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU.
i did theatre back in highschool. my depression at that stage was also. uh. particularly bad. so the whole聽鈥渞elive traumatic memories to experience pain so you can act better鈥 is TERRIBLE advise. dont listen to anyone who tells you to do it. it WILL negatively impact your mental health AND your memories of the play, and may even discourage you from participating in future plays yourself.
but you still need to find a way to channel those emotions.
in comes colour switch theory. or technique. whatever its called. my theatre directors were GODDESSES. they recommended this technique to EVERYONE and it WORKS.
the trick is to associate a particular colour with a particular emotion, or even facial expression. when you need to keep a stoic face, you picture the colour in your mind and chant it in your head over and over to not break character. when you need to be sad, just repeat the colour you chose for sadness over and over to get yourself in the mindset WITHOUT hurting your mental health. for me, some of the colours i chose were:
blue- sadness/loneliness
red- anger
black- nothingness
grey- fear
there are more, but lets focus on these four. blue is my favourite colour. but thinking of the colour blue it doesnt automatically make me sad, so i can still enjoy it when im off stage. to channel the emotion of sadness or loneliness that i聽tied with the colour blue, i think of sadness from inside out and her blue motif. i think of the blue colour commonly depicted for tears. i think of cold and i think of a single person all alone, curled up in a blue room, crying.
just talking about this made my body curl up when i was writing that paragraph. i am shaking, and i feel sad, but when i stopped thinking about that imagery, it stopped. because its not a painful or traumatic memory for me, i can just yeet the blue emotion imagery away from me when i dont want it. you cant do that with personal memories and thats what makes the colour switching strategy so good. you can act better but you dont have to hurt yourself to do it.
think of it as constructing a bubble in your head, or a room you go to when you need to feel something. for anger, i think of a red room. i think of that red emoji with the brows scrunched up and the teeth gnashed together. i think of being so angry you lose words. i think of being red-faced because you just cant control it. conveniently, anger from inside out is also red, so i can think of him too. i think of fire in my veins, hot and ready to explode with nowhere to go but loud, violent screaming. and as im writing this, i can picture myself on a stage just shouting at whoeever has done my character wrong.
same goes for black and grey. black is just when i need to keep a straight face. when i need to be stoic or unimpressed. and its just a black room. nothingness. i sometimes picture that black room in real life when i have to not laugh at something funny if the timing is inappropriate, or when i have to keep a strong facade when i want to cry. i picture that room of nothingness and my mind goes blank. and i can keep a stoic face. the grey room is fog and shadows just in the corner of my eye. its something closing in that i cant see because of all the grey swirling around me. i dont know if im alone. i dont know if i am safe because i can only see a foggy room.
all in all, mentally travelling to a room in your mind created for the express purpose of eliciting a specific emotion is better than just retraumatising yourself. and its really simple to create these rooms. you dont even have to use the same colours i did.
maybe you have more trouble with expressing lovey dovery emotions. you can make red your love room. think of red flowers on valentines day, the red heart decals you see on store windows, the red box of chocolate youd give to a lover. red is passion, red is life, and you can associate things like that with your red room if you want. its like a venn diagram. things you associate with red on the left, things you associate with the emotion on the right, and the things they have in common can be used to construct the imagery of the emotion colour switch room.
then you can just chant red red red in your mind and you think of the blush on the fair maidens cheek as her knight comes to rescue her. you can think of a scarlet dress dazzling everyone in the room, but the wearer only has eyes for one man. you can think of lipstick stain against a collar.
you can associate any emotion with any colour. my process was:
pick a colour
pick an emotion/facial expression
picture a small room in your mind
fill that room with things or imagery that match your emotion or expression
be as specific or as generic as you want
you can have a green room dedicated to irritation or envy or just the loose feeling that youre not completely happy. the reasoning can be just bc you thought of the phrase聽鈥済reen with envy鈥 and thought itd be neat. green can be a mother experiencing the joy of holding her child for the first time because green=nature=nurturing=mother.
