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Originally posted by von-riegans

B – Breakup + G – Guilt

Ingrid’s lips pursed, eyes slanting downwards. “I’m sorry. I don’t… I don’t love you.” The widening of your eyes made her want to slap herself. You sighed sadly. “If… if that’s how you feel, I understand.” Your lips trembled, as you pressed your fingers together.

Ingrid searched your face for any kind of solace, but it seemed all the hope was lost from you. You had accepted her choice. The only thing she could spot was the glistening of tears as you turned away from her. Guilt panged through her heart.

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Complicated (prologue only)



Pride,sloth,wrath,greed,lust,envy, gluttony. The seven deadly sins. They’re the seven most powerful men in the mafia world, leading the way with Their massive gang. Cruel, cold hearted, merciless monsters who only have love for each other. Enter you, the 19 year old girl happens to be Kidnapped and sold to them. You, The cheerful,soft and kind pretty college student they were given as a gift from another gang. You, who hides a dark secret behind the cheerful smile which so happens to connect with them.


Angst, fluff, horror, romance, thriller (mafia au, college au)


cursing, blood, murder, guns, abusive relationships, yandere themes, obsessive behaviour, maybe Stockholm syndrome, possessiveness, minor charecter death, heavy make out, implied smut, kidnapping, violence, mafia business, torture, open relationship, polygamy


Mafia BTS ot7 X female reader


Gluttony. He’s the youngest of the seven. Nothing misses his doe eyes. The maknae, the expert at fighting. Nobody can beat him at fighting. Stern and formidable opponent. His presence makes others shake during a fight. Hes in charge of fighting, all the men are trained personally by him. His knuckles feel like lead, one punch of his can break anyone’s face. The strongest in physical fights. He’s in charge of training the rookies, and nothing misses his eyes. Even when he’s laughing his bunny smile and sipping a drink, nothing will miss his sharp eyes. He’s the one who gets information out of hostages. No matter how tough the hostages seem, by the end of the day when the maknae exits the room, they’re left shaking in fear and spilling out information. His anger is dangerous. Jeon Jungkook, one of the youngest yet most dangerous men in the mafia world

Greed. The second youngest. Hes charmistic, but also one of the most dangerous. Any shipment he wants anytime, will be at his doorsteps. What he wants, he gets. He’s got all the influential people at his feet. Be it the bank manager or the chief police, he has them all under control. Any crime is quickly covered up as he just needs to whisper a few things to the police chief. The other officers often wonder where their chief goes and then comes back all pale and shaken. No one will be spared. With one snap of his finger, airports can be shut down, shipments will arrive immediately, train stations will be closed. If they obey him, they’re safe for life. If they don’t, their bodies dissapear all of a sudden. His want for everything is wickedly dangerous. The man who controls almost every influential person in Korea. Crime cover ups, immediate shipments, forbidding their enemies to be able to leave the country, Kim Taehyung has it all done.

Lust. He’s got the looks of a Greek god. Heads turn immediately when they hear the click of his boot heels. A cocky smirk Resting on that beautiful face. Blonde hair styled to a side, beautiful Crescent eyes. A cute face, with chubby cheeks but handsome either way. A devil in disguise who lusts for sex. With his handsome looks, wealth, power and extremely good flirting habits, women throw themselves at him. With his amazing seduction, he can get information out of anyone. Be it a women or a man. And of course, his ability to quietly pickpocket credit cards, phones, and other valuable stuffs out of a person as he’s flirting with them, along with killing them. He’s the best killer, though he prefers to do it himself. Lure them in bed and shoot them on sight. He’s the best at that. He lets his men take care of the blood on the sheets as he walks out smirking, pushing his gun inside his pants. Park Jimin is a man not to be messed with

Envy. His bubbly personality and heart smile can make anyone immediately like him. Which leads to him having a insider everywhere. His men is everywhere. Police, rival gangs, famous bars, airports. He has his eyes everywhere, no one can escape his grasp. The watcher. He knows exactly where the rival gang will attack. He has his own way with words, Always making sure his men stay under control. He’s smiling, most of the time he’s smiling but his anger is worse than anything one can ever see. And the gambler. The expert at gambling. He absolutely loves the look on his opponents face, as they squirm under his stare, sweating and shaking, many debts already due while he watches them all relaxed, legs crossed and a smirk Resting on that handsome face. No one can beat him at gambling. Try going against him and one will be left bankrupt. Jung Hosoek knows how to ruin a person’s life perfectly

