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blueisapril · 2 minutes ago
Old Magick in Modern Times (A Peter Parker Fanfic) CH.5
A/N: This one hurt to write a bit. So I'm just gonna apologize in advance. Things are gonna get a bit worse before they get better. This is pretty much only worse.
So here, have some angst. <3
Warnings: Minor violence, blood (lots of blood), injuries, hurt feelings, and a whole bucket of angst and confusion.
Maybe looking back Peter could tell you why he felt such sudden despair and abandonment when he realized Silver wasn’t home, but in the moment, it was all too consuming to feel anything else.
It was late, he was sore, and while the bleeding had stopped the places where pieces of glass were still embedded were beginning to sting. He knew he couldn’t make it back to the compound in his condition. Sinking to the floor he did his best not to let it all overwhelm him, but the tears came anyway.
It’s not like there was anyone to see him in his moment of weakness.
Ok, that thought didn’t help.
Peter wasn’t sure how much time had passed, before the pain became too much to continue to ignore, but eventually he started pulling out glass pieces. Well, trying to anyway.
Silver’s place was dark and he’d never found the switch for the string lights in the hallway, he didn’t have the energy to try and move either, so blurry eyed and stifling a sob, he tried to pry them out with his fingers.
He got two of the bigger pieces out before he heard the front door unlock and open. He tried to be as quiet as possible, he assumed it would be Silver coming in, but there wasn’t a way for him to know for sure. And with his injuries, he wasn’t sure how well he’d be able to fend off someone else.
“Spider? By the gods, doll! What happened to you?!” Silver sounded worried, he looked worried as he rushed to kneel in front of Peter, taking stock of the bloodied glass on the floor and the wounds littering his extremities.
He was going to explain what happened, he really was, but with his enhanced senses it wasn’t even a minute before the smell of alcohol and sex overpowered the worry in Silver’s rapid fire questions and examination. Peter felt his heart sink.
He had turned the lights on, his jacket or bag or something had been dropped in a pile behind him. The button up he was wearing was wrinkled and wasn’t buttoned all the way, Peter could see at least two hickeys and part of Silver’s tattoo when he moved.
He wasn’t wearing shoes when stood up, disappeared into his room and then came back with a first aid kit and bottles Peter now knew to be pain reliever and clotting potions.
Silver didn’t have to tell him to drink when he handed him the tiny bottle of bluish liquid. It would take at least 10 minutes for the pain reliever to start working, but Silver didn’t waste any time in pulling out a pair of tweezers and pulling out shards, so really, it wasn’t Peter’s fault when another sob forced its way from his chest.
“I know, doll, I know. I’m so sorry.” Silver whispered, again and again, each time he found and removed a new shard. The pain was starting to end, but Peter wasn’t sure if it was because of the vial or the aching numbness that was beginning to sink into his chest.
Silver hadn’t been home, because he had been at someone else's place, drinking and probably fucking. Peter tried not to think about it, but the more he tried not to think about it, the worse the scenarios in his head became.
Why did it even bother him?
It’s not like he and Silver had any kind of relationship other than some-kind of professional. He had made it clear he wasn’t interested in getting to know Peter. Well, kinda. He didn’t really start conversations, but he always engaged in them when Peter did. Asking questions, usually in the form of a raised or furrowed eyebrow, but still.
And he’d ask, the next time he saw Peter, he’d ask about some of the mundane and ridiculous shit he told him, following up on things that even Peter himself forgot he had mentioned.
But it still hurt, no matter how irrational it was, Peter still found himself hurt at the idea of Silver with someone else.
“Why weren’t you here?” It was a whisper of a question that Peter didn’t mean to let slip out, but apparently tonight was the night his mouth decided to betray him.
Silver’s hands stilled over his right arm, his whole body tensing, before he cleared his throat and forced himself to relax enough to continue treating Peter.
He shook his head, messing up his already messy hair, more strands coming loose from his braid and falling around his face.
“I was- I uh went out.”
A pause, pregnant and looming, and then more words poured from Silver than Peter had ever heard, that didn’t concern what he was doing to heal him or a short question to get him talking about last week's problems.
“I am so sorry. I should have been here. I got caught with a project for my da and I wasn’t paying attention to the days. I thought I was timing it right, but obviously I didn’t. I don’t even know how long you’ve been here. Fuck, Spider. It’s been eight days since you were last here. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”
Eight days? It had only been eight days since he had last been here? Peter was sure it had been longer.
“EIght days?”
“Yeah. You always come back every 6 to 10 days. Never more, never less.” Silver looked up from his work and smiled, though it was a bit watery, and Peter noticed his eyes were glassy, like he had been trying not to cry. From relief or guilt Peter wasn’t totally sure.
“We need to get you out this dumb suit, yeah?” Peter sniffed and nodded, not sure what to think that Silver had been keeping such an eye on when he came and went. He had said it so matter-of-factly Peter wanted to assume he did that with everyone that came to him for help, but the way he had looked at him after.
He wasn’t sure what to think now.
Getting Spider out of the suit and into a shower wasn’t the hardest thing Cy had done recently, the aforementioned project for his father pretty well topped most things in recent memory, except leaving the bathroom. Leaving the bathroom after disinfecting the wounds as best he could to give Spider the space he needed to completely clean off was the hardest part.
He had been covered in cuts and blood. Most of them were pretty small and would probably heal within the next few hours, if not less, but there were a few larger ones Cy was worried could get seriously infected.
