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#animal fact
daily-fun-animal-facts · 12 days ago
They can run as fast as 35 kph (21 mph)! They are also extremely agile, which helps them run away from predators.
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cool-animal-facts · a month ago
Elephants can purr like cats!
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animalfact · 2 months ago
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lets learn about . . . the squirrel!
a squirrel’s front teeth never stop growing
the tiniest squirrel is the African pygmy squirrel
more than 200 squirrel species live all over the world
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xlehukax · 9 months ago
Ok I have another one I hope nobody else did this
No one:
Lehuka: have a cursed animal fact 😌😘
No one: 
Lehuka: did you know that sea urchins have jaws that contain five downward facing blade-like chalky teeth
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thedirtywordworld · 19 days ago
animal fact #2
my dog is very cute and I love her (her name is Hershey) (she’s a chocolate Labrador)
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homeofhousechickens · a year ago
MMM crop full of SEED
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i heard some people didnt know about a chickens crop so here have some pictures of Baby Bird’s
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A chickens crop is where they store food and water after its swallowed before it makes its way into the stomach/gizzard.
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darwinisheld · a year ago
One of my favourite animals.
Did you know anteaters hold their snoot while they sleep?
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spewkyghoul · 2 months ago
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Did ya know theres 1 species of jellyfish that’s immortal?
It can revert back to its child state after having become sexually mature, and therefore never dies.
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noaasanctuaries · a year ago
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This sea lion in Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary has its eye on you! Sea lions have a reflective membrane at the back of their eyes called the tapetum lucidum. This membrane acts as a mirror, bouncing light back through the eye to help sea lions see in murky and low-light conditions. 
(Photo: David J. Ruck/NOAA) 
[Image description: A sea lion swimming over algae with its eye wide open.]
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daily-fun-animal-facts · 22 days ago
The process of how bees make wax is complex and depends on many factors. In a bee colony, there are three types of bees: the queen, the worker, and the drone. The queen mates and lays eggs. Drones are male bees whose sole function is to breed with the queen.
Finally, worker bees are sterile females who do everything, including taking care of and feeding the young, the queen, and the drones; producing wax to create and maintain the hive; cleaning the hive; gathering nectar and pollen; making honey and guarding the nest against enemies. Only young worker bees have wax glands. The oldest worker bees and the queen bee do not have wax glands.
Honeybees develop a special wax-producing gland in their abdomen when they are between 12 and 20 days old. This gland converts sugar into a waxy substance from the sugar and also deposits substance flakes on the abdomen.
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cool-animal-facts · 8 months ago
A snow leopard’s tail can weigh 10 pounds!
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animalfact · 2 months ago
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let's learn about... the spotted cuscus !
shaped like a friend!
the common spotted cuscus is typically very shy, so it is rarely seen!
they are slow-moving and somewhat sluggish, sometimes mistaken for sloths
they are nocturnal, hunting and feeding at night
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agentminnesota187 · 3 months ago
Daily animal fact!
Spur winged lapwings dance and call to court females.
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mindfulmenagerie · a year ago
Diabolical Ironclad Beetle
Our world is a bugworld. With a little more than 90% of Earth's animals being insects there's no use denying that they run the world.
Insects have been evolving and changing long before the first campfire was started, and they have developed a fascinating array of weapons and defenses; from the power of flight to being able to envenom enemies.
Now imagine a bug with invincibility. You read that correctly.
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The Nosoderma diabolicum, far better known as the "Diabolical Ironclad Beetle", is a small, flightless beetle that has been deemed "uncrushable"
Literally nicknamed "the uncrushable beetle" this bug that only reaches up to 2 centimeters long can withstand up to 149 to 150 Newtons! To anyone who didn't really pay attention in science class and doesn't fully know what this means (I sure as hell don't know what a Newton is) the Ironclad Beetle can survive being under something that weighs 39,000 times more than it does.
It can survive being RUN OVER BY A CAR.
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It has one of the strongest armor in the animal kingdom, and this fact became very well known to insect collector's when they discovered that when trying to pin the beetles on a board for display, their pins would bend.
