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Enough For Now
Chapter One
Aaron Hotchner x fem OC. 
Summary: Hotch doesn’t like the new agent, Y/n. Much like he treated Prentiss when she first joined the BAU, he is distrustful of her. He’s harsh and a drill sergeant, even going as far as to belittle her theories in a group briefing. That is, until she takes a bullet for him.
Warnings: Mention of assault, SA, and shootings. Mentions of blood. 
Word count: 1330
one two 
Tumblr media
The team were sat around the table in the briefing room. Garcia presented a series of murders in Michigan, all taking place in Lakeshore national park.
“The unsub kidnaps and beats the women he captures. He then releases them into the forest and hunts them with a rifle. He makes no efforts to bury the bodies. He’s leaving them for the animals in the park,” Morgan spoke.
“The absence of sexual assault would imply that he gets enough pleasure out of the hunt, he may be a loner. He was likely raised in an isolated environment, leading him to become reclusive and insecure around women,” y/n spoke.
“No,” Hotch interrupted.
The team fell quiet. Y/n was still the newest member to the team, she had been in the BAU for just over three months. Hotch never warmed to people quickly, but it seemed that something about y/n just rubbed him the wrong way.
“No?” Y/n questioned cautiously.
Hotch sighed, closing the file with slap, “I believe this unsub is socially confident. He lures the women he captures with charm. He can’t do that if he was raised in isolation. It’s ridiculous to assume he’s getting them to the park any other way. Read between the lines before you make stupid suggestions. Wheels up in 20.”
With that, Hotch stood up and left the room. The team sat silently for a second before slowly following suit. Y/n was the last to do so, shakily picking up her file from the table and closing it.
Rossi walked with her out of the briefing room and placed a hand on her shoulder when they reached his office, “Try not to take it to heart, kid. He’s just not comfortable with you yet.”
Y/n but her lip, trying to keep a brave face, her voice betraying her as it cracked, “I don’t know what more I can do, Dave.”
“Just hold on a bit longer. For what it’s worth, I think your profile is right. We’ll just have to see when we get out there,” Rossi smiled softly before retreating into his office.
Y/n walked down to the bullpen and collapsed into her desk chair. Placing her head in her hands she sighed before opening her desk drawer, pulling out an envelope. In it contained a letter of resignation. She didn’t want to give Hotch the satisfaction of her quitting, she really didn’t but she also knew that, sometimes, you just have to realise when you’re not wanted.
“What’s that?” She heard Spencer gently ask from his desk.
She looked up at him, twirling the envelope in her hands, “What do you think.”
Reid smiled at her sadly, “Just… hold off. At least until this case is over. You’re really good y/n, the team needs you.”
“I’m not so sure, Spence,” she smiled sadly, slipping the envelope into her inside pocket.
The team were now in the jet, y/n sat alone, gazing out the window at the clouds below.
Two rows down, Hotch sat looking over paper work. Footsteps approached him and he looked up to see Morgan. There was a moment of silence as Morgan sat down, looking at him. Sighing, Hotch put the file down and raised an eyebrow at him, “Do you need something?”
“What is going on with you Hotch? I understand not trusting a new agent but y/n’s been with us for months. She’s good at what she does, I think you’re being way too harsh on ‘er, man,” Morgan spoke.
Hotch’s jaw clenched tightly as he leant forward, “Is she? The way I see it I have an inexperienced agent on our team. She’s untrustworthy and foolish. She can hardly put together a profile let alone chase an unsub. I don’t want someone like that on my team.”
Silence fell through the jet.
“I- um. I thought you might want coffee,” a tiny voice muttered from beside them.
Y/n stood with two mugs, gently placing them down in front of the men. She silently turned around and retreated to her isolated spot on the plane. She bit her lip so hard it started to bleed, the taste of copper staining her tongue. She was trying her best not to cry, that was the last thing Hotch wanted to see, she thought.
The team had been in Michigan for the last three days. Y/n hadn’t spoken much since the plane, only chipping in when asked a question. The profile had led them to a 35 year old male, raised in a cabin by his uncle away from the city. Even when her profile was right she didn’t mention it, afraid she would unsettle the team.
They were walking through the forest towards the location of the unsubs property.
Seeing the house in the distance Morgan spoke, “Reid and I will take the front. Prentiss, Rossi you guys cover us. Hotch and y/n go round the back in case he tries to escape.”
They followed Morgan’s instructions, splitting up and running quietly to the back of the house. Hotch scanned the trees as y/n heard the rest of the team and S.W.A.T kicking in the front door.
Hotch wasn’t paying attention to the back door as the unsub ran out, shotgun in hand. In an instant, y/n saw the unsub raise his gun for Hotch.
Time slowed. She could shout for him to drop, but by then he would be dead. He would turn first to see what was happening and then his son would be without his only parent.
So she pushed him to the ground, a bullet piercing her abdomen.
Another two shots rung out. One hit her shoulder, the next one landed in between the unsubs eyes. Hotch had shot him from his place on the floor.
The rest of the team ran through the door, first seeing the unsub on the ground, then y/n swaying. Her hand came up to her stomach in shock, blood seeping onto her hands.
Emily gasped from the door way, Morgan muttered, ‘oh my god.’
Y/n let out a spluttering cough as blood poured from her mouth.
She collapsed.
She heard them running to her from across the yard but the first thing she saw was Hotch’s distraught face above her. His hands open her jacket and push into her abdomen. She groaned as the pain suddenly hit. The rest of the team appeared around them as Reid screamed for an ambulance. Y/n felt as though she couldn’t breathe, she was choking on blood. She could see their mouths moving but couldn’t hear what they were saying until one voice cut through.
“Come on, y/n! Stay with me!”
It was Hotch.
Her eyes roamed the sky as she spluttered, “I-it hurts.”
“I know, I know. Help is coming, you’re going to be okay, I promise,” Hotch said.
She didn’t think she was crying until she felt something trickle down her cheeks. Prentiss had her hands pressed against the wound on her shoulder, Morgan was pacing distraught in the background and Spencer had gone to guide the paramedics. Rossi was holding her hand. He reaches up and wipes the tears from her face.
“I-I’m sorry,” she coughed.
“You’ve got nothing to be sorry for, bella,” Rossi with conviction.
“I-I shouldn’t h-have interfered with t-the team. Hotch was r-right,” she stuttered. She could hear the sirens coming now, but she couldn’t help but feel as though the ringing was pulling her somewhere else.
“Just-“ Hotch paused, guilt flowing through him, “Try not to talk. The paramedics are coming now.”
Hotch looked away from the paramedics who were being led by a frantic looking Reid and back down to y/n.
She wasn’t breathing.
“H-help! She’s not breathing!” Hotch near screamed, distress echoing through his voice. The paramedics shoved their way through and began attaching the monitors and paddles to y/n’s chest.
“I’m not getting a pulse,” one spoke.
The team stood together, Prentiss and Hotchner looking broken and bloodied.
She wasn’t breathing.
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I need comfort and they only person capable to give me that right now is Jason Todd.
So here it goes, me projecting things into him again.
TW: angst, reader argues with their parents and have a lot of insufficient thoughts.
As usual, it's gender neutral reader.
Comfort me:
Jason walked into the living room of your apartment and instantly felt something wrong. There was something off.
And as usual he was right. After a few seconds, your cry was heard in the entire apartment. Rushing to your room, a lot of scenarios played in his mind. You being hurt. You being kidnapped. You being tortured because of him. There was a lot, really, but none of them was right.
You were crying because you are daddy's and mommy's little princess and hates to argue with them. To disappoint them. It seems silly, but it was always something that bothered you, that made your little world shatter and break.
But Jason did not know about that, not yet at least. So when he burst into the room, it was with two guns ready to take down whomever was hurting you. That only scares you and makes you cry even louder. Automatically, he drops them in the floor and runs over to you, who is sitting in your bed with a pillow tightly pressed against your chest.
The first thing he does is to gently touch your hair, bringing you back to reality. The crying doesn't stop. You are sobbing and your cheeks and neck are wet with tears of anger and sadness. Your eyes are red and puffy and you can't actually see him fully. But you can feel him, and that's enough to make you fall into his chest and cry louder and louder, more hurt than ever.
His arms are instantly around you, pulling you close and caressing your back and your hair. Your hole body shakes and he is beyond worried about you. Jason is dying to ask you what happened but he gives you space, he let's you pull all out of you.
"It's ok. It's fine. Whatever happened, you will be ok again, sweetheart." He says, his voice low and gentle. Jason looks at you wondering what made you so out of yourself.
Generally you are a very collected, calm and strategic person. You never give up. And it's not everything that can make you balance on your feet. So this scene is totally new to him. Generally he is the one crying in your arms after a argument with Bruce or after a nightmare. But not today, his sweetheart needed him the most right now and Jason would do anything for you.
"I hate myself. I hate being an adult and I hate disappointing them." You say, voice low and weak, like if you talked louder it would make you lose control.
"What do you mean, sweetheart?" Jason asks, not understanding the situation.
You take a deep breath and stopped crying. You pull a way from him slowly and just enough to look at him. Blue eyes staring at you with worry and openness to talk and process anything that you needed. He had a slight frown between his eyebrows and a little pout in his lips.
"I hate disappointing my parents, Jason. I feel like I am never going to be the daughter they wanted me to be. I feel like that lately I am not their priority anymore and when I ask for help or a little of attention I am being annoying. That I am being a child in the body of a adult." You say, still with a low voice, hipcupping a little.
"Sweetheart, I understand what you mean. I wished things were like before too. Like when I was still twelve." Jason says softly, eyes so pure and intense that makes you want to cry again. It's the fact that he understands.
He doesn't backlash you, judge you or tell you to suck it up. You cry again, softly this time.
"I know it's hard to meet expectations. But sometimes we put the expectations thinking that this way things will be easier." He keeps saying, and you nod, understanding what he means.
"They never settled expectations to me. I putted expectations to myself. I wanted to be the best all the time." You say. "But it's hard not feeling this way when you are the youngest, when your siblings started to live their lives independently younger than you. It feels..." You can't finish your thought process, because a loud sob rips through you.
"I know" he says, truly knowing what you mean. Jason thinks like that too, even though he is the second oldest. He will always try to meet Dick's standards, even if it was never asked for him to.
"I feel like they don't understand me anymore. I feel like I am not their little girl anymore and it's hurting like hell. I just wanted to be seen by them again and not be pushed aside." You say, hugging him closer to you.
"But why do you feel like that?" He asks, twisting a piece of your hair in his point finger.
"Because they don't pay attention to my needs anymore, and I know I am a full grown adult but they still do everything possible to my siblings." Sometimes you even wonder if they are like that with you because you don't have kids yet.
"What they do to your siblings, love?" You take a deep breath again and try to not sound jealous or petty.
"They help with my nephews and my niece. They help economic wise and when my siblings need, they listen to their issues. I wonder if we had kids they wold start to pay attention to me again." You voice your thoughts, shrinking yourself because you feel pathetic.
"Maybe your siblings need help. Maybe they think you need space. Or maybe they think you don't need them." You negatively shake your head to the last one.
"They don't think I don't need them. They think I need them too much, my mom say it today."
Jason clicks his tongue. He adores your mom, but sometimes she can be way too judgemental or harsh in her words.
"Now why would she say that?" He asks, his voice slightly annoyed.
"Because I need help with some legal things about my old college and I wanted her help, we argued over that. She doesn't have time for me, but it's been a month of me asking for help with that." You explain, playing wit your fingers, tiny tears running down your cheeks.
"My dad got envolved when we started yelling at each other things that were bottle up. He yelled at me and told me that if I kept my attitude you wouldn't stay." Now Jason was angry. How dare his father-in-law assume he would ever leave you because you demanded attention and help?
"I would never leave you. I know you are high maintenance but so I am. I am even more than you and you never once told you would leave because of that." Jason says, bringing you into his lap. You rest your head in his shoulder.
"I know. But he doesn't know that, so he just assumed things. Anyways we said a lot of bad things to each other. A lot of yelling and even some insults from both parts. I hate myself for that but I hate them even more." Your hands are tightly wrapped around his shoulders, trying to ground yourself.
"Why do you hate yourself and why do you hate them?" He asks, pretending that your nails aren't hurting his shoulders.
"I hate myself because I lost control and I think I've lost their love, respect and support. I hate them for finally showing their humans flaws, for not staying into that child and yearly teens glow." You tell him, not having tears to cry anymore, only a feeling of emptiness and angry in your chest.
Jason hums, rocking you side to side in a comforting way.
"I think that you are only angry, my love. " He tells you, and you nod, knowing that his probably right.
"I don't want to talk about it anymore." Jason only picks you up and lay you down in the bed, cuddling you closer to him.
You inhale his scent. Gunpowder, cologne, cigarettes and coffee. It calms you down, making your chest grow with tenderness and love and you relax.
