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#animals are so awesome

Maybe, possibly, hopefully it will be spring soon, so here we go: what the hell do we call those things? And why?

butterfly [EN]: butter-eating fly

Schmetterling [DE]: cream-eating creature

boterschijte [NL]: she who poops like butter

sommerfugl [DK]: summer bird

zumer-feygele [YI]: little summer bird

fjäril [SV]: feathered thing

farfalla [IT]: vibrating thing

papillon [FR]: vibrating thing

balafenn [BR]: vibrating moth

babochka [RU]: little old woman

mariposa [ES]: Mary come down!

mariavolavola [SC]: Mary fly, fly!

borboleta [PT]: the beautiful little thing

Iar fach yr haf [CY]: little summer chicken

psychi [EL]: soul

flutur [SQ]: the flyer

pinpilinpauxa [EU]: thing that goes on flowers

peperuda [BG]: darling and dreadful wife of the underground thunder god

drugys [LT]: shivering thing

“Butterflies are such perfect symbols of transformation that almost no culture is content to accept another’s poetry for this mythic creature. Each language finds its own verbal beauty to celebrate the stunning salience of the butterfly’s being.”  — Haj Ross 

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Looking for a contractor who can add a second story to my house for  ¥1,248,000 and dig out a basement for ¥2,498,000 (¥‭3,746,000‬ total or US$34,692.73) labor and materials included.

Also will need you to provide a self financed interest-free loan with an open repayment schedule. 


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