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sootmc · 3 months ago
I get the sentiment of the "no one pirates anymore" post but like,,, have you ever talked to a teenager who watches anime? The only way you get to watch 50+ animes is if you pirate all of it lmao
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josejos · 11 months ago
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lauritanaomystery · a year ago
Okey curious people, this is a wip request to a friend... he ha!!! This is a something new process, a new challenge...
Tumblr media
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edorazzi · a year ago
Tumblr media
It’s the post everyone’s been waiting for! 
It’s taken a little while for me to get around to this, but it’s worth it for being able to make a full reaction post. This is really long so I’ll put it under a cut, but check it out for my complete scene-by-scene reaction of Miraculous’ “Felix” episode! (´∀`)♡
Tumblr media
Okay, I’ve been putting this off for days now so it’s time to finally get to it. I’m comfy and undisturbed and have my supplies ready to go.
I know next to nothing about what I’m going into. I’ve seen a little bit here and there because some people haven’t tagged their content properly, but I haven’t watched either of the trailers. I haven’t even looked directly at the images of Felix which have been going around. I’ve tried to stay as blind as possible, so as a result I’m pretty excited but also very anxious. I’ve taken two beta blockers today and I’m considering taking a third.
I usually liveblog episodes on our Ladybug PV Discord server (message me for an invite!) but this time I’m making a proper post out of it. I’ll be typing up my reactions as I go then cleaning everything up a little bit afterwards. I think it’s the first time I’ve done something like this on my blog so here goes!
Tumblr media
- “Script: Thomas Astruc” NO. HE REALLY COULDN’T JUST STEP AWAY FROM THIS EPISODE GRACEFULLY, COULD HE. HE HAD TO GET HIS HANDS DIRTY. I’m not going to say “fuck this man” but, you know, identical sentiments. I’m opening my chocolate bar.
- God, Emilie looks more like ET every time I see her. Such an awkward model.
- Oh but wait, Sébastien Thibaudeau was on the script? That does actually give me some hope! Next to Zag himself he’s the only writer on this mess of a show I trust. HE FIXED WAYHEM, CAN HE DO FELIX A SOLID TOO? PLEASE. PLEASE SÉBASTIEN OL BUDDY OL PAL OL FRIENDA MINE
- Does Gabe have anything else to say to his wife other than monologuing his Miraculous plan over and over? They say people in comas can still hear things but Emilie’s probably double unconscious from how boring her husband is.
- DON’T LIKE THAT KNIFE SOUND EFFECT FROM THOSE RINGS. Am I supposed to find it sweet that Gabe’s taking such good care of their wedding bands or is he about to use them for evil? Also where’s Felix.
Tumblr media
- ADRIEN SWEETHEART. I maintain that it’s weird to have a statue of your wife/mother/self in your own garden but it kills me that he’s just sitting there in front of it like a lost kitten.
- That wide-eyed look Adrien turns up towards the window is killing me even more. I’M SO SAD. I see he also hasn’t noticed he’s sitting in the middle of a giant butterfly circle, unless he’s so used to it being Gabe’s logo that he’s just not paying it any mind. When was this all built? Has Gabe always used a butterfly motif even before he got his Miraculous and it was just a great coincidence, or did he commission this whole garden area after Emilie went missing? I guess you could pass it off as eccentricity but in the real world that would be a HUGE red flag that Gabe murdered her. I dunno man.
- “It’s been one year.” HAS IT? Hasn’t Adrien been at school for at least a year now? Didn’t his mom vanish two years prior to that?! Maybe she’s talking about how long Gabe has been fighting Ladybug and Chat Noir but knowing this show’s messy timeline it could be anything. WHERE’S FELIX.
Tumblr media
- That’s the song from Chat Blanc! Was that something his mom taught him? OH NO, I’M EVEN SADDER NOW. This is what I mean about Sébastien’s writing, we’d never get this kind of focus on Adrien from Garbage Man Astruc. This kind of character exploration does wonders for ML whenever it’s brought up so I hope this is consistent.
- I do like that Adrien doesn’t get up when his dad comes to stand right next to him like that. It’s just informal enough. He’s waiting for Gabe to make the first move this time and that’s nice development considering how stiff and cold their relationship was in S1.
- OOOOH GABE THAT’S AN AWKWARD CROUCH. Any lower down and his back is going to go. He’ll be stuck there. I do LOVE that he’s trying though, I don’t even know what he’s going to say to Adrien but this is already SO good.
- “There’s something important I have to talk to you about.” Finally time for The Talk, huh.
- “I’ve noticed how close you and Nathalie have become!” CLOSE ENOUGH. Still in the ballpark of Adrien thinking his dad has real human feelings! 
- “HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY THINK SUCH A THING??” I GENUINELY LAUGHED OUT LOUD AT HOW ANGRY GABE WAS ABOUT THAT. I’m not sure what to think of the “Nathalie replacing Emilie when Emilie’s technically still alive” plot either but GABE’S DECIDED FOR ME. Also good job yelling in your son’s face when you were JUST having a moment, good luck getting back up off your knees in order to storm away, old man.
- Oh alright, he did get up, but it was with a strange angry bow-legged prance. I think he still had trouble.
- I love the way Adrien just kinda wide-eye-blinks at him, like Gabe’s emotional outburst is going totally over his head. He’s been dealing with akuma FAR too long to be bothered by this.
- Guests, plural? I’m guessing Felix is one of them but is he with someone else? That makes sense given he’s (as far as I’ve gathered) the same age as Adrien so he wouldn’t be running around far from home unchaperoned, but OHHH this is so interesting.
