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Mildly threatening vibes.


tfw lowkey you know your friend may try to kill you someday but you know so like—

Is he going to hug me or is he going to strangle me

I wrote a bunch of shorts/story concepts recently (that I realise are very channeling of the complicated relationship dynamics between 2 of my own characters but heck–)

this unfinished sketch kindof sums up some of that.

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Originally posted by leave-me-colourless

Author: hela-avenger

Word Count: 1662

Summary: Prince Loki of Asgard is in need of a date to take back home. That’s where you come in with a task of your own to make the whole trip with an insufferable prince worth it. Too bad that things don’t always go as planned and you end up giving more than you can take. Fake-Dating AU.

A/N:  Oh my I’m so excited now! Let me know if you’ll like to be tagged!

Hela-Avenger Masterlist

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While having a fling with one of your brothers-in-law, tragedy strikes! Feeling as if your world is falling apart around you, a decision is made to end the affair.  But in the face of catastrophe, emotions are encountered and must be dealt with. Will you, once again, end up in the arms of the man who is not your husband? And how will your relationship with the Winchesters become afflicted if the affair comes to light? 

A/N: This is the sequel to Falling to Temptation. Please read that before reading this one. This one will be 5-6 parts long, with an epilogue to come later.        Also, try as I might to keep to the “Choose the Brother” theme I had going in FTT, I just couldn’t do it. I needed to give her/you/the reader a certain brother as her husband and another as her lover. Hope this doesn’t turn you away from this. 

Tagging the ones who were tagged in the prior fic: @lostinaseaoffictionalbliss @squirrelnotsam @sandlee44  @internationalmusicteacher @kricketc29@natura1phenomenon@blacktithe7@spnbaby-67@travelingriversideblues-x​  @keymology@tftumblin@markofdean79@thevelvetseries@deanwanddamons@winchester-fantasies@akshi8278@michellethetvaddict@larajadeschmidt13@xhannahbananax03@leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid

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Far above her, a faint glow appeared, dispelling the shadows. That was it ! She wanted to reach the light with her hand but invisible claws were holding her back, drawing her deeper and deeper in the abyss. She struggled, now driven by the fear of being swallowed for good.

“Let me go ! I have to go back !”

Liane managed to free her arm from the grasping darkness and threw it towards the light. She noticed with horror that it was loosing intensity.

“NO !” she shrieked, “Don’t go ! I have to wake up ! I can’t die here !”

She redoubled her effort, fighting against the grim pressure that was crushing her lungs. Finally releasing the rest of her body, she began to ascend to the surface, like she was swimming to escape drowning. Slowly, the distance between her and the light was decreasing.

I wrote a scene where Liane’s trying to wake up from a deadly nightmare, and I couldn’t resist drawing it. I’m not used to watercolors but I’m pretty satisfied with this one since it fit the picture I originally had in mind.                

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a/n: Love Die Young is such a cute song, it’s slow and sappy and I LOVE IT! I don’t really talk about Eric too much but damnnnn this man has every millimeter of my stone cold heart. 

Genre: Major Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 1.9k

Short Description: Eric Nam has been your best friend since birth, however it wasn’t because of consequence or fate. It’s because he’s your guardian angel. Everyone has one, and they come in all different forms and during different parts of your life depending on when they’re supposed to help you. Eric has not once been able to figure out why he’s been as your angel for 21 years but when the inevitable happens while Eric is at a meeting in Heaven, you’re in a accident which leaves you in critical condition. He fears for your life and can’t seem to let you go…

Warnings:  Cursing, Truck Accident, Gore, character death, mentions of character death, self-sacrafice. mentions of sex, 

Song Rec.: Love Die Young by Eric Nam (on loop)


Clanking and banging sounded from your apartment’s kitchen, pulling you out of your peaceful life. Groggily, you wrap a blanket around you moving to your kitchen to see what the heck was going on. 

“Shit, shit, shit-” Eric cursed quickly under his breath as he failed at flipping a pancake. You can’t help but laugh at your best friend’s misery making him whip around, armed with his bed head and a spatula. 

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Heute ist das Spiel “Animal Crossing new Horizon” für die Nintendo Switch bei mir angekommen.

