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#animal instinct

         After putting my kids to bed i go to my room to meditate. After a few minutes i feel this energy that i cant explain. Then i felt as if I was some kind of beast. I had the strongest urge to howl. I try to concentrate on the meditation. I was in the center of this dark place. In the center of it their  was a camp fire. I was siting but i was the fire that lighted the room that reveal wolfs dancing around me. Then i feel the urge to just scratch things and bite and howl it was the strangest feeling i ever felt in my life. Then “I AM OKAMI” over and over in my head and i was experiencing all of these strange energies i haven’t felt before. I didn’t feel scared. It felt happy and mischievous. Then i felt this big like beast inside of me and it was howling and dancing. he was happy. he danced around me and said. 
“you are miraculous, I never meat a human that can channel me with out melting”
This maniacal chuckle comes out and it was the cutest. I also felt a hint of native american energy. It was a combination of energies. But they were all wolfs. it was weird, unique and I loved every second of it. I will say at first i was like “ no i don’t want to turn into a werwoulf nooooooo” hahahahah silly me.

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