You let Jason lullaby you to sleep, his deep voice near your ear and his breath against your cheeks and neck. You let yourself fall into dreamland.
And Jason watches you, thinking about all the ways his going to comfort you after you wake up. He plans on cooking your favorite food, putting in your favorite movie or favorite Taylor Swift album, making a good warm bath for you, his gorgeous soulmate. God, he even plans in letting you cry more even if it hurts him seeing you cry.
Slowly he drift into sleep, one arm around your waist and one around your shoulders, with one of your legs resting on his hips. He knows it's going to be difficult to take you out of your angry state. He knows it's going to be hard to make you stop to demand too much of yourself.
But Jason will try, because he loves you and wants your best.
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koishua · 4 months ago
→ angst prompts: falling out of love edition
"i can't say that anymore." / "say what?" / "that i love you."
"friends?" / "not now, but maybe later."
"i'm sorry, our forever has to end today."
"i just wish you never promised to love me till death did us apart."
"i don't love you anymore." / "i know, i've noticed."
"what hurts the most is that i know you still care about me."
"so, is this it?" / "i don't know if it makes you feel better, but i really did enjoy our time together. i really, really did." / "well, i guess it was good while it lasted."
"i feel worse than the time i was dumped during tenth grade."
"you can always come find me if you're in need of anything." / "but what if i need you?"
"do we still have the weekly movie nights?" / "yeah, we do. i still want to be friends with you if you don't mind." / "i'd love that."
"i knew that this would happen one day. i just didn't know it would arrive so soon."
"we were so beautiful." / "we still can be." / "you think so?"
"somehow, i'm not even mad about this turn of events." / "i'm too pretty for you to be mad at." / "oh, screw you. get out of my sight before i break down and cry."
"so, are we good now?" / "yeah, we're good."
"are you okay?" / "what? after you broke off and gave up on our seven year long relationship like this? yeah, just peachy." / "i'm sorry." / "don't be. come back in a week and i'll have your stuff ready. please don't come earlier, i need time to repair myself a little bit."
"make sure not to miss any meals and take care of yourself." / "yes, mom. i will be looking after myself with utmost care." / "thank you for everything then. i'll see you around."
"well, this is awkward." / "we literally have the same friends. of course we were going to be hanging out together again eventually, you idiot."
"i hope you find someone who loves you more than i could."
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“I thought you cared”
peter parker x girlfriend!reader
angst, sad ending
warnings: im not sure what to put here sorry, summary may help
an: i stuggled writing this because im new to this whole tumblr stuff, sorry if its bad. L <3
summary: peter has been too busy patrolling to spend with you, but when he forgets your date, you’d finally had enough.
Tumblr media
peter was always a lonely child, but when he met you, it all changed. you brought light into his life, in a way that no one had ever been able to do before. you were there for him, and he had always done the same. when you started dating, his only priority was you. but once he got bit by the spider, his ability to balance two lives became seemingly difficult.
he didnt tell you about his secret, and never planned to, as his remorse would kill him inside if anything ever happened to you. but his needs to keep the city safe slowly started to overpower his relationship with his girlfriend.
you confronted him about his multiple absences before hand, but he promised it wouldnt happen again. and you believed him, as you had always been able to. but now you are sat in your bedroom alone, after accepting defeat at the fact that peter wasnt gonna turn up to the movie night you both had planned. for three weeks. tears ran down your cheeks as you realised that this was the last straw.
and at the same time as you were wallowing in a state of disappointment, peter was out on his sunday night patrol, swinging from block to block as usual, until he perched himself on a rooftop, and pulled his phone out. he went to message you.
peter: hi baby, what are you doing? i miss you.
he sat waiting for a reply, as you were usally fast at texting back, and it was only 6pm, so you wouldnt have been asleep. but no reply came through. he waited for a while, but still n answer. his worrying overtook him, so he decided to swing by your house, and check on you.
he reaches your neighborhood, and discreetly crawls up the back of the house, peering in through your bedroom window. he sees you sat on your bed, tears glistening in the light of the tv that was playing. panic rose in him, as he wanted to know what was wrong. he hated seeing you unhappy, and pondered for a second, trying to think who or what could have upset you.
then it clicked.
he was supposed to meet you at 5 for your movie night you two had planned. he dropped his head in anger, as he now knew the reason to your unhappiness.
it was because of him.
he crawled back down slightly and jumped to the floor, quickly disappearing to change into his normal clothes. he had to try and make things right. he pulled his bag onto his back, and walked round the front of your house, opening the door quietly and making his way up to your room. he slowly pushed the door open, and smiled at you in a ‘please forgive me’ sort of way.
you looked at him with a straight face, and stood up from your bed. he walked over to you in a quick desperate manor.
“y/n im so sorry i forgot, i had to-”
“you had to what, peter? what was so important this time that you had to just completely forget our plans for the eleventh time?”
“i-” he knew he couldnt tell you.
“i dont know” he says, dropping his head in sorrow.
you huff
“you know what peter, ive been patient. i believed you when you said you would make things better, i waited, and waited, but what happened? the same thing as usual. you forget.”
“y/n please, i promise ill make it right this time-”
“no peter, i cant do this anymore. i cant do this. us.”
peter looks into your eyes pleadingly
“no y/n listen i will ill do better, this will never happen again” he says as he holds your hands in his
you pull away from him, and he looks at you with glossy eyes. all you can do is whimper as you try to stop yourself from breaking down.
“i thought you cared”
“i do, i do i promise you mean the world to me”
“if i meant the world to you, you wouldnt forget about me peter. we are over, i cant do this”
“w- what? no please y/n, i love you”
peter stares at you, but your expression remains the same. he holds his place in your room, hoping this was all some sick nightmare. he couldnt lose you.
“leave, peter” you say, emotionless
granting your wish and accepting defeat, he turns around and walks out of the room, and through your front door for what was probably gonna be the last time. he didnt want to swing home, as he started to sluggishly trudge back, tears spilling down his face, as he knows he has lost you forever.
he gets home to find may and ben in the kitchen, they both become fully aware of his red face and sad expression, and begin to worry.
“omg peter what happened?” may asks, as ben stands from his seat.
“i- i messed up”
“how?” ben questions
“i lost y/n”
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poemsforparker · 4 months ago
My little Versailles | Druig × gn!reader
Masterlist - Requests are open!
When I tell you I SOBBED writing this I love this song sm. I'm honestly proud of how it came out.
Song inspo: Fourth Of July
Synopsis: After the events in Tenochitilan (the eternals growing apart), you decide to stand by Druig on his decisions, although it hurt you deep to leave your family, and things didn't work out exactly how you planned.
A/N: I changed the place where Druig went after leaving the eternals so the fic would make sense with the song lyrics! I know the whole point of Amazon is that is isolated and all but let's ignore this for a sec.
Warning: angst (as you may notice from now on, I do, in fact, enjoy a lot writing sad things), this one is smaller than I wished for, but it was very emocional for me to write because this song TEARS ME APART.
Word count: 1237
(not my gif)
Tumblr media
"Did you get enough love, my little dove
Why do you cry?
And I'm sorry I left, but it was for the best
Though it never felt right
My little Versailles."
📍Tenochitilan • 1521 d.C.
A heated argument between your colleagues happened before your eyes. You felt like your world was falling apart and you couldn't do anything about it. Why couldn't everyone stick together for god sakes?
'But she won't be Thena anymore' as you saw Makkari sign at the others.
"What if it happens again? She could've killed you. She could've killed all of us" Kingo says, with probably the most serious tone you ever saw him speak before.
"Please..." begged Thena "Please, I want to remember. I want to remember my life" you were standing by Druig's side. When you saw the pain in her eyes you couldn't hold your tears. When you leaned to hold his hand you felt him tense up once he heard Ajak's words.
"It's not important if you remember or not. Your spirit will remain. You'll always be Thena deep inside". He held your hand tightening the grip, as if he was giving you a silent message that he wasn't controling himself anymore. "Trust me" you heard Ajak whisper. With that. You saw your boyfriend's jaw close strongly. He was about to blow.
"Why should she trust you?" you heard the accent you love so much say. There was a hurt tone on his voice that you could tell he was trying to hide. You feel his hand leaving yours as he takes a step to the side, being now right at the top of the Pyramid stairs. "You're asking her to let you erase who she is." He completed with anger, but still holding up.
"Druig, I know you're upset"
"Upset?" Druig yells. His tone surprising everyone. He looks at Ajak. At that moment you could swear that if looks could kill. She wouldn't be standing there. "We've trusted you for seven thousand years and look where you've gotten us." Your eyes were blurred by the tears while he let out everything he held up for so long, you being the only one who knew every single one of these deep thoughts of his. "I've watched humans destroy eachother, when I could stop it all on a heartbeat. Do you know what that does to someone after centuries? Could our mission have been a mistake? Are we really helping this people build a better world, huh?"
Once he says that you take step to his side and putting a hand on his shoulder as you whisper to him "Dru...". His eyes softened as he looked at you and let out a "Sorry, but I have to do this, my love." He grips your hand back, giving it a gentle squeeze. A reminder that any of that anger he was holding had to do with you, whatsoever. Doing it he let go of you, but you didn't leave his side while he turned to the door right beside him and walked towards the stairs.
You hear his voice again. "We're just like the soldiers out there. Pawns to their leaders. Blinded by loyalty." He takes a pause to glance at you. You nod at him, not quite sure about what were you agreeing with, much less knowing what the hell he was going to do, but it's not like that mattered anyways. You'd follow him wherever.
"It ends now" he says while his eyes shine in a scary golden light. And watch as the soldiers leave their weapons and the desperate screams for help finally stop. You couldn't say you felt a certain relief by the sudden silence, allowing yourself to finally take a deep breath by hearing nothing but the sound of the fire.
On the side of your sight you could glance at Ikaris aiming to touch Druig's shoulder to make him stop what he was doing. You were quick on grabbing his forearm and pushing him to the wall by your side as fast as you could. Although you hated turn on your family like this. Druig was your everything. As much as you were everything to him.
Still with teary eyes you stare angrily at Ikaris while he turns his look at Druig's direction and spits out "let them go." before the mind controller could answer to it, you stared at Ikaris deep in the eyes "If you want to stop this. You're gonna have to kill me."
And with that. You both went your unknown way without the Eternals. Togheter.
You knew you were safe with him. And different from the rest of the team, you agreed with his thoughts about humans. But that didn't mean it didn't hurt you leaving your family like this, specially leaving Thena while she was struggling against the Mad Wy'ry and doing nothing about it. Still. You followed him.
"Well you do enough talk
My little halk, why do you cry?
Tell me what did you learn from the Tillamook burn?
Or the Fourth of July?
We're all gonna die"
📍Oregon Coast Range, 1933
"The Great Fire hadn’t destroyed the trees. It had merely killed them, leaving them standing as massive snags that, each summer, got drier and more flammable."
After the both of you left. You went to the Tillamook forest, a place that for some reason, Druig seemed to be found with. And you we're pretty much okay with it. Since you had him. Where you were living wasn't exactly a matter to you.
After centuries of building a life at this place. A misterious fire grew out of the trees. Taking everything you had in the blink of an eye. Not even you could stop it. It was too much.
Now, you both saw yourselves on a dead end. Again side by side. Watching as the fire took away long years of history. The scene seemed to be bringing back memories.
You sat besides your partner in complete silence, watching as the the loud fire took the place of the trees, that were long dried and nearly lifeless. Just standing in there. Waiting for the right moment to fall. You put your head on his shoulder, still silent.
You could hear Druig's light sobs while now touching him, and that made your heart break into a million pieces. The world was now like this, just as he was now, hopeless. While nations struggled with the Great Depression and he saw humans as they sunk themselves on a pile of crisis and death. The first world war had just happened. And specially considering the time you both lived, it was all pretty recent to you, too much new weapons, too much cruelty. All too much. You were now forced to see your beloved humans live the consequences of it. Of their own creations and ambition. And there was nothing you could do about it. Not anymore.
The nature was crumbling, falling apart. And now, just like many other spots around the globe it was happening to your home. The place both of you struggled to protect, were promises were made and dreams were built. It was all down on flames. Tillamook was burning.
"We'll start over" you said to him, wanting to sound as hopeful as you could, but not really sure if you made it. "Togheter" you saw him trying to smile to you as he nodded. You heard a quiet, yet so sweet "Yes, my love" come out of his lips. Making you smile. "Togheter".
At least you had each other.
And that would never change.
"Shall we look at the moon, my little loon
Why do you cry?
Make the most of your life, while it is rife
While it is light"
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wuanshii · a month ago
Oh, he wished
( part- 2 ). Part one - oh, he wished
( Sanzu x f! reader )
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The man was beyond miserable. He was beyond help.