establish a connection with that colour. fill out your room and create the keyword to get in. im very unoriginal so my keyword was just chanting the colour name over and over in my head. if i say blue enough times i get sad, even if i dont picture the room bc my mind has formed a link to that state of being. and i can break away without much trouble bc the connection is just on the surface.
colour switch is hair chalk. reliving memories is hair dye. at the end of the day, both of them colour hair. but you can wipe off the hair chalk w relative ease but a thorough hair dye that produces vibrant colours cant easily be removed, even when you want to switch to a different colour, or maybe even lose the dye completely.
i would recommend picking an emotion or expression that youre not good at portraying, but dont struggle with as much for your first room. i am not good at expressing sadness, but im worst at expressing upset or anger. so when i first started my colour switch mindset room, i started with sadness. it helps me express an emotion that im not particularly good at expressing, while still being relatively easy for me to get the hang of. maybe try for the second or third worst emotion you express, build a room to channel that emotion, and establish your connection.
make it a well-tread path, essentially. first few times are gon be difficult, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. all i need now to fake-cry is picturing the blue room, saying blue a bunch of times, and making a face. then i cry. completely fake and not damaging to my health.
i hope this makes sense for you. if it doesnt, feel free to send in an ask with more detailed questions abt the parts youre confused about or anything else. same goes for anyone who happens to read this that has an interest in theatre. id rather answer a dozen asks of the same question than have any of yall do something so harmful to your mental health. if anything was at all confusing, please feel free to tell me and ill gladly clarify some more. stay safe and take care of yourselves. and to the anon who asked, i hope your play goes well
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19possums-blog2 years ago
On tianshan relationship and their fandom, i guess ?
hello there @nightfayre !! Im the 5asks anon lol (the one abt the last chapter of tianshan). I wanted to thank you for your answer and continue to rant in your askbox but i figured it was so long that mb it would crash ur box lmao, so I... kind of created a blog..... hm. well theres no bad reasons to create an account is there lol ?? (also is there no way to send a long ask ?? why is it so limited :(( )
So once again thank you for anwser, and what an answer ! You raised many points i didnt think about and that was very interesting. I knew i would be glad to hear your thoughts ! the rest under a read more coz i think its going to be looong lol
(( To do a sort of disclaimer : I despise fandom discourse and im more of the mentality 鈥渓et ppl enjoy what they want as long as it dont hurt real life ppl鈥, and 鈥渄ont like dont interact鈥. So everything im going to say is not an attack against anyone, but just a way of prolonging a manhwa that i like. Most of all, i want to emphasize that at the end of the day, its just a manhwa : it doesnt justify being mean or aggressive towards other real life ppl. If you find yourself raging while reading fandom wank, just stop reading, block, and go outside a little. My way of enjoying the manhwa is to be analytical, to criticize (positively and negatively) and to look at the material source as well as the fandom in itself ; if its (understandably lol) not your definition of fun, this post may not be for you !))
Ur totally right in saying that the hardest thing is separate morality, reality and fiction. I hope my asks didn't come across as a 'u shouldnt like tianshan bc its not morally good'. There is a lot of puritan push back on tumblr lately, and im totally against it. Everyone is free to like/ship what they want ; reading only 鈥榤orally good鈥 literature wont prevent you to become a nasty person - i would argue itd be the exact opposite, as your spirit wont be trained to think critically or to evaluate a situation (and every situations is always grey) by your own means. Also, its important to separate fantasies/what you like to read and who you are/what you do. To be embarrassingly honest, and like many people, one of my sexual fantasy is rape ; but in my real life, im in a queer anarchist collective that actively fights against rape culture and defends rape victims. That is why i dont have a problem with SheLI/Mo shippers (or even HeCheng/SheLi shippers) even if its not my cup of tea, but i would have a problem if in real life (irl) ppl would say to irl Mo that irl SL is good for him (or if they wouldnt find it wrong that a irl 30yo Cheng is involved wt an irl 15yo Li). I digress.