- So they ARE claiming it’s been one year since Emilie vanished! This just doesn’t work as a Season 3 episode, especially with Nathalie and Gabe’s romantic development being as far along as it is. Emilie’s been gone for at LEAST three years by this point! Read your show bible once in a while you horrible garbage man!!! Also ADRIEN SWEETHEART THAT’S A LITTLE PREMATURE. You can say “went away forever” when you’re three years into her disappearance, the anniversary of one year really isn’t long enough to claim she’s never coming back!
Tumblr media
- OH NO, IT’S THE GIRLS. I’m already bored. Unless Luka is here I really just do not care what they’re all up to. I haven’t missed Marinette at ALL in the first two-and-a-half minutes and I don’t want to see her now. WHERE’S FELIX.
- I’m sorry, how are Lila, Chloé AND Kagami all on a video call together without any blood being drawn? Also for god’s sake PLEASE leave Adrien alone, you want to ask first if he’d LIKE some company or if he’d prefer a quiet personal day to think about his mom? OF COURSE NOT MARINETTE, YOU WOULDN’T WOULD YOU. 
- Okay, a video message is definitely a better idea than trying to break into his house AGAIN. At least then he can watch it whenever he feels up to it. The first good, safe, noninvasive idea Mari’s had for SEVERAL episodes when it comes to Adrien.
- I’M REALLY TORN WHEN IT COMES TO THE ENGLISH DUB. On one hand I hate how little screentime Nino has when he’s not just being Alya’s fashion accessory, but on the other hand I’m so glad they switched scenes the moment Nino started his video because I CANNOT handle his dub voice. Nino just deserves better in general really.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Her name is Amelie? So their parents had twins and named them Amelie and Emilie, and they turned out the same right down to the over-the-shoulder Dead Anime Mom hairstyles? That’s lazy parenting down to a tee, can’t mix your twins up if you never have to learn the difference between them in the first place! But that’s INTERESTING that Felix is (I assume, still haven’t seen him yet) from Emilie’s side of the family, I’ve always had the impression he was a petit Gabriel.
Tumblr media
- ADRIEN IMMEDIATELY JUMPING ON HIM IN A HUG IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. WHILE FELIX’S HAND IS STILL OUTSTRETCHED FOR A HANDSHAKE. I know this episode is going to go downhill because there’s no way it won’t, but this one single moment is EVERYTHING I WANTED. I should just close the tab now and leave it at this, I really should.
- “Do you remember when they used to have so much fun pretending to be each other? Once they had you and Emilie fooled for a whole weekend!” WHERE HAS THIS BEEN FOR MY ENTIRE ORDEAL GETTING THROUGH THIS SERIES. I don’t even care if this Felix is a stone cold bitch, it’s enough to know he and Adrien were besties when they were kids and Adrien still wanted to hug him the second he walked through the door. AMAZING.
- Aww, Felix is American (dubbed, anyway). I was really hoping he’d be British with all the references to London over the last season. He does have a nice voice though! I can tell he shares Adrien’s actor but he’s got the softness I’d have expected from his character. There’s kind of an interesting look about his face though, I wish they’d tweaked it a bit to give him a sharper look but I guess he IS like 14, he can afford to still have a bit of baby-cheeked roundness. I’m going to find the positives in every part of this because I will NOT give Garbage Man Astruc the satisfaction of being disappointed like I know he wants me to be. It’s been a fucking war from the moment I saw his name in the writing credits and my best weapon is being pleased about everything in this episode.
- Okay, he looks a little better in the following closeup where his eyes are slightly narrowed. I think it’s the slightly-below-the-chin angle which doesn’t really work for his character model with his soft cheeks and high collar. FELIX IS A BABY.
- WHY WILL NOBODY SHAKE HIS HAND. Adrien hugged him instead and Gabe is ignoring him completely, Felix is clearly so perplexed and I love it. He’s fourteen! He’s fourteen and doing his best with social graces but NOBODY WILL HELP HIM.
- “Felix, you know your uncle’s never been the physical sort!” HE KICKED HIS OWN SON RIGHT ACROSS PARIS IN THE LAST EPISODE BUT SURE, IF YOU SAY SO.
- “Oh, how sweet! You’re still wearing your wedding band!” YEAH? IT’S BEEN LIKE A YEAR?? Again this would make more sense if it had been around three years like we KNOW Emilie’s been gone for, but picking someone out for still wearing their ring after 12 months?! And why isn’t Amelie more emotional about this anyway, isn’t it her sister who’s missing? I wouldn’t be poking fun at MY sister’s husband for keeping his ring if SHE went missing. No wonder Felix seems like he turned out weird.
- I CAN’T MAKE OUT THE NAME OF HER BRANCH OF THE FAMILY AND IT’S KILLING ME. SOMEONE LET ME KNOW WHAT THAT WAS. Graham de Vanily? I can’t place the words. I mean I’m going to keep calling Felix “Agreste” no matter what but I’d like to know what canon is trying to get at.
- “It’s been a long journey from London” I KNEW IT, I FFFFFFFFFUCKING KNEW IT. SO THEY ARE BRITISH?! BUT THEY HAVE AMERICAN ACCENTS?! I mean I guess they’re French first and foremost, but what the fuck is with the American accents if you’re making a POINT about them being from London?! I can’t wait for the French audio to be released, I really want to know what Felix sounds like there. Regardless AAAH MY SON IS FROM MY CITY, I’M SO PLEASED.
- Poor Felix looks so depressed being saddled with Adrien. Sweetie it’s okay, think positive! You could be stuck with Marinette and THAT would be a true nightmare.
- Now why does Felix keep glancing at Gabe? Is there something going on there? Is he suspicious about what happened to his aunt? I can’t imagine he knows anything about the Miraculous so what’s the deal here?