2 months after the disappearance of his wife, and he's still looking for her. Heart filled with nothing but the vast flood of regret, eyes pooled with nothing but tears, by holding a few hallucinating pills, the man awaits you.
'You can't do this to me God! It's...t-that's unfair! I am a man with a mouth and you know that, I was only speaking out of frustration and you know that shit! You know God, You know I have issues!' inside the chilly, a little dark church, Sanzu yelled.
And by slamming the alcohol bottle down on the floor, he wept to himself, steadily making his way towards the Jesus statue with his legs trembling.
He knelt, to hold the feet of the God himself, and with his head pressed against the cold statue's feet, he spoke with no control over the amount of tears falling off of his eyes.
" Please....P-Please Lord, I know it's your doing. This is...ridiculously supernatural, it can only be you, no? Please... give me my Y/n back,"
'No no, let me iron your shirt. Go get fresh'
A sweet memory of you helping him slid across his mind. And more, more kept coming to haunt him real good.
'Huh? What would I name our child?....Umm.........I'm not good at names you see, so I'd give that privilege to you~'
"We had plans. I-I even picked a name for them...Heh, Saan. For son. And...I was...planning on thinking of the daughter's, with Y/n. I wonder...what she would name her."
'Welcome home, honey~'
"I miss her welcoming me. I was wrong...without her, w-without...her, this doesn't feel like....home."
'Haru, dinner's ready!'
"What's even a dinner if it's not made by her hands?"
'Haru, don't talk to me.'
"What's even fun, if...I don't get to bicker with my wife. In a silly way. Heh... she's so grumpy. My wife... grumpy..."
'Haru, I'm watching my show! Not now!'
"What's sex, when it's not her. When it's not me knowingly interrupting her series, and convincing her to bed with puppy eyes.."
'Haru, I love you.'
"What's even love, if it's not the woman I love."
Remembering every, literally every memory of you in his mind, Haru kept smiling and weeping to himself while still holding the God's feet.
"You are cruel. Beyond cruel. Snatching my woman away from me, what did you gain? Eh? God? What did you gain BY TAKING THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AWAY FROM ME!"
Furiously, he stood and pushed the statue to the side. Making it fall and shatter into several pieces. You can stay assured because your man is ready to fight the God. He is ready to bloody kill the God if needed. For you.
"I'm sorry.....p-please....Give me my Y/n back..." he muttered,
9:32 AM
Today too, 6 days of not going to work, he woke up late as usual.
And as always, his hand made its way to hug you on your side of the bed. But the thing is, you aren't there.
"I'm...so silly."
That's when he decides to go grocery shopping. But he wish he never did.
"Y/n?" widening his eyes, he dropped the groceries and immediately rushed towards you.
"Excuse me, stop touching me like this! Who are you!?" and you wailed,
"It's you, it really is you...Y/n, i-it's...It's me! Sanzu! Why are you acting this way?"
"Hey big guy, leave her arm." and your husband came in between, to push him away from you.
"R..an? What does this...mean?" Sanzu frowned,
And his eyes finally noticed something. You were pregnant. Hiding behind Ran, holding his arm real tight.
"Get off before it gets worse for you, whoever you are." Ran replied, holding the basket.
"Did you...fucking cheat on me? So...you never really disappeared. You...with my friend? Heh...Ran? Are you two, serious?"
"Do we know you? Don't cause any commotion here, because I'm sure it's our first time seeing you around." you interrupted,
"She's my wife of 4 years and we have a toddler as well. I don't get where the 'cheat' comes from, but you better watch your mouth. This is my woman," Ran threatened.
And Sanzu chose violence, by ignoring the fact that his wish came true, and Y/n never really was his wife from that one morning when he woke up.
And after that encounter, Sanzu was never the same.
"I will.....kill myself," his will to live had long died.
And by using his hands, he tried to strangle himself to death. Choking his own throat with every intention to kill himself. To leave, to never see you with Ran again.
"Haru," your voice echoed through his ears,
"HARU," again,
"Don't call me, don't call me by my name Y/n. Get my name out of your fucking lips, Y/n, I hate you." he smiled, face so red from the suffocation.
"Haru, stop. The hell are you doing!?" and this time, you yelled.
"Like I said, heh...get my name. out. your. fucking. mouth." he smiled so wide,
"Bitch stop choking yourself!" and the moment you splashed a few drops of water in his eyes, yeah the guy fluttered his eyes open.
And saw himself, in a hospital. With medical pieces of equipment surrounding him, with his wife holding the glass of water and standing righy beside him.
"Huh.... Y/n?" he narrowed his eyes at you,
"What the fuck, why did you began choking yourself??" and you yelled with utmost worry.
"....Are you...my wife?"
And you called the doctor in.
"It isn't impossible. Him losing his memories after an overdose, it all depends on the strength of the drugs he took and his mentality."
"Haru, do you remember me?" holding his hand, you asked.
"Y/n, what happened? Why am I...here?"
"Do you remember me, or not?"
"You're....Ran's wife."
He was afraid because Ran had given him a good response to when the violence was done last time and he definitely don't want to face that again.
"Doctor....there's something wrong with my husband," with tears almost pricking down your eyes, you rushed towards the Doc.
When Haru realized that it was all the cause of the drugs to which he called 'heaven', overdosing messed his mind up. And all this time, he was dreaming.
"Damn, I'll never fucking take drugs in my life again. EVER."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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whoreforbuckley · 6 months ago
without you. | evan buckley
Tumblr media
paring: firefighter!fem!reader x evan buckley
requested: no
prompt: (#40) “i can’t live without you.”
summary: after getting shot on a call, Buck visits reader in the hospital and tells her everything thinking that she can’t hear a word that he says (think instead of **SPOILER** Eddie getting shot at the end of season 4, it’s reader)
rating: PG
warnings: mentions of dying, description of a shooting happening, a panic attack, sad!buck
MASTERLIST || send in requests!!
taglist: @mrspeacem1nusone @shiftingwh0r3 @1234-angelika @one-sweet-gubler @multifandomlesbianic @jasontoddslover @tvshowmasterlistblog @benedicttcumberbabe
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It all happened so quickly. You were standing and talking to Buck when a shot rings out and you feel the worst pain you’ve ever felt go through your shoulder. Everyone ducks for cover and you fall to the ground. Blood pours out of your shoulder.
You lay on your side, bleeding and making eye contact with Buck. He lays on his stomach under the engine. His face is covered in what you assume is your blood.
Then he pulls you under to cover you so you don’t get shot again. “Buck,” you mumble. “Buck.”
“Shh,” he tells you. “Don’t talk. You’re okay. You have to be okay.”
When it’s safe to come out, Buck immediately gets you into the ambulance. He helps the paramedics stop the bleeding.
You look at Buck and say, “Are you hurt? You have blood all over you.”
Buck is putting pressure on your wound and says, “You got shot and you’re asking me if I’m hurt.”
Things quickly become blurry then dark.
Buck’s POV
I thought she was dead. When I was hiding under that engine, she just had this blank look on her face like she was just gone. I thought that I had lost the only girl that I had ever truly loved before I could tell her that I love her.
Her head laid in a pool of blood that was coming from her shoulder. I couldn’t tell if she was breathing. That scared the hell out of me. That sight alone might give me nightmares for days to come. Then she spoke to me on the way to the hospital and I hoped to some God that she’d make it in the end.
When I’m able to see her next, she’s laying in a hospital bed. An oxygen mask is covering her mouth and nose. All kinds of wires are connected to her. The machine beeps so I know her heart is still beating. A white bandage is wrapped around her head. Her arm is in a black sling. Her eyes are closed, but I can see that she’s breathing.
“She’s in a medically induced coma,” someone says behind me. I turn to see a doctor in dark blue standing in the doorway. “She hit her head on the ground when she fell at the scene and there was some swelling, so we put her in a medically induced coma temporally while the brain swelling goes down.”
I look from the doctor back to Y/N on the bed. “So she’ll wake up?” I ask.
The doctor walks up and stands beside me. “More than likely, yes, she will wake up,” he says. “You must be Evan Buckley.”
Confused at how the doctor knows my name, I look back over at him. “How did you-”
“Y/N made sure to let us know before she went into surgery that we better let an Evan Buckley visit her,” the doctor says, interrupting me. “Told us that you were the only person that was allowed to see her until she woke up.”
With a light laugh, I say, “Yeah, that sounds like Y/N. Always lets me see her at her worst.”
The doctor says, “She told us as she was going under that it was because of how scared you looked on the way here. She wanted to make sure that you knew she was alive.”
That also sounds like Y/N. Always looking out for me when she’s the one who’s hurt.
“I’ll leave you be,” the doctor says. “Holler if you need anything, or her condition changes.” I nod and he leaves, closing the door behind him. The room gets eerily quiet, with the beeping machine making the only noise in the room.
I pull up a chair beside Y/N’s bed and sit next to her.
My eyes examine every part of her face. She looks so peaceful, like she’s sleeping. If the doctor didn’t tell me about the medically induced coma then I would’ve thought that she was sleeping.
Slowly, I grab her right hand and hold it in my hands. I’m careful to avoid the IV that’s in her hand.
Her chest rises slowly with every breath she takes.
“You need to come back from this,” I begin to say. “You’re tough. I know you are because of how much we have been through together. You were there for me when my leg got crushed, you pushed me and motivated me to get better. I did, so now it’s your turn.”
There’s no reaction from her. I don’t even know if she can hear me.
But I keep talking.
“Hen’s already planning your welcome back party,” I tell Y/N. “She’s already gotten someone to bake a cake for your return to the 118 in a few weeks when you’re done physical therapy and off all your medications.”
I smile but my vision quickly becomes blurry with tears of fear. “You have to make it through, Y/N,” I say, voice shaky. “Bobby, Hen, Chimney, and Eddie, those guys, they all need you. I need you. You’re already past the worst part, I just need you to wake up.”
Still no reaction.
I rest my forehead on her hand, closing my eyes and letting my tears just fall onto the bed beside her. “I just ...” I trail off, unsure if I should say the next few words out loud.
After a very long pause, I work up the courage to say, “I can’t live without you. I wish it was me that got shot the other day. I won’t be able to bear it if you died. You are literally the reason I get up in the morning, knowing I get to see you at work. It’s been like that since day one, and especially since the ladder truck crushed my leg. Maddie’s off somewhere to figure out her life, my parents are across the country and I wouldn’t want to talk to them if they were here anyway. I have my best friend and Christopher, but you are what makes my life worth living, Y/N.”
Zero reaction from her. I don’t know what I expected. I’m talking to someone in a coma.
Deciding to head home for the night, I kiss Y/N’s hand then lay it back on the bed gently. I take one last long look at her then get up, heading to the door.
I stop in my footsteps when I hear someone call my name from behind me.
Your POV
You heard the doctor say that Buck was here, and your mind has been screaming at him since he walked into the room. Then you feel him pick up your hand. You wish you could see it.
“You need to come back from this.” You’re trying to wake up. For him. “You’re tough. I know you are because of how much we have been through together. You were there for me when my leg got crushed, you pushed me and motivated me to get better. I did, so now it’s your turn.” It is your turn.
Buck pauses for a moment before he keeps talking to you.
“Hen’s already planning your welcome back party.” Of course she is. “She’s already gotten someone to bake a cake for your return to the 118 in a few weeks when you’re done physical therapy and off all your medications.” Physical therapy? What medications are you on?
Another pause.
“You have to make it through, Y/N.” Buck’s voice is shaky. Is he crying? Is he about to cry. You have to wake up “Bobby, Hen, Chimney, and Eddie, those guys, they all need you. I need you. You’re already past the worst part, I just need you to wake up.” You need to wake up. Now.
“I just ...” He just, what? Speak Buck. Speak. You can’t pry it out of him. He needs to say it on his own.
He just, what? Come on Buck.
Then he says it.
“I can’t live without you. I wish it was me that got shot the other day. I won’t be able to bear it if you died. You are literally the reason I get up in the morning, knowing I get to see you at work. It’s been like that since day one, and especially since the ladder truck crushed my leg. Maddie’s off somewhere to figure out her life, my parents are across the country and I wouldn’t want to talk to them if they were here anyway. I have my best friend and Christopher, but you are what makes my life worth living, Y/N.”
He can’t live without you. You make his life worth living. He doesn’t have anyone else.
Wake up. Wake up. Wake. Up. Wake up wake up wake up.
You have to. Before he leaves. He hasn’t spoken in a while, and he put your hand down.
Then, you see light. It’s bright, and you weren’t expecting it. Your breathing is quickened a bit as you pant out, “Buck.”
He stops mid-step. You blink a few times, letting your eyes adjust to the bright light before you look over at Buck. He slowly turns around and you go to reach out to him, but a searing pain rips through your shoulder and you wince.
