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Ever think how Dean told Cas he was his brother because brotherly love is the only kind he’s ever known. The only love that LASTED. And maybe, just maybe, because he thought it was all Cas could understand too, with his brother and sister angels in heaven.

And how he hurt them both by keeping it buried under that label when it was the closest he could get to saying how real, how strong their love was.

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“why are you doing this?” she looked at him, unbelieving of the words that had just come out of her mouth. 

“i’m doing this because i care. i made a promise to myself to make at least one person happy before i give up completely on my treatment. i wanted to leave this world knowing i had made a positive change in someone’s life but you,” he paused and pushed his head into her shoulder, wiping the salty tears off of his cheeks, “you changed me. you made me fall so hard in ways i couldn’t even imagine. whenever i see myself like leaving, i cry because i have to picture you without me and i hate that because you made me care.” 

he looked up and stared at her, gasping for air. he leaned towards her and she backed into the wall. his hand rested on her cheek as he smiled, softly. “before you say anything, let me do this. please.”

“wha-“ she was cut off as he leaned in and lifted her chin so she was facing him. his soft lips smashed against hers and she leaned forward, encouraging him. he pulled away and anticipated the worst, exhaling when he turned back to her and she was grinning.

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Originally posted by thwipspideys

Summary - Your boyfriend Tom calls you clingy behind your back.

Warnings - Angst, fluff

483 Words

━━━━━━━━━━ ☆ ━━━━━━━━━━

Tom your boyfriend was coming back from shooting Spiderman Far From home. You were really excited you hadn’t seen him in nearly a year.

You and Tom haven’t moved in together yet you both were waiting for the perfect time. So you decided to go to his apartment and surprise him but it was you who actually ended up with one.

“Yeah, yeah I love Y/N and everything but Jesus she is clingy.”

You felt sick. Tom knew it was one of your biggest insecurities. Feeling absolutely heartbroken you ran out of the flat and shut the door alarming Tom.


What was that noise I thought? Then I remembered I was on the phone with Harrison. “Sorry mate I need to go,” I said not waiting for a response. I checked the time 1:32 shit Y/N should be here any minute. Or she might have just been routine and hear me call her clingy oh no it was of her insecurities she told me one of her exes was verbally abusive to her. I’ve got to go find her. 


With tears running down your face, you went into your local café and asked politely stumbling on your words: “Could I have a white coffee please.”
The barista tapped it into the system and looked up and asked sincerely “Miss are you ok?”
“I’m ok, just boyfriend troubles.” You explained quickly smiling.
“Oh I’m sorry love, here this one is on the house.” She kindly told you giving you your drink smiling.
“Thank you so much.” You replied with a watery smile and took your drank at sat down a table by a window.

Then you saw Tom, who also had been crying, jogging past the café and meeting your eye-line.

Oh shit you thought looking down as you heard the café door open.

Rushing over to you, Tom panicked and said “Baby, Y/N I’m so sorry.”
“No let me finish, darling I’m so sorry I never meant to hurt you, I was having a really rough day and I took it out on. I’m so sorry darling.” Tom desperately apologised with tears in his eyes.
“I am I clingy?” You asked meekly looking down.
“Yes but not in the way that you think, I love it when you’re clingy,” Tom explained. “I love to come home and cuddling you, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
"Really?” You asked now looking up with a small smile.
“Really.” Tom clarified “Now, let’s go home.” He said picking up your white coffee and putting an arm around your waist and walking out of the café.

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Sitze hier und denke nach, was mache ich wenn du weg bist und was kommt danach.? 💔💭

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“Dreaming in a world that I can’t see, maybe in another life I will find an inner peace, a place where I am free. I wanna scream out loud, nothing’s what it used to be, there’s a war inside my mind but I’m not the enemy.”

“FML” - Wasted Penguinz

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Manchmal fühlt es sich so an, als würde das Schicksal ausprobieren wieviel Schläge ich brauche, um entgültig kaputt zu gehen.

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Jedi!Reader x Obi-wan

A/N: I watched doctor sleep with my friend so I felt like writing about obi-wan again.

