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clare-annes-world20 hours ago
That look says it all about my morning 馃槀
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angel0fmurder2 days ago
I need myself a man that's gonna have to restrain himself from killing me most of the day. that's hot.
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rezident36923 hours ago
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Two simple comms with angry colts :)
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babyanimalgifs2 months ago
Practicing angry faces聽
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comominimo3 months ago
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Vincent Price angrily holding cats.
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xeptum7 months ago
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justcatposts2 months ago
Do you think he is angry? 馃槀
Credit: analgin48 (TikTok)
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gawki28 days ago
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Tiny Hydra
So small. Still only one head.
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babyanimalgifs5 months ago
Practicing angry faces
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God it makes me so fucking mad when things that I stand for and things that I believe in like LGBTQ rights or black lives matter or abortion even are labeled as politics or a liberal pov because NO it鈥檚 literally just human rights, like if I say聽鈥渂lack people should not be viewed as threats just because of their skin color鈥 and you say聽鈥渋 don鈥檛 want to talk about politics鈥 just like ??? Did I mention politics??聽
If you get offended when I don鈥檛 want to listen to your point of view, it鈥檚 because your point of view is invaliding someone鈥檚 existence. If you鈥檝e been told again and again that your views are derogatory and hurtful, maybe instead of complaining, you should rethink your viewpoint. 聽
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azucarian5 days ago
HERE I AM, COMING WITH A REQUEST! May I request toman x fem member who is slightly older than them and spoils them with everything, no matter the cost of it. If push comes to shove, she's good at threatening enemies. Thank you and don't rush this request! Stay hydrated!!
Please this is such a cute idea <33
Toman's protective "big sister" is their first call for every problem (Part 2)
Characters 鈥 Tokyo Manji Gang (Toman)
Tumblr media
鉁 (name) was 19 and running around with a bunch of middle schoolers, kicking ass - and no, she wasn鈥檛 embarrassed to say it
鉁 toman quickly became her family and, as the oldest member, she established the role of聽鈥榖ig sister鈥 - every single member used the nickname聽鈥榖ig sis鈥 when addressing her
鉁 you had randomly decided to join the gang one day after you picked mikey up and lifted him over a delinquent who was charging at him with the intent to hit him (it would鈥檝e failed regardless)
鉁 definitely made mikey laugh, and draken lowkey got angry with you for picking his short friend up without even asking
鉁 boom, mikey dubbed you his big sis and asked you to carry him around - how could you deny those puppy dog eyes??
鉁 this was when mikey was twelve, and you were sixteen - and you鈥檝e been stuck with them ever since
鉁 you looked after all of the boys when they were younger; they all seemed to lack a stable, consistent parental figure in their lives so you became that role model
鉁 you definitely dragged baji around by his ear because he kept getting into fights, and then you鈥檇 do the same to kazutora for joining in (they鈥檇 get really pouty and teary eyed about it, so you鈥檇 hug them afterwards)
鉁 pah would probably have really聽鈥榯radiontal鈥 views of women until you showed up - and now he respects women wholeheartedly and would never dream of reverting to his old ways of thinking
鉁 you also picked them up from school - literally walked school-to-school to pick them up and make sure they had a good day
鉁 didn鈥檛 have a good day? here, have a lollipop
鉁 mitsuya learned a lot about how to keep the toman members in check when she wasn鈥檛 around - he鈥檇 struggle had it not been for her wise advice
鉁 you definitely get calls at 3am from smiley and baji - screaming that the cops were tailing them because they聽鈥榓ccidentally鈥 set fire to a car
鉁 all three of you know it wasn鈥檛 an accident
鉁 you have to bail them out of the situation by doing something worse than arson... double arson :)
鉁 you adore, and i mean a d o r e, takemichi and chifuyu - they鈥檙e two of the youngest members in toman, and that made you absolutely soft for them
鉁 they got away with everything, no questions asked
鉁 everyone else lowkey manipulates them into doing bad things for them - but you always figure it out and tell the real perpetrators off sternly
鉁 by 鈥減erpetrators鈥 you actually mean just mikey and baji (sneaky bastards)
鉁 hakkai and angry are your babies too, you coddle them a lot (cue jealous mitsuya and smiley)
鉁 draken and mitsuya are the聽鈥渙lder kids鈥 you leave in charge regularly - even though you鈥檙e not even toman鈥檚 leader you still exert control it鈥檚 so funny lolol
鉁 you are their emergency contact - even at school
鉁奥犫渋s this miss. (last name)?鈥澛犫測es, how can i help you?鈥澛犫渁h, manjiro fell over and hit his head today - could you come and pick him up?鈥澛犫... yeah, i鈥檒l be there in ten minutes鈥
鉁 mikey definitely used the fact you were his emergency contact to his advantage
鉁 yeah, you hate kisaki - get that pig faced ugly mf out of your face; the founding members are in shock at your verbal distaste of the boy, because you鈥檙e usually the type to give people a chance
鉁 lowkey has something to do with the way he glared at you as he made his presence known
鉁 you might just be on his kill list though (oops)
鉁 the moment baji decided to nope the fuck outta toman, you literally collared him and hit him - yeah, if you existed in the tr universe you were not gonna let him leave unless he spoke to you
鉁 tells you he thinks kisaki is the leader of valhalla - and that kazutora is there too
鉁 you鈥檙e on board, but you make him agree not to do stupid shit
鉁 you can鈥檛 save kazutora from juvie, but you tell him you love him and will visit soon - he cries
鉁 spoiler alert - HE DOES DUMB SHIT
鉁 they鈥檝e probably never seen you so panicked in your life - you literally tear your shirt up and press them to his wounds to stop the bleeding
鉁 big sis saves the day bc he lives <33 (we all wish)
鉁 your plan didn鈥檛 work out because he has no evidence against kisaki - but he asks mikey to give first division over to chifuyu, who then hands it off to takemichi
鉁 overall, you are probably toman鈥檚 biggest strength and biggest weakness
鉁 with you; they鈥檙e stronger and more united because they all want to repay you by protecting you (even tho you鈥檙e kickass and can defend yourself)
鉁 without you; they鈥檙e a lot weaker, especially if you鈥檙e being used against them
鉁 oh also, protective lil鈥 brothers alert - they have literally beaten up your exes for not being good enough for you-
鉁 which, tbf, was true - but you laugh your ass off everytime
鉁 now you鈥檙e dating ran haitani but they aren鈥檛 allowed to know that
鉁 when you all adopt inui and koko into your little family, you can bet that they鈥檙e suddenly coddled - and they aren鈥檛 used to it
鉁 you lend koko money constantly and he鈥檚 like?? why?? and you just say because you love him and you know he loves money
鉁 you go shoe shopping with inui for new heels (he gets all blushy when you hype him up, and beat mfs up if they start insulting him)
鉁 also, yes, you kicked the living shit out of taiju - hakkai was lowkey scared of you for a week, you didn鈥檛 even break a sweat-
鉁 hinata, emma and yuzuha are also attached to you; you鈥檙e their big sister too, and they try and get you involved in more聽鈥済irly鈥 things (you鈥檙e really not interested, but you humour them)
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justcatpostsa year ago
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no talk to me hooman, i鈥檓 angy
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