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#animal illustration

I was tired of waiting for someone to give me a chance and decided to publish this book by myself. My VERY FIRST Best friend is now available on amazon.

You don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to.. I did this for myself. Because I care a lot about this story and these illustrations.

You can also see a preview on naver webtoon ^^

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tribute to the squirrel that yelled at me yesterday

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✨Pin Art Reveal✨

I’ve been working the last couple of months on new enamel pin designs, and this lovely lady is one of them! Okami is my favorite game from my childhood, and my love for this game has lasted with me even till now—so of course I had to try my own hand at making an Ammy pin🐺💕Preorders for this pin will be available in two weeks on my store☀️

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Same artist, different styles 💜

I have been thinking about my art, merch business and different art styles a lot lately. As many of you might know, I like to experiment with different styles, it brings me so much joy ^-^ And I love the ability to create different things based on my ideas and interests. However, I also often think how it can limit my growth. IRL it’s the opposite in my opinion, but maybe in social media it can be beneficial to have a niche account 🤔

I’m not sure yet how to approach this, but have been thinking if I should have a second account. There would be some overlapping and some things could fit to both sides, but I think maybe one would be an account for cute, cartoony things and other one would focus on witchy and fantasy illustrations (for example the blind owl would be in the witchy side and tangerine cat in the other side). I feel like if I’d do this separation I wouldn’t need to worry pleasing both sides, would be more inspired to create both more cute characters, but also more wild fantasy characters, and could create stronger branding for both accounts. Only thing that I’m unsure of is how my shops would be, for example I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to make a second Etsy, though my cartoony things would be the main focus, but I’d still like to sell things like prints of my witchy fantasy illustrations. My thoughts are still in baby shoes, but I thought I’d share a bit about what’s going on behind the scenes 😊💜

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