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#anger snek
applepythons · 2 months ago
There's a reason her water bowl says "Sassy" on it.
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hasmashdoneanythingwrong · 5 months ago
I Imagine that eventually Gorgon gets to the point where she’s entirely willing to be affectionate in her own way, but only so long as you don’t tell nobody. Sort of a “I have a reputation, damn it” kind of thing.
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pipaapo · 6 months ago
Whoa whoa whoa. What's this about an Avenger Ozy?
aaaa last year i came up with an avenger/alter Ozy for fun who basically became (one with) Apep, the demon of chaos, opponent of Ma’at (the concept/personification of balance, justice, law, truth etc in egyptian mythology = basically all good while Apep is all evil combined) and the greatest enemy of the sun god Ra (who was its sibling, Apep was born from his umbilical cord) and who took advantage of Ozy and his emotional state later on to create chaos and take revenge on the gods for fighting it over and over again etc etc it really is just a “what if” thingy akjscb i found the old design of him in my folder and doodled him for funsies/changed a few things here and theree
Tumblr media
its just a v messy sketch rn, i should make proper ones some time maybee
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angelictrl · 15 days ago
Hi! Can I request some hcs for the brothers + undateables taking care of a gn!MC while they're in hospital? (I'll leave the reason they're in hospital up to you) Thanks!!
ofc !! i'm going to write the undateable ver. and link it here later since this got longer than i thought it would if you don't mind <3
undateables version!
tries to be there for you but can't stop himself from drowning in his work.
don't get me wrong - he most certainly is attentive to your needs and visits you often - but he still puts all the blame on himself no matter the cause for you being put in the hospital.
this is because it reminds him of when he and his brothers fell.
not only did he have to get accustomed to the devildom, but he had to suffer the loss of his sister, deal with his new demonic form, and raise satan all while being diavolo's righthand man.
so naturally, being the eldest and also the one who started the great celestial war, he always felt at fault for how things turned out; although he'd rather die than say it aloud.
you being put in the hospital makes him feel like he failed you, he failed to save you, failed to protect you, even if he hides it with a poker face and instead drowns in his work.
please - this is one of the only times you'll see a vulnerable luci.
cupping his face tenderly with your hands as he sits by your bedside late at night, he refuses to cry, but definently has a gloomy expression.
he can't lose you too. he cant fail you.
as soon as you're discharged though, he makes sure to keep you by his side more often.
late night office dates, anyone?
he'll hold you close and try to be slightly more affectionate in public.
this whole scenario has reminded him just how mortal you are, and he hates that someone who's just as angelic as you is trapped inside of a fragile and weak body.
clingy asf
probably the first one to find out mc's in the hospital.
he's downright upset at first. normally he's attached to your hip, so the one time he leaves you alone, ya wind up in the hospital? he knew you were too much of a fragile human to be left alone!
he refuses to let anyone near you as you recover - besides the doctors and nurses, of course, but even then he eyeballs them to make sure they're being gentle with you.
he goes on a rant/lecture about how you're just some weak human who needs him by your side and how you shouldn't have gone off on your own, but as soon as you frown or pout while averting your gaze, his whole demeanor flips.
he's just really worried about you.
he's a big tsundere, yes, but he cares so much about you and he's not sure how to convey his emotions as he's never felt this way about anyone before.
"h-hey, i'm not mad at ya. just... i'm your first. no, i don't care if i'm in the middle of a scheme, i'll always make time for ya... so don't go off alone, okay?!"
buys you tons of gifts before and after you've left the hospital
definitely won't leave you alone for the first few weeks of being discharged
really, he's clinging onto you like you have more value than goldie
and truly, he wouldn't admit it, but you do.
probably gets told by one of his brothers since he's hiding out in his room as per usual.
first, he almost summons lotan in anger to get revenge for mc if they got hurt by someone, but whether that is or isn't the case, he soon calms down once he recognizes something.
this is just like the 78th episode of TSL he was watching when the lord of shadows returns the favor to henry for helping him through his familial problems by taking care of him!!
well then. now levi's been inspired to be the best lord of shadows he can for his henry.
oh, and i guess he'll do it anyways because he cares about mc's wellbeing to begin with or wtv... /s
nonetheless, snek boi brings a bunch of games, movies, and mangas to mc as he camps out in their hospital room with them.
you better be prepared to binge watch all of TSL and fall asleep to whatever sounds are coming from his game beside your bed - not that you have much of a choice, anyways.
his brothers probably try to pull him away from you as he's clingy boy #2 and staying up having gaming marathons can't be good for your recovery, so you can bet your little human butt you're going to find yourself staying in levi's room for a couple of days after you've left the hospital.
definently places ruri-chan or any other anime-related stickers on your casts (if you have any) or cheeks to cheer you up.
bonus: he totally tries to sneak in henry 2.0 to keep you company when he can't be there and if he succeeds, he relies on henry to give him reports of your health.
pissed if someone else landed you in the hospital. nearly goes on a rampage and his brothers just barely manage to stop him.
probably one of the best people to keep you company once he calms down, though.
definitely visits you at the same hour everyday to bring you books he suggests you read.
if you're not up for reading any, he'll suggest reading them to you, or suggest something else entirely different.
stays overnight a couple times with an audiobook playing in the background or with an open book on his chest.
doesn't mind falling asleep in weird positions anyways considering the way his room is set up.
watches detective dramas late at night when you're asleep like a dork lol
definitely watches cute cat compilations with you if you're feeling down for any particular reason and will stroke your hair to calm you down.
10/10, soft satan is best satan <3
probably screams tbh
that can't be good for your skin!! all that stress on top of being sick/hurt is going to make you break out!!
practically dashes to visit you with skin care & beauty products although you're advised not to use them by your doctors atm
asmodeus has never been so salty.
though, he is concerned about your overrall being.
it honestly scares him how much he cares about you. especially in this state because he's never cared so much for anyone else other than his brothers or himself in a long time.
most likely to cry (besides mammon) if you cry since he already has tears stinging his eyes.
he starts neglecting his own nightly routines to stay overnight with you.
if you start to point it out or ask him why he's doing this, he'll just sit there in astonishment processing your words.
you matter so much to him? like, duh, of course he's going to be here, why wouldn't he? he doesn't care about anything else other than you and your recovery right now and-
you matter... more than him... to him...?
...ya broke him.
when you're asleep, he watches you silently for a change, caressing your cheek delicately with soft eyes focused on your relaxed features.
he gets a strange feeling in his chest - and not like the ones he gets from excitement over his quick hookups - no, no, this one is a foreign feeling. it's, dare he say, euphoric.
just like lucifer, he feels guilty.
he already lost lilith. he can't lose you too.
he probably needs more reassuring that you're going to be okay than you do, honestly.
he plops down onto the couch in your room and intensely stares at your sleeping form as he stress eats.
on a funnier note, he has the nurses doing laps around the hospital bringing him food and he says "it's for mc" to them, but we all know who it's really for.
he's the softest he's ever been with you.
you thought he was a teddy bear before? he's practically made of stuffing by now.
when you're sad, he wants to reassure you, but you look so sickly and frail that he holds you like your glass.
please reassure this behemoth of a man that you're going to be okay, he really loves you and wouldn't forgive himself if he made things worse.
most definitely takes you out to a restaurant to treat you once you've fully recovered.
he already beats himself up over the attic thing, so if anyone had hurt you enough to put you into the hospital, his anger would probably rival the avatar of wrath and they'd go missing.
squeezes himself onto your bed to cuddle you while being mindful of your iv.
if that doesn't work, well, then he just drapes himself over your legs. he's gonna find a way to be with you, and you can't stop him (y'know, unless you flat out tell him or look like you're uncomfortable).
if all else fails, he settles for mushing his cheek against one arm propped against your bedside as his other hand is occupied holding yours.
he's pretty much like one of those therapy cats LMAO
lots n lots of sleepy cuddling. after all, rest is essential for your recovery, right?
when you two can't sleep, you have movie nights bingewatching the worst rated movies and shows in the devildom and the two of you go cinema sins on them.
v clingy after you get discharged and holds you noticeably tighter to his chest.
"stop doing stupid things that could kill you, you idiot."
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shimmerwing-skyscale · 27 days ago
> Be me, doing Drakkar because #Bored
> Kill anger snek
> Open first chest - “The spoils of battle!”
> Press F on second chest - *mesmer portal sound*
> “WTF?”
> Trapped behind invisible wall with dead Drakkar.
Tumblr media
> Skyscale my way up... and up... and up...
> Yay, finally above the chests and can see my way down!
> “Treasure!!”
Tumblr media
> Apparently, caves have ceilings... in this case, an invisible ceiling. And I’m standing on top of the ceiling, which is between me and the treasure.
> Fuckin’ mesmers...
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weasleytwinswheezes · a month ago
@zumerkka I'm in slytherin (go sneks!). I've been described as outgoing but irl, I'm very socially awkward. psychology major. in several fandoms. considered smart but usually distracted over obscure topics. my friends are my ride or die. anger issues. core self is made of spite and nicotine. fluent in sarcasm and likely to be buried in combat boots but also, cries at the drop of a hat. i'm very insecure but love to hype others.
i ship you with....Remus Lupin!
-i firmly support this 1000000%
-as much as i normally believe that opposites attract
-in this case not so much 
-insecurity is the famous trademark of Remus John Lupin and i’ll be damned if he doesn’t find it endearing in others 
-spending so much life as an outcast he knows how it feels to be awkward around others and that’s one of the first things he notices about 
-besides how bloody brilliant he thinks you are 
-yeah yeah yeah 
-nicotine and combat boots 
-wooooo so scary 
-nah mate he lived with sirius for years 
-the scariest people are ALWAYS the softest and he’s determined to figure you out 
-he sees right through that tough exterior and knows that on the inside you’re just like him 
-i just imagine him asking you to study by feigning that he needs help on an essay (even though he’s been done with it for a week) 
-knowing that you excel at that particular class 
-because to be honest you’re as smart if not smarter than he is 
-sarcastic comments thrown by you soon turn into intellectually challenging conversations 
-and soon enough you find yourself chatting with him more often than not
-over time he would be the one you went to whenever you got too riled up and he graciously handled your ranting until you calmed down 
-just imagine him agreeing with anything you say to get you to take breath 
“Moony, they’re all just such bitches! I mean why can’t i smoke by the lake! It’s outside!”
“Right you are! Can’t even smell the smoke and it’s almost not on school property if you really think about it.” 
“The squid doesn’t mind!” 
“Yes of course, the squid is what we’re worried about here.” 
-just remus being so supportive and understanding of literally EVERYTHING about you 
-also bonus 
-you automatically get sirius as a bestie 
-because you’re 1000000% kindred spirits 
-i just imagine all the softness and fun that it would bring to be dating Remus and 
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emy-loves-you · a month ago
Have Your Name (And Your Back) Chapter 9
Conversations and Omens
Chapter 8 | Masterlist
Summary: The fairies get together to discuss what's going on with Patton. They don't know that Patton's awake and can hear everything
Warnings: Sleep Paralysis, mentions of bruises, discussions of people dying, discussions of child abandonment
Before you read this chapter, I just want to state that Janus is NOT unsympathetic. No evil snek boy here. He might look like that in this chapter, but that's just because his priorities are different than Roman's. Janus just wants to keep the other Fairies safe at any cost. So expect some tension between Patton and Janus for a while (not forever though!)
Patton woke up to the sound of voices.
Well, he didn’t really wake up, per se. His limbs were too heavy to move, and his head was still groggy from sleep. He tried to groan, to tell his fairy godfather that he’s awake, but no sound came out. With an internal huff, he resigned himself to his fate. Maybe he should tell Prince about this later. Would he have a magical solution for this?
“We need to figure out what to do with the boy.”
Oh right. They were talking. Maybe Patton should listen to them.
The person on Patton’s left growled softly. “I already told you that you could call him Heart. There is no need to treat him like some random stranger. You know that he’s my godson, and even if not he’s our guest.” Patton recognized the voice immediately, Fairy Godfather.