Buck is quick to be at your side when you wince in pain. “What hurts?” he asks, looking down at you.
“Shoulder,” you rasp. “Ice chips?” Buck nods and runs to go get you some. You try sitting up but the pain in your shoulder is nearly unbearable.
That’s when you remember that you got shot. You look around the room, feeling no sense of security whatsoever.
Did they get the guy that shot you? Is he in prison? Where is he? Could he come back and finish the job?
Your breathing quickens and the heart machine beeps faster. Your chest hurts and you notice a nurse and a doctor come running in. Buck comes in right behind them.
“Y/N,” the doctor says. “Y/N, you’re in the hospital. You were shot.”
Your eyes land on Buck and you reach out for him, not feeling any pain in your shoulder when you move. That’s definitely adrenaline coursing through your veins.
Buck’s quick to realize what’s going on. “Y/N, they got him,” he tells you. “His name is Ethan Copeland. He’s a former LAPD officer. Athena got him. You’re safe, I promise. You’re safe.”
You stare at Buck, trying to breathe with the oxygen mask on. “They got him?” you pant.
He nods and takes your hand in his. “He’s gone,” Buck tells you. “Long gone. You’re safe.”
It takes a few minutes but you’re calmed down enough to get examined by the doctor. Your shoulder is sore from the panic attack you just had, and Buck sits at your side.
The doctors switched the oxygen mask to the nasal tubes, which you’re grateful for.
You look at Buck, saying, “I’m glad you came to see me.”
“I needed to make sure you were alive,” he tells you.
“Last time I checked, my heart is beating,” you say to Buck. That little joke you tried to crack didn’t get him to smile. “I heard what you said, and I’d rather it have been me that got shot than you. You have your parents, Maddie, and everyone at the 118. I don’t have anyone. No one would’ve missed me if I was gone.”
Buck’s face just drops when you say that last sentence. “I would’ve,” Buck says. “I wouldn’t know what to do without you, Y/N.”
You blink at him and ask, “Why?”
He blinks back at you. “If you heard me then you would’ve heard me say that I couldn’t live without you. You think you’re expendable, but you’re not. You’re not as replaceable as you think you are.”
“That’s some bull-” you start but are cut off by Buck and his lips on yours. You’re caught so off guard by the kiss that you push Buck away from you gently.
The look of immediate apology falls on his face and he stammers, “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to kiss you. I’ll never do it again if you don’t-”
“Do it again,” you tell him, having finally realized what had happened.
Buck hesitates but once against captures your lips with his, moving slower this time. Your head isn’t spinning after this kiss, so you slowly kiss him back. The moment sinks in and you realize what’s happening.
Honestly, you knew how Buck left about you. You were just waiting on him to make a move on you.
The door to your room opens and Eddie’s voice says, “Well, it looks like it finally happened, ladies and gentlemen. It’s about time too.”
You pull back from the kiss to see the members of the 118 standing in the doorway. “Hey,” you say, smiling. Buck hides his flustered face in your bed and you run your fingers through his hair. 
“It only took Y/N almost dying for him to do something about it,” Hen says as she walks into the room. “Glad you’re alive so you know that Buck is really into you.”
With a laugh, you say, “I knew this whole time. Buck wasn’t really subtle with his hints.”
Everyone in the room laughs.
You find yourself grateful to be alive right now. Grateful that you’re surrounded by so many friends and co-workers that you enjoy being around.
Grateful that you might actually get to be with the guy you fell in love with practically day one of knowing him.
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exclusiivelyd · 9 months ago
 my recommendations
not updated anymore. i made another one bc this one was too long. this is temporary. pt 2 of my recommendations
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
not enough | jacob black
prey | theodore nott
cursed fate | jacob black
the eclipse | james potter
illicit affairs | sirius black
i don't believe in you and i | sirius black
every road leads back to you | john b routledge
promised | fred weasley
empty promises | rick flag
clingy | georgenotfound
unnamed | bucky barnes
nsfw alphabet | klaus mikaelson
sharp | klaus mikaelson
unnamed | isaac lahey
three’s a party | dream and georgenotfound
unnamed | liam dunbar
rest | blaise zabini
an invisible bind | kaz brekker
my girl | sirius black
tap | bucky barnes
a new friend | klaus mikaelson
you bring me home | klaus mikaelson
distracted | klaus mikaelson
this side of paradise | theodore nott
heartbreak girl | chuck bass
lonely heart | theodore nott
idle mornings | blaise zabini
sirius the matchmaker | remus lupin
the mom friend | john b routledge
johnny bear | jj maybank
drunken night | klaus mikaelson
surprises | jesper fahey
mornings | stiles stilinski
bartering potato peels | thomas shelby
bookworm | john shelby
rain check | thomas shelby
cupcakes | carl gallagher
thirst tweets | timothee chalamet
take in | isaac lahey
deer for two | malia hale
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mhaxwishxgranter · 20 days ago
Play stupid games (win stupid prizes)
Summary: The number three, Dynamight, Bakugou Katsuki, makes a grave mistake in his aim to be the number one hero. But he’s made his bed and now he has to lay in it.
Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, black!female!reader, Uraraka Ochako, Midoriya Izuku (mentioned), Todoroki Shoto (mentioned)
Warnings: past relationships, angst, marriage of convenience, a/b/o dynamics, Characters are adults and Pro-Heroes
Pairings: Bakugou x Uraraka, Midoriya x Todoroki, Bakugou x Y/N (past)
Quirk: Y/N’s quirk is Siren Song.
Word Count: 782
Note: I would like to preface this by saying that I don’t hate Uraraka, I actually love her character, but I had to write her this way
Bakugou Katsuki, the number three hero, Dynamight, had been doing a damn good job of not thinking about the screams of agony that plagued his thoughts as well as warm, brown eyes that had been filled with anger and pain and tears. He had ended his relationship with L/N, Y/N, a successful underground hero, to enter a marriage of convenience with the number six hero, Uraraka Ochako, also known as Uravity, who had been all but willing to stab her friend in the back to get with the hero she had been pining after.
And now, here they were at a hero gala, dressed in a suit and dress that clearly screamed expensive, just like Ochako’s large gaudy ring that shined brightly, but it was devoid of any real love. It served its purpose of telling everyone that she was Mrs. Bakugou and it reminded Katsuki of what he willingly let go of, of what he had chosen to cast aside in an effort to get the spot of number one.
When the light dimmed, their host of the evening instructed them to turn their attention to their performer, the person who was about to perform in a room full of heroes. The curtains were pulled back to reveal L/N Y/N, in all her glory, wearing a dress that hugged her curves. The color of it complimented her rich skin, as if it was made specifically for her. Her hair was done in an intricate way that the gold accessories were illuminated by the stage lights.
Looking upon at the crowd as she began to sing, it was clear that every alpha, beta, and omega hero in attendance was entranced by the female omega. It was obvious that she didn’t even need her quirk. What she had was pure, raw talent.
Much like the name of her quirk, Y/N’s voice was like a siren, luring everyone in.
Her scent was something that every alpha and beta wanted to get a whiff of for themselves, especially as she got off the stage to walk around the room.
Even though Katsuki’s mind tried to rationalize what was done, his heart never forgave him for it. And his alpha never forgave him either, it took a great amount of control on his part to not lose control, especially seeing how Y/N lingered a little too long at that half and half bastard and Deku’s table, the sweet melody of the song escaping her plump lips.
As he saw her get closer and closer to his table, Katsuki could feel his heart rate spike. He was completely honed in on her. Y/N’s scent was invading his senses. He couldn’t ignore the way his alpha was howling inside of him. He was brought out of his haze by a soft hand that was definitely not Ochako’s caressing his shoulder, and the singing was next to his ear.
When he looked up at Y/N, those brown eyes held so much anger and resentment that it sent a shiver down the spine of the hero who was infamous for exploding away villains. He looked into the omega’s heart he had held once, but was crushed and left behind in his pursuit of climbing the hero ranks.
He had really made a grave mistake, but this was his bed and he would have to lie in it.
When she had finally pulled her hand away and gave Ochako a sneer before walking away, Katsuki had to stop the instinct to get up and go after her. It was Ochako’s hand squeezing his knee underneath the table that stopped him.
Ochako’s scent became slightly from the anger that was coming off of her, making the other heroes at the nearby tables scrunch up their noses. The antigravity hero clenched her fists, the ring digging into her skin, as she finally faced the reality that no ring, no document, no wedding would ever make Katsuki hers.
What was it that L/N had said? Just before she had cut off her friendship with Ochako for the heart wrenching betrayal? Oh, that’s right.
“You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.”
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onlybeeewrites · 4 months ago
requested by: no one
pairing: sort of anakin x reader
warning: flashbacks and nightmares to violence
Tumblr media
"Liar!" his voice echoed in your mind as you tossed back and forth in the pathetic bunk you called a bed. You remember that day so vividly, a true nightmare that had come to life. Everything seemed to be going too well. Maybe that should have been a sign. You were part of the failing Jedi Order. Only a year or two older than Anakin himself. You had been at the temple when Obi-wan and Anakin returned. You were practically a sister to Obi, so you always stuck by his side when he returned home.
Even though you had your own master, you spent a lot of time with Anakin becoming close friends. And as you both became knights, it was clear between you both that there was something, a not-so-hidden attraction to each other.
Even with young Ahsoka becoming his padawan, she was even able to sense it. But not one said a thing. You worked well together. Your battalions often worked alongside each other. You balanced each other out in a way that not even Obi-wan could understand.
So where did you go wrong?
You tried to retrace your steps, see what you failed to do. You should have seen it coming. The slaughter of the younglings. Of the order. Had you not listened to him enough? Did he lose his trust in you? It didn't make sense. You had always been there for him.
Through thick and thin you remained at his side, so why did he turn against the Jedi order? His brother, Obi-wan, Ahsoka...you. You had been with Obi-wan that day, on Utapau. You had given Anakin a tight hug, and a fond smile that meant so much to him. You wished him well before departing with obi-wan.
That was when everything had gone wrong. The 212th turned against you both. Cody not hesitating to shoot his general, the men you worked years alongside with, not hesitating to shoot you. You had tried not to hurt them. Your eyes blurred with tears as you deflected the blasts that were aimed to kill you.
Realizing then, you didn't have much of a choice. So you killed them to protect yourself, and Obi-wan. Soon the two of you escaped to the temple, only to find a worse sight there.
Your sobs rang through the halls as you held the dead younglings in your arms. Young, afraid and defenseless. That is what you had felt. The death of the Jedi. "Who....who would do such a cruel thing?" you asked Obi-wan with a shaky voice.
"Check surveillance, we must. An answer, we will not like," Master Yoda's voice rang out as you both quickly turned to him, relieved that he was alright. You both nodded before checking the cameras playing them back.
You could feel your stomach churn and your heartbreak as you watched none other than Anakin, the person you tried to care for, love, and protect, slaughtering the innocent. Quickly you turned away, not being able to watch anymore.
"This doesn't make sense," Obi-wan said in disbelief, "Why would he do this? This isn't Anakin." He said. This was not the younglings he had trained and raised. This was not his brother.
"Influenced by the sith, he was. Stop him, you both must." The Master said firmly.
"We don't even know where to look.." Obi-wan said, just at a loss. But you knew better. He had mentioned it once before, but you didn't want to believe it.
"He went to Mustafar." You said turning back to the Masters, "He mentioned it to me. A week ago, asking me if I would ever visit such a planet. But I looked into it and...He could be there,"
Master Yoda nodded, "Go then you must. Stop him, you will have to."
The idea of getting rid of Anakin was hard to think of. How could you kill someone you and Obi-wan love so much? You then had to scold yourself. No, the man you love would never do this.
And once you and Obi-wan landed on Mustafar, facing Anakin as his anger radiated off of him like a harsh like, you had to try to remind yourself. Anakin stared at you both with pure anger and hatred in his eyes.
You stepped forward to try and calm him down, "Ani, this isn't you...please," desperation was in your voice. Anakin's yellow eyes flickered from you to Obi-wan.
"Don't lie. You never loved me. You loved your precious Order too much. And now you will die with the rest of them." He lifted his saber and swung at you, as you were frozen to the ground. You couldn't move. You felt the heat of the weapon before-
You bolted up in your bunk after a yell had escaped your throat. Shaking and panting, you tried to get your bearings but it was too dark. Why was it too dark?
Suddenly the door slid open, and you covered your face at the harsh light. Kanan sighed as he walked in and sat next to you on your bed, concern on his face as he placed a hand on your shoulder.
"You're alright, Y/N." He could sense your fear and your nightmare all the way from his own room, waking him up. "Same nightmare again?" he asked and you nodded as you finally caught your breath and collected yourself.
It had been almost fifteen years since that happened. But the memories haunted you still. A part of you knew that they would never leave, lingering in your thoughts much like the Jedi order still haunted your mind.
