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I think those ones were sad and friendship right?

alright I have a lot of angsty Race headcanons, feel free to talk to me about them whenever XD

a sad Race headcanon is that he has severe PTSD from the refuge (Spot is the only one who can help when he has flashbacks)

anddddd friendship Race headcanon is that he and Albert are the most affectionate besties ever and they’ve probably platonically made out before (no homo is their tagline)

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headcanon  +  childhood.  @brokenspy

 floyd’s   childhood   was   not   a   pleasant   one.   his   peers   at   school   found   him   to   be   strange,   his   obsession   with   espionage   and   all   that   came   with   it   MORBID.   he   did   not   have   many   friends,   and   this   is   perhaps   something   that   helped   him   later   on   in   life,   once   he   was   established   in   his   field.   it   was   easy   to   avoid   connecting   to   people   when   no   one   had   ever    bothered   to   connect   with   you.

 his   family   found   his   obsession   childish   and   silly,   his   father   often   trying   to   SHAKE   some   sense   into   him.   it   was   for   this   reason   that   he   joined   the   army   for   the   short   amount   of   time   that   he   did.   it   was   what   his   father   wanted,   and   it   was   all   floyd   wanted   to   please   him.   floyd   was   miserable   there.   with   no   one   to   confide   in,   he   threw   himself   into   the   training,   quickly   become   an   above   average   soldier.   not   that   his   father   would   ever   admit   as   such.   the   only   time   he   was   happy   as   a   child,   was   when   he   was   left   alone   with   his   mother.   although   she   did   not   understand   him,   she   at   least   tried   to   include   him.   playing   piano   with   him,   reading   to   him,   helping   him   with   assignments.   his   mother   was   and   still   is   his   true   hero.

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It wasn’t often that Sebastian found himself smiling as he wandered around the shops, but today was an exception. He trailed around the small flower stand, gazing at the roses and sunflowers and lilies, trying to decide which would be the best. He knew Mabel liked pink, but there were so many kinds of pink flowers and they all looked pretty to him. He sighed, realizing that he should have brought Finny along or at least asked for his advice.

In the end, he asked for a large bouquet filled with pink roses, carnations, orchids and snapdragons. The lady passed them over with a knowing smile and, amused, Sebastian returned it. The old lady probably thought he was in trouble with his lover, but in reality it was quite the opposite. He and Mabel were happy, the happiest he’d been in a while. It wasn’t often that he found himself content to just lie next to somebody, but he and Mabel would spend days lately just lying in bed together, enjoying each others silent company and occasionally sharing kisses. Sebastian was rather confused by just how much he liked those days.

As he made his way back home, weighed down with bags of supplies for everyone, he sent Mabel a quick text; coming back now with a special delivery for you. He considered adding a wink at the end, but he knew that she’d get the hint regardless. He finally pushed open the front door and was greeted by Finny racing past him, almost knocking him over. Ciel trailed behind him, with Elizabeth bringing up the rear. She smiled widely as she spotted the flowers in his arms and plucked one of the flowers as she passed. Sebastian watched in amusement as Elizabeth tried to tuck the carnation into Ciel’s hair.

Dumping all the supplies into the kitchen to deal with later, Sebastian dug out his phone to check if he had a reply. The message sat there along with a little ‘delivered’ underneath and he shook his head. She hadn’t even seen it. Making his way upstairs to Mabel’s bedroom, he was passed by Dipper. The kid took one look at the flowers and glared at Sebastian, who in return shrugged and smiled meekly. He reached the landing and made his way to the door covered in bright letters that spelled out MABEL. Without bothering to knock, Sebastian swept into the room with a grin.

“Kitten, I-” The grin fell as he took in the scene on the bed. Mabel and her boyfriend Asher, naked and tangled in each others limbs, staring in shock at Sebastian. “Oh.” A faint blush spread over his cheeks as the demon placed the flowers on the vanity next to him, his eyes never leaving Mabel’s. “Apologies,” he muttered, before backing out of the room hurriedly.

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“Asahi.. I don’t wanna leave the house anymore..” Adrian said with a small sniffle. He was curled up in a ball on the couch, having been crying for a while. “Someone at work.. found out about my… past.. and now they won’t stop t-trying to get me to do… stuff with them..”

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The Garden

Echo tells the tale of his imprisoned as a garden. Inspired by ’Drift Away’ from The Steven Universe Movie.


It was a garden. A garden where it was freezing and nothing would ever grow. Where everything was dead. A garden so carefully placed so it would never see the sun. Where I would never see the sun.

They locked my away, keeping me alive with vines of imprisonment. Which tore into me, causing an eternal pain. With no room to breath, nothing to see, no one to talk to, no room to live, I had but one option. Stand very still.

I remember they would smile. They would smile and laugh. At jokes, each other, and at me. Oh what good fortune I brought them.

They were happy to have gotten what they wanted, and all it cost was my life. They were happy to take it, to lock me up and watch me drift away.

They continued living, everyone continued living. Echo’s closest friends going on without him.

Without me

There I stood, all on my own. Trapped in a frozen garden. I was always counting, counting the seconds, counting and counting. I counted for so long it seemed like I had been trapped a thousand years. Standing all by myself as those thousands of years go by.

Part of me accepted this was my life now. That I didn’t have a life, I had a purpose. To serve like a machine. So I became a machine.

But night after night I couldn’t help but to wonder, if I had been doing this right, why didn’t they listen? Why didn’t they stay? Why did they only ever watch me drift away.

They used me, finding what they needed from me and took it. I realized they didn’t care. It took me so long to realize that I wasn’t on my own side anymore. I realized I was only kept alive to suffer, to aid in killing my brothers.

But finally, after so long, there was news on how the story of ARC trooper Echo ends. He doesn’t exist now, he is gone but survived by his body.

Being freed from the garden by a man who’d gotten on with his life. He was my friend, was. He made new friends, discarding me until this moment.

Isn’t that lovely? He finally thought about me, after so long

Isn’t that cool? Someone finally cared enough to come and see what ARC trooper Echo had been doing for the last few months.

Isn’t that cruel? That no one had noticed I’d been suffering for months and months, for days and days, for minutes and minutes.

And aren’t I a fool? To believe they would even think I’m alive? To believe the men outside my garden door cared? To believe someone actually cared?

No one noticed as I drifted away. Did no one notice? Did no one care?

Because I’m starting to believe that they didn’t

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Not yet! But if you’re thinking about angsty Talvos situations that is definitely one of them!

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Side Characters of TTK ~ Daemon

“I will stay with her,” Daemon says, sitting behind me as his arms prop me up. He glares at the two of them, eyes black and defiant. “So which one of you proposes to keep me away? None of you? That’s what I thought. She is going to live or I will carve your heart out and feed it to you.”

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2003 Splinter: Leo, you may think your swords are all that, but a weapon is only as good as the wielder.

2003 Leo: This calls for a rooftop rage with an angst chaser.

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