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anghraine · 3 hours ago
It’s 8:45 AM and:
I made and drank my tea (...with evaporated milk, we’re tragically out of normal milk)
I bought my dad a birthday present that may or may not get here on time
I paid my terrifying university fees (they’ve been overpaying me, so it was okay financially, but still)
I watched The Green Knight trailer and was thrilled! I’m just like ... there are many older stories, but something in me is getting a kick out of imagining what the Pearl-poet would think. :’)
That’s all, but also, it’s 8:45 AM, so.
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anghraine · 21 hours ago
I have my issues with Aragorn, but one of the things I really enjoy about him is that he has an actual goal and is actively pursuing it, while simultaneously prioritizing more important or morally imperative things. 
This doesn’t make him flawless by any means, but in a lot of ways, it’s really refreshing.
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squirrelwrangler · 23 hours ago
20 & 21 for the meme!
What’s your favorite part about the fanfiction writing process?/ What’s your least favorite part about the fanfiction writing process?
Hmm. First writing in general: I love writing both dialogue and especially visual description - though as I look back over my fics I notice that I don’t spend as much sentence weight on detailing the physical settings. I love lyrical figurative speech and visual metaphors and I often give myself challenges like only descripting certain colors  as self-limitations. It comes from transitioning from primarily an artist to primarily a writer. Dialogue I thought was one of my weaknesses- but when I’m in the groove of writing it’s the easiest element to put down for a scene most of the time and how I build the scene and lead into a new one (even if it’s sometimes just internal monologuing). Now, making said dialogue distinct for each character is nightmarishly hard for me and not my skill as a writer. I think I’ve either gotten better about describing action or just fallen into focusing more on it (action sequences and describing what characters are doing during dialogue), but to articulate the emotions behind said action of dialogue can be hit-or-miss and sometimes really frustrating. Because the underlying problem is the knowledge and awareness of emotional nuance. Neurodivergent brainworm stuff.
For fanfic because I love fusions, my favorite thing is to callback to the crossover media either via a parallel of dialogue or scene or theme or adding a visual easter egg where I’m recreating a piece of the inspiration media but making its origins fit in-universe. Soldier was a DELIGHT because it was just me taking Crisis Core cutscene after cutscene and putting it in. Zack Fair’s eyes glow because of the radioactive mako that marks him as the super-soldier monster but Aerith leans into his face on their date and says that they are pretty as the sky. That she has a phobia of the open sky due to living under an industrial city plate and is afraid to leave that familiarity that is both security and cage - how that translated so elegantly and perfectly to Aereth living in Menegroth, having never seen the sun-light sky and how jarring the transition to moon and sun-light world is that Silmarillion goes out of its way to point out and that the Noldor Exilies have weirdly glowy eyes ... I didn’t have to add anything and that while the reasons for said tropes or story elements were different and the nuances slightly different, some of the other nuances parallel perfectly. And it’s so satisfying to find those.
Titles 9 times out of 10 suck. And if not titles, summaries. The worst thing irl is trying to market myself/skills and network - it’s one of the key reasons I avoided art itself and anything connected to it as a career and only took studio art classes as hobby and stress relief. So a sales pitch to convince readers to come read my niche work that I know is good and I adore but I know is niche and not the popular thing in fandom? *screech*
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anghraine · 23 hours ago
It’s quarter to 1 PM where I am, and I:
delivered my autism presentation and answered further questions
called my best friend and talked for about an hour
made some tea
made an appointment w/ the psychiatrist
paid rent
activated my stimulus card
ordered a thing from my university that I can’t talk about
I haven’t graded, but still ... /flop
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anghraine · a day ago
Rewatching some SPOP episodes and:
“How did the Rebellion lose so many of our finest members, and yet we’re still stuck with YOU?” (Castaspella to Shadow Weaver)
Castaspella is an underappreciated icon tbh
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anghraine · 2 days ago
I was thinking about Aranor and Aranor/Míriel some more, and:
I know other people are either indifferent or actively put-off by it, but I find it really entertaining that Aranor, who is nearly 90 years old, has been pining for decades after an immortal peredhel who is thousands of years her senior (and tragically heterosexual) ... only for her feelings to fade after Arwen goes over the sea and Aranor becomes closer and closer to her closest advisor and friend, Míriel—who is some 50 years her junior and her late rival’s daughter.
Míriel is silently pining after Aranor (her queen!), and meanwhile Aranor is oblivious and just ... WHY. WHY AM I LIKE THIS.
(I do realize that this is part of the reason almost nobody shares my ship: that is, the combo of age difference, Faramir being Denethor’s son with everything that entails, and breaking up a popular canon ship in Aragorn/Arwen. But I just find the prospect of Aranor going from years of devotion to Arwen to falling for Míriel of all people really funny.)
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anghraine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I’ve watching my parents’ pets, and I’m pretty sure my mother’s overgrown “kitten” misses her.
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anghraine · 2 days ago
I post vague updates about how my revisions/additions to the novel are going, mostly on Twitter and sometimes Dreamwidth when I want to lock something, and even though I know very few people read them ... idk, it’s comforting in some way.
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anghraine · 3 days ago
I just logged into GW2 for the first time in months and within about a minute was just “ahhh ... my beloved ...”
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anghraine · 3 days ago
Also on a D&D note: 
it seems a little ridiculous, but as much as I enjoy it, I’m also super shy and self-conscious about playing. Yes, even this far along, even at my age, even with my own friends. And, idk, I’m always anxious and introverted as a human being, but I’m not really shy as a rule. I’ll happily play up ~drama when I’m reading aloud or whatever. But plop me into a low-stakes game session and I barely speak except to say “oh, um, okay, sounds good to me” or “hmm, I’m not quite sure...”