The person who had called Patton ‘the boy’ sighed softly. “Why should I deign the child with a personalized name, especially when it’s done absolutely nothing to earn it?” Patton didn’t recognize the voice. It was high-pitched and airy, like wind rushing past his ear. The person had a low lisp as they talked, almost resembling a snake’s hiss. Even though Patton couldn’t physically react to the person’s remarks, Patton mentally curled up on himself, hoping he could block the world out if he tried hard enough.
Prince squeezed his hand gently- did he know that Patton was awake? Or had he just kept his promise to not let go, and was comforting Patton in his ‘sleep’? The answer didn’t really matter as his Fairy Godfather growled. “Don’t you dare talk about my godson like that!”
“Princey.” Another voice growled out, stopping Prince before he could get himself too worked up. It took Patton a moment to recognize the deep voice. Anxiety.
There was a moment of silence before someone cleared their throat. “It would be wise to move on to a more imperative subject. Such as why we were summoned to Heart’s room at such a late hour with no explanation or forewarning?” The voice was stagnant and almost cold in tone, but there was an obvious hint of irritation. Even though Patton had only heard the person speak once, he could tell who this was simply by the way they talked. Logic. Patton felt a flicker of warmth flood through him at the sound of his nickname coming from Logic’s lips. He wasn’t entirely sure how to feel about it, but it made his toes tingly and his insides twist up in a way that wasn’t entirely unpleasant.
Prince sighed. “We have multiple orders of business, some more concerning than others. First topic: Heart’s health. In an attempt to give him some privacy, we’ve overlooked several things. Dee, I need you to dedicate time to making some potions for Heart. Nutrition potions, healing salves, even some dreamless sleep potions if he starts getting frequent nightmares. I wanted him to try and heal without the use of magic, but his body is still too malnourished to heal quickly on its own.”
Dee, who Patton’s pretty sure is Deciet, hissed softly but didn’t speak. Logic hummed “Are you sure he’s not healing at standard human levels? Fairies naturally heal faster than most living creatures unless our magic is depleted, and it has been a while since any of you dealt with human injuries to this scale. And if Heart is healing at an appropriate pace, trying to ‘speed up the process’ through magic would only cause him to develop a magical immunity disorder.”
Prince sighed and ran a hand through Patton’s hair. “He still had dark bruises from the day we took him. You never had a bruise last for longer than a week unless you aggravated it. And while Duke and I had bruises last for 3 to 4 weeks, that was because we were living on the streets. We didn’t have any food or running water, and we constantly aggravated them by sleeping on the floor. Heart eats three square meals a day and gets plenty of sleep. The bruises should’ve at least lightened up by now.”
Logic hummed again. “That is strange. However, as long as he shows none of the dangerous signs of a magical immunity disorder, he should be physically fine with having magic used on him.”
Prince chuckled nervously. “That was our next topic of conversation.”
There was a moment of tense silence. “Prince,” Logic’s voice rang out, a lot colder than it was moments ago. “Has Heart been showing severe signs of a magical immunity disorder, and you didn’t think to tell me?!” Patton was shocked by how angry the fairy sounded. Did he… did he actually care that much? About Patton? It didn’t make sense, not to Patton at least.
Before he could question it more, Prince spoke up. “This only happened today, and that’s why I wanted to discuss this with you. What happened didn’t make any sense, and I was hoping one of you would have an answer.” He sighed and gently squeezed Patton’s hand. “When I saw the scars on Patton’s back… I was so enraged that I temporarily lost control of my human form.”
Deceit hissed softly, and there was an odd sound in his direction. It sounded similar to rubbing skin against skin, but something about it was just odd enough to make Patton’s skin crawl. “I still don’t understand why you keep up your pathetic human guise. You’ve never excelled at glamors before, and I don’t understand why you’re attempting now.”
Patton’s Fairy Godfather sighed again. “I remember what it was like, seeing Pops in his true form for the first time. It was… terrifying. He looked nothing like his human form. And then his magic kicked in on instinct, to protect him from any human that laid eyes upon him-” he squeezed Patton’s hand again, this time much tighter. “The confusion and magic gave me nightmares for weeks. There was a time where I was too afraid to even think about him. And I never want my godson to be that afraid of me. Ever.”
“Wait a minute.” Anxiety interrupted, his voice now in another part of the room. His voice kept changing where it was coming from every few seconds, so Patton assumed he was pacing in front of the bed. “You said that you temporarily lost control, so he didn’t see the full thing. So did he see you in between forms? Doesn’t that kill humans?”
Logic coughed. “Kill is a bit exaggerated, but essentially yes. Seeing a fairy actively shifting between forms is not something that the human mind can comprehend. Humans tend to take what they can’t comprehend and block it from their memory as a defense mechanism. However, since fairies also have their magic instinctively lashing out against the humans in order to protect themselves, humans who see fairies shift tend to go insane at best. They’ll experience a great deal of pain, similar to their head being caved in my a sledgehammer. If their body can survive the pain and not die of shock, they’ll most likely go blind or go insane.” His voice went cold again, and for some reason Logic’s anger made Patton’s chest get warm. “However, since Heart isn’t a bleeding mess on the floor, I assume something else occurred instead.”
“Yeah, it was really weird.” If Patton had any control over his body he would’ve jumped, not realizing that Remus was also in the room until now. “He saw Prince between forms for almost a full minute, but all he got was a small nosebleed. He said he didn’t even feel any pain!”
“He could’ve been lying about that to make me feel better.” Prince hummed, rubbing his thumb over the back of Patton’s hand. “We have to remember that Heart isn’t a fairy, so he has the ability to lie. We need to keep watch for if he’s lying or withholding information about his pain.”
Logic hummed thoughtfully. “Either way, even if he was feeling pain, it should have been a lot more than what he was experiencing. He should’ve been screaming or at the very least crying, not acting unphased. This makes no sense. He’s acting more like it’s a magic overload rather than an immunity disorder, which should be impossible for a human.”
Deceit suddenly hissed loudly, and Patton could tell he had gotten a lot closer. His voice now resembled a snake’s hiss more than ever, whispering in that language that Patton probably shouldn’t know but somehow did. “Impossssssssibe. The only one foolisssssh enough to do that died decadessssss ago, exccccept-” He suddenly pulled away, speaking normally again. “Prince, I would like to remind you that you have yet to complete the ritual that will officially make this child your godson. Therefore, it’s not too late to rescind your claim as his godfather.”
Wait, what? Patton assumed that he was already Prince’s godson, that he would never go back to the Harts. At least, that’s what Prince had said. Does that mean Prince was lying? But fairies can’t lie, right? It didn’t make any sense and it made Patton’s head hurt and heart ache.
Prince growled. “Are you insinuating that I should give him back to those monsters? The ones that beat him and starved him and made him feel worthless?!”
Deceit scoffed. “Of course not! I don’t want the child to suffer any further. I’m suggesting that we have him pass off the judgment of his parents to you so we can proceed with the punishment. Then, we edit his memories and place him in a human orphanage. We’ll tell the humans that his parents have passed away and that he has no next of kin. They’ll take care of him while you pick out a new godson.” A new godson? Am I not good enough?
There was the sound of a chair scraping against the floor and Patton assumed that Prince stood up, though he was still gently holding his hand. “How dare you! I will never abandon him!”
Deceit hissed. “You know little about him! You didn’t even know that he was still injured! Is your attachment to him actually to the child, or is it just the idea of having a godson?”
There was silence for several moments. Every second made Patton want to curl further into himself, waiting for Prince to realize that Deceit was right, that Patton was just a burden and they would all be better off without him-
“His favorite color’s blue.” Prince whispered, his voice so soft that Patton strained to hear it. “Light but not pale. Not like ice. More like the summer sky. Like the color of this room.”
Patton internally smiled as he remembered the conversation he had with his Fairy Godfather during one of their many lunches shared together. Prince had asked Patton so many little questions, and Patton was sure that he was just doing it to fill in the silence. Small talk, Lord and Lady Hart had called it. They used it to make their guests ‘feel more comfortable,’ but in reality they never remembered a single detail about their guests’ lives. A small part of Patton had expected Prince to be the same. A larger part of Patton was glad that he was wrong.
Prince continued, oblivious of Patton’s internal ramblings. “He also likes to wear loose clothing in that color because it reminds him of the summer breeze. He’ll spin around in a light blue skirt and pretend that he’s twirling through the air.” He chuckled and lightly ruffled Patton’s hair. “He also has a sweet tooth, just like his-” The hand in his hair stilled for a second and Prince coughed before continuing. “Me. Just like me.” There was a snicker from across the room but Patton couldn’t tell who it was. “He loves sweet foods. His favorite is toast with loganberry jam.” There was a choked cough from Logic’s direction. “His nose scrunches up when he eats something he doesn’t like, such as bacon or broccoli. He likes to hum little tunes when he walks, and I think he’d enjoy both human and Fae music. He likes flowers and gardening, and I will never leave him. As long as he wants to stay, he will always be welcome here.”
Deceit hissed again, but it sounded a lot more desperate than before. “Prince, pleassse, I beg you. If this child is who I think he is, then keeping him will be the worst decision you’ve ever made.”
There was another moment of silence before Patton felt Prince kiss his forehead. “And I will never regret a single moment.” Prince sat back down in the chair, still holding Patton’s hand. “That’s the last immediate topic that we need to discuss, the rest can wait until Hart recovers. Oh, and tomorrow I will be locking this wing off from the rest of the manor. Until further notice, Anxiety and Deceit will be banished from this portion of the manor. You are dismissed.”
There was a familiar whoosh and suddenly the air felt much lighter. Papers rustled in the corner as Logic spoke up. “Why aren’t they allowed in this wing anymore?”
Prince hummed. “It’s come to my attention that Heart wasn’t allowed to go places, like outside, without permission. And now he’s stuck in this room, where anyone can walk in and out, unless I’m escorting him to meals. I want to give him a larger sense of freedom, some security and privacy until he’s learned more and can safely access the rest of the manor. And the two of them can’t safely interact with Heart at the moment, so for his safety they won’t be allowed in this wing.”
There was some more shuffling before footsteps approached the bed. “Very well. I noticed that I was not on this list.”
Prince chuckled. “You’re his teacher! You’re always welcome to visit, as long as Heart says yes. And I doubt he would ever say no to you. He speaks very highly of you. And I bet a visit from you would make his day.”
A cold finger trailed down Patton’s cheek, igniting a fire under his skin. “Maybe one day…” He said something else, but Patton couldn’t hear it over the whoosh as Logic disappeared.
Prince chuckled and ran a hand through Patton’s hair. “That child’s stubbornness never ceases to amaze me. But I believe your kindness will overcome it in the end. I can see the love and joy in your heart. The creativity and wonder in your eyes. Your love will change the world, I’m sure of it.” With his heart full of warmth and his Fairy Godfather by his side, Patton was able to drift peacefully back to sleep.
Taglist: @bisexualdisaster106 @self-taught-mess @itawalrus @arodynamic-enby @sanderssides-angst @whatishappeningrightnow @idont-freaking-know @cute-and-angsty-princess @artsy-enby09 @girl-who-reads @drarrymalecsolangelo @count-woe-laf @im-an-anxious-wreck @shadowylemon @stopthe-presses
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akariitsuki42 · a month ago
My Rainbow Theory on the Sides, part 1/?
This is going to be a LONG Theory so bare with me
We all know, hopefully, what Thomas has in store for us when he wants to reveal whoever is Orange. But I’m going to get into on another color that no one seems to know or notice about.
Let’s run the analysis on the colors they represent:
First up we have Roman/Princey being Red
Tumblr media
Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination, as well as, passion, desire, and love.
Here are the other Red colors and what they stand for:
Light Red represents joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity, and love.
Pink signifies romance, love, friendship. It denotes feminine qualities and passiveness.
Dark Red is associated with vigor, willpower, rage, anger, leadership, courage, longing, malice, and wrath.
I think that most of it sums up on why Roman acts in almost every episode.
Next we have Orange, whoever is Orange, they may be going to be following whatever orange represents.
Orange combines with the energy of Red and the Happiness of Yellow. It is associated with Joy, Sunshine, and the Tropics. It also represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. It is not an aggressive color like Red is. It increases oxygen supply to the brain, produces an invigorating effect, and stimulates mental activity.
Dark Orange can mean deceit and distrust
Red Orange corresponds to desire, s*xual passion, pleasure domination, aggression, and thirst for action.