Tumblr media
- UuuuuUUUUGH we’re back with the rest of the gang. I’M NOT INTERESTED, SHOW ME MORE FELIX.
- “Help me Tikki! What would you tell a Kwami friend who’s lost their mom?!” You’re talking to a 5000-year-old demigoddess, Mari, I don’t think she’s gonna relate.
- Should Tikki really be encouraging this?! I have no idea where in the timeline this is supposed to be. Maybe this is at a stage where she doesn’t know Adrien is Plagg’s chosen so there’s no reason to steer Marinette away from bonding with him. Or maybe every episode just plays by its own rules and there’s really no such thing as continuity in this series. I want to see Felix again.
- YANKING AT AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE ON THE OUTER EDGE OF A BOAT ISN’T GOING TO END WELL. DON’T. I do love how :D Alya is about it though, if nothing else I love what a supportive friend she is.
- Oh, the tablet didn’t go into the water! I’m genuinely surprised by that. Though I imagine Felix is going to fuck things up in some way so he’ll probably be the one to destroy the video somehow. We all know the relationship development isn’t allowed to move forward so SOMETHING’S going to happen to it.
Tumblr media
- Thank god we’re back to the mansion. I’m surprised and pleased that (for now at least) we’re only getting the girls in small doses and the plot is mainly focused around the Agrestes. Gorizilla is my favourite episode to date and it did a similar thing with allowing Marinette to be a side character for once along an Adrien-centric plotline, so hopefully this episode will be similar. I’m liking its odds so far but who knows what Horrible Garbage Man Astruc has up his sleeve.
- “I’m really sorry I didn’t come to your dad’s funeral.” I’M SORRY WHAT? PARDON ME? THAT’S AN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM I DIDN’T EXPECT. As a side note I love Felix being killer at basketball for some reason, he doesn’t look like the athletic type at ALL but he still made that net over his shoulder without even LOOKING. Goddamn. Can everyone please appreciate how cool my son is!!!
- “My father thought it would be too hard on me, considering everything that’s happened this year.” So Felix lost his dad VERY RECENTLY. OUCH. DON’T LIKE THAT. Or I DO like that because it’s already giving his character some extra depth when we’re still only just getting to know him, but on an emotional level I don’t like that. 
- “He’s very... protective of me.” CHAT BLANC REALLY WAS A HOT MESS OF AN EPISODE WASN’T IT. 
- Now Felix is giving Adrien a hug?! I didn’t see that one coming. My canon Felix would mean it but I don’t quite trust this new Felix yet, he’s probably up to something.
Tumblr media
- WHAT A JARRING PIANO TRANSITION. Also why?! What does he have to gain from swiping Adrien’s phone? He’s probably got a terrible roaming plan on his own mobile, that’s always my problem when I go to France. If you truly loved your cousin you’d let him browse Reddit on your phone, Adrien. This is worse than not coming to his dad’s funeral.
- PLAGG KNOWS SOMETHING’S UP. He ought to, in another life he and Felix are STILL dealing with each other.
- Okay I take back what I said about Felix’s voice. Bryce Whatshisface isn’t doing a very good job separating the tones. I can buy that Adrien and Felix sound very similar but their delivery should be completely different! I really do want to watch this in French, I get the feeling it’ll sound much better.
- AH YES, HERE WE GO. I’m getting the feeling this is Garbage Man’s part of the episode. Squished cheese aside, I do like the implication Felix does (or did) card magic and karate. I’m thinking of that Mickey Mouse episode where he vanishes Donald’s car keys with a hand trick except it’s Felix vanishing Marinette’s phone when she’s about to text Adrien or something. I’ve got to draw that.
- “Mind if I take a shower?” WHY, FELIX. I mean I’d probably want to shower too after the London-Paris commute (and I’m sure he’s only going in there to wreak havoc, put food colouring in Adrien’s shampoo bottles or something) but what a weird time to ask!
- I mean Plagg has a point about difficult home situations not justifying bad behaviour (and I feel like that’s not what’s going on, with how he was glaring at Gabe I think he’s behaving like this for some other reason), but Felix’s dad LITERALLY DIED. Like they had a funeral and everything. Emilie is just “missing”. They’re SIMILAR but that’s still a false equivalence because Adrien’s got hope to hold on to and Felix doesn’t.
Tumblr media
- So we’re not going to talk about how Felix got into Adrien’s passcode-protected phone? I guess he could have done the fogging-up-the-screen trick from Oblivio. Standing around in a steamy bathroom in three layers of clothing is a great way to sweat yourself out and ruin your hair though, way to get even more gross than a five-hour commute between countries.
- “Of course that idiot has a crush on a superhero!” EASY THERE, MR HOWLING-ON-A-ROOFTOP-BECAUSE-HE-SAW-THE-GIRL-HE-LIKED. WE’VE ALL SEEN THE PV.
- I’ve just noticed Felix has a ring too! I don’t know how I missed that before this scene! That’s NICE. He’s still not allowed to have it on his middle finger (LET HIM SWEAR) but that’s a nod back to Chat Noir which I really appreciate!
- FELIX KNOWS CHLOÉ! THAT’S NICE, THAT’S GOOD. I LIKE THAT. That’s also a really nice little video from her, I love the few small moments we’ve had that affirm she and Adrien really ARE friends, whether she wants to date him or not. 
- OOOH HE DELETED THE VIDEOS. I’m curious about him borrowing Adrien’s clothes too, are they going to dress the same? You’d think Adrien wouldn’t give someone an exact copy of the outfit he’s currently wearing but I genuinely don’t know if he owns anything different. I hope they don’t just use two Adrien models for the rest of the episode, please let me see Felix properly :/
Tumblr media
- OOOH MARI YOU’RE NOT GONNA LIKE THIS. I can imagine Felix is going to say something nasty and that’ll set the girls off and bring about the akuma of the week. I’m mildly entertained but I’m still not engaged with this idea without any proper explanation. We’d better get something by the end of the episode which justifies what’s made Felix do this, because “he’s just evil lol” would be a reeeeally low move from Garbage Man Astruc. 