How had he not realized it had been eight days? Because he had locked himself in his lab for 4 days, instead 2 like he had thought. That’s how. Because he was too preoccupied with finishing perfectly that he didn’t bother to think of anything else.
Because it was easier to drown in some SHIELD project til it was done, go to a bar and pick up a random guy, then it was to take a look at the fact that he had begun to rearrange his schedule around when he thought Spider-man would show up.
Because honestly, who really wants to take a long hard look at themselves when they realize they had started moving their schedule around a guy they met not even six months ago.
They weren’t friends.
They weren’t in any kind of relationship.
They were barely acquaintances. Ish.
It didn’t mean anything that Cy now knew exactly how to make eggs and bacon in the morning to what Spider liked the best.
It didn't mean anything that he had gotten new paint for the guest room after Spider had said it was weird that it was all grey. Especially compared to the rest of his place.
It also didn’t mean anything that Cy had begun to ask one of his brothers and SIL for help in learning how to sew up clothes, more specifically how to patch latex and other things someone who worked for or adjacent to SHIELD might wear.
No, none of that meant anything.
And it especially didn’t mean anything that the guy he went home with earlier was a brunette with brown eyes that was shorter than him. He didn’t have big doe eyes with flecks of gold and green and even though he was shorter than Cy, he still wasn’t the right height, so it obviously meant nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
Fuck. Cy was so screwed.
And he probably needed a cold shower.
Peter stayed in the shower long after he was done and should have gotten out. Replaying the interaction in his head until the hot water finally started to run out and his hands and feet were pruny.
His body ached everywhere and the thought of having to dry off and put clothes on sounded much worse than it probably was. Toweling off went very slowly and he found himself grateful for the dark maroon towels Silver kept in the guest bathroom.
He didn’t want to see the blood stains that were bound to be forming.
A knock on the bedroom door startled Peter out of his thoughts and the towel out of his hands.
“Fuck.” He whispered.
Another knock and then Silver spoke. “Hey Spider, before you get fully dressed I’d like to patch up a few of those larger cuts.” A cleared throat. “If that’s- if that’s alright with you.”
Peter heard a muffled groan and what might’ve been a smack through the door. He couldn’t help the small smile that formed.
Putting on a pair of boxers and dark green joggers he found in the dresser, he slowly made his way out to the living room. Silver was standing in front of the window to the fire escape, it was still open. Guess he forgot to close it when he got in.
His back was to Peter, arms crossed in front of his chest, faded black sweatpants hung low on his hips, and wet hair clung to his back and shoulders.
“Sorry if I took all the hot water.” Peter spoke, his voice was rough and scratchy.
Silver spun on his heel, looking startled and wide eyed at him. Peter still wasn’t sure how he managed to startle the guy all the time. He knew he was quiet, but he wasn’t usually trying to be sneaky when he was here. Although it’s not like he minded that much, he actually found it kind of cute.
Shaking his head, Silver gestured for him to sit on the couch. The stain from his first visit here was still plastered to half of one of the cushions, no longer a vibrant red, but a dark and muddy, faded brown.
It fit the aesthetics of the place, Peter thought. With the dark purple bookcases stuffed with books and binders, and loose-leaf papers, and the bright blue, but definitely faded and chipped, walls. The dining room table that was scuffed and the chairs that were slightly uneven and wobbled, even when Peter had put folded-up napkins under one leg to balance it out.
Taking a seat beside him, Silver began putting the healing accelerate and numbing cream on, before wrapping up the larger cuts on his forearms and the bullet wound on his bicep.
“I prefer cold showers anyway, so it’s nice that someone can use the hot water.”
Peter didn’t say anything, but hummed in acknowledgment. He didn’t have the energy to talk right now, he could deal with the silence, especially since he was finally getting used to Silvers cold fingers dancing on his skin.
“I have two brothers.” A pause, a little awkward and stilted, Peter wasn’t sure if he was supposed to reply or if Silver had even meant to say that out loud.
“One is older than me by four years and the other is older than me by 3 minutes. He never lets me forget that.” A quiet chuckle as he sets Peter’s left arm in his lap and gently picks up his right. Starting the process over again.
“We were SHIELD kids. Our dad is an agent, well Special Agent now, but when I was 12 he had just gotten the promotion to Special Agent and we had to move from Washington to Texas. I don’t remember what for, but…” Trailing off, Silver shrugs, a small smile painting his lips.
Another pause, this one less awkward, and then. “It’s hot as balls in Texas. Don’t ever go there unless you want your eyes to melt out of your skull.”
A startled laugh was pulled out of Peter, it almost felt good, almost like normal, but the bruises on his ribs made it hard not to flinch in pain with the action. And the memory of earlier, of being alone and in pain only to be greeted with disheveled and sex drunk Silver, didn’t do much to help Peter’s overall mood.
The rest of the night was quiet, it didn’t take long for Silver to finish patching him up and Peter was all too grateful to be able to flop into bed with a mostly numb body, knowing when he woke up most of the cuts would be gone.
He made sure to leave before Silver woke up.
Later that day, in the privacy of his room, he could think about what had happened without twitching a little bit.
A few days later, after a weird and vague talk with Nat, Peter could finally admit, at least to himself, that he might actually like white haired healer. And that maybe he had been a bit jealous at the idea of him with someone else.
