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pervy tokyo revengers boys
includes: takemichi hanagaki + chifuyu matsuno + ryohei hayashi + kazutora hanemiya + souya kawata
genre: smut (minors + ageless blogs dni!! you’ll be blocked)
warnings: pervy behaviour (duh), afab!reader, dubcon, panty stealing, groping
Tumblr media
takemichi hanagaki
takemichi doesn’t mean to be such a pervert at first. one time he started crying and you pulled him close to comfort him, resulting in his face being buried in your chest. takemichi goes from cry baby to horny in seconds. he’s embarrassed that such a sweet gesture on your part resulted in him acting like a perv and yet… he starts crying around you more so he has a reason to snuggle into your tits. takemichi thinks about what it would feel like with his cock in between your breasts later that night as he jerks off, shakily moaning your name as the fantasy plays out in his head.
chifuyu matsuno
it was really your fault that chifuyu was such a perv. whenever you came over for sleepovers you liked to cuddle in chifuyu’s bed together rather than forcing him to sleep on the floor. he always ends up being the big spoon, with your butt pressed up against his crotch. in your sleep you rub up against him even more, turning chifuyu into a rock hard mess. a part of chifuyu can’t help but think you’re doing it on purpose. it’s gross that he starts grinding up against you to ease his now aching cock but you’re asleep, right? you won’t know if he cums in his pyjama pants so what’s the harm?
ryohei ‘peh yan’ hayashi
peh has an obsession with staring at your ass and tits. whenever you bend over he sneaks a peek and when you’re talking to him his eyes always wonder down some he can see down your shirt. it gets to a point where staring isn’t close to enough. he needs to touch you even if it’s for a brief moment. feel peh’s hand brush against your butt? oh he just saw something on your skirt/pants and was cleaning it for you. peh gropes your boobs? he just tripped. he didn’t mean to. or did he?
kazutora hanemiya
kazutora is so clingy. it’s not unusual for him to suddenly hug you from behind. it seems innocent to you but sometimes you feel him rub up against you… it’s probably nothing you tell yourself but in reality it is kazutora taking advantage and humping you. he takes it further than that. when you’re sitting at a table together kazutora will “drop” something and while he’s picking it up he takes the opportunity to look up your skirt at your cute panties. he may even take a picture. he just can’t help it. kazutora’s so clingy he needs something to remember you bye when you’re gone.
souya ‘angry’ kawata
the title of resident panty stealer goes to souya. he knows it’s wrong and he’s the first to call himself a dirty little pervert for it but he can’t stop himself. it’s like an addiction and it all started when souya came to see you and saw that cute lacy thong you left on the floor. he’s not sure what provoked him to pick it up and take a sniff but since then he couldn’t get enough of the scent of your pussy. souya can’t get off unless your panties are wrapped around his dick. whenever he can no longer smell you on the last pair he snatched souya will offer to do your laundry for you just so he can claim more underwear for himself.
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𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙪𝙖𝙜𝙚: 𝙜𝙞𝙛𝙩𝙨
Tumblr media
; 🍘 — time skip: kisaki tetta, kokonoi hahjime, sano shinichiro, ryuguji ken, mitsuya takashi, tachibana hinata, kawata souya.
; 🧾 — contains: fluff, sfw, spoiler free, happy!au, gn! reader
Tumblr media
KISAKI is a busy man. And because of his line of work he can't always promise you he will get home on time to have dinner with you or have the weekend free to go out or travel. So he tries to make up for being busy with work by using the money to buy you stuff. At first, he would buy whatever was expensive, thinking it would be enough to make you happy. But, with time, he learns your taste and becomes great at getting you exactly what you like.
KOKONOI likes to buy you specific things. Oh, you didn't need another pair of heels? Ok, but you needed this one because it goes well if the clothes he bought you last week. Two days later he will come home with some jewelry to spicy the outfit and ask you to show off to him with a catwalk in your house hall. I don't know why I think this, but he might have an interest in interior design/ decor, and sometimes shows up with something for your home.
MITSUYA likes to do things for you. He'll see a pretty cloth and do a cardigan for you because soon will be autumn and it'll be colder outside - he doesn't want you to get a cold. Besides that, he also likes to pay when you go out - probably because his mom always said it was the right thing to do - and he always gets you flowers and/or chocolates on special (but smaller) occasions, like anniversaries - in bigger occasions (like your birthday) he also buys flowers and chocolates, but not as the main gift.
HINA likes to get things for the both of you to match. It can go from cute keychains, necklaces, and phone cases to shirts and shoes. Also loves to get you food, like if she's going to your house she stops at a bakery to get a cake for you (and for your family if they live with you) - she feels bad to show up empty-handed.
ANGRY normally gets you smaller things that are useful, such as hand sanitizer for you to carry in your purse, a refill of your favorite creme, a lip balm, or even water if you mention being thirst. He likes to be helpful.
SHINICHIRO and DRAKEN are kind of the same at this point. They never really cared about not being rich until they realized they couldn't buy you lots of stuff. Doesn't matter if you don't care about it, they do and because of it, they will probably work more to get more money so they can get you that thing you wanted but was too expensive. They won't tell you why they are working extra hours because they know you'll say they don't need to it - and they know they don't need- but he thinks you deserve it and so they want to do it for you.
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Can I please have Angry with “girl/boy next door” and “watching the sunset together”. So they live in apartments right next to each other. And they stand on the balcony to watch the sunset and see the other person on the other balcony nearby. Then they talk to each other and make it a habit to watch the sunset together. I hope this isn’t too confusing. Thanks 🙏.