Gold evokes the feeling of prestige. The meaning of Gold is illumination, wisdom, and wealth. Gold often symbolizes high quality.
Next we have Yellow, being Janus/Deceit
Tumblr media
Um, I think he was suppose to be orange because what I am about to type about Yellow, these DO NOT SUM HIM UP. Here’s why I say this:
Yellow is the color of Sunshine, does that sound like our lovely Snek boi? I don’t think so!
Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. I’m just going to leave this here:
Dull Yellow: Caution, decay, sickness, and jealousy
Light Yellow: Intellect, freshness, and joy
I think this is suppose to fit Patton?
Next we have Green, for Remus/Duke
Tumblr media
Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes Growth, Harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has a strong emotional correspondence with safety. Green has a great healing power. It can improve vision. Green suggests stability and endurance.
Sometimes Green denotes lack of experience; for example, a ‘green’ is a novice. In heraldry, green indicates growth and hope. Green, as opposed to red, means safety, it is the color of free passage in road traffic. Um, I think this implies Roman not Remus?
Dark green is associated with ambition, greed and jealousy, okay that somewhat sounds like Remus.
Yellow-green can indicate sickness, cowardice, discord, and jealousy.
Aqua is associated with emotional healing and protection (This is Patton)
Olive Green is the traditional color of peace.
Yeah this does not fit Remus at all
Next we have Blue, being Logan/Logic
Tumblr media
What? I love his smile. Anyways!
Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness. In heraldry, Blue is used to symbolize piety and sincerity.
You can use blue to promote products and services related to cleanliness, such as water purification filter, and cleaning liquids; air and sky, airlines, airports, and air conditioners; water and sea, sea voyages and mineral water. As opposed to emotionally warm colors like red, orange, and yellow; Blue is linked to consciousness and intellect.
Use Blue to suggest precision when promoting high-tech products. Blue is a masculine color; according to studies, it is highly accepted among males. Dark Blue is associated with depth, expertise, and stability; it is a preferred color for corporate America.
Avoid using Blue when promoting food and cooking because Blue suppresses appetite. When used together with warm colors like yellow or red, Blue can create high-impact, vibrant designs; for example, blue-yellow-red is a perfect color scheme for a superhero.
Light Blue is associated with Health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness
Dark Blue represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness
Yeah, all that sums Logan up 100%
Then we have Virgil, being Purple. I mean, purple was chosen for Virgil.
Tumblr media
I decided to pick this because eh, why not. Anyways to the color Purple!!!
Interesting choice for him. Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.
According to surveys, almost 75% of pre-adolescent children prefer purple to all the other colors. Purple is a VERY rare color in nature; some people consider it to be artificial. Light purple is a good choice for a feminine design. You can use bright purple when promoting children’s products.
Light purple evokes romantic and nostalgic feelings
Dark purple evokes gloom and sad feelings. It can cause frustration.
This is going to be one out of many of my color theories of the sides.
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5-falsehoods-phonated · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
(Prompts with boxes have been taken, highlighted have been written)
Requests for this card are closed, thank you to anyone who sent in requests! If you don’t want to see these you can block the tag #false bthb. As always shoot me an ask if you wanna be tagged in future stories, whether it be for bad things happen bingo or any of the other series, one shots or in general!
Requested via AO3 comment.
General Taglist (ask to be added or removed!): @im-an-anxious-wreck​ @logans-library @janus-is-an-adorable-snek-boi​
Rage Against the Machine
Summary: The door at the end of the hall has been locked tight for some time now and things seemed to have finally calmed down. Truly, that's where their first concern should have been (Happy Ending)
Warnings: food mention, maggot mention, mild swearing, somewhat disturbing imagery provided by Remus, strangulation, bruising, violence (if there are more please let me know)
Prompt: Lifted by the Neck
Ships: Intrulogical, Logan x Remus
WC: 3566
Before you read! This work is a direct sequel to Faulty Logic; I would recommend reading that first if you haven’t to understand the context of this story!
“So we’re just leaving him locked in his room? Seriously?” Thomas looked around at all of  them, utterly confused by the decision they had made. Patton sat with him on the couch wringing his hands nervously while Roman sat on his other side, his lips pressed together in thought. Logan and Remus occupied the whole of the loveseat adjacent from them while Virgil was sprawled on the stairs. Janus nodded from his seat in front of the T.V., a chair conjured up in front of it in an attempt to actually hold their manifestors attention. 
It was a couple of days after the incident, most everyone wanting to let things calm down at least a bit before taking the situation to Thomas though they all knew it would have to be done sooner rather than later. Rage had been as secured in his room as he could be, now that Thomas knew about him and had at least put a name to his function there wasn't much he could do to get out of having a physical form, making the boards they had nailed to the outside of his door and the chains they ran and secured through a thick lock adequate protection for everyone else's security. Unless he figured out a way to force the door down through brute strength alone, which Janus was very doubtful he'd be able to do, they would be safe for now; a thought which put most of their minds at ease though Logan was understandably still a bit shaken and had taken to hanging out in Remus’ room more often than not, the sight of the hefty morning star and various other weapons throughout the room putting his mind at ease that he wouldn't be so easily taken a second time. Yes, he had told the others, he was there for his own peace of mind and no other reason. 
Though if he was leaning more heavily on Remus from his place on the couch, the Duke having an arm thrown over the back of the couch to just barely brush the back of his shoulder, no one said anything. Janus merely rolled his eyes at the display before turning his attention back to Thomas. "Though it certainly isn't the most elegant solution, it will work for now, giving us the time to talk you through things and prepare you as much as possible before you meet him and actively try to work things out with him."
 "I just don't-" Thomas dragged a hand over his face and gestured to Logan. "He was locked in a cage! And told he was useless! i don't think that I- Logan I don't think like that."
 Logan smiled thinly at Thomas and sat up a bit straighter. "I know Thomas. What was said and done wasn't the result of some underlying goal that you secretly wanted to have happen. It just so happens that Logic is a fairly versatile tool when used to overcome certain negativities in your mind, so I was the first to be targeted as a result."
 "But I-"
 "Thomas." Logan cut off patiently. "I assure you- I am shaken but unharmed. Best to discuss what we can do moving forward rather than what we could have done. I don't hold it against you, so don't hold it against yourself."
 Thomas ran a hand through his hair slowly, looking as if he still wanted to argue but didn't want to risk upsetting Logan by bringing it up further. Deciding to concede for now he turned to Janus who was waiting patiently for the conversation to move to something more productive. "Okay. I...okay. Janus?"
 "Yes, Thomas?"
 "What do we do now? How can I- I'm not...Janus am I secretly a violent person?"
 Janus' eyes blew wide. "Thomas what- no. Why is it that everytime you learn you have a less than favorable trait- actually we’ll table that for another time. Considering just how often it is that you attempt to maul anyone who so much as looks at you funny speaks for itself I should think."
 "So why is Rage so violent then? And why do I even have a side dedicated to anger? It doesn't seem like that would be something that would ever help me."
 "Rage is..." Janus screwed his mouth to one side trying to think of how to explain it without causing more trouble. "He's not violent...usually. In that he isn't going to always take every opportunity to attack someone or influence others into shouting matches they wouldn't otherwise get in. Anger, as an emotion in and of itself, is a response to something you find unfair or unjust. Whether the belief is founded or not, anger is a part of you that rises up when you feel you have been unfairly treated, or something or someone you care for has been unfairly treated."
 "It's like fear," Virgil piped up with a quick glance to Janus. "It's a part of you that responds to your surroundings and makes you aware of how they're affecting you. Anger is a part of you that cares for you and wants you to see the possibility that things could stand to be better for you or those around you."
 "Exactly, thank you Virgil." Janus smiled at the anxious side who only nodded and went back to fiddling with his hoodie strings. "It's usually not something that's an inherently bad thing to have unless you frequently find yourself blowing up at even the smallest inconvenience. Like most things it's good in moderation."
 "So then why is Rage such a..."
 "Raging dick?" Remus helpfully supplied.
 "Language.' Patton chided quietly. 
 "Oh stick it up yours, Morality."
 "Remus." Janus warned, effectively shutting up the intrusive side. "But yes, your anger, Rage, acts the way he does for much the same reasons that Remus acts the way he does. He's been suppressed."
 "But I didn't know I was suppressing him!"
 "Just like you didn't know you were suppressing Remus. Rage works the same way. He gets pent up and bored and then frustrated that he isn't being acknowledged. Which again, he wasn't acknowledged for the same reasons as Remus. You didn't want to see him, so I hid him away. Anger isn't a bad thing in moderation, but to deny you have it at all is almost as detrimental as letting it out too much."
 "It's my fault again, kiddo. Part of being a good person, in my mind, is having patience and understanding." Patton hung his head. "I thought that meant it would be better if you just didn't react then...when things made you mad."
 "Everyone loves a martyr Patton truly." Patton's head snapped up, hurt flashing across his face.
 "That is to say, it isn't solely your fault." Janus quickly amended. "I also had a part in it, as did Virgil and even Logan to an extent. Now isn't the time to see who can carry the most blame, we're trying to get Thomas to understand what went wrong and how we can fix it."
 "But how can we fix it? I know I get angry; I was angry about the wedding, I get frustrated when I don't meet my deadlines or something happens that prevents me from doing the things I want. I even swear at traffic jams. What more am I supposed to do?" Thomas looked from Patton to Janus and back and then desperately at everyone else when no one spoke up. He just wasn't an angry person, there were always going to be obstacles preventing him from doing things or some unfair policy that made it more difficult for his friends to do something which was always upsetting. How much more angry did he have to be to satisfy a side he had never met?
 "I think," Roman spoke up. "that just letting yourself feel the full extent of it more often would help. Acknowledge it and actively work to fix whatever it is that's making you frustrated would probably be a good start. You're a very passive person Thomas and while in theory that's a very good thing to be, well..."
 He gestured to Remus. "No offence but it doesn't always have the best result. You just let things sit and fester, believing that any slip up is a moral failure on your part, and it makes you miserable- whether subconsciously or not. I love you Thomas, and will always fight for you, but there are some battles you have to lose to come out the other side."
 "We're not saying you have to start kicking puppies and beating kids." Remus ignored Patton's pained gasp and held Thomas' gaze. "Just like- get a punching pillow or something. Or walk away and scream. All you do is push everything down when you get too full. But eventually you're going to have to take the trash out, and I think you'd rather deal with three day old stinking onion cuts than maggot filled meat."
 "I- okay yeah I get it. Thank you Remus." Shaking the image from his head, Thomas nodded and looked back to Janus. "Do you think starting to do that would calm him down enough that he'd eventually listen if we summoned him up?"
 "Hard to say. I don't think it should happen for a while yet anyway; letting him tire himself out before we start trying to work with him might be the best course of action. I had definitely realized just how physical he was willing to be to get the acknowledgement. Absolutely no tact but really he comes from you so I don't know what I was expecting." Janus winked letting Thomas know he was only kidding, making their manifestor roll his eyes and sigh deeply. 
 "So all we can do is wait and see then?"
 "Essentially yes. We'll keep watch over his room to make sure he doesn't come after one of us again and when the time comes to call him up we'll have to make sure proper precautions are taken so we're all safe when doing so, but there isn't any harm that I can see in letting him throw himself against the walls for a bit. Rather amusing to see him get so riled up after lurking in your subconscious for years, only coming out occasionally to nudge one of us into conflict like a child tugging the tail of a dog." Janus smiled at Thomas. "For as violent and scary as he is, at his core he only wants to protect and fight for you, even if his methods can be immature at the best of times. You are and always will be in charge when it comes to us. Once you understand that he has as much influence over you as you let him he’ll be much easier to communicate with, and we all trust you that you will never let it go too far."
 They all nodded in agreement as Patton spoke up. "You are a good person Thomas. Having anger and intrusive thoughts or telling lies- those are things everyone deals with. It's how you choose to let them influence you that makes the difference. As long as you realise when you've let things go too far and work to fix where you've gone wrong, well- that’s all anyone can ask for."
 "Thank you, Patton." Thomas smiled as the fatherly aspect squeezed his knee affectionately and stood, stretching before placing his hands on his hips.
 "Welp," He glanced around. "It's getting pretty late, and we have work to do tomorrow so I think we'd all benefit from a good night's rest."