Sloth. Probably the scariest one out of the seven. His aura screams ‘One move and I’ll kill you’. People shake when hearing his name. The genius. The hacker. Thanks to him, no one can get past their security. Name a person and he’ll find exactly the penthouse they’re hiding in. Hacking into rival gangs security is his favourite. He’s the mastermind with technology. One click and ones credit cards, debit cards, phone number, email, password and even porn Accounts all out for the public eyes. This man has ruined the lives of many people who’ve tried to go against them. His eyes that’ will bore into ones figure will make them shake in fear, for his gaze alone is enough to make one piss their pants. With his genius mind, he’s exposed a number of plans against them, and once again their rivals failed. When Min Yoongi is determined, no one can stop him.

Pride. He’s the oldest of the seven. His handsome looks is something he holds dear to him. The one who attends all public events. His excellent choice of words often help them get the largest portion of deals. The data scientist, who does some predictive analysis and help the Mafia develop a long-term business plaon so that they can increase their profits exponentially. He has a vast knowledge in the fields of medicine, as he often leads their team of inside doctors. Whenever someone is injured, he’s the one taking care of them with the help of his team and their knowledge of different times of medicine. If he isn’t in his office or the kitchen, the eldest will always be at the medial chamber He’s also the head behind their safehouse and as they like to call it, their 'dungeons’ where all dead bodies and hostages are kept. Kim Seokjin can take your life just as much as he can save it.

Wrath. The leader. The main boss. The leader of the seven and their gang, this man is in charge of them all and makes the final decision. His manipulation is a force to be reckoned with. It’s almost impossible to not fall for it as he manipulates a person with his Cunning words and guilt trips them. He’s Cunning and clever. His excellent intelligence and high IQ has lead him where he is today. His strategist, with his mid blowing tactics, he’s the man who leads him to Victory. His dragon eyes forming all sorts of on spot plans and always being prepared. He has all the qualities of a leader, no one can escape his wrath. The accountant, his high level intelligence and ability to manage things have Always kept them wealthy. He’s the definition of workaholic. A cunning, clever mastermind. Gas lighting, guilt tripping, manipulation, this man knows exactly how to break a person. Kim Namjoon knows how to get his way.

They’re named the seven deadly sins. The seven most dangerous, deadliest men in the mafia industry who make up the wealthiest, most dangerous gang bangtan sonyeondan. Known to break down every big rival, they’ve only rose up in power as they appeared 7 years ago and took down the most formidable enemies. The underground watched as seven young boys took down some of the oldest and largest mafia gangs. In the end, they started supporting them. Seven cruel, cunning, merciless men who bathed in blood and only had love for each other. Their gang known to be one of the most ruthless. Even with all those rival gangs around, they’re still in power. The ground they walk on is practically worshipped. Other smaller gangs will do anything to impress the seven big bosses. Having them on your side is the biggest achievement a gang can have. The seven who have power over the entire underground. Their names give people goosebumps. Even the people in city know who they are. 'Bangtan Sonyeondan’ is whispered with fear, admiration, shock in the air. Everyone knows not to cross them. The few who do, well, good luck. Kim namjoon, Kim seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung hosoek, park jimin, Kim taehyung and jeon jungkook. They’re the seven young leaders of bangtan sonyeondan who only have love for each other.

And then stumbled in you, a 19 year old college student who hides a painful secret behind her smile. Your Kidnapped by a minor gang, and sold to bangtan. You thought your life was finally going to be normal after that incident. No one told you it would be this



A/n: sksks not really sure of this yet…but if more than 5 people are willing to read it, I’ll write it 🥺👉👈

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An actual letter, over the mail.

My Love, 

If you read this, I have passed away. I leave everything I have to you, with inclusion of the inheritance I will have once my mother passes. Sell the apartments, sell my cars, sell my motorcycle. 
Don’t keep my stuff, sell them, burn them if you want. Forget me, move on. Don’t cry, I am not worth that.