Peter never did get the courage to ask about who Silver had been with, instead he did his best to take care of his own injuries instead of taking up more of Silver’s time.
He made it a month before he was shot again, this time the bullet stayed lodged in shoulder and he haphazardly swung his way to Silver’s place. It was not a graceful landing onto the fire escape.
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jayjaehoon · 3 minutes ago
[15:39] 박종성 Park Jongseong
You let the rain soak your whole body. Tears streamed down your face as you watched best friend! Jongseong walk away as if you didn't spend the last 19 years of your life together.
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hayhays · 6 minutes ago
Hey guys! So Crazy Rich Avengers is gonna have to be put on hold for a while because I have to turn in my computer to my school so they can re-image it, so the story won’t be updated until the late summer, maybe early August. I’m sorry for this, BUT! In the meantime my requests/inbox is open, so if you want to send in something, please do and I will happily write it! Or if you just wanna talk, I’ll answer!
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vintagebones · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some sky angst for y’all
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askamongusko · 9 minutes ago
maaaybe don't... lean on Shadowy of all people for emotional support? he's a manipulative prick who would sell you for an ounce more of power known for ghosting or abusing those who care for him. and... he's like this across the multi-universe. he WILL kick you when your down. he views everyone as a tool or toy, even- no, ESPECIALLY you.
I...know that? I haven’t been...willingly. The parasite suggested vents don’t count...
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cosmixqt · 12 minutes ago
Hello! I really love your blog and your Lady D writings! I was wondering if I could request a Lady D imagine with the reader being in a relationship her before she met mother Miranda and how they react to Alcina being infected with the Cadou and you have a choice to be infected too to stay or if you don’t you leave sorry English isn’t my first language so I hope makes sense!  
Warnings: Ghostwriting/writers, friends to lovers, angst, alt ending, plague/viral infection, biblical angel personification
Comments: I was kinda iffy on this one, I haven’t done alternate endings before. I hope you enjoy it!!
You had known this wonderful woman since your high school days. You had started out being best friends with her. It only took a short while for you to start developing feelings for Alcina. She however didn’t realize until much later whilst you were helping her tend to her parents vineyards.
This wasn’t something she was very happy about. Alcina was still a student, what did she have anything to do with these vines anyways? Though she didn’t really drink, Alcina would have the occasional, maybe yearly holiday drink.
Some time after, Alcina would give it some thought before sending a letter whilst she was on a family vacation. She had seen an advertisement for ghostwriters.
True people in this time didn’t have the skill very much but times were changing.
Not really giving it a second thought, Alcina went to the address of the place where one of the writers greeted her.
It wasn’t much of an affair. She had asked the writer to  procure a simple love letter.
“I don’t know how to describe this, but I hope one day, soon hopefully, we could sort things out.”
Alcina had had the writer attach to the ending of it before sending it off.
You had received the letter without delay from the couriers, happy to see something from your best friend and crush.
While you were reading the letter after you had inside, you heard from the new-sh radio about the spread of a virus. It had seemingly come out of nowhere.
Maybe it was an invasive species? It hadn’t been long since bigger ferries and oceanic ships were being better produced for international travel.
Apparently the city where Alcina and her family had gone was infected pretty badly.
When she had returned, she seemed so much worse than when she left. You had waited at the train station for her. Turns out, her parents weren’t with her.
She had told you that it was too much for them and they had passed away.
Still, she kept trying to avoid you until you had enough. **Here for Alt Ending**
You waited until she was leaving for necessities.
“Alcina! I’m just trying to connect with you! You send me that letter and then you avoid me?”
Alcina gave you a stern glare before sighing, “Y/N, I know you know better. I don’t want you getting infected.”
“Well, maybe if you’d have gone outside more or listened to the radios more then you would know that the virus has already made it here. It most likely won’t belong before I get infected as well. And if I’m going to get it from anyone then I would rather it be for the woman I love.“
That sounded a little childish, you thought to yourself. But it was true.
Alternate-Starting from her avoiding you
You had decided to back a lot more than usual. Were her feelings for you even real?
She hadn’t even called or tried to contact you in any way since her return to the city.
Well fine then. If Alcina wanted to act that way, you would return that same energy.
Although it hurt a lot to try and not contact her. She was the sun in your life.
Maybe one day, the doctors would find a cure and you could be with her again.
But for now, you had decided to leave.
Little did you know, you would never see her again, thanks to an entity with eight large wings and a giant ring that glowed brighter than the sun itself.
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i-monika · 16 minutes ago
Sayori was acting very happy, but truly, she felt really lonely. Now that she knew she was stuck in the game probably all by herself, she regretted everything.
Monik, meanwhile, felt genuinely happy. She was with someone she TRULY loved.
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carladuquette · 17 minutes ago
The ties were black, the lies were white/ chapter 2
The second one of my Taylor Swift inspired one-shots: Lu/Rebe - Cornelia Street
They've been in the car for ten minutes and neither of them has said a word since Rebe mumbled she was still looking for her hotel key card so Lu could put in the name of the place she was staying at, which she'd forgotten in a sudden memory lapse, as a second location for their Uber driver. Lu hasn't brought up the fact that Rebe stopped digging through her purse a good while ago without ever giving her a name. She's too busy remembering how to breathe while Rebe's fingers keep grazing the insight of her wrist.