Warnings: a n g s t

Word count: 1067


It was yet another restless night for you at the Jedi temple. The clone war was raging and you felt lost as a Jedi. You could sense a great darkness coming, and it constantly distracted you, eating away at the back of your mind. However you were good at hiding it from most. There was only one person you could trust to fully confide in about such things, Obi-wan. The two of you had been friends for so long and had been through so much together. You were there for him when Qui-Gon died and he was there for you when those closest to you fell during the war. So now here you laid, staring at your ceiling, unable to rest. You were bored out of your mind just laying there letting your thoughts eat at you. You threw on your clothes and your robe and quietly snuck around the temple, going to your place of solitude. Eventually, you came to a balcony that led outside the temple. It was very early in the morning, the sun wasn’t even coming up yet. You placed both of your arms on the railing and leaned towards it, gazing off at the Coruscant skyline and all the thousands of ships and speeders that peppered the sky. Your mind wandered to Obi-wan again. On top of all of your problems that you were facing, you were now beginning to develop and attachment to him, and even feelings. You stood there, reminiscing on the little things about him, like his warm smile and comforting hugs, or his positive attitude and his selflessness. Your daydreaming came to be interrupted, “I thought I might find you here.” A familiar voice called out behind you. In a matter of moments, he was at your side. You turned to look at Obi-wan, giving him a faint smile.

“What is it now?” He asked softly. Your eyes began to tear up, and you wanted nothing more then for him to hold you. “I feel lost still Obi… mind is clouded as is my judgement. I fear I may never come back.” You told him. You could sense Obi-wans pain at hearing your words. He pulled you into him for one of his hugs that you loved. You held on tight to him, not wanting to let go, not wanting to ever leave this moment. “There is more, isn’t there?” He said to you. You nodded your head yes. He gently nudged you off of him, both of his hands remaining on both of your shoulders, “You can tell me anything.” He said, looking into your eyes. You wanted nothing more then to tell him everything. “I…..I can’t.” You said quietly. “Whatever it is you’re going though, please tell me, I can help you. I must help you, you know it pains me to see you like this, you deserve to be happy.” He said to you. You looked up at him and gave a small smile. You never knew how you came to be so lucky to have someone like him in your life. He was always so caring and kind, always wanting to make sure you’re okay and wanting the best for you. You raised a hand to cup the side of his face, your thumb gently caressing his cheek. He froze a little, he was searching in your eyes for a clue of what you were doing. Meanwhile you looked right back into his ocean blue eyes, with a sort of sad longing in yours.

You stood on the tips of your toes and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips. At first he didn’t know how to react, after a moment though, he returned the gesture. He cupped your face with one of his hands and pulled you in closer by your waist with the other, deepening the kiss. A swirl of emotions erupted around the two of you, contentment, happiness, sadness, passion, and fear. He pulled away from you, “We…..we can’t, we’re breaking a code we swore our lives to.” He said to you. “I know.” You told him. You looked up into his eyes again, it seemed as if all the air around you disappeared, and if felt like you were choking on the words you wanted to say. After a moment of hesitation you spoke, “I love you Obi-wan……and because of that I cannot stay here.” You told him. You turned to walk away from him, but he caught you by your arm, “Please wait. Don’t leave the order. You can-We can learn to over come these feelings. We are Jedi, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t human. It’s natural for us to have these feelings but-“ He was saying, but you cut him off, “But what Obi-wan? We have to suppress these feelings and be emotionless? I no longer feel like myself anymore, and my love for you doesn’t help. I’ve become a danger to the order, I must leave.” You told him, tears gently streaming down your face. “Please don’t ask me to stay, because if you do I’m afraid I will.” You continued. He looked at you, his face filled with sorrow and regret, “I….I cannot make you stay, and I will not ask you to. You must do what you feel is best. If you do go, take my love with you in your heart.” He told you. You took a step closer to him, “Close your eyes, and don’t open them until I say.” You whispered. He looked at your face for a moment, studying it. He had a feeling it would be the last time he saw it, but he did as you told him. It felt like an eternity passed before he felt your lips pressed against his one last time. The kiss was gentle, with sadness lingering on it. After a few moments, when he no longer felt your lips against his, he opened his eyes to find you gone, never to be seen again. He looked out towards the rising sun on the Coruscant skyline, composing himself. And that’s what he do for the rest of the war, he would look out into the setting sun of wherever he was at the time, and be reminded of you, knowing you were out there somewhere, holding on to his love.