But then again this confusion about fiction/reality/morality is at the core of the tianshan fandom -and many fandoms. I dont know about you, but i grossly see 3 types of聽鈥榯rends鈥 depending on how ppl interact with the source material聽 :
1.The ones who think you cant like something while being critical of it. I love 19 days but I think there are flaws in it, beyond tianshan dynamic (like how OX handles the transition between funny and dramatic moments 鈥揑 think its badly done). It doesn鈥檛 mean I personally hate OX and wish harm to their family oc. Worse than this, the ones who, because they dont like certain things in 19 days, feel free to harass OX on their social media.聽 Here its a confusion between fiction and reality and a lack of critical thinking.
2. the ones that loves Tianshan because they think it fits the trope 鈥淒ark, handsome, tortured violent boy who is violent towards fragile, sweet, pure cute boy because he loves him鈥 and the typically associated trope 鈥渢he pure boy will change the violent boy by the pureness of his heart鈥. Aka the most common yaoi trope. Again, if it pleases people to see Tianshan like this, good for them and i hope they have a nice time reading 19 days. Lets face it, I love really bad yaoi and books. Its just not how i see tianshan at all, but to each their own. I just have a problem when these ppl insist that its an ok behavior to have in real life and say things like 鈥減ossessiveness is a proof of love鈥 uncritically (hint : it isnt). For me, its the difference between enjoying fast food (thats okay), and wanting to force everyone to eat fast food and to find it pleasurable (not okay).
3. the ones that think what you like in literature defines who you are, and so in order to be a 鈥済ood person鈥 you have to only like 鈥渕orally good litterature鈥 -there are the ones I personally find the more interesting bc they can ask good questions. But alas, in most cases its just puritanism badly disguised and currently they are in all fandoms. Lets not delve into the issue of this statement : what is 鈥榤orally good鈥 ? who are in the authority to proclaim what is good ? how can you recognize what is 鈥榤orally good鈥 if you dont see what is 鈥榤orally not good鈥 ? is it literature鈥檚 responsibility to educate its audience ? do literature have to point out 鈥渨atch out audience what just happened is not okay鈥 as if we were brainless children ? whats more important : what you like reading or what you do irl ? .... Okay i totally delve into this lmao. Here its a confusion between fiction and morality and a rejection of critical thinking : we could say its like when the Catholics prohibited women from reading bc it would pervert them and think of the children).
Returning to the specifics of what we've been talking about聽 : so in this last case, you (generic聽鈥榶ou鈥) think that you are a good person ; so you have to read morally good literature. So in this case, fandom isnt just a harmless hobby, but a proof of how you are morally good, imagine the stakes ! But alas, you happen to like 19 days and most specifically tianshan. You said (@nightfayre鈥 ) that you judge Tianshan unhealthy as they are now, and i wholeheartedly agree with you, so im not going to discuss why since you already explained it so well. So, what happens when you like a morally not good ship, but you think liking morally dubious things makes you a bad person ? You bent over backwards to explain that, in fact, this ship is morally good, to protect your integrity. And thats why, in 19days fandom since the last chapter (and its the same thing with every chapter where flaws of HT are revealed!), there are many posts going around 鈥渉m, in fact, what He Tian did is good ! i know it can seems like hes a violent asshole who dont respect MGS because he punches him, threatens him, and dont listen to him, but hm.... in fact its because he鈥檚 nice...鈥 and then they do mental gymnastics to justify what is, obviously, not morally justifiable. And i find its a pity because, my guy, my buddy, nobody is going to throw you tomatoes if you like a morally dubious character, and also bc nothin is morally good ! everybody does what they think is the best in 鈥榩roblematic situations鈥 ! and thats what make life interesting ! and so, 19 days interesting ! The flaws of HT (and MGS) are what drawn ppl to his character, bc it makes him real, its makes him contradictory, we can project ourselves in him, and we can see a complicated character with awesome latent potential. And yes, treating someone like a territory bc you care about them is a flaw lol. (on this subject : i saw ppl saying that its protectiveness and not possession : if you protect someone like you would protect a territory, then its not a healthy protection. you deal with a human whose agency you must respect, contrary to a territory).
