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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Wanted to go down memory lane and see my art progress. I like to say I have improved a lot. The one on the left is a painting I made back in 2017, I don’t hate the penguin that much it’s just everything else is atrocious. Then right one is a stipple I made. Stipple for those who don’t know is tiny dots you tap on the paper consecutively. From light to dark. That took 10+ hours to make. I’m still working on the turtle drawing so here is an old post!

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Sketched one of my cats this morning 😸


This is Caleigh, she just turned six, and she has a habit of headbutting my phone rather than letting me get a good picture 😆

I did this with a normal HB pencil in my smaller sketchbook, and it took me about two hours.


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* c h e r i s h *
Having a chill sunday afternoon, drawing, listening to music. Having these moments for myself and draw, tune out, live in the moment feels like a blessing to me. I feel absolutely privileged to be able to do what I love and I try to tell myself everyday to cherish what I have and to be grateful for it.
I hope you can do what you love and have loving people on your side to accompany you too. 🌿🌞
Note: This video is sped up by 200%. If you do dotwork don’t do it fast but rather slowy to prevent wrist injuries. It’s better to put down every dot deliberatly because moving too harshly can hurt your wrist and cause tendinitis. Also take time to stretch and drink some water yes pls ok nice. 🌻
Music: Sleep Token - Dark Signs
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Owl spirit animal

Hi! This is my fist post here on Tumblr, just want to welcome you into my page and introduce myself a little bit. I am Susana and I am an intuitive artist. This means I never know what I am going to paint 😆and I love this approach because painting as become a doorway to spirit and a way to connect with my intuition and inner wisdom. Being an intuitive is a big part of my life and decided to share it through visual art and messages. I hope they bring inspiration into your life.



Today I bring the spirit of the Owl ✨🦉 ✨

Asking us to rise above what challenge us at this moment and to connect with the universal portal of wisdom that is available to all of us.

Connect with the Spirit of the Owl to bring understanding to any situation and set your intentions to what you want to achieve, releasing what others / society tells you. You are the creator of your own life. So trust this wisdom and power more than anything.

Ask the energy of the Earth and the Owl spirit to heal your wounds specially if they are coming from society structure, old paradigm, patriarchy, politics… Ask for you to be held in balance and live your life, regardless the system that is imposed to you. And take all the chances to live your own freedom, working on your thoughts, your vibration and treating well your body. The owl portal transcends expectations and can bring miracle solutions but you need to be up to speed with it. This means you need to believe, this means you need to shine from within, to laugh, to embrace the joy of the now.

Much love,

Susana and the Owl spirit

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