Sloane will probably come to explain away why I passed, just understand that my blood is on her hands, no matter who she convinced to actually do me in. 

No! Don’t cry! Dry those tears, right now! I need you to be strong, for the kids. 
Don’t call my mother, she does not need to know. 

I am sorry.

August Jonathan Walker

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Lila gets bad buck
by SerlinaBlack

There’s a list in a corner of Adrien’s mind; of people who should not under any circumstances get Akumatized otherwise Paris is doomed. The first on the list is obviously Ladybug. He was the third. The person who is second on the list is actually Marinette Dupain Cheng.

Then Lila goes and nearly gets his princess Akumatized. so Adrien…. may or may not have ended up giving her bad luck with the help from Plagg.

Alternatively, I can’t write summaries worth anything just check the tag.

Words: 4773, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of unrelated MLB stuff

Read Here:

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This had to be it. It had to be the last time. Severus had never been under any illusion that this was going to be easy. He had been preparing for something like this for most of his adult life. But perhaps he had over-estimated just how difficult it would be to be so completely alone.

The first order of business had been to re-decorate the Headmaster’s office. Anything even remotely associated with Albus Dumbledore had been stripped away. The whizzing, golden instruments, Fawkes’ abandoned perch, every book penned by a muggle-born author, even his stash of knitting patterns – all thrown unceremoniously into a great pile in the courtyard to be consumed by Fiendfyre. Severus had almost gotten used to it now. He barely notices the tapestry depicting beast-like muggles writhing in agony before submitting to their rightful place beneath those pure of blood.

Part of him had even grown numb to the suffering of the students. He did what he could to keep them safe. Denied all knowledge of a place in the castle an ever-increasing number of them could escape to. Told himself over and over the Cruicatus curse was just pain. They could endure. They had to. If hating him made it even the slightest bit easier, then he welcomed it.

He had been surprised when so many of his old colleagues remained behind. Albus had assured him they would out of concern for the students, but Severus had had his doubts. Although they tried to hide it from him, their understandable detestation was obvious. Of course, it was expected. He had prepared for it but-

Severus was brought out of his thoughts as the office alerted him to the fact that someone had said the password – ‘Salazar’s will’ – and was making their way up the staircase. She was here. 

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Chapter 1: The First Day Back

(a/n: Not every character will be introduced in the first chapter since I’m writing for 8 characters total. So far, the characters that have been introduced are Leo, Mikey, and Carol. I hope all of you enjoy the first chapter of Mutant Side of the Tracks~)

It was the beginning of the first week of August, a Wednesday, to be exact, and it was the first day back to classes for the students of USNY. The weather seemed perfect for the first day back. There were some fluffy clouds in the sky, occasionally giving the students a break from the hot, August sun, and all of the freshmen were bustling around trying to find their classes. Thankfully, the upperclassmen usually helped navigate and the fraternities and sororities were usually around in groups to help and to give out little first day treats, like a free donut and a pencil with the university name printed on it. Freshmen always loved that stuff and they could never pass them up.

A third year student, Carol Scott, was with her sorority sisters handing out donuts and pencils and water bottles and things like that to the freshmen at the center of campus where the large fountain was. As usual, she stood mostly by herself while her group of sorority sisters chatted away. The longer Carol stayed in the sorority, the more the girls outright avoided her. Did I mention that Carol’s a mutant? The only mutant in the group? She knew that’s why no one cared much for her, she was he token mutant, but she tried her best not to think about that right now. Carol wanted to have a good first day, and she only had about five more minutes of her “shift” by the fountain before she had to head to her first class of the day. It was an advanced art class and it was very important for her to be there a few minutes early so she could get a good seat up front. 

“Carol! Hey!” A familiar voice caught Carol’s attention and she turned her head towards it and saw Leo walking up to her and her group with a few of his frat brothers. She smiled slightly and looked up at him and had to shield her eyes form the sun. Leonardo was a tall, muscular mutant turtle, and was a fourth year business major. Even though he was a mutant, he was accepting more by his peers simply because he had an important position on the football team, and he, along with his brother, Raphael, always got them to the playoffs. 