"Yeah. They've been more common lately. Maybe because it's almost the anniversary." It was almost Empire day. Empire Day...even the thought left a nasty feeling. The anniversary of the genocide of your people. Both you and Kanan's- Caleb's people. You had been glad to find him, the two of you found each other and stayed together for years before finding Hera and the rebellion.
"Well, regardless you had good timing. Hera says we're almost at our next job." he said as he stood up, "Let's get some breakfast." He suggested and you nodded, standing up behind him.
"Where was it, we're going to?" you had forgotten, and wanted to prepare yourself for however much Empire propaganda there might be.
"Lothal," He said before leaving your room.
Lothal. Sounded nice enough. Maybe this would lead to some good things, meet some new people and maybe not almost be killed this time. But all you could do was trust in the force. "Let's hope Lothal doesn't get messy,"
Oh little did you know, it would be the start of a whole different story.
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yyeonjvn · 2 months ago
your ex ft. hong joshua
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: hong joshua x gn!reader genre: angst
"y/n" joshua mumbled as he spotted you on the other side of the crowded room. he froze for a moment, not knowing how to react. it was his first time seeing you after he broke up with you. he thought of approaching you, but at the same time he didn't want to. he was scared of how you would react.
on the other hand, you were feeling dizzy because the dim room was packed with people, the smell of sweat with alcohol wasn't pleasant at all. you felt like throwing up. you decided to excuse yourself and go get some fresh air.
he woke up from his trance of thoughts and looked up, but you were nowhere to be found. he felt curious as to where you had gone and started to squeeze through people to get where you were standing before.
"excuse me." but all the drunk people rubbing against each other's skin couldn't care less.
he sighed, running his hand through his hair; he couldn't see you anywhere near himself. 'maybe it's for the good of us? you wouldn't want to see me either.' a sad smile was displayed on his face.
both of you haven't stayed away from each other without any contact for a long time. you longed to see him, at the same time you didn't.
you came to that party only because your friends insisted. they hated seeing you that way, broken, without any hope. they were trying to help you move on from the heartbreak.
it wouldn't be a lie to say that both of you missed each other.
joshua felt like the crowd was suffocating him. in a attempt to clear his mind, he headed outside.
as he approached the railings he saw a figure sitting with their legs inside the swimming pool, they seemed familiar. he felt happy yet nervous. he took a deep breath,"y/n?"
he was hoping to see you, but fate said no.
"do i know you?" a stranger asked, momentarily surprised.
"oh, sorry. i thought you were someone i know, i used to know."he corrected.
"hong?" someone called out wobbly. joshua turned towards the source of the voice, seeing the one he had hoped to.
a smile soon found its way to his face,while tears pooled up in your eyes.
"y/n" he took a step towards you, and you took one backwards.
"don't you dare." you gritted, tears threatening to spill any second.
that hurt him, but he knew he hurt you first so he deserved it. he never thought all this would happen. he never thought you two would end up this way.
"i need to talk to you."
"there is nothing left to talk about. can't you see? you broke me. aren't you happy seeing me this way?" you chuckled bitterly.
"i never meant to hurt you y/n." he looked down, hiding the tears that ran down his face.
"we can do nothing about it, it would be better for both of us if we part ways." you crossed your arms, determined to not get influenced by him.
"can't we just start over?" he swallowed the lump rising in his throat.
"stop playing with my feelings, hong joshua." and with that you left the place. you knew if you stayed any longer, you would have gone back to him.
Tumblr media
edit: i have moved to @hearts4choi pls follow me ther if u want to read more fics from me:D
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cconstant-ccraving · 4 months ago
Enough For Now
Chapter Two 
Aaron Hotchner x fem OC. 
Summary:  Hotch doesn’t like the new agent, Y/n. Much like he treated Prentiss when she first joined the BAU, he is distrustful of her. He’s harsh and a drill sergeant, even going as far as to belittle her theories in a group briefing. That is, until she takes a bullet for him.
Warnings: Angsty angsty. 
Word Count: 1030
one two
Tumblr media
The heart monitor beeped slowly through the hospital room.
Y/n was alive.
The bullet had ricocheted through her abdomen, piercing one of her lungs. The other that had that hit her shoulder was a through and through. In the grand scheme of things, it hadn’t done too much damage.
The paramedics had shocked her another four times before she spluttered a breathe, the team letting out cries of relief. She had flatlined twice more in surgery while the team sat helplessly in the waiting room.
Hotch had never felt worse. He had lost many people. Victims, family, friends. But his guilt had manifested into a brutal attachment to y/n. Morgan could see it on his face.
“It’s not your fault Hotch,” Derek spoke softly from across the waiting room. The rest of the team sat silently. They agreed, it wasn’t Hotch’s fault that y/n got shot, but he had treated her so badly. Worse than any other BAU newbie.
“I wasn’t paying attention. I was scanning the trees in case he was already outside. It is my fault,” he spoke monotonously, trying to keep his voice from shaking.
“She made a choice, Aaron. Any one of us would have done the same, you know that,” Dave spoke from the plastic chair. It was blue and creaked loudly and was probably covered in germs.
“Agent Y/n-“ A doctor started to call out, the team all cutting him off before he could finish her name.
“Her injuries are extensive. The bullet from her abdomen ricocheted and punctured her lung. It was difficult but the surgeon was able to repair it. The wound to her shoulder was mostly superficial but she will need extensive physical rehabilitation-“
“W-wait, she needs physical therapy so-so she’s okay?” Penelope stuttered, she had flown to Michigan as soon as she heard y/n had been hurt.
“Yes. She’s okay. She’s out of surgery now but we’re going to keep her in the ICU for the next few days. You can see her in the morning,” The doctor finished before reaching into his pocket and pulling out and envelope.
“This was found in her personal belongings. Which one of you is ‘Hotch?’” They asked.
“I am,” Aaron spoke softly, the tension leaving his body when he heard that y/n would be alright. The doctor handed him a cream coloured envelope, it was crumpled and the top left hand corner was stained very slightly red.
Hotch walked quietly to his chair, the team gathered around him. Garcia and Morgan stayed standing, as did Emily who was to his right. Dave sat beside him again, JJ on his other side and Reid beside her.
“Dear Hotch,
First of all I want to apologise. I knew when I joined the BAU I was surrounded by a remarkable team but I do not believe I ever thought to give much credit to the leader of such a group of individuals. Their skill and passion are a reflection of your leadership. I can only apologise that I have been unable to meet your standards. I have learnt so much in such a short time at the BAU and that can never be taken away.
Secondly, although I doubt you would give much consideration to my opinions, I ask that you treat them better. A person can only take so much.
Therefore, it is with regret that I inform you I am resigning from the Behavioural Analysis Unit with immediate effect.
I wish you only the best, you are an excellent leader and a credit to those around you.
Supervisory Special Agent Y/n Y/l/n.”
Hotch hung his head.
And he cried.
12 hours had passed since Hotch had read y/n’s letter. Since he had cried and been comforted by his team. He knew he didn’t deserve it. He now sat at her bedside, waiting for her to wake up. She looked pale and tired, but alive was alive.
He sat with his head in his hands until he felt the sheet shift. He quickly sat up to see y/n squinting her eyes at the light. Hotch stood and picked up a cup of water from her bedside and stood in her line of sight, “You’re alright, y/n. You’re in the hospital.”
She coughed out a measly, “W-water.”
Hotch delicately slipped his hand behind her head and lowered the cup to her lips. She tentatively drank until Hotch took the cup back.
There was quiet between them for a moment before y/n spoke up, “Y’know, judging on the way you’re looking right now I’d say you’d been shot, not me.”
Hotch frowned before collapsing into the seat again, raking his hands through his hair, “Y/n I…”
Hotch paused, his throat constricted and tears spring to his eyes, “I can’t begin to-“
“I am so sorry,” he spluttered, tears pouring down his cheeks.
She was quiet for a moment, trying to think of what to say next. But all she could say was, “I forgive you.”
He looked up from the hospital bed confused and whispered, “What?”
“I forgive you,” she said, holding out her hand for him to take. He did so, softly.
“I forgive you, Hotch. I know how much your team has been through, I know you see any outsider as a threat to them,” she whispered.
“That’s no reason for the way I’ve treated you-“
“It’s plenty reason. Hotch, look at me. Please,” she said.
He lifted his head and looked at her, her eyes full of conviction, “This was not your fault.”
He choked back a sob, lifting her hand to his mouth and softly pressing a kiss to the back of it. They sat in silence for a long time before he found the strength to look at her again.
She looked back at him, her eyes crinkling with her smile, “Have I passed, at least?”
He frowned slightly and he wiped his eyes, “Passed what?”
“The BAU initiation? I kind of just assumed that being shot was in the test.”
She laughed.
And Hotch cracked a smiled.
And for a moment, they got the sense that everything would be okay.
Because they were alive.
And that was enough for now.
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mechiiwrites · 28 days ago
cellophane. — jj maybank x gender neutral!reader 
Tumblr media
summary : cellophane. a thin, transparent plastic: commonly used to preserve food/leftovers for later consumption, however in your case, the very little love JJ Maybank feels for you.
warnings: angst. unrequited love? (i think that's it) 
word count: 400
authors note: this song [cellophane by fka twigs] makes me cry, and i will never look at robert pattinson the same way ever again. also, enjoy my first post and please let me know what you think!!
Tumblr media
pain? hurt? is that what you were feeling right now? perhaps it could be heartbreak? no. no words could possibly describe how you felt at this moment. your heart had been messily ripped out of your chest, no remorse on his face as he crushes the very organ you gave him your all with. you see them. in front of you. all the pieces of your shattered heart on the floor, sprawled out for all the audience to see, especially him. 
but what audience? there’s nobody there but the two of you, and somehow you’re seeing the walls around you shift, a stage below your feet as everything around you fades. you’re panicking. all eyes are on you. and yet only one pair of eyes were watching you, watching your every move. waiting for you to say something. anything. 
as the room begins to shift once again, the memories instantly begin to flood back, sickly sweet memories play in front of you, showing the things you were once blind to. the unloving looks, the scoffs at any little thing you said, ungratefulness, how he pushed you away constantly. the puzzle begins to piece itself together, forming a pitiful picture and answering an even more pitiful question. 
no matter how much you tried to push the thought to the back of your mind, no matter how much you attempted to preserve the one-sided relationship you and JJ had, the little love he felt for you and the overbearing love you felt for him, cellophane can't protect forever, and it surely can't protect something that was never there. the question was never: when did JJ fall out of love with you? in fact there was never a question at all, only a tragic truth: he never loved you at all.
you don't feel pain, or hurt, not even heartbreak. that daunting feeling that lingers in every inch of you is realization. it’s a cruel feeling, one that tugs at every inch of you, screaming you to hold back the tears that will soon flow out of your eyes to replicate the ocean you see in his. it’s the realization that despite the fact you did everything for him, you surrendered all the love you had for him; all in return for nothing, it would never have been enough.
because there would never have been enough cellophane in the world that could preserve this one sided love.
Tumblr media
© 2022 mechiiwrites | please don’t copy, translate or repost my work! enjoy ur stay here ^_^
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stararch4ngell4dy · 11 months ago
I’d like to imagine The Duke takes pity on Heisenberg after the death of his lover. I mean, I’d assume the two know each other pretty well, with The Duke being the only one able to make it through Miranda’s influences to bring things from the outside world and all, so I’d like to imagine he returns the reader’s heart to Heisenberg free of charge. That being said, he would definitely warn Ethan what he’s begun.
“Oh dear, is that the lady of Heisenberg Factory I see in your hands? What beautiful remains… you’d best be careful around the factory now though, Mr Winters. The Lord will not be happy once he realizes his wife is dead.”
“Lord Heisenberg, it’s good to see you once again.” … “Yes I know I’m early. But… here, sit down. And remember, no touching the metal in my cart. I’m sorry, my lord. But the news I bring isn’t good.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You all asked for it.
A shriek left your body when the bullets punctured your body, the holes in your clothing darkening as blood spurted from your punctured arteries.
The blonde haired man clutched his shotgun, eyes wide at the sight of your sickle wielding hand slowly lowering. Moments ago you were screaming at him, your pain driven over remorse of your dead family. You found Daniela’s body first, her signified choker clinging onto the crystals of her statue form. Your other sisters were discovered shortly after during your search for your mother, tears and angry cries leaving you with each gruesome discovery.
Coming across your mother was much worse, hearing the echoes of her dying screams by the time you found them. Winters was lost on ammunition, panicking at the sight of you standing there, sickle in hand with tear stained cheeks, ready to fight to the death.
