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#animal crosing pocket camp
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✩ PSN: devourgod

✩ Xbox & Steam: godneverclean

✩ Nintendo: devourgod

✩ Apple Game Center: sccolter

✩ Summoner’s War: deuscomplex

✩ Obey Me!: 6UDqfcraS2

✩ Dissidia FFOO: 604708197

✩ Kingdom Hearts Union χ: 5737250

✩ Animal Crossing PC: 8384 7616 983

✩ Discord: devourgod#7058

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idk why but Lucha in anima crossing is my least favorite villager, like it’s just something about him~ however Pashmina is the best and just so sweet and amazing. Thanks for tuning in to the c0smic-frogs animal crossing rant ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

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After a couple of weeks of having little time to actually draw I’m finally back at it with some new calendar projects! This is my first artwork for an Animal Crossing calendar, which I’ve wanted to create since before I even started making calendars for real 😅 I tried to blend elements of all of the different versions of the Able Sister’s shop into this one artwork, as well as a couple of very fashionable villagers 😉

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Been playing free phone games to escape from recent stress.

Need an active game friend?

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