“Hey, Leo, enjoying the first day back so far?” the red headed mutant asked. Carol seemed slightly unenthusiastic to talk to Leo, mostly because she knew that Leo would have her talking for forever. Plus, she was already feeling the stress and pressure of this new year. She finally got to be in the advanced architecture and art classes and she knew that they would be difficult, so she wanted to be as prepared as possible. Plus, Carol had been writing and rewriting a resignation letter for her sorority but the poor thing hated conflict, and even though her sisters didn’t seem to care if she was around or not, she’s seen how they treated other girls who have come forward and have decided to leave the group. There’s always drama, even if the girl is leaving for a good reason. 

Leo nodded his head and he helped shield Carol from the bright sun before a large cloud finally covered it, giving them all some shade. “Yeah, it’s great to be back and see all my friends again.” he explained, even though he’s seen his football friends for a few weeks before school even started back. They all had to train and get conditioned for football season again because the coach knew that his players would get lazy or complacent over summer break, so he always whipped them back into shape. When he only got a little smile and a small nod out of Carol, he decided to continue. “There’s going to be a party this Friday night to celebrate the start of the new school year. You should come,” Leo explained and Carol’s eyes widened a bit at him. She enjoyed a good party once and a while but she was more of the small friend group and chill type of person. Usually she would go if either Aurora, Mikey, or June would drag her out and she would still end up having fun, but would be the first one to want to leave. 

“I..I don’t know,” Carol started and she looked away from Leo, who frowned slightly in disappointment. “I’m not really a party person,” she paused and looked up at Leo, knowing that they’ve been to some frat parties together in the past, “…anymore.” she finished awkwardly and Leo blinked a couple of times. He should have seen this coming. Carol was very serious about her major and she worked hard so she could be an experienced architect. Leo knew how hard her courses were because he’s seen her notes and he couldn’t understand a single thing. 

“Oh, I see,” Leo said and he cleared his throat, an awkward silence coming over the two. “I understand, your classes are stressful.” he perked himself back up, but his smile felt mostly forced as he looked down at Carol. He did understand though since he knew that while Carol loved her major, but she didn’t exactly love math. It was a bit hard for her, especially the geometry, but some algebra and trigonometry seemed to come easier to her. “I know Donnie was tutoring you in math over the summer. I at least hope he helped.” Leo said, feeling a pang of jealously in his chest, and he hated that feeling. It felt like a brick was placed on his heart or something, keeping it heavy in his chest. 

Carol actually smiled wider at the mention of Donatello. Yes, he did help her understand math better over the summer and he was an excellent tutor. He was the smartest guy Carol knew, and the sweetest. They definitely got very close over the summer, but Leo, or anyone else for that matter, wasn’t exactly aware of that. “Yes, he helped me a lot. I’m feeling more confident with my math skills now, but I’ll probably keep going to him for tutoring though. The math is only going to get harder, you know?” she explained and Leo absentmindedly nodded his head in agreement. He was a business major and even though he had to deal with some math, it wasn’t quite as complicated as what Carol had to study.

“Right, yeah,” Leo cleared his throat again and was about to continue until Carol suddenly checked the time on her phone and she jumped a little bit and grabbed her backpack that sat behind the little table she helped set up. She gave Leo a slightly apologetic look, but she seemed pretty eager to get to her class. 

“I really need to get to class. I’ll see you soon, okay?” Carol said to Leo, giving him a little smile and a wave as she turned to walk to her first class. It was on the other side of campus and it was about a seven minute walk, but she was confident that she could make it in time. Leo just waved and said a small, “See ya..” before he turned back to his frat brothers to plan for the party on Friday night, but with a weight in his chest. 

Carol walked quickly to her class, breathing out a small sigh of relief once she finally escaped from Leo’s field of vision. For years now, Leo has been pursuing her, and for years, Carol has managed to reject him over and over. She didn’t quite have the heart to tell him what all happened over the summer with Donnie, because it was way more than just math tutoring. She wasn’t in the mood for conflict and she didn’t exactly have the time for it either right now. There were bigger things on her plate. 