 "Agreed. We can better address this in the morning when we can put together-" Logan shuffled through a few notecards. "...a game plan. As much as I would love to have this resolved sooner rather than later we have other responsibilities that need our attention."
 "Just remember what we discussed here moving forward," Janus suggested as he stood and snapped away the chair. "and we'll have a much easier time handling Rage when the time comes to do so."
 "I will. Just- be careful. I don't want anyone hurt because I can't seem to handle negativity."
 "We're imaginary Thomas, it's almost impossible for us to actually be hurt." So saying Roman sunk out, quickly followed by Patton after giving Thomas one last reassuring smile.  
 "You got this." Virgil gave a two fingered salute before sinking out himself, making him smile as he watched Logan nod and sink out with Remus. 
 "Thank you again, Janus." Thomas turned to the only side left in the room.
 "As much as I'd love to take all the credit, I'm hardly deserving of thanks. I'm just one side, guiding you through your constant moral dilemmas as you question yourself as a person; truly not as big a deal as it seems." Janus sniffed as he tugged at his glove, smirking as Thomas waved him off playfully.
 "Alright, alright. Get out before I decide to bring something else up I've been suppressing since childhood."
 "If only you knew." Janus mumbled as he sunk out, coming up in the hall where all of their doors were located and looking to the one at the end covered in boards and chains. Seeing nothing amiss he turned on his heel and made his way to his own room across the hall, content in his belief that everything, for now at least, was fine.
The hallway had been suspiciously quiet for a while now- a week to be precise. Janus tested the chains occasionally, careful not to make any noise so the room's occupant wouldn't be suspicious of anything going on outside their confinement. Through all his caution and constant checking and even Remus and Virgil's fussing over what might need to be added to keep the door more secure the room stayed stubbornly silent. It wasn't a bad thing per se, it might mean that maybe Rage was calming a bit since Thomas actually had been taking the time to acknowledge and let out his feelings however and whenever he could, usually through a good vent to one of them or a close friend.
 Later, much too late for him to do anything about it, Janus would realize that's where he went wrong. They had all become complacent, assured in their safety with Thomas taking the proper steps on his part and the heavy chains on the door putting all of their minds at ease that for now, everything was okay. Even Virgil began to feel as if things were relatively safe, only occasionally venturing far enough down the hall to make sure things truly were. None of them stuck around long enough to hear the careful scratching on the other side of the door, evidence of which was hidden by the thick boards nailed over it, large gouges and holes gradually growing bigger to weaken the door as much as possible without anyone being any the wiser from the other side. Janus kicked himself for not expecting it, so used to Rage being brash and heavy handed in everything he did that he didn't expect him to do much more than relentlessly throw himself against the door until he was forced to simply sit and wait his sentence out.
 So when Logan felt brave enough to check the door himself- read that as when Remus let Logan out of his sight long enough for him to check the door himself- Janus should have been expecting the sound of splintering wood and chains being whipped against the wall. He should have expected the short lived shriek followed by the dull thumping sound of a body hitting a wall or floor. He should have expected it so he could react better- faster. But as it was by the time he had burst from his room, staff fully extended and hat flying off behind him as he ran to the scene, Logan was already in the air, legs kicking as hard as he could against the side that held him by the neck, fingers digging into the soft flesh where bruises were already forming from the harsh treatment.
 "Remus!" Janus' scream threw the other dark side off for just a second, but it was enough for him to slam into him heavily, catching Logan's waist with the crook of his staff and using the momentum to swing him into Remus as he pinned Rage to the ground. He was only just able to confirm that Remus had caught their logical side and was carrying him away before he was violently bucked off the one he had pinned, getting a fist slammed into the side of his head as he was tossed aside like a ragdoll. He rolled to his feet despite the black spots dancing in his vision before they engulfed his vision completely, causing mild panic before he heard Virgil's echoing voice booming through the darkness.
 "Get him up, Remus, make sure Thomas is blocking him!" Janus braced himself as a wave of pure, unfiltered fear crashed over him, gritting his teeth against the screaming darkness and hanging onto his staff for dear life as it passed him over him in favor of its actual target.
 "Janus?" He felt Virgil's shaking hand brush his arm and he immediately grabbed it in his, squeezing gently to let the anxious side know he was there. "Go up with them, I can handle him."
 "Like hell." Janus growled and pulled him a bit closer, eyes finally adjusting as he brought his staff to rest in front of them both. He saw Virgil's eyes flash brightly but he held his gaze firmly until the other huffed and faced forward.
 "Fine, but I'm only saving your ass once." They watched as Rage stumbled to his feet, cracks appearing in the floor underneath him and flaring a warning in bright orange. Shadows still licked at the edges but fizzled out as they got too close, making Virgil growl in annoyance beside him. Janus stepped forward as the cracks grew bigger, scales glowing bright yellow through the darkness themselves, determined to protect his family- Rage included- for as long as he could.
 "Hey Lolo." Logan winced as he cracked his eyes open, mouth parting to speak but all that escaped was a thin whine as his throat flared with pain. "No no no, don't try to talk! Here, this will help."
 Something soft and featherlight was placed across his neck and then a light, cold pressure was applied, instantly making him close his eyes and sigh with relief. The pain mostly calm he now noticed he was laying on a rather lumpy surface- most likely the couch- and that his head was being cradled on something warm and squishy. Opening his eyes once more he was able to focus on the fact that Remus' head was directly above his own and quite close, which meant he was being held in his lap, on Thomas' couch, with Remus looking at him with eyes so full of concern it made him want to cry if he wasn't certain that would make his throat swell.
 "We'll do this and then see if you can swallow some tylenol to get the swelling and pain down and then- Logan? Am I hurting you? Are you uncomfortable? Do you want me to call someone else up to-"
 Logan reached up quickly, wincing slightly with the movement but managing to lay a careful hand on Remus' cheek. He really wasn't able to speak but he was hoping his thanks was conveyed through eye contact as he smiled gently at the other. Remus gave him a small yet loving smile as he brought his other hand to Logan's and turned his head, kissing the palm lightly. "Fucking asshole. You're so smart but you pick the dumbest times to be out of sight."
 Logan huffed through his nose and flicked the Duke's playfully, getting a quiet laugh in response as he lifted the ice pack and readjusted it so it covered more of the bruising. "Thought I was gonna come out and you'd be stuffed in a cage again and beaten this time or strung up and hogtied or-"
 Logan tapped his cheek sharply to stop the spiral. He was far too hot despite the ice pack and he knew he was smiling quite stupidly up at the other side even though tears were streaming down his face and he wished more than anything he could just speak-
 "I love you so much, Logan. As soon as you heal I'm kicking your ass for scaring all of us." Remus swept his hair out of his eyes before resting his hand on his cheek. "We'll take care of it though, and we'll take care of you and everything will be fine."
 Logan made to reach up again, a question in his eyes but Remus beat him to it. "And before you ask: Virgil and Janus have done this...too many times; believe me when I say they're fine. Thomas, Roman and Patton are right in the kitchen. Everything's fine, just rest for now."
 Dropping his hand to the one on his cheek, Logan would take a ridiculous amount of time to admit he snuggled in further on the Duke's lap, content for now that everything was fine.
This work is also available on AO3!
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slytherinsnekxvii · 2 months ago
let's talk about lily evans. she's an interesting character—or rather, the case surrounding her character is quite interesting.
i honestly don't know if i can say i dislike her. by all means, she should be a fan favourite, and she is... but for some rather intriguing reasons.
for one thing, due to the fact she's hardly expanded on in the series, certain parts of the fandom have been forced to either take the few qualities that she displays canonically and amplify them to the extreme (eg. immediate righteous anger at the slightest hint of injustice in fic) or create an entirely new personality (eg. no, i didn't actually disapprove of your pranks, it was just sexual tension). of course, the option of creating a new personality is much more tempting when you can just add amplified canon traits on the side.
for another, her relationship with james sometimes seems likes it's being weaponized against snape and his fans. i've seen arguments that go like "haha, snape just wanted to fuck lily, but james got her in the end anyway, sucks to be you", and not only does it entirely reduce her to an object, it feels like they don't even care about the relationship, the dynamics or the characters. she's basically a plot device.
and thirdly, half of her characterisation in fic is to be a peter stand-in. we don't like the rat man, so let's take the pretty girl and put her in place of the guy who was canonically a member of the marauders, even up until he was named secret keeper. suddenly, she's a prankster and an enabler.
but, snek, you may say, all of that is fanon lily, tho. you just explained that people seem to like her because they just put any personality they want into her as long as she's at least vaguely a good person. you would be right.
let's look at canon lily. she's described as the brightest witch of her age, most everyone speaks favourably of her. in fact, the only people we see actively disliking/being upset with her are petunia, out of jealousy and the invasion of privacy concerning her letter, severus, who lashed out and used a slur that also applied to him in a moment of serious distress and apologised after, and well, pureblood supremacists by virtue of her being muggleborn. interestingly enough, even this dislike manages to develop everyone's character more than it does her own.
as a teenage girl myself, let's look at her actions as a teenage girl. not necessarily in chronological order because I'm writing this at 2am and my memory is already mediocre at best.
1. she's done well enough in school to be considered trustworthy and responsible enough to be a prefect.
okay, i can respect that. a good few of the prefects at my school were really just appointed based on how much the teachers liked you, but at hogwarts, there's so few of them that they must put at least a little effort into it, so i'll move on.
2. she does not press for details when informed that her best friend's life needed to be saved by someone who has been publicly tormenting him for years
now, see, there's no reason why she needs to play therapist. it's not her job, she's just a girl, and we know that snape wasn't supposed to talk about the incident, so he would've been stuck if she had asked for an explanation. however, i also feel like she doesn't seem particularly concerned about his wellbeing, and when he brings up his concerns about lupin, rather than ask for proof, she dismisses it. which, fair enough, i would hate to listen to someone talk about the same thing over and over and over, but, i also feel like the fixation on a theory like that would be cause for concern.
3. she dismisses the actions of a group known to play tricks that harm people and have specifically been tormenting her best friend on the basis that they don't use dark magic
first, i'm going to establish what i usually assume dark magic refers to. aside from jinxes, hexes and curses, i also include anything that produces an effect similar to any of the unforgivables (takes away your life, your free will or your ability to feel safe in your own body, such as when you're in excruciating pain), and magic that would require a sacrifice of some sort.
when snape tries to point out the danger in what the marauders do, she insists that they don't use dark magic. and they don't... but they do use illegal magic. she then argues against the company that snape keeps, which, again, to be fair, is justified considering mulciber's done something to mary macdonald... it's also not a particularly realistic ask. snape probably shares a dorm with these guys, and he's a poor half-blood so he's already on the outs. as far as he knows, any dissent will be met with him getting hexed in his sleep. but, i digress.
given that the marauders have been shown to be doing extremely dangerous with little regards to anyone's safety, and actively tormenting her best friend, i disagree with her choice here. on the other hand, she's made her own friends in gryffindor and perhaps she sees a nicer side of them that we don't get to. she's justified in her actions, but i still disagree.
4. she intervenes when her best friend is hung upside down by a spell of his own invention at the wands of the people who have tormenting him for years
she does object to the marauders' treatment of him, and she does try to get them to let him down. if i were in her position, i would absolutely do the same. i respect the decision to stand up for her friend.
5. she does not seriously attempt to help him or punish the marauders
i do not respect how she handled it. at any point, she could have drawn her wand. but, snek, you say, perhaps she didn't want to get involved physically. she wanted to follow the rules. in that case, at any point, she could taken points, assigned detention, or sent someone to get a member of staff. she does none of those things and i viscerally disagree. if we were ever friends and someone tried to hurt you, i can assure you that i would try to at least see to it that they'd be punished, even if it wasn't immediate or by my own hand. lily, however, chooses to argue rather than take action.
6. she smiles when severus gets hung upside down
chances are, it was more than likely an involuntary reaction, like laughing when your friend has fallen over. however, the fact that it was intentionally written in seems like it's mean to be an indicator that the friendship was already falling apart.