MGS and HT are the product of what happen to them in their early childhood and then their adolescence. Like you said, they grow up in a violent, twisted world, where being emotionally distant is the norm. I would even say that they are expected to conform to the standards of (toxic) masculinity : channel all your emotions into anger, caring is being weak and feminine, prove your worth by your physical strength, be in control in all ur relationship, etc. I would say thats why Mo is so hostile towards HT : HT challenges his masculinity, by seducing him (everyone know that the biggest fear of macho men like HT and Mo is being considered gay -_-) and being stronger than him. Lets face it, Mo has kind of a homophobic issue, like all the boys. Between JY who tells HT its disgusting being told hes handsome by a man (at the beginning of the manhwa, i hope by now he had grown out of it), or Mo who tells HT he isnt happy that a guy is on his bed or who desperately wants to prove his heterosexuality by saying he likes all cute girls to his baldy friend... HT is more nuanced, but at the end, when he 鈥榮educes鈥 Mo, its always predatory. He doesnt let himself being vulnerable and he aggressively touches Mo even without his consent. For me, its a way of proving his domination, not his interest (and when i say that, i dont mean that HT is not genuinely interested in Mo -just that his actions dont translate this). ZZX is the only one who seems to have a healthy relationship with his masculinity lol, but then hes the healthy one in all aspects (thats why i dont like his character and am not invested in zhanyi, even if irl i would love to be his friend).
With all that being said, oc HT wont know how to adequately express genuine concern and interest in Mo ! This sort of social interactions is not something you just know, its smth you learn. And in HT and Mo鈥檚 cases, nobody was there to teach them -we could even say that ppl in their life made them unlearn caring behaviors. So HT does what he does best : he fights and forces, and is surprised when Mo thinks (obviously) HT is evil. And also, like you said, Mo will never be (at least how he is now) a driving force in their relationships bc he will always run away from bonding with ppl. So here we are, HT being the only driving force in their relationship, the same HT who only knows violence. No wonder that their relationship is like this...
As it is, i feel like tianshan is kind of in an impasse right now. One or the other is going to have to evolve if we want to see their relationships changing. Either HT learns how to care without being violent (seems complicated if Mo doesnt challenges him, bc HT isnt going to realize this without feedback since its how he has always functioned), or, more likely, Mo is going to be honest with him and tell him that his behavior is hurting him. Though more probable, I dont see it happening anytime soon : for one, Mo isnt capable of seeing when he is hurting emotionally and what is hurting him ; and also, bc Mo doesnt know any other language than violence, not unlike HT. I think its smth most of the fandom ignore, how violence is smth that HT and MGS both have in common, and how if HT wasnt violent, MGS certainly wouldnt consider him at all.
Anw im excited to see where OX is going with all this ! Like you said, the forced kiss was pivotal to their relationship, so im kind of hoping it would be the same here ! I just hope they wont... do like usual and just put a funny chapter and ignore this latest development.....
OMG i wrote soo much and there is so much i still want to say.... i think im going to do a second post... sorry about the spam lmao
( @nightfayre : i dont know how this site works yet, is @ you alright ? will it show you my post in your notif or should i send an ask ?聽 bc i want you to see my answer, but i dont want you to feel pressurized to respond or interact or anything !! above all dont feel pressurized, i was sad last night when you wrote 鈥榠m sorry to not answer more quicly鈥 bc you should answer at your own rhythm or not answer ! your blog is a hobby, not an obligation, so dont feel bad to not do more when yo already do much !! )
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amandabe11man4 years ago
John and Scott for the ask meme thing?
