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“blue lives matter” is not the fucking same as black lives matter and you know it. police are already respected. a cop walking down the street is not going to get shot or be arrested solely for being a policeman. a policeman isn’t going to be attacked for carrying a gun. and if they do, they have body armour and weapons. a cop isn’t going to have another policeman called on him for “suspicious activity” and be met with brutality. a child dressing up in police uniform isnt going to be shot. sure people might be wary, but that’s because the police do this shit.

a black man walking down the street with a phone in his back pocket or a can of coke could be shot. a black man in a white neighbourhood can have the police called on him.

“blue lives” can take their blue skin off at the end of the day. black people can’t. black people live in fear of blue lives.

it’s not the same. you know it’s not. stop being so fucking disrespectful.

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I just want the world to change. I’m so tired. theres so much injustice and pain and its exhausting.

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hi if you know me irl please shoot me a message introducing yourself before you follow me…I talk about a lot of stuff that people irl don’t know about and I really don’t want people who don’t know about it to follow me. one of my posts has gotten pretty big and it’s making me anxious that people might find me, especially after that weird anon.

people found a something about me on my old blog and it destroyed me, I lost everyone because of it. please introduce yourself if you think you know me.

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Right so…. The national government declared last night that the whole of Metro Manila (the area where I live) will be in General Community Quarantine on Monday, June 1.

I’m seeing a Survivor Philippines version 2.0 here huh? 🙃

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seriously if you really must post about “not all cops”, make your own post. please do not go on a black person’s post where they’re talking about their very valid and understandable fears of police and racism and police brutality and preach it there. it’s disrespectful as hell and derails the point. they deserve and need a space where they can talk about it and raise awareness or just vent their feelings without getting us white people saying that not all cops are bad. just make your own post.

we need to be better allies, especially now.

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I’m so fucking angry at this situation, george floyd, Trayvon Martin, all of them, I’m so angry and I want to go to america and join in the protests and help somehow but all I can do is sit here and type uselessly on my phone and sign petitions and donate and it doesnt feel like enough, I’m just so fucking angry - actually that’s too tame a word, I’m furious.

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my friend just messaged me with a screenshot of my post (the one about people missing you when you die), it was posted on a meme page, and he was like “this you?”

it’s so bizarre like am I famous? I’m just a small welsh introvert who never leaves my house this is so weird

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remember when David Cameron stuck his penis in a pig and then later proposed brexit, thinking it wouldn’t go anywhere he just wanted something to do, and then he resigned and now the country is like This

I remember that

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speaking of people being dicks about pets, I remember when my husbands nan commented on a photo of my rats saying she would drown them if she ever saw them. I was like ok how about we dont talk about murdering my pets thanks

needless to say, she was never invited back to our house

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