7. she comments on her best friend's poverty and uses a name that's been used to make fun of him after he calls her a slur that also applies to him
she was 100% within her rights to be upset by being called a slur. it is never okay to use slurs. the only situation in which a slur could possibly ever be appropriate would be if you were an oppressed group attempting to reclaim said slur which is not at all what snape was doing here. he was experiencing cruelty, being humiliated, publicly, for no reason beyond existing and he was in distress, choking on soap and upside down. it was damaging to his pride, especially when james suggests that he needs lily to fight his battles for him (paraphrasing) which is an emasculating statement to make, especially to a teenage boy. so, snape lashes out with the most hurtful word he could think of, which happened to be a slur that also applies to him. lily was 100% justified in being upset about this, and she retaliated in kind. she was very much allowed to say what she said. i understand that she was hurt and angry and i respect that, especially as i can't guarantee that i would not have been just as upset in that situation.
8. even when the threat of sexual harassment is made, she still does nothing
i get it, at this point, she's hurt, she's mad, she wants him to suffer since she's a teenage girl and teenage girls hold grudges like it's nobody's business, but... i definitely couldn't just stand by and watch it happen. she basically just let them go through with it.
9. she does not accept her best friend's apology for calling her a slur that also applies to him, effectively burying the friendship
she is, by no means, obligated to continue being friends with him. however, if i were in that position, and the apology was sincere, i would take the friend back.
10. she goes on to date and eventually marry the guy who bullied her former best friend for his entire school life
no. i disagree. but, snek, you say, james changed. no. he didn't. we know, that at this point, james was still going after snape behind lily's back. you can say that she didn't know, but that means that she would have allowed james to lie to her and that doesn't sit right with me bc a relationship built on lies is a relationship that is going to fall apart, especially when your partner has been disappointed by your actions before. you can say that she did know, and that proves that she simply didn't take her responsibilities as head girl seriously enough to stop the head boy from harassing people when she explicitly told him not to. the point is, no. there is no way that this would have worked out as a long term relationship. james is too comfortable lying to her. i can't even say she was justified. there is no circumstance where i personally see this as okay for anybody involved.
alright, so, essentially teenage lily was justified in (most of) her actions, even if i find them questionable.
adult lily dies at 21, while saving her son, but her death also helps save the wizarding world. good job. she, as expected, did what any good mother would.
and that's canon lily.
my thoughts: she's a perfect example of why writing tips are so adamant on making sure people try to show and not tell. we were told that lily is meant to be good and pure and lovely, but the author never bothered to actually prove that, so what we're left with a dissonance between what we see and what we know.
as a result, i still don't know if i truly dislike her. her actions are justified, but they don't match with what we've been told, and we don't have any other information to go off of. at best, i can say for certain that i disagree with many of her choices, despite understanding why she would have made them (except for marrying james potter, uggghh, the only good thing to come out of that was harry and the saving of the wizarding world by extension, ig).
thanks for reading all that, btw! hope it made sense :)
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littlemisstfp · 2 months ago
Okie dokie! FEELZ TIME! :D
Months later, both Optimus and Prowl have a demigod daughter together and they named her Windblade. Neither Magnus nor Ari find out. However, a god sees the couple with their little baby and cue a very, very, VERY pissed off Magnus. The entire heavens is in chaos over this scandalo since Optimus is the good noodle and the kid of one of the head honcho gods. It resulted in Maggy attempted to intervene with their relationship, but it made Optiboyo extremely mad because he loves Prowl dammit. Maggy becomes even more pissed and then summons a sea serpent out of blind wrath....
Well, you know...Prowl died. He dead saving his sweetheart and kid from a deadly water snek.
OP becomes stricken with grief and anger and is left to raise their baby alone. For many nights that soon turn into months, he cries from his palace on the moon and his tears falls down to Cybertron as stardust and sometimes rain even. He refuses to speak to anyone and meteor showers are very common in the sky these days. They symbolize his sadness, but he also becomes determined to raise his little one lovingly.
However...three glowing droplets come to the ground of a blooming forest and three familiar Dinobots came to life unexpectedly. Then, a wild Prowl appears alongside them and becomes god of nature and the forest.
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lwamonstergirls · 2 months ago
Little Witch Academia: Monster Witches Bio - Lamia and Naga Witches
Hello everyone, back again with more Monster Witches info! This time its more about the difference between two monster species while also explaining their biology and abilities. The monsters we'll be focusing on today are Lamia's and Naga's! Two rather similar half human half snake monsters with varying features. Well, in the AU's universe that is. Any possible actual differences that are in history will be added later on in the AU's development. But first, lets go through the actual differences between these two different monsters since this is something that really needs explaining.
While Lamia and Naga are very similar, they are not the same. Many people often don't realize this and even use the names interchangeably. For Lamia, they usually have a human upper half from the waist up, and a long snake half from the waist down. For Naga, its pretty much the same except they usually have four arms instead of two, and are always specifically part cobra rather than some sort of miscellaneous snake species. Also, Lamia are from Greek while Naga are usually Hindu. That last one was more of a fun fact, but my point still stands. This is mostly to help distinguish the two monster species before I get into what the girls themselves specifically look like. I'll be starting with Diana and then head to the twins.
Diana is a Lamia, which is a serpent monster from Greek Mythology that has become quite popular in Monster Girls media. She has a human upper half, and a snake lower half. She's about 20 feet long, has scales on her arms that start at her hands and end at her elbows, small claws on her fingers, slit snake pupils, a long forked tongue, pointy snake fangs poking out of her mouth, more slender pointed ears, and some scales on her cheeks. Her scales are the same color as her hair, and she has a diamond-like row of patterns on her back. The inside of her mouth (specifically her tongue and gums) are blue and glimmer when they touch the light. Her snake half looks like a cross between a Diamondback Rattlesnake, and a Green Anaconda. She can even summon a rattle at the end of her tail at will, though usually she doesn't have this feature. In fact, the rattle only appears when she is angered or when she wants to humor/mess with Akko.
She has venom, but its the exact opposite of regular venom. For one, her venom has healing properties, doing no harm to anyone she bites. Depending on how much venom she injects into someone, the venom will seek out any possible ailments or injuries, taking care of the problem as best as it can. If there is no problem with the body though, the venom will simply hide away in the body until one arises. So even if she wanted to kill with it, that's pretty much impossible. The venom has been known to regenerate and heal open wounds, bone fractures/injuries, and can even work as a powerful antivenom. It attacks any sort of virus, bacterial infection, and can even strengthen the immune system if enough is injected. Once the venom has fulfilled its duties, it will simply be absorbed into the body and become nutrients for cells, not effecting the body it is inside any further.
As a snake, she's more antisocial and keeps to herself more. She used to talk to quite a few students, now its only a baker's dozen. The only people she tends to be around are her roommates, Wangari, Kimberly, Rosie, Jasminka, Lotte, Bianca, Shao-Yi, Molly, Blair, Sarah, and especially Akko. Though, while she likes their company, she prefers to mostly talk with Sarah, Bianca, Lotte, Hannah, and Akko. Akko though, seems to be her main sorce of interest however. Speaking of Akko, when Diana decides to be playful with her, she coils her and keeps her by her side all day. She still eats normal foods, but get strange cravings for rodents and birds at times. Hence why she will sometimes try to strike at Amanda, who just barely dodges in time. Diana says its instinct, but Amanda thinks its a way to terrify the hell out of her (and its working). Whenever Diana is upset, her pupils become wider and rounder, but when angered, they become thinner and sharper. She will often find Akko, coil her, and go back to her dorm whenever she's feeling unhappy, and pretty much spend time with her to help her calm down. This new snake side of her's has caused her to become more and more irritable to people who used to only get on her nerves a bit (such as Amanda, Sucy, Heather, and Chloe). Which is another time Akko's help is greatly appreciated.
Rajani and Rashmi are Naga's, serpent monsters from Hinduism Folklore that are often mistaken with Lamia's to be the same creatures. Just like Diana, they have a human half from the waist up and a snake half from the waist down. Instead of only having two arms though, Rajani and Rashmi both have four arms on their human half. Also much like Diana, they have scales on their arms that start from their hands and end at their elbows, as well as scales on their cheeks. Their scales seem to be the same color as their hair color, along patterns on the snake halves that look similar to those of a Reticulated Python. The girls have small claws on their fingers, more slender pointed ears, slit pupils, pointy fangs that stick out of their mouths, and long forked tongues. Their snake halves are 20 feet long and look like a cross between an Indian Cobra and a Reticulated Python. They also have a scorpion-like stinger at the very end of their tails, except the sharp parts of the stingers look almost like blades.
Their bindi seem to have turned into small red third eyes. This isn't noticable if you aren't paying attention, but if you are then you can see a small slit pupil in the center. These don't seem to serve the same purpose their regular eyes do, but it seems to help them with detecting specific details around them, as well as seeing certain magic/chakra levels in the area. The third eyes might also be able to act on their own, and look around freely. Though its unclear if this is the case, or if the third eyes have the ability to change how they see the world.
The girls also seem to have cobra hoods, though the hoods only manifest when the girls are angered or making them appear purposefully. When they do, they gain large cobra hoods that start from their head to the very end of the cervical part of the spine. The hoods have markings on both the front and the back. The front markings look like jade green snake eyes, the back markings look like red gemstones. Finally, the twins have venom. But unlike Diana's, their's is extremely deadly! Able to inject it both from their fangs and their stingers, the venom is 20x more deadly than that of even the most venomous of cobra's. They can control how much venom they inject though. Usually the twins only inject enough to stun, though it is rare for them to ever bite or sting someone. If they were to inject enough to kill, it could quite possibly be enough to kill a medium sized dragon or a large orca whale! Though nobody but them knows this, so nobody knows how lucky they really are.
Rajani and Rashmi weren't really the most social of girls from the start, but thanks to their snake instincts, they are even less so. The only friends they have are the ones they had before changing, which wasn't much. Sucy, Balsa, Kimberly, Shao-Yi, Constanze, (maybe) Gaëlle, and Sola. Although, the two have found kinship with Diana, being snakes and all. Rajani has become a bit more shy, while Rashmi has become a bit more aggressive. Though, Rajani still speaks with a voice that sounds like she's enlightened and is still the more organized of the two sisters, while Rashmi is still the more informal of the two sisters and still speaks as if she is a hermit. Rajani and Rashmi have been known to occasionally stick out their tongues and flicker them for a few seconds like actual snakes and lizards. This behavior is shared by Diana and the other reptilian monster students of Luna Nova Academy. The twins have actually grown accustomed to these new forms of their's rather quickly, and even thank Akko for her blunder of a spell. With it, they are able to protect Sola better, and keep a more watchful eye to see what really goes in Luna Nova.
That's it for now, thanks for making it this far if you did. Sorry for taking so long with this, but this was a really long post and I haven't even gotten through everything I have for these three. I'll try to post something for next week, but no promises. Anyways, thank you for taking a look and reading about these snek girls!
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ladywaifuuwrites · 2 months ago
Pillars reacting to their crush in the corps having dimples
Pairing: Male pillars x fem!reader
Synopsis: u & me being cute 
Warnings: nothing
a/n:  I just listened to dimple yesterday by bts and I just felt so special with being an army and having dimples. lol yeah I wish.
listen to dimple!
Giyuu Tomioka:
would stare at you during pillar meetings when you’re not looking and just think about how cute you are
he would smile unconsciously when he sees you smile and your dimple shows up
and other pillars be like: wtf? did Giyuu just smile?
and Mitsuri tracing his line of sight...and it lands
will ambush Giyuu and ask if he likes you
then he will be a blushing mess
He just thinks you’re so wonderful, cute and everything.
will ask you out on a date because he can’t take it anymore
ofc u say yes who are you to reject him?
he will ask you how its formed because he’s curious as a bby
and u say “i don’t know too. It’s attached on my face since I popped out of my mom’s womb.”
Muichiro Tokito:
staring at the clouds on a very clear sunny day  (as usual)
then you be like: MosHi mOshI
and he stares at you with a blank face coz he doesn’t care
but when he saw you with a smiling face and your dimple saying moshi moshi also
he be like: this goddess came down from the clouds to bless my sight. lol no.
He will smile and look at your dimple and poke it. 
you scoot away because it’s weird to just poke someone’s face 
Mui will ask you “what is that?”
