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#animal rights
avo-zorn · a month ago
50 billion chickens are slaughtered each year.
1.5 billion pigs.
500mio sheep
400mio goats
300mio cows
it’s impossible to calculate the number of fish.
we are almost 7 billion humans and we kill 52+ billion animals each and every year.
because of taste.
that’s it. that’s the only reason.
for the fleeting pleasure of eating something.
nothing else.
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myfairynuffstuff · 4 months ago
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David Shrigley (b.1968) - Balance the Ball on Your Nose. 2021.
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1sequoias · 2 months ago
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There may be no ethical consumption under capitalism but there is no ethical exploitation of nonhuman persons under any economic system
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thatveganwhiterose · 11 days ago
Putting this out as a blanket statement due to recent events.
As vegans and animal rights advocates and activists, we CANNOT accept or tolerate any form of bigotry.
We cannot allow these ideologies into our movement. We have to weed them out, and focus on education with firm boundaries.
Racism, sexism, misogyny, xenophobia, religious intolerance, ableism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, cissexism, any anti-LGBTQAP+ ideology, ageism
And ANYTHING I may have missed NEEDS to be removed.
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penpolyon · 3 months ago
So make convicts work in an industry known to be linked with high levels of depression, PTSD and PISD among its workers. Sounds like a perfect rehabilitation plan, no faults in this whatsoever.
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rajavan · 17 days ago
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mandoalorian · a month ago
It’s National Black Cat Day here! So here are a few words from me, your local black cat enthusiast.
Deliberately breeding any domestic animals for your own monetary gain is selfish, abusive and should be illegal. In England alone there are approximately 30,000 abandoned cats that have been taken into shelter (that’s two cats per hour!). Not to mention 1/3 of cats in shelters are black. Adopting means that you help save an animals life, you help stop pet over population, you support a valuable organisation/charity, and you adopt a healthy pet. Not to mention you will be doing your bit to stop ’backyard breeding’.
Always, always adopt from your local shelter.
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vegan-and-sara · 2 months ago
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I think the hardest part of carnism is just the hypocrisy. Nearly 47,000 people and counting overjoyed that tHe PuPpErS will be saved from those evil dog-eaters in Asia. Yet the vast majority of them do the same thing to pigs, cows, and chickens but would be mortally offended by vegans pointing out that their violence against animals is no different.
So many people in the comments were trying to defend why western carnism is correct and normal but Korean carnism is wrong and icky. “B-b-but pigs were bred for food so it’s okay to kill them. Dogs were bred to be loving companions so they must be saved!” So torture and murder are justified as long as you do it to every generation of someone’s family for centuries. It’s also ignorant because dogs have been bred for food for generations in South Korea. Shouldn’t it be equally fair to promote more dog breeding so that violence against them becomes even more acceptable over time? The hypocrisy is so brazen.
Read the article here if you’re curious.
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givemeabreak57 · a year ago
If you can’t handle a month of vibing in your room without anything to do but circle those four walls, imagine how zoo animals feel while you watch them and take photos of their permanent isolation.
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black-is-beautiful18 · 7 months ago
To all my vegans and animal rights weirdos, some of y’all are cool but you’re both cults in my eyes, if you think you know more than native and indigenous peoples please choke. I guess there’s some weird insta page called sea conspiracy and they’re talking about seal hunting and how the Inuit are a problem or whatever....go choke. Some of y’all have the audacity to demand that they move and sign dangerous petitions when the Inuit are NOT the problem. Commercial hunting is the problem. I’ve seen tik tok after tik tok, video after video, of the Inuit explaining THAT THEY DO NOT DO COMMERCIAL HUNTING. Their ways of hunting are safe and resourceful. They use EVERY single part of the animal and yet you idiots have the audacity to continue to be uncultured and uneducated. This information is literally on the internet and yet you’d rather be racist. As I said before, and I mean this with all the disrespect in the world, go choke.
Edit: since y’all don’t have comprehension skills, this post is about white vegans and white vegans only.
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i learned that in the Middle Ages there was a belief animals understood the concept of morality and possessed rationality. They were summoned to court, put on trial for a variety of offenses, and given the same punishments as humans. Lawyers defended pigs, rats, and sheep. Even flies and slugs faced judgement (x)
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daffy-dork · 29 days ago
Denouncing 'white settler able bodied middle class' veganism means absolutely nothing if you aren't willing to listen to non white, disabled or poor vegans.
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stefaniaferrario · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Faux leather bag and outfit styled by Paige De Cinque
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thatveganwhiterose · 7 months ago
“What about the farm workers who pick your crops?”
Genuine question for anyone who asks this seriously or otherwise. (Because let’s face it, most people do not ask this seriously.)
Do you think animals just commit suicide for you to eat meat?
Do you think cows milk themselves, or hook themselves up to milking machines?
Do you think chicks just sort themselves by their sex, and the hens just walk to the coops and lay eggs?
Please tell me how animal products get to your plates.
I’m serious. Answer me these questions seriously.
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