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Inventory de-stash! All free!!

Please only leave through the airport!! Thank you.

I hosted the other night and managed to get rid of a lot of stuff! But there was stuff left and more added. Now also including all the extra diys I had.

Again there is NO entry fee to the island, but if you want to help me with my wishlist that would be greatly appreciated!

Again nothing is required to enter the island.


Please be respectful of my island and other people visiting. Try to limit the items you take, in order for as many people as possible to come. I’d like you to try and stay at:

  • 3 DIYs
  • 5 Items

Please feel free to catalog as much as you’d like as most items are orderable. Explore the island if you’d like but please be respectful. It is 10:00pm CST (EDIT: 11:30 pm still open)here and I’ll be open for at least an hour. As a bonus, Celeste is here! She was last behind resident services/near Molly, Rosie, and Kid Cats houses.

DM for dodo code!

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Animal Crossing New Horizons meets The Magnus Archives
(mixing my favourite things together)


Things in ACNH that shows with what TMA  entity you are aligned:

  1. Eye: Basically your entire screenshots are villager doing stuff from afar, you have that ZL+top corner ready to go at any time, and how can you not if the villagers are so cute and you gotta be ready for the moment they interact with the random shit you have lying around, right? and also you have really big knowledge of all the customizable items in the game because you need to know if that item comes in pastel, or in white. 

  2. Dark: Fishbait is your ally and that shadow on the water your passion, Fishing is Your Thing and you already know what fishy is gonna be by the sound and time it takes to bite. You mostly use the dramatic or b&w filter on the camera and go and your favourite excuse to close the game at night is when sunrise starts… so you go to sleep at some point.

  3. Stranger: Villager hunting sounds fun! you never know who is it gonna be and you’ll never see them again (probably) and the magic wand is essential part of your outfit because every situation claims for a new makeover, right? and for some reason you are okay with Pietro roaming in your island.  you try your new reactions on the villagers around you just to check how they react, the first thing you did with terraforming was to strip your island down so you can rebuild it from scratch

  4. Hunt: you cant wait to the new month or new season, right? what new critter and new fish is gonna be ? sharks, sturgeon fish? scorpions? all change is welcome because completing the museum is al that matters. And consider doing on of those monthly trophy areas on your island. Deciding what model ask fro to CJ or Flick, THAT is a good question. You may also be a very specific collector even better if it’s one of those rare diys or obscure event item, you are collecting them all 

  5. Corruption: Shake every tree, go for tarantula island, HECK make your own tarantula island and become a bellionare!, You directly go to the butterfly room in the museum because it feel safe, also, let’s face it, asking blathers to tell you about the new critter and watch him EEEk every time is so much fun. have you ever tried to get wasps and run to your villagers? also you have the need to pluck all the weed out  you island the second you set foot on it

  6. Desolation: No Villager is Safe. if they want to go, they go, if hey stay… you find ways to have fun with them, give them weird clothes, trap them in mazes . (cottage-core/ abandoned  aesthetics may also be your cup of tea) Your basic equipment for nook miles island are iron axes and consider leaving all you dont need laying there, you don’t need anything siting and  filling space in your inventory. You are here for that giveaway spirit and use the selling box at Nooks Cranny very often

  7. End: you have a graveyard on your island and have tried to push wisp there because that’s where he should be, you are slowly collecting your top ten villagers and you are not planning to let any of them go , and you have fantasied about giving that heaven-paradise/purgatory vibe to your island. Thinking about changing every aspect of your island is a true pain and you really prefer to avoid it all together, so you planned it from the beginning and are now filling it with lots of details

  8. Buried: you love or hate Blathers, no inbetween. you honestly enjoy terraforming and don’t get why people are so annoyed whit it,  the fun sound it makes and those narrow entrances in your island are charming! You have totally read the message saying you cant enclosure a tree too many times for your own sanity. you are working directly to get that 5 star island rating from Isabelle.

  9. Slaughter: Considered or actually did of your island a giant board game, or several…it is fun to have friends over and even more if you have prepared an entire afternoon of fun with obstacle race or just spin that wheel and buried presents. You celebrate by hitting each other with a net! …or just hit that darn annoying villager with a net anyway, see them go mad and then break their spirit, that is also a bit fun when they dont get the hint you want them out of the island, right?

  10. Spiral: fences are your best friend, and probably have more than one account on the same island because all those possibilities for thematic rooms and houses are really tempting, and the limit of custom designs proven to run out very quickly. You have somehow managed to put those soft swirl lamps in your island. Aesthetically or for the sheer fun of it, you have a giant maze and enjoy that no one knows how to get to Redd when you invite them over, heck, not even you know how to best get to most parts. You have asked for the rescue service more than once.

  11. Web: you are dedicated to flowers and it has consumed you every moment at some point, with giant flower fields but all that is worth it to collect every single one of them. Time travel is also second nature for you at this point and somehow managed to capture wasps and scorpions without much instruction ..or discovered the arch or hole tricks by yourself (and it scares me a lot tbh).  You gift your villagers all the good clothes because you know what you want them to wear.

  12. Lonely: you house is in the top of the furthest mountain and no villager have virtual access to it, you don’t interact with them and you rather none of them call you highway or any other nickname. so basically 4 am is your ideal playtime. you r entire island has constant wip zones no one can enter until finished, and you sit and vibe in those small cosy zones you create, and you pier has a nice view of the lighthouse, 

  13. Vast: you lament that you cant play with the camera tilted up to the sky because it is so beautiful, so whenever you are creating an area you look up to check the curvature of the map, you island never feels big enough for all the stuff you wanna put there , and often think the best use for the island is to have one of those endless flower fields. You are surprised to know that not everybody has a 4rth level mountain in their island, You have an specific order for the tool ring  swiftly interchange among them

  14. Flesh: avid fossil collector and probably has one or two decorating your island, you have a big kitchen in your house and those stalls selling sushi and all kinds of food look amazing. you avoid wasps with all your might, probably collects a specific type of villager.and have a designated very urban area.

Some of these overlap, but so do the entities… Like colours but if colours where the complete ACNH experience.

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