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So where do these guys live? Sorry fellow Americans who already don't like bugs, but the Diabolical Ironclad Beetle can be found at home on the Western coast of the USA.
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But don't worry your pretty heads. While you can't crush them by stepping on them like you can with any other bug, these guys truly do not want to be in your house.
They are happy woodland creatures who eat fungi, and just don't want to be bothered.
Tumblr media
But how is the Diabolical Ironclad Beetle so strong?
This was actually discovered just a few days ago by engineers no less at the University of California.
As I had mentioned before, the Diabolical Ironclad Beetle is flightless. This is because they don't have wings. Most beetles like ladybugs and june bugs have a structure in their exoskeleton called a "elytra". This is the two pieces of chitin that protects the wings when not in flight.
But our friend the Diabolical Ironclad Beetle doesn't have wings to protect. Instead, their elytra is part of their exoskeleton. It acts as an extra layer of armor and is placed evenly along the body for extra support.
When looking at the beetle's exoskeleton, you can actually see layer-like formations.
But that's not all. See that in the middle?
Tumblr media
That jigsaw like pattern? That's the second key of what makes them so tough!
Their joints are practically stuck together.
Tumblr media
But what's so important about this creepy, unstoppable bug?
Well, these guys could help us.
Well I am so glad I asked! Scientists are fascinated with the beetle's ability to withstand so much force, and they hope that they can apply the same characteristics in machines and buildings making them more stable and stronger or even helping car crashes be less, I dunno, deadly?
Remember, you never know how important an animal might be. Learn to respect bugs if you can't learn to love em.
They may just save your life one day.
Respect this amazing animal for it's majesty and power!
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thedirtywordworld · 20 days ago
hey everyone! I’ve decided that, just for the fun of it, I’m going to be doing a daily animal fact! these will be tagged with “animal fact”, so block that tag if you’re not interested! facts concerning snakes, spiders, etc will be tagged with trigger warnings, as I know they are common phobias! 
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factober · 6 months ago
"How Beavers Build Dams | Leave it to Beavers | PBS" on YouTube
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chelsies-blog · 11 months ago
Chocolate Chip Starfish
I always like to keep a diary about interesting animals and facts about them. Especially since working at the aquarium. I thought I would start writing a virtual one. So I will start by talking about these guys. These are Chocolate Chip Starfish.
Here are some random facts about them:
They live in the Indiopacific Ocean. That is just north bound of Australia.
They live for quite a while. Most websites will say up to 7 years, but they can live longer than that. We have one at the aquarium that is 10 at the moment. I've heard stories of some living up to 35 years. Although I would say the average is most likely between 17 years and 23 years.
They tend to eat once a day and they can eat a wide range of things. In the wild they will eat coral, small animals and mussels.
They have no blood, no brain and no heart. Thats normal. Instead of blood it is salt water. That will provide them with nutrients that they need aswell as what they would get from food. No heart is needed as there's no blood to pump around. Instead of a brain it's a nerve that surrounds their mouth. That nerve is linked to other nerves to control movement.
They have 2 stomachs. One will pop out of their mouth to catch their food. The stomach will go back inside of the starfish when all of the food is inside. When the food is inside it will go down to the other stomach. The second stomach is to aid digestion.
They can regenerate their limbs. This is really good in terms of an adaption. It helps them if they get attacked or hurt by others.
The "chocolate chips" act as an adaption to protect thems from predators. The chocolate chips are cone/spike shaped. This is so they can look dangerous to predators. It can prevent them from being eaten.
They have 5 eyes. One is on each end of their limb. It is a very tiny red dot. That is the same on all eyes. It is believed that they only can tell the difference between night and day as they can't see colour. They can't make out shapes well either.
Other animals lay on their bodies to stay safe. This is as they know that predators avoid them as the starfish looks "dangerous".
Conservstion status: not evaluated.
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lemonsourr · 9 months ago
But like i cannot comprehend the fact of pig being mammals bruh they got milk too ...bruh omg
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