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My drawing for Day 23 of Draw-tober, the prompt was “R.I.P” 🥺😢….

So I drew Tobio’s memorial burial grounds/ grave, it was really sad drawing this one and I made even more touching by adding the silhouette of Tenma standing there starring and mourning over the death of his son. I liked adding the candles and roses around his grave stone, I thought they symbolised love and remembrance quite nicely.

Anyways, this came out really beautiful in the end and I hope you guys like it too.

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wamching as much anime as you can is cool, but have you considered reading manga until you die

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You fail today it’s oky it happens but if you stopped today that’s not okay at all, you have to get up and try again no Matter how many times you fail there’s literally no shame in failing so get some sleep and try again tomorrow 💜🧡

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Demon slayer is not a show for weak heart 😅
It’s my first time doing comic, it happened by accident but I decided to share it with you all.
I hope you likes it ❤️

 tell me if you’ll want to see more in the future!

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my brother told me “don’t u hate kikyō?” haha
no, i love her.

i’m never tired to try new ways to paint,
but maybe i can stay with this.

・゜゜・✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ・゜゜・.

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