I’m going to work myself up to DMing for my family, but my mind is all *SCREEEEECH* about it, even though I started making up stories for other people to play around with at ... like, five. So I feel silly about being anxious, but even so ...
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anghraine · 4 days ago
I’m too lazy to dig up all the quotes, but one of the things I find interesting about Pemberley in P&P is how it’s gradually built up, both directly (as when Bingley says it couldn’t be replicated) and indirectly (it’s easy to associate it w/ Rosings right up until we see it). 
It’s built up not only in the sense of physical grandeur and elegance, but in something like mystique. When Caroline says Bingley should imitate it and Bingley says it would be impossible, we don’t know why it would be so difficult to imitate it, just that there is some inimitable quality about it. Wickham talks about how grand it is. I think Lady Catherine mentions it when she’s boasting of Georgiana’s stature; it’s the source of the Darcys’ influence and consequence. 
But we don’t know much about what it’s like, specifically, until we actually go there. The distant, private residence that gets built up throughout the story, that the heroine herself finally reaches, is always going to be a revelation. In a different sort of story, it would be the revelation of some dark secret or ominous implications or something. 
But in this story, we already had the revelation of the dark secret, only to undercut it by exposing it as a tissue of lies. But there’s still a certain DUN DUN DUN with the announcement that they’re going to Pemberley, and we do get the grand revelation—
—that Darcy has good taste and is really nice where it matters most. 
IDK, I just find the total reversal of the ~mysterious manor trope a lot of fun.
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anghraine · 5 days ago
my first real D&D character: life cleric
my second D&D character: grave cleric
my third D&D character: war cleric
my fourth D&D character: celestial warlock
Tumblr media
um, excuse you!!!
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anghraine · 5 days ago
There’s a Twitter post that’s like ... what’s an elevator-pitch style version of your brand as an author?
It’s weirdly hard to think of? The original fics are ... hmm ... I mean, everything is friendship and/or family drama against a backdrop of magic and politics, so I guess I could go with that as an original fic writer.
For fanfic ... I’m genuinely unsure. 
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anghraine · 7 days ago
Most of my playlists are upwards of 80% instrumentals or have only ‘ahhHHHHhhh’ style vocals, so I made a playlist of faves with people singing words. It’s longer than I expected and the first chunk is like ...
Tumblr media
okay, self
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anghraine · 7 days ago
I was tagged by @ladytharen in the Top AO3 Tags Meme—thanks!
Go to your AO3 Works page > Filters sidebar > Additional Tags. Share your top tags!
Canon Compliant (69)
One Shot (66)
Drabble (39)
Alternate Universe - Always a Different Sex (38 - lol)
Prompt Fic (26)
Sequel (19)
Alternate Universe (17)
Brother-Sister Relationships (16)
Alternate Universe - Gender Changes (14)
Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (14)
No surprises here!
I’ll tag ... hm, @steinbecks, @ncfan-1, @irresistible-revolution, @kazaera, and anyone else who wants to share!
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anghraine · 8 days ago
I’ve gotten a few bookmarks/kudos lately on my old post-ROTJ fics from before the ST. I was even grumpier back then about the fandom shoving the expanded universe down everyone’s throats, so it was doubly enjoyable to defy fandom dictates and do things my own way—but I’d have had a lot of fun with it, anyway.
I had this idea before I knew about the EU’s take that one of Han and Leia’s children would go awry for a time. I ended up envisioning her (naturally, the child was a girl in my imagination) as growing more and more absolutist and ruthless as a young Jedi, and I specifically had the idea that this would coincide with an increasing preoccupation with her Skywalker heritage. 
This isn’t an aristocratic thing fwiw, since the Skywalkers are nothing to the Organas in those terms. But it’s something she’d be dealing with as her temperament tips her into dangerous territory. However, I couldn’t see Anakin twiddling his ghost thumbs while that's happening—or, in general, Anakin being less attached to the living and proactive than Obi-Wan or Yoda. 
So the way I imagined it, ghost!Anakin has a stern chat with Lyra (the girl’s name in my pre-Disney headcanon—between TFA and RO, I was a bit bemused by their choices!). It doesn’t just magically smooth out her entire personality, but it’s a pretty sharp reality check in terms of the path she’s on and where it leads. And nobody’s playing mind games on her or anything like that; she struggles because of who she is as a person and the legacies she’s trying to deal with, but I imagined that she’d be able to adjust course and more or less make things right with her family.
The part I managed to get down implied this much, I think, but it was all told from the POV of Lyra’s much more even-keeled younger sister in the course of a conversation with Luke.
So—there actually is some overlap with Disney canon but it ultimately took a very different direction. It’s interesting, then, that people still read that old stuff sometimes! I’m glad, though; I was really fond of it.
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anghraine · 9 days ago
Sometimes I still think about that weird German article about how the EU made a mistake in thinking of Greek people as the heirs to ancient Greeks, when modern Greeks are the mixed offspring of Albanians, Slavs, and “Byzantines” (and shouldn’t be in the EU for that reason, somehow?). 
Like, it was in a conservative magazine, but I’ve definitely seen people doing all kinds of gymnastics to sever actual Greek people from the legacy of the past to ... idk, turbo-charge the fetishization of it. It’s weird because my personal experience of Greek heritage is mostly “people being vaguely xenophobic about Grandma even though she was born in the USA” and yet people are so into Greek stuff when they can divorce it from living human beings.
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