Her first class was in the art building with her good friend, Mikey. They both had a good bit of classes together in the art building since Mikey was an art major and Carol had to know how to draw decently for both her major and minor. Carol was a year ahead of Mikey, but he was so advanced as an artist, he got to skip a couple of basic classes after taking an art assessment test, so Carol got to meet him just last year when he was only a freshman and they became fast friends. 

“Carooolll!” Carol turned when she heard Mikey’s voice calling her name from the art building. He looked like he had just arrived from the commons building since he had a huge to-go cup of iced coffee. As usual, it looked like he stayed up way too late playing video games or drawing again because he had bags under his eyes, but that huge coffee would definitely perk him back up in no time. 

“Mikey! It’s been, like, three whole days since I’ve seen you!” Carol giggled and she gave Mikey a big hug. Everyone’s been a bit busy just getting ready for their new semester of classes, and they’ve been busy helping friends and acquaintances move into their apartments and dorms. “How does it feel to no longer be a baby freshman anymore?” she asked teasingly and Mikey just took a long drink of his coffee before answering her. 

“It feels great! I was super anxious last year because I couldn’t find my classes and I kept being late and I always had that stupid lanyard around my neck with my student ID attached to it. So embarrassing..” Mikey groaned and Carol just patted his shoulder. Everyone was like that as a freshman, and as a freshman, you think it’s a great idea to walk around with your university lanyard around your neck all the time, but once you’re an upperclassman, you quickly realize that you looked…pretty dumb.

Carol noticed other students walking into their art class and decided that it was time for them to go in too. “Come on, first class of the day!” Carol said, trying to pump Mikey up a bit. He was definitely more into the partying side of college, so Carol tried to make sure that he at least showed up for most of his classes. Donnie definitely appreciated that since he was Mikey’s roommate and would often get agitated with him if he just slept right through his classes. Donnie was a good student and never missed a class unless he was sick, like, really sick.

Now, thinking of Donnie, Carol felt that familiar heat in her abdomen and the butterflies returned in her stomach. So far, only Mikey knew about what was going on between Donnie and Carol and he made a promise to both of them not to say a single thing to anyone about it. Especially Leo. 

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Genre: Angst, Happy Ending?, Fluff
Pairing: MarkxReader
Word Count: 844
Summary: Mark wasn’t ready for his life to be changed so drastically. Still, he knew things would be fine.


“Are you kidding me? We’re not ‘fine’!” Mark shouted, eyes set into a hard glare as he stared at her. The look of utter heartbreak crossed her face and for a moment he regretted the words, but with a quick glance down to her protruding stomach, he was quickly reminded as to why they were fighting in the first place. He still couldn’t understand how he hadn’t noticed until now, though he blamed most of his cluelessness on the fact that she had been so distant lately. He had only thought she had been cheating on him. He wasn’t not expecting this revelation.

“Mark, please.” she whispered softly, fingers wringing the edge of her shirt tightly. “I wanted to tell you so badly but I was afraid that you would-”

“That I would what?” he snapped.

“Hate me.” she croaked out, lips quivering as she visibly fought off her tears. And just like that, Mark could feel all the anger leaving his body. He hated that he couldn’t stay mad at her, he never could. There was just something about her that captivated his heart and had him wrapped around her little finger. She knew it too, but she had never used it against him. Even now, she wasn’t - though she very well could and get Mark to agree to do anything she wanted. She was standing there, pleading to him to not hate her.

A tsk left his lips as he turned his head away, eyes falling to the chair that sat by the bedroom door. It was infinitely more interesting than staring at her crestfallen face or watching her tears fall. And yet he didn’t even need to look at her to know what was happening and his chest twisted in such a pang of heavy guilt that he felt sick to his stomach.

“I should have told you.” she started and Mark winced at the sound of her voice. He honestly wished she would just stop talking and let him process everything. He just needed time. But would time really make that much of a difference for this situation? “I wanted to tell you and I was going to when I found out. But when I asked if you ever wanted kids you said no.”  The memory of that morning filled his head. It had to have been at least five months ago, both of them in his apartment and attempting to make breakfast. It was such a casual question and he had answered so honestly because, in reality, children were the last thing he wanted to even think about. He was still young and had his whole life in front of him. Why did he want to think about starting a family when he had so much that he wanted to do, and kids would only slow him down.