You fell to your knees, your hands clutching your wounds as the pain prevented you from breathing, growing harder and harder to take a full breath of air. You looked up at Winters, seeing him staring at you with shock, the man feeling somewhat lucky that he found a few extra bullets in his pocket. That didn’t stop the guilt from shooting through him after hearing everything you said.
“I-I hope… I hope you rot in hell!” You screeched at him, your throat momentarily closing as you started choking on your own blood and bile. You spat up these fluids, anxiety setting in as you laid on the ground, feeling your legs and arms no longer cooperate with you.
Karl. That’s the first thought that came through your mind as you were blinded by pain. The man was back at the factory, waiting for you when you told him you wanted to see your family. What will he think when you never come back home? No, you didn’t want to die.
You didn’t want to die. You didn’t want to imagine the sheer terror on his face, your mind occupied with the thought of him barging through the castle doors to come save you, to pick you up in his arms and run out with you. You knew he wasn’t going to come, you told him you’d be back soon.
A pained cry left your lips, closing your eyes as the pain excruciatingly blossomed, flooding your mind with a white hot cast that continued to linger, blooding out the darkness as breathing grew ever so harder.
You no longer felt your fingers or your toes, unaware that they were starting to grow pale and flake. The crackling sounds were heard by Ethan as he watched, but they fell on your own deaf ears.
“K-Karl..?” You whispered out, the pain sending a strange warmth throughout your body, as if you were sinking into a hot bath. Or better yet, it felt as warm as snuggling up to the man you loved on a cold winter’s morning, limbs tangled under the sheets as his calloused hand cradled your chin, his tired, colorful eyes staring into yours. Were you waking up? Was this all a dream…?
“Hold me.” Came your final pant, succumbing to the warmth that took away the pain.
- -
Heisenberg was handed a surprisingly large bundle of wrapped cloth, carrying this said bundle like an oversized infant. The Duke didn’t say anything about what it was, despite his warnings.
He pulled off the loosely tied strings, pulling back the cloth for his fingers to come into contact with hardened crystal. Hardened crystal…?
A shimmer of gold along the crystallized stump caught his attention, a familiar blue jewel peeking through the reflective surfaces. His eyes widened from behind his shades, his breath catching in his throat when he realized what it was. It was the choker he made for you, your brooch peeking behind a layer of crystal that embedded the jewelry into the neck. Your neck.
This was your body. Your cold, dead, beautiful cast of your body, Right in his very arms.
He kept quiet, unable to take a breath after this discovery. But… how??? Why??? Who??? Who in their mind would do this?!
“It may not be the best of times to mention this, but Lady Heisenberg’s body was delivered to me by the child’s Father himself after leaving the castle.” The Duke’s commentary felt like heavy rail spikes were being jammed into Heisenberg’s heart over and over, not only learning that the big bitch and her whole family was dead, but that… you were gone too.
His fingers clutched the bundle, shaky fingers slowly returning the cloth to cover up the statue. Without saying a word, he exhaled heavily through his nose and turned away from the cart, treading away towards a more private room inside his factory. His boots shuffled against the ground, his stance giving away when he collapsed onto his knees, clinging to the bundle as hot tears rolled down his cheeks.
Breathing more heavily, his shaking gloves pulled off the whole cloth from your body, your crystal statue laying on the ground. In the light of the room, it reflected off the pure iridescence of the crystals. No matter what state you were in, you always found a way to look beautiful.
But this wasn’t what he wanted. He didn’t want your corpse, he wanted you alive. His shoulders started trembling the longer he stared at your body, staring over at the jewelry he made forever trapped on your neck.
This was a dream, it had to be. Their was no way you were gone, not like this. This wasn’t what he wanted. Why.. why did you leave the factory?? Why did he allow you to leave??? How could he be so reckless to let you head to the castle with the idiot Winters running around???
A heavy, pained roar left his open mouth after moments of having it open, his rage forcing every metal item in the room to rise from their positions and thrash out in every possible direction. He clutched this crystal body to his, screaming louder when the cold material did nothing to settle his agony. He didn’t want a cold crystal, he wanted your warm body against his. He wanted you to wrap your arms around him and hug him back, he wanted you to slap him across the face to wake him up from this horrid nightmare.
You were the one thing keeping him afloat with his life, the one light bulb in his dark room that let him see the beauty of your colors. Now, you were gone. Reduced to broken, majestic minerals, leaving him permanently in the dark as winter started to set in.
Winters. He knew where that bastard was heading next. Screw it all, screw Mother Miranda’s plans, that bitch could chop up the stolen baby again and again for all he could care. If Donna or Moreau can’t kill him, than he will.
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bannerbubble · 6 months ago
eternal — d.
pairing: druig x human!reader
setting: 1945; 1955; 2021.
sumary: there’s no such thing as forever.
warnings: major character death, brief mention of WWII, female reader, sad ending, kinda angsty
words: 847.
A/N: i watched ‘eternals’ this weekend and am simply obsessed with druig. hope you enjoy this. <3
Tumblr media
druig pov
i knew this day would eventually come. it is ironic that the most insignificant thing to me, time, took away the most significant one: you. what is the point, after all, to be eternal when the one that brings reason to existence can't be, too? so I can't come to terms with your death, even if for seven thousands of years it has never meant anything to me. it does now. and it does because you were the one to show me what it really means to live. to love and to be loved. most of all, to appreciate time.
i remember the day we met.
226th day of year 6924 on earth.
or as humans call it, august 14th 1945.
i was never one to enjoy the life in a big city, but i was curious to see how men would react to the end of the war — in which it took me way too much self control to not end it myself. so i happened to be on times square, new york, that day. and i happened to see you there. your eyes were the first thing i noticed. the loveliest i've ever seen, with a gleam of kindness as the happy tears rolled down your cheeks. that glimpse was enough to tell me you were much more than anything ever created by the universe.
you noticed me approaching, handing me your naked hand. i politely kissed it, watching your smile from the corner of my eye.
"hello, lovely lady,"
"hello, handsome gentleman," your voice is sweet, harmonic music to my ears.
"would you like to walk with me?" i suggest, my arm already positioned to hold yours.
"i would love to,"
and as i unconsciously smiled at the sight of you - now i realise, - i signed a contract to love you everlastingly.
ten years later, you already knew what i was. and you loved me beyond it. and i loved you beyond anything else. but i could never provide you of what you most wanted, and that killed me.
you were sitting at the living room's armchair, the usual maternity book in your hands. i had grown to hate the baby on the cover of it.
"you know," you closed the book with a thud. "maybe we could move around with a baby, after all,"
"i don't think so," i reply.
"of course you don't," the silence is deafening. "druig i want a baby. i'm already 27, i can't postpone it anymore. we should be able to celebrate our love, that is what a child is."
"well, i'm sorry but i can't give you that," my tone is rigid.
"that is not what i mean, we can adopt," yours, on the other hand, is delicate; as it has always been.
"can we, y/n? it's friends parents would just love that their kids play with a child which's father doesn't age. not to mention the teachers. no, that wouldn't be terrifying at all," i sigh. "i wouldn't be able to be present in my own child's life. i don't want that. not to mention i would have to see it die,"
"you'll have to see me die,"
i scoff, "yeah, right"
it was my fault, after all, to feed into an utopia where you could never die, just like me. the thought of loosing you was too harmful to even cross my mind. and yet, here am i today.
as i see your chest slowly raise and fall again and again, the same gleam of kindness framed by your wrinkled eyelids, i still cannot accept that you will, in fact, be gone.
"druig, darling..." your voice is low, tired. everything about your appearance indicates decline. but i won't - i can't accept it.
"it's not over yet. it can't be," i mumble, hating the paint in my throat and the clenching my teeth insist of doing.
"it is..."
"why?" i scream, hitting the wooden table in front of me as i raise of my seat. you don't move, just frown your eyebrows. "what is the point then? all those years - a fraction of my existence but everything there ever was for you. what is the point living if it all ends?!"
"that is what makes it special," you whisper, because your vocal chords don't seem to be able to vibrate the way they did in 1945. "druig, ever since i met you, every second of it, you made it all worth it. every laugh, every cry, i don't regret anything. so don't mourn me. don't think of me as someone that has left. think of me as someone that was there in the first place. the same way i'm not resentful i'm dying, i'm glad i lived. and i'm glad i lived beside you."
i can't bring myself to say anything, so i cry. i cry because you're right, but that doesn't take the pain away. i cry on your lap, the tears falling on the hospital's blanket. i cry until the rhythmic beeping is replaced by a constant one - and the hole that you used to fill inside of me is empty again, as it had been for 6924 years.
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poemsforparker · 4 months ago
what comes after the storm? tasm!peter × reader
Summary: Peter has trouble with starting new relationships after what happened with Gwen, although the you do have something going on between you two, you promised him you'd wait until he put his head in place and made a decision. But what happens when he takes too long to decide?
Song inspiration: Something's gotta give
Warnings: angst, also fluff, mentions of sex (all characters in this story are 18+)
Word count: 2.6k
A/n: I thought about this when I saw a poem on Pinterest which is why I have my username too lol. Really hope you enjoy this one!
(not my gif)
I would do anything for this man, look at his smile 😩
Tumblr media
The Storm
In fury and terror
the tempest broke,
it tore up the pine
and shattered the oak,
yet the hummingbird hovered
within the hour
sipping clear rain
from a trumpet flower.
Elizabeth Coatswort
📍New York, Queens - Four months earlier
When you and Peter first met, he had just lost Gwen, about two months earlier, and you were crucial to his recovery. At the time, you thought he was cute, sure, who wouldn't, but nothing more. You both built a friendship that lasted for two long good years. At your 22nd birthday you decided to tell him about how you felt for a while then.
You couldn't say for sure when it started, probably a year after you two met, you began to see him in a different way and when he huged or touched you, you cought yourself wishing for more. That day, after everyone else left the party and you confessed to him, he kissed you and you spent yor first night together. The same night, he told you he was Spiderman.
The next morning you were filled with hope, not believing he corresponded to your feelings that way. It was when he woke up next to you he realized the mistake he had made, not because he was with you, he would be lying if he said he hadn't tought about you that way before. But because when he saw the hopeful look on your face, he knew he messed up big time by not clarifying he didn't feel ready for a relationship yet.
That one morning was complicated, to minimize. After he decided to tell everything he should have said the night earlier, you sent him out of your apartment. You were not mad at him, you were disapointed. He broke your heart, after all. At night, he texted telling you he needed to talk. You tought a million times about not going to that roof, the last thing you needed was to see him. You were still crushed. But sill, you did.
At 8pm, just like he said, he came swinging in his webs at your roof, in his hands he had a very I've-been-ran-over looking bouquet of trumpet flowers. He knew you liked them because of your favourite poem, the one that you had taped to your room's dor since he had met you. He liked it too. It reminded him of you.
When he finally landed on the roof, his heart sank at the sight of your red eyes that no makeup could ever cover. He felt like an absoute jerk to see what he did. All because of his confusion. "Look I'm so sorry about all of this. I know I'm a total idiot to make you feel this way. I just want you to know that no matter what is going on in your head rught now, just know you're an amazing girl and I... I'm just so confused right now, and..."
"Please don't give me the hole 'it's not you it's me' speech, Peter. Anything but that. Listen, I know you have your stuff going on still, okay? I know you're not the easiest person to be with. I just wish you had been honest about that with me just like I was honest to you before we did anything. That's all. I'm not mad at you, just wished it was different, so we wouldn't have such a disturbed start." you took a deep breath before continuing, holding your tears that insisted in coming out.
"I didn't come to this cold ass roof to hear excuses from you. I'm here because as much as you hurt me, I know you didn't mean it. I know you didn't. What I'm here for is to decide where do we go from here. If you say you want me out of your life forever, good, I'll do it, just tell me what do you want, Peter, I'm giving you the chance right now."
"I want you. I want you, God, you don't know how much I do, I just don't know if I'm in the condition of being a good boyfriend to you right now."
"That is fine by me, Peter. Who said something about dating right now. Hm?" you were trying to be as comprehensive as you could "I can give you some time. What 'bout that? We get to know eachoter better, le's see if we actuallly match like this. And if we do. We talk dating. Sounds good to you?" He nods. He hugs you tight like you could leave at any given minute and cried in your shoulder.
"Thank you." he sobs "Thank you for being so patient to me and thank you for coming here. Thank you." you didn't say anything as you let him have his moment and brushed his hair with your fingers, you could only hope you made the right decision.
"You're welcome, Peter. I know this isn't easy for you." As he let go of your arms you point at the bouquet in his hands with a grin. "Those are for me?"
📍New York, Queens - Current Days
Peter woke up with the feeling of your body pressed against his. The TV in your room showed the message "Are you still watching?" covering the unfinished movie he went to watch at your place. He smiled remembering the night before and the many times he woke up to that message on the screen. He leans a bit to the side to get the remote and hears the whine you let out when he woke you up by moving.
