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#animal cruelty

she’s okay now <:] it was months ago now, but he had trapped her in the car and that day had been exceptionally hot out so. you can see how that was distressing. my dad had went out to get the mail and heard her yowling, and after being let out she ducked under the other car. I was able to get her to drink and eventually come back inside. but the reason I have such a thing against him specifically is bc he had already been charged with animal cruelty before, being, killing a dog and cutting the tail off another. and when my dad kicked him out i heard him say ‘who even let it out’ and like. laughing.

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Was walkin out to my car outside my house when I see in front of my fence is a very small black weenie dog, eating something out of a box of trash someone dumped on the side of the road in between mine and my neighbors. As i got closer i saw he was totally emaciated and he could barely walk as he saw me he kinda wagged his tail and gently limped toward me but was too nervous. So i went back in the house, came out with some turkey before he walked off too far. I was feeding him some slices in front of my adjacent neighbors home (i live in the ghetto) and he was so gentle and frail i could just cry. Back legs messed up liked he been kicked too many times, i could see every bone in his body. I stood up and started luring him to my property with the food so i could take him to the vet, and idk just get him some proper food and care, when the door to the house we were in front of opened up. A scrawny looking crackhead said hello and called the dog in to the house, which he limped to.

So i called animal control on the guy, he obviously isn’t taking care of the little dog. They didn’t have anybody to come out today, that they’d send someone tomorrow. In my past experience this city doesn’t give a rat’s ass about animals though, i doubt they’ll send anyone at all unless i badger them.

I’m sad

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Perth, Moreton Bay feature in hundreds of RSPCA complaints

Perth, Moreton Bay feature in hundreds of RSPCA complaints

As millions of Aussies spent the better part of 2020 locked down and stuck inside, it’s no surprise that the RSPCA was busier than usual investigating cruelty complaints.

RSPCA inspectors, who travel the nation in an attempt to make sure animals are well-cared for, investigated more than 57,900 cruelty cases through the 19/20 financial year.
The almost 58,000 investigations came from the 73,997…

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Jane Goodall among over 140 scientists calling on EU to end cages in farming
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The Impact Of Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion is a massive contribution to a lot of the world’s problem, labour work, high carbon footprint emissions, clothes wastage, child labour, animal cruelty, lethal pollutions created from the factories, uses a lot of materials.

Child Labour -

 According to the International Labour Organisation, an estimated 170 million children are engaged to child labour or 11% of children in the world. The countries with the highest rate of child labour in textiles are Egypt, India, Thailand, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Children work at all stages of the supply in the fashion industry: production of cotton seeds, yarn spinning in India, putting garments together in Bangladesh. Children performs diverse and often dangerous tasks such as: dyeing, trimming and cutting threads, folding, moving and packaging garments. 

Animal Cruelty - 

Animal cruelty in fashion is massive, if an animal has a good fur, the fur will be used in coats and jackets which will be then sold into thousands of pounds, the most difficult fur to get is going to be the most expensive fur to buy. The most common materials used that contains animal cruelty are wool, leather and silk. Wool is the fur of sheeps, leather is the skin of cows and silk is made from silkworms. 

Factories - 

factories emissions contributes greatly to the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, carbon dioxide is a gas that sometimes makes it acidic when mixed with water and it has a harmful compound (usually carbon monoxide)  for us and our environment. It can be also radioactive which is why it is harming our environment and us.  Carbon Monoxide can also kill us because it is a poisonous gas (radioactive). 

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HUNTER LIE #1 We help animals by keeping their populations in check. If we didn’t kill them they would starve from overpopulation.

FACT If this were true, there would be piles of evidence [bones/bodies] all over the planet in places where hunters have historically found the habitats and animals too inaccessible to kill. The world would have heard these stories each time scientists discovered closed, ecological loops–islands–of which there are 10s of 1000s on Earth.

The biological reality is that if left alone, animal species regulate themselves. These ‘controlling’ elements are based primarily on food supplies and weather. Conditions which trigger hormonal responses in the females of non-human species. These responses determine whether the offspring will be male or female; how many babies a given animal will have; or if indeed they will have a successful pregnancy at all. Factor in disease and natural die-offs, and if hunting were never undertaken again, the environment would, for the first time in hundreds of years, function as the perfectly synchronized interdependent system Mother Nature intended.

“Dis”harmony–overpopulation–is CAUSED BY HUNTING. Species will adapt to FILL a void. These ‘voids’ are caused by Fish and Wildlife policies which encourage hunters to decimate natural predators, i.e., cougars, coyotes, wolves, etc.– a standard practice of wildlife “managers” throughout the world. Obviously once predators are removed, if food supplies are plentiful and weather conditions favorable, an overpopulation problem is created. However, if conditions are NOT favorable, a massive environmental disaster, resulting in the starvation of animals targeted by such “management” methods becomes the reality.