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Angsty Sugawara Headcanons

Hey y'all, I’m feeling sad so let’s do some angsty headcanons for the best boy, Suga.

  • Suga has depression. But its not the kind of depression where he can’t get out of bed, or doesn’t have motivation to do anything.
  • Its the kind of depression that constantly sits in your brain and tells you everything thats wrong about you, or points out all the bad things around you.
  • Its the kind where no matter how many times a person says, “I love you,” There’s always that nagging thought in the back of your head that says, “No…they don’t. I dont deserve love.”
  • But no one really knows about his depression, except for his parents, siblings, and maybe Daichi and Asahi.
  • And the only reason those two found out was because they found Suga crying in the club room after practice one day, when he thought everyone had left.
  • They tried to calm him down, not understanding what was wrong, but soon Suga tells them and it makes them pause a little.
  • Suga always hides his negative emotions from everybody, including his closest friends. Because he knows if they see him sad or upset, they’re be sad too. And Suga hates seeing his friends upset.
  • Suga has a complicated relationship with food. Sometimes he can go an entire day without eating anything and he won’t even notice his hunger.
  • He skips out on breakfast a lot of the time, not because he’s running late or anything, but usually when he tries to eat in the morning, it makes him more nauseous than not.
  • The only times he ever eats a full, good meal, is when he goes out to eat after games with the team. Or when Ukai nags him too.
  • Suga’s parents fight a lot. Not because they don’t love one another or anything like that, they judt don’t get along like they did when they were younger.
  • And Suga sort of blames himself for that, even though it isn’t his fault.
  • He tries to protect his younger brother from their fights and arguments by taking him out for a walk or playing video games with him to distract him.
  • Because Suga is sort of the mom/therapy friend, he doesn’t have anyone to turn to about his problems. And he never has.
  • So, when Daichi tries to get him to open up about them, Suga feels like he’ll be a burden or annoy him with his issues.

I have a lot more headcanons (fluffy, angsty, smutty, you name it) for Suga and even other characters. So let me know if you guys want more!

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Closing the Distance | Lee Juyeon

“If only time would move quicker…”

Category: A short drabble, something a little typical. Idol!Juyeon.

Genre: angst, fluff.

Warning: None

Word count: 1,269


You knew it was going to be difficult. He was an idol and you’ve known from the second you fell for him that none of this was going to be easy. But Juyeon had always given you more than what you expected him to. When they say it’s risky to go out in public, he’d still bring you out to Han River and lay out the checkered carpet. He’d still put his arm on you while the both of you stare at how beautiful the stars were and how they decorated the pitch black sky so wonderfully. When they said not to bring you over to practice during daytime, he’d still snuck you in through the backdoor to grant you the chance to watch them.

He didn’t want you to feel any different and he succeeded. Though there’s still a couple of sneaking around, it didn’t feel like you were dating an idol. And he had always made it a point that your safety is number one, asking you whether or not there was anything bothering you once every month and reminding you to be honest if you feel unsafe. But there was nothing, a year into your relationship and you never once felt like you had to seek for safety. Until he had to go on his tour.

You knew this was bound to happen one day. You were happy for him. You were genuinely delighted to know that the whole world was going to see how talented he is and how capable he is. And he was living his dreams as well. But on the other side, you were a little bumped down by the fact that he would be gone for 8 months. “It’s alright,” you told yourself at first, “some couples out there had to go through years without each other. It’s only 8 months, come on.” But after mentally repeating that in your mind, you still found yourself sobbing inside the toilet.

