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I will to give you silence

I crave it makes your memories of me so loud

That it crowds your brain

But I fear I am easily forgotten

Too easy to keep me stuck

I will to give you silence in success that you’ll

perceive dread

Make your insecurities beg for relief

And your conceit set to fire

But you have your own garden to attend to

And I’m not in your tool shed.

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21 in four months and i still haven’t kissed a boy

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day seventy five

i fucked up again and i can’t believe i’m still here making the same shitty mistakes as before. really starting to think that even if i’m not a lost cause that i may be a disappointment forever. somebody please tell me when it stops hurting.

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why do I love you so much

I’m always wondering

Why do I love you so much

Yes you are an attractive person

But you are also a very nice person

Who cares about others

And would check up on them

When they are unwell

You would make sure that they are fine

And your smile is just the cutest

Just like a cute little cat


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Touch feels so fucking awful right now I tried to convey that to the grindr hookup who is here, but he still keeps being super romantic All I want to do is beat the shit out of him right now.

Why is it so hard to have someone come over and use me? I don’t love you. Don’t act like we are close. Fuck off.

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