Mein Freund meint ich soll es mir holen, auch wenn ich zurzeit nicht euphorisch genug bin es zu spielen, vielleicht ändere ich meine Meinung sobald es da ist.

Ich habe es bisher nur ausgepackt aber noch nicht gespielt, weil ich mich nicht traue und Angst habe.

Angst , dass es mir gut dabei geht und ich Spaß daran habe.

Angst , dass es mir in der Spielwelt gut gefällt besser als in der realen Welt.

Angst , mich in der virtuellen Welt zu verlieren und nie wieder zurück in die richtige Welt zu wollen.

Angst, dass ich schnell den Spaß an dem Spiel verliere und genau am selben Punkt zurück komme an dem ich mich derzeit befinde.

Einfach Angst.

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Who actually believed I was done talking smack about Nalu?

I feel like I haven’t been clear enough on this. Normally, I’d say something like this because fandom ignores my arguments about something. While that’s not untrue here, looking back on my discussions of the Nalu fandom’s desire for canon situations of angst, I feel like I can be a bit more clear and direct as to why I don’t like it.

A lot of what I’ve said makes it seem as though I don’t like or appreciate angst as a whole. Sure, I say I don’t hate angst, but I worry that my explanations make it sound like a cover to rag on Nalu for even potentially having angst. I want to explain the issue I have with the cries for Nalu angst in a way that shows I can appreciate angst.

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Tamaki Amajiki X Reader

Warning: A little bit of angst, heartbreak, swearing

(I’m sorry for doing this to you)

‘Another day to spend with Tamaki, perfect!’ You thought to yourself. You are a first year and in class 1-A, it has been months since the big 3 was introduced to your class. One of them had caught your attention which was non other than the shy trembling boy whose name is Tamaki, Tamaki Amajiki. It did not take long for you both to immediately start hanging with each other it was like you were destined to be with him because of how well you got along with him. He gave you strength, whenever you were training and got exhausted, you would think of him, he was your strength, he was your light, he was your everything. But you couldn’t tell him your feelings, not yet.

“Hey, Y/n, I’m guessing you’re ready to go now right?” Asked Tamaki. You nodded in response “mhmm! look I even got us some snacks, see?” he saw how happy you were, you were his light, the way your face lit up, you seemed to be glad to be by his presence, right? but something stopped him from having those big, bright, beautiful thoughts. Right? You liked being around him because he was a good person and not because he was one of the big 3? He ignored those thoughts as you two went on with your hang out strolling in the park and talking about your internships. “Yeah, Hawks really is one strong hero, a cool one too, don’t you think? Man, if I was a hero like him I’d feel so lucky! He has the good looks, his presence is amazing and he’s such a badass, no?” You went on and on about how you admired your mentor while Tamaki just walked, he listened to your excitement, but why was it that he couldn’t get that stupid thought out of his head?

As you two settled down near a bench and finished up with the snacks you had brought you started complimenting him.

“Tamaki, you’re amazing! I was walking by and saw you training and you just seemed like such a badass I couldn’t help but look at what you were doing a little longer. I know you’re going to be a great hero, one that will be able to put a smile on people’s faces even with your shy nature!” “Ummm…Y-Y/n?” “Yes Tamaki?” “Do you really l-like me being a-a- around?”

‘What is he thinking that’s making him shake like that?’ You thought.

“Of course I do Tamaki! Why wou-“ “I don’t know… I don’t know! Is it because I’m part of the big 3? Because I’m popular? Does it feel good to be around someone popular? Huh? That must be it! Right?” “Tamaki, why would you think that?” “I just told you why! Do y-“

‘This was getting fucking ridiculous, what had gotten into his mind that made him spit such fucking nonsense?’ You couldn’t help but yell at him, why? What? How? He couldn’t possibly be thinking that you were hanging out with him just because of his popularity.

“No! You listen to me! What made you think that? You think I’m just here to make myself look good in front of the other students? Oh, look at me I’m with Suneater of the big 3? Is that what you think of me? Do you think I’m some type of snake?!”

‘Y/n calm down, calm down! Do you see what you’re saying?’ You thought in a panic, why couldn’t you stop yelling though?