- Luka is such a nice character. Why does he get to be so high quality when Felix has been turned into a cheese-smashing phone-stealing gremlin? I mean I KNOW why, but I’d like to think the showwriters are better than this. They’re not, but I’d like to think they are.
- WHAT A VIDEO MESSAGE. I love how Luka’s just sitting there grimacing while Mari speeds off into battle, he doesn’t know what she’s about to do but he knows better than to try stopping her.
Tumblr media
- Back with Gabe and Nathalie. Is this what was being foreshadowed when Gabe claimed he wouldn’t be fooled by the boys’ identity switch twice? Is he GOING to be fooled again or will he be the one person who can tell immediately that this isn’t his son? 
- “FELIX.” WOW, HE REALLY WASN’T FOOLED TWICE. RESPECT. He may have trouble getting up off the ground if he sits down too low but he can at least identify his child in a difficult situation like this, props to Gabe this week.
- “All this disappointment might just help us get rid of our unwanted guests!” SHUT YOUR MOUTH, FELIX IS A DELIGHT. The only unwanted guest here is Astruc on the writing team.
- “Felix... I told you that you couldn’t fool me twice.” Way to blow your identity in five seconds Gabe. I guess he hasn’t sent out the akuma yet so this might just be a personal monologue, but he starts addressing his victims directly so often at this stage that I’m really not sure what they can or can’t hear. SHIT’S RISKY.
- OH OKAY, SO HE’S SENDING THIS TRIPLE AKUMA AFTER FELIX? AND/OR ADRIEN, DEPENDING ON HOW HARD IT IS TO TELL THEM APART? I guess that’s what he means by getting rid of their guests, if the house is attacked by a monster (or monsters?) they aren’t going to want to stick around, but I REALLY HOPE YOU’RE TAKING ADRIEN’S WELLBEING INTO ACCOUNT HERE GABE OL BUDDY :/
Tumblr media
- I’m gonna be honest, I’m not really interested in the girls. I was hoping for a real triple akuma (like Oblivio was apparently Alya and Nino together) but they’re all just villains we’ve seen before. There’s stuff I could comment on here but I just want to see more of Felix, that’s what I’m here for.
- “Nathalie, get Adrien to a safe place far from his cousin!” YOU’RE REALLY JUST GONNA SACRIFICE FELIX LIKE THIS. I guess that makes sense, I WAS complaining during Chat Blanc that Adrien is Gabriel’s weak point, so all things considered I’m not surprised that he’ll protect Adrien but just flat-out wants Felix dead. Fair enough.
- WOW. I THOUGHT ADRIEN WAS GOING TO BE HEROIC AND DEFEND FELIX BUT HE WANTS HIM DEAD TOO. Or was that a double bluff to make the akuma think he MUST be Felix so he can lead them away and keep his cousin safe? He’s just run off with a wild cackle so I’m thinking it’s the latter. HE’S A GOOD BOY AND A TRUE HERO.
- I also find it kind of funny how Nathalie will jump in harm’s way to defend him when there have been INNUMERABLE other episodes of Gabe just setting an akuma directly on Adrien for the hell of it. Maybe because there isn’t really any ‘harm’ here to start with; the three girls’ powers are probably the least violent of all the akuma we’ve seen so far.
- OH MY GOD HE IS GOOD AT IT. That’s cool! I was expecting him to totally flop considering how badly his imposter trick went down a few minutes ago, but it’s nice to see he’s as capable at fighting as he is at basketball. When do I get to see his magic card tricks?
- YEAH I FEEL THE SAME PLAGG. WHAT’S EVEN HAPPENING. Not that I think Adrien shouldn’t save Felix, I just want to know WHY Felix felt like he had to do this in the first place! I feel like “can I PLEASE get a waffle” except instead of watching the employees fight I’m watching this episode careening away with no pauses to explain what’s going on.
Tumblr media
- FELIX C’MON. STOP CAUSING PROBLEMS ON PURPOSE. I can tell Garbage Man Astruc still has the reins here because causing even MORE trouble even AFTER Adrien saved his ass is a completely illogical course of action. PUT SÉBASTIEN BACK IN THE WRITERS CHAIR.
- “WHICH PART OF THE WORD ‘NO’ DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!” Oh perfect, great, can’t let this episode end without accusing Felix of not respecting consent! That’s a hot button issue and if Garbage Man Astruc can get him on that bandwagon then fans HAVE to hate this character! Great move! Fucking pillock!
- WOW CHAT THAT’S MEAN. I guess accusing Felix of having no friends is justified in the context of the episode but yikes :(
- Was that a flash of humiliation from Felix there? God will one of the writers PLEASE save this character, PLEASE don’t let this episode end without someone getting him out of the Garbage Man’s big meaty claws.
Tumblr media
- Excuse me WHAT? Felix is talking directly to Papillon?! So he knows about all the Miraculous stuff?! Oh NO, is this about getting his dad back? I don’t know whether the One Wish is common knowledge (I don’t think it is?) but maybe Felix put the pieces together on his own back home, so all his behaviour here has been trying to incite an akuma that he can take advantage of to appeal to Papillon?! Or he could just be a bitch all on his own, which is probably what the Garbage Man would prefer, but this makes a lot of sense all of a sudden.