— souya (angry) kawata // girl/boy next door // watching the sunset together
[𖤐] hello myls! i was able to type this up between study sessions, so i wanted to post it as an apology for not having any time to write :,) we're actually almost at 3k, but there will be no event since i am still writing things from my 2k event ! (help me :,) ) i hope you all enjoy this in the interim <3
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
it was relaxing, at most times.
watching a myriad of colors paint itself across the sky, burning hot, yet somehow also cool enough to douse the fire of thoughts running around in your head.
the colors would then dim down into the night, always leaving you feeling better and more clearheaded than you had started.
yet, even as the chill of the fall wind ate away at your body, your mind was still unable to douse its thoughts, leaving you feeling a bit troubled.
it was hard to place a finger on what you were troubled about; it was only some vague idea that you still had yet to put into words. maybe you were still trying to figure it out when he has called out to you that day.
“are…are you alright?”
turning your head to the side, you saw a boy standing on the balcony next to you, looking at you with a rather…angry look on his face, (how was his facial expression so diffferent from the concern that had been laced in his voice before?).
taking a bit of a closer look though, despite the expression on his face, you could now tell that there was a bit of concern in his face, although maybe not evident at first glance.
“um…” realizing you had been staring, you looked over to the side, a bit embarrassed that you had been staring at him so openly.
“sorry. but um, yes, im alright,”
“it…seemed like there was something on your mind. you can tell me if you want to.”
it was from then on that you started to become friends with the boy who lived next door to you. everyday, without fail, the two of you would watch the sunset from your balconies and talk, (although it was mostly you, since he didn’t seem to be much of a talker).
in the days after your first meeting with him, you learned that his name is souya kawata, and that his nickname was angry because of the expression that seemed to naturally make its way into his face.
you also learned that he had a twin brother, nahoya, who was nicknamed smiley, and that together they were a part of the tokyo manji gang. it had definitely come as a surprise that somebody who was as nice and quiet as he was was a part of a gang, but hey, who were you to judge?
and so, your friendship with souya continued to blossom beautifully.
he really was a great listener, always nodding and listening carefully to you rant on about whatever it was that was plaguing your mind. even when you didn’t feel like talking, the two of you would just standing on your balconies and not say a word. it was never awkward for some reason; it was always natural.
however, it was hard to ignore your growing feelings. you knew perfectly well what it was; the way your heart would skip a beat every time you looked at him, the way you would always sneak glances at him when he wasn’t looking, the way he made you feel.
nothing you could do about it though, so better to just let it go.
“hey, you mind if i join you over there instead?” you grinned at him when he hesitantly shook his head no, probably expecting for you to go around through the door.
when you started to climb over the railing of your balcony, he immediately called your name, rushing over to try to stop you.
“oh chill out, i’ve done this a million-!”
even thinking back on it, you’re not really sure how you slipped.
it wasn’t a lie that you had done it a million times; your best friend lived in the apartment on the opposite side, and you would do it all the time to freak them out.
so, why did you slip?
maybe it was because in that very moment, you saw the look of sheer fear in his eyes, and it shocked you.
“(y-y/n)!” with his hand firmly locked around your wrist that you lost grip, he hurriedly pulled you over with a surprising amount of strength, pulling you so hard that you both fell over onto the ground.
“(y/n)! are you alright?!” hearing his voice from beneath you, you mumbled that you were alright, still a bit confused on what had just happened.
a few moments later, you were finally able to sit up, trying to get your bearings.
“um…(y-y/n), you’re-“
“woah, looks like i interrupted something, you sneaky little bastards!”
“huh…” looking around, you realized that you were…sitting on top of souya, who was looking to the side with flushed cheeks. nahoya was looking at the two of you from the screen door, cheeky smile on his face, (or maybe disgusted, you couldn’t really tell).
quickly getting off of him, you could feel your heart thumping, embarrassment flooding through you.
“ah, sorry! i didn’t realize…”
“well, i’ll leave you two alone, but no getting frisky on the balcony, okay~?” shutting the screen door, you were left with your embarrassment and souya, who was still recovering from having you on top of him, looking anywhere but your direction.
“you should be more careful…” even though he wasn’t looking at you, you could hear the worry in his voice, making you feel a little bad for worrying him.
“ah, right, yes. sorry.” tears of shame started to well up in your eyes, and you cursed yourself for it, trying to swipe them away before he could notice.
“maybe we should check if you got hurt- (y/n)?! what’s wrong?”
suddenly looking at you with those blue eyes, they glanced at your arms and legs, trying to see if there was some sort of injury he hadn’t noticed.
“s-sorry, i don’t know, i just…” you could tell that souya was starting to panic a little bit because he had no idea what to do, which just made you even more embarrassed.
just as you were about to flee to your own apartment, a warm hand gently held yours, touching you as gently as one would touch a fragile flower.
“sorry, it was my fault. do you still want to stay here?” he didn’t wait for your response, immediately pulling you up to your feet and facing you towards the view of the sky.
“um…it’s beautiful, right?” souya quietly said, his eyes looking to you instead of at the sky.
“yeah…it is.”
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Extra small hungry angry cat 🤩 
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Practicing angry faces 
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Tiny Hydra
So small. Still only one head.
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Vincent Price angrily holding cats.
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I bought a bucket of cheap markers and am having loads of fun with it :))
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Tokyo Revengers
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What if Cerberus from Hades was a goose?
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If the Fallen Angel was looking at you. 1847. Alexandre Cabanel.
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Does anyone get really irritable/angry when they get really bad anxiety? I get like a sensory overload and everything is just too much? even people talking... I’ll just find everything annoying and overwhelming.
Such a weird symptom of anxiety that isn’t talked about a lot... I become so rude when I’m anxious, and I really wish I didn’t get like that. 
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Bats fact#81
Angry when you pick them up 
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How do I get to the milk?! (via) 
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Grumpy bearded dog 
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"im FRUSTRATED but nothing's actually wrong" moodboard
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