Was that selfish of him? Possibly. But he was a man that knew what he wanted in life, and at that moment in time, kids weren’t his goal. But it’s different when it’s someone you love. When that person was already pregnant. It makes everything different and Mark cursed himself for not realizing sooner. For not steering that conversation in a direction of understanding and compromise. Just because he didn’t want kids then didn’t mean he didn’t want them with her.

“I’m sorry. I’ll go.” It was pure instinct that took over as Mark turned to look at her retreating back. He grabbed her arm, holding it tightly and pulled her back against him. Her body was tense as he slipped his arms under her arms and wrapped them around her. He dropped his head onto her shoulder, taking a few breaths to calm his racing heart. He knew he couldn’t let her walk away and out of his life. He couldn’t let her just deal with on her own and he certainly just couldn’t push away the two years of love he held for her in his heart.

“Don’t go.” His voice was muffled by her shoulder, but clearly she heard it as she slowly relaxed into his embrace. He lowered his left hand slowly, fingers running over the taut skin of her stomach, knowing that what grew inside was his. A life they had unknowingly created together. A product of their love. “We’re not fine.” he started as he lifted his head, chin resting on her shoulder now. “But that doesn’t mean we won’t be.”

Mark knew he wasn’t ready for kids - there was just so much he wanted to do with his life. But he knew that he couldn’t live without her. And if that meant putting his life on hold to start a family, then so be it. For her, he would do it. For their baby, he would do it. “I love you, so much,” he whispered as he pressed a gentle kiss to her cheek.

“We love you too, daddy.” she whispered and Mark couldn’t stop the warmth that bubbled in his chest, a large smiling spreading over his lips. They would be just fine.


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Alpha!Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) x omega!Reader

Descriptions:   Kurt is apartment sitting for his friend and the last thing he expected to find was his one true omega, but there she was. Except she can’t seem to tell they belong together. (Y/n) has dreamed about the day she would meet her one true alpha her whole life. A new, blue, alpha comes to see her every day, and she hates him! Until she starts thinking about him all the time. Her allergies make it so she can’t smell anything, but she knows that her alpha will let her know when he finds her. Won’t he?

A/n- Putting a bunch out at once! 



(Y/n)’s alarm went off and she stretched, hitting the snooze button and rolling over. 

She sniffled a little, all of the stuffiness settling on one side of her sinuses so that the other side was just swollen. 

The alarm sounded again and she climbed out of bed, getting up and scratching her head as she turned it off. 

Getting up this early may not be her thing, but she couldn’t afford to lay in bed all day, and it’s not like she had the desire to do that, anyway. 

After getting dressed and ready for the day and her shift at the cafe, she grabbed her things and headed out.


Kurt had followed the scent to a cafe the day before, but had stopped himself from going up to whichever girl it was coming from, thinking of the best way to sweep her off her feet. 

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This episode was a poigant love letter that was so painfull and bitter sweet, there are so many thoughts that are to be shared, but for now I really need to sink this episode in my viens, because I am still crying will typing this 😭😭😭. Kim eun sook just killed us all and to think episode 10 was painfull… And I know that the on slot of angst is not done yet, but I really wanted to get this of my chest, because that episode hurt like hell and I genuinely feel I am not the only one…..

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Fandom: Detroit: Become Human

Pairing: None (Sibling-like dynamic)

Summary: Connor notices the reader isn’t eating as much as they should and they’re struggling. It takes passing out and almost dying for the reader to understand it’s unhealthy.

Warnings: Major talk of an Eating Disorder; Please take caution reading this, and know if you need to talk, there are both professionals and people like myself who are willing to talk if you need to <3 stay safe

This account of an Eating Disorder is based off of things I have personally experienced. I hope as the reader, you can either relate or find comfort in this. My DM’s are always open if any of you need a safe place to talk.


Originally posted by neonwinters

Closing the bathroom door behind you, you place your shaky hands on the counter. You glance up at your reflection, and grimace. You were pale, and your face looked gaunt, but the same time, you saw something else. Someone else.