Wildlife officials KNOW FULL WELL they are manipulating prey species to the point of overpopulation by killing off their natural predators. This is done out of A) GREED. Hunting licenses and other hunting-related revenues bring big bucks into local, state and federal coffers. B) Because state and federal wildlife “management” are completely CONTROLLED by hunters whose interests are 100% self-serving. The non-hunting public is totally disregarded, and their tax dollars hijacked for wildlife mass murder, with estimates as high as nearly 5 BILLION animals slaughtered annually by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services.

HUNTER LIE # 2 Without the money we contribute, many of the areas which exist for animal populations wouldn’t be there.

FACT Every single taxpaying citizen supports our National Parks system, and ALL OTHER PUBLIC LANDS. Hunters contribute with revenues generated by hunting licenses and other hunting related usage fees.

Whatever hunters provide in fees is minuscule in relation to what they COST the U.S. taxpayer. POACHING IS RAMPANT. Multiple billions are spent–annually–in manpower and on the increasing decimation of protected and endangered species from hunters’ criminal activities, which far outweigh the comparatively tiny contributions of hunting licensing/usage fees.

The taxpaying public and wildlife are continually egregiously abused for the sole benefit of hunters. 50% of federally funded wildlife “refuges” regularly allow trapping/hunting within them. This disenfranchises the non-hunting public from enjoying these lands and bastardizes the purpose of wildlife “refuges” which were created to PROTECT the inhabitants. The average taxpayer is forced to support these refuges, which in turn SUBSIDIZES hunters–not the other way around. If most hunters had to purchase this same acreage and maintain its wildlife, few would have the where-with-all to do so. Without taxpayer funding, these wildlife refuges would not exist, and neither would the land hunters exploit at the public’s expense. The war on our wildlife is an elitist’s game, fully SUBSIDIZED by the abuse of taxpayer money to the tune of BILLIONS annually.

HUNTER LIE #3 We are avid environmentalists and conservationists.

FACT Hunters claiming to be “caring” environmentalists because they help support green spaces [so does every taxpayer] is like saying you’re pro-animal because you support slaughterhouses. Perpetuating the existence of animals for your own benefit [via artificial overpopulation] at the expense of their pain, suffering and death does not make you an environmentalist–only a malevolent opportunist. Hunting/poaching ranks second behind habitat destruction, as the leading cause of global, non-human species loss. Hunting is nothing short of ecological rape and the deluded and depraved partaking in such selfish acts of bloodlust can find no HONEST justification for their crimes.

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“This Dog Not Stolen,” Daily British Whig (Kingston). June 13, 1917. Page 02.
John H. Drummond Charged Three Men With Theft of a Bull Terrier Puppy Valued at $25

The story of a dog and its travels in a Ford car was told before Judge Madden and a jury in the County Court and General Sessions of the Peace on Wednesday morning. The dog in question, a Boston bull terrier puppy, valued at $25, and referred to by the owner, John H. Drummond, as a well trained, kind of affectionate animal, disappeared from the Bedford lead mines, where the owner is employed, on November 4th, 1916, and as a result of its disappearance, H. C. Asseltine, Arthur Kenchan and George W. Lakins were charged with stealing the canine. On being arraigned, all pleaded ‘not guilty’ and were defended by T. J. Rigney. J. L. Whiting, K. C., conducted the prosecution. Drummond took the witness stand and produced a picture of the missing dog, which went into the court as Exhibit A, after it had been viewed by members of the jury.

Plantiff told about the three men acccussed coming to the mines in an automobile on Nov. 4th. He said that Asseltine had admitted taking the dog away in the car. Witness did not know just what had happened to the dog, but it had been reported that the canine had been drowned. After it it had been taken for a ride to the old Richardson mines.

John Barnett gave evidence about the dog being at the mines.

Lakins, called by Mr. Rigney, said the dog was in the car when he got in. Asseltine had stated that a woman had given him the dog, but that he was going to dump it out. Witness wanted to put the pup out of the car, but was afraid it would bite him.

Kenchan said he had tried to get the dog out of the car, but that it had shown fight. Someone said, ‘throw the dog out,’ but witness did not care to take any chances.

Jokes on the Ford car even find their way into a court of justice. It was stated that two of the men accused of the theft, occupied the back seat, with the dog, but Mr. Rigney was puzzled to know how there would be any room for a dog with two able-bodied men on the seat.

