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#animation meme

Kaori: Nori~!

Kakyoin: Kaori! *hugs her* What did you come for? Do you wanna play with me? ^v^

Kaori: Me wanna show you something~

Kakyoin: So what?

Kaori *shows video*:


Kakyoin: Σ(0\\0) Wh-what does that mean?!

Kaori: I recorded you into camera when we with friends played “Truth or Dare” and as I remember I dared you to dance like this uwu It was super fun~!

Kakyoin: *gets super flustered in hug hearing that* N-no… I’m ashamed already…~

Kaori: *gently strokes his back* My sweet, calm down. That was just a game.

((Short cute fanfic by me!))

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Exploding Break Fluid (Animatic) [Ft.T&F Connor and Caitlin]


This is one out of the many weird/ funny Animatics to come to my yt channel, i did use the mini toy version’s of Connor and Caitlin as a reference for the smaller one’s in the video bc i couldn’t just shring them down without it lookin blurry as hell, but anywho enjoy!!

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