Her face was round, and her shoulders stuck out too far. Her stomach poked out over her jeans, and her arms shook with every movement. You sigh a little. That’s the reflection you were used to, and you’d been trying to change it for years. You finally buckled down 3 months ago.

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(That honestly made my day, of course I can tag you sweetheart!!)

“Please, Nesta. Give me a chance to explain.”
A moment passed by until she whispered, “Okay.”
“Tomorrow. You better be there.” His voice turned harder. A threat.
“I’ll see you tomorrow.”
He hung up. Nesta slid her phone into her pocket as she stared outside the window of her room. Fear clawed its way up her throat, eyes stinging with unshed tears. But they never came. They never did.
“Who the hell was that?” 
Nesta spun around at the familiar voice. She saw Cassian standing in the doorway, his hands balled into fists. Rage was pouring from his eyes.
“None of your fucking business,” Nesta spat. “Get the hell out.”
Their entire friend group was having dinner at Feyre’s apartment, where Nesta was temporarily staying until she could afford her own place. They were drinking wine in the living room when Nesta’s phone rang. When she saw Tomas’s name flash across the screen, she quickly excused herself. And Cassian had clearly followed.
“I know it was him,” Cassian said. “Wanna know how? Whenever you talk to him, your voice is laced with fear. You’re scared of him.”
Nesta’s blood boiled. She wasn’t scared. She couldn’t be scared. He was her boyfriend, for fuck’s sake. 
The other night, she was at his place. They were watching a movie when he started kissing her. She kissed him back, but he didn’t stop there. He touched her, even when she said no, even when she cried out that he was hurting her. He eventually stopped after she managed to escape from his grasp. His eyes were glossy from one too many drinks, and he began apologizing profusely. He promised he would never hurt her.
It was the fourth time something like that had happened.
No one knew, of course, but her sisters and their group had their suspicions. Cassian was especially skeptical. He had seen her bruised wrists more than once. 
Nesta had introduced Tomas to the group a while ago, but that ended disastrously. He drank too much and was an asshole to Nesta. Cassian nearly hit him. It was a mess.
Cassian must have noticed the pain in her eyes because his face softened. He took a few cautious steps toward her. When he grabbed her hand gently, she didn’t flinch.
“You can talk to me, sweetheart. I want you to be safe,” he whispered, leaning in closer to press a kiss against her forehead. Nesta nearly melted into his touch, but she quickly snapped out of it. She ripped her hand from his.
“Why do you always push this? Why do you fucking care?” she hissed. Her heart ached with pain but all she knew to do was lash out. Push him away. 
Cassian’s eyes flared. “Why do I care? Do I really need to answer that?”
She said nothing, waiting for him to continue.
“I don’t know, maybe because you push my buttons in a way no one else has. Maybe because you make me laugh with your sarcastic comments. Maybe it’s the fact that you write smutty stories that you’re embarrassed for anyone to read. Maybe it’s because of the way you look at me like you want to kiss me. The way you look at me when you don’t think I notice. The way your eyes softened and your lips curl up into a smile. Maybe it’s the fact that I want nothing more to fall asleep next to you and wake up next to you.
“Or maybe it’s because I’m in love with you.” Nesta’s eyes widened and he laughed humorlessly. “Yeah, that would be fucking awful, wouldn’t it? God forbid someone treat you like you deserve.”
Nesta’s chest constricted. She wanted to say something. 
Something like, I think about you all the time.
No, it’s not awful.
You make me feel safe.
I love you too.
t nothing left her lips. She was frozen.
Cassian watched her for a few moments. He was waiting for her to say something, anything. 
He was disappointed. Cassian shook his head to himself, his hands rubbing his face with frustration. 
Nesta watched as he walked out of the room. She fell to the floor, unable to hold herself up any longer.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered hoarsely. But it was too late.

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Originally posted by hachibira

GAH ANGST… >.< Dunno why I’m in that kinda mood… waaaaaah this made me so sad because I put in some of my own personal feelings in this one too… SO… That’s a warning! For intrusive thoughts and references to depression so… Reader Discretion is Advised…

I’m gonna make maybe two more parts to this… I have to! I have a plan…

Summary: Shinsou’s going to be in the Hero Course starting his second year, which was great until he remembered that he’s not the only one with big dreams. 