who is more likely to hurt the other?john鈥檚 more likely to hurt scott, i guess? involuntarily, but stillwho is emotionally stronger?aLSO john. he鈥檚 seen so much shit that it doesn鈥檛 even faze him anymore (unless there鈥檚 a possibility that he himself might be in danger鈥 that鈥檚 usually where he begins to panic)who is physically stronger?john again,,. i mean sure, scott is obvs in better shape but other than that he is NOT strong, omfgwho is more likely to break a bone? scott, who somehow manages to be fit and frail at the same timewho knows best what to say to upset the other? in a way, both of them, but also鈥 none of them?? lemme try to explain; like, they fight basically all of the time, so you鈥檇 think they would know how to specifically get under the other鈥檚 skin by now, except it鈥檚 not that sophisticated. i mean, most of the time they just throw regular insults at each other (that they鈥檝e heard a 1000 times already)also, you don鈥檛 have to know too much about scott to make him upset, tbh. just ask the wrong question (or ANY kind of question) and he鈥檒l be pissed right away for no takes a little more to make john angry, though. either he loses his cool when he鈥檚 in a bad situation or when scott鈥檚 just being too annoying for too longwho is most likely to apologise first after an argument? ideally, none of them would, but john鈥檚 usually the one who caves first. not always because he thinks he was in the wrong, but so that they can just move on instead of acting like children about itwho treats who鈥檚 wounds more often? neither of them get hurt all that often, and if john does, he prefers to just treat them himself (cause i mean, given his position in the company, he鈥檚 p used to it) 鈥 scott is, however, a big baby about all of this, so if he ever got a wound, john would have to treat it for him (he鈥檇 probably faint if he looked at the injury even, lmao)who is in constant need of comfort? both of them, in their own ways? john doesn鈥檛 show it often, but sometimes he鈥檒l think a little too hard about life, his ex-wife, etc. and鈥 yeah. he refuses to tell scott abt it if he鈥檚 feeling that way, thoughso yeah, scott鈥檚 the one who shows his feelings more (even though his feelings are mostly just anger), so when he鈥檚 feeling down for whatever reason, it is nOT pretty (john doesn鈥檛 mind comforting him though cause that gives him something else to focus on than his own thoughts, so it鈥檚 a win-win)who gets more jealous? neither of them, i think? they might not be, like鈥 couple of the year, but when it comes down to it, they trust each other not to do anything stupid tbh? (secretly they both low-key think the other鈥檚 too stupid to attract that kind of attention from others anyway)who鈥檚 most likely to walk out on the other? scott, omg. running from conflict in all its forms is what he does best (there鈥檚 a whole lot of door-slamming too obvs)who will propose? none of them, cause even when they come to the point where they actually refer to themselves as a couple, they鈥檙e both too proud/scared to let others (ANYONE) know about it :/who has the most difficult parents?well, john鈥檚 parents are dead, but they would probably be p chill; a little surprised that john鈥檚 bisexual maybe, but that鈥檚 about it?and scott鈥檚 parents rly aren鈥檛 difficult tbh. they would be really supportive if he would just let them in already, gdiwho initiates hand-holding when they鈥檙e out in public? again, none of them. i mean, they go out together, but there are NO public displays of affection whatsoever, omfg (unless they鈥檙e drunk or something)who comes up for the other all the time? i鈥檓鈥 not sure what this question means?? hahawho hogs the blankets? SCOTT (john may or may not push him out of bed bc of it sometimes)who gets more sad? john, probably? like鈥 he gets sad in the more traditional sense of the word. scott gets sad too ofc, but when that happens it鈥檚 so intense that it鈥檚 more than just sadness at that point, lolwho is better at cheering the other up? john鈥檚 better at cheering scott up, i think. he鈥檚 generally more chill and has better social skills, imowho鈥檚 the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?scott tbh, mostly when he鈥檚 had a bit too much to drink, but once in a blue moon, he can get genuinely happy without any alcohol too (it鈥檚 reALLY fuckin surreal, but john lives for those moments tbh)who is more streetwise?uh, i think john comes the closest here. both him and scott have had generally easy lives, but since john has been out in the field wiping people out and whatnot, he鈥檚 not as sheltered as scottwho is more wise?i鈥檓 not sure ppl should go to him for life advice but i think john qualifies a bit at leastwho鈥檚 the shyest? none of them are shy exactly, they just get flustered during certain situations. for example, john canNOT speak in front of a crowd he鈥檚 just outwho boasts about the other more? neither, tbh. after all, they鈥檝e never made their relationship public (tho tbh most ppl suspect it anyway)who sits on who鈥檚 lap?聽scott sits on john鈥檚 lap a lot ( 汀掳 蜏蕱 汀掳)
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