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#animal stickers

Have you seen the adorable Nudibranch stickers in my shop? The perfect gift for anyone who wants a little sea slug with them wherever they go!


^ This is a Goniobranchus splendidus - which is a dorid nudibranch and can be found around Australia!


^ This is a Snow Goddess Nudibranch which is also a dorid Nudibranch and is found in Hawaii.

Because of covid we may not be able to travel and see these wonderful animals - so a sticker will have to do!

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made a little bear friends sticker set, which was requested by the lovely mandaloouiseillustration on instagram! And you can find these guys in my shop if you want to check them out :) 

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Ironman keychain I got! Covered in stickers from like 2-3 grade. Still very much like the stickers I put on it.

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I got actual good sticker paper! so here’s my idea: you can design your own sheet of stickers, with any of my drawings (these are some that I thought particularly lent themselves to it) for 5€ + postage, and I’ll send them to you on fancy-ass vinyl sticker paper!

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Just 10 of my sticker designs currently available on my etsy!! There are more than these and more are being put up today!
I have a very expensive initial appointment with my psychiatrist to start managing my ADHD. It is do severe that it’s essentially taken over my life. I have a stack of snake resources that sit unfinished that I can’t make myself touch, same with my art, my life is disorganized, and my social life has been a terror: I have a really hard time paying attention to anyone who is talking to me AND I interrupt constantly. It’s affecting all aspects of my life- personal, professional- you name it!!
This trip to the psychiatrist is the first chance I have to build up my tool box in dealing with this disorder that all but rules my life.
The initial appointment is going to be $400, and the required follow ups are $250 each. Unfortunately, there are no other ADHD specialists with such low prices in my region, so I have to bite the bullet and just do it!!
Because of the expenses, I have opened my Etsy shop:

Stickers are all made to order, come in a variety of colors, oh- and I accept custom orders for animal stickers!

Please visit my shop and help me during this difficult time.
And if you can’t buy, please boost!

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A bunch of stickers/magnets have just been added to my Etsy!  More will be put up tomorrow!

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