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#animal crossing new horizons

It’s worth spending a day or two resetting if you feel unsure about your current island layout imo- I finally found a beautiful natural layout with amazing streams and some mountain range (+ two flat rocky areas on both sides of the beaches! for all the lighthouses I’m about to collect lol)

And thus Penumbra is reborn for the 3rd and final time! I’ve got no complaints.
(well except for that ONE thing….. why is the bridge system so akjsKDHJHS)

Sprocket and Ursala were my starting villagers and they’re both very charming

Later on I also got Wade, Tia and Twiggy! We’re Big on bird population 🐦

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Those who are tired of the eggs!

Yesterday I finished making all the special furniture from this event and today the amount of eggs I’ve seen has drastically reduced! So, if you have the recipes just make them all and drop them in your storage, it should reduce the amount of eggs! Or at least that’s how it’s working in my game~

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Yo if anyone has Apollo on their island and they’re moving him out pls let me know cause a bitch has used so many nook miles trying to find him and I cant HES ALL I WANT LMAO IM SO DESPERATE

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@anacpenslife and I raided my Able sisters today and low and behold they had a ton of mm…familiar clothing 😉

Lolol we tried!! Wish you could customize the suspender set but oh well! (Peep Ana’s slippers lolol completely in character honestly)

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I made some Ace Attorney clothes in Animal Crossing! Franziska was the first one, and then I suddenly couldn’t stop making more. I actually got out of bed one night last week because I needed to keep working on them, haha.

Several of these have details on the back that you can’t see from this angle. Phoenix’s college sweater has his scarf running down the back, and Gumshoe’s coat has that little belt-thing that trenchcoats have.

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Magnolia’s Gates are currently: OPEN

- Today’s costume theme is Superheroes and Supervillains! Show up in town with a themed costume, and you’ll be able to grab a random wrapped gift from our new event plaza [furniture, clothing, wallpaper, or floor]! Follow the signs to get there. It’s right under Able’s.

- Free fruit! All varieties are available, but please only take one bundle of each kind you need, to make sure it goes as long as possible.

- Able’s is open. Some choice items today are: Bomber-style jacket, Cowboy shirt, Pleather Pants, Baby romper, Sari, Fedora, Matronly Bun, Round Shades, Butterfly Shades, Fishnet Tights, Antique Boots, Faux-suede sneakers, and Pleather Sneakers

- Saharah is in town! Her mystery wall is Ocean-horizon wall, and her mystery floor is White-chocolates flooring. Both are super cute.

- I’m able to make EVERY sakura blossom recipe. You provide mats, I will craft them for you. You’ll find me in the event plaza.
= Cherry-blossom wand (3 petal, 3 star fragment)
= Cherry-blossom pochette (6 petal)
= Cherry-blossom pond stone (10 stone, 3 petal)
= Cherry-blossom-petal pile (5 petal)
= Cherry-blossom bonsai (6 petal, 2 hardwood, 3 weed, 3 clay)
= Cherry-blossom branches (8 petal, 4 branch, 5 clay)
= Blossom-viewing lantern (6 petal, 4 hardwood)
= Cherry-blossom clock (5 petal, 1 iron nugget)
= Cherry-blossom-trees wall (10 petal, 5 hardwood)
 = Sakura-wood wall (5 petal, 10 wood)
= Cherry-blossom flooring (10 petal, 20 weeds)
= Sakura-wood flooring (5 petal, 10 wood)
= Cherry-blossom umbrella (7 petal)

- I’m looking to buy tulip hybrids! 2000/ea for every black or pink tulip, and 7500/ea for every purple tulip. Not interested in orange or any other color, thank you!

- RULES: No picking or trampling flowers. Feel free to run on the paths, they lead everywhere important anyway. I don’t need any tips or donations, I play this game too much and I’m 100% fine. Don’t grab gifts off the displays. Don’t be a jerk.

Friends only, but I check for friends every 20 minutes to keep the gates from swarming.

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