At this point you were going to break down at any moment, but you couldn’t let Tamaki see that. “I can’t see another damn reason you’d want to be next to me! Can’t you see? I’m fucking worthless! I’m not as strong as Mirio, I’m not able to socialize like Hado, what am I? Worthless, and it’s all I’ll ever be!” Tamaki snapped back.

‘No, he can’t think about himself that way.’

You couldn’t stand it anymore. “You know what? I’m sorry that I make you feel like I’m only here for your popularity, I’m sorry for making you feel like you’re worthless, I’m so damn sorry that I make you feel these emotions, I’m sorry that I snapped back at you. But if you really think that I’m here for your status, then maybe we should end it here” You said softly with a crack in your voice. This hurts, it hurts a lot. But if he felt that way around you, then maybe it’s for the best.

“Y-y/n” tamaki said with tears in his eyes, you were already gone.

‘Fuck, Tamaki what were you thinking?’ He cursed at himself.

By the time you got to your dorm room after greeting your classmates, you cried. You cried that you made him feel that way. If only he knew your true feelings, would he still be thinking of himself in that way? Would he finally be able to lift whatever was blinding him?

‘Idiot’ you thought, you loved him. You wouldn’t be able to sit out for lunch with him like you usually did, now you wouldn’t be able to hear him talk about the new butterflies in his collection, you wouldn’t see the excitement he had whenever he saw a butterfly land on your hand. You won’t be able to see any of that now, if him being near you caused him to think badly of himself, then it’s better to not be near you at all you thought. For now, you just needed some sleep, if you could get any. Maybe you needed some food to comfort you while you cried for the next hours.


Originally posted by fukuwajutsu


OOF omg, I tried to make it as good as possible, I had this scenario in my head and I started crying cause this bean doesn’t deserve to think so badly of himself. Don’t worry imma make another part soon

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Summary: Fate was never on your side.

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader, Alpha!Sam x Omega!Reader, Castiel

Warnings: angst, unrequited love?, rejection, ABO, ABO dynamics, scenting, pregnant mate, aggressive Omega, biting


Quiet. The room is suddenly quiet when you step out of the restrooms of the crowded diner only to watch your alpha’s scent a random Omega.

You can hear Sam’s low throaty purr. While you poke your arm to make sure you are not in the middle of a nightmare, Dean sniffs at the Omega and your heart drops the moment he purrs for her too.

Without thinking twice, you run out of the diner. Your vision is clouded with tears as you walk along the street leading toward the bunker.

They did not even realize you left the diner, not even half an hour later when you arrive at the bunker.

With shaking fingers, you walk toward your shared room to hide your face in Dean’s pillow. Usually, his scent calms you but now more tears well up to your eyes and a sob leave your lips.

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A/N: Sorry ya’ll but chapters might become a little spare, my mental health is taking a dive right now, (I’m posting this at about eight a.m. and I haven’t slept yet) I will try to keep writing though!


Logan, Decan, and Patton went back into the dining room, while Virgil slipped back into their room so that he could grab the present for Logan. He knew that the other three had already wrapped and put their gifts in the dining room, but Virgil’s had arrived later than expected and he hadn’t got to put it in a bag at the time. He packaged it quickly, half jogging to catch up with them in the dining room. They were all sitting at the table, except for Roman. Virgil sat down his gift. 

Do you know where Roman went? He signed to Decan, his eyebrows going down to express his question. 

When we came out, he went into the kitchen. He gestured with his head, but when Virgil went to walk in that direction he caught his arm quickly. When Virgil turned back towards him he signed, Try to be gentle with him, you know how sensitive he is. 

I will, I promise. He patted him on the arm, before turning away and heading into the kitchen. 

Roman was sitting on the counter, twisting his fingers with a nervous movement. His hair was ruffled out of his usual perfect swoop, his eyes downcast. After all three of his boyfriends had left, only after looking at me like I killed their brother of course, he couldn’t help but feel like he’d done something wrong, with the reappearance of Patton and the quick look from Decan, he had left the room, trying not to cry. 

He heard Virgil come in, his head shooting up. Are they mad at me? 

A little bit. You made Patton cry. 

I didn’t mean to. If he had just liked dinner it would’ve been fine. 

It was a textural thing. He didn’t like the beans. 