Happy birthday, @cupcakeb! This is totally your “fault” ;)
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myeoning-call · 19 minutes ago
Not Without Her -1-
Tumblr media
They say when money leaves from the door, love leaves from the window. You were convinced of that saying. Junmyeon thought otherwise, as long as you were together, nothing else mattered. All hardships could be faced with love, the problem was that you two had to be on the same page to make that happen.
Did he rush it? Did he fall in love without thinking what you’d feel when he was no longer the master of the house?
Were you really not going to even try for the sake of all the love?
✰ Heir!AU / Nerd!AU / Backpacker!AU / Maid!AU ✰ Pairing: Suho x Female Reader  ✰ Genre: Angst/Smut
Tumblr media
“If you step outside of this house with that foreigner, consider yourself an orphan. You will no longer be our son and the heir of the Kim empire that your grandfather built for you to act like this.”
“I wonder how grandfather built that empire you speak of while Korea was under the Japanese regime.”
‘What are you insinuating, Junmyeon!? Are you saying that father was a traitor to this nation? Is that it!?” Jumyeon’s father yelled loudly and scarily.
You wondered why Junmyeon was intentionally trying to irritate his father, and judging by how the man held at his chest while Junmyeon’s mother tried to calm him down, he had certainly succeeded. You wanted to rush to his side, but Junmyeon had warned you about any empathy with his parents. You knew also how much they hated you for being the reason for his son’s stubbornness, but you didn’t want to give the image of a man stealer from his family either. You didn’t like this situation at all. This didn’t look good, maybe this was wrong. Maybe you should just disappear so everyone would go back to what they were before you appeared in Junmyeon’s life.
A few months earlier…
“The train ticket got more expensive? Since when?” You kicked the ticket machine with your foot, regretting it right after you hurt yourself, tearing as you looked at the few notes that weren’t enough to buy the ticket train back to Seoul.
You moved to the side, removing the oversized rucksack from your back throwing it on the station’s floor. You covered your face after crossing your legs feeling how exhausted and tired of sleeping yet another night outdoors, even though you noticed that Korea was fairly safer than any other country you’ve backpacked before. You wanted a shower, a hot bowl of soup and a warm bed. Your tiredness took a toll on you, your tears flowed down hoping not to make a scene in the train station. It was time to go home, your hobby was no longer enjoyable when you literally had to beg for the return ticket to Seoul to take your flight back home. You had enjoyed this 3 month tour in Asia, but it was enough hunger, coldness and  showerless stay to think of making another trip anytime soon. You now had to think of what to do being ₩ 5000 short.
“I’m screwed. I can’t go to Seoul walking or hitchhiking.” You almost pulled your hair trying to think of what to do while hearing your stomach rumble in hunger.
You looked miserable, literally. Just sitting on the ground like that while holding your head looking down…
“Wait a minute, secretary Jeonjung.” Junmyeon stopped lowering his sunglasses. “Wait here, I’ll be right there.”
“We’re already late for the train and the chairman will be really upset if we don’t give him a report. Junmyeon-ssi”
“I’m just going to buy a bottle of water, you go ahead. I’ll be right there at platform 9 before you know it.”
Junmyeon’s secretary huffed in frustration. He was 100% loyal to Junmyeon, but he feared chairman Kim more than anything in this world, and in a way, he knew his job was more of taking care and monitoring Junmyeon than anything else.
Meanwhile Junmyeon ran to the convenience store that happened to be right next to where you were sitting in desperation like a beggar. He didn’t give you much attention now that he was closer to you. Even though you were the reason he had improvised with the bottle of water excuse to see the strange foreigner sitting on the floor.
He bought 2 bottles of water getting out of the store crouching in front of you. “I got an extra bottle, miss.” He said in English extending his hand, smiling beautifully like he knew he could.
When you raised your head to look at the source of the voice speaking to you, Junmyeon almost fell backwards in surprise. Despite how badly unkempt you were, he wasn’t expecting you - a backpacker - to be this attractive, because you knew when a man took a liking to you. You recognised that exact type of gaze men would give you no matter how innocent it looked. This rich looking boy had heart eyes undeniably. Junmyeon didn’t know what to say as the bottle in his hand was slowly slipping out of his hands in daze.
“Thank you. I could use some water. You’re very kind.” You smiled fixing the strands of your hair that were almost wooden hard from the lack of washing behind your ears.
“You… you speak Korean so well.” He simply admired.
“Yeah… I guess I can speak it well.” You nodded awkwardly.
“I don’t want to seem intruding, but it looked like you were crying. Are you alright, miss? We want our guests to feel welcome in Korea. If I could be of any help.”
You were aching to ask him for money, but you’ve never done such a thing. Your pride hurt, but not as much as your rumbling stomach. Junmyeon looked from your face to your tummy, understanding that indeed, you must be starving judging by how it sounded.
“I’ll be alright.” You sarcastically beamed. “Maybe they’ll lower the price of the ticket to Seoul in the next few hours.”
“You’re short in money?” Junmyeon stood. “Are you heading to Seoul?”
You nodded again thinking that it was the end of it. The train was departing soon and this man was wasting his time with you.
You watched him take his wallet inserting his shiny credit card in the ticketing machine. Was he really…?
“Here! One way to Seoul 1st class. Come on!” He extended his sturdy hand for you to stand.
“Really? Thank you! I don’t know what to say…” Your eyes brightened unknowing on how to act, because despite how poor you were, you really never asked anything from anyone.
“Don’t say anything, just run because we might actually miss the train.” He smiled scrunching his nose cutely looking like a bunny.