Tumblr media
- I’m expecting this isn’t over, because Felix still clearly wants something specific that he didn’t get, but I’ll take this cute hug for what it is. He didn’t have an evil expression behind Adrien’s back this time either and the music is all soft and nice, plus he FINALLY got a handshake from Gabe, but I absolutely do NOT imagine this episode will end without getting an extra shot in at the PV fans somehow. We’re not getting off this easy.
- Why doesn’t Gabriel want Adrien to go after Felix? Is he scared he’ll try to run off, or ask them to stay longer when he really wants to get rid of them?
- AHAHA FELIX STOLE GABE’S RING. WHAT A BRAT. Was that the “jewelry” he mentioned wanting in return for helping Papillon? I figured it was a Miraculous thing but maybe not.
Tumblr media
- OHHH, look how much Felix loves his mom! This is such a sweet scene. I particularly like the idea that Amelie was trying to get the rings back to give one to Felix because the way she was speaking to Gabe made it sound like she wanted them Just Because. But you can’t mention some wild story connected to the rings and then not explain it! I want to know what that is, I want to know why Felix is so fascinated with it!!!
- ALSO, FELIX GETTING A BIG KISS RIGHT ON THE FOREHEAD. EXCELLENT. I’ll fucking BET this is another scene Sébastien sneaked in because it’s such an emotional quality shift from the whole clone mess. Like what the fuck even WAS that.
- I was expecting a worse ending, but “Felix can’t ever come back to Paris because Gabriel will kill him with his bare hands if he does” is decent enough. If there’s no further confirmation (and NO, anything Garbage Man Astruc tweets later on does NOT fucking count so don’t try me) I’m going to take it that he WAS actually sorry for what he did to Adrien. That’s better than nothing.
WELL THAT WAS AN EPISODE. That actually wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be - it could have been a lot better but it could have been a lot worse too. The beginning and end were nice enough even if the middle part was Garbage Man Astruc’s usual atrocious mess of self-service, though I do particularly despise the hamfisted consent issue shoved in there just to generate extra reasons to hate the character. WE GET IT, YOU DON’T LIKE FELIX. OFF YOU FUCK. 
I’ve slept on this next paragraph to give myself time to formulate some concrete thoughts about the plot, so... Well, it was a mess, that’s for sure. They spent way too much time establishing how oH sO eViL Felix was and not nearly enough time actually explaining his character. 
Why is he acting out like this? What has he got against Adrien in particular? Is he really sore about Adrien not supporting him at his dad’s funeral or is that just what Adrien thinks is his problem? What was his relationship with his dad before he died? Was his troublemaking all about trying to provoke an akuma and ask Papillon to help him get his family rings back (which he was clearly trying to steal from the moment he walked through the door, only Gabe wouldn’t shake his hand the first time), or was that just a side effect of causing shit for no reason? Did he mean his apology to Adrien at the end? WHAT was the deal with the rings and the story attached to them? There’s a whole interesting story buried in here which just got completely overlooked by the emphasis on how terrible he was and that’s really disappointing. 
I did like his damaged-but-still-good relationship with Adrien though, there’s still hope there and maybe Felix (if he ever shows up again, which I only hope he does if it’s NOT another excuse for Garbage Man Astruc to shit on the PV fandom again, for the love of FUCK don’t give this guy multiple opportunities) will start coming around and making the effort to be a better cousin since Adrien’s given him a second chance. I don’t know. What I liked just as much was Marinette actually barely being in this episode at all, for the first time since Gorizilla she’s ALLOWED to be the supporting character again and that’s GREAT.
I don’t really know what else to say. I’m exhausted. Adrien’s a darling and I think I prefer my Twin AU, though canon Felix being a delightful little gremlin who causes problems-on-purpose is something I can work with in the future too. 
Thanks for coming on this... interesting journey with me! I posted a set of tweets last night which I’ll leave here to finish up:
Tumblr media
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mashpotatoe · a year ago
Mr. Cartman himself
fav thing: looks @ you.... what drew me in at first and im talking two years ago was his rude n feminine traits cuz you know how it is but when a character crosses the line and is no longer just rude but downright. racist it stops being an endearing characteristic. i think i love his complexity... thats why its frustrating to see people interpreting him just one way or the other. i like a lot of things about him... his talents and attachment to plush toys and kittens and interest in pop culture and funny lisp and HES KINDA FUNNY????as a character?? dare i say he can be. cu*te
least fav thing: guess
brotp: main foe ............ he loves them a whole fucking lot! he doesnt worry abt pissing his frienda off again and again just cuz he knows theyll eventually all be together again. theyre his closest people by Choice. thinking abt eric and kenny being besties :) theyd snick out after skewl eat fuit gummy blow up shopping carts then get back home late at 8:07 pm ,.. also i imagine him and shelly being barely being in touch until they start hanging out in middle school!! stan would see him knocking on their door being like "dude i didnt invite you over?? and eric would laugh in his face run upstairs then spend hours in shellys room rating boys and stylizing their hair 💅 how could i forget kitties! cat kittens felines meowsers he considers them his friends his emotional support animals... AND clyde but specifically in the stepbros au
otp: big fan of cartman x therapy i think they have some potential :)
notp: where do i begin... mutual kyman heiman buttman is the cursed trinity but really anyone thats been in his presence ages 9-12. unfortunately his future partners not knowing of his past doesnt work out in the long run as things start to unravel and trust is broken and the relationship is too so idk... safety hazard eric cartman
random hc: this is something veryvery very veryvery very very veryvery dear to my heart... liane bought him a froggy plush for 10 cents at the local market and thought itd be a good distraction for a then two years old eric. she coudlnt afford a sitter for when she didnt work from home so she hoped the toy would serve as one and would prevent him from going berserk while shes away. she was right about it distracting a literal infant, it helped him fall asleep and as he started to learn how to talk he mostly only communicated with the unnamed frog toy. eric took it everywhere with him he wouldnt let it leave his grip for one second :з he was a few months older when he was crawling rapidly and barely walking so u can imagine how awful it would be to leave him alone and forget to lock the door for several hours !!! his infant brain picked up on that, took mr frog and rushed out the door with no supervision whatsoever haha he was eventually spotted by jimbo roaming around the suburbs and returned to liane after a few hours have successfully passed but with no? plushie?? he noticed somethings missing right away and tried screaming at his mom in an attempt to tell her his best friends missing but she only noticed its gone when she was tucking him in - so him and liane searched the streets past bedtime until the plush was found and was given the name clyde frog cuz it was easy for eric to pronounce :)
unpopular opinion: hes redeemable
song: the cry forum by mother mother
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euzos · 3 months ago
OMG YES im actually rewatching aot rn, I couldnt finish it some time ago cause ,, college and shit but now im all in, aaaand other animes I really like are Psycho Pass, id say Tokyo Ghoul but I just like the first 2 seasons JSKSJSAK then it kinda went downhill in my humble opinion, and if you're looking for a good cry Banana Fish,,, oh yeah <\3 and my frienda are really into Haikyuu too!!