There was a pause in the conversation, Roman stared at Virgil in open mouth shock, he hadn’t thought that maybe Patton didn’t like the texture, he assumed that he hated his cooking, and to some extent, hated him. “Oh.” He said out loud. 

He hoped down off the counter,  readjusting the collar of his shirt with a careful hand. What should I do? They’re mad at me, and I hurt Patton. He probably hates me. He signed to Virgil, the expression of sadness and fear very real. I’m so stupid. He thinks to himself as fidgets with his clothing and his hair. 

Maybe try apologizing? And making sure he’s okay? That might be a good start. Virgil tried to express calmness with his facial expressions, so that Roman wouldn’t think that he was mad at him. 

Okay. He nodded his head, before reaching out to grab Virgil’s wrist and pull him back into the dining room where everyone else was. 

“I’m sorry you guys, especially Patton.” he sighed as he exclaimed the words, sitting down in a chair very quickly and letting go of Virgil as he did so. “I just thought that Patton hated my cooking and he was making a big scene because I did something wrong. And you know how I am about my cooking and since Patton didn’t tell me that, I didn’t think about that. And I’m sorry.” He said it all very quickly, pushing his hair back in frustration, though who he was frustrated with was unclear, even to himself. 

“It’s okay Roman.” Patton responded immediately, reaching out to pat his hand. He missed his birthday sweater, the soft material and oversized sleeves were good in a situation like this. 

“Your apology is accepted.” Logan, couldn’t see the frustration on Roman’s face but he frowned at the response from Roman. 

“Yes, thank you for apologizing, love.” Decan reached out to touch Patton’s leg in sympathy. 

Patton looked around to confirm that everyone had forgiven Roman. “Okay, let’s get back into it then.” he turned to face Virgil. “Would you like to cut the cake? Then we can get started on the presents at the same time.” 

Virgil nodded, and picked up the knife off of the table next to the pan. He cut the cake into fair sized squares, placing them on plates and setting them near everyone’s place. As he did so. Roman, Patton and Decan retrieved their gifts from beside the doorway. 

It didn’t take them long to each finish a slice of cake, and as soon as they did, Logan opened his presents. He picked up Roman’s first. 

“Who is this from?”

“Me.” Roman was practically bouncing in excitement. 

Logan untied the ribbon from around the box, struggling with the paper and the lid, but pulling it open nonetheless. He picked up the thing inside. It felt like a sweater, he ran his hands over it, feeling a soft and plushy material. 

“I crocheted it for you, it isn’t much but - -”

“Describe it to me.”  

He paused, trying to think of what to say, it was a perplexing request to him. “Okay, it’s, it’s dark blue, like the color of your eyes mixed with black.” Logan hadn’t heard a description like that before, or even really thought about the color of his eyes. He hadn’t seen them in years. “The yarn is pretty thick, there’s a stripe of silver around the neckline and along the hemline. I gave it a v-neck so that you could wear it over your button-ups and tie.”

Logan smiled at him, it was simple, so simple really, just a sweater in a style he liked, but the fact that Roman had made it, had spent more than likely months working on it, it almost brought a tear to his eye. “Thank you, thank you Roman. This is very thoughtful, I cannot imagine how much time it must’ve taken.” 

“You’re welcome.” He quipped out, smiling brightly, it felt nice to be appreciated. 

Next he picked up Patton’s present, it was a bag and after reaching in to take out some paper, he felt a lot of silky and smooth fabric. He was confused. 

“What’s this?” He pulled it out of the bag, before reaching his hand in to grab a few more. After pulling out two of them, he understood. “Ties? Who got these.” There was a smile on his face. 

“I did.” Patton was hesitant. “Most of them are solid colors, kind of like the ones you already have but in different colors, but a few of them have fun prints on them.” He swallowed, pushing up his glasses. “One of them has a dog on it, and paw prints.” 

“That’s very cute.” He reached out to offer Patton an affectionate shoulder pat. 

Next he grabbed Decan’s gift, it was rather heavy, and he struggled for a moment to hold it without dropping it. 

“Careful, it’s fragile,” he heard murmured to him, and he quickly put away the ties on his lap and set the bag next to him so that he could lift the box with both hands. 