You took your heavy rucksack placing it on your back running after him. When you arrived at the train gate he again offered his hand for you to take and help you in. The rucksack got stuck at the gate so he naturally extended both hands unnoticing of how he was literally hugging you.
Oh no! He was going to smell you and the little sparkle that existed was going to disappear. You pushed him a little bit too harshly making him widen his eyes looking apologetic realising that he might’ve offended you.
“I didn’t mean... I’m really sorry.” He bowed as you removed the rucksack from your back.”
“Not at all, it’s my fault. Please forgive me. I haven’t even thanked you yet. I can’t think when I’m hungry.”
“We can fix that, and you’re most welcome, don’t mention it, consider it as a welcoming gift.” Junmyeon showed you to your seat smiling. “I’ll take that for you.” He took the rucksack placing it effortlessly in the compartment above your head.
You noticed that in the process his shirt got out of his pants showing his little cute belly button. When he placed the rucksack fixing his shirt he noticed how you looked away. He smiled to himself, for some reason liking that you might be checking him out.
“Give me a moment.” Junmyeon advised with his index finger.
This felt better than hitting a jackpot. Who was this strange man that came down from heaven?
“Here we are, it’s nothing much, just till they bring us lunch.” Junmyeon appeared with an instant noodle cup. “Can I sit with you? If that’s alright.”
“Oh my! Of course, please. Thank you for this.”
Junmyeon sat on the seat in front of you smiling as he rubbed his sideburn trying to calm himself and start a conversation that wasn’t lame. He watched you eat deliciously feeling comforted that he brought you a little happiness.
“The seats are numbered, so I guess I can’t sit here for long.” He improvised.
“Oh, is that so? I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been in first class in my life. You have no idea how thankful I am. I’d like to pay you back somehow, but I really have no money. I’m just going back to Seoul to catch my plane back home next week.”
“No way.” Junmyeon motioned with his hands in disapproval. “It’s my treat for you, miss...?”
“Ah, my name is ___.”
“My name is Kim Junmyeon. I-”
“Junmyeon-ssi! Why aren’t you answering your phone? I was worried that you weren’t going to make it.” Jeonjung appeared almost yelling in the train corridor.
Junmyeon facepalmed cursing under his breath. “I’m not a child that will get lost. Can you please go ahead?”
“Ahm… sure.” Jeonjung looked from Junmyeon to you, confused. “I’ll be…” He pointed back. “In my seat.”
“Yes, I know.” Junmyeon spoke between gritted teeth speaking with his eyes for Jeonjung to leave you alone already.
“Am I interrupting any business?” You asked, concerned.
“No.” Junmyeon sighed. “He’s my father’s secretary. Don’t mind him.”
“Wow, you have a secretary, meanwhile here I’m a beggar for a ticket.” You joked, noticing how Junmyeon didn’t get it or didn’t like it.
“I might be loaded, but I don’t enjoy my life. Don’t be quick to judge, I much rather live freely.”
“I didn’t mean... It was just funny how you came like an angel and I was just trying to joke. Maybe my humor is heavy.”
The vibe was ruined? You really didn’t know what to talk to this stranger about. What did he want? He bought you a ticket, he got you noodles, and introduced himself. What else was there? It wasn’t like you shared anything other than maybe some sort of attraction. Where could this go when you smelled like rotten cheese?
“You know why I pushed you earlier?” You broke the silence. “It wasn’t because I was uncomfortable with your proximity. In fact you were trying to help me, but I smell bad because I haven’t showered in a while.”
Junmyeon’s eyes widened like sorcerers. He was trying to figure out how to comment on such a statement. It was true what they said that foreigners are different, so the only thing he mustered was burst into jerks of laughter that was too contagious not to actually laugh as loud as him. He pointed at you and even slapped his knees. In fact most of the travellers looked at you and had to laugh from your laughter. Junmyeon looked adorable with his eyes disappearing into little half moons like an anime. He was the cutest man you’ve ever seen in your life and you just didn't want this moment to ever end. However, no matter how long a laughing session lasted, it sure had to come to an end. Junmyeon wiped his tears looking at you scrunching his nose again, quieting down.
“The thing is that I can’t smell. I have a blocked nose. It happens every time I come to Busan, for some reason the beach weather gives me this congested nose.”
When he finished his sentence it was you who had to laugh. “I’m relieved, then.”
“Where are you staying till your plane leaves next week? Do you have a place to stay?”
“I… was planning on looking at a capsule hotel.” You confessed.
“Oh, I don’t think those are safe. Not for a young lady as yourself. You have to share the bathroom with strangers.”
“I have no alternative. I have no clue how I’ll pay for that, I was hoping my friends would wire me some money… otherwise I’ll stay at the airport and-”
“I have a proposition.” Junmyeon came closer resting his elbows on his knees entwining his fingers together, making those eyebrows come to life as they knitted in a serious manner. “We have a little guest house in our backyard. My house is full of people, so you can feel safe. You can use it for this week, and don’t worry, I won’t charge you for the stay.”
“Why are you doing this? Why are you being so nice to me? I don’t understand.” You requested puzzled. “One thing I’ve learned is that there’s nothing for free in this life.”
“I just genuinely want to help you. I won’t come near you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”
You looked at the window exhaling, licking your lips. “What if I do want you to come near me, Kim Junmyeon, what will you say then?”