''Morning, sunshine." you greet him with a warm smile.
"Mornin', beautiful" he answers simply shooting you a simle back. When you look behind him, you see your clock by his side of the bed shine in red lights 7:26. Shit, I'm late. "Where are you going?" he asks realizing you got faster than usual.
"Work. It´s monday" you answer lazily, if you could, you would stay.
"oh" he's getting up now and starts to look for his pants he could've sworn he left in on the floor and now couldn't locate them anywhere. Realizing his confused look you're quick on tranquilizing him.
"I folded them yesterday after you blacked out" you grin "It's in the chair"
"Thanks" he talks smiling coyly "You really didn't have to"
"It's no bother, hon'. You know it." You feel a familiar twinge in your chest as you see him in such unecessary hush to leave, different from you he didn't have anywhere to be today, – you knew he worked on at tuesdays and thursdays – still, the man was gathering all his stuff as fast as he could. These moments never failed to harm you a little more everytime, you wanted him to stay but you also understood why he was so careful when the subject was you. He was trying to keep it simple, to understand his feelings. Just sex, see how it goes for now, that was the deal you agreed with.
Problem was, you agreed with it, yes, four months ago, now, to you, saturdays and some weekend nights with unfinished movies, casual sex and a couple quick mornings cuddling – after you insisted for him to stay – weren't doing enough. You wanted more, you knew you deserved more. But in the other hand, you also knew you didn't want to pressure Peter after everything he has been through, you didn't want to be the person who would blame him for wanting some time, still, you couldn't help the way you felt, at least, you were starting to feel, used. And you did give him plenty of time.
A part of you was sure Peter would never do this to anyone, take advantage of a girl who had feelings for him to help relief his pain. You knew eachother for long now, you knew he cared about you too much to do so. But, again, feelings are not controlable, they just come and you have to find a way to deal with them, or else they will control you, and you felt yourself dangerously closed to that, being lead by the twinge that was starting to be too present in your heart for longer than you wanted.
Not wanting that feeling to control you. When he came to you to kiss you goodbye you decided you woould say something about it. "Pete?" you start, still uncertain of what exactly you were going to say next.
"Yes?" he leans his head to the side to hear what you had to say, although he did have a pretty good idea of what would it be. He sort of feared this moment to come, but felt more ready for it.
"You do know you don't have to go, right?" you smile sadly and take his hand "I know I'm not going to be here but I really wished you could stay and we can at least maybe meet after I get back if that's okay with you? Please? I'm feeling realy lonely these last couple days. Could really use some company." you felt near humiliation with the last statement. But it was true. He was there but he wasn't there. And you did want company. His company.
"But I was here yesterday. And I'm here now, y/n." He squeezes your hand fondly.
"I know, Pete. I know it. But I kinda of miss the old days, you feel me? I'm so sorry for saying this, I really am, but I feel like you just steped away from me after we decided to try." you finally confess "I mean, he definitely got physicaly closer but you're not making it any easy for me, Parker." you look him in the eyes, both hans still intertwined and you had tears forming in your eyes.
"I know you are doing your best but Peter, I'm not trying to preassure you, please don't get me wrong for what I'm about to say, okay?" He nods "I really wished we could lable this or else we just stay friends an move on, you know? I wish I didn't feel like this, but I'm starting to get hurt by this uncertain thing we have. And I know for sure I do not want you out of my life. Witch is why I'm telling you all of this right now. I know if I hold back I'm just gonna explode at some point and push you away." you laugh between your tears and mantain your glance in his eyes, wainting for an answer.
Seeing that he didn't quite know what to say yet, you continue "I need more, I want more, Peter. Not with anyone else tho, I want it with you." you smile "I want to spend actual quality time with you like we did at first, not just twice a week in our houses barely talking to eachother and drinking cheap wine."
"What's wrong with my cheap wine?" he finally says between a smile. You sigh in relief. He didn't take anything you said the wrong way.
"Really? Out of all the things I just said, that's the one that stuck in your head?" you lean your head still waiting "So, what do you say?"
"I'm gonna wait for you here." he declares "When you're back, we talk it out for good. Now go get to work." he kisses you before you go get ready. Before you get out you make your statement too.
"Parker, if you're giving me fake hopes again I swear to God I hide that stupid suit if yours."
"That's the biggest threat you could come up with?" He laughs.
"My heart cannot do worst than this. I'm to good"
"You brag"
"Okay, bye." you blow him a kiss taking your bag and starting to leave the apartment with a visible better look on your face.
Right after you left Peter hears his phone buzz and a message with your name above shows on his screen.
see you later ;)
see ya :) >
He replies back. Peter was anxious about tonight. He didn't know how it would be from there. What he did know is that he wanted to be with you. He was finally ready. How couldn't he be? You were the most comprehensive person he has ever met before.
He remembers the old moments you two shared together. Before the whole feelings mess get in the way. When you we're just friends. He recalls the first time he went over to your house for you guys to bake cookies together. He made a mess.
"That's not how you're supposed to do it, dingus. Cookie doughs grow too much, you have to part them a little more." He watched carefully as you parted the dough balls from each other and pointed at the tray of well parted cookies. "Ta-daa"
"Perfect" he smiles at you.
"Yep. Perfect" you put your hands up for a high five. "I'm covered in flour right now, I'm gonna take a quick shower and you watch the cookies in the oven, okay? The oven alarm is not working so you're going to see what time is it now and take them out in fifteen minutes, got it? Put an alarm on your phone or something so you don't forget."
"Got it, boss"
"Alright, good. I'm gonna be back in twenty, don't mess this up!" You yell going towards your bathroom to wash up the mess.
"I won't!"
Cuts scene to Peter letting the cookies burn.
Peter remembers feeling like shit that day, it was the first time you invited him over to do something just the two of you and he messed it up. But still, you were the most chill person ever. You told him it was okay and ordered chinese from the restaurant at the corner. That night you talked until morning and had the most wonderful time.
. . .
Your day at work was exhausting, your boss was being a jerk as always and your lunch got eaten by some also jerk coworker. It was not the best of days. Coming home you even forgot Peter would be there. Dropped your jacket at the couch and saw a note at your living room's table.
"Meet me at the roof... Again :)"
You set a reminder on your head to warn him not to sign stuff with a spider unless he wanted his new super hero name to be "Mr. Obvious". Laughing at your own joke to yourself you dragged your legs up the stairs with the last drops of any straight that was left in your body. And opened the roof door.
You were looking now at as many trumpet flowers you could see on the floor, a tiny picnic set up at the very corner of the place and some half melted candles decorating it. It was beautiful to you. However, you couldn't see Peter anywhere.
When you took a step into the roof he jumped from god knows where in front of you and cupped your face with his hands. "Hi" he smiles.
"Hey. You scared the shit out of me, Spiderman." you laugh.
"Sorry." He pecks your lips "You're ready?" He squints his eyes in a large grin.
"Oh, Peter. I've been ready for a long time" you pull his lips to yours.
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wuanshii · 2 months ago
"Heartbreak!" ----- part one,
"How would the devils break your heart?"
Tumblr media
Makima: f/m
Prior to every time spent together, you were so sure that there laid 'something' between you and the red-headed woman you love. She's so irresistible,
"Master, you seem sad." with just a pair of vest on, you turned to your Master, and peppered two sweet kisses on her cheek.
And she immediately threw the warmest smile at your way, after all, you're her favorite 'pet' ever.
"Say Y/n, do you love me?" holding your chin, she questioned.
" Yes,"
"I see."
Of course, who wouldn't love such a beauty lying beneath you,
"Say Y/n, do you...now?" and next, you suddenly felt a sharp pain down your abdomen.
Smiling, she dug the knife even deeper, and deeper as you slowly reached your shaky hands out to hold the knife.
"Say, do you?" and you smiled, responding "Yes, I do."
Absolutely nobody compares to her, this woman can literally kill you and you'd probably still love her; that's her charm.
"Too bad, I don't."
Not like you didn't know, not like you cared either. But curiosity killed the cat,
" why...." 
"I got bored. I need a new toy."
Tumblr media
Aki: f/m
"Wasn't she your....sister figure?"
"Maybe. She was..." he replied,
All those years of being together, 5 exactly, he now randomly just confessed how he 'fell out' of love.
Whenever you went to hold his hands, he's indirectly shrug the hold away, I love you turned to 'Love You', most of the nights, he'd disappear from the apartment with the same excuse; 'Denji's house',
And when you asked Denji, the lie was so obvious with his reaction.
" Uh...erm yeah...We kinda you know, play games together. Yes I know it's late but you know what I'm saying, games...haha. Ps5, pew peww,"
Hiding the doubts within, you stayed silent until today. Aki simply confessed everything himself.
"We really don't go together. Not anymore, it's reasonable so. Separation is the only choice."
"At least give me a good reason? Was I really...that boring? This is so random, like I noticed your ongoing behaviors but...."
"Reason? You won't wanna hear it,"
"Better than not really know."
"I fell out of love. Reason, right? well...... Himeno. No further comments."
"I know I'm wrong, but....yeah, let's end it on good terms."
Lies. Misery. What else? In the end,
the devil truly, hopelessly betrayed you.
Tumblr media
Denji: f
"Heh....congrats, Denji." holding the invitation card, you smiled at the cheerful young man.
"Gimme a hug!!" and tightly, he squished you against him.
All while embracing him, your smiling lips quivered as you tried to hold the tears back.
Your long-time love, he's now soon going to be a 'married man'. He'll now soon hold the title of the 'husband'. But you aren't the wife.
'Promise me!! You'll marry me when we grow up, got it!? And cook for me!'
the promise he made, when both of you were 7 years old. It was a part of childhood, since it's really silly.
But you've always loved the man, who later on, seriously called you his 'best friend'. 19 years since the promise, yet not even a hint of romance till date.
"Yo, don't cry. I won't go anywhere, girl I'm only getting married. Sheesh, hold your head high and wish your bestie more luck ahead na!" once again, he cheerfully brought you in for a warm hug,
And by hugging him one last time, with a forced yet warm smile, after rubbing the tears off your cheeks, you wished;
"May luck always...be with you. And your...soon to be wife, Denji."
Tumblr media
Young! Kishibe: f
"Man, you're quick." rubbing the blood off the scar you impacted on his cheek, he smiled.
"You haven't seen the real speed yet, young man." and looking down at the handsome young man, you smirked.
He's been hunting you, the ,, devil for a long time now. Yet, not even once has he been able to catch you.
"Keep talking,"
"Nah. Whatchu gonna do? Grab me from behind? Hold me by my neck? Captivate me behind this wall? Or--"
And next, you were already pressed against the wall behind, trapped between his arms as his right hand held you by your neck,
"What else would you like to enjoy, Madame Y/n?~" he smirked,
That's simply how the night ended roughly with him on top, fucking the sense out of your body. Perhaps, his sword wasn't the only thing big.
"I might fall for the chaser," gazing deep into his eyes from the side, you expressed as he was busy with the cigarette on his lips.
"Not if I fall for you first~" and he simply just, smiled.
Days went by, but the man never showed up again. You waited and waited, for so long but....
"Been a while, Ms. Y/n." After 10 months of loneliness, the man finally showed up.
On top of the Tokyo Towers, where you first met the guy, that's exactly where you sat waiting for him.
"I don't even wanna talk to you,"
"Eh. Don't wanna play cops&robbers anymore?"
"Well I surrender." dropping down from the railings, you faced him.
"I have no purpose in my life,"
"Devils and Humans can get along I guess, but to me, you are a different story."
"Hmm. I have the rights to know why," folding his arms, he gazed down at your shy sight.
"Maybe I've gone mad. But you're different, you're fun, you're," and you kept describing every flaw of his.
And all he did was widen his eyes at the devil confessing her love, to him.
"Yes. I love you, Hibe." at the end of your sentences, you confessed your hidden feelings to the stunned man.
Letting out a deep sigh, Kishibe turned around to breathe some air as you simply just stood there, still.
2 minutes later, the man shutting his eyes finally fluttered them open and spoke, with his shoulder facing you, as the tight air breeze hit his glowing face.
"Sorry. But I love Quanxi."
Tumblr media
Beam: f
"We have a child."
"I know."
"Beam, no...you can't be serious."
Holding his head, Beam kept gazing at the floor as you stood beside him on the bed.
"Mumm, are you two fighting again?" and, a 4 years old kid slowly opened the door to peek at her parents.
"Hey. Angel, Mom and I are kinda busy right now, can you leave us alone?"
"Mm...Auntie Kobeni is here."
"Tell her I'll be there soon," he warmly smiled at his little girl, but it didn't take long enough to fade the moment she left.
"See. You could've told this to me before, what about her!?"
"I'm still her Dad. She'll be alright...."
"And me? Our...marriage? Our past? You've been...this way since day 1?"
