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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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CATS as 2D Animation - Munkustrap Expressions

My version of what Munkustrap from CATS could look like if the musical was adapted into animation! I see him as strong and angled but also sort of sleek

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Lightning Ferret marker drawings that I smartened up on the computer.

Lightning Ferret is a little character I first made up and made a whole comic about when I was 12.  I’m still fond of drawing her now, though she’s changed a bit since then.  Her basic concept is still roughly the same though; she’s a very energetic ferret who is determined to be a superhero, even though she isn’t very good it, yet still manages to somehow save the day (more or less) despite her many daft blunders.

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I’m trying to redesign an old dragon character i used to like a lot

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More experiments with ink wash and red backgrounds.  It’s very simple but I’m STILL danged pleased with this combination, it’s pretty satisfying how just a few tweaks can transform these little ink sketches into something different.  Makes me wonder how else I could change them.

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Peachyfrogtober20 Day 10: Baking!

We’re 2 digits in now; still going strong! 💪💪

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Commissioned ref sheet for my patron StormNobleheart! He wanted a slightly more realistic bear look & I was happy to oblige 🐲🐻

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Shaded commission for a client of his wolfbear! Even bolfs like to scratch their backs on trees 😜

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I hope everyone’s doing well in lockdown?

Just like in many other countries we have wildlife exploring and venturing out into the city! This badger was seen at Sheffield Station and the report has inspired a little bit of character design. I wonder what train he’s getting?

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After studying Masters of Anatomy’s Drawing Animals some, I decided to do some slight redesigns to my main cast!

Pretty happy with the results~ 🙏🏿


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