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*tekken 3 announcer voice* chicken..

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2016 // 2021

I spend two weeks doing this remake of an old drawing I did when I was like 12 or smth

Anyways, I actually had fun drawing it and see in the end that big change!


🔄 and 🧡 are really appreciated!! :’D

And also, the remake was drew by hand on my sketchbook and even my black marker run out-

Only added a few shadows and lights digitally :b

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Have you guys heard about Moji the Lovable Labradoodle??!!

I just found out about them today and look!


They got delayed so they’re supposed to come out in June of this year, but they’re so cute and I’ve fallen in love with them! They kinda remind me of the older less cartoony Furreal Friends but updated.

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Pancake. Shut up that damned dragon fox, because of her I dropped a cup of tea and she’s so loud for a robot.

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Reintroducing, the ever popular artificial kaiju companion line: Teddyscare! Yes sir, these cute, cuddly machines are justing waiting to join you at home or in battle! Don’t wait, get one today!


Species: Teddyscare

Element(s): Metal/Dark

Rank: C

Rarity: Uncommon

Size: Small (2.19 m tall, 265 kg)

Hp: 250, Atk: 44, Def: 30, Lck: 30, Spd: 41

Favorite food: Junkfood, Batteries (special)

Hated food: Drinks

“Teddyscares are state of the art animatronic kaiju designed by the company Scott’s Robotics to be sold as artificial pets for families and tamers alike. Extremely popular upon release, the Teddyscares sold hundreds of thousands of units, making Scott a small fortune and becoming a household name.

7 years after hitting the market, something unbelievable happened. Due to some virus, or glitch, or perhaps code written by Scott himself with this intended purpose, something triggered hundreds of Teddyscares to attack in a single day. Dozens were killed and hundreds were injured, leading to mass recalls and the Teddyscare brand’s discontinuation.

These Teddyscares could not be destroyed due to laws forbidding the culling of kaiju, and instead were deactivated and sealed away inside of warehouses. Some have managed to reactivate themselves, and wander their enclosed spaces attacking any who enter.”

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