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For I have sinned
It’s no Inktober but I wanted to doodle something 😔 I only had time (or energy for that matter) to doodle small stuff in my sketchbook lately.
Sebastian with his kitties. Actually he has 3 (maybe even 6 soon lmao). He is the local cat dad tbh.

@william-t-sickofyourshit uvu

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hello everyone! 🍂 I haven’t been here in a long time.. this is the beginning of my gradual transition from traditional drawing to digital format. from time to time I will put more successful works here. and this is probably the best digital sketch I’ve done in months I only finished it yesterday while falling asleep at my table 😴 maybe I’ll finish it yesterday, by the way, was best-boy-Kirishima’s birthday, it’s something like fulfilling his wish 🙃   
bakugou in skirt.. why not?!  🔥 🔥 🔥

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