" This just proves that...my whole life's been a....lie."
"It's not my fault that I love Denji, okay? I was born this way. I can't. And now that Denji's confessed how gay he is..."
"I guess...I have to go on in my own way."
After 5 whole years of marriage, Beam, the sweetest husband one could ever ask for suddenly confessed about him being...gay.
And he simply just wants to, leave.
"You...do realize that, your secret's ruined my happiness...right?"
"Ho- I love you! You've been this way since the day you were born!? I have nothing against your sexuality, but...you should've never lied to me. At this point, all the 'I love you' that left your mouth are debatable...I-"
"Shush. I've already made up my mind. Y/n, let's just divorce. Please."
Tumblr media
Power: ♡
And this one, the devil named Power;
She will never break your heart.
There are like literally zero fan contents of CSM lmao. And heads up, this is a part of my upcoming csm book on wattpad @wuanshii so stay tuned for more !
Tumblr media
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whoreforbuckley · 6 months ago
i didn’t wanna relive that. | evan buckley
Tumblr media
paring: fem!reader x evan buckley
requested: yes
prompt: (#39) “i’m sorry.”
summary: Buck’s doing one of his chores when a loud noise sets him off and causes him to relive the bombing in his head
rating: PG
warnings: a panic attack. angsty content
MASTERLIST || send in requests!!
taglist: @mrspeacem1nusone @shiftingwh0r3 @1234-angelika @one-sweet-gubler @multifandomlesbianic @tvshowmasterlistblog @sia2raw @benedicttcumberbabe @nichmeddar @cevans-winchester
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Buck’s POV
“Buckley,” Bobby calls from the second floor. I crane my neck to look up at Cap. “I need you to clean the mud from under the bumper of the ladder truck.”
I blink up at my captain, stammering, “Under the ladder truck?”
Bobby’s quiet for a second before saying, “I can get Y/N to do it if you don’t think you’ll be okay.”
Waving my hands, I say, “I’ll be okay. It won’t take very long, will it? I’ll do it.” I walk off to grab the cleaning supplies before approaching the ladder truck.
I crouch down before laying on my back and shimmying under the truck. I wet the sponge in the soapy water bucket before working at the caked mud on the front bumper of the ladder truck.
Bobby loves to have his vehicles clean and shiny, even underneath the bumper. It’s not very surprising that he had me clean the bumper.
Although it’s been years since the bombing that ended with my leg being crushed under the ladder truck, I still get flashbacks and have nightmares about that night.
That night could’ve changed my life for the worse. My career as a firefighter could’ve ended in that single moment. It keeps me up at night sometimes as I think about that moment I realized that I may have never worked as a firefighter ever again.
As I’m lost in my thoughts, the bumper gets cleaner and shinier. Drops of water hit my face as I clean the bumper.
Then a loud bang sounds throughout the firehouse. I gasp and I’m suddenly back to that night. I drop the sponge next to my head.
Searing pain rips through my leg as it’s crushed under the ladder truck. I cry out in pain as I’m pulled out from underneath the ladder truck.
My breathing suddenly becomes labored and my eyes are squeezed shut. My hands are sweaty and I feel like everything is crumbling around me. I feel like I’m being crushed under the ladder truck again. It feels like my career is over.
Someone calls my name. It’s all fuzzy though. That someone’s voice echoes through my head.
I need to get out of here. I need to go.
Quickly, I move out from underneath the ladder truck. I rub my hands together. Several people are around me but I push past them and make my way outside. I stand on the sidewalk, trying to calm myself down. My heart is racing a million miles a second and so is my head.
It was real, years ago. My leg isn’t crushed under the ladder truck anymore. It’s not real right now.
A hand rests on my arm right by my elbow. I act defensively and hit someone with my elbow, hard.
“Ow!” Y/N gasps.
I snap back to reality quickly as I realize that it was my best friend that I hit in the face with my elbow.
Your POV
“Buck,” you say, approach him. He seems kind of out of it so you gently rest your hand on his arm to get his attention.
Then his elbow meets the bridge of your nose. “Ow!” you gasp, holding your nose. Buck quickly turns and looks down at you.
Immediate regret and remorse falls on his face. “Oh my God, Y/N. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” Buck begins to apologize. “I didn’t mean to hit you. I’m sorry. I really didn’t. Instinct took over and-”
You wave your hands, cutting him off. “It’s okay,” you tell him. “Nothing’s broken, don’t worry about me. You, on the other hands, what’s going on with you? What’s going on inside of Evan Buckley’s head that made him run away from everyone.”
Buck says, “I’m sorry, Y/N. I heard the loud bang while I was under the ladder truck and it felt like I was back a few years ago when I was actually under a ladder truck. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to worry you or scare you like that.”
“I didn’t know you still have flashbacks to that night,” you say. “Did you just have a panic attack while you were under the ladder truck?”
He nods and looks down, probably feeling ashamed that he did have a panic attack. In front of everyone too. “I still occasionally get flashbacks when there are loud noises,” Buck tells you. “Occasional nightmares are still a thing too. It’s every once in a while, and what happened today is a very rare occurrence. I really didn’t wanna relive that day today. It happened a million years ago but it felt like it was happening in that moment.”
You look at him with a little bit of sympathy before you say, “You can come to me and talk to me about this. Or, maybe speak to therapist about this? She can probably help you more than I can, but I’m always right here if you need to talk about it.”
Buck nods again, saying, “Thank you, Y/N. That really means a lot.”
“Well, I’m your best friend,” you say, “I have to be there for you or else you’d probably lose your mind.”
He smiles and shakes his head. “I hate you,” he says, walking past you and back into the firehouse.
“I hate you too,” you call after him before following him a few moments later.
You hate seeing Buck struggle like this. You hate seeing him react to simple noises, like Eddie dropping one of the pots in the kitchen. It almost breaks your heart when he has a physical reaction like the panic attack he just had.
If you could take away all of Buck’s trauma, then you would in a heartbeat. Since you can’t though, you have to settle with being his support system and being that shoulder to cry on if he needs it.
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neoncrowpen · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[Reuploaded and Edited, original request made by @livinglifewithoutbeingseen ]
Finn shushed me again. He kept us tucked in a closet in my family’s home. His gun was cocked and ready in his hand. He moved his hand from my mouth to the closet door. It creaked open, revealing no one there—yet. Both of us listened carefully to the cries outside the Finnegan home. Outside the window, Arthur dragged out Jacob. His left shoulder bled.
“You have to keep packing,” Finn pushed me forward. I returned to my barely-packed suitcase, throwing essentials only inside. My mother’s jewelry, my father’s wallet, and pictures. An older picture slipped off the top of the pile, falling to the floor. Finn picked it up, seeing us as children.
“Pictures? Why the hell are you packing pictures?! My brothers are right outside!” He yelled at me.
“They’re important! What if I forget what you look like?”
“That’s what you’re worried about? Stupid—
Another gunshot rang through the air. Making both of us flinch, Finn took a step back, peeking through the window again. His eyes widened. I stepped towards the window. Finn pushed me back to the suitcase.
“You don’t need to see that. Keep going,” Finn said. I did as he told me. If it weren’t for him, I would be just as dead as Jacob Finnegan outside the window.
My family and a few others lost faith in the Peaky Blinders. A lot of money was lost to America when they entered a recession. Jacob Finnegan thought of a dangerous idea. Selling information to rival gangs, tipping off where resources were hidden, but worst of all, defying Thomas Shelby in working with the Italians. Jacob was smart enough to come up with the idea, and my father was stupid enough to execute it.
Finn watched my father die early this morning. He was shot dead. His body falling into a boat, taking him where no one would find him. Finn ran straight here after that.
“Finn, I can’t find it!” I panicked.
“They have to be in your father’s room, then.” Finn closed up the suitcase as I rushed into his room. A chill travelled down my spine as I saw a quick flash of light and then a bang from the other house next door. I gasped, holding in my fear. My sister. Her children. I was caught in between it all. Finn’s voice brought me back to task.
“Hurry up!” Finn picked up a set of keys on top of a drawer. He threw the suitcase at me, yelling to go down the stairs. My feet flew. My throat tightened as I heard banging on my family’s door. I rushed to the back of the house.
“Run,” Finn said, tossing the keys at me. “Don’t you ever come back here. Do you understand?”
I nodded. I bit my lip as I secured the cap on his head like I always did. My fingers careful enough to not graze the hidden razor underneath. Finn’s wasn’t as secure as his brothers. The razor was loose on the left side.
“Thank you,” I swallowed. There wasn’t enough time to cry.
“What are best friends for?” Finn gave me a wink. Loud banging continued at the front door. I peeked to see Finn had secured every single lock. His brothers were going to have to kick it in.
Hope filled my chest as I rushed to the back door. All I needed to do was get to the car. If I got to the car, I could drive far away enough. I had family in the country. They would let me stay until I figured something out. I knew I could. Once everything settled down, I could write to Finn, give him a proper thank you.
I opened the backdoor, seeing the car in my line of sight. I took three steps before Arthur Shelby grabbed me. He pulled me back by my collar. I struggled against him. My hands clawed at his arm. He hit the back of my head hard enough to get me to stop.
“Stop it!” Finn shouted. He ran out to the back where we were. His gun drawn. “Let go of her!”
Arthur laughed in his face. “You’re going to shoot me? Your own brother?”
Finn adjusted his grip on the pistol. “She had nothing to do with it! Let her go!”
“She’s a traitor!” Arthur yelled back. “Just like the rest of them. Now, shoot her.” Arthur’s words sent a chill down my back. I tried facing Finn, but all I could hear was his voice.
“What? No! She’s—
“Are you a real Peaky fucking Blinder, or aren’t you?”
“Shoot her!” The silence is what bothered me the most. I heard no fighting words. Arthur pushed me to the ground. Before I could pick myself back up, another gun shot went off. Then, everything went black.
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cozywriting · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Dr. King Schultz angst imagines
requested by: nobody (me)
Dr. King Schultz often keeping his distance from you, attempting to ignore his growing feelings in fear that he will lose you like he lost everyone else.
You sat next to Django, staring across the fire at King. He was looking down at his dinner and hadn’t said a word to you for most the night.
“Did I do something wrong?” You asked quietly to Django.
“Nah, he always like that.” Django replied, returning to his food.
You gave Django a look. “Not with you.”
Django did not reply and instead took a sip from his canteen. You looked back over at King, who finished eating and was now staring at his feet. It was almost as if he felt your prying eyes so harshly, that he was looking for anything to do but return your gaze.
Django was first to break the silence. “Y’all gonna turn in soon?” He asked, looking back and forth between them.
“Yes, my dear boy,” King finally replied. “I think some sleep would do us well.”
Django retreated across the camp back to his tent, and you and King were alone. You watched as the older man rounded up the mess of his dishes.
“You know if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were giving me the cold shoulder,” you spoke up.
“Now why would you think that?” He asked, taking a moment to reply. His back was turned to her.
You got up and crossed your way to him.
“You went from talking to me every day to,” you paused for the right words. “…this,” you said with a gesture of hands.
“And what is this?” King asked nonchalantly. Clearly, he feigned ignorance. 
“I don’t know!” You huffed, ready to give up. “I just want you to talk to me.”
“We’re talking,” he responded, making no effort to turn his face.
His cold demeanor was disheartening. It angered you, but ultimately you knew better than to chase something that never existed.
“Forget it,” you said quietly. You turned away from him and began walking to your tent.
“Wait—” King called out behind you.
You slightly turned your face and saw his eyes roam to the ground. You could tell he was still attempting to avoid looking at you.
“I’ve lost people,” King said.
You turned around to face him, arms crossed. He looked up and for the first time the entire night your eyes connected with his.
“And I haven’t?” You challenged.
“This is different!” He shouted, causing you to slightly jump. He immediately regretted his tone after seeing your reaction. “I’m sorry,” he pleaded softly. “Please, don’t make me say this.”
“Say what? God forbid I ask you to show me the littlest respect of at least acknowledging me!”
“I have plenty of respect for you and more,” he replied harshly. “Do not belittle my emotions.”
You said nothing and King ran a hand through his hair. He took a deep breath, calming himself down.
“I care about you, King,” you finally said, breaking his reverie. He looked up at you.
“Fraulein, I care about you too much and there lies the problem,” he said. Even lengths apart, you could see the sadness in his eyes.
“Then why won’t you let me in?” You asked him quietly.
“I never want to watch another person I love die ever again. And at the hands of myself, no doubt.” King’s eyes welled up and he blinked hot tears away. He did not wait for you to reply before continuing. “Besides I’m no good for you, that much is clear. I’m too impulsive and you’ll only get hurt. I could never be so selfish.”
Still shocked by his confession, you remained silent. With King’s mind made up, he headed into his tent. Leaving you out and alone in the cold.
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