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Since I’ve been doing a lot on Kia, I thought it would be really sweet to give her a little brother, I didn’t want to make her an only child in the end and I imagine she’d love being a big sister.

The idea behind this is that I imagine though Kia really liked spending time with her parents and human children roughly as old as her (Kia resembles a nine year old), She would start to feel a bit lonely being an only robot child. Livian could see that Kia was a bit lonely- So after talking about it with her creator Dr. Okamoto,  Her creator was delighted and agreed to make them another robot child- mostly as Hirobumi (Dr. Okamoto) sees Livian (her own creation) as a niece and very close friend- also she loves making robots, it’s what she does.

Anyways, a few days later, Dr. Okamoto calls Livian in telling her that she’s finished building the robot child that would be Kia’s younger brother. Hirobumi then took the child to meet Livian- he was a bit shy and clung to Dr. Okamoto’s lab coat, she just smiled and told him that Livian was his mother- though he was a bit shy at first, he could see Livian was really friendly and kind- so he went over and hugged her, calling Livian “mum” (this melted her heart of course).  

The young robot child resembled a seven year old boy (he was two years younger than his older sister Kia), he had beautiful crystal blue eyes and burgundy coloured hair (Red-brown colour), Dr. Okamoto had named him Hoshi (which means star in Japanese)

When she took him home, he was a bit shy and clung to her leg bit- especially when he was introduced to his big sister and father, though he warmed up to them after a little bit. Kia was super excited when she met her younger brother- she loved him and couldn’t wait to teach him about everything she learnt about the world. Atlas just got down to Hoshi’s level and hugged him dearly- he was hit with the fact he has two adorable robot children and he’d do his best to be a great father to both of them ^^

So that’s the story behind Why he was created..

But yeah, Hoshi is a very very cute little boy with a big heart, can be a little shy around new people (especially when he meets them for the first time), Loves spending quality time with both his parents, making friends with human children, messing about or getting up to shenanigans with his big sister Kia, doodling and  the colours cerulean blue, smokey grey and yellow.

I might end up doing an older version drawing of him a bit later after I’ve gotten some other things done first though Sweating a little…

Anyways, I hope you like Hoshi and I’ll probably post more about him later ^U^

“Hoshi belongs to me !!!!”

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