OML FOR SOME REASON, i have yet to watch tokyo ghoul ?? but omg i’ll try to watch it😎 IM TOO SCARED TO WATCH BANANA FISH BUT I WANNA WATCH IT SO BAD 💔 ooo i had a haikyuu phase too but that anime is so hard to finish lmfao. i think it’s more of a comfort anime for me? i’m more attached to the characters than i am to the plot itself lol
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sue-me-wright · 4 months ago
Kirby games are like:
Play as Kirby, the adorable, super tough pink puff and maybe team up with some animal frienda along the way!
Also the final boss is a horror beyond your wildest dreams
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unpunny · a year ago
Two Italian men get on a bus.
They sit down and engage in an animated conversation. The lady sitting behind them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears one of the men say the following:
"Emma come first. Den I come. Den two asses come together. I come once-a-more. Two asses, they come together again. I come again and pee twice. Then I come one lasta time."
 "You foul-mouthed swine," retorted the lady indignantly. "In this country we don't talk about our sex lives in public!"
 "Hey, coola down lady," said the man. "Who talkin' abouta sexa? I'm a justa tellin' my frienda how to spella 'Mississippi'.
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intotheriverstyx · 2 years ago
My life is a fanfic
So, my reblog earlier about how my wife and I are the slow burn relationahip that got married trope got us talking, and she encouraged me to tell the story in more detail.
We met in a college mythology course. We met several other people as well, some of which we are still frienda with, some of which we drifted away from, some of which we dropped without ceremony. We actually both dated the same guy from that group at different times.
We drifted for *years,* running into each other in passing, always friendly, always able to connect like there was no time missed. But never relationship vibes.
Enter: the sweetest, dumbest cat I ever rescued.
I was at a low point of my life and trying to recover from several traumatic blows that happened in rapid succession. Like, 'ready to drop out of college and check myself in to the hospital' low. I went on a walk to clear my head and returned to several frantic voicemails from a different group of friends about a cat they found.
They knew I was doing animal rescue and didn't want to take it to the shelter. I decided I could use a pet project (heh) to keep myself out of my own head.
They brought me a senior siamese cat with no teeth who looked like she had swallowed a bowling ball. It took a week for this poor cat to come out from under my bed.
I was searching for a home for this cat and while she was sweet, she was...dumb. nothing neurological or anything. She would just up and do things like fall on her face because she forgot how to sit. The vet said this poor cat was the dumbest animal they had seen in their 30 years of business. She needed a patient adopter who knew how loud Siamese cats can get.
Enter my wife's family.
They adopt the cat and the cat fits in perfectly.
A side effect: this one-time classmate is suddenly coming over every day after work/class to just chill.
We also got into some fun adventures over the proceeding few months. Her roommate at the time was a fetish model, and I helped act as her body guard during a work event that was open to the public. We went on a week-long beach vacation and the B&B only had one bed.
At one point she flew halfway across the world for a wedding. We shared our first kiss right before she left. Like, she was driving to the airport and was already running late level of right before she left. She had no reception and had to really search to make phone calls, so we didn't really talk for two weeks. This was August.
Our next kiss wasn't for another several months.
You may think our next kiss would have been Halloween night when we stripped naked and ran around the local haunted mill with a friend, but no. We ran back to the car and got the hell out of there.
You may think that, a few months after that, as we were shopping for holiday gifts on Thanksgiving weekend for our friends and a long, drawn-out joke that ended in me suggesting we date and she said sure, but no. That wasn't even when we realized we were dating.
It was an accidental brief brushing of our lips in Wal-Mart when she went to playfully kiss my cheek at the same time I noticed the pumpkin spice bagels and turned my head to stare at them. We both pretend like it didn't happen for months.
The next intentional kiss was almost a year after our trip to the beach. Even then, we were in. this weird, grey, "I don't know if this is a relationship or we're just good pals" phase. This was in April.
You may think it was when she picked me up from the airport when I came back from a cruise after getting dozens of "I miss you" texts while I had my phone off to avoid international roaming charges, and you would be wrong. I had decides to sleep on a screen porch in a thunderstorm on the last day of the cruise. I had never felt more alive, but I was beyond sleep-deprived. I drank several cups of coffee, bought more incense than reasonable at the local metaphysical shop, and passed out when we got back to the car.
It was a week or so after that, because we felt like it.
Queue a few more months of obliviousness and lack of willingness to commit to our own feelings.