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queensconquest · 20 minutes ago
eraba-reta-unmei replied to your post “nothing bad  !   just lots of screenshots  and yes...”
listen. you have a type and that's okay
Tumblr media
murder.  the  answer  is  murder.  its  okay  ,  my  other  friend  said  I  wont  watch  anything  that  doesn’t  have  murder  /  attempted  murder  in  it  and  she  isn’t  wrong  because  all  of  my  series  do  so- 
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sunflowerhae · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Opening Requests! ✧・゚:* ♡ *:・゚✧
Requests will be open from 5.18.21 - TBA. I will announce when they’re closed. ♡
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wandavixen · 24 minutes ago
Warnings: mentions of eating disorders, mentions of abuse
Taglist: @teenwonder
Tumblr media
Life was never going to get any better. Your dark eye bags were more visible, you had lost a lot of weight, and each step you took felt more difficult than the last.
You had turned into a ghost.
You had gone nocturnal after refusing to leave your room when the rest of the Avengers were out. Only leaving in the middle of the night to eat what little you could. If you ate more than you thought you needed, your head would end up in the toilet, two fingers would find themselves painfully lodged down the back of your throat, and your frail body would tremble in shame and guilt.
You had no idea when this started. You've never had a problem eating, but now you're counting calories to make sure you're not being greedy and overindulging. You had thought nothing of it at first and even tried to work out at the gym, but you passed out, only to be awoken the next day by Tony Stark's sharp kick to your ribs.
“Get out.”
You had stopped training and going on missions entirely since that day, not that anyone cared why you had decided to stop doing what you loved or how you had gone from the healthy, lively woman you were to a constantly exhausted one.
You were awakened by JARVIS, who informed you that Fury required you. Normally, you'd jump at the chance to meet with the director, but you rolled out of bed grudgingly, not bothering to change out of your tank top and sweatpants, and trudged to the conference room.
Fortunately, you hadn't run into anyone on your way to the conference room. The man with the eye patch could be seen through the glass windows as you headed towards him, and through the automatic doors.
“Well, what have we got here?” Fury’s usual sarcasm leaks through his question as he eyes over your appearance. You bring your hands up discreetly to cover your newly noticeable, sharp shoulders and collarbones, masking the act with a fake shiver. It's better for him to believe you're cold because of the ventilation rather than your body systems beginning to fail.
“Hi.” You mumble, not bothering to direct the director with the same reverence you had always shown him.
He notices your unusual behavior, as well as your unusual choice of clothing, and steps away from the glass to approach you.
“How you holding up?” With a gentle voice, he asks. A voice you'd only heard once, when you were badly injured in the hospital as a result of a compromised mission. Natasha couldn't be there for you, so you were confined to the hospital bed with just the director by your side, half scolding you for getting injured in the first place and half consoling your shell-shocked self.
“Yeah. I’m fine.” The phony smile on your face didn't seem to work, and Fury had you in his arms in less than a second. The hug was so warm, so unlike the treatment you'd been receiving the past few weeks; the hug alone brought tears to your eyes.
“I know what’s going on.”
With those few words, the floodgates were opened. Your body trembles against the man's tall, sturdy frame, and your eyes burned with salty tears. Your nose became congested, and your sobs were muffled by the expensive fabric.
Fury envelops you as you sob. He holds you, regardless of whether you’ve ruined his clothes or not. It felt like hours to you, but it was only ten minutes until you calmed down. When you realised you were clinging to your boss, you abruptly pulled away, moving towards the door, but he stopped you.
“There’s something you need to know.” Curiosity managed to overcome your desire to flee, and you sit in one of the chairs arranged around the large table, next to where the man had just taken a seat.
“What is it?”
If the man's unanticipated compassion from the hug hadn't already scared you, his emotionless look certainly did...
“I have a position for you in the UK.”
The conference room falls awkwardly silent as you replay his words over and over.
He wants to transfer me.
No, he can’t... I can’t leave without fixing things...What if they wanted to forgive me?
What if she wants us to get back together?
“Why?” The confusion was easy to spot on your flushed face, as your brow furrows and you sniffle in an attempt to clear your nose.
“They’re abusing you here.” His honest words were enough to send you spiralling all over again; a wave of nausea washes over you, and you wobble in response to becoming disoriented so unexpectedly.
Were they really abusing me?
No, it’s what I deserve.
It’s not their fault.
“No, they’re not. Why would you think that? I’m fine, really, Fury.”
You weren’t going anywhere. Not unless you were leaving with Natasha by your side to retire and spend the rest of your days on a farm with three beautiful children and two dogs, like you both had planned in the early hours of the morning, in each other’s comforting embrace.
“Carol told me that when she last visited, she hadn’t seen you at all until her last day, she caught you sneaking to the kitchen in the middle of the night. She followed you to your room and not even five minutes later, she heard you retching. And to be quite frank, you look like you belong on the Walking Dead...You’re not fine. You need help. I've arranged for you to see a personal therapist in London, and you won't be doing any missions until she deems you fit enough.”
“I am the director and I’m informing you that you’ve been assigned to a different post. Indefinitely. Am I clear, Agent?”
You wanted to tell him everything; how, if only you had more time, they would forgive you, how, if only you had more time, she would love you again.
But you didn’t.
You stood there silently, your gaze fixed on the paperwork you had just noticed. A pang struck your heart as you saw "Transfer" on the top right corner, and you sucked in a sharp breath, attempting to soothe the ache deep in your chest before nodding in compliance.
