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Gonna lay down for a short nap but DM me and I’ll check measages in a bit here. DIY!! Hoping to trade for some DIY I dont have, so if you can trade you get first dibs otherwise giving away for free! Let me know what you want and if you can trade - I’ll list what I have to trade below, then include images of the DIY I’m looking for still(DIY only, just trying to complete my recipe collection)! Will drop off via dodo Code this evening at some point.

Fossil doorplate

Iron garden chair

Dark bamboo rug, bamboo lunchbox, bamboo wand

Rose crown

Gold toilet

Stack of Books

Crest doorplate


Wild wood wall

Log bed, log bench

Shell arch

Wood block chest

Knitted frass backpack

Large cardboard boxes

What I’m looking for:

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Idk how I just found out about it but if you are looking for a good companion app for ACNH I highly recommend the ACNH unofficial guide. Very pleased with the item/diy tracking features and links to a turnip tracking site.

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I’m deeply and emotionally attached to Coco from Animal Crossing.

My very first town in new leaf had her as one of my original villagers and I loved her. I would literally just open the game to make sure she was still there.

One day I did loose her and ended up resetting the town because of it. I just couldn’t handle it because she was my favorite villager.

Since Horizons came out I plan to get my own switch with the hopes of just seeing her again.

I really miss coco, and I know she is just a jumble of codes attached to a fake personality. But she meant a lot to 16 year old me.

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I drew this art in the weekend and I finished it on Monday

I drew the main lead broadway teens as Animal Crossing villagers in my art style.

Veronica Sawyer - Collie dog

Jeremy Heere - Squirrel

Evan Hansen - Kangaroo

Carrie White - Rabbit

Cady Heron - Cheetah

Which one is your favorite?

Animal Crossing © Nintendo

Heathers © Daniel Waters and Michael Lehmann

Dear Evan Hansen © Steven Levenson

Be More Chill © Ned Vizzini and Joe Tracz

Carrie © Stephen King

Mean Girls © Matt Waters and Tina Fey

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