One of our close friend's father committed suicide that October. I was the first person to come help the family. A different friend stayed with them for a week. I went over as much as I could. After the funeral, said friend and I came back to my house and just held each other and cried. We talked about how helpless we felt and how much we wanted something to take our minds off everything. As consenting adults, we could both see where this was headed.
And I just...stopped. It was in the middle of mourning I realized I was in love with my now-wife, and distraction sex wasn't going to help me in any direction.
Anxiety brain explained all of this out loud before I could stop myself. My friend was happy for me, thankfully, and shortly thereafter realized she was in love with the woman in her life ahe had the same type of relationship I had with my now-wife.
(They also got married in the end.)
We dated for five years before I wound up proposing to her over a Buzzfeed quiz result. On Valentine's Day. We had dinosaur chicken nuggets for dinner. Yes, really. I'd picked out the ring the previous November and was waiting for the right moment.
We got married in our front yard. My favorite uncle got ordained to marry us. My parents, who divorced on bad terms, were cordial and got on like friends. My sister brought her little dog, who almost stole the show. We wrote our own vows and cooked all the food and handled all the decorations ourselves.
(Side note: two days before the wedding our then-roommate came home to find me almost asleep over an indoor grill.)
Less than a month later we flew across the country so she could meet the rest of my family. I wanted so badly for her to fall in love with the Pacific Northwest, and she did. She told me so on the 4th of July while a bunch of young children lit barely-legal fireworks on the top of an empty oil drum. I felt two parts of my heart merging to the sound of the miniature rockets igniting.
We moved two weeks after we got home, fearing our roommate's sudden mood changes and aggression. We left with an air mattress, our two cats, some clothes, and some absolutely irreplaceable posessions. We did wind up getting most of our stuff back, but there were two weeks where all we had was each other and the cats. We ate on paper plates and washed the same two cups over and over. My mother bought us two oversized bean bag chairs so we didn't have to sit on the floor.
We told stories until we fell asleep every night.
About six months after our wedding, the whole "I married my best friend" thing hit for real. It was wonderful but overwhelming.
It's been a little over two years since we've gotten married, and we've definitely ticked several other trope boxes: loving through crisis, chronic illness, death in the family, family disownment and developing a chosen family, unemployment, to name a few.
I guess the ultimate point here is your life is a hell of a story, but underatanding what type it is isn't something you can understand while you're going through it.
And no matter how impossible it seems, sometimes all it takes to get your life on the best possible track is a vet-certified Really Dumb Cat.
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anabotti · 2 years ago
When you get this, you have to answer with five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, send this ask to or tag ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable because positivity is cool). Tagged by @noirenia
1. great/shit taste (music, clothes, anime, etc)
2. tolerant
3. frugal
4. how optimistic i am
5. i understand me the most
pssssh idk man i don't have fave followers just frienda but yous guys if you want: @weeaboo-god @alcaniruvi @futurefandomking @thousandhandbrightskycannon @kinkytea @trashboy3000 @adoreezhane @mamezuke
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rikusqueenofhearts · 3 years ago
My Sweet Lullaby (Final Fantasy XV Parody Fanfiction)
Auther's note: Helo there this is me and I writing this fanfic because I love my Noctis and the boys please omg no bashing or I will have my bf and friend will bet u up. So enjoy this fanfik!
((In case ur taking this seriously, it's actually not a me as this kid writing this. This is actually me Eve writing a parody of how bad some fanfics can be. It's for @artistictranquility in which we make fun of bad fanfics 😂 it's for a con to see if there's any as bad as My Immortal. So... laugh on!! This is basically an anti My Immortal fic as we call it LOL tagging @neighborlyarson IF I HAVE TO READ THIS WORK SO DO YOU))
Hi my name is Melissa Tabitha Song and I have beautiful long rainbow hair with shiny silver eyes and very pale skin. i wear beautiful rainbow outfits and am very short. My parents are both gods but i came out a human girl but my parents left me on earth to have a better life even if I have magical abilities. A lot of people tell me I look beautiful even if I don't feel that way. I notice other girfs look at me glare me bc of my beauty. They kust jelos of me.
Vs Noctis had come from another world too and is like a mirror to Noct. They both r like brothers and often fight a lot. He does t like anyone but me. We had bcome close frienda and there is something mysterous about him. Something that makes me want to know more of him.
Gladuolus Amicitia is another good friend. He is a shield of the other Noct and is often a hot headed. Gladio and I are childhood friends and he was always protective of me. I find myself liking two guys. I can't like two guys! Oh no!
It was one day when Vs Noct and I were all alone when he went to talk to me. We were both walking under the moonlite and walking around. He said he wanted to speak to me. He looked at me and said. "Hey, Melissa. There's something I want to tell ypu."
"What is it you want to tell me?" I asked.
He looked at me in the eyes and said, "I love you!"
"You what...?"
"I love you so much. The first time I had ever laid eyes on you is when I fell in love with you. Do you love me?"
"Of course! I love you too!"
We both made out with each other and had the insides of our mouth make out with each other and took each other's clothes off. I had never been with anyone before. His touch was the best thing ever.
He put this thingy in my hole and we began fucking the daylights out of each other. We went on to fuck as he both shouted "I'm going to cum!!!"
After we spilled ourselves in each other, we heard someone yell, "what the hell are you doing fucking out here!?"
It was... Regis!
After we were caught, we were brought to the Citadel with both Regis and Clarus watching us. "What were you thinking fucking outside!?" Regis yelled at us.
"I'm so sorry," I said. "I love vs Noct your son and I want to be with him forever!"
"I love her!" vs Noct declared. "I want to be with her."
"How is my son going to feel since he loved you too?" Clarus asked.
"Gladio loves me?" You couldn't help but ask.
"He talks about you all the time," Clarus said. "And you're fucking the Prince."
"These two do love each other," Regis said. "You can't punish them for being in love."