“its a dimple”
“it’s cute”
Shinazugawa Sanemi:
angry footsteps in the hq intensifies
with a big frown on his face
you came down from the roof because you’re watching sanemi’s angry face bcoz u like him
you landed safely (thank God)
you just popped out of nowhere with a smile on your face and your dimple showing itself. 
he will stop in his tracks and say “what’s your problem?” he’s anger deflated by 90% because of you but he still needs to act tough
“you’re angry again. I should be asking you that *cutie face*”
he will try so hard to keep that frown on his face but the ends of his lips are struggling
“what is that hole on your face?”
did he just call your dimple ‘hole’?
“it’s called a dimple.” u say to him a bit insulted because he said there’s a hole on your face
he let out a “hm” and just walked past you. But he kept on thinking that you are so cute. You’re just a precious gem.
Rengoku Kyojuro:
you’re attracted to his booming voice like a moth to a flame
so you join in on his conversation with mui and mitsuri
and you laugh and show your dimple because he said something funny
it’s only funny to you three except mui but mui laughs deep inside
he’s in the middle of laughing until he saw your cheek faced to him with a mysterious deep circle that show up when you smile
*something clicks on his mind* “woah is that a dimple?” (he knows)
“yeahh” you stopped smiling because you’re suddenly conscious about his gaze
“That’s cute. I haven’t seen anyone with a dimple yet! You’re the first one!”
“Oh? Is that so?” 
“Yeah! I want them on my children! Can dimples be passed to an offspring?”
“I think so- WAIT WHAT?”
Tengen Uzui
he just came from a flamboyant mission when he saw you smiling at a cherry tree
“what is that flamboyant thing on her face?”
so he approached you and straight up said “HELLO FLAMBOYANT CREATURE”
he just thinks you are like a goddess and you talk from there
you laugh with him bcoz he’s funny and flamboyant and u like flamboyant guys
he is just entranced with you and your dimple 
100% staring at your face
so you turn away from him because you shy
but he holds your wrists and turns you to face him
“keep smiling. you’re beautiful when you smile.”
Gyomei Himejima
ah hello daddy
so he’s blind...and can’t see your dimple
and idk what to write. You’re having a heart to heart talk with the strongest slayer
you’re asking for advice since you think you’re weak 
and he will be saying words of wisdom and encouraging words to you and your heart flutters (you’re not even listening anymore).
he likes you too
but he’s sad he can’t see you
“so, uhm others said you have a dimple...can I...can I feel it?”
you’re blushing like crazy “uh sure”
and he touches your face, starts caressing it and your heart melts as you lean in to his touch.
Iguro Obanai
our snek papi
at a pillar meeting he’s at his usual spot
on the tree 
you just came in with your pillar friends and you were smiling 
your dimple cheek faced to him
and his heart went “TUGS TUGS TUGS”
kaburamaru be like: what is that sound?
he can’t take his eyes off you. you’re too beautiful.
he almost fell down on the tree when oyakata-sama walked in
after the meeting you saw him staying behind, staring on the ground
“are you alright” you asked worriedly 
and his different colored beautiful eyes widened
he turns red but he brushes you off 
u sad :(( 
so he turns back and says “you look good”
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logicalsnake · 3 months ago
An Anxious Liar
Summary: Virgil can dance, but the only people who know that he can are Janus and himself. One night, Virgil and Janus are dancing together, and none other than Remus and Logan walk into the commons. Virgil and Janus hear something they shouldn’t.
Warnings: Remus being Remus, Winged!Sides, Virgil and Janus can dance, Orange Side, Logan in pain, angst
Notes: Open-ended, feel free to finish it!!
Ships: Anxceit, Intrulogical
Word count: ~2000
"May I have this dance?" Janus bowed mockingly to Virgil, a wry smile on his face as he extended an ungloved hand towards the anxious side. Virgil accepted, and the two of them, dressed in pyjamas (Virgil in his Christmas sweater and sweatpants, his wings loose against his back, Janus in a sweatshirt reading No Step On Snek and black pyjama bottoms) spun across the dimly lit commons.
This was a sort of ritual between them. Every month or so, Virgil and Janus would meet in the Dark Side commons to talk, maybe watch a movie, or, in this case, dance. Virgil could dance, but he preferred that nobody knew. Janus only knew because he happened to wander down to the kitchen at 3 am one night to find Virgil dancing alone in the commons.
In his defence, Janus wanted jam. Virgil was just… there.
Virgil tripped on Janus's feet, causing him to plow straight into the taller side's chest, his wings enveloping the two of them as Janus staggered back dramatically, hitting the wall and sliding down, his arms embracing Virgil.
"You've killed me, I'm dying." Janus groaned theatrically, pretending to gasp for air. Virgil hissed and ever-so-gently placed his hands around Janus's neck, his fingers sliding on the cool scales.
"You will die, evil Dragonwitch!" Virgil snarled, baring his teeth. Janus gasped in fear.
"No, don't kill me pleasssssssse…" he hissed out a long breath and went limp, 'dying.' Virgil cackled an evil laugh, arcing his wings above him. Janus cracked open an eye.
"I thought I was the evil one."
"You were, but I think I'm better at it, especially considering that I'm not wearing a bunny-soft yellow sweater with a bad pun on it." Virgil smirked. Janus opened his mouth to respond, but was cut off by other voices. Virgil's head snapped up, and he jumped to his feet, accidentally kicking Janus, promoting an indignant "ow!" from the deceitful side. Virgil brushed his wingtips against Janus's mouth to shut him up as the voices grew closer.
and Remus?
Janus and Virgil exchanged glances.
"Hide," Janus mouthed and shape-shifted into a long, lean yellow-and-black mottled snake, winding himself around Virgil's shoulders, who dove behind their couch and threw his dark purple wings over himself, so that he was perceived as a mere shadow to whoever would make the decision to look over the edge of the couch. Janus slid off his shoulders and slithered underneath Virgil's wing, hiding his bright yellow colours.
Remus and Logan came over and sat on the couch, the ratty fabric rustling against Virgil's wings. Anxiety stiffened, hoping against hope that neither of them would look over the back of the couch.
"Remus, I don't know what to do." Logan sounded… distressed, something Virgil had never heard. "I want to move down here, but I don't want to lose Thomas's trust."
"You won't!! You just have to come out of the closet… AGAIN!" Remus's loud voice jarred Virgil's ears, and he looked at Snake Janus, who stared back, his head tilted to the side, looking as confused as a snake's expression could get.
"I know, but what if I change, like how Dec-Janus did when he changed, or what if I split like you and Roman? I don't want to be split like the King, or get scales or wings. It's not logical. I'm not sure if I'm making the right choice, Rem-"
"You WILL make the right choice! And yes, you will change, but since you're sane, you probably won't split or get scales. Scales are Janny's thing. No one else's." Janus's scales darkened slightly at the affectionate nickname, and he tucked his head inside his coils, embarrassed. Virgil nudged him gently, letting him know it was okay. Janus peeked out, and Virgil had to resist the urge to boop his snoot. IT WAS ADORABLE OKAY??
“What will I tell Thomas? And Virgil? And Patton? And Janus? What would he say? And-oh, gods. Roman. What will I tell him? He’ll be broken in half.” Logan tore his hands through his hair, clearly not knowing what to do with all of his sudden emotions. Remus laughed, a high-pitched sound that hurt Virgil’s ears.
“Well, why don’t you ask Virgil and Janus?” in a swift motion, Remus dove behind the couch and hauled Virgil up, then grabbed Janus harshly, the latter of which hissed and extended long fangs, instinctively lunging for Remus’s hand.
“Uh-uh, Love.” Remus set the writhing snake on the floor. Janus immediately shifted back into human form, his hair a dishevelled mess. He glared at Remus and rubbed his ribs.
“Why were you eavesdropping?” Logan jumped to his feet, suddenly angry. “What did you hear?!?!”
Virgil stepped forward, but Logan’s eyes filled with so much anger that Virgil shrank back. Even Remus looked concerned. Janus stepped forward, fearless, or he was just hiding it well.
“We heard everything, Logan, but please worry. I’ll tell everyone.”
“YOU WHA-oh.” Logan nodded, and the seething rage in his eyes dimmed. He looked at Virgil. Virgil nodded.
“It’s okay with me and Janus if you want to move down here. I think Thomas and Patton would definitely be heartbroken, but you know them. Both of them will be fine in time. As for Roman…. I'm not sure." Virgil looked down, his wings drooping. Logan nodded.
"Then it's final. I've made my decision." as soon as the words left Logan's mouth, the logical side gasped and fell to his knees, a bright light shining through his chest, silver-and-orange strands of pure light enveloping his entire body. Remus reached out to touch it, but Janus yanked him back.
"Let it happen, Rem." he watched, mesmerised as the light enveloping Logan darkened, turning orange, and sank into his body. He screamed, the pained noise ripping out of his chest suddenly, fading into a low moan as the light twined harshly around his chest and legs.
Then, just as soon as it began, it was done. Logan crumpled to the ground, motionless, the dark light fading away into a soft, almost indecipherable glow around his body. Virgil tentatively stepped forward and shook Logan's shoulder. Logan groaned and twitched, knocking Virgil's hand off. He propped himself up on his elbows, breathing shallowly. Remus looked at him curiously.
"You didn't split." he frowned.
"Obviously not. I'm still here." Logan's voice sounded… off. It reminded Janus of how Virgil's voice sounded when he magnified it. Logan's voice sounded similar, only with a subtle echo, like he was talking into a toilet paper tube. He clapped his hand over his mouth and sat up, his eyes wide. Speaking of his eyes…
They were orange. Bright, undeniable, orange. Janus gasped.
"Your eyes…"
"What?" Logan's voice fills with panic. "What's wrong with them?!"
"HA! Good luck hiding those peepers from Thomas and the others!" Remus cackled unnecessarily, making the others jump. Janus frowned and poked him roughly.
"Remus, when is a good time to laugh?" Janus asked sternly. Remus sighed.
"When there's a reason to," he parroted, sticking his tongue out at the deceitful side. Virgil sat next to Logan, spreading his wing across Logan's back.
"Are you still Logic?" he asked. Logan shrugged.
"I'm not entirely certain. I myself don't feel any different, so perhaps I have remained as Logic."
"But your tie has changed," Remus pointed out. Indeed, Logan's once-blue tie was now striped with the same colour orange as his eyes.
"But what is the opposite of Logic?"
Janus thought for a moment. "Procrastination?"
"Maybe" was Logan's only response. "But I'm not experiencing any urge to stall or procrastinate. Maybe this theory of opposites is just paranoia."
Virgil flinched back against Janus at the word paranoia. Logan paused, realising his mistake.
"Apologies, Virgil."
"No, it's a bad habit. Opposites don't affect us in the Dark." Virgil attempted a weak smile, but failed.
Logan tried to stand up but almost fell, Virgil lunging forward and just barely catching him. He eased Logan to the couch, helping him sit down. Remus snapped his fingers, making a bowl of soup appear out of thin air. He handed it to Logan, who looked at it suspiciously. Janus grinned, showing snake fangs.
"It's just chicken noodle, I promise. Remus and I have an agreement." he looked at the Duke pointedly and Remus recited.
"No poisoning people unless they ask for it," Remus deadpanned. Janus looked proud at his methods of controlling the Duke. Logan took a spoonful of the soup, the warm liquid soothing his insides. He drew in a breath and looked at the others.
"So I'm Procrastination. Can anyone tell me how this is going to help Thomas?" He quirked an eyebrow, trying to hold his old steely attitude, but failing. Virgil shrugged. Remus looked at Janus, the intelligent one of the trio. Janus began.
"You're a Dark Side now. Other than me, the Dark Sides all work to defy and stall Thomas in his success. I have two jobs, technically making me a Neutral Side. I act as Thomas's deceitfulness, as well as his self-preservation. Remus is Roman's counterpart, acting as Dark Creativity, and Virgil was Thomas's negative thinking, but now he's been accepted as plain Anxiety. It seems now that you're Procrastination, you might be another Neutral Side, given that you kept your memory and knowledge, you might act as both Logic and Procrastination."