According to the evidence of Asseltine, the dog jumped onto the car of its own accord. He did not know who owned it. He endeavored to put it out, but the dog evidently had a love for Ford cars, as it crouched down in the car and defied the three passengers to put him out. And thus he stood by his guns until the journey was ended.

To Mr. Rigney, witness said he had no intention of stealing the dog.

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The MANAGER at the GOODYEAR in CLAYMONT DE 19703 tried to torture a mouse to death with his employees by drowning it in WINDEX! My compassionate fiancé’ saved its life and brought it to me. Now me. MOTHERFUCKERS! I AM ANIMAL LIBERATION FRONT! And I call upon you all to disgrace these fascist, homophobic, animal torturers’. Everyone of them is a conspiracy theorist Trump lover. But lets not forget the issue here, they got fucking ENJOYMENT out of trying to drown a mouse in Windex I now have to spend $200 at a fucking VET fixing. Help me my friends, help me. My empathy is overflowing. My fight or flight response is overactive. 

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Activist made good on promise to eat live bat in front of European Parliament
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Cruela Devil will never ever be an empowering female character. Don’t know where Disney got the idea a puppy skinner could be empowering.

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I Cry For My Babies (Stray Cats Poem) #thoughtfulthursday

I Cry For My Babies
I have done nothing wrong
Except in your eyes I was born
I’m a cat, a beautiful sentient soul
A mother like you but pure gold
I cry for my babies that are no longer with me
Heart rips to shreds at the memory.
To feel nothing for the sight I behold,
Your own heart must be stone cold
I witnessed their agony, their last breath
Frantic, I licked them, their death


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Saw the trailer for Cruella De Ville. And there is only two ways I can see this going either Maleficint or Joker.  And I admit I’m not a fan of either option.  Like Maleficint people talked to death about.  That they would have to make us sympathize with a woman who tried to kill 99 dogs.  Where a common piece of writing advice for making a character unlikable is to kick a dog.  The Joker though.  A part of me is like okay this is less of a bat shit insane idea then trying to form sympathy for the woman who killed puppies for a coat.  But at the same time I don’t want a gritty reboot for Cruella Devill.  At all.  And like I understand why we can’t reboot the actual 101 dalmation story.  They did that already and it was great.  It was charming and Glenn Close seemed to be having the time of her life.  So much that if it was bad I wouldn’t be that mad, someone got an insane amount of enjoyment.  But idk man, like if it wasn’t connected to 101 Dalmatians and it was like it’s own thing. I might of been interested but like if something that could be promising in the trailer, is kind of followed by a.  Could this work with Cruella Devile as the main character? Could the tempted puppy murderer in a kids movie make a good protagonist? And the answer is usually no. Either because it’s connected to family movie and people are sick of gritty reboots of kids media or they try to make a puppy murderer sympathetic.  Maybe I’m wrong and it could be as good or better as the other 101 Dalmatian remake but I’m not super confident in this trailer.

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“World leader in animal welfare”… Not to go all Rizzo but “Honey, there ain’t no such thing.” I don’t think any country existing can make that claim.

Horse racing is disgusting, and animal deaths are so horribly predictable in this field; after all, this so-called “sport” is considered to be unproblematic and entertaining. My mates go to shitting Ascot ffs 🙄

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Animal Cruelty

Right now, the world needs to know about animal cruelty. They need to see how those poor innocent animals were treated in farms, slaughterhouses, animal testing, wool and fur industries, leather industries, and even zoos, aquariums, and circuses. This is why I’m vegan because of my love for animals and I want the whole world to understand how brutal and serious animal cruelty is.

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Photo shows injured cockatoo with arrow through its head

Photo shows injured cockatoo with arrow through its head

Shocking photos showing an injured cockatoo with an arrow through its head have sparked a frantic search for the bird and prompted calls for a legal ban on “bow hunting” in Victoria.

Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick shared the distressing images on social media, appealing for help to find the animal.
“A truly disturbing act of cruelty in Victoria,” he wrote on Tuesday.
“This is exactly why…

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Roma teen allegedly runs down emu in Qld TikTok video

Roma teen allegedly runs down emu in Qld TikTok video

Police are investigating after a teenager, reportedly a member of a “prominent” agricultural family in western Queensland, allegedly shared a video of themselves running down an emu in a four-wheel-drive.

“That emu was not harmed. It’s a pet. It likes to be run over,” a glib caption for the video reportedly read.
7NEWS reported the video was uploaded to TikTok by a 16-year-old boy.
He can’t be…

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