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#animal pattern

my first try at making a cute pattern!

i have society6 and redbubble now! you can get this print on a shirt or a mug (or a shower curtain?? i want this as my shower curtain) and help support me!

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Request done for a facebook friend!
I’ve never really drawn a caveperson or bones as clothing so this was a bit different for me, originally his skin was pale white but I decided to make him Native because it looked cooler! I obviously could have done more with the shading and I wanted to give him tiny legs…but I didn’t have time and the canvas was too small..whoops. I hope you guys like it, and give him a name if you want me to ever draw him again.

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everything in this pattern, please

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I also made this cute seal print yesterday but it needed some tweaks, so I finished it up this morning! You can grab it on shirts and WAY more over at my society6!

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Do you see a pony and a pony tail?

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Still having fall withdrawls

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