"I guess," Clarus said. "Shall We let them go?"
"I assume so," Regis said.
When we were done, I saw Gladio yelling at Vs Noct as the two men began to fight over me. Both bad boys, fighting over me!? Oh my! Why do they love me so much!?
"Melissa!" Gladio says as he gets down on his knees and takes my hand. "I love you! Why are you with him!?"
"She's mine!" VS Noct shouted as he glared at Gladio. "You don't get to have her!"
"It's obvious that me and Melissa are meant to be together!" Gladio said.
"Omg! Stop fighting!" I shouted as I stomped my feet and threw my arms around. "Stop It! I don't like fighting!!!" I started to cry as I covered my face with my hands.
"Melissa, we're so sorry," Vs Noct said as he gave me a hug to comfort me.
"We're so sorry," Gladio said as he wrapped his arms around me too.
"You both can share me!" I said. "I'll be both of your girlfriends! We can be happy together!"
"If that's what you want, Melissa," Vs Noct had said.
"We can make it work," Gladio said.
I couldn't choose between these two anime looking boys! I loved them both! But all the sudden, the three of us saw 3 MORE Noctises. It was regular Noct and Omen Noct and older Noct! The three of them looked at me and proclaimed their love for me.
"Not you too!" VS Noct shouted.
"But I lov her!" Regular Noct shouted. "I came here to confess to her! We've been separated for so long that I want to be together with her!"
Omen Noct yelled about something, threatening to kill someone if he wasn't going to be with me. Older Noctis confessed his lov and even proposed to ME! ME!!! He gave me a ring to prove his love to me! All of the men began fighting over me again
"You can share me!" I shouted. "I love all of you! Let us all be together and be happy! I'm all yours!"
When we all came into an agreement with this, we noticed someone come over and said, "That's not true! She belongs to me! She's... my wife."
It was... Ardyn Izunia!
"I will never be yours!" I shouted as I backed away. "Stop trying to chase me!"
"But you are mine," Ardyn said. "We are both having magical backstories. I am both the Prince of Lucis and chancellor of Niflheim! I am also immortal! We can both be back together!"
"She doesn't want you!" Noct shouted.
"Lets fight!" Gladio shouted. "Whoever wins gets to have her!"
"Omg I hope you guys win!" I shouted.
After a long and brutal battle, Gladio had ended up dying. I started sobbing my eyes out as he was gone. But the four Noctises had won and defeated Ardyn. Killing him.
"Omg, thank you!" I shouted as I hugged each of the Nocts. "But Gladio lost his life!"
"He died for you," Noct said as he gave me a hug. "He loved you so much. We love you so much. Let's all get married in Gladio's honor!"
"That sounds like a good idea!" Older Noct shouted.
I had married all the versions of Noctises and it was the best wedding of my life. But during our wedding, Lunafreya and Stella had both crashed the party. They were evil witches who wanted the four Noctsis for themselves! They came to kill me! Why does everyone hate me!?
My parents had secretly been there, unleashing my godly powers. I rose up to my power and used my power killed Lunafreya and Stella. The evil witches habe been defeated! We all rejoced at this!! The wedding had gone on now that they were dead!
When the day was over, the five of us went to the bedroom, all of them professed their love to me and they all took turns with me. They each took my holes with their thingy and placed it in my you know what. Omg it felt so good!! They each fucked the daylights out of me with each shouting "I'm going to cum!!"
I came all over each of them. They were each very kinky and good at bed. I rode them like crazy and we all had a wild night together. I sucked off their pee pee and licked all over them. They each stuck their tongues on me and made me cum so much. When it was all over, we cuddled against each other and professed their love to me. We would habe a happy life together! I couldn't believe all those Noctises loved me so much!
Auther's note: OMG I hope you enjoyed and all you haters better stop flaming me.
((This made me want to bleach my eyes and slam my head against the concrete. WHY DID YOU MAKE ME DO THIS OLIVES 😂))
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virginiamanda · 3 years ago
Two Italian men get on a bus. They sit down and engage in an animated conversation. The lady sitting behind them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears one of the men say the following: "Emma come first. Den I come. Den two asses come together. I come once-a-more. Two asses, they come together again. I come again and pee twice. Then I come one lasta time." "You foul-mouthed swine," retorted the lady indignantly. "In this country we don't talk about our sex lives in public!" "Hey, coola down lady," said the man. "Who talkin' abouta sexa? I'm a justa tellin' my frienda how to spella 'Mississippi'."
Da Fb
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humoristics · 3 years ago
Two Italian men get on a bus
Two Italian men get on a bus. They sit down and engage in an animated conversation. The lady sitting behind them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears one of the men say the following:
"Emma come first. Den I come. Den two asses come together. I come once-a-more. Two asses, they come together again. I come again and pee twice. Then I come one lasta time."
"You foul-mouthed swine," retorted the lady indignantly. "In this country we don't talk about our sex lives in public!"
"Hey, coola down lady," said the man. "Who talkin' abouta sex? I'm a justa tellin' my frienda how to spella 'Mississippi'."
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funooo · 7 months ago
They sit down and engage in an animated conversation.
The lady sitting next to them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears one of them say:
"Emma come first. Den I come. Den two asses come together. I come once-a-more. Two asses, they come together again. I come again and pee twice. Then I come one lasta time."
"You foul-mouthed sex obsessed swine," retorted the lady indignantly. In this country we don't speak aloud in public places about our sex lives." "Hey, coola down lady," said the man. "Who talkin' abouta sex? I'm a justa tellin' my frienda how to spell 'Mississippi'."
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jaianmusic · a year ago
Here is a brand new cover of #FriendA from #YourLieinApril: #anime #animemusic
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