“You’re going to London.” Fury's stern, commanding voice broke the silence, directing you to meet your tearful gaze with his. There was no room for debate, but the look on your face was enough to soften the man's heart.
“I’m sorry but I knew you wouldn’t leave her unless it was a direct order. You might not want to hear this but Natasha’s gone. She doesn’t love you anymore. Coulson told me she’s in a relationship with Banner. You have to move on.” He stands and you follow, shakily, in pursuit. He manoeuvres towards the door, pausing by your side to gently pat your shoulder.
“You’re flying out tomorrow morning.”
And with that, you’re left alone. You and the silence you’ve grown well accustom to. Yet you’re unable to control the pain this time, and you collapse to your knees, shielding your face with your palms as you cry once more over the loss of not only your family, but now also your home.
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junkyu-luvr · 25 minutes ago
deja vu | park jongseong
- ex-boyfriend!jay x heartbroken!reader
angst and fluff if you squint really hard
- warnings: jay is a d!ck here, cursing, uhhh that’s all i think
- based off of olivia rodrigo’s deja vu.
“y/n come on! your should go with us to the carnival tonight, it’ll help you get your mind off of things.” you looked up from the book you were reading and scoffed. “jake, i’m not going with you and sunghoon. i’d rather finish this book that i’m reading.” you said sternly.
“i didn’t wanna have to do this but you’ve left me no choice. i will buy you all of your food for the rest of the week.” your head perked up at his offer and you raised an eyebrow. you looked over at jake, who was on the other side of your bed, and he had a confident smirk on his face. “so? will you go?”
you sighed and put your book down beside you. “get out of my room and let me get ready.” “YES!” he exclaimed. “shut up! i’m only doing this for food.” you hissed.
you got up from your bed as soon as you heard jake leave your room and looked through your closet, but you quickly regretted it. his jacket. you let a small sigh out wishing that you gave it back to him. “why did i even keep this?” you quietly whispered to yourself. struggling to suppress the negative thoughts that came to your mind, you remind yourself that jake was waiting for you downstairs and you couldn’t waste his time.
quickly putting on a random outfit, you exited your room and went down the stairs, only to be greeted by the sight of jake and sunghoon.
“are you ready to go?” jake asked. you nodded, already wanting the night to be over.
being at the carnival reminded you of him. you had your first date with him at the same carnival, and being there felt like you were being unintentionally taunted. you would both go there every month on the the 7th to celebrate each passing month of you both getting together, so it would only be right of you to feel heartbroken. even though it had been a month since you broke up, you still felt your heart aching every time you were reminded of him. walking through the same place you fell in love with him only intensified the pain.
“okay, so where do you guys wanna go?” sunghoon asked as you three entered the carnival grounds. you shrugged, not really feeling joyful. eventually jake suggested to go to the food stands, and you had no choice but to comply.
“do you guys wanna share a ice cream? i heard they give really big portions.” sunghoon said. “sure, what flavor?” you responded. “can we get strawberry?” jake asked. you nodded as you looked at the ground, feeling a sense of sadness rush over you.
“y/n? what do you wanna do first?” jay asked as he held your hand. you lightly blushed at the mundane action, and you felt your heart race. “can we get ice cream? my friend said they had good ice cream here.” he nodded and walked towards the ice cream stand. “can we get a strawberry ice cream? one spoon for two please.” he released your hand to pay for the food, and grabbed the ice cream from the cashier. “let’s go find a seat, love.”
“we have to do bumper cars last! it’s the best...” you scanned the area not really wanting to listen to jake rant about his love for bumper cars, but you spot someone who made your heart drop. why is he here? you thought as you looked away from jay and his new girlfriend. before you could take a double take, jake asked you to go with him to find a table to sit at.
after a few hours of playing games and going on rides with the two boys, you felt drained. after seeing so many things that made you recall your memories with jay, you just felt like you needed to rest for the rest of the week. “can we do one more thing?” jake whined. “depends jake, what do you wanna do?” sunghoon asked while looking worn down.
“can we do bumper cars?” he enthusiastically suggested. you stiffened at his suggestion, but quickly brushed aside the anxious feeling in your stomach while trying not to reminisce on old memories. “i’m down, what about you y/n?” you mumbled something in agreement, and began to walk to the bumper cars area.
“jay! you did not just hit my car.” you said as you hit the wall. “do you want me to do it again?” he teasingly said. “oh it’s on!” you said in the middle of laughing. you both continued to play like this until the game ended. when the game operator announced you could leave, you got up from the car, making eye contact with jay as you both walked to the exit. at that moment, you knew you truly did fall in love with him.
“fuck- is that really him?” sunghoon said in a worried tone. “what?” you said as you came back to reality, only to be greeted by jay with his new girlfriend riding a small bumper car, oblivious of your existence. you heard him tell her a joke you’ve said to him before and it really made you realize, he’s not mine anymore. “oh.” you said in a small voice, trying not to let them hear your voice waver.
“you guys, i’m gonna go to the restroom, just play without me.” you said trying not to let your sorrowful expression be revealed. “are you sure? we can drop you home now if you want-” “jake, you’ve wanted to do this all day. don’t worry about me, i’m just gonna use the restroom.” sunghoon and jake hesitantly nodded, and you left the line.
after about 10 minutes of attempting to not cry, you exit the restroom. not paying attention to where you were going, you bumped into someone. “sorry! wait, y/n? is that you?” you shifted your gaze from the ground only to be met with an all too familiar face. “hi, jay.”