"Procrastalogic!!" Remus exclaimed gleefully, bouncing on the balls of his feet. "A new Side! Ooh, Jan, can I be the one to tell Thomas? Can I, can I, can I, can-"
"Remus! Enough!" Janus snapped, losing his temper. He took a deep breath and blinked, his anger gone so fast it was almost scary. Giving Remus side-eye, Janus continued. "For sure, Thomas will be confused, and I know for a fact that him and the other Sides will have trouble coping. I'm also not sure if you'll be able to touch the Light Sides now that you're Dark."
"Wait, what? Touch the others?" Logan was confused. Janus nodded.
"Generally, Dark Sides cannot touch the Light Sides. Virgil and I are the exceptions. Given that we both are Neutral Sides, we can only touch the Light Sides whilst in animal form."
"So does that mean I can become an animal?" Logan tried to process this onslaught of new information. Janus nodded.
"I would be surprised if you could. Virgil can become a dragon, and I can turn into a snake."
"I can turn into an octopus!!" Remus interjected.
"Yes, sweetie, but only when I do it," Janus rolled his eyes at Remus.
"You can turn other people into animals…?" Logan asked.
"Only in the Imagination" Janus responded.
"Yeah, but it's still fun having a million arms. Now I know how you feel, Jannybear!" Remus grinned manically, poking Janus's cheek. Janus shrugged his sharp fingernail off. Virgil inched forward like a cat and gingerly touched Logan's arm experimentally, jerking back even though nothing happened.
"Nothing happened."
"Thanks, Captain Obvious." Remus muttered. Logan looked at him strangely.
"Who's Captain Obvious? There's only-"
"IT'S A NICKNAME, Erlenmeyer trash."
"Don't be mean, Remus."
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stardowruinedme · 3 months ago
Scritch underside of head trongle. Sweet spot. Happy snek. Then angery snek because omg I showed something other than anger and horniness. Then he pounds scrozzle
i wanna rip his trongle off :|
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asmo-ds · 4 months ago
MC and bros chill together and talk about stuff til the topic somehow turns into Satan's origin, which is Lucifer's wrath. MC then asks, "So, does that make Lucifer and Satan the same person?", before the demons can reply, MC also asks, "Then hypothetically, if I marry Lucifer and he becomes my husband, does that make Satan my husband's brother, my husband's son, my brother-in-law AND my step-son?" How would demon bros react?
Tumblr media
When MC asks what their relation to Satan would be if they were to marry Lucifer
Tumblr media
- He looks like he’s about to cry
- He feels like he should be able to answer this but he just... can’t
- Buries himself in work for a few days, repeating their question in his head
- He genuinely has no clue and cannot find an answer for them
Tumblr media
- By the time they finish asking their question his brain is fried
- Because he calls Satan his brother
- But technically he’s kind of his nephew
- But then again Lucifer didn’t “give birth” per say more like all his anger left his body and formed a demon
- MC has to call his name a few times because he just sits there with his head in his hands thinking wayyy too hard
Tumblr media
- He was so focused on his video game he didn’t hear the question the first time
- When they asked again he just stared at them
- He had never even thought about it
- He almost starts crying the poor snek boy is so confused
Tumblr media
- He had to leave the room
- After he left a LOT of things broke in a different room and he came back calmed down
- He does not want to discuss it because he hates Lucifer
- (Don’t tell him I told you this but ... the real reason he doesn’t want to talk about it is because it makes him insecure about his knowledge and the fact there’s something he doesn’t know especially since it’s about himself)
- ((and the question keeps him up at night))
Tumblr media
- In tears from laughing
- He and MC spend DAYS observing the relationship between Lucifer and Satan, to try and determine what the best way to describe the relationship is
- Asmo kind of just gives up trying to figure it out
- But the next time he gets called “Daddy” during a one night stand he has to bite his lip to keep from laughing
- Because he started thinking about the question during sex
Tumblr media
- Chokes on his food
- He is so family oriented and yet he cannot seem to figure out rude answer to the question
- Belphie yells at MC because the question made his brother lose sleep
Tumblr media
- “how the fuck would i know?”
- He’s just so tired dude he can’t even understand what MC is trying to say anymore
- Tells them to marry lucifer and find out for themselves if they’re that desperate to know
- Wakes up when they almost actually go and he h had to stop them from doing and impromptu proposal to the widest
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beauty-and-passion · 5 months ago
Time to talk about the flower shirt
You read the title. Time to talk about this.
Tumblr media
This is the infamous flower shirt Thomas put on in his store and, since the fandom is the fandom, everyone started to speculate about those flowers.
At first, I didn’t want to do it. They’re just flowers and other people already talked about them, so what could I possibly add to the conversation?
But while I was writing about Orange, I had to talk a moment about the orange flower. It was supposed to be a small parenthesis, just a couple of words about that.
But then I looked at the other flowers and what other people told/not told about them and how some didn’t find Patton’s flower... so here I am, adding my two cents to this theme.
You needed it? Probably not. Well, I’m writing it anyway.
So let’s take a closer look at those flowers and see each one in detail:
Tumblr media
Roman: Red rose
Tumblr media
Should I really explain why it’s perfect for Roman? Red roses are the universal symbol of love. Basically in all cultures red roses symbolize passion, true love, romance and desire. Also, according to this website, even the shade has a meaning! In fact, the deeper the red shade is, the stronger is the passion.
And even the number of red roses has a meaning! In this case, we have only one single red rose and that "represents love at first sight, or if it’s coming from a long-term partner, they are saying “you are still the one”.”
You know what that made me think? About Thomas telling Roman “You’re my hero”. A perfect symbol that he was “still the one” for Thomas.
Orange: Lantana camara
Tumblr media
This is an incredibly peculiar flower.
Lantana Camara symbolizes severity and rigour. And this alone can be analyzed in all possible ways, but there are other interesting details about this plant I think it's worth mentioning.
Lantana is toxic for livestock, such as cattle, sheep, horses, dogs and goats. According to Wikipedia, previous studies suggested it could be toxic for humans too, especially the green unripe berries. However "other studies have found evidence which suggests that its fruit poses no risk to humans".
Lantana is a freaking invasive plant. In some areas, it's so predominant, to reduce biodiversity, because its presence "can significantly slow down the regeneration of forests, by preventing the growth of new trees". Also, as if this isn't enough, this plant can also produce toxic chemicals which inhibit other plant species.
Lantana has also a great adaptability, that helped it to be so invasive: it can live in a wide range of different environmental conditions, it can survive long periods without water, heck it's even resistant to fire. It's not a plant you can underestimate. Like Orange, I assume.
But Lantana isn't just an invasive plant. Lantana has always been used for medical purposes, because it showed good antimicrobial, fungicidal and insecticidal properties and its extract helps against respiratory infections and ulcers.
Also, since it doesn't have many pests or diseases, lantana became a common ornamental plant. It even attracts butterflies!
In other words: isn't that the perfect plant to symbolize the double nature of a dark side? It can be a threat, change the environment, destroy and even kill. But it can also be a medicine, something useful, something beautiful.
Whoever Orange is, Lantana camara tells us that, whithout a doubt, he’s a dark side.
Janus: Sunflower
Tumblr media
Do you think Janus isn't perfect enough as he is? Do you think there's not enough husband material in the snek?
Well, you’re wrong and the sunflower is here to prove it.
Sunflower symbolizes loyalty, adoration, longevity, vitality, worship. Now add this up to the sunflower’s behaviour and how it follows the sun... and you’ll get Janus. Janus literally acts like a sunflower: Thomas is his sun and everything Janus does is for him. His whole existence is centered around Thomas.
But we already knew that, because it's the same message that shone through his playlist. Everything about Janus tells us how much he adores Thomas, from his canonical behavior in the series, to his playlist, to this flower.
Oh, do you need another proof that this is flower is perfect for Janus? Some societies use sunflowers as religious symbols. Ah, some good ol' reference to religion: it’s like being in his playlist all over again.
And, of course, sunflowers are used for a variety of reasons, like cooking oils, skin care and so on. Even the flower says self care.
This man is perfect.
Remus: Green chrysanthemum
Tumblr media
Here's another interesting flower.
Chrysanthemum symbolizes death and it’s the typical flower used for funerals. And I thought this was its universal meaning. It was perfect for Remus just like that.
But then I found out that Europeans use chrysanthemums for funerals and to honor the dead. This flower actually has a whole lot of meanings, some completely different from this.
In China, for example, chrysanthemums are associated with wealth, prosperity and long life. Also they're symbols of new life and reincarnations, so they're the perfect gift for old people or newborns.
While in Japan chrysanthemums are symbols of power and royalty. And that's even more fitting for Remus, because he's a Duke, so he is royalty.
But chrysanthemum also symbolizes friendship - and not just "a friendship", but a meaningful one. It's a symbol of loyalty, devotion, romantic/platonic love and, in general, positive energy. It's a flower with an incredibly strong meaning, so it can't be given too lightly.
And this makes it even more perfect for Remus. It's a flower with a huge plurality of meanings, it's both associated with life and death, it's powerful and it's royalty.
Also, you can eat it. Isn't that the perfect Remus flower?
(On a side note: please notice how chrysanthemums and sunflowers are both associated with joy, loyalty and devotion. I would have never considered "joy" a common trait between Janus and Remus while loyalty and devotion... well, they both care about Thomas and his career and they both work for him despite not being accepted, so I can see why those are common traits.)
Patton: Nemophila
Tumblr media
Surprise surprise, this flower wasn't easy to find. I’ve never heard of it, so I had to search among endless lists of blue flowers, hoping to find one that would perfectly match the one on the shirt.
And that’s how I found nemophila.
First of all: nemophila is also known as "Baby Blue Eyes" and it's an extremely rare color to find in nature. It’s very famous in Japan, thanks to the Hitachi Seaside Park. Open this link: it’s a literal sea of blue and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Of course, it attracts people every year.
Nemophila represents prosperity, congratulations on success and victory. Not the first things you would associate with Patton, right?
Well, while I was searching more informations about this flower, I found out this website about the essence of Baby Blue Eyes and the passage I quoted down below has the exact same words you can find on that link:
With its pronounced affinity for water, the Baby Blue Eyes flower essences addresses qualities of tender sensitivity, innocence and trust associated one’s early childhood relationship to the father, or other significant masculine figures that are in some way disturbed.
Very often the father was absent, or there was a lack of support or genuine presence. The Baby Blue Eyes type attempts over time to cover this wound of vulnerability with a false “hardening,” such as emotional distancing, mistrust, cynicism or spiritual alienation. It is a flower that can be equally helpful for men or women, although it is especially needed for many men who struggle to become strong, by disowning their pain.
So nemophilia’s essence has qualities associated with childhood, to the father figure and attempts to “repress” and hide emotions.
That’s Patton. That’s him, period. The childhood-related emotions, that are linked to Patton’s longing for “a simpler time”. The mentions of a father figure - who migh be absent or showing lack of support (like, idk, suggesting you should die so your friends live?). And the attempt to “cover the vulnerability” doesn’t remind you anything? Like the Nostalgia episodes?
This flower is Patton.
Logan: Blue petunia
Tumblr media
I would like to say, from the bottom of my heart, a huge "FUCK YOU" to this flower, because I spent TWO DAYS searching all the blue flowers in the world and all possible variants, asking myself why this goddamn flower looked so familiar and why it was so hard to find. Blue isn't even a common color in nature, so why couldn't I find it?
I've learned more about blue flowers in these two days than in my entire life. I've searched among flowers I never saw before, like glandora diffusa, leschenaultia and omphalodes verna. I was so desperate to consider this flower a new species, with the petals of a bellflower and the corolla of a morning glory. I even found a goddamn chinese variant of the morning glory that was somehow similar but not that much and why, WHY this was so hard to find?!
And then, after two days and a lot more desperation, I remembered: my dear friend @reptilianwithscallions​ told me about a post they made, regarding this shirt and the flowers. Maybe they had some idea about Logan's flower?
Well, let's all thank my saviour and this post, because otherwise I would've kept searching until the end of my days.
Long story short, Logan's flower is a fucking blue petunia.
And it's a very peculiar choice, because petunias have multiple meanings, several of which can be contradictory.
In general, petunia symbolizes anger and resentment. It reminds someone that you're still angry or disappointed by their actions and you haven’t gotten over the things that caused these feelings.