Juyeon had his arms wrapped around you tight inside the bedroom of your apartment that morning before he had to leave. You had your face buried in his sweater, trying to memorize his scent for 8 months worth of time. His large hand was slowly caressing your hair, once in a while he’d kiss the top of your head and say, “we’ll be okay,” and you could only nod. Because as much as you tried to not be sad for this temporary long distance, you knew you were going to break down once you speak. Scratch that, it didn’t take talking for you to start crying and Juyeon could feel his heart squeezing when you started slightly shaking.

You could feel his arms tightening around you but it was only a couple of seconds later when his phone rang, signalling how his ride was down at the lobby. Your tears were becoming uncontrollable and you were starting to think how you were overreacting. But it was then when you knew how much you loved him and how much he had given you the past year. He loosen his arms and made the two of you lock eyes. A small painful smile was painted on his face as he saw your tear-filled face. He gently wiped the stray tears away from your eyes and tuck your hair behind your ears. “I’ll be home soon, alright?” to which you nodded before he continued, “I love you, so much.”

And with that he left you inside the room with a piece of his sweater placed neatly at the foot of your bed.

8 months felt like years at first. You didn’t think it would feel that long but it did. Though he would always call you before bed and on days when he had the time, he’d call you during the day too, you still physically longed for him. He’d send you videos and pictures and made you feel like you were there with him all that while.

It was hard all throughout but there were a couple instances when you feel like it’s a lot harder. On your bad days, you’d hope for a miracle to happen. That he’ll come punching in the passcode to your door and dash in to wrap his arms around you. You’d wish for it to happen like how it does in some of the movies you watched or the books you read. But nothing like that would happen in real life and you realized that when you choked back your sobs during your calls. Juyeon knew something was wrong but he knew you were holding back for the two of you. That if you spill everything that was on your mind, that would’ve cost you his guilt and there were chances that it would lead to something else.

“I’ll be home soon, yeah?” he always repeated the same exact words, “I love you. I love you more than I do anyone else.”

On the night when he was supposed to come back, you didn’t think you’d have a terrible 12 hours prior. You tripped on your way up the stairs of your campus and hurt your hip. They had put a little too much sugar on your coffee and you ran late to your part time job, earning yourself a couple of harsh words thrown upon you by your manager.

But when the clock hit 2 AM and you were once again sobbing in the corner of your room, you heard the sound of your passcode ringing. In less than a second, you dashed out and there he was, exhaustion so evident in his eyes yet it still sparkled upon the sight of you. Your chin trembled once you saw him, lips shaking and your emotions were all over the place. Without a delay, you jumped into his arms and you could feel him dropping his bag.

“I missed you,” he whispered against your hair, “I missed you so much, baby.” You could only dangle yourself on him, not knowing what else to do. And he was the one who loosen his arms to look at your face. His hand was gently placed against your cheeks, eyes absorbing your features before leaning down to place a kiss on your lips.

Juyeon didn’t realize how much he missed having you in his arms and how much he missed having your lips on his until he had it all back. He was savouring his time, his lips moving against yours and your hand circling on his neck. You felt a void when he pulled away but he looked straight into your brown orbs and could only say, “wow…”

“What…?” You asked, The delayed gratification was driving something inside of you insane though it had only been a couple of seconds of him staring down at you. He only leaned in again to place a kiss on the side of your lips before leaving trails of it up to your cheeks and then down your jawline. You could feel his teeth nibbling on your skin and the slight act of tease made the butterflies go crazy in your stomach. Juyeon didn’t stop there and went ahead to pepper more down your neck while his hand was one on your hip and the other still placed on your cheeks.

He was kissing you up to your ears before you said, “I missed how beautiful you look.”

“Well, now you’re going to see it again every single day.”

“I love you so much, princess,” he said, voice low and your could feel his breath on your skin.

“I love you too.”

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tws - forced outing, smut, alcohol, being drunk

“Lunch, lunch, lunchlunchlunch.” Sirius mumbled, throwing an arm around Remus as they walked down the street. Just then Remus watched Sirius’ face drop slightly.

“Pads what-“ before he could continue a group of people circled around them and started to yell.

“ Sirius- Is this your boyfriend?”

“Are you gay?”

Tell us tell us tell us-

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you are the water to my ocean,

but also the sea of my pain.

i am now broken,

but you are the only thing that keeps

me sane


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