Hell is trying so hard to get what you want.

And Hell is the place Shinsou felt that he was born into. For the longest time he’s wanted to be a hero, and yet when he was 5 years old that’s when he discovered that his quirk lets him control people just by talking to them. He could make them do whatever he wanted them to do, or rather, it was limited, but still.

He can control people, and so naturally, that made him more like a villain than a hero. He’s heard it all before.

So naturally, that made me more like a villain than a hero. I’ve heard it all before. 

“Your quirk is more like a villain’s quirk.”

“Wow so you can make people do anything you want them huh?”

“Please don’t try anything weird on me okay?”

Stupid ignorant assholes. He would show them all that they were wrong about him, about his quirk. His dream was, no, it still is to be a hero. No his quirk isn’t flashy, but he knows how to use it well, shouldn’t that be all that matters? Why does everything have to fit in a damn category?

He doesn’t know. That’s why he’s stood alone most of the time. No one understood, and frankly he didn’t have time for people. He never really liked them much anyway, not after what they’ve said to him. He doesn’t necessarily hate people, but he would rather not be around many.

Some people call it a lonely life, but he’s used to being alone. He’s used to just sometimes staying home, bored and all alone with nothing but these pretentious thoughts of his. Sometimes just lying in bed and not feeling motivated enough to get out of bed or change his pajama pants.

Tonight, this was one of those moments as he had fallen into a fitful sleep just thinking too much about everything, his life, how he somehow made it into UA and for a moment, he actually thought that his dream had come true. Until he remembered that while he made it into the Hero Course, there were 21 other students here that wanted exactly what he wanted to. Every one of them wanted the same dream, and then he spent the rest of the night thinking, “What the hell am I going to do?”

Aizawa was a fantastic teacher and mentor, but how could Shinsou compete with everyone else here? What if Aizawa training him wasn’t a guarantee? What if all this time he was just fooling himself into thinking that this wasn’t going to work? The moment he stepped into this class it became clear to him, he’s just another kid with big dreams.

There was nothing special about him at all. He knew it, and the darkness in his mind knew it too, and always reminded him whenever he thought about it, whether he was awake, or asleep. 

“If it’s all too much… just keep sleeping…”

“I can’t sleep forever… just go away… I don’t need you to bother me…”

“I’m not going away anytime sugar… I’m a part of you…”

“Why can I stop… feeling this way…?”

“Hero. Villain. Does it really matter?”

“No… Nothing matters…”

“That’s right dear… Nothing matters at all…”

His eyebrows furrowed as he had fallen asleep, having a mental battle with the weight of hopelessness, misery and insecurities falling on top of him, pushing him to the ground until he lied on his back to just keep sleeping. No, he didn’t want to sleep…

Shinsou didn’t even realize that he was tossing and turning in his sleep until he felt a cool hand on his forehead and something soft on his cheek as he cracked his eyes open. “Mmm… Hito… what happened? What’s the matter? What’s the matter…?” You asked with a groggy yet somewhat frantic voice when you felt him thrashing about in his sleep again while you had cuddled up to him.

Suddenly he remembered that he wasn’t alone.

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by LiquifiedStars

Inspired by the song “Heartbeat” by Enrique Iglesias. Adrien had returned to Paris after more than a year in London post Hawk Moth’s defeat. With so much left unsaid, will his heart and Marinette’s lead them back to one another, or will it be too late for them?

Words: 5339, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Marmalade, We’re Making Out
by thatanonwiththeoc

“Care to dance?” He asked.

She scoffed at his sudden request. “Dance? With the Adrien Agreste?”

He laughed at her comment, and rather than answering her, he slowly moved his way towards her in a small shimmy that wasn’t anything short of endearing to Ladybug’s eyes. Looking up to those emerald eyes of his, she saw a glint of mischief reflecting back. It wasn’t long before the pumping of the beat overtook her and she gave into the sensation of blissful nostalgia that overtook her everytime she listened to this track.

When Ladybug decided to pay Adrien a late night visit, she wasn’t expecting an impromptu karaoke session.

But since he asked so nicely…

Words: 4418, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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