Oh my, I didn't know we were back in Logan's playlist. It's basically what he kept expressing towards Thomas with his songs: that he was angry at Thomas for his decision, that he doesn't approve that Thomas hasn't "a real job" and so on. Petunia is a flower that screams passive-aggressive, so it's perfect for Logan.
But petunia's meaning deeply changes, depending on the color of the flower. And while petunia in general symbolizes anger, a blue petunia is a symbol of peacefulness, intimacy and deep trust, shared between two or more people. It's so wholesome, because the deep trust reminds me - again - of Logan's playlist and how it ended: no matter what, he and Thomas are always best friends.
Also, petunia flowers have even a secret meaning behind. Since they’re also gifted to new neighbors or to people who have just moved into a new home, they represent a perfect welcome and a way to express affection and kindness to others.
You’re lucky to be so wholesome, you tricky flower.
Virgil: Perennial Geranium
Tumblr media
Geranium is a confused flower.
Some of the other flowers have conflicted meanings, but not as much as this flower. These are the most common meanings I found:
Folly or Stupidity
Gentility and kind nature
Clever minds
Perfect gift for a bride
You can gift it to someone with whom you have planned a meeting 
You can gift it to someone with whom you haven't planned a meeting, just to make them feel welcomed
True Friendship
See? It’s confused.
Aside from jokes, this variety of meanings is due to its great diffusion: since geraniums grow everywhere, every culture gave them a different meaning. And sometimes these meanings depend on the situation too.
Awww, isn't it perfect for Virgil? He can be good and bad at the same time. Anxiety can be bad for Thomas and detrimental for his life, but it can also be the alarm Thomas needs. It depends on the situation.
And, just like geraniums in general symbolize positive emotions, happiness and friendship, so Virgil is in general a good guy. All he does is for Thomas' wellbeing, not against him.
And this is confirmed by the vast use of geranium's essential oil. It's one of the most popular and it has a ton of properties: anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, decongestant, relaxing and so on. Just like our Virge boy can be incredibly useful under the right circumstances. (Did someone say "Flirting with social Anxiety"?)
Also, geraniums are simple, humble flowers that usually grow outside, but then we take them and make them part of our homes. Once again, it’s Virgil: he's an outsider, he's humble, he talks bad about himself - but Thomas and the others took him and made him part of the famILY anyway.
Thomas: Cherry blossom
Tumblr media
I searched this flower everywhere and the only one that looks like the one on the shirt is the cherry blossom. Why did Thomas make a cherry blossom with eight petals, when they all have five? I have no idea. Is this a different flower, maybe? Maybe, but I’m done: I've looked at enough flowers and I don’t have any strength left.
As you probably already know, cherry blossoms are extremely important in Japan. They're beautiful, they're everywhere and they're meaningful.
Why? Because cherry blossoms are considered the perfect metaphor for human existence. When they blossom it's a pink ocean, a party, people go to admire them - but they’re short lived, because in two weeks, the blossoms start to fall. It's just like human life: a small, rich, glorious parenthesis in the void. Something little and precious that ends soon.
But cherry blossoms also symbolize rebirth, optimism, hopes and dreams. When they bloom, it means springtime is coming and spring has always been associated with renewal.
That’s a very good choice for character Thomas. He’s basically a cherry blossom, the whole series is: something that reminds us how beautiful life is, how multi-faceted, how important. Just like Thomas' single being encompasses seven different sides of himself, so life presents a wide range of choices, of aspects, of flavours. All beautiful, all worthy of appreciation, no matter how different they can be from you and your experience.
And this becomes even more important, in relation to the passage of time and the transience of life. Because life is short and, after that, there won't be any more time to appreciate anything.
In addition to that, I would like to point out how the theme of passage of time is something we already saw in the series. And not just one time, but several. Since the first season, we have episodes all around the concept of growing up, growing old, not being a child anymore, becoming an adult. And the last Aside keeps going in this direction. It's clear this is a big theme and its connection with the cherry blossoms proves it.
But why is the flower so different on the shirt? Because Thomas wanted to mess up with us? Probably. Almost certainly. Once again, thank you Mr. Sanders for making me question everything.
The floor is (figuratively) yours now: if you have any other information, thoughts or opinions, feel free to share them.
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mother-snake · 5 months ago
You want some angry snek?
I got some angry snek.
Italics are internal thoughts
Boiling Over
It had been a very long week for Janus.
Even though he was spending more time on the light side, his room was still on the dark side. Meaning; he could only get energy from his room. So he still had to go back every night.
Wrath had been even more irritated lately due to a group of trolls on Thomas' twitter. And when Wrath is angry.... Lets just say its more then a bruse.
Depression keeps trying to send Thomas into a depressive spiral (not anything different but it was still really bloody annoying. Plus he had been really persistent this week) and Apathy?
Apathy is doing his own thing somewhere
Unfortunately, Apathy is one of the only people that can calm down Wrath. Not like he did it most of the time anyway.
So it was a really bad week.
So thats why Janus was holding an ice pack to a newly acquired black eye in the light side common room. Head against the back cushions, wincing in pain as he waited for Patton to come back with some pain killers.
Later then what he would have preferred, Patton came back with the meds and a glass of water, "Here you go kiddo! Might want to do the water first! Its a bit chalky!"
Janus also split his lip in his altercation with Wrath, so he simply nodded to avoid ripping it open again.
"I really wish you didn't have to go back there every night, I hate seeing any of my kiddos hurt!"
Maybe you should have picked me up quicker when I first formed then. Inside voice Janus. Inside voice.
Janus shugged and took the meds. Patton walked away to go make some cookies to maybe cheer up the snake. Thats when Roman came in.
He took one look at the yellow side before opening his mouth. "Wow Jeckel and Lie!" Um ouch? "you're looking more and more like Virgil everyday!"
Janus lifted his head from the back cushion. "What?"
Roman didn't catch the glares coming from a light blue side in the kitchen. "The black around your eyes! It looks like Virgils eyeshadow! You really look up to him uh?"
Mind your karma Janus. It isn't worth it.
"I mean, Virgil would be a pretty cool big brother! Bet you two listened to My Chemical Romance together based on how much black you wear!"
Screw karma
"I am nothing like Virgil."
"Janus I didn't mean to offend I-"
"I would never abandon my child to the mercy of some abusive assholes!!" Janus could feel the pot boiling over, but he couldn't stop the flow of words now.
"I would never lie to someone about their own function for years and only tell someone when they overheard a conversation that they weren't even meant to hear!!!" Roman was looking towards Patton for help. He didn't mean to offend Janus! He thought that him and Virge were back on good terms.
Janus was practically screaming at this point. But this was not the anger that sparked tears. This anger was hot and dry. It happened when someone cracked under strain and the target was almost never the actual cause of the anger.
Just the person who sparked it.
It was like a match with a galllon of gasoline.
"Come on Janny, when was the last time you had gotten any sleep?" Patton wiped away a small stream of blood dripping from the reopened split lip as Janus shrugged. "Oh kiddo, why haven't you been sleeping?"
Janus rubbed at his good eye, "Wrath was bored"
Patton winced in the very thought of what that could mean. He pulled the much younger side to his chest. "Why don't we have a rest then? Does that sound like a good idea?"
Janus rubbed his face into Pattons soft cardigan while huming, "I'm nothing like Virgil..."
"No, you aren't kiddo. You are your own amazing person and you need to rest." Patton was backing up slowly, bringing Janus back to the couch. When he finally sat down, he pulled the side closer to his chest so Janus could hear his heartbeat.
"I'm no-m-ting like Vee" Janus was slurring his words, that must be a thing when he was tired.
"Shh, Shh little snake. Go to sleep." Janus soon became dead weight on his chest.
Patton looked back up at Roman with a sympathetic smile. Tilting his head towards the couch, edging him to sit down.
When Roman sat, both of them looked towards the sleepy side on Janus' chest. They weren't blind to how Janus pulled himself to himself in an effective effort to make him smaller.
Patton sighed, "I know this isn't going to be easy kiddo, but he are going to have to work with what ever trama Janus as... And he as alot..." Patton looked back to Roman, "He's been taught to hide everything he was feeling from a very young age, none of this is your fault Roman-"
"But I was the one who brought it up!"
Patton locked eye contact with Roman. "None of this is your fault." Patton took a deep breath, "We made the mistake of not addressing these issues earlier. Now we just have to help Janus recover. Ok kiddo?" Roman nodded
"Why don't you find a movie for us to watch?"
Roman lit up again, "What if we put on one of Janus' favourite movies so he wakes up to something he likes!"
Patton nodded eagerly.
"Ok so! Chicago?"
"Roman, we have watched that everyday this week. I don't really want to watch that again."
"Over the Garden Wall?"
"Same kinda thing kiddo."
Roman had to think for a bit. "Coraline?"
Patton thought for a few seconds before agreeing.
Coraline it is.
Janus was a very happy snake when he woke up.
Turns out that angsty mood disappeared 5 minutes after I sent that last ask.....
*Updated timeline*
Tumblr media
I absolutely love this! Oh the heartache!
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mother-snake · 5 months ago
But I can make it angsty~
What if Patton and Virgil didn't let Janus into the cuddle sessions? In the winter or otherwise
And then one cold December morning they find him literally frozen in front of the fireplace. Eyes like glass and breathing barely there.
And then they let him into the cuddles?
I really can make anything angsty huh?
um. yes. yes u can. i wasnt prepared for that. ow. but i can double it.
the dark sides find this out and start to tease janus about it. knowing very well the effect it will have on the snek. and one day he doesnt show up. and they get worried. they find him shivering in his room. and they get very angry with the dark sides.
logan of course goes with them and isnt too happy either. he doesnt need warmth like the others. but he still gets cold ocasionaly. (me bringing back birb logan) and the darks realise just how much theyve messe up angering the light sides when logan decks them with a baseball bat.
they bring janus back to the light side area and try to warm him up. when roman and remus finds out. they are held back ny strong patton from hurting the darksides further, as logan already did the damage.
and when janus wales up after falling asleep. he finds his door with the light sides and just starts crying from happiness. the others painck as they’ve never really seen him cry.
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sixteeneyes · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Character 1: female, Charlotte, 14 yrs
Issue: Cyber Bullying 
Rooms: Bedroom (kirsten), library (bronte), classroom (sophia), cafe (jasmine)
Traits: bookworm, studious, likes Pink, feminine styles, pretty, girly, play an instrument FLUTE !!, very organised, in a group of friends she doesn't relate to, but feels obligated to hang with, is liked by adults, parents are traditional and controlling
Flaws: too timid, can’t stand up for herself, can’t trust her close friends (FAKE FRIENDS - sneks), tends to have occasional outbursts of anger but feels guilty afterwards, spoiled, egotistical, judgemental, stubborn, resists change, naive
Strengths:  completes tasks early, polite, clever, sincere, dependable, approachable, truthful, responsible, affable, realistic, logical
Rich Class
Character 2: Androgenous, Jessie, 18 yrs 
Issue: Social Anxiety 
Rooms: Gym (sophia), Bedroom (jasmine), Living room (party) (kirsten), part-time referee (basketball) (bronte)
Traits: sporty, active, likes yellow, drinks coffee, coach, has lots of trophies, ambitious, can’t wait to finish school, basketball????, tall, buff, takes a lot of gym selfies, likes exercise
Flaws: Paranoid, doesn't spend time with friends, Inconsiderate, lacks empathy, self-centred, values winning over her health, has unrealistic expectations for herself and other around her, reckless, Flake- unreliable, 
Strengths: Ambitious, when she does pay attention to others she is supportive, honest, energetic, mature, focused, adaptable, encouraging, competitive, responsible
Middle class
Character 3: male, Brendon, 16 yrs, 
Issue: Eating Disorder/ Body Image
Rooms: Bedroom (bronte) , Art room (jasmine), dance studio (kirsten), bathroom (sophia)
Traits: artistic, dancer, sad, works, quiet and reserved, has a lot of posters, likes musicals, messy room, working for a dance scholarship
Flaws: moody, anger issues, emotionally stunted, easily jealous, rebellious, perfectionist, obsessive, impatient, temperamental, overworks himself, fidgety, self destructive
Strengths: hard working, humorous, persistent, loyal, creative, adventurous, imaginative, thick skinned, appears confident, brave
Working class
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