“how are you doing? you seem tired.” you let an annoying sigh out and scratched the back of your head irritatedly, not wanting to see him right now. “i’m fine jay, now if you’ll excuse me i’m going to go back to my friends.” before you could walk off, jay lightly grabbed your wrist and turned you around. “y/n- i know we didn’t leave off on the best terms, but we shouldn’t act like strangers.”
you scoffed at his statement and folded your arms. “why would i not do that? jay, i have every right to ignore you in public. you already knew i didn’t feel enough for you, but despite that you still left me. i questioned my worth because of you. you made me miserable, but i still love you. i can’t act like everything is fine.”
“y/n, it’s been a month. you need to move on! i’ve already found someone new who i can love and experience new things with. you should try it, it’ll help you get over me.” he retaliated.
“did you just say ‘experience new things’? cut the bullshit jay! you’re just reliving our relationship with her and you know it. i saw you earlier and... we did the same things you’re doing with her! so when are you gonna tell her, jay? that we did that too. she thinks it’s special, but it’s all reused. that- that was our place, i found it first, i made the jokes you tell to her when she’s with you!” you practically shouted at him, releasing all of the feelings you’ve bottled up. you were on the verge crying again, feeling all of your pent up pain and anger come over you.
“y/n, we’re over, and we have been for the past month. if you’re focused on me doing things with my new girlfriend that reminds you of us, then that’s your problem. she’s different from you, and you know that. please, just act like an adult for once.”
“you know what jay? fuck you. don’t act like we didn’t do that shit too, i know you get deja vu.”
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askamongusko · 26 minutes ago
shadowy left... his body?
No...left the bodega. I don’t know where it is.
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askamongusko · 27 minutes ago
oh no
I don’t know what I’m supposed to eat...
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aethelflaedladyofmercia · 28 minutes ago
Within the Circles 4: Breaking the Circle
Chapter 4 of "Within the Circles" is on AO3!
Let's face it, after chapter 3, things are NOT looking good. Aziraphale is in the summoners' power, Crowley's lost his last lead. What are they going to do??
(So many CWs, really, just check the tags. Excerpt below has mind control in it.)
Rhoda carefully sketched the last harnessing rune on the back of her hand and felt the angel’s power flow into her.
“Holy shit, you guys.” She closed her eyes, feeling it swell within her. She’d never felt so calm, so safe, so at peace. Like a warm, motherly hug but from the inside out. And the power of it all, the strength…
“Does that mean it’s working?” Desmond asked, still watching the angel warily, dagger in his hand.
“Does—just take a look.” The floor was a little dusty in the corner. She traced a sigil with her toe, one intended to provide a bit of light, like a candle. The power raced out of her like a punch, like a hammer blow, and the entire room was bright as daylight. “I’d say so.”
“Fucking hell!” Warren rushed over to check the energy well. “It’s practically overflowing already, how does that thing have so much power left?”
“It’s infinite.” She tilted her head back, just letting the sensations wash over her. “And it’s…I can’t even describe it. Bliss.” Her eyes fluttered open, filled with tears. “It’s just so fucking beautiful.”
Rhoda had only just been promoted to the summoning team, but she’d been working with containment magic her whole adult life. She’d carried demonic power, even been harnessed to a demon before, and it was…impressive, but ultimately left you feeling a little dirty. The buyers for their demon subjects were usually the sort of people who could afford a lot of self-care to balance it out.
But she would gladly have spent the rest of her life tied to this angel. Glorious. That was the word.
“You are going to make someone so happy,” she said, grinning at the angel.
It smiled back, or at least made the motion. They didn’t really feel anything, of course, but were very good at pretending, to try and manipulate humans. You could tell by how quickly the demons shifted from threatening to bargaining to piteous pleading. Nothing behind it, just one tactic after another. The angel had been no different.
Still, its smile was very convincing. “I love making people happy,” it said. “It’s so good to be wanted.”
Read more on AO3!
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askedgylonefighterko · 28 minutes ago
yes mister edgelord mcdeity you did
...oh. uh. i did not mean to do that.
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0606-hyuck · 28 minutes ago
what element writer are you?
Smoke Writer
'And he took the cigarette from his lips, placing it between his own. He took just one drag, long and slow, and then, he breathed it out in the other's face.' You smile in front of your enemies, and puff in their faces the smoke. You like to see them cry, like to see them suffer. You write pain in the most elegant way, making it a candy that slowly melts on the reader's tongue. You may have limits, but you push yourself always past them. Love the challenge your comfort zone can’t give you. You are the mysterious person everyone has a crush on, the one that smiles in front of the storm and kneels in front of weak ones. And your writing reflects it. It charms everyone and, even if the exit door is there, your reader will never take it. You're the one who can take a trope, one so used that it's a clique, and create something completely new. Your work is breathtaking, emotions described so well they feel real, and characterization that makes your stories pop out between all the others.
tagging: @dejvns @jenoremii @soliverse @flowerboykun @lumichee @chicksung + anyone else who would like to do this!
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justjunkiestuff · 30 minutes ago
Wenn dein Auge danach anfängt zu tränen und du Gänsehaut im Nacken bekommst und einmal tief ein und aus atmest, weißt du, dass die Line genau richtig dosiert war.
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