He opened it up, and wrangled out what felt like a framed photo, it was rather large, and the frame felt wooden. 

Without being asked, Decan launched into an explanation. “The frame I painted white, obviously there’s glass over the picture. It’s the picture we took the day we all moved in, where we’re standing outside the ranch. The sun was very nice, it was right before Roman’s brother left for Spain, he took our picture for us.” 

Logan remembered that day, it was maybe the best day of his life, getting to meet each of his wonderful boyfriends in real life. It was the first time he had been able to really touch each of them, running his hands over their faces to get acquainted with how they look. To know who these men he was devoting his life to really was. The smile showed on his face, he ran his hands over the glass slowly, like he could feel that day in his hands. 

“Thank you, Decan. This is a very thoughtful - -” he felt choked up with tears. “I don’t know,” He swallowed. “Thank you, I love it very much.” he put it back in the box carefully, picking up the final gift from the floor. 

“I presume this is from Virgil.” He opened the bag, and pulled out what was inside. It felt like a CD. “What’s this?” 

“He says it’s an ebook. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie. He says that he’s sorry it isn’t quite as nice as the other gifts, but he remembered you expressing interest in this book when you went shopping last time.” 

“There’s no need to be sorry, this is a great gift, I’m going to enjoy it immensely, I’ve heard good things about this book.” He spoke slowly so that Virgil could read his lips 

“He says he’s glad that you like it.” 

“Thank you, to all of you, this has been an amazing birthday,” then, he did something a little uncharacteristic, stumbling slightly, Logan went around the table and kissed each of his boyfriends on the cheek. “Thank you so much for making this birthday so amazing.” He sat back down in his chair, thankful to be able to move around the table without any issue.

 “We love you Logan.” they all chimed out, smiling at him, even if they couldn’t see it.

“Perhaps, if you would all like,” he paused, allowing them to chime in and tell him no. “We could watch a movie or something. You can pick of course.” 

Patton was the first to agree, despite the fact that he just wanted to go to bed. The others agreed, and after a few minutes of back and forth, they finally agreed on a documentary about Disney. As soon as the movie started, he realized it was too loud, burrowing his head under the blanket and pressing himself as close to Roman as he could, Patton tried to block out the sound, falling asleep minutes into the beginning of the movie.

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Touya and Tenko
by dreams of sin

Something had begun to change between Dabi and Shigaraki. Once upon a time they could never spend more than two minutes in the same room without spitting and sneering like two wild feral cats. But that was once upon a time ago, because now something had begun to unravel and change and grow inside them.

All it had taken was a chance encounter of almost losing Dabi, for Shigaraki to realise the true extent of his feelings. And for Dabi? It had taken almost being incarcerated, for him to realise just how important Shigaraki was to him. He was hope. The hope that he’d never thought he’d ever find, until that young skeleton freak had appeared like an angel to him, to shield and shelter him from the storm that was hero society.

After that, it’s not so easy to ignore their instincts, because even villains aren’t immune to that thing called love. But being who they were, this thing that was happening between them was never going to be easy. It was never ever going to be that sweet, lovely, tender fairy tale with a happy ending. Dabi had always known. And if he had cared to admit it, so did Shigaraki. He had always known deep down inside, that getting involved with Dabi had always meant trouble.

Words: 3894, Chapters: 1/15, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Forged From Ash And Dust They Rise

Read Here:

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Send me requests and I’ll write short Characterxreader stories ! 


Ideas of characters : Loki, Avengers, Quentin Beck, vampire MCU characters,  Reed Richards, Victor von Doom, Charles Xavier, Magneto, Harry Osborn (TASM2), Sebastian Michaelis, Captain Hook, Fairy tales characters, mythological characters ….

Themes : Love (friendship, romantic, passionate, smut, cannibalism), vampires, magic (curses, metamorphosis from human to animal, hypnosis, manipulation, healing…), comfort, fatherhood, motherhood, siblings, fainting, falling in love, hugs…

My limits :  I don’t write things too hot or nsfw. Eroticism is good. // I am a delicate little heart so I avoid overly bloody descriptions and violence in general (torture, savage murder …) But I accept angst and darkness.

I’m French